Fitness Trail
by Jennifer Harrison

I had set myself a real challenge this time and I was really nervous just thinking about what I was proposing to do to myself. Bit of background first my name is Jenny, I'm 23, a student, single, brown eyes, short black hair, I have been told I'm not unattractive and I'm pretty fit but I don't like my nose and my ass is too big normal female hang-ups I guess. I have been into bondage fantasies since puberty but never told anyone else. So self-bondage was an obvious path and I've been playing tie-up games since I was 16. I love the feeling of helplessness when in bondage, as well as the purely physical sensation of ropes and chains digging into my skin or squeezing me tight, which I enjoy immensely. I'm a damsel-in-distress type of girl, always wanting to get myself into perilous situations which I then have to get myself out of. This one was a cracker.

The setup was quite intricate but at the same time simple. I had done all the preparation the day before, placing a dozen keys in hidden locations around the nearby woods. It had taken me four hours just to walk around my course, attaching each key to a tree or other handy immovable object with a chain and lock, which could only be unlocked by the key at the previous location. So, in order to retrieve the last key, which would be the crucial one in releasing me from my bondage, I would have to visit all twelve sites, covering over ten miles of countryside, some wooded, some open hillside, some areas accessed via walking paths, others by public road. A good afternoon's walking for a well-equipped hiker, but that was not exactly how I intended to tackle it.

So, I arrived at the start point, a car park and picnic area, at about 6 pm, having walked from my digs, a good ten miles already, so I was warmed up. There was a family just packing up, so I took a seat to wait until they left. It was a lovely warm autumn day, but I knew it would get colder later. My heart was pounding as I impatiently waited for them to leave, just thinking about the adventure to come.

At last they went and the car park was empty. I waited a few minutes, just to be safe, then went into the woods a little way. I took off my rucksack and emptied the various items of bondage equipment out onto the ground. With a furtive look round, I stripped off my T-shirt, shorts, hiking boots and socks, leaving me naked, and stuffed them in the bag. I took a padlock from the pocket and locked the bag shut, putting my clothes and the keys to my bondage gear out of reach. I hid the rucksack under a thorny bush. Now I was committed to the challenge, whether I put on the bondage gear or not. But 'not' was never an option.

I started with the leather hood, covering my head and locked in place at the neck. I didn't have much experience with the hood but, if the worst happened and someone saw me, at least my identity was protected. Next came the ball gag, pushed in behind the teeth, chin strap in place, also locked on I didn't want any embarrassing conversations if caught either! Next was the posture collar, locking my neck so I couldn't turn my head to look around, up or down.

Next, I applied hessian rope in a strict breast bondage, turning my rather shapely breasts into purple, distended globes protruding from my chest. After that, nipple clamps, biting viciously into the tender, swollen flesh, making my squeal as the sharp pain gradually subsided to a dull, persistent ache. A chain joined them and a weight swung from the chain, ensuring the clamps continued to bite into me. More hessian rope tight round my waist to form a crotch rope, but before tying it in place, I squatted down and inserted first the butt plug and then the dildo. I tied the rope off at my waist, pulling it as tight as I could, driving the plug and dildo deeper inside me, leaving me gasping for breath as they pressed against my G-spot.

Onto my legs now, and I used more hessian rope to tie my knees just a few inches apart, making walking pretty difficult. Finally, I put the manacles around my ankles, separated by only twelve inches of chain, further restricting my walking. Attached to the chain was a lead ball, which I would have to drag along behind me.

I hung a chain around my neck which held an emergency message for anyone who caught me. It read "I am a bondage slut, please leave me to complete this entirely voluntary and self-imposed punishment". I hoped it would never be read and had no idea if it would have the right effect if it was read, but it was worth a try. I picked up the key to the first lock on the trail and made sure I had a firm grip on it I didn't want to drop it and be scrabbling in the dirt for it!

I was already way beyond the point of no return, but the handcuffs were significant. As they clicked shut around my wrists, locking them behind my back, I now had no way to alleviate or control the effects of the bondage I was in. Just one, last thing. I had tied a rope with a loop in one end and a noose in the other and hung it by the loop from a nearby tree. I turned my back and put my arms through the noose, squirming about until I had it around my elbows. I shuffled away from the tree, gradually pulling the noose tighter, forcing my elbows together until they were touching. I turned and shuffled back to the tree and unhooked the loop from its branch. Finally, as the sun went down behind the trees, I was ready to start out on the grand adventure.

Walking was more of nightmare than I'd expected. The manacles and rope meant I had to take tiny steps, as expected, but the posture collar meant I couldn't see what was immediately in front of me, so I kept stepping on sharp stones or slipping on slight inclines. Also, on each step, the lead ball held me back, making the manacles around my ankles cut into me, bruising me badly. Finally, the weight between my breasts swung from side to side, intensifying the pain as the nipple clamps pulled tighter. I was suffering the most exquisite torture every time I moved.

It was soon dark, which only added to my problems. The air became chilly on my skin as the moon rose in a clear black sky and I shuffled through the woods. The pain and constriction of my bondage felt incredible and the movement of the dildo and butt plug inside me on every step led to intense and insatiable feelings of sexual excitement but unending frustration as I could never bring myself to orgasm.

My first problem was when I missed my footing in the dark and fell, knocking the wind out of me and grazing my hip. I don't know if you've ever tried to stand up with your legs tied together and your hands behind your back, but it isn't easy. After several fruitless attempts, I lay there to catch my breath and think of a solution. After a few minutes, I squirmed my way over to the nearest tree and, sitting with the trunk at my back, I used it as a post to hoist myself back to my feet. Feeling glad to have survived that little crisis, I continued on my way.

I reached the first key after maybe an hour of this slow progress. I had attached it to the base of a tree by the path and covered it with leaves. I sat down by the tree and scrabbled around for the chain then, with the ease of much practice of using keys behind my back, unlocked the padlock and released the next key. I had intended to take all the keys, locks and chains with me, but I decided this was too much like hard work and piled some more leaves on the chain, lock and key to hide it so I could get it back another day.

The second key was more of a challenge. It had seemed such a neat idea yesterday I had attached the chain to a post I had seen in the middle of a ploughed field but now it looked like an almost impossible task. The first challenge was to get through the fence, not a problem when you have full use of arms and legs, but now ...

I had to kneel by the wooden fence and poke my head and body between the lowest rail and the next one up. From there, I squirmed my way through, before pulling my legs clear behind me and ending up lying on the dirt. I used the fence to get myself back to my feet and then set off towards the post. Despite being really careful and taking it so slowly, within ten feet I had lost my balance on the uneven, soft surface and fallen over. It was a relatively soft landing, but there was no way to get back up without going back to the fence. Realising that was pointless, I resigned myself to wriggling and squirming my way across the ground like a snake, trying to ignore the soil clinging to my body and getting into my mouth around the gag.

Eventually I got to the post, retrieved the key and retraced my struggle across the field and through the fence. I took a break before carrying on, feeling every ache and pain in my body. I reckoned I must have been travelling for about two hours already and I was exhausted. I had always known there was not much chance of me completing the whole adventure in one night that was another part of the challenge but I was way behind my planned schedule.

Wearily I dragged myself to my feet and shuffled on. Keys 3 and 4 were relatively straightforward and my journey was largely without incident, except for the fairly regular loss of balance or standing on a particularly sharp stone, resulting in a desperate scream, a fall to the ground and another bruise or scrape on my tortured body. Each fall took more out of me, as well as taking time to recover and get back on my feet. The hours dragged on.

Key 5 was another 'challenge' I had set myself, which seemed such a good idea in the warm afternoon and fully clothed, but now looked incredibly daunting. The first thing was that I had to cross a road. It must have been maybe 2am by now, so I didn't expect to meet any traffic on this quiet country road, but it was still terrifying to see the expanse of open ground in front of me which I had to cross. I crouched on the edge of the trees for a good five minutes, listening to the wind in the branches and an owl hooting in the night, before screwing up my courage and going. I went as fast as I could, which was not very fast, and tried to ignore the pain in my breasts as they swung from side to side and in my ankles as I dragged the lead weight onto the tarmac. Just as I stepped onto the surface, I heard an engine in the distance and looked around to see the faint glow of headlights. There were maybe a couple of bends between the car and me, but it was definitely coming my way and I felt the panic rising. I was desperately trying to suck in more air and the spittle was flying from around the gag, drooling down my face and falling onto my chest as I shuffled across the road as fast as I could and down onto the grass the other side. I made it across, but it was too far to reach any cover, so I just threw myself to the ground and 'hid' in the wet grass as the car came round the final bend, roared past and disappeared into the night, thankfully not spotting the naked body only a few feet away. I lay there for an age to catch my breath and calm my racing heart. Such a narrow escape! I was so excited it was almost enough to make me cum. Almost, but not quite. More frustration.

But this was not even the difficult part of getting the key. Yesterday, I had strolled down the side of the road and crept into a farmyard, before finding a quiet corner in which to hide the key. Now, as I cautiously inched my way down the track to the yard, I thought what a stupid idea this had been. The farmhouse in front of me would be occupied and, if anyone in there was a light sleeper ...

To my dismay, the farm gate across the entrance to the yard, which had been open yesterday, was firmly shut. As I checked it out, I realised that at least it wasn't locked, but as I lifted the latch and pushed, it let out a creak which seemed louder than anything I had ever heard before or since. It was at that moment that the dog started barking. I froze, unable to breathe, watching the house for lights. The barking seemed to go on forever, then I heard a loud shout inside the house and the dog shut up. I waited a few more minutes to see if anything else would happen, before I went any further.

At last I felt I could move again. I had managed to open the gate a few inches and, rather than risk more creaking, I squeezed through the gap very carefully. Once inside, I shuffled off to the dark corner where I had hidden the key. To my horror, I saw that someone had parked a tractor right in front of the place and so close to the wall that I couldn't get past the back wheels. My only choice was to get down and crawl on the floor underneath the tractor, ignoring the cold wet concrete covered in slick mud and even slicker oil spills. I was then able to get the key and crawl out, struggle back to my feet and head back to the gate. I then had to decide whether to risk making noise by closing the gate or risk raising alarms in the morning by leaving it open. I went for the easy option and left it as it was, before legging it, very slowly, back up the farm track, across the road and into the woods.

I had intended to get a lot further that first night, even though I expected that I would not be able to complete the whole thing before sunrise the next day, leaving me with the exquisite torture of deciding whether to risk carrying on in daylight or hiding for the entire day. But the stress of the road and the farmyard, as well as the general slowness of my progress, meant I was already exhausted, footsore and chilled to the bone I had to find somewhere to rest up. I knew there was an open barn used for storing hay bails nearby and, despite the risk that I would be somewhere people might be working in the morning, I decided that an hour in the relative warmth and comfort of the barn would be worth it if I got out before dawn. I shuffled in and went around the back of the bails, where I found the perfect spot, hidden out of sight and cushioned by loose straw which had accumulated in one corner. I lay down on it, ignoring the smell, glad to be out of the cold night air and rising wind. In moments, I was asleep.

I was woken from a deep sleep by the distant sound of a dog barking. After a moment's disorientation where am I, why am I bound and gagged, why is this straw scratching my naked body I dragged myself to my feet and cautiously crept out from behind the hay and went to the open front of the barn, hiding myself behind the frame and peering out. The first thing I noticed was, despite the dark clouds above, it was way past dawn I had majorly overslept. The second thing was that the tractor I had been crawling under in the night (or one just like it) was now ploughing the field right in front of me! What was worse, the dog, a black Labrador, was racing across the field towards me, barking like a mad thing. I turned and headed for the back of the barn, fearful that the farmer would look to see where his dog was going. I'd got only a few feet when muddy paws with sharp claws hit the back of my knees, knocking me onto the hard concrete floor, driving the wind out of me. As I fought for breath and grimaced at the shooting pain in my hip, the dog walked all over me, poking his cold wet nose in anywhere with an interesting smell, which was everywhere but particularly my sore pussy lips, which he started licking as if they were a special treat.

I had no choice but to wait until the dog lost interest in me and got off. I could see the tractor and luckily the driver hadn't heard the dog barking or didn't care, so was just carrying on. I struggled out from under the dog and dragged myself across the floor until I was hidden behind the bails again. The dog now spent some time licking the drool off the ball gag and mask, which was quite disgusting, then off my breasts, which was disconcertingly stimulating. Eventually the dog lost interest and wandered off and I was left to think about what to do next. Obviously I would have to wait until the tractor went away, but what then should I try to move in daylight or sit tight until it got dark again ? I hated the idea of being stuck here for the entire day, but was sure going out in broad daylight was suicidal. I settled back to doze and make a decision later.

It was some hours later when I noticed the tractor engine noise receding and risked a look out. The tractor had gone, but the black clouds had opened and it was now raining hard, with large puddles already all down the path I could see. If it was raining, I reasoned, there would be far fewer (if any) walkers out and about, so it would be less likely I'd be seen if I went now. The rain was so hard that I wondered if I should just stay in the dry, but I knew I was pushing my luck staying here, plus it may be just as bad when it got dark, making things even more difficult. Fuck it, I thought to myself, and set off into the miserable afternoon.

I didn't think I could be any more cold than I had been the night before but the persistent rain running down my body and dripping off my breasts chilled me even more effectively. The drumming sound of the rain on the leather hood drove me mad but the worst thing was the slippery footing which left me in constant fear of falling.

I retrieved keys 6 and 7 without much trouble, but then had to cross another road. I crouched in the bushes close by and watched in dismay as cars drove past every few minutes. There was no way I could guarantee getting across without being seen or maybe even run down! I waited there for about an hour in the pouring rain, shivering, unable to make up my mind what to do. At last the frequency of cars seemed to have dropped and I screwed up my courage to go after the next car. I was just about to step out of my cover when a car sped around the corner coming in the other direction, followed by two more. Taking this as a sign that there MUST be a gap now, I pushed through the bushes and out onto the road. I don't think I drew breath again until I was on the other side. As I stepped off the tarmac and onto the slippery grass, I lost my footing and fell headlong into the bushes, which turned out to be brambles, scratching me horribly as I went down. As I hit the ground, I heard a car sweep past if I hadn't fallen, he would probably have seen me.

After a few minutes recovering, I hauled my tortured body upright once more and struggled on. I was heading towards the real crunch point of the trip and was truly scared this time. I don't know why, but I had thought it a cool idea to put the next key under a bridge so that the only way I could get to it was by going in the river! There were several unexpected problems with this. One was that, with my legs tied and no grip, I could not go up by the bridge and clamber down the steep bank into the water there, I had to go where it was easy to get in and then walk back up the river about a hundred yards. Another was that it is way easier to walk on a stony river bed in hiking boots than with bare feet already cut and bleeding, dragging a lead weight behind you which keeps getting caught on the stony river bed. And finally, the rain had swelled the river so that it was not only flowing faster and making it more difficult to keep my balance, it was not around my knees like yesterday but swirling around my crotch, making things a lot more unpleasant.

Somehow I made it to the bridge without falling, but then found another problem the lock I was trying to undo was under the surface of the water. I stood there in the freezing torrent, shivering violently, for fifteen, twenty minutes trying to coordinate numb fingers, a small key and a padlock underwater and make sure the key I freed didn't fall to the bottom of the river. I have never felt so cold and miserable in my life.

The only good thing about the weather was that it got dark earlier. I trudged on, picking up key after key, falling over occasionally as much out of tiredness as anything, until finally I had the last key, the one which would open my rucksack. Gratefully, I set off towards the car park and freedom. As if to celebrate, the rain stopped and a blaze of sunbeams showed by the horizon under the clearing clouds.

I was just about to shuffle into the picnic area when I heard a car approaching. Moving off the path and behind a tree, I watched as a 4x4 pulled up and 4 guys got out. They were laughing and joking and started throwing a ball between them. I couldn't believe my luck twenty yards from freedom and now this hold-up! I stood there, fuming in frustration, when one of them threw the ball long, over the head of his intended receiver and directly at me! I caught my breath as the boy turned to chase after it and I tried to push myself into the bark of the tree to hide myself better. The ball stopped short and he picked it up before straightening up and looking straight at me.

"Oh my God!" he breathed as he stared. I couldn't move, I just stood transfixed, horror mixing with totally inappropriate excitement in my mind.

"Hey, come on Tommy, throw the ball!" one of the others shouted but Tommy didn't move a muscle. One of the others came over to see what was up and he stopped, staring at me too. But he wasn't struck dumb.

"C'mere. Guys, look at what we found!" he shouted. The other two came over and now there were four young studs all staring at my naked, bound body. I didn't move or breathe I knew I couldn't escape and somehow I thought if I didn't break the spell, no-one would. But Tommy's eyes caught sight of the label, hanging between my breasts and he stepped forward and reached out for it.

"I am a bondage slut, please leave me to complete this entirely voluntary and self-imposed punishment" he read aloud.

"Bondage slut ? Jesus, you ain't kidding" one of them said as they all now crowded around me. Tommy reached out again and this time grabbed my breast.

"You know what we got here, guys ?" he said as he looked into my eyes, "We got someone who needs a damn good fucking". That seemed to entirely break the spell and I felt hands grabbing my ass, tits and feeling my swollen pussy. They dragged me out into the clearing and pushed me over against one of the picnic tables, the one I had sat at the previous evening. They untied the rope around my knees so they could spread them, then took off the crotch rope.

"Jesus! What a stench!" one said as he pulled the dildo out of my dripping cunt and then the plug out of my ass.

"It proves she's just desperate for it!" another said.

"Well let's give her what she wants, get the condoms from the car!" Tommy said and I watched helplessly as he unbuckled his jeans and pushed the others aside to get to me. As he dropped his pants I saw his cock spring forward, eager to be inside me. He grabbed my thighs and pulled me onto his erection, driving it into me hard.

And all this time I was thinking, Oh my God, I'm bound and gagged and I'm about to be raped by four jocks who don't give a fuck who I am or what I want, I'm just a sex toy to them, an anonymous slave whose only purpose is to fulfil their every fantasy! I was so horny, the aches and pains and tiredness had been forgotten, I wanted this bad boy inside me and I wanted to cum!

I did my best to fuck him back and the others stared in astonishment.

"Jesus, she really is a slut!" I heard someone say and I don't deny it. I fucked him until we both came, kicking and screaming. When he was finished, he moved aside and the next one stepped forward. I was ready and eager for him, taking him greedily inside me and riding him to another stupendous climax. I had never had sex while in bondage before, and never with multiple partners, but I was just out of control. I didn't know if it was the bondage or the forced sex or the frustration of the last 24 hours, but I had turned into what I would previously have called a nymphomaniac whore.

When the second guy had cum and made me cum, I twisted around onto my stomach and stuck my buttocks up in the air.

"You want it in the ass, bitch ?" I heard the next guy say, and moaned my approval. I'd never even had anal sex before but now I wanted anything and everything! I was regretting not wearing a ring gag so I could take it in the mouth as well! I felt bare thighs pressing against my buttocks and then a hard shaft forcing its way into my tight ass, making me moan in pain and pleasure. Then he was banging me against the edge of the table, rough and hard, just like I wanted it. I was surprised that somehow he was stimulating my G-spot and he made me cum yet again before he finished off.

The fourth guy obviously didn't fancy anal, because he took me from behind but in the cunt rather than in the ass. I reached another orgasm, nothing to do with his technique or consideration for my pleasure, I know, but I was just so turned on I couldn't stop cumming. When he was finished, I rolled over onto my back to see if any of them wanted another go, but instead I saw they were all adjusting their clothes and straightening themselves out.

"Let's go get a beer" one of them said.

"What shall we do with her ?" another asked.

"I've got an idea" Tommy said, stepping forward. He dragged me off the table and forced me to the ground. Grabbing the crotch rope lying nearby, he tied it to the D ring on the front of the posture collar, then pulled it between my legs, around the handcuffs on my wrists, then flipped me onto my stomach and pulled my legs up behind me before tying the rope to the chain between my ankles.

"I say we leave her here for the next lucky visitor to have their fill. Dave, pass me a pen from the car, will you ?" He grabbed the note around my neck and wrote on the back of it, then held it up for me to read. "PLEASE FUCK THIS CUNT" it said.

"Let's put these back in, just to keep her revved up till someone else can sort her out". I looked up and saw one of them holding the dildo and butt plug. Tommy pulled the rope to one side and took the still shitty butt plug, which he shoved into my pussy, then the dildo, which he forced into my sore ass, making me scream in pain. He put the rope back, holding the toys in place and pushing them deeper into me. I heard them laughing as they looked down at my helpless, tortured body. They started to walk away, but then Tommy called them back, saying there was just one last thing. As I watched, he unzipped his jeans, pulled out his cock and started pissing straight into my face. The others laughed and quickly joined in, till I was coughing, spluttering and trying to stop them from pissing up my nose and onto my lips. They sprayed the rest of my body before they had finally finished and zipped up again.

"Hey, darling, maybe we'll come back with a few friends later and give you some more good loving". With that parting shot, they got back in the car, laughing and joking, and drove off. Leaving me to struggle vainly in my new bondage. While I was scared out of my wits at what might happen to me, and disgusted at what they had done, there was still a part of me that was turned on by the fact that I had been tied up by someone else for the first time and I was facing the prospect of more to come later. Even the degradation of being pissed on seemed like a turn on. Thinking a little more clearly, I realised I had to get myself free those guys could return drunk and get much more violent, they might tell their mates or just anyone in a bar with them, who might come out here and beat up on me, or they might just not come back, leaving me to lie here all night until someone else a hiker, police, a family found me the next day.

I tried to reach the knots tying the new crotch rope to my ankle chain. I must have spent half an hour arching my back and stretching, trying to ignore the way the rope rubbed across my clitoris and drove the dildo deeper into my ass, before giving it up as impossible. My only hope now was to crawl over to my rucksack and unlock the handcuffs and manacles. I was now a good twenty yards from the bush where I had left my bag and I quickly discovered that the restrictions of my new bondage made moving in the right direction more than an inch or two at a time required a lot of effort and ripped the coarse rope across my tender, swollen clit. But I had no choice except to keep trying, to keep going, despite the pain and the effort, forcing me to rest every few minutes. I was soon slick with sweat but cold at the same time and then, just to complete my misery, it started raining again.

Eventually I made it all the way to the bag. I had managed to hold on to the key throughout the earlier assault and now used it to finally reach my clothes and the other keys. It was such a sweet relief to get the handcuffs off and then release my ankles that I lay there for several minutes before working the elbow noose loose enough to remove it. I took the nipple clamps off next, waiting for the surge of pain as the blood flowed back into the tortured flesh, then screaming into the gag when it hit me. I untied my breasts then unlocked the gag, collar and hood, luxuriating in the cool rain on my face as I worked my jaw to try and make it work again after so long in such a stretched and fixed position. Pulling the dildo from my ass was a tremendous relief and, once I was free, I lay in the mud for several minutes just letting all my muscles relax and recuperate.

When I had dressed, I set off back to my digs, playing back the tape of my adventure in my head. It had been so much better than I had planned! Maybe I was unlucky to be seen, maybe it was always likely to happen, I don't know. Maybe I was lucky not to be caught by a mad axe murderer, or maybe there aren't as many of those around as we think. I knew I was lucky not to be spotted by someone who reported me to the police, ending up in the local papers. But I also knew it had been the most intense and exciting experience of my life. I knew I'd be back.

The End