The Fall
by Jennifer Harrison


Wednesday – mid-week of her first week as a sex slave, and Maria was starting to wonder if she was going to make it to the end. Her decision to ‘come out’ as a submissive, forced on her through blackmail, had certainly livened up things in a life which had become a little stale, a little bit too comfortable, predictable and safe. It wasn’t any of those things any longer – in the last few days she had had more sex in more different ways with more partners than the rest of her life put together. She had suffered more excruciating pain than she had ever experienced, more humiliation and embarrassment. But it turned her on, it all turned her on, and she had never felt more alive. And here she was, back in the office, ready for another full day.

Well, ready in the sense that she was there, though her hangover was killing her and she was so tired it wasn’t true, but all she needed was coffee and a few minutes to gather her thoughts. She dispatched her PA, Tanya, to the coffee machine.

“Yes Mistress!” the young assistant said and then, realising what she had said, went bright red. Luckily, Maria was already heading for her office and was too wasted to hear anyway. The sales manager sank into her chair and closed her eyes. Just a few minutes to recover …

“Late night, Maria?” Her eyes shot open and saw that Rebecca, her top saleswoman (or sales person as the politically correct would have it) was standing in front of her, looking down on her with a wry smile on her lips. She looked immaculate as usual in her sharp business suit, with its padded shoulders and pencil skirt, teamed with sheer black stockings, white blouse and steep stilettos. The clothes hugged her slender, almost model-proportioned body – she was tall, slim, small breasted and narrow hipped. Her blonde hair was scraped back into a tight bun and her make-up was perfect.

Maria liked Rebecca, she reminded her of herself five years earlier. If she ever made it to director, Maria would promote Rebecca to be her successor and enjoy watching the guys squirm under the heel of another strong-willed and determined woman.

“Oh, hi Rebecca, what can I do for you?”

“I really need your help with closing one of my accounts” the saleswoman said, “It’s close but it needs your magic touch. I’ve got an appointment with the chief buyer and I need you to sweet-talk him.”

“No problem” Maria said with a smile, “On the phone or face-to-face?”

“Face-to-face, but we need to get moving. Sorry to drop this on you at such short notice.”

“No problem, that’s what I’m here for. Let’s go” Maria said as she got up to leave – so much for a few quiet minutes. They passed Tanya coming back with the coffee on their way out but had no time to stop as they headed for the lift to the parking garage and Rebecca's car.

“What were you up to the other day, with that striptease?” Rebecca asked as they rode down. Maria blushed a little at the memory, remembering how turned on she had been.

“Like I said at the time” she blustered, “I was just getting the guys’ attention.”

“And showing off your nipple rings and severely caned breasts at the same time, I noticed” Rebecca commented archly, giving her boss a questioning look and a knowing smile. Maria blushed more deeply, wondering exactly what the other woman suspected.

The subject was dropped as they travelled to the client’s offices, discussing the call. Rebecca indicated that the buyer, a Mr Harris, had requested Maria’s presence at the meeting to hopefully close the deal, which would put Rebecca safely over her target for the quarter and go a long way to Maria meeting her own departmental target. On arrival they were directed towards the buyer’s office and shown in by his secretary.

“Good morning, Miss Granger,” the man smiled ingratiatingly, causing Maria to take an instant dislike to him, “And this must be Miss Hughes, of whom I have head so much.” Maria noticed that he was unable to raise his gaze from her breasts, even for the most perfunctory glance at her face, and he ignored her proffered handshake. He indicated the round meeting table away from his desk. He took one seat and offered the other to Rebecca, but this left no seat for Maria, who was left standing, feeling awkward and embarrassed.

“Perhaps we should get started,” Harris opined self-importantly, “I’m a busy man.” Maria looked questioningly at Rebecca, who had reddened and couldn’t meet her gaze.

“Maria, take off your clothes” Rebecca said, her voice shaking with nerves.

“What!” Maria looked at Rebecca, who was still looking down, then at Harris, whose face was flushed, but out of excitement rather than surprise or embarrassment.

“You know you said the other day, if we needed you to flash something, we only had to ask? Well, now I’m asking.” Rebecca looked up at Maria for the first time, to show her she was serious. Now it was Maria’s turn to blush bright red.

“Can we get on with it?” Harris asked tetchily and Maria realised she had been put into an impossible situation – this man had obviously been promised a flash of her tits in exchange for the deal, and she knew they needed the deal …

Maria unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it off her shoulders. The man was on his feet in a heartbeat and standing inches from her, staring at her breasts. Then he reached out and took a breast in each hand, squeezing and groping them before grabbing her nipple rings, turning and twisting them. Okay, so he was promised a little more than a flash, Maria thought, trying to ignore how his rough handling was stiffening her nipples.

“Now the skirt” he growled, his arousal contorting his voice. Maria shot a glance at Rebecca, but she was staring at the table, and Maria knew the bargain had gone further. She put her blouse over the back of the chair and unzipped her skirt. As she lowered it to the floor and stepped out of it, she tried to cover her ‘SLAVE’ tattoo with her hand, suddenly feeling embarrassed by the message it would send to this creep of a guy. She heard a rattling breath from the man next to her and she knew he must be excited, as her own heart raced at the thought of all this humiliation she was being made to suffer.

“Put these on.” Maria looked down and saw the handcuffs. Her mind shot back to the previous week, when she had been ordered to don handcuffs in her own office, and the same feelings of falling out of control into a bottomless pit of depravity and her intense excitement at the prospect flooded her body and mind.

“Hey, that wasn’t part of the deal!” Rebecca protested.

“I am altering the deal. Pray I don't alter it any further” Harris said with evil relish, quoting his favourite character in his favourite film. Rebecca looked helplessly at Maria, but her manager already had her hands behind her back and they all heard the harsh clicks as the ratchets closed around her wrists. Rebecca’s mouth fell open as she clearly saw the word ‘SLAVE’ tattooed above her boss’s shaved pussy, the marks of the whip and the cane on her back and her buttocks, and she realised her suspicions from the other day had been accurate – Maria was some kind of total submissive and had given herself over to a dominant who had recently punished her terribly! The thought made Rebecca suddenly tremendously excited.

“I see you’ve already been branded, cunt – like a dumb fucking farm animal, bought and owned. And properly used too” Harris said as he ran his fingers along the worst of the abrasions, enjoying the way she flinched, digging his fingers in a little harder.

“You won’t have any problem servicing me then, I’m sure you’re used to sucking cock like the cheap whore you are.” Harris ladled on the humiliating language gleefully, seeing how Maria blushed deep red at the degrading words. What he probably didn’t realise was that his inflammatory words were turning Maria on even more, and she sank to her knees in preparation for him.

At that moment, there was a soft knock and the buyer’s secretary walked in. She took in the scene before her and flushed bright red. Maria, seeing her confusion, was now embarrassed for her and blushed as well. Her humiliation level went up a notch.

“Er, sorry to interrupt …” she said in a very self-conscious tone.

“Then don’t” Harris snapped, sending the woman scurrying out. He turned back to the slut kneeling in front of him and grabbed a handful of her hair, holding it tightly enough to make her cry out in pain. As her mouth opened, he thrust his erection in, enjoying the choking noises as he hit the back of her throat. He was long enough to get the head of his cock into her throat and he forced it into her as deep as he could go.

Rebecca watched in horrified fascination as her boss was forced to take the guy in, her face pushed into his abdomen as his balls struck her chin. There seemed no opportunity for her to breathe until suddenly it was all over as quickly as it had begun. With a horrific screwed up look of hatred on his face, Harris pulled Maria’s head back and shot his load across her face and down onto her breasts. As he finished pumping his cum, he pulled her back onto his softening member, forcing her to lick him clean. When he was done, he pushed her contemptuously away, sending her sprawling, dazing her as she banged her head against the wall.

Rebecca jumped up to help her colleague, but as she pushed past Harris, he forced her face down on the table and, before she could work out what was happening, her hands were securely cuffed behind her back. Realising the situation was now completely out of control, she opened her mouth to shout for help, only to find it stuffed with a foam ball, quickly and very efficiently strapped in place. As she struggled to get up and fight, he pulled a noose tight around her neck, choking her, then tied it to the top of the table leg on the far side of the table, pinning her down. She felt ropes digging into her ankles and her legs being stretched apart.

Having secured one prize, Harris turned to the other. He had her tightly gagged and bound at ankles and knees before she had even cleared her head. He pinched her nipples as hard as he could, until he’d seen her face twisted in fear and agony, before he left her to squirm uselessly on the floor. He had enjoyed this slut’s big breasts and what she could do with her mouth was something else, but the reason he had been planning this for the last six months was the perfect peach of an ass on the woman stretched across his table.

He had played this juicy little cunt, very pretty but clearly pretty stupid with it, with the sole objective of getting her into this position. Her pencil skirt had already ridden up her spread thighs until her stocking tops were on display and, as she struggled and shouted into her gag, he pushed it up around her waist. He ran his hands over the perfect orbs of her buttocks, feeling the lacy edges of her crimson silk panties digging into her as the material was stretched drum-tight across her cheeks. He eased them down onto her thighs and his fingers explored her ass crack and then down to her cunt. She was still dry, obviously not turned on by either the sight of the boss giving head or by the feeling of being tied down. But he could remedy that, soon enough.

He was still recovering from his earlier orgasm, but he could still fill the time quite productively. He continued to run his hand over the silky smoothness of her skin, then drew back his hand and brought it down with a loud and satisfying slap. She let out a muffled howl of pain and surprise – she had never been spanked before, even playfully, and she really did NOT want to be spanked now, by this bastard, in these circumstances. But there was nothing she could not as his open hand slapped down on her time and again, hurting her far more than she expected, until tears of pain and shame were running down her cheeks.

Harris was really starting to enjoy himself, interspersing hard blows to her rear with forcing his thumb up her tight little anus, relishing her cries of outrage at the invasion.

Rebecca could not come to terms with what was happening to her. She had never been interested in ‘kinky’ sex – never been tied up, never even been touched around her ‘bottom’, as she still rather primly thought of it. She wanted to scream at the top of her voice ‘No!’, she wanted to get away from this pervert, but every time she tried to pull away, the rope around her neck squeezed a little tighter, closing her airway a little more, cutting off a little more of her air, until she could see stars swirling around her head. Her buttocks were on fire from the spanking and then she felt his fingernails digging into her flesh, prizing her cheeks apart. She felt something hot and wet poking at her tight hole, and she realised with horror and disgust that it was his tongue! Another strangulated scream died in the gag, merely adding to the pleasure Harris was extracting from the degrading of this stupid woman who thought she could get the better of him in a sales negotiation!

Then the intercom squawked into life.

“Mr Harris, the management meeting is about to start.” His secretary, having been told off once, and having heard some of the noises coming from the office, had decided not to barge in again. Harris reached across his desk and pressed the old-fashioned intercom button and told her he would be there in a minute. As he did so, he noticed the ‘joke’ highlighter pen vaguely in the shape of a phallus, given to him by someone who didn’t realise he had no sense of humour, and picked it up. He leaned over Rebecca's prone body until his mouth was next to her tear-stained cheek.

“Here’s something to give you an idea of what you’ll get when I come back, bitch.” As he forced the thick shaft of the pen into her anus, Rebecca’s eyes widened in horror and then her face screwed up in pain, squeezing fresh tears from her eyes, tears which Harris gleefully licked away. As he straightened up, he saw Maria on the floor and realised she had suffered not nearly enough. He grabbed half a dozen bulldog clips from his desk and quickly clamped them onto her nipples and breasts, making her cry out and writhe on the floor in agony.

“I’ll be back soon, cunts, and we can continue our ‘negotiations’” he said as he left, locking the door behind him.

Maria knew she had to try and ignore the pain coming from her breasts and try to get free – there was no knowing what this psychopathic woman-hater would do to them, but it didn’t look good, particularly for Rebecca. She could see the younger woman was helplessly tied down to the table, so it was up to her.

She knew there was no hope unless they could get these handcuffs off. She guessed the keys were either in his pocket or somewhere in or around the desk. If they were in his pocket they were screwed, but Maria couldn’t think negatively and she started to squirm her way to the desk, believing she would find the keys there. Every movement jiggled her breasts and caused the clips to deliver a new wave of pain, but she pressed on.

Once at the desk, she hauled herself upright and scanned the surface. She pushed a few things onto the floor, but no keys revealed themselves. Undeterred, she turned her back and pulled open a drawer. Unfortunately, she lost her balance as the drawer opened and started to fall, seemingly in slow motion, like a tree in the forest, unable to put out a hand or a leg to break her fall. Unlike a tree, however, she was able to fold and roll as she went down, minimising the effect of the impact. She ignored the bruise on her hip she knew would be darkening, and struggled back to her feet, resolving to take more care and less speed in future.

She alternated between staring into the drawer and turning her back to rummage with her hands. She tried to ignore the pathetic sobs and whimpers coming from across the room as Rebecca tried and failed to get free, to stop the rope noose choking her or even to dislodge the intruder in her rectum. Maria moved on to the next drawer, rummaging frantically and trying to keep her positive mind set.

She finally located the keys in the fourth drawer she looked in, a big bunch on a key ring, but the small cuff key was obvious to anyone who knew what they were looking at. She managed to get them in her fingers, but there was no way she could turn the key around to unlock her own cuffs, so she shuffled over to the table and Rebecca.

It took several fumbled attempts and precious minutes ticked by, but eventually Maria heard the lock click and the ratchet of the cuff run back through and release Rebecca’s left wrist. The saleswoman quickly reached above her head and untied the rope holding her down and loosened it from around her neck. Unstrapping the gag, she was finally able to take a proper breath and sucked in the air gratefully. She was just rubbing her wrists and neck to ease the chafing she had suffered, when a muffled sound from Maria reminded her that the other woman was still suffering in her bondage. She took off the bulldog clips and was rewarded by muffled screams as the blood flowing back into the pinched flesh tortured her boss.

Five minutes later they had removed all their bondage and were putting on their clothes. Rebecca was shaking so much that Maria had to help her fix her make-up, which had been smudged by her tears, before working on her own, which had been smudged by the faceful of cum she had received. Once they were both presentable, Maria got straight on her mobile phone.

The senior buyer unlocked the door to his office eagerly, but did not get the view he had been hoping for as he opened it and went in. The two women he had left tied up and gagged an hour before were now sitting at the table, looking perfectly relaxed and smiling at him.

“Ah, Mr Harris, welcome back” the sales manager, the one who had sucked his cock, said, with a warm smile.

“I hope you had a good meeting and are now ready for some serious negotiations?” Harris recovered his composure quickly and by the time he had sat down and rearranged his papers, he was ready to respond.

“I thought we might continue from where we left off” he managed to say with a straight face.

“I’m afraid that ship has sailed, Mr Harris” Maria said pleasantly, “But we have a new proposal for you, which I hope you’ll appreciate.”

“Oh? What’s that?” Harris said suspiciously, looking at Rebecca, who smiled sweetly at him.

“Basically, you sign the order right here, right now, and we won’t press charges for assault or tell your boss about the porn you’ve been viewing on your computer” Maria delivered the ultimatum with an assassin’s smile.

Harris’s expression at this point was a picture, as alarm, shock, surprise, fear and hatred all registered and fought for face time. He was pretty sure he could have any assault charge dismissed as they had agreed to the initial sexual advances, but how did she know about the porn? He realised the combination of unproven charges and circumstantial evidence would sink his career and probably his marriage.

“Where do I sign?” he asked, with resignation and a renewed hatred for saleswomen.

When they returned to the car, Rebecca was still shaking, but now more from excitement than shock.

“My God, you were brilliant!” she enthused, almost skipping as she walked along, “How did you know about the porn on his computer, you didn’t have time to check it out?” Maria gave her a knowing smile.

“As a friend once told me, everyone’s got something on their computer they’re ashamed of – I just bluffed him.”

“Oh, that’s so perfect! I could kiss you!” As she said this, and Maria didn’t demur, she suddenly couldn’t stop herself. She put her hands on either side of Maria’s face and pulled her close, her lips crushing against her boss’s mouth and her eager tongue working it way between her teeth.

Maria was starting to become accustomed to kissing women, but this was so filled with passion, and lust, and longing that she found herself responding in a way she not done previously, her lips parting and her own tongue starting to push back. They were kissing for real now, and Maria felt Rebecca’s hand move from her face to her breast, fondling it lovingly and gently. She felt herself pressed back against the car, with Rebecca’s knee coming up between her thighs and pushing them apart. At last their mouths parted and Rebecca’s lips slid across the smooth skin of Maria’s neck while her fingers fumbled with the buttons of the older woman’s blouse.

“Oh God, that feels so good!” Maria gasped as her blouse was eased off her shoulders and Rebecca’s lips closed around the ring on her nipple, her tongue flicking at the nipple itself. She felt as if she could let Rebecca do that, and more, all day, but she knew it wasn’t exactly practical. Reluctantly, she eased the young woman away from her, watching as the look of pure lust in her eyes gradually faded and she was able to focus on the here and now.

“God, I’m sorry Maria, I don’t know what came over me!” She was now thoroughly embarrassed and, totally flustered and beetroot red, she fumbled her car keys out and they got in.

As they drove back to the office, Maria wondered at how she didn’t seem to be able to go even a few hours without having a sexual encounter at the moment. Not that she was complaining, as she mentally filed Rebecca’s hitting on her for future reference. And she was sure her Master would find her morning’s adventures very entertaining ...

* * *

“I have a little challenge for you.” Maria always felt her heart skip a beat when she heard her Master, Colin, say those words. It usually meant she was in for some excitement.

“Thank you, Master” she said breathlessly. She was having a little difficulty in concentrating on what he was saying, mainly because of what he was doing. Her naked body was arched back over the padded footstool, with her ankles tied to the legs on one side and her wrists to the other. She had been in this position since she had come in from work, some two hours previously and, although the position was strenuous, this was not what was causing her the most difficulty. Kelly had been positioned between her spread thighs and ordered to lick Maria to the edge of orgasm but never over, under threat of punishment to both women should they fail in this task and allow Maria to climax.

While this was going on, Colin was sitting on the other side of the footstool with a cane in his hand, tapping on Maria’s breasts, which were presented in front of him, pointing towards the ceiling. The individual strokes were not particularly painful, although having someone hit you with a thin bit of wood on your most sensitive areas is not to be recommended as light entertainment. But the accumulation of repeated blows to every part of her 36DD’s was driving her insane.

“You know Dame Helen Baxter?” Colin asked conversationally.

“Yes, Master,” Maria gasped, blinking the sweat out of her eyes as she fought to stop herself cumming, “She’s the senior non-executive director of the Board of Go – ooooh –Governors, Master. Oh God, please may I cum, Master?!”

“Certainly not! Kelly, make sure she doesn’t cum!” Colin caned her a little harder to try and bring her back from the brink, but then remembered that he might actually be pushing her in the other direction and signalled to Kelly that they should both stop for a couple of minutes. Kelly took the opportunity to turn to her side and lap some water from the dog bowl on the floor, a task made more difficult by her frog-tied legs and arms tightly bound behind her back. Once again, she thought, here I am suffering for the pleasure of Maria fucking Hughes.

Maria didn’t see this as pleasure, but the most exquisite of tortures – not quite enough stimulation to relieve her of her burning need to cum and not quite enough pain either. She had been horny as hell since that morning, when she and one of her saleswomen had been virtually assaulted by a client. While her colleague Rebecca had been traumatised by the event, having to go home early and lie down in a darkened room, Maria had found the whole experience - stripped naked, cuffed, forced to fellate the guy, tortured by clamps, then her struggles to get free – a total turn-on. If she hadn’t feared that Rebecca was going to be anally raped, she would have quite liked to find out what else the man, Harris, had to offer. He certainly had a good line in ‘trash talk’, calling her ‘whore’ and ‘animal’, which she’d found very arousing!

She’d spent the rest of the day flirting with her sales team, pushing her tits and arse at anyone she could, offering herself as ‘The Closer Queen’ to any who needed her advice, and there were a few. She had even mercilessly teased her young PA, Tanya. She had sent her to get coffee and, as she returned, had timed her move perfectly so that they ‘accidentally’ collided in the office doorway and the hot coffee went all down Maria’s front.

Feigning outraged anger, she ordered her assistant to get her spare blouse (always be prepared) and follow her to the ladies room. The girl was already flustered by the time she got there, and the sight of Maria with her blouse already off and splashing water onto her breasts made her blush furiously and break out in a nervous sweat.

“Here’s your blouse, M…” Tanya was struggling to work out what to call her boss, because she’d been banned from using ‘Miss Hughes’, Tanya wasn’t comfortable with ‘Maria’ and the only other option suggested by Maria was ‘Mistress’, which scared her.

“… Miss?” she ended lamely, almost begging her boss for direction. Maria looked at the nervous young woman and almost felt sorry for her. Almost.

“I think you need to show a little more respect than that, young lady!” she barked.

“Yes Mistress!” Tanya responded, pathetically grateful she now knew where she stood.

“Look! You’ve even got it on my skirt, you clumsy girl! You’ll have to sponge it clean.” As the older woman turned and dropped her skirt, Tanya stared open-mouthed at the vicious-looking red welts across her back and the cane stripes across her buttocks. Then she turned and handed the skirt to her PA, who could not stop staring at the word ‘SLAVE’ tattooed just above her shaved pussy, which glinted with the tiny gold rings in her labia.

“You’ve scalded me here, you know,” Maria said, a finger pressed against her left thigh just above the knee, “I think you should kiss it better.” Her assistant went completely red and looked at Maria with a look of disbelief in her eyes. When she saw the half-smile and raised eyebrow, she felt her heart skip a beat. She swallowed nervously.

“Yes, Mistress.” Maria watched, hardly able to believe what she was seeing, as her young assistant went down on her knees and her soft, full lips brushed against her skin, sending a bolt of electricity through the manager’s body. The finger, which had been pointing to the spot just kissed so gently and sensuously, slid up and around to indicate a spot on Maria’s inner thigh.

“And here.” The words were a little tremulous.

“Yes, Mistress” Tanya said, a little quieter. This time, as her lips touched the smooth flesh, they parted slightly and her tongue flicked out and pressed damply against the soft skin, describing a small circle. She was rewarded by a quiet but desperate moan from above her. The finger moved on, finally pointing to a spot directly between the tiny gold rings. Maria didn’t trust herself to speak.

Tanya looked up and saw Maria’s face, bright red and glowing with an unbridled lust, from her sparkling, half-closed eyes to her flared nostrils, to her slightly parted lips through which her shallow breaths were panting.

“Yes, Mistress” Tanya whispered, a slight smile flickering on her lips, and moved towards the fickle finger. As she did so, the finger moved out of the way, but with the other fingers, pulled on the little gold rings, parting the lips in front of her, to reveal a very red and swollen clitoris.

Tanya could smell the woman’s need for her now, as her warm breath drew another moan from above. But as her lips closed around the tiny bud and her tongue slid across it, the moan became a scream – stifled and contained as much as possible, but a scream nevertheless.

In Maria’s head, a whole July 4th’s-worth of fireworks had just gone off. The last rational thought which had passed through her mind, before it turned to mush, was:

‘The girl’s eighteen, I’m not forcing her to do this, its not wrong! So why does it feel so wrong? Why do I feel like I’m cradle snatching? Maybe is because I’m twice her age, maybe it’s because I’m her manager, but FUCK, I don’t care, that just feels so good!!’

When she came only moments later, Maria lost consciousness, just for a second or two, but her legs gave way and she slumped onto the bathroom floor.

“Are you alright, Mistress?” Tanya’s face swum into view above her , the sound of genuine concern in her voice – had she hurt her boss?

“Oh God, Tanya”, Maria croaked, “You just made an old lady very, VERY happy!”

* * *

As soon as she opened the door, Dame Helen Baxter was uncomfortable. She immediately recognised the sales manager standing on her doorstep, although she was startled by her dress – a bit of a chilly evening for a ‘Hooters’ crop top and unbelievably tiny pink shorts, she thought, but maybe that was what young people were wearing these days …

“I’m not sure it’s appropriate that you be here, Ms Hughes” she said rather stiffly.

“Please may I come in, ma’am, I have something important to discuss with you” Maria replied. Helen could see how cold the young woman was by the goosebumps on her arms, but she needed to stand firm.

“I’m sorry, Maria, this just wouldn’t look right to the board. You must go” she said, and began to shut the door.

“It’s about Julia” Maria blurted out desperately, playing her only card. Helen looked sharply at the young woman and then, against her better judgement, motioned for her to come in.

“What do you know about Julia?” she asked as they sat down in the drawing room.

“I know you were together for nearly 20 years and must have loved each other very much” Maria began, trying to feel her way without really knowing the facts. “I also know she died recently and you must be devastated.”

Despite her resolve to keep herself in check, these few simple words unlocked the intense emotions Helen had kept bottled up inside, and she suddenly felt hot tears streaming down her face. Maria moved to sit beside her and put her arm around her shoulder, the older woman turning her head into Maria’s shoulder as huge sobs wracked her body.

“Oh, Maria, she was so beautiful! She was my beautiful baby! I loved her like a good mother should love her baby!” The words came haltingly through the tears and Maria made soothing, cooing noises as she stroked Helen’s arms and hugged her close.

“Let me help you” she implored, any thought of Colin’s agenda, whatever it might be, forgotten as she responded instinctively to the obvious distress and anguish of this woman.

“It’s no use!” Helen wailed, “We had something so special, you wouldn’t understand!”

“Let me try” Maria said gently, “I know it will never be the same, but maybe I could take her place, just for a little while” Helen looked up at her, blinking away the tears.

“You … you would do that? For me?” Maria smiled and nodded. “But you don’t know …”

“Teach me” Maria begged, “You had to teach her once, now teach me.” For the first time in a long time, a smile spread across Helen’s face.

“I would like that” she said, “It’s been so long … but only if you’re sure, promise to tell me if you get uncomfortable” Maria smiled and took Helen’s hand in her own, raising it to her lips and kissing it.

“Well” Helen stood up, “Time for bed then, I think.” Maria was excited as the older woman led her upstairs. Having had her first real Sapphic encounter earlier that day, and it having been such a success, she was quite looking forward to exploring her distaff side a little more. Dame Helen was quite a big woman, but she was tall and so could carry the extra weight, and at nearly sixty still looked remarkably good – Maria could tell by her bone structure she must have been stunningly beautiful in her younger days, and she was still handsome and so elegant.

“This was Julia’s room” Helen said as they stood by the closed door, “There isn’t a day since she … I haven’t sat in there, thinking of her.” She took a key from the pocket of her dress and unlocked the door.

“A couple of rules first. You mustn’t talk in there, and you have to be naked and on your hands and knees when you go in.” Maria’s eyebrows went up – a little weird, but then she’d done a lot weirder things in the last few days. She quickly shed her clothes and got down on all fours facing the door, eager to get started. Colin had made her remove her nipple and pussy rings and cover her tattoo with a strip of Elastoplast, so as not to scare the woman off. Helen looked down and was shocked at the marks on her back, wondering at the abuse the young woman had suffered recently. She would have been more shocked had she realised most of it had been inflicted by the chairman of the board.

When the door opened, Maria was hit by a wall of warm air – it must have been 30C in there, and she was glad she was naked, otherwise she would have been sweating. And then realisation dawned. Oh, that’s what she meant. ‘My beautiful baby’. Right!

The room was softly lit by a low-wattage bulb in a lampshade decorated with little fluffy bunnies, a theme replicated in the wallpaper. The floor was covered in a shiny soft-padded linoleum with bright swirling patterns on it. The main piece of furniture was a baby’s cot, but big enough for an adult-sized baby …

Maria was, to put it mildly, surprised. Clearly, Helen and Julia had a much different relationship to the one she, and presumably Colin and everyone else, had assumed. Well, she thought, whatever floats your boat, at least it doesn’t look like she’s going to be whipping me …

“Welcome back to your own little room, baby!” Helen said as she leaned down and stroked Maria’s back, her hand sliding down over her nicely presented buttocks, making the kneeling woman shudder in response.

“Let’s get you ready for bed, shall we, baby?” Helen indicated a large plastic changing mat on the floor and Maria scooted on to it. Helen took some items from a chest of drawers and knelt down by the mat.

“Okay now, darling, we’re going to put your mitts on first, just so you don’t suck your thumb. Now, I need you to make a fist for me, can you do that? Good girl! What a clever girl!” Maria watched as the little white mittens were pulled over her hands and the pretty little bows tied at her wrists. She immediately realised she wouldn’t be able to uncurl her fist in the mittens, and therefore couldn’t use her fingers or thumbs, even to remove the mittens themselves. It was a form of bondage, but rather more subtle than she had become accustomed to.

Next came the cute little booties, also tied in bows at the ankle. At first, Maria could see nothing special about them, but then realised they had extremely shiny soles. That, combined with the shiny linoleum, meant she wouldn’t be able to stand without slipping over. She would have to crawl around on hands and knees … like a baby. She was starting to get the picture.

The next item was more like what she expected – an oversized baby’s dummy (pacifier to you Americans). When Helen inserted it, it filled her mouth but was not unpleasant like a cock gag, it just gave her something to suck on and, she realised, reduced anything she did try to say to meaningless gibberish … or baby talk. It was held in place by a thin piece of elastic around the back of her head, just tight enough to stop her pushing it out with her tongue, and of course, with the mittens on, it was going to stay there until Helen decided different.

Helen now started pinning up her ‘baby’s’ hair into a bun, then picked up a very cute lacy bonnet and slipped it over the top, tying it in a pretty bow under her chin.

“Aww, my beautiful baby!” she said and a tear rolled down her cheek as she remembered, but she was smiling happily through the tears. Maria reached up and dabbed at her wet cheeks with her mitten, and Helen held her hand, kissing it, then kissing the crook of her elbow then her shoulder. As she leaned over further, Maria’s heart raced as she felt her mouth brush her nipple, then Helen’s lips were on her flat, toned stomach, blowing a raspberry which sent vibrations up and down her body, making her giggle. Suddenly Helen’s fingernails were running up and down Maria’s sides from her armpits to her hips and the naked woman was squealing and crying in fits of laughter as she suffered the worst tickle torture since she was six years old. Helen was unrelenting, not letting up until the tears were running down her victim’s face. When at last it stopped, Maria felt exhausted, but she couldn’t get the smile off her face.

The nappy (diaper) came next, a terry towelling square folded into a triangle and held together by the biggest safety pin Maria had ever seen. But before it was done up, Helen had her hold her legs up in the air while she coated the cane and whip welts on her buttocks in zinc cream ‘to clear up that nasty nappy rash’, as she put it.

“Time for baby’s feed now, I think, don’t you?” Maria watched as Helen stood up and removed her elegant black dress, revealing surprisingly sexy underwear – well-fitted black bra supporting her large breasts, silky French knickers, garter belt and sheer black stockings, with the seams perfectly aligned up the back of her legs. As she unhooked and removed her bra, before sitting down next to Maria and cradling her in her arm, Maria knew what was expected of her.

While Helen’s breasts seemed enormous, and the areolas gigantic, they were still reasonably firm and did not sag too much. When the dummy was removed from her mouth and left to dangle around her neck, Maria eagerly clamped her mouth around the proffered nipple, and sucked as a baby would, to receive milk, rather than to arouse ‘mummy’.

Nevertheless, as Helen’s eyes closed and her breathing became ragged, it was clear the effect the suckling was having. Out of the corner of her eye, Maria saw Helen’s hand slide inside her French knickers and begin to work on relieving what must have been a lot of built-up tension. Maria felt the breast pulled away from her but immediately replaced by the other being thrust into her face. Soon, little whimpers were being forced from the Dame of the Realm, whimpers which grew to moans and finally to cries as she brought herself to a beautiful climax. As the waves of pleasure washed over her, she clutched her ‘baby’ tight to her bosom, almost suffocating the younger woman. At last the feeling subsided and, with a sigh, she released Maria and laid her back down on the mat.

“Oh dear, mummy doesn’t have any milk for you, baby, it’ll have to be formula tonight” Helen went to the little food preparation area and made up a bottle, testing the temperature on her forearm before returning to the changing mat. Maria sucked on the teat greedily, realising just how thirsty and hungry she was. As she gulped down the warm but slightly odd-tasting milk, she looked up into the adoring face of the woman she had thought a lesbian but who had turned out to have a much weirder, but rather beautiful, interest.

With the milk all gone and the dummy replaced, Maria crawled over to the cot and clambered in.

“Time for sleepy-bo-bo’s, darling” Helen said as she pulled the teddy-bear covered duvet up over Maria’s semi-naked body. She leaned in and kissed her on the forehead, before replacing the cot side so she wouldn’t accidentally fall out. Maria smiled at her through the wooden bars of the cot and gave a big yawn – the stresses and strains of the day had clearly caught up with her as she drifted off almost immediately into a deep and restful sleep. That, thought Helen as she gently brushed a stray lock of hair from across that peaceful, angelic face, and the mild sedative in the milk. She set up the baby monitor and went off to her own room, blissfully happy.

Maria woke slowly, as if returning to consciousness from a very long way away. A little disoriented by the soft light and the rubber dummy in her mouth, she quickly remembered where she was, and then it hit her – oh dear Lord, what was that awful smell? After a few seconds, she realised it was coming from her very full nappy – she didn’t know it, but the milk she had drunk also contained a mild laxative as well as sedative. Now she had the very uncomfortable and embarrassing feeling of her bottom being covered in her own shit.

She pulled herself up onto her knees in front of the bars on the cot side and looked at the release mechanism. It was perfectly simple for someone with full use of their hands, but of course it was beyond a ‘baby’ like her. She couldn’t take off the nappy anyway, or clean herself up. She was as helpless as … a baby. Well, what does a baby do when she is not happy? Maria started to wail in, apparently, total and endless misery.

A few moments later, a dishevelled and sleepy-looking Helen, dressed in a long nightdress and slippers, came into the room.

“Oh, baby, have you done a poo-poo? Phew! You certainly have! Let’s get you cleaned up, poppet.” She released the cot side and led Maria over to the changing mat. Half a pack of baby wipes later, Maria smelled a whole lot better and ready for a fresh nappy.

She was surprised to feel the tip of Helen’s fingernail tracing a circle on her skin just below the Elastoplast covering her tattoo, and just above her pussy. She was also reciting a little rhyme.

“Round and round the garden like a teddy bear

One step,

Two step,

Tickly under there!”

The circling motion coincided with the first line. On the second line, Maria felt a finger pressing down on her soft, shaved mound. On the third line, a finger slipped between her pussy lips and flicked her clitoris. On the final line, she felt a flurry of light touches on the already moist entrance to her vagina. She let out a gurgle, half laugh at the tickle, half moan at the arousal. As the little game was repeated, Maria writhed under the exquisite touch and the moaning far outweighed the giggling. On the third time around the garden, Maria felt Helen’s lips take her left nipple into her mouth and the fingers lingered under there, pushing into the hot, wet interior and exploring the upper reaches of her dripping pussy. Maria wasn’t sure if there was a fourth trip around the garden, because she was beyond caring by then. All she could think about was the nibbling sensation on first one nipple, then the other, then back to the first, and the fingers in her pussy, now joined by the thumb rolling her clitoris back and forth. The sensations seemed to last forever and, at the same time, explode into a tinglingly sensational orgasm that electrified her whole body.

By the time she had recovered control of her senses, Maria found herself in a clean nappy, back in the cot and tucked up under the duvet. ‘Thank you, mummy’ she tried to say as she smiled up at Helen, but all that came out was a contented gurgle. She was soon fast asleep again.

In the morning, Helen helped Maria out into the corridor and then out of her baby attire.

“Oh, Maria” Helen gushed, “Thank you so much for such a magical night! Please say you’ll come back and do it again sometime!”

“I’d love to, Helen” Maria smiled, “You’re the best mummy a baby could have!”

* * *

Maria was struggling to breathe, caused partly by her tight bondage but mainly by the situation in which she found herself. She looked at herself in the mirror and felt a hot flush spread across her entire body.

It had been a tremendous day for her personally and the company in general. They had had their best ever quarter sales, with her team leading the way and making up for shortfalls by some of her fellow sales managers, which was another feather in her cap. Everyone in the office had been ecstatic and the champagne had flowed, although Maria made sure she steered clear of it and also that no-one spiked her orange juice. Then Frank Jarrett had called her into his office.

“Congratulations, Maria” he said with a broad smile, “You’ve done a sterling job! If you can keep it up for the final quarter of the year, that directorship should be a formality!”

“Thank you, sir” Maria replied, feeling the warm glow of his praise, “I couldn’t have done it without my team of course, they’ve all worked incredibly hard.”

“I’d like you to come over to my house tonight” he said. Maria felt a thrill of excitement and not a little fear at the thought of what exactly he might have in mind for her.

“Should I come in my school uniform, headmaster?” she asked. Frank smiled at the memory of her standing on his doorstep, dressed as a schoolgirl, but shook his head.

“No, nothing like that tonight. I’m having a little drinks party for a few very important people and I want you to be there, mingling and making an impression – it could be important for your career. So, party frock on! If you come about six, you can help me get set up.” Maria thanked him and said she’d be there at 6 pm sharp.

When she got back to her apartment, she was surprised to find that her Master, Colin, already knew about the drinks party. Not only that, both he and Kelly were also attending. Maria immediately suspected that Frank and Colin were plotting something, and that she and Kelly would be the targets of this little subterfuge.

For once, her master allowed her full access to her wardrobe, while he had been out and bought (on Maria’s credit card) a rather nice cocktail dress and sexy underwear for Kelly. As the two women showered, dressed and put on their make-up together, it was the first time Kelly had actually spoken to Maria without swearing at her and taking out her fear, anger and frustration on her. The two women could almost have been best of friends. Even Colin had dressed up, in black tie and tuxedo, making him look surprisingly attractive.

Maria and Kelly were both giggling with excitement to be out in regular clothes going to a regular event, even though in the back of her mind, Maria knew any event involving the man who had blackmailed them both into sexual slavery, held at a place with its own torture dungeon, was likely to end in pain and misery. But, she thought, maybe there’ll be some fun along the way and she would still get to meet these ‘important people’.

Frank Jarrett greeted them warmly at the door and invited them in. He was also in a tuxedo, which went well with his silver hair to make a suave, sophisticated impression. He poured them all a sherry and suggested that the ladies might like to ‘freshen up’ before the rest of the guests arrived. He indicated that there were two separate bathrooms for them to use, Kelly choosing the upstairs one while Maria took her make-up bag to the bathroom downstairs.

Maria had just re-applied her lip gloss and clipped her bag shut when there was a gentle knock on the door and Frank Jarrett let himself in.

“Hi, Frank” Maria said with a slightly quizzical tone, “What’s up?”

“There’s been a slight change of plan. Take your clothes off.”

“What?” Maria asked, shocked at his request and its abruptness. She was even more shocked when Frank slapped her hard across the cheek, nearly knocking her off her feet.

“You heard me, cunt! Strip, and be quick about it!” Maria was stunned, not able to believe the evening was going to start like this. But she saw the look on Frank’s face, a look she had only previously seen when he had been holding a whip over her naked body, and knew he was deadly serious. Twenty minutes later, she was ready for the party, in her alternative outfit.

She was struggling to breathe, caused partly by her tight bondage but mainly by the situation in which she found herself. She looked at herself in the mirror and felt a hot flush spread across her entire body as she surveyed her impressive costume.

Her head was completely covered by the black latex hood. Her long black hair had been pulled through a hole in the top and cascaded down from there. There were two small, net-covered holes over her nostrils for her to breathe, and two more over her ears – they clearly didn’t want her to miss anything which was said to her or about her. Her mouth had been completely filled by an inflatable bladder, rendering her almost mute, and the hood had been zipped closed over her lips. There were even net patches over the holes left for her eyes, so that, while she could see out, anyone looking at her would not even be able to tell there was a human being in there.

A posture collar kept her chin held high and prevented her turning her head even slightly to look to the sides. Her arms were pulled tightly behind her back and fused together in a black leather arm binder, forcing her shoulders back painfully and her breasts to be thrust out in front of her. The breasts themselves were swollen and distended by the presence of a leather harness around them, rather like a bra but with no cups. The straps of the harness cinched tight around the base of her breasts and small needle-like protrusions on the inside edges of the harness dug cruelly into her soft flesh.

The area from just below her breasts to just above her hips was encased in a black PVC waist cincher, which took her well-toned stomach down from 28 inches to a mere 22, and was the cause of most of her breathlessness. Suspenders hung down from this and clipped on to black latex stockings, which squeezed her thighs and calves into the perfect shape.

Her feet had been forced into ballet boots, with 12 inch high heels, and she was constantly struggling to maintain her balance. She realised now why Colin had made her and Kelly train in heels like these for an hour a day for the past week, first just to be able to stand up and then to walk in them. She had only been wearing them for five minutes and already her toes and feet were aching badly.

To this bondage, other torments had been added. A large butt plug had been inserted into her anus, stretching her uncomfortably, and a 10 inch dildo into her cunt. The dildo was covered with small, hard nodules, which would apparently enable her to hold it inside her, as she would not have a crotch strap to help and would be severely punished if she let it slide out.

Each of the three pairs of tiny gold rings through her labia were clamped by a strange spring-loaded device which spread her pussy lips wide open, exposing her moist and very tender flesh and, of course, her clitoris. A small weight had been suspended on a chain from the bottom of the waist cincher so that, each time she moved, the weight nudged and bumped against the swollen bud, causing either pain or pleasure, depending on the violence of the collision.

Finally, and most bizarrely, one edge of a silver tray had been clipped to the front of the waist cincher. The tray protruded out in front of her and was kept horizontal by two silver chains on the tray corners away from her body, which ran to butterfly clamps on each of her nipples. The weight of the tray caused the clamps to bite hard, and her breasts and nipples were being stretched out and down towards the tray.

“My God” Frank breathed, standing behind her and staring at her reflection in the mirror, “Your master is an evil genius! When he came up with this idea, I couldn’t see how it could work, but this is amazing! Thirty minutes ago, you were my young, vivacious, beautiful sales manager, full of energy, bright ideas and witty conversation. Now, I no longer see a woman I respect, admire, and might want to promote. I see just some skanky, cheap whore, little more than a mannequin modelling the latest bondage gear, a fuckable tailor’s dummy. You have nothing to offer anyone beyond your holes for fucking, and an ability to perform mindless, mechanical tasks. No-one out there will give a shit what you think or what you might want to say either. When they see you, you’ll just be a sex toy to them, all they’ll be thinking about is fucking you, using and abusing you. I wonder what it feels like, being a worthless piece of shit like you. You’re hardly even good enough to be a slave”

Underneath the hood, Maria’s cheeks were burning with shame and tears were running down her face. She could tell he meant every word of the degrading aabuse he’d spat in her face, and she also knew he was right. All her hopes and dreams and ambitions – they meant nothing. She had thought she had some sort of control over at least one tiny aspect her life – what happened in her head – but now her Master had taken even that away. She had been a wild animal, but was now tamed, yoked and broken. She looked at her boss’s face and saw him laughing at her, scoffing at her pretentions to be his equal. He had brought her back to the reality of being a slave with his cruel words. If she was lucky, he seemed to be saying, he might condescend to let her lick the shit off his shoe, but only if she performed her assigned task to his satisfaction.

She glanced down at her pussy, pinned out like a gynaecological diagram, rather than an object of desire, and saw that the exposed flesh was flushed with blood and glistening wet, her clitoris bloated and almost purple. She was being aroused by her total humiliation by this man who, only hours before, had been congratulating her on her abilities and hinting at her elevation to the board. Now she was less than nothing to him. Fresh tears ran down her face, while her feelings of arousal continued to climb.

Frank clipped a dog lead to the front of Maria’s posture collar and led her out of the bathroom, down the corridor and into the kitchen, where she got her first sight of Kelly.

Her bondage was largely similar to Maria’s – latex hood, gag, posture collar, breast harness, waist cincher, suspenders, latex stockings and ballet boots. But Kelly as on her hands and knees – she had never got the knack of even standing up in the ballet boots and, exasperated, Colin had decided to make her crawl around instead. He had used chains between her wrists and thighs just above her knees with just enough slack so that she could shuffle about but could not get up. The tray had been relocated onto her back, as if she were a moving table.

Maria saw that the chains to the nipples had been replaced by what looked like pretty heavy lead weights hung from Kelly’s nipple rings. Similarly, weights had been attached to all six of her pussy rings, and a weighted butterfly clamp attached to her clitoris. All swung freely below her as she moved, pulling her tender flesh down towards the floor. Kelly was making quiet mewing sounds which Maria, based on the effectiveness of her own gag, interpreted as fairly desperate screams. She shed tears of sympathy for the frightened young woman, even though her own bondage was equally stringent.

“I’ll go and greet our guests” Frank said, “Could you get the trays loaded up, please?”

“No problem” Colin replied, and called for Frank’s housemaid, Carla. The woman was in her early twenties, but not as attractive as Kelly or Maria. She was dressed in a sexy French maid’s outfit, as was usual at these events. She was initially shocked when she came in and saw the two women trussed up in such extreme bondage, but she had got used to seeing – and hearing – some pretty strange goings-on in this house, and she was just glad it wasn’t her who had been forced to wear that stuff!

There were small bowls of hors d'oeuvres on the counter, and Carla filled the tray on Kelly’s back with them. She then started filling champagne flutes and placing them on the tray in front of Maria. As she loaded more onto the tray, the butterfly clamps bit deeper into Maria’s nipples and stretched them further, causing the tray to slope. Carla had to shorten the chains as he filled the tray to keep it horizontal. Maria’s protests at the rising pain inflicted on her nipples were almost entirely muffled by the gag, but were completely ignored by Colin and Carla anyway. Once the tray was covered with glasses, they were ready to go.

“Okay, everyone’s pretty much here” Frank said as he came back into the kitchen. “Let’s go!”

“One last thing” Colin said to his slaves sternly, “If either of you fuck up and drop the shit on your tray, you’ll be in Frank’s dungeon, and you’ll be whipped until your fucking skin peels off, understand?” Neither woman could reply in any way, but both trembled in abject fear.

Frank picked up the dog lead and led Maria out, followed by Kelly being led by Colin.

Maria’s heart was racing and her face was covered in sweat inside the hood. Each step was agony on her feet, sending shooting pains up her legs as the ballet boots tortured her, but also each sway of her hips caused the weight to hit her clitoris, tormenting and stimulating her in equal measure. With her arms strapped together behind her back, she could not use them to balance herself on the vertiginous heels, and had to concentrate hard to avoid falling and, more importantly, avoid spilling the drinks.

She could hear the murmur of voices from the large function room they were approaching, and it sounded like more than the half a dozen people she had been assuming would be present. Her panic level continued to rise and she tried to stop walking, but Frank pulled her forward towards her fate. At last they stood in front of the double doors and, with a dramatic flourish, Frank threw them wide open.

All conversation stopped and every head turned to look at who – or what – was at the door. Maria nearly fainted as she gazed at the assembled crowd, all of whom were gazing right back at her. Her breath was caught in her lungs and it felt as though her heart had actually ceased to beat. Sensing Maria’s panic, Frank grabbed her shoulder to steady her and pinched her painfully hard to impress upon her that she was going to be doing this. Backing out was not an option!

There must have been fifty guys – they were all men – in the room, they were all staring at her, and she knew every one of them!

Every man in the sales division, including all those who reported to her, the two sales managers she worked alongside, even the retiring sales director who she met with every day – they were all there and all staring at her semi-naked, tightly bound body!

After a minute of them staring at her and her staring back, Frank tugged gently and indicated for her to step forward. She inched forward even slower now, reluctant to get closer to her colleagues and subordinates. This could not be any more humiliating, she thought, they must all be able to see who it is – she could see them so clearly, and they were following her every move, they must see right through her, almost see her soul! As she tiptoed forward, the crowd of men parted before her, keeping their distance, as though unsure of how to react to a naked and bound woman in their midst. But once again, her mind and body betrayed her, making her arousal at being so debased in front of all these familiar faces was obvious for anyone to see.

“Gentlemen, don’t be shy” Frank said, “Come and take a drink. Don’t think of this as a normal woman, like your wife or girlfriend at home, or even your manager at work. Think of it as a mobile drinks trolley, one component of which happens to be a stupid, worthless slut who wants to be displayed to you – because that is what you are looking at. This whore wants to serve you, in any and every way. Enjoy!”

This little speech seemed to break the spell and hands were reaching out and taking the glasses. Soon the tray was empty and Maria had to inch her way back to the kitchen, where Carla restocked her and sent her back out. As she circulated slowly around, the men continued to stare at her, but worse, she started to hear the comments they were making.

“Beautiful tits on that, wouldn’t mind copping a feel!” This came from Mark, one of the salesmen in her own team, someone she’d helped close a deal earlier that day. He seemed to suddenly realise no-one was either going to stop him or tell him off, and he reached out and grabbed Maria’s breast and squeezed it, threatening to spill the drinks.

“I’ve only ever seen black and white photos of women with waists that small, that must be damned painful” she heard from someone at her side but couldn’t turn her head to see who it was. The remark just reminded of the crushing tightness of the waist cincher which, along with the arm binder, posture collar and ballet boots, were forcing her to ‘strut her stuff’ like the perfect bondage model she had become. She would have been even more turned on by it all if she could see herself, or she wasn’t in quite so much pain and discomfort.

“What kind of sick bitch asks for this kind of humiliation?” The utterly submissive kind, Maria thought to herself.

“I wonder if Frank has to pay these whores to do this or if they really do volunteer?” I’m not a whore because no-one’s paying me to do this, Maria thought, but the wondered if she was even worse than a common whore.

“Maybe they’re being forced to do it – you know, like trafficked women from Eastern Europe?” Frank wouldn’t do anything illegal, Maria thought, and wondered at herself making such a moral judgement on someone who would treat her like this without really caring about whether she wanted to do it or not.

Maria’s mind was in a whirl as she wandered slowly and painfully amongst her work colleagues, no longer a valued member of the team whose opinion was eagerly sought, but a sex object of curiosity, disgust, scorn, lustful thoughts and stares. The way in which the men spoke as if she were worthless, their crude language, their casual verbal abuse of her, was causing an unwanted stirring in her loins.

With a start, she realised the wetness this had caused meant the hug and uncomfortable dildo in her cunt had started to slide down and threatened to slip out of her entirely. Desperate to prevent this happening, Maria began to concentrate hard on clenching the muscles in her pussy to retain the nodule-covered device. Having the dildo slip out of her was not going to please her Master, yet holding it in had become a distracting task that was quickly increasing her arousal.

Her level of shame and embarrassment rose even higher as she saw two men approaching – her fellow sales managers, Alan and David.

Alan was in his fifties and he knew he had reached as far as he wanted to go in the organisation. He had always been very polite and courteous to Maria and she got on well with him, but now he just stared lasciviously at her body. She wondered if men always looked at women this way, but hid it when in ‘polite’ society. She certainly felt demeaned and objectified by it, but unfortunately that just made her hotter.

David was a similar age to Alan, but an American who had joined when the company had taken over a smaller US-based rival. He was very ambitious and a serious rival to Maria for the soon-to-be-vacant position of sales director. He always appeared very friendly towards her, but she knew he would knife her in the back given half a chance. If he found out who was standing in front of him right now …

“I reckon she gets off on guys staring at her naked body. I’ve seen it on the Internet.” David was saying as he stood just a couple of feet in front of her, sipping his drink and staring at her breasts.

“Do a lot of surfing on porn sites, do you?” Alan asked as he leaned forward and took a fresh glass from the tray hanging from her nipples. He deliberately pressed down as he grasped the slender stem of the glass, sending a fresh ripple of pain through Maria’s aching flesh, but giving her a bright smile as he did so.

“Plenty – hey, I’m not ashamed to say I like to see a woman tied up and being fucked or whipped! It’s just the way I am. I wonder what she does when she’s not serving drinks in the buff?” David looked at her as if trying to divine her job from her body. He stared at her cunt, spread out and entirely vulnerable.

“Maybe she works in sales” Alan joked, putting out his hand and stroking her buttock. Maria had a sudden feeling of alarm – where did that idea come from?

“Yeah, maybe this is really our esteemed colleague Maria Hughes!” David replied, smiling at this delicious fantasy. Maria’s heart pounded and she stopped breathing – oh my God, she thought, does he know? A hand reached out and took the last two glasses from the tray, and Maria slowly turned to head for the kitchen and away from this horrible situation. But David moved around until he was in front of her, blocking her path. She tried to step backwards, but Alan was there, and she felt his hand groping her buttocks again, pushing the butt plug painfully into her.

“Wouldn’t that be just wonderful?” David said wickedly, leaning forward until he was only inches from her latex-covered face and staring into the netting which covered her eyes. Maria was really frightened now – surely he would see her eyes and recognise her?

“I don’t imagine she has ‘SLAVE’ tattooed over her cunt,” David went on, “but then again, you never know, do you?” His hand roamed down Maria’s trembling body until his fingers reached her tattoo. His hand lingered on her abdomen for a moment, exploring the feel of the individual letters of the tattoo before venturing down to her cunt.

Maria went to move away, hoping to avoid his advances but was held firmly in place by Alan, who was standing directly behind her, still groping her buttocks. This allowed David’s fingers to explore the wet flesh of her inner labia, brushing roughly across her fully exposed and engorged clit. Maria jumped and thought she might climax if he were to touch her there again, and she wasn’t sure if she wanted him to or not.

“I think you may be letting your porn-addled imagination get the better of you, David” Alan remarked sardonically.

“Excuse me, gents” Colin’s voice cut in beside her, “I need to get this trolley restocked.” He picked up the lead dangling from Maria’s collar and steered her towards the kitchen. Behind her, she heard David and Alan laughing as they watched her sashay out of the room.

Maria staggered back to the kitchen in a daze, the blood pounding in her temples as she tried to come to terms with what was happening to her. The fear and tension of wondering whether they'd guessed her identity was getting to her. She was also suffering severe cramps in her calf muscles, and her toes were screaming in agony as the ballet boots started to take their toll. As she tottered into the kitchen, she collapsed to her knees, her muffled cries accompanied by fresh tears.

Colin massaged her legs where she was suffering the worst of the cramps, making Maria scream in agony, but his rough handling gradually relieved the pain. When he had finished, he helped her back to her feet and called Carla to load the tray with fresh glasses. Ignoring her muffled protests, he led her back into the throng and left her to be groped and ogled by her subordinates and colleagues.

As the evening wore on, Maria could tell that the crowd was now becoming more and more drunk. She saw Alan and David in the corner conspiring together and glancing in her direction, and she knew that was not a good sign. She turned and started to move away, but suddenly they were there on either side of her, pushing her back against the wall. Both were clearly the worse for drink, and Maria feared what they would do to her next.

She felt Alan grab the chains on her nipples, tugging and twisting the clamps to cause her maximum pain. His other hand grabbed the butt plug in her arse and forced it further inside her. Meanwhile, on her other side, David had one hand thrusting the huge dildo, with its spiky surface, in and out of her aching cunt, while he pinched and pulled her clitoris with his other hand.

Maria’s struggles to escape their attentions were futile and only succeeded in heightening her feelings of helplessness. As she looked up, she realised everyone had stopped talking and were now staring at the three of them again. In a state of shock, Maria realised that, unless they stopped what they were doing – and they showed no interest in that – they were going to force her to cum.

The orgasm seemed to start with the intense pain in her feet. Her legs started to shake, her knees tremble, her thighs judder as she felt the waves of pain and pleasure coursing through her body. They could hardly hear her muffled cries and screams, but everyone in the room could see she was in the throes of a massive orgasm. Her body was covered in a sheen of sweat as the tremors continued to make her dance as if she were being electrocuted. Alan and David had stopped stimulating her once they could tell her climax was unstoppable, and now stood watching in fascinated awe, like everyone else, as she shook violently. Her brain had been completely taken over by sensation, until, finally spent, she sank to her knees. The dildo finally dropped out of her pussy onto the floor as a flood of her own cum squirted and forced it out. There was a spontaneous round of applause, jeers and shouts of ‘Again!’

David leaned drunkenly in towards Maria’s kneeling form, and she felt something press against her chest. She didn't know it, but David had written the words 'MARIA HUGHES’ across her breasts. Maria felt her world collapsing around her as every member of the sales division stared at her naked body, laughing and jeering. Somewhere in the distance, she heard tinkling as a glass was tapped for attention.

"Gentlemen,” Frank called out, “As you know, we are here to celebrate our phenomenal success over the last quarter. Now, that success would not have been possible without the remarkable Maria Hughes, who is definitely here in spirit, and, according to Alan and David, her body is also here in the form of the beautiful slut providing your drinks!” The comment caused a more laughter among the men, as well as another hearty round of applause.

“So gentlemen, please raise your glasses and toast 'Maria Hughes’, our trolley dolly fuck bunny!" As they all turned to her, raised their glasses and repeated the words 'Maria Hughes, trolley dolly fuck bunny!', Maria Hughes toppled forward onto the floor in a dead faint.

"She's got a really nice arse though" someone else said, groping her buttocks.

"I wonder where Frank got them from?” Kelly was startled when she thought she recognised this voice.

“I heard someone say that little prick, Colin, from IT, owns them or some such shit!”

“Really?” said the familiar voice, “Didn’t that really sexy little intern we had a few months back end up going out with him?” Again, Kelly felt the terror and bile rise within her as her fear of exposure hit new heights.

“Dunno, I don’t remember her name, in fact I don’t really remember her.”

“Oh, I do!” the first voice said, “Her name was Kelly, and she had a superb arse, just like this one!” He emphasised his point by slapping her right buttock hard, making Kelly jump. She was in a flat panic now and trying to escape from these two.

“Oh, yeah, you had a bit of a thing for her, didn’t you, Peter?” Peter! It all came flooding back in horrible detail to her now. Peter was one of the weirdest salesman – probably about sixty, a great bear of a man, his big bushy beard streaked with steel grey – he looked more like a mountain man from the Rockies than a salesman in London. Every day, he had stared at Kelly with a look of unalloyed lust, mischief and downright evil – and Kelly suspected he was looking at her exactly the same way now. Before, she had been insulted, but now she was scared.

“So, you really believe a smart, intelligent girl bright enough to intern for us has become some kind of sex slave to that tit Colin and is now in front of us, crawling around like a dog and serving us olives off her back?” his colleague said sarcastically, “A tad far fetched.”

“Listen” Kelly heard Peter say, “It’s called a mindfuck – if I want to think of this slut as Kelly, then she is Kelly – to me.”

“Whatever! Weirdo!” his colleague said, wandering away to get a fresh drink. Kelly was relieved that no-one really believed it was her, but as she continued to shuffle around the room, she started to get the feeling that she was being followed. As she couldn’t look up or around, because of the collar, she could not prove it, but still …

But as she headed for the kitchen for refills, she could now hear soft footsteps behind her, and, in a panic, she tried to move faster and faster, spilling the bowls off the tray on her back, even though she knew deep down it was hopeless.

As she went into the kitchen, she heard the door shut behind her, and she knew he was here. Suddenly, a big arm circled her waist and lifted her up effortlessly on to a low table. Her muffled screams were ignored as the dildo and butt plug were ripped from her body.

“Now that you’ve been mindfucked, my little Kelly, prepare to be fucked for real” Peter growled in her ear as he held her in place easily using the dog lead. She felt his huge body press against the back of her thighs, before he rammed his surprisingly large, thick cock – he had never had a problem getting women – hard into her sore pussy.

Kelly felt like she was being impaled on a flag pole as the big man slammed into her time after time. She gained no pleasure from the assault, but it was about to get a whole lot worse as he pulled out of her cunt and forced himself into her anus. She thought she was being ripped apart as he thrust into her back passage and she screamed as never before. Even if he’d heard her plaintive cries for mercy or screams of agony, there was no way Peter would have stopped – he had fantasised about this for too long to miss the opportunity now. So what if it wasn’t actually Kelly – she looked like he remembered and she felt like what he’d imagined. That was good enough for him!

Colin had noticed Kelly was missing and went looking for her. As he approached the kitchen, Peter emerged, straightening his trousers. They exchanged nods and Colin went into the kitchen, to find his slave lying on the floor, twitching, her body wracked by huge silent sobs and her thighs, buttocks and back smeared with a foul mixture of semen and shit.

* * *

The drinks party was coming to a conclusion. As Frank Jarrett looked down the hall towards the front door, he could see Maria on one side and Kelly on the other, each on their knees, and each still in their bondage, but with the gags removed.

"Gentlemen," Frank announced, "Unfortunately the party has to come to end, but as one last treat, our very accommodating sluts have asked that they be allowed to give you each a blowjob on the way out!" Maria and Kelly looked at each other in dismay as they heard this, but they could hear the crowd of men murmuring their approval and eager expectation at this announcement.

As Maria looked up into the face of the first man in front of her, she realised that it was Steve, one of the most junior salesman in her team who was now standing there, waiting for her to suck his cock. In fact, Colin had insured that everyone that Maria would be servicing was either in her own sales team, and therefore her subordinate, or one of the two other sales managers, Alan and David, who were her direct colleagues, thus maximising her humiliation.

With no other choice, she opened wide to enable the young salesman to put his erection into her mouth. She closed her lips around it, using her tongue to excite him to the point where he came within a minute. As she swallowed his cum, she only had time to take one breath before the next cock was thrust into her open mouth.

Quickly, the sales manager worked her way through all 17 of her subordinates, drinking down their semen as they squirted it into her mouth, over the hood covering her face, and over her bare breasts. As her stomach filled up with cum, she had to turn to the left and throw up into the bucket her Master had thoughtfully provided.

Next came Alan, her fellow sales manager, one of the good guys, or so she had thought until this night. As she looked up into his face he smiled down at her, before thrusting his member to the back of her throat, making her gag. As he rammed it into her, she fought for breath, until at last he shot his load into her mouth, the excess dribbling down her chin and drooling onto her breasts.

Her final 'client' was David, the other sales manager, who had forced her to cum in front of the entire division earlier that evening.

"Hi there, Maria!" he said cheerfully, “Ready to suck some real, good, American cock?” He put a hand on either side of her head and rammed his rock-hard shaft deep into her mouth, not allowing her to suck him off, but forcing her to let him fuck her face and just try to breathe when her throat was clear. As he came, David pulled out of her mouth and made sure all of his cum went across her face and her tits.

Having finally reached the end of the line, Maria struggled to catch her breath and cope with the humiliation of having sucked off every member of her sales team and her colleagues, and the arousal that humiliation had given her.

On the other side of the corridor, Kelly had had to deal with everyone else in the division, a total of 33 guys. She had also, like Maria, had to throw up into her bucket several times as the spunk built up in her stomach, making her retch violently. Both women sat back, exhausted, on their heels, spattered from head to their knees in dried or drying cum.

With all the guests gone, Frank turned to Colin with a beaming smile.

“Thanks so much for that Colin, that’s the best end of quarter celebration we’ve ever had!”

“Do you think anyone actually knew it was Maria? Or Kelly?” Colin asked.

“Well, some may have had their suspicions, but I am pretty sure everyone was so drunk that they would have believed anything tonight, and will think differently in the cold light of day. One thing I do know, though. On Monday morning, every guy in that office is going to be imagining our slutty little sales manager sucking their dick! Now, let’s get these two cunts downstairs and have some fun!”

Kelly and Maria could still not see each other’s faces, but each shared an expression of dread and fear – it had been a long, hard and degrading evening. But the night promised - or threatened – to be much, much worse.

* * *

Colin reflected on just how lucky he was. Here he was, sitting in a very expensive Riverview apartment (not owned by him), sipping beer, with a naked girl bound at his feet, her mouth full of his cock, and meanwhile, another very attractive woman was carrying out another of his strange but very stimulating fantasies.

The capture of his first slave had been opportunistic – she had almost fallen into his lap, for which he would be forever grateful. He had always had fantasies about being dominant and owning women as sex slaves, but it was not something he had ever thought about acting upon, or even imagined might actually be possible.

Kelly had started off as his girlfriend, but when she lost all prospect of being able to earn enough money to pay for her inner city flat, he had invited her to move in with him, and seized the opportunity to gradually draw her into the idea of being his submissive. From there, it had been a short step to blackmailing her into more and more degrading and humiliating activities, each of which gave him more blackmail material.

His success with blackmailing Kelly had emboldened him to target Maria, the stunningly attractive sales manager at the company where he worked, after finding explicit pornography on her company laptop. This had not only given him the opportunity to blackmail her, but also an inkling that she might be open to submitting to his control.

The contrast between his two slavegirls could not be more stark. Physically, Kelly was small and petite, young and androgynous, short brown hair and pale skin, while Maria was a big breasted, curvy, mature woman with long black hair and olive skin. But the real contrast was in their personalities.

Maria had turned out to be naturally extremely submissive once he’d broken through thirty years of tough-girl crust. Kelly, on the other hand, had never come to terms with her changed situation, and hated him for what he had done to her. He actually liked that attitude because he could feed off her fear, loathing, and hatred of him and everything he made her do. Initially, it was so easy to get a strong reaction from her and he enjoyed the feeling of power it gave him to be able to command her to do things she absolutely would never even countenance without the constant threat of exposure to her family, which could kill her mother.

Things had changed when Maria had been ensnared. Kelly had transferred all her hate and resentment onto the woman she thought had caused her own enslavement, and it had amused him to have her punish and torment Maria as her ‘mistress’. But Kelly had found that, no matter how or how much she punished Maria, she somehow always seemed to end up enjoying it!

So Kelly had withdrawn into her shell. If her reactions were what turned Colin on, she would force herself to stifle her natural reactions and become entirely passive. This had led Colin to more and more extreme actions to try and provoke a reaction, and for a while, Kelly had suffered some terrible abuse. But eventually he had got bored and concentrated on his new slave, to see how she reacted to his commands.

Maria had exceeded even his wildest fantasies! He now waited eagerly for her phone call, so that he could give her orders for the next stage of today's 'challenge'. As if on cue, his mobile rang.

"Hello, Master," Maria's voice said down the line. They had video phones, so Colin could see her beautiful face as well.

"Ah, Maria, I was just thinking about you!" Colin smiled. "Do you have a good audience in front of you yet?" He had sent her to Covent Garden to entertain the tourists and shoppers who would be thronging the place on this pre-Christmas Saturday.

"No, Master, I'm here alone," Maria said.

"Oh? How come?"

"I have disobeyed you, Master," Maria replied nervously.

"Your explanation had better be good, slave, or I can guarantee you that the punishment will be severe!" Colin warned her.

"I have a deal to offer you, Master."

"Slaves do not make deals - slaves obey commands!" Colin said angrily.

"Forgive me, Master, this is the only time I will ever make a demand of you, and of course, I expect and accept whatever punishment You decide."

"Well, I suppose I should listen to what your insolent, insubordinate little slave mind thinks it can ask of its Master."

"Thank you, Master. I wish to offer You this deal - if You agreed to free Kelly, I will not kill myself."

"What?!" Colin retorted in shock and astonishment. What was this stupid fucking slave talking about?

"This slave is currently sitting on the mud flats by the River Thames at low tide." Maria turned the videophone around so that Colin could see the river in the distance, and the mud all around her.

"This slave has also chained herself to this iron ring." Maria now showed the ring in the wall behind her naked body and the chain padlocked around her neck and the ring.

“The keys to my release are there on the steps, well out of my reach. If you agree to release Kelly, I will tell you where I am and you can rescue me. If you do not agree, I will drown.” Colin could not really believe this was happening. He pushed Kelly away from him and told her to go and lock herself in her night cage. The young slave scurried off, wondering what Maria could have said to anger him so much.

“You’re bluffing,” he said, but with uncertainty in his voice.

“Master, you know that I never make a threat or a promise I am not prepared to follow through.” Yes, he thought, it’s one of her golden rules, like never be late for an appointment.

“Why should I care if you kill yourself? Your just a worthless slave.”

“That is true, Master,” Maria conceded, “but this slave hopes she provides her Master with some small amount of pleasure and entertainment which is of value. It is, of course, entirely Your decision.” The line went quiet as Colin thought this through.

“Alright, I agree,” he said eventually, “now tell me where you are and I’ll come and release you.”

“It’s not quite as simple as that, Master. As you know, this slave never accepts a deal as closed until she has the legal paperwork signed and secured. My solicitor, Jeremy, who lives in apartment 745, has drawn up a legally binding document which describes how you blackmailed Kelly into becoming your slave and details what you have made her do. Once you have signed the document, it will stay in my solicitor’s safe keeping unless you renege on the deal, at which point it will be sent to the police and your employers.”

The line went silent again as Colin took this on board.

“And what happens if I don’t sign it?”

“I will drown and Kelly will continue to be your slave. However, my solicitor will contact the police and present them with the document I have signed describing my time as your slave and the circumstances of my death. I believe they may then wish to interview you.”

“This is blackmail!” Colin shouted angrily.

“I thought You might recognise it, Master. This slave regrets having to resort to it. If You decide to sign the document, please give this phone number to Jeremy and I will tell him where I am. I will not answer any calls except from him. Goodbye, Master” The line went dead, though Colin continued to stare at the phone for several minutes, thinking hard.

* * *

Maria sat and shivered, the wintry sun failing to warm her naked body. She hoped that her Master would see sense, but she was quite prepared to die if that was how it worked out. She had made a promise to herself to do everything she could to free Kelly, and this was the best plan she could come up with. Now all she could do was sit and wait.

Her mind wandered back to that Monday morning after the dramatic sales team party on the Friday night before. She had sat in her office knowing that every man in the entire department was sitting there thinking about the woman who had sucked them off just a couple of days beforehand. The joke which had gone around that night was that the woman in the strict and painful bondage was, in fact, Maria herself. One of her fellow sales managers, David, had even gone so far as to write her name across her bare breasts. Most of the staff would have regarded this as a bit of a laugh but no more. But Maria had a lingering, paranoid fear that at least one, maybe more, suspected that the bondage slut they had so roundly abused was indeed the sales manager they worked for. Which was, of course, the truth.

She knew she had to go out there and face them down, but it was going to be the most frightening thing she had done in her working life. Screwing up her courage, she got up and strode out into the main office with a smile on her face, as if she had no idea what all these guys had been talking about all morning. She flirted with her staff just as she had done for the past week, bending over the desk provocatively as she caught up on where their prospects were for the next quarter. As usual, the men struggled to get their eyes off her breasts, as she displayed her ample cleavage to them, but it didn't seem any worse than usual. As she straightened up from talking to Mark, she saw her fellow sales managers, Alan and David, heading towards her. She steeled herself for the confrontation, quite sure it would involve some kind of barbed comment.

"Ah, Maria, so good to see you!" Alan said with a broad grin, "I hope you had a good weekend, especially your Friday night?"

"Oh, I had a pretty quiet night," Maria lied, "I was quite tired after the close of business last week."

"That's a surprise," David remarked archly, "I'd have thought you'd be out celebrating - maybe at a party?" Maria tried hard not to blush, as she thought back to seeing that same supercilious smirk through the net of the latex hood, and the feel of his fingers on her very swollen clitoris ...

“No, early to bed for me,” Maria said, “alone, in case you’re wondering.” She thought of how she had actually spent most of that night, sitting astride a wooden ‘pony’, facing Kelly, their nipple rings tied together, both of them crying at the pain as they had to support their own body weight on the tender flesh of their pussies. It had been a horrible nightmare, made worse as they struggled to vary the point of contact with the wood, each attempt by one to lean back and reduce the pressure on her own cunt dragging the other forward onto an even more sensitive area. Maria had tried to allow Kelly as much relief as possible, but it had been excruciating and, seemingly, never-ending.

* * *

Meanwhile, Rebecca had overheard a number of whispered conversations and was building up a fairly comprehensive idea of the outrageous events at a celebration party to which she and her female colleagues had not been invited. She was just about to march into Maria’s office and complain, when she overheard someone say ‘… the word SLAVE tattooed above her cunt …’ and her blood ran cold.

Rebecca had seen that tattoo on Maria’s body – surely it could not be a coincidence – and she suddenly realised the woman she had heard described in such coarse and disgusting language over the last few hours was not only the woman she worked for, but the woman she had been having wet dreams about since the day she had first seen that tattoo.

She’d had erotic dreams most of her adult life, around her most fertile period of the month, but they’d always been pretty run-of-the-mill – in bed with Brad Pitt, or one about having three guys at once was popular – but that first one involving Maria had shocked her. In the dream she was at work, and had been called into the big boss’s office, where Frank Jarrett and Maria were waiting for her. Frank explained that Maria had told him about the debacle with Harris and he was annoyed, and disciplinary measures were necessary. As senior staff member at the call, he blamed Maria, and he wanted Rebecca to administer the punishment there and then!

Maria had looked shocked and pleaded with Frank for mercy, but Rebecca had imagined herself grabbing her manager and stringing her up to a rope conveniently hanging in the middle of Frank’s office and ripping off her clothes, which then magically disappeared. Frank opened a stationery cupboard to reveal a whole panoply of bondage equipment, which Rebecca had eagerly applied to the naked woman until she was almost hidden under layers of rope, chain, leather and latex. She had then taken up a bullwhip and laid into Maria, who somehow managed to scream at the top of her voice despite her mouth being packed with rubber. Frank had urged her on to hit harder and then she woke up, hot and sweaty, tangled in her sheets.

She had another lust-filled dream the next night, and that was even worse. There were no preliminaries, Maria was naked in front of her in some sort of dungeon, her arse raised and presented, her wrists and ankles in chains. Rebecca was also naked, wearing a monstrous strap-on which she had used it to fuck Maria’s arse, while Maria screamed and begged her to stop. Once again, she’d woken up bathed in sweat and panting. That time she had used her fingers to bring herself to a second glorious orgasm.

Rebecca had never thought she might be gay or bi-sexual, but these dreams about Maria had thrown her into utter confusion. When she had seen Maria, naked and handcuffed, on her knees and forced to take the client’s cock into her mouth, she had been sexually aroused in a very recognisable way – she certainly couldn’t deny it – but she wasn’t sure whether it was in response to Maria’s naked body, her bondage, her being forced to give head, or a combination of all three. Now she knew that Maria had been forced to give head to all the men who worked for her, in even tighter bondage. Rebecca felt almost giddy as she imagined what she must have looked like, and she went back to her desk in a daze. She started to wonder if she could turn her dreams into reality.

By mid-afternoon, she had worked out what she wanted and how she was going to set about getting it. She knocked and went into Maria’s office.

“Oh, hi, Rebecca,” Maria smiled as she looked up from her reports, “I wanted to say thanks for all your efforts last quarter, we should get the girls together for a little celebration later in the week.”

“I was thinking about the same thing,” Rebecca said, suddenly feeling very nervous, as well as excited. “I heard you already celebrated with the guys.” Maria felt a surge of nervous excitement herself as she recognised the accusatory tone in the other woman’s voice.

“Frank wanted to hold a rather … unusual party and felt it wasn’t appropriate to have the women there. He’s planning another event for just the girls at the weekend.”

“But you were at that party, weren’t you, Maria?” Maria reddened as she felt Rebecca’s glare burning into her.

“You were there, flaunting your naked body,” Rebecca went on mercilessly, “Showing yourself off like some common whore!”

“I was ordered to do it,” Maria said quietly, her eyes downcast, “I was bound and gagged, they made me ...”

“Yes, I bet they really had to work hard to get you to do that!” Rebecca sneered sarcastically. “It’s like that pervert Harris said, you’re just a filthy slut – you love being bound and gagged, and ‘forced’ to suck cock – how many was it the other night? Ten? Twenty?” Rebecca could see the look of shock on Maria’s red face, but her breathing was shallow, her chest heaving, and Rebecca knew her insults had increased the older woman’s arousal.

“They didn’t know it was me,” Maria whispered lamely.

“No, but I do. I feel quite insulted – I was your top sales person, but I didn’t get such personal treatment, did I? I think you should give me my own private show!” Rebecca felt her heart pounding as she finally got to the crux of the matter. Maria looked confused, and then rather surprised, at what was being asked of her.

“I’m … not quite sure what you’re proposing,” she said cautiously.

“Well,” Rebecca spoke in a suddenly firm, almost commanding tone, “First you need to start addressing me as Mistress, don’t you, slave?”

“Yes … Mistress.” Maria felt a familiar surge of humiliation as well as arousal as she was forced to submit to yet another person, this time her subordinate.

“Very good,” Rebecca said, feeling her own arousal increase at the prospect of ordering her boss around.

“We’ll go to your apartment and you can show me exactly how you dressed and what you did for all those guys out there.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Thirty minutes later they were standing outside Maria’s apartment door, and Rebecca was surprised when Maria rang the doorbell.

“Don’t you have a key to your own apartment?” she asked.

“My Master doesn’t allow it,” Maria murmured and, to Rebecca’s astonishment, proceeded to unbutton her blouse, unzip her skirt and step out of her heels, so she was standing naked in the hallway. At that moment, the door opened and they went in, Rebecca receiving another jaw-dropping surprise.

The woman who had let them in was also naked, apart from shoes with what appeared to be eight inch heels and four inch platforms. She had a piece of bamboo tied in her mouth as a bit gag and her saliva had drooled copiously across her breasts and stomach. Her elbows were tied close together behind her back but her hands were chained together in front, pinning her arms by her sides. A hobble chain between her ankles reduced her to taking only the smallest of steps.

She was clutching a feather duster in one hand but the thing which had shocked Rebecca was the fact that the handle of the upright vacuum cleaner was strapped to her midriff, meaning that every step forced her to push the cleaner in front of her around the flat, hovering as she went.

“Mistress Rebecca, this is Kelly,” Maria said by way of introduction “Please excuse me while I go and fetch your drink.”

As the two naked women left, the saleswoman realised with a jolt that she recognised the girl as the young intern who had been at the company almost 12 months previously. How could such a young, intelligent, vibrant, good looking woman allow herself to be reduced to the role of housemaid – no, Rebecca thought, worse than that, almost to an appliance itself? But then she thought about Maria, and wondered even more.

She was still trying to get it straight in her head when Maria reappeared. Rebecca was stunned once again. She had known what she would be wearing – latex hood, posture collar, arm binder, waist cincher, latex stockings and ballet boots – but the overall effect took her breath away. Maria wasn’t Maria any more, she looked like some kind of cyborg – a woman trapped in a black machine. Her humanity seemed removed – no face, no arms, her legs made incredibly long by the twelve inch ballet heels – except that those parts of her body which could still be seen where the softest, most feminine parts. Yet, even there, they served only to illustrate her torment – the breasts distended and stretched by the clamps and chains, the plump but firm buttocks splayed around the monstrous butt plug and, worst of all, her vagina, stretched open and pinned out by the spring-loaded devices attached to the rings in her labia, laying bare her inner flesh and exposing her clitoris like some lab specimen. The tray with its single glass of fizzing champagne seemed almost incidental.

Rebecca didn’t know what to think. How could her boss demean herself like this? How could she allow herself to appear like THIS in front of all her colleagues? She could not come up with anything close to an answer. The only thing she did know was that right now she was incredibly turned on by the sight of this beautiful woman so spectacularly helpless in front of her. She picked up the glass from the tray in front of her, the tray hanging from those luscious breasts, the nipples squeezed and elongated by the clamps. She reached out and took the chains in her fingers, pulling them until they bit even deeper, stretching the tormented flesh even further. She heard a muffled mewing sound come from somewhere behind the hood, and pulled harder to see if she could elicit a stronger response, but there was no change in the noise coming from the bound woman. Rebecca pulled harder and harder, twisting the clamps, suddenly wanting to torture the faceless figure in front of her, wanting to force a reaction. The pathetic mewing was now accompanied by desperate attempts to move away from her tormentor, but with Rebecca pinning her against the wall, this proved futile. Unable to even turn her head, Maria was held virtually immobile as she screamed into the gag filling her mouth, dismayed by this cruel streak which had suddenly been manifested. Rebecca was impressed by the effectiveness of the bondage in which Maria had been placed. She knew how much this must be hurting her boss and yet there was nothing she could do to stop her, as she eagerly continued her assault.

Rebecca transferred her attention down to Maria’s exposed vulva and took the small nub of her clitoris between her fingers, rolling it, flicking it, squeezing it, pulling it. Maria was in paroxysms of pain and pleasure, tears streaming down her face behind the latex, as she was alternately tormented and teased by this woman she had previously thought of as a friend. Rebecca unzipped the hood over Maria’s mouth and, after deflating the gag held inside, pulled it free.

“Now, you’re going to be oh so nice to me, aren’t you, slut?” Rebecca asked as she continued to pinch and pull.

“Yes, Mistress! Please, Mistress, I’ll do anything!” Maria sobbed as she gasped for breath, squirming under the painful touch.

“Yes, you will. Now get on the floor!” As Maria struggled to get down onto her knees, Rebecca put her stiletto heel against her shoulder and pushed, sending the helpless woman sprawling. As she stood over the supine form that had only a couple of hours ago been her manager, she felt almost drunk with power, intoxicated by the total control she now wielded over what she was coming to think of as this worthless slave. She seemed to have discovered a dominant, maybe even sadistic, side to her personality which she had never suspected, but she certainly liked the feel of it now.

Maria lay on the floor and watched as Rebecca stood over her, pulled down her panties under her skirt and tossed them aside. She placed one foot either side of Maria’s head and lowered herself, until her skirt cloaked the woman below her in darkness, leaving her only the pungent smell of sex in her nostrils. She reached down to the exposed flesh before her once again and pulled on the bruised clitoris, drawing an anguished cry from below.

“Now, you’re going to use that clever tongue of yours to please me, like the filthy whore you are, while I amuse myself with this little thing.” She gave the clit a vicious tweak as she pressed her vagina into Maria’s face, stifling her cry of pain and virtually cutting off her air supply as well. Maria worked as hard and as fast as she could to bring the nascent dominatrix to orgasm, all the while feeling the unwelcome attention on her poor clit.

Rebecca grabbed the end of the dildo protruding from Maria’s cunt and pulled it out, amazed at its length and girth, with its painful-looking protrusions, but impressed by the slick juices which were dripping from it. She thrust it back in, enjoying the sound, and the feeling, of the screams directed into her own pussy, now well-lubricated by her excitement. She forced it in again and again, watching in fascination as Maria’s legs, the only part of her body she could move, twitched and kicked out in response to the harsh treatment which was nevertheless driving her to her own climax.

“Lick me there, cunt!” Rebecca screamed as she adjusted her position and forced her anus against Maria’s lips, “Stick your fucking tongue up there!” The idea of being penetrated there had always been disgusting to her, but suddenly she wanted to degrade this woman in any and every way she could, and as she felt Maria’s tongue forcing her sphincter to open, she pushed herself down onto it, trying to get it further inside her.

Maria, meanwhile, was in a dark world of pain and sensation, but seemingly only moments from cumming. The taste of the other woman’s shit in her mouth hardly seemed to register, and pretty quickly her tongue was back in her cunt and flicking her clitoris as Rebecca finally reached her glorious climax. As she did so, she dug her fingernails into Maria’s abused flesh and the tightly bound woman screamed, her body going into spasm as she also came.

“Bravo, ladies! That was quite a performance!” Rebecca looked around to see a man smiling down at her and applauding. With a shock, she realised it was one of the young IT guys and, for a moment, she wondered what he was doing there, but then realised he must be Maria’s master. She got up off the floor and straightened her skirt. Maria curled up into a foetal position and could be heard sobbing quietly.

“You seem to have a taste for making my slave suffer, Rebecca,” Colin said in an amused tone.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t realise this slut was yours,” Rebecca said, quickly regaining her composure, “I would have asked if I’d known.”

“No problem, it looks like you treated her with the contempt she deserves. Have you been a Dominatrix for long?”

“My first time, actually,” Rebecca smiled, “I never knew it would be so much fun.”

“Perhaps you’d like to stay for the evening and find out just how much fun it can be?”

“I’d love to!” Colin took Rebecca off to show her the various instruments of torture they had at their disposal, while Rebecca felt like a kid in a sweet shop, and couldn’t wait to try this stuff out on the slave.

Maria lay on the floor, tears still stinging her eyes, trying to come to terms with the dull ache from her breasts and between her legs. Her acceptance of her own submissiveness seemed to have become a magnet for dominants of all kinds, from Lady Helen to Rebecca, who didn’t even know she was a Domme until she met ‘slave’ Maria. She lay there, wondering what kind of Hell awaited her over the coming hours …

* * *

Maria’s reverie was broken by the ringing of the phone in her hand. She looked down and saw that it was from her solicitor.

“Jeremy, what’s the news?”

“Okay, he’s signed it. Now, for God’s sake, tell me where you are and I’ll come and free you!”

“First of all, tell my Master to go and get Kelly – I want her to be the one who comes for me. Then I’ll tell you where I am. But tell her to hurry – the tide’s coming in pretty fast.”

* * *

Bloody typical! Another wild goose chase across town after Maria fucking Hughes! Kelly wondered what awaited her when she found her fellow slave, somewhere in this jungle of run-down warehouses and empty retail depots on the south bank. It was starting to get dark and she was having visions of feral gangs of youths roaming the area, looking for fresh meat like her to feast on.

‘Hurry!’ they said, ‘It’s a matter of life and death!’ Yeah, right! What were they going to do, kill her if she turned up late for whatever humiliation they had planned for her this time? That bastard Colin had given her a bag and told her not to open it. She shuffled along, wondering why, for the first time in maybe nine months, she was wearing normal street clothes – leggings, sweatshirt, trainers, even underwear! He had even tried to tell her she was to go free, but there was ‘one last thing’ he needed her to do.

She knew it was a set-up, designed to get her hopes up and then crush them mercilessly. She was probably only wearing decent clothes so that, when they were ripped off and shredded in front of her, she would feel that much worse. The bastard was getting worse; he really was an evil little shit. And Maria – she lapped it up, the fucking pervert, nothing was too sick or weird that she wouldn’t be cumming all over the place to be involved.

Kelly had reached the rendezvous point, but saw no sign of anyone. She looked around in the gathering gloom for Maria, but saw nothing.

“Maria!” she called out, “Where the fuck are you?”

“Kelly?” she heard from somewhere in the distance, “Oh please hurry!” It was definitely Maria’s voice, and it sounded genuinely scared, but Kelly couldn’t work out where it was coming from. She stepped to the edge of the river embankment and, as she heard another desperate cry, she looked down. The river was still quite low but obviously the tide was coming in fast, and Kelly thought she could see something white floating on the surface near the wall below her.

“Kelly!” she heard the shape cry out and knew it must be Maria, “Oh God, please hurry, I’m going to drown!” Kelly hated the woman with a vengeance, but she wasn’t going to stand by and watch her die. She spotted the steps down and, dropping the bag, started down them. As she got closer, she could see that Maria was naked and chained to the wall, the black water swirling around her breasts.

As she approached the bottom of the steps, the other woman screamed at her to stop, and as she looked down Kelly saw the keys by her foot – another step down and she would have kicked them into the river! She picked them up and went down the final two stone steps before the water. She had already worked out she was going to get wet, so only paused to whip off her sweatshirt and shoes before wading in, with only a loud ‘oh, fuck!’ at the coldness of the water against her skin.

By the time she’d got the key into the lock on Maria’s neck and released it, the water was around their shoulders and rising fast. They clung to each other as they made their way back to the steps and up to safety.

Kelly opened the bag and pulled out two large, fluffy towels, which they gratefully wrapped around their shivering bodies.

“Do you mind explaining what the fuck is going on?” Kelly asked angrily, as the fear and adrenalin subsided.

“I rather misjudged the speed of the tide, Mistress, I’m sorry you had to do that,” Maria replied apologetically.

“What do you mean, ‘you misjudged’?” Kelly asked suspiciously, “Don’t you mean that bastard Colin just tried to kill you?”

“No, Mistress, I put myself in that position to persuade Master to let you go.”

“What?” Kelly couldn’t believe – couldn’t let herself believe – what she was hearing.

“Kelly,” Maria said, looking the young woman in the eyes, “You’re free! Master has agreed to release you, now go!”

“Go where?” Kelly was still in a daze – could this be true?

“Go to your parents,” Maria urged, “Tell them you love them, try to tell them the truth, they will understand! My master told my solicitor that the stuff he said about your dad? That was all made up - there never was a website, he just mocked one up to scare the shit out of you. Your parents love you and want you back!”

Tears started to flow down the girl’s face as she realised this was really happening.

“Can you pass me my clothes please, Mistress?” Maria asked after a few minutes.

Kelly rummaged in the bag and pulled out the clothes Maria had worn to visit Oxford Street – a cut-off ‘HOOTERS’ top, skimpy panties and sandals. She also passed Maria her oyster card and then found a wallet in the bottom of the bag.

“That’s yours,” Maria said, “That’s all the cash I could lay my hands on at short notice. But there's also a bank account number in there - it contains the salary you should have been earning whilst you were being held as a slave by my Master. Don't worry!” Maria smiled as she held up her hand at Kelly's protests, "I can afford it from all the bonuses I've been paid recently!"

"I can't believe you're doing all this for me, Maria," Kelly said in bewilderment, "I've always treated you so fucking badly!"

"You were right, I was selfish and thoughtless when I destroyed your dreams and hopes without even considering what the impact on you might be. Just consider this as me assuaging my guilty conscience!"

“How can I ever repay you?" Kelly asked, the tears still rolling down her cheeks.

"Just go and live your life and be happy!" Maria said, and the two women hugged each other tightly. Eventually, they separated and Kelly got up to leave. She gave Maria a smile through her tears, turned, and began to walk away.

"Kelly?" The young woman turned back. Maria gave her a broad smile.

"Merry Christmas."


It is six months since Kelly escaped from her life of slavery.

“Can I have a cappuccino, a blueberry muffin and a glass of water, please?”

Kelly paid and took her tray to a table in the back. If she hadn’t known where Maria was sitting, she could have just looked at anyone’s face, because they were all staring in her direction. It was a nice sunny day for London, but Maria was still severely underdressed, in a bikini top which was more string than top, and a skirt so short everyone already knew she was naked underneath. The woman had just had her 36th birthday, but her body was as fit, trim and curvy as ever, and no-one was complaining about the expanses of smooth, olive skin on display.

She watched as Maria broke off tiny pieces of the muffin and savoured them as if she hadn’t eaten anything so sweet and delicious for months, which Kelly reckoned she probably hadn’t. After maybe a third of it, she stopped, professing she was full, and sipped her glass of water.

“So tell me, Kelly, how have you been? Give me all the gossip!”

“Well,” the young woman said with a smile, “all that money you so generously and naughtily gave me – bad Maria, I should punished you! (Maria giggled like a girl at this) – allowed me to put down a deposit on my own flat and I now live the life of an independent woman once more! Of course, I couldn’t do that without the job I just got!”

Maria leaned forward and gave her friend a big hug and congratulated her, demanding more details.

“Well, the whole Colin thing put me off sales,” Kelly continued, “so I did a course on being a chef, which I’ve always been interested in. And then last week, I got a call back from this swanky West End restaurant and I am now a sous-chef to a Michelin-starred, rather gorgeous Frenchman!”

“Oh, wow, that is so cool!” Maria gushed, genuinely happy for her. “And how are your mum and dad?”

“They were brilliant. They said to say thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me. I had to physically stop my dad from going round and beating Colin to a pulp when I told them a sanitised version of what had happened.”

“And … any developments on the romantic front?” Maria asked with a glint in her eye.

“I may be seeing someone,” Kelly replied coyly, “But I’m not ready for anything heavy. Anyway, enough about me, how’s things with you? I hope you didn’t suffer too much for helping me?”

Maria thought back to waking up on Christmas morning in Frank Jarrett’s dungeon – Frank had gone away for the duration and her Master was house-sitting – in pain and darkness, alone, naked and locked in a cage three-quarters submerged in water, chains threatening to drag her below the surface. She had not seen daylight for an entire week, and her Christmas presents had been to service her Master’s friends in any and every way they could imagine. They had bought in a whole bunch of torture porn videos, and every time they saw something that took their fancy, they came down to try it out on her. It had been the worst week of her life, but somehow, looking back on it, she was aroused by it.

“Oh, it wasn’t too bad,” she replied blandly, “Anyway, my big news is that Master has a new slave, and I have a new friend!”

“Oh my God!” Kelly exclaimed, horrified, “What’s he got on this one?”

“Oh, its not like that,” Maria explained, “She’s a willing slave, like me. It’s Tanya, my PA from work. We have such a good time together!”

“Oh, Maria,” Kelly said, suddenly full of concern, “I wish you’d get away from that bastard Colin – he’s a sick, perverted piece of shit! He’s going to kill you one day, I’m sure of it, just for the thrill!” Maria smiled.

“We seem to suit each other quite well, don’t we? Don’t worry about me, Kelly, you know I’m exactly where I want to be. Oh, and by the way, I got the sales director’s job!”

“Oh, brilliant!” Kelly enthused, her turn to be pleased for her friend, “Did Frank and Lady Helen put in a good word for you?”

“No, they removed themselves from the process due to ‘personal interests’. I think what swung it was, I was so relaxed because I didn’t really care if I got it or not.”

“Really?” Kelly asked in surprise, “You were desperate for that promotion.”

“That was before,” Maria replied, “when I lived to work. Now I don’t want to spend my entire life in the office, I’d rather be in some deep, dark dungeon, or satisfying my Master. Turns out, you don’t have to be in the office as much as a director, I have people like I used to be to do that, so I win both ways!”

The two women stood and exchanged hugs, before promising to catch up again in another six months. As Maria made her way back to her apartment, she thought about how her life had turned around. She had thought of herself as falling from her pedestal as sales manager and queen bitch of the office. Now she had risen again, as sales director and the empress of sex slaves. She smiled to herself and walked a little faster, eager to find out what her punishment for this little outing would be.

The End

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