Guilty Pleasures
by Jennifer Harrison

Author’s comment: thanks to mrhungry for saving this one from the trash bin of mediocrity. This is based on a story I saw in a bondage mag many years ago. Some may call that plagiarism, I call it ‘inspired by’.

Couples counselling had been the start of it. Jimmy had explained how much he loved his wife, but her coolness in the bedroom, to the point of frigidity, was destroying their relationship. Debra, for her part, admitted that her very strict upbringing made her feel that any intimacy was not just wrong and ‘dirty’, but sinful. The counsellor had urged Debra to open her mind to new ideas, to relax when it came to sex, to ‘play games with it’. A strategy of gradually pushing her boundaries was proposed and accepted – reluctantly on Debra’s part, but she really wanted to make her marriage work. After all, divorce was a sin as well, wasn’t it?

She made a huge effort to get relatively comfortable with sex in the bedroom, lights off, missionary position, and gone forward from there. Public expressions of affection, less conservative clothes, different positions – it was all difficult for her, but she knew she must make that effort. One thing she, and Jimmy, noticed, was that after each stretching of those boundaries, she got a huge rush from what she had achieved, and their love-making was much more fun. It was a positive feedback loop – she just needed to keep pushing herself, or have Jimmy push her, until they found her real boundaries.

Poker night is always the most extreme form of therapy. On poker night, she has to serve as waitress for drinks and food, and Jimmy insists that she wears a really short skirt, crop top, push-up bra, thong and high heels. She gets that heady mixture of guilt and excitement when her big DD breasts and long legs are on show, and the effect it has on Jimmy, who can hardly keep his hands off of her. His friends can’t keep their hands off of her either, always touching her bare flesh whenever they can, the randy sods! There’s usually some shockingly crude banter, and she can feel their eyes on her butt, or staring into her cleavage. Usually she feels terribly guilty at just how turned on she is.

They finally arrive at the moment of truth, when Jimmy asks her to go even further. It’s the end of the night, around midnight, when they’ve all had just a little too much to drink. She’s stone cold sober, but the stimulation of the evening, combined with the memory of her counsellor telling her how much progress she is making, make her want to please her long-suffering husband.

So, tonight, she agrees to play. She takes off her clothes, and is naked in front of those leering, drunken faces. He even makes her do a bit of a striptease for them, making them whoop and holler, while making her go bright red from embarrassment. Now Jimmy comes in with the rope, tying her arms crossed behind her back, elbow to wrist. He puts a whiffle ball gag in her mouth – a new one, Debra notices with alarm, bigger than the one he’s used in their games before, stretching her jaw really wide – and straps it tight in place. Jimmy says he uses the whiffle ball because it allows her to breathe easily, but Debra is pretty sure it’s really because he likes to hear her moan, and he likes to see her drool.

Jimmy gets a little creative with the ropes at this stage, and decides she needs a harness nice and tight around her chest to show off those impressive breasts to their best effect. He makes the rope good and tight around the base of each breast, so they are like two red balloons stuck on her body, then he starts to criss-cross them with the rope, so they’re squished out of shape, like a badly wrapped sweater.

Next, he ties her a crotch rope, tight around her slim waist, with two rope tails hanging down the front. Before he finishes it off, he makes her spread her legs so he can slide into place the vibrator he bought for her, the nice big one with the realistic cock head and veins, and the two little ears to apply those good vibrations to her little nubbin. Then, through the legs with the rope, up and over, and back through, before tying it so tight the rope just disappears into her forest of pubes. By this time, the guys are just staring at their buddy’s naked wife, trying to cope with the erections in their pants.

Debra is feeling so exposed and humiliated right now, drooling all over herself, unable to bat away the hands exploring her naked body. She knows she has to lose her inhibitions, but surely, this is too much! She looks pleadingly at Jimmy, begging him with her eyes to let her off just this once, but he gives her a look which says ‘Sorry, honey, but you know it’s for your own good’.

He sprays her all over with a fine mist from an aerosol. It’s an insect repellent, but the side effect is that her body now glistens like she’s been oiled up, and the guys are having to adjust their pants again.

Just three more things to add before the game can begin – three little clamps. Debra really hates this bit, and hopes Jimmy will let her off the clamps, but she’s disappointed. She lets out a moan as they bite into her nipples and her big, round areolas, but it’s when that third one starts chewing on her clit that she really lets out a proper scream.

At last she’s ready to go, and Jimmy hustles her out onto the back porch, followed by the eager poker players. The property backs onto what they call the ‘swamp’ – it’s just an area of scrubland really, with mud pools, trees and such like, no ‘gators, snakes or sink holes anyone’s going to get sucked into. This is where the game takes place.

It’s just hide and go seek, to be honest, with a little bondage thrown in. Debra has to hide, and try to either not get caught for thirty minutes or sneak back to the house, which is the ‘base’. If she makes it without getting caught, she wins, and Jimmy is real nice to her the whole week, acting as her servant, doing whatever she asks. But if she gets caught, she has more ‘therapy’ to endure – depending on how Jimmy is feeling by then, he might let the guys feel her up, give her a spanking, or anything else which he feels will push her boundaries just that little bit further. It’s spooky how he always seems to pick the thing Debra is worrying about most, and forces her to do it.

“You ready, honey?” Jimmy says, stopwatch in hand. Debra nods, though she feels anything but. Let’s just get this over with, she’s thinking. Jimmy reaches down and switches the vibrator on to its Low setting.

“Okay, 3, 2, 1, go!” Debra sets off like a startled rabbit into the trees, hearing cheers behind her. Her heart is pumping, air is whistling in and out through the holes in the gag, as she disappears into the trees, searching frantically for a good hiding spot she hasn’t used before. She hears the blast of an air horn – Jesus, two minutes already? She knows they’re chasing hard now, and she dives into a dense bush, trying to ignore the way it scratches at her naked body, and squats down low.

She knows the tactics they’ll use, they’re very predictable. They’ll all rush to the far side of the swamp, all except Jimmy, who’ll stand guard by the house. Then they’ll work their way back, trying to flush her out of her hiding place. All she has to do is stay hidden and wait for them to pass, safe in her hideaway.

Trouble is, it’s not as easy as it sounds. For one thing, those guys have all got flashlights and sticks to beat the bushes with. They don’t mind if they ‘accidentally’ hit her, either – she’s had a few good whacks on her rear in the past. With her pale skin and the bright moon up there, it’s pretty tricky to not be seen.

The other problem is sound. The guys stay very quiet and listen for her making a noise. And she will almost certainly make a noise. For a start, that vibe inside her is really stoking her fires, and she’s already finding it hard not to vocalise her feelings. She can be a noisy bitch when she gets going. And to cap it all, those clamps, well they’ve got little cat bells on them, so she tinkles whenever she moves. Even if she keeps perfectly still, those vibes into her clit set the bell on the clit clamp ringing. What’s a girl to do? At the moment, all she can do is grind her teeth on the ballgag and wait.

But this time, Debra’s got a plan to stay hidden. Once they’ve all rushed by, she sneaks out from under the bush, and heads for the perfect spot to put her plan into action. She’s standing by the darkest, dirtiest mud hole in the swamp and, before she can chicken out, she wades into it. She immediately feels her feet sinking into the mud, which is sucking at her legs, making it difficult to move forward. She fights against it until she’s dead center, and the mud’s up over her knees, around her thighs. Slowly, she squats down, feeling the black goo ooze over her hips. She leans forward, letting her boobs dip into the crud, then she rolls over onto her back, so her whole body is now coated in the stuff.

Only one more thing she has to do. She dips her face into the mud real quick, before pulling back and blowing the stuff out of the whiffle ball before she swallows any of the foul muck. Now she can wade to the side and clamber out. She looks like the Creature from the Black Lagoon, but all of that white flesh has disappeared – there’s just a couple of eyes shining out from a dark shape, which slinks away into the trees.

So now no-one can see her unless they’re right on her, and shining their flashlight at her. As well as that, those damn cat bells are full of mud, so can’t tinkle anymore! Now, all she has to do is stop herself cumming, and she can win this thing, get a nice, hot shower and go to bed!

She squats under that bush for what seems like forever. She hears some beating in the bushes a couple of times, and sees the flashlight beams around her, but she stays cool and fights the growing urge from what’s happening in her pussy.

At last she hears the air horn go off, to signal the end of the half hour. She’s won! No longer needing to keep quiet, Debra can also no longer resist the vibrations inside her, and instantly starts shuddering as the big O hits her.

It seems to go on forever, and it changes everything. She knows she can only reach orgasm in these extreme conditions – she has to be forced, she has to be unable to prevent it, and she has to be utterly humiliated, to achieve this pinnacle of physical, and emotional, satisfaction. Somehow, her husband understands her so well, and she loves him for it.

By the time the feeling finally passes, she’s wiped out. She drags herself out of the bushes and staggers back up to the house.

“Jesus, what happened to you?!” Jimmy asks, pretty amazed at the mess his wife has gotten herself into. She now looks exactly as dirty as she feels inside. Debra gives him a tired smile from behind the ballgag, and tries to indicate that now would be a real good time to start untying her. He unstraps the gag, and eases the clamps off of her, helping her cope with the pain as the blood rushes back into the pinched skin.

“Well, the good news is, you beat us fair and square, so I’ll be looking after you real good for the next week.” Yeah, great, she thinks, now just get these ropes off of me! But Jimmy’s not moving in. What the hell is going on? Meanwhile, the vibrator is still doing a number on her.

“The bad news is… the counsellor suggested we really switch it up, and that I should be more aggressive in pushing you out of your comfort zone … I’m sorry, honey, but I said I’d get you to blow the guys.”

What the fuck?! Debra can’t believe what she’s hearing. Here she is, sweaty, filthy, naked, tied up, and the vibe still driving her nuts, and he’s telling her she has to get out of her comfort zone?!

“Please, Jimmy, don’t make me do that! It’s so wrong! Please…”

“That’s right, honey, it’s so wrong, but you have no choice at all, I’m forcing you to do this, I’m forcing you to get down on your knees and suck all these guys’ cocks, while I watch…”

Jimmy never ceases to be amazed by the way her inner turmoil plays in the expressions that pass across her face. First there’s shock, followed swiftly by disbelief, fear, shame, embarrassment, before finally, and inevitably, arriving at his favorite expression –desperate, lust-filled hunger. She sinks slowly to her knees on the grass, and the guys form a circle around her…

As she ‘reluctantly’, yet surprisingly skilfully, goes to work on his buddies, Jimmy says a silent prayer of thanks to Catholic guilt and couples counselling, then goes back to watching Debra having the night of her life, knowing that pretty soon he will be having the night of his life too.

The End

Copyright© 2012 by Jennifer Harrison. All rights reserved.