Goldie, Locks, and the Three Bears
by Jennifer Harrison

Author’s note: Another of those pesky fairy tales, re-imagined.

Once upon a time, there was a magic forest – probably the same one Red Riding Hood’s grandma lived in, but at the other end – and in the forest lived three Bears. One day, they decided to go for a walk to get a bit of fresh air. Daddy Bear, who was the team’s quarterback, whistled a happy tune as he strolled along with Mummy Bear, the head cheerleader for the Chicago-based NFL franchise. Baby Bear wasn’t actually a Bear at all – she was a Cub, working in the front office as a receptionist. She was getting rather more fresh air than the other two, because she was naked, apart from the collar and cuffs she wore that marked her as the Bears’ sex slave.

Daddy Bear smiled to himself as he watched her pretty behind sway from side to side in front of him, almost hypnotically, seeming to call out for some rough treatment. On an impulse, he reached out for a supple young sapling, broke it off, and fashioned it into a switch. My, how Baby Bear hollered as he whipped it this way and that across her sweet round cheeks! Mummy Bear always loved to see Daddy Bear giving Baby Bear a beating, and she reached out to take his stiffening erection in her hand. As the young office-worker whimpered pathetically on the grass, Mummy Bear pulled down her lover’s track pants and, sinking to her knees, swallowed his rigid cock right down to his balls.

“Oh, Mama!” he growled, “That’s so wonderful! Unh! I’m gonna give you some of my sweet honey now!”

Mummy Bear sucked it all down greedily, because, as we all know, Bears just love honey!

Meanwhile, in yet another part of the forest, a young girl skipped through the trees, enjoying the beautiful summer day. Goldie was a remarkable young lady – just eighteen, she had lovely, long blonde hair, which is where she got her name from. She was very well developed too, with long, long legs, wide hips, a tiny waist, and almost cartoonishly large breasts, which bounced and jiggled inside the crop top she wore, along with cut-off denim shorts, and simple flat shoes. It was only because she was so young and firm that she could get away without wearing a bra, and her large, dark nipples poked through the thin material quite provocatively.

But Goldie was a sweet and innocent girl, not realising how her burgeoning assets and brief attire inflamed the libido of every man, lesbian, bisexual, and anthropomorphised animal she met. She was very inquisitive, always asking questions and poking her nose into other people’s business.

Suddenly she came to a clearing, and found the most adorable cottage nestled in amongst the trees.

I wonder who lives here? she thought to herself, and knocked on the door. No answer. She peered in through the window and saw all sorts of interesting things on the table, which just fired her curiosity – she had to get in!

She tried the door and, finding it unlocked, crept in. The cottage was as cute on the inside as it was on the outside, with pretty furniture and nice pictures on the walls, but what was on the table amazed her – it was covered in sex toys! Despite still being a pure and innocent girl (it was a very dull forest), the woodland community had recently had broadband installed (there was a thriving community of spiders doing a lot of web design), and she had seen a lot of this stuff online. She found herself almost dripping with excitement!

She picked up a leather gimp mask and, her heart pounding, pulled it over her head. She pulled the mask down hard and zipped it up at the back, but it seemed to be made for someone with a far larger head.

“Too big!” she said and, with some disappointment, took it off and put it back on the table. Next, she picked up the most gorgeous dress made of shiny black latex, and just knew she had to try it on. She slipped out of her own clothes, then tried to shimmy her way into the dress but, even though it was stretchy rubber, she struggled to pull it up over her hips. It was a strapless design and, when she finally got it over her breasts, it looked like she’d been dipped in crude oil, from the top of her thighs to just under her armpits. She loved the look and the feel of it, but she just couldn’t breathe.

“Too small!” she groaned, as she peeled the garment off, breathing a sigh of relief when she was free of it. She didn’t get dressed in her own clothes again, but moved on to something which really excited her – a bright red ballgag! Hesitantly, she picked it up and brought it to her face, smelling the silicone. Nervously, she opened wide, taking the red sphere into her mouth, stretching her lips and forcing her jaws even further apart. She buckled the strap behind her head, and let out a long, desperate moan.

“’ush righ’!” she murmured, one hand feeling the leather strap tight against her skin, the other snaking down across her hip to the warm, wet patch of golden fuzz between her legs. Quickly, and with mounting excitement, she moved on to a line of what looked like dildos.

She picked the first one up, feeling its smooth, black surface, trying but failing to find any flexibility in it. She planted her feet wide apart and slowly pressed the enormous shaft into her already well-lubricated pussy. She let out a gasp, a moan, and eventually a cry as it quickly filled her beyond the point of pleasure.

“’oo har’!” she gasped, pulling the monster out of her with some relief. She took the second one, a similar device, but made of a translucent blue gel. She slid it into herself, then thrust it back and forth a few times.

“’oo sof’!” she said disappointedly, before picking up the final dildo. She ran her fingers over the 10 inch phallus, amazed at the lifelike representation of the head and veins, noting that it seemed to have been circumcised. She noticed the switch on the bottom, and eagerly slid the device into her virgin pussy.

“’ush righ’!” she moaned as the vibrations shuddered through her body. She fell back onto the table, scattering the rest of the toys this way and that, as she squealed and writhed under the manic influence of the buzzing behemoth. Her first orgasm arrived quickly, accompanied by much screaming and an severe arching of her back as she felt the wonderful sensations running through her body. This was swiftly followed by a second climax, and then a third, as she was soon reduced to a sweating, moaning beast, thrashing about like a landed tuna. It was only when the batteries finally wore down that she came to her senses and, with a feeling of sorrow and emptiness, put the vibrator back on the table.

She found her legs very wobbly as she tried to walk, and an overpowering feeling of fatigue came over her. She dragged herself wearily up the stairs to seek somewhere to lie down and sleep it off, finding three bedrooms to choose from.

“’oo har’!” she complained when she tried the bed in the first room.

“’oo sof’!” she said, as she struggled to extricate herself from the eiderdown mattress in the second room. When she went into the third room, she was thrilled to see that, from each corner of the bed frame, a chain ending in a manacle ran a little way towards the centre of the mattress.

“’ush righ’!” she breathed as she lay back and stretched her arms and legs into the star pattern required to place her wrists and ankles in the open manacles. Just imagine, she thought, if a nasty villain came in and…

With a sudden loud click which startled the daydreaming girl, the spring-loaded manacles snapped shut, trapping her where she lay!

“Uh-oh!” she moaned but, pull and tug as she might, she could not get free! She was held fast, naked, gagged, and available to anyone who found her. Maybe, she thought desperately, a handsome prince will rescue me…

By and by, the three Bears returned to their cottage, tired and happy after a long, sex-filled afternoon. Immediately they entered, they could see by the mess that something was wrong.

“Someone’s been wearing my mask!” Daddy Bear complained, picking up the hood and seeing a few golden strands caught in the zip.

“Someone’s been wearing my dress!” Mummy Bear exclaimed, picking up the crumpled garment.

“Someone’s been wearing my ballgag, and they’ve still got it!” Baby Bear cried, looking around in vain. They moved on to see what else had been taken.

“Someone’s been using my dildo!” Daddy Bear grumbled, sniffing the black monster.

“Someone’s been using my dildo!” Mummy Bear said, with some distaste.

“Someone’s been using my dildo, and they’ve broken it!” Baby Bear wailed, showing them the defunct vibrator. Suddenly, they heard a noise, and went upstairs to investigate.

“Someone’s been sleeping in my bed!” Daddy Bear roared, seeing the disturbed sheets.

“Someone’s been sleeping in my bed!” Mummy Bear opined, with growing alarm.

“Someone’s been sleeping in my bed, and they’re still in it!” Baby Bear squealed.

The three Bears looked down at the frantic, frightened girl, struggling uselessly against the chains and speaking unintelligibly into the gag. Daddy Bear, Mummy Bear and Baby Bear looked at each other, and smiled.

Five minutes later, they were back. Daddy Bear was stripped to the waist, wearing leather trousers and his gimp mask, wielding a bullwhip. Mummy Bear was dressed in her liquid latex dress, teamed with silver six inch stilettos, and flexing a cane in her hands. Baby Bear was still naked, but had donned a huge strap-on, and was carrying a flogger.

“Let’s teach this bitch a lesson!” Daddy Bear growled. Goldie’s eyes widened in fear as the three wild beasts approached her…

As dawn broke the next morning, Goldie could be seen doing the ‘walk of shame’, her crop top dirty and creased, her shorts unfastened, her hair matted by dried semen. She stank of stale sweat, sex, and other bodily fluids. She walked with bowed legs, and she ached in her pussy, anus and throat. Her pretty face looked exhausted, and her beautiful body was bruised and marked all over.

But she had learned her lesson – quite a lot of lessons actually. She had learned how to satisfy a man and a woman orally. She had learned you could take a ten inch dildo up the arse. She had learned far too much about scatology – Bears really do shit in the woods. She had learned about the Joy of Bondage, and that you could have an orgasm merely from a good whipping!

Yes, she’d learned a lot. But later, as she lay in a hot bath, sipping a glass of cold Chardonnay, she wondered if, from time to time, she might need a refresher course…

The End

Copyright© 2012 by Jennifer Harrison. All rights reserved.