by Jennifer Harrison

Part 3

Author’s note: sex doesn’t stop at forty, or after kids, and neither should bondage. But, always, beware what you wish for.

My daughter looked like the cat that got the cream the next morning – how appropriate, I thought.

“I hope Adrian and I didn’t keep you awake last night with all our fucking,” she said, trying to wind me up.

“No, I didn’t notice,” I lied. “I’ve changed my mind about Adrian, I think he’ll be very good for you.” I thought the reverse psychology might be worth one more try. She looked at me disbelievingly, and then understanding dawned.

“Oh, I get it,” she said, “you’re trying that reverse psychology thing on me, aren’t you? Well, unlucky, I’m going to keep going out with him, and you can just suffer!” That’s the problem, I thought, I really am going to suffer. I had hoped that maybe she didn’t like being treated like she had been last night, but like mother like daughter, I guess – she got off on being treated like dirt!

“In fact, I’m going over to his place this afternoon, so there.” Suddenly alarm bells were ringing in my head.

“Oh? When?” I tried to hide the panic in my voice.

“About 2. Could you give me a lift over there?”

“Oh, er, sure,” I said, feeling a little sick. Just then, the phone rang, and I picked it up.

“Good morning, Julia, how are you today?” My stomach turned over when I heard his voice.

“Er, fine, thanks,” I replied nervously as Ella looked at me.

“Aren’t you going to call me ‘Sir’?” I could hear the amusement in his voice.

“I can’t right now, I’m afraid, Ella’s here.”

“Oh dear, something else for which you’ll need to be punished this afternoon.”

“This afternoon?” I queried, “I thought you had… other visitors?”

“I expect you to be kneeling at my front door at 2.15, Julia – and I expect you to be naked, gagged and cuffed. You’ll find the necessary equipment in your bedroom.” The line went dead.

“Oh, okay, Mrs Johnson,” I improvised, “I’ll see you this afternoon, and we can work out the book club schedule then.”

But Ella had already gone – she really didn’t care what I was doing. I hoped she wouldn’t care later either.

- o O o –

The summer sun is hot today, and I’m sweating as I kneel submissively, waiting for him to come for me. I’m wearing the ballgag and handcuffs he left for me, the ones I’d found in Ella’s box, and my clothes are in my car, safely parked down the road and out of sight. I feel sick with nerves – not just about whatever punishment I’m to receive, but about how I’m going to avoid Ella seeing me, assuming she’s not going to be blindfolded the whole time.

He leads me into the house, and it takes my eyes a couple of minutes to adjust to the change in the light.

“Are you coming out here, Adrian?” I hear Ella call out, alarmingly close.

“I’ll be there in a few minutes, Ella, I just have something to deal with here first,” he replies, while leading me down a corridor to a room I haven’t been in before – the door had been locked when I was cleaning the other day.

It looks like a gym, full of equipment like a treadmill, cross-trainer, and static bicycle. But I don’t have time to concentrate on that, as Adrian removes the handcuffs and then locks leather cuffs around each of my wrists. He pulls a thin chain down from above and hooks the D-rings on the cuffs into a clip at the end of the chain. He picks up a remote control and, with the whir of a motor, the chain retracts back up to the ceiling, and my arms are pulled up over my head, gradually stretching me out until I’m balanced on my toes.

“I hope you’re ready to take the punishment I should, by rights, be handing out to your sweet little girl?” I am frightened of what this monster might do, but I nod my head – I can’t let him loose on my daughter.

“I’m glad you agree, we wouldn’t really want to mark this beautiful body.”

As he says this, he pushes a button on the remote. The lights in the room dim, and the black curtain covering the wall in front of me moves back to reveal, not a wall, but floor to ceiling plate glass. Light floods into the room, and I can see that outside the room is a paved area leading to a swimming pool, and standing by the pool, is Ella. She’s wearing a very skimpy bikini, with lots of strings and not much material. My level of panic reaches fever pitch – if I can see her, surely she can see me!

As I’m thinking this, she walks towards me, looking straight at me. She stops in front of the glass, just a few feet away! She seems to stare intently, then flicks her hair out of her face, and checks herself out. A wave of relief strikes me as I realise the glass must be mirrored, and she’s seeing her reflection, rather than me. She wanders back to the poolside and sits down on a sun lounger. I sag, hanging from the chain holding me, exhausted by the tension and the adrenaline.

Suddenly, there’s a blinding pain across my back, and I scream – I’d forgotten why I’m here, and the lash takes me completely by surprise. The pain is across my shoulder blades, and I look around frantically to find out where Adrian is, and what he’s going to do next. But before I can work it out, there’s an explosion of pain across my buttocks, dragging another scream from me. Now I can see Adrian, prowling around me, swishing what looks like a medieval cat o’ nine tails. I’m sobbing, frightened half out of my mind of where and when he’ll strike me again. As he walks around me, I try to turn and face him, hoping that if he’s in front of me, he can’t whip me. I shake my head, and try to speak around the ballgag, trying to beg him not to hit me again.

But there’s a look on his face. The smile’s still there, but his eyes are shining with excitement, and pure lust. Suddenly, he swings his arm, flicks his wrist, and the leather thongs of the flogger slap against my hip, making me scream and cry out again. He laughs at my pain, I look down and see the bulge in his pants – he’s getting off on my suffering! He swings again, and the tails lash across my breasts, reducing me to a gibbering wreck. Please! I scream, no more! But the more I struggle, the more I scream, the more I cry, the more excited he gets. Again and again, the flogger is swiped across my body, whipping my back, my buttocks, my stomach, and my breasts.

I’m hanging, limp, from the chain, every part of my body seeming to scream at me of its agony. I’ve no more tears to cry, no more breath to scream, no more strength to struggle. I’m barely conscious, but I can feel his hands on my burning skin, I feel him lift me up off the floor, and I feel his shaft penetrate my pussy as he drops me onto it.

I bounce on his cock like a rag doll, as he drives into my unresisting body. There’s no pleasure, only pain. He cums inside me, then drops me to hang by my wrists. I hear the door open and close, and I’m alone in my torment.

Eventually, I recover enough to raise my head. I look out at the pool, and see my daughter with the man who has just tortured and raped me. He’s kissing her, his hands roaming her young body, fondling her firm flesh, easing her out of her bikini. He picks her up from the sun lounger and brings her towards me, and I can see that she’s laughing, her arms around his neck, kissing him. He puts her down by the glass, then picks her up by her thighs, her back pressed up against the glass, and he fucks her right in front of me.

And all the time, he’s looking directly at me, smiling.

- o O o –

The ‘lovers’ were out by the pool, kissing and fondling each other, for more than an hour, leaving me hanging by my wrists and having to watch their antics, before Adrian came inside.

“I love forcing your obedience and observing your humiliation, Julia,” he said as he ran his hands over my body, feeling the raised welts on my buttocks and breasts, making me flinch and cringe at the renewed pain, “but your screams when you are thrashed are so much more arousing. What a shame we don’t have more time this afternoon to explore your limits a little more thoroughly.”

He lowered the chain from which I was suspended, and I gradually sank down until I was kneeling on the floor, having been unable to support myself in a standing position. Adrian unlocked the cuffs and removed the gag, enabling me to rotate my shoulders and exercise my jaw, trying to ease the stiffness.

“Now, I just have a little task for you before you go home.”

I looked up in dismay, and saw that he was setting up the video camera.

“I want you to read this script,” he said, handing me a piece of paper, “and then say the words into the camera. Okay? Take your time, I want you to read it as naturally as possible, and look cheerful while you’re doing it.”

I read the hand-written text with mounting horror, but when I looked at him with pleading eyes, he just gave me his annoying smile and motioned for me to keep reading.

It was only a few lines, but it took half a dozen takes before he was happy with my performance – on the first couple, I broke down in tears, the rest were because I sounded like I was being forced to read a prepared statement which, of course, I was. Eventually it came out like this.

“Hi, my name is Julia Henderson, and I just want to put on record that it is my choice to submit myself to the control of Adrian Meadows. I’ve asked him to tie me up and fuck me any way he wants. Recently I’ve discovered my masochistic side, and have asked him to beat and torture me as much as he wants, too. It’s on his insistence that I’m making this video, to absolve him in the event that I, or anyone else, accuses him of raping or abusing me. Thank you.”

“Well done, Julia,” he smiled, “I think that will clear things up, if it ever comes to it. I will be able to give a copy of that to the police, or Ella, or anyone else who may be under the wrong impression – the headmaster of your school, for instance.”

The threat was obvious – even if I decided to tell Ella the truth, to prevent him blackmailing me further, he could destroy me anyway.

“You can go now.”

“Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir,” I said, my will broken.

I staggered back to my car, gingerly pulled on my clothes, and went home. There, I stripped off again, and tried to soothe my welts and bruises by slathering them in Aloe Vera moisturiser. All the time, tears of despair rolled down my face. I felt like I was in a slow-motion car crash, and I had no idea when the car would finally come to a halt.

- o O o –

“Hi, mum, I’m just going to get changed and we’ll be out of your way.”

I had not expected to see Ella again that day, and I was shocked to see Adrian standing there in my kitchen. Ella seemed to be very happy, which was quite lucky, as it meant she didn’t notice anything else, like my blotchy, tear-stained face, or my look of fear when I saw her boyfriend. As she went upstairs, I was left alone with Adrian.

“Hello, again, Julia, good to see you. How are those whip marks?”

“Still painful, Sir,” I replied. He expressed no concern or sympathy; it was as if he’d asked about the weather.

“I brought you some clothes,” he continued, handing me a parcel, “try them on to see if they fit.”

I opened the package and found it contained a black leather skirt and a white blouse. We both knew Ella would be an age, so I took off the T-shirt and jeans I was wearing. The blouse was a slender fit, hugging my waist as I buttoned it up. The buttons only just reached my bra, and left a lot of cleavage on display, and it was so shear that my bra showed through it. I had to shimmy the skirt up over my hips, and I struggled to get the clip on the waistband closed. When it was zipped up, it squeezed high up around my waist, and didn’t reach anywhere near mid-thigh. I actually found it a very sexy outfit, if a little slutty. Definitely not my style, though.

“You look very good, Julia, very classy,” he smiled. What, like a high-class prostitute, I thought.

“You will wear this to school from now on.”

“What?!” I exclaimed – I couldn’t turn up to school like this, it was completely inappropriate! The headmaster would have something to say, not to mention the members of staff – “mutton dressed as lamb” sprung to mind. And what about the pupils?!

“You should team it with stockings and heels. And wear the thong and half-cup bra you have hidden in your drawers.” My mouth dropped open and I stared at him, a look of dismay on my face. Then I heard Ella coming down the stairs and, realising I didn’t have time to change back, stuffed my jeans and T-shirt in a cupboard.

Ella looked stunning in a backless evening gown, with her blonde hair done up and her make-up immaculate. I complimented her on her appearance, but she looked daggers at me. She told Adrian she would join him in the car in a moment and, as soon as he left, she turned on me.

“You fucking bitch!” she shouted in my face, “I know what you’re doing, trying to steal my boyfriend!”

“No, I –”

“Shut the fuck up, you pathetic old whore! You stay away from him, or I’ll fucking kill you!” With that, she swept out, slamming the door, and leaving me in tears once again. My life seemed to be unravelling before my eyes.

- o O o –

I’ve spent the last week uncomfortable, embarrassed, self-conscious and humiliated as I’ve been at work in my slutty outfit of tight, semi-see-through blouse, peephole bra, short leather skirt, stockings and heels. Everyone – teachers, staff, pupils, parents – have stared at me with some combination of disbelief, contempt, disgust, amusement, and arousal. I’ve heard snide comments behind my back from other members of staff, insults to my face from outraged parents, and lewd or plain vulgar comments shouted at me by pupils. The headmaster called me into his office, and suggested I might want to moderate my dress. Knowing I had no choice in what I wore, but unable to tell him that, I asked if I was breaking a dress code and, if not, I would appreciate it if he didn’t sexually harass me over it. He blustered, before sending me back to my desk.

And now, here I am, at his house again, naked, cuffed, and gagged on his doorstep, waiting for him to come and get me. It’s midnight on Saturday night, I’ve already been here for an hour, and I’m freezing!

I don’t know where Ella is tonight. When Adrian told me I had to turn up here tonight, I asked my daughter what her plans were, and was firmly told to ‘keep your fucking nose out of my business’.

He lets me into the house, and removes the gag from my mouth.

“I have a job for that skilful little tongue of yours, come this way.”

As so often recently, he wants to start the evening with me giving him a blowjob, something I never enjoy, especially when he tries to suffocate me, but I’ve got better at it – I’ve certainly had enough practice over the last few weeks! But it’s what comes after the blowjob that worries me.

He takes me upstairs to his bedroom, and my heart sinks, my stomach turns, and my head is spinning – in front of me, bound spread-eagle to the end posts of the bed, blindfolded and naked is, of course, Ella. How could I have been so naďve as to think he wanted anything as mundane as a blowjob. I look pleadingly at him, mouthing ‘Please! Don’t make me do this!’ He smiles, grabs me by the hair, and forces me down on my knees, inches from her body, so close I can smell her arousal.

“So, what’s my surprise, Sir?” she asks breathlessly, clearly excited. I notice she calls him ‘Sir’ again – maybe she only has to do that as part of their sex games.

“Well,” Adrian replies, “you remember we talked about a threesome?” As he says this, he shoves me forward until my face is pressed against Ella’s groin.

“Oh my!” Her voice sounds surprised, shocked, and excited. “Who did you get to join in?”

“Well, depending on how well this goes,” he replies, looking directly at me, “I may tell you or I may keep it my little secret.” The implication seems clear – if I want to keep my identity secret, I’d better do a damn good job!

Feeling physically sick, I lean forward, stick out my tongue, and start to work my way in between her shaved lips, seeking out her clitoris. I hear her moaning and gasping for breath as I work on her – God, this is sick! How can he be making me do this?! I can taste her now, her juices are starting to flow as her excitement grows, and she grinds her hips, thrusting her pussy forward, encouraging me to go deeper. I can’t back away, because he’s still got me by the hair, pushing me forward.

“Oh, please, Sir, do it harder!” Ella begs. There are tears running down my cheeks as my feelings of shame and remorse mount – how did I ever let it go this far? It’s all my fault! But if she ever found out that I’d… it’s too awful to contemplate!

Out of the corner of my eye, I see Adrian moving. He climbs onto the bed behind Ella and grabs her breasts from behind, roughly massaging them, pinching and pulling her nipples. I can feel his cock pushing between her thighs and pressing against my chin.

Ella is really going mad now, writhing and pulling at her bonds, moaning and crying out. I just want it to finish, and the only way that is going to happen is to make her cum – the thought is sickening, but I know I have no choice. I wrap my lips around her clit and suck it, while flicking it with my tongue, something I know should do the job. She screams, bucking even more wildly, and I feel a spurt of juices fire from her pussy over my face and her thighs – she has cum, and it’s over.

But what am I thinking? Why would it be over, when that sick bastard can think of some novel way of humiliating and degrading me?

He gags me, then leaves me on the floor to watch as he unties Ella from the bed, but reties her, arms behind her back, legs frogtied, and positions her in the middle of the bed. He then makes me get on the end of the bed and ties me to the frame so that I’m facing my daughter, arms tied behind me, my back arched, and my legs spread wide. He gets on the bed behind Ella.

“Time for you to reciprocate,” he says, pushing her towards me and guiding her face to my wide-open pussy. Not knowing to whom she’s doing it, Ella laps away eagerly at me, as I fight against the feelings surging through my body. Meanwhile, Adrian enters her from behind, thrusting into her so hard she is pushed forward, driving her ever-working tongue harder into me. I’m crying again as I realise I can’t stop myself, my orgasm is coming and it won’t be denied. I bite down hard on the gag, trying not to cry out, every muscle in my body tensing as I feel the waves of pleasure wash over me in the least desired climax of my life.

It gets worse. Adrian ties Ella spread-eagle on the bed, and I’m once again set to the task of using my tongue to make her cum, but I also have to lick out his cum from her pussy as well, which is totally gross. While I’m doing that, Adrian fucks me from behind, just as he did to Ella. Will this nightmare never end?

At last, Adrian drags me out of the bedroom and back down the stairs, not out of the front door so I can make my way home, but into the gym, the place where he had whipped me before. He thrusts me in the room, then closes and locks the door. It’s pitch black in here, and I can’t remember anything of the layout, so I just lie where I fall, sobbing in fear at what will happen when he returns, and in despair at the disaster that my life has become. What can I do? How can I escape? I have no idea. All I can do is wait for whatever Adrian has planned for my torment.

- o O o –

I wake up as the room is flooded by light, the curtains being rolled back to reveal a bright and sunny Sunday morning. Immediately, my feelings of fear and foreboding return as I see Adrian walk to the glass wall and slide it open, allowing the cool morning air to circulate in the stuffy room.

“Good morning, Julia, I trust you slept well.” He doesn’t wait for a reply, before grabbing me by the hair and dragging me to my feet, forcing me out onto the patio. I notice he never just asks me to go somewhere, or leads me by the arm, he has to drag me by my hair – it’s all part of his control freakery, I guess. It’s certainly painful, and very demeaning.

He takes me to the edge of the pool, and my fear level rises a few more notches, as I see the chain and hose lying by my feet. He bends down and picks up the chain, then wraps it around my ankles, locking it in place. He wraps it around my legs, pinning them together, before locking it securely around my waist. I can see where this is going, and I’m almost wetting myself in terror.

“Please, Sir,” I whine, the fear obvious in my quavering, high-pitched voice, “please don’t do this, I could die!” He looks at me with that supercilious fucking grin.

“Would you rather I try it out on Ella?” I look into his eyes, and I know he is entirely serious – he would have no qualms about doing it with her, just as he has no concern about what might happen to me. He’s loving this power trip, he wants me to be forced to accept this inhumane treatment. Defeated, I shake my head.

“What’s that, Julia, I didn’t quite catch what you said.” I hate him even more – he wants me to say it out loud.

“I want you to… play your sick games with me rather than Ella.” His smile broadens.

He picks up the hose, and shoves one end through a polystyrene float, then attaches a funnel to it. At the other end, he pushes it onto a snorkel pipe. He makes me take the snorkel in my mouth, then wraps duct tape around it, sticking the ends of the tape across my cheeks, so that it is held in place. He takes a nose-clip from his pocket and closes my nostrils with it, so that I have to breathe through the snorkel, with its extended pipe. I feel like I’m hyperventilating now, as the moment I’m dreading nears, and I suck hard to get enough air into my lungs.

Adrian disappears inside, reappearing at my side a couple of minutes later with, bizarrely, a bunch of helium-filled balloons. He splits the bunch into two groups of three, and I see that each group has a clip at the end. I watch in fascinated horror as he attaches the clips to my nipples – they bite quite painfully, and I moan into the breathing pipe, making a weird noise.

Without any warning, he shoves me, and I scream as I fall backwards into the pool. The cold water hits me with a shock – fuck it’s cold! My weighted legs quickly sink, and the last thing I see before the waters close over me is Adrian’s face, twisted into an ugly mask of hateful lust, staring down at me. I close my eyes as I go down, struggling wildly, but uselessly, to free myself from the chain and cuffs binding me. When I open my eyes, I look down and see the bottom of the pool, impossibly deep, then look up to see the surface rapidly receding.

Suddenly, there is a sharp pain in each of my nipples, and I scream into the pipe once again. The balloons are on the surface, and my progress to the bottom has been halted – I’m hanging by my nipples, suspended in the water. The clips bite ever harder and deeper as my weight pulls me down and the balloons hold me up, tormenting me beyond reason. How did this sick bastard come up with this?!

There is a large splash, and I see Adrian in the water in front of me, kitted out in snorkel and mask, with a camera in his hands. He gives me a thumbs up – what, is that meant to make it all okay? – then he starts taking photos of me, breaking off from time to time to return to the surface for air. Meanwhile, this is tormenting my nipples terribly!

He dives back down without the camera and swims over to me, grabbing my bound body and groping my buttocks and breasts painfully. On another dive, he returns with a thin flex, and manages to tie it around my waist and force it between my thighs, to form a crotch rope. He goes back up, taking the free end of the cable with him, and gets out of the pool. A minute later, I feel the cable pull tight, and then I am being pulled to the surface by it. But now my whole body weight, plus the weight of the chain around me, is being borne on the flex, which is cutting into my pussy, splitting my labia and scraping across my clitoris. This is not fun, or arousing, it is fucking painful! As my body reaches the surface, the pain gets so much worse, as my weight is supported less by the water and more by the cable. He ties the free end to the rail of the steps, leaving me ‘floating’ on the surface.

He looks down at me, the maniacal grin still on his face. The balloons are now in the air above me, tugging gently on the vicious nipple clamps, and I see the funnel on its float near my head. When I look back to Adrian, he has pulled down his shorts and has his flaccid cock in his hand. I don’t see how he’s going to get off with me trussed up like this, he can’t fuck me. But that’s not his intention – instead, he starts to piss, in the pool, then in my face! This is so disgusting! When it stops, I look up, and see him aiming, not for me, but for the funnel! Suddenly, the pipe is blocked and I can’t breathe! I try to blow down the pipe to clear it, but with only partial success, and I’m out of breath! I have no choice but to clear the pipe by sucking on it. I try to shut out the foul taste, and I swallow it down, so that I can gasp in some air. I’m coughing and choking – it feels like I’m going to drown in his piss! At last he stops, and I have a chance to recover.

He releases the cable, and I sink once again. Oh God, this is so terrifying! I have a very healthy fear of drowning, and it feels like that could happen at any moment. Adrian is back in the water, and he releases one of the nipple clamps. The pain is excruciating, as blood returns to the tortured flesh, but I’m more concerned by the fact that I sink deeper in the water as my buoyancy is reduced, and the remaining clamp bites even harder into me. But then he removes that clip too and, with a stifled scream of pain and fright, I swiftly sink, until I am lying on the tiles at the bottom of the pool. Having watched my rapid descent, Adrian returns to the surface with the balloons and gets out.

I don’t know how long I lie there, unable to do anything else but lie and wait. I begin to wonder if he’s abandoned me – maybe for an hour, maybe for the day! I realise I don’t know where Ella is – maybe she’s up there sunbathing, asking why there’s a funnel floating on the surface of the pool. No, he wouldn’t do that… would he?

Eventually, I feel a tug on the cable between my legs, and I’m dragged, slowly and painfully, to the shallow end of the pool, where he finally helps me out and releases me.

“You’re so much fun, Julia,” he says ominously, “I don’t think I’ll ever get bored, playing with you.” That, right there, is my worst nightmare. I have to find a way out of this!

End of part 3

Copyright© 2012 by Jennifer Harrison. All rights reserved.