The Fall
by Jennifer Harrison

Part 5

Maria was rudely woken by the bright, unnatural light. She had been freed from her painful bondage when the others had returned from the pub so that she could be fucked doggy fashion by Colin while licking Kelly almost, but never quite to orgasm. Now every part of her body ached. The two slaves were set to their early tasks – Kelly made Colin his breakfast while Maria cleaned the shower, bath, sink and toilet. When she had finished she assumed her slave position alongside Kelly and in front of their Master as he read the Sunday papers.

Meanwhile Kelly had had a sleepless night working out exactly what she was going to say at this moment, a moment she hoped would change her life. “Master”, she murmured, eyes on the carpet in front of her, “This slave craves Your indulgence.” Colin smiled and chewed his bacon.

“Sure, Kelly, speak freely, what’s on your mind?”

“Master, this slave is overjoyed that You now have Maria as a slave – she is beautiful, sexy and loves and wants to be Your slave. You no longer need this slave – she is worthless, ugly, flat-chested, and cannot satisfy Your needs. She understands You have moved on to bigger and better things – she begs that You cast her aside, so that You can concentrate all Your energies and imagination on Your one true slave”.

Colin’s smile broadened as he seemed to be considering what she had said. “So you’re willing to give up your position as my slave?”

“Yes, Master”.

“But what would you do, where would you go?” Kerry, smiled, encouraged that Colin seemed open to the idea.

“I could move back into my parents’ house for a while”, she said enthusiastically, “Just till I got myself sorted out”.

“I think that’s a great idea”, Colin said, nodding and smiling, “I’m sure they’d be very happy to see you. Especially your dad”

“Oh thank you, Master”, Kelly gushed, almost bursting into tears of joy and spontaneously leaning forward to kiss Colin’s shoe. Then something clicked. “My dad?”, she asked, confused and suddenly a little fearful.

“Yes, maybe having you back around the house will make him realise that that naked girl in all those pictures he’s been looking at is his own sweet daughter”. Kelly couldn't breathe and there was suddenly a terrible ringing in her ears, which made hearing the rest of what Colin said difficult.

“I sent him a link to your website a couple of weeks after you moved in here and he’s been visiting regularly ever since”. As he was saying this he’d moved over to his computer.

“Come over and have a look” he said. Kelly reluctantly walked over and saw what was on the screen – hundreds, maybe thousands of pictures of her, tied, chained, gagged, whipped, but always naked.

“Don’t worry, Kelly, he hasn’t seen any of your face – I’ve either cut your head out, obscured it, or you were wearing the hood”.

The colour had completely drained from Kelly’s face, which was a mask of horror. Now the tears started.

“But there’s a secure section of the site, just needs the password. Your dad could guess it if he knew who he was looking at”, Colin went on in a conversational tone. What do you think it might be, Kelly?”

The distraught girl was sobbing uncontrollably now. Colin grabbed her chin and dragged it close to the screen, where the password field had five asterisks in it.

“kelly" she said despairingly, hopelessly.

“Give the girl a prize!” A new screen displayed, this time displaying pictures of her smiling face, her gag-stretched mouth, upper body and full frontal shots showing her naked, bound and tortured body. Kelly let out a howl of despair.

“He’s not very observant, your dad, not recognising his own daughter’s naked body. But maybe your brother can help him out”. Kelly looked like a hunted animal, her red-rimmed eyes wide at this new shock.

“I found your big brother’s email address in your dad’s contact list, so I thought I’d ask him to join your very exclusive group of admirers.”

“No!” she screamed, “Please, Master, please don’t do that!”

“I thought I wasn’t to be your Master any more, Kelly?” Colin said in mock confusion.

“Master, forgive me, I’ll be your slave, I’ll do anything, please!” She was crying freely and was on her knees begging.

“Hmm, I’m not so sure, you made a very convincing argument earlier. Anyway, I’m sure once they got over the initial shock, they’d be very supportive. Mind you, I’ve been monitoring your dad’s other web activities, and he seems to have, thanks to you, developed a keen interest in underage girls. I’m afraid the police would be very interested”.

Kelly knew she was utterly defeated. “Master, Your worthless slave is begging You to keep her” she sobbed.

“And what about the next time you decide you might like to leave and do something else?” Colin taunted, continuing to turn the knife. All the hope of earlier had been completely crushed and Kelly was a broken figure.

“There will never be a next time, Master. I will be Your slave until I die, or You tire of me”.

“You’re right”, Colin said coldly, “I am your master, both of you, and don’t you ever forget that. Now get in the bedroom”. The two women scurried after him.

“Maria, cage, now!” Maria crawled into her night cage and snapped the padlock closed, imprisoning herself until her Master decided to free her.

Colin got several lengths of rope and bound Kelly’s arms behind her back, elbow to elbow and wrist to wrist, then her legs at knees and ankles. He then stood in front of Kelly and slowly and deliberately tied a hangman’s noose. Kelly’s eyes widened in terror as she began to fear for her life. When he’d finished, he passed the rope through an eyebolt directly above her and placed the noose around her neck.

“Oh my god!” she wailed, in complete panic “Please, Master, don’t kill me, I’ll be good!”

“But you told me how worthless you are, Kelly”, Colin said as he tightened the noose, “If you’re so worthless, why would I want you?”

“Oh please, Master, I can learn to please you, Maria can teach me, I …” Kelly’s begging was gradually cut off as Colin pulled on the rope until she was balancing on her toes, her throat restricted, her face turning from red to purple.

“The thing is, darling, yes Maria is wonderful, her tits are a thing of beauty, she is incredibly sexy and she is so dirty, she will do anything I tell her to, and relish her own degradation in the process. But you, with your skinny, androgynous, child’s body, you give me two things: you give me your hatred – you hate me and everything I do to you or make you do to yourself. And, of course, you give me your fear. I feed off both, they fill me, they inspire me to greater heights. I want you, and I will have you. There is no escape”.

With that he left, switching out the light and shutting the door. As Maria sat in her cage listening to Kelly choking, she made herself a silent promise. She didn’t know how or when, but if they both lived through this – and that was in doubt right now – she would get Kelly out of here.

Kelly survived half an hour before Colin came back in and cut her down. He released Maria and gave them their breakfast – two slices of stale white bread and a bowl of water on the kitchen floor which they had to lap from – then told them to get dressed as they were going out. Kelly had a very short denim skirt, a t-shirt and flat shoes to wear, whilst Maria had her £400 little black dress and heels – despite the fact she wasn’t allowed to wear her underwear (neither was Kelly), Maria felt very well dressed – in fact, after a day entirely nude, she felt curiously overdressed.

They took a taxi into town and Maria started to feel very nervous when they got out in Soho at a seedy looking place which displayed the legendary sign “Tattoos and Piercings – While U Wait!!” Colin told them to wait outside, and he went inside alone. Maria guessed he was discussing what he wanted to be done to them, and she was feeling a little sick. She already had pierced ears and nipples, so assumed she was going to get a tattoo. She hated tattoos – every woman in her family ran to fat in middle age and, despite her fanatical exercise routine, she knew it was her inevitable fate, and she knew any body art on her firm, taut skin now would look grotesque and ridiculous in twenty years.

Kelly, on the other hand, was terrified. She had never even had the courage to have her ears pierced. Luckily she had a perfect excuse for her friends, her dad had said he would kill her if she ever got anything done – her father, she thought, who now jerked off while looking at pictures of her, bound and naked …

They went inside when Colin called them and went through to a curtained-off area where the work took place, where the tattooist was waiting for them. He was big – tall, wide and heavy – with a beard, greying ponytail and tattoos all over his arms.

“Strip” Colin ordered and, after a moment’s uncertainty, they did as they were told, placing their few clothes in his outstretched arm while trying to cover their nakedness.

“Barry here knows what you’re having done. Maria, you can go first, don’t either of you give him any trouble.” With that, he walked out, taking their clothes with him, Maria noticed.

Barry was not used to being left with naked women, but he decided he’d put up with it just this once – or any other time it happened. The skinny one was already freaking out, and he didn’t think watching it happen to the smoking hot one was going to help, so he made her go and wait in the yard behind the shop. He indicated to Maria to lie down on the padded table, which she did, staring nervously at the ceiling. She felt a cool cloth swab her lower abdomen and looked down her body in alarm – clearly she was going to be tattooed just above her shaven mound. She found the experience deeply unpleasant and rather painful – but not nearly as painful as some of the things she had suffered in the last two days. When it was done, she propped herself up on her elbows and looked down. Across her body, just below her natural bikini line was a word, upside down to her view, but she could work out it said ‘SLAVE’. She felt her face flush crimson – my god, she thought, I’m marked with that for life (she ignored the idea of laser removal). Her stomach churned – I really am a slave! Her heart was pounding like the first time she tasted the ballgag half a lifetime – less than two days! – ago. She felt herself get a little wet, and she rushed to get off the table to hide her arousal.

“Not so fast” Barry said as he put his hand on her shoulder and pushed her back down. Maria was confused – there was more?

“Just spread your legs either side of the table” Apart from the acute embarrassment, and consequent arousal, this caused her, Maria realised it could only mean one thing – she was going to be pierced down there. She fervently hoped it wouldn’t be through her clitoris – that would surely be the most painful – but then she suddenly thought, Christ, my body is being mutilated on the orders of my Master! She blushed more as she became even wetter. Barry was becoming rather awestruck by this gorgeous woman – how could she be getting off on this? He shifted rather uncomfortably in his chair and tried to concentrate on the job in front of him – but as the job in front of him was a dripping wet cunt, it wasn’t easy.

They managed to get through it – Maria had been pierced before so kind of knew what to expect. Barry tried to think of his tax returns and what he would say to the bank manager when he went in to extend his overdraft. At the end of it, Maria had three piercings through each of her labia, all with plastic grommets, and a very sore pussy. Barry had a very sore erection.

Maria and Kelly changed places between out in the yard and flat on the table. Barry knew the skinny girl was going to be trouble, she seemed in a flat panic. He didn’t like working on unwilling customers, whatever their boyfriends or ‘masters’ said. He locked eye contact with her and asked her name.

"Kelly," she whispered.

“Okay, Kelly”, he said in as calm and kind a voice as possible, “Now, I don’t care what anyone else says, do you want to be tattooed and pierced?”

Everything in the young woman cried NO! Everything except a nasty little voice at the back of her head saying, the punishments for disobedience could just get worse ... Very reluctantly, she nodded her head.

'Okay, problem one solved, now all he had to do was get her to keep still', barry thought. He called the stunner back in and told her to calm her friend, but that just seemed to make things worse. He stared at her ass as she tried to hold the girl down and considered whether he should go the bathroom and jerk himself off, just to relieve the pressure.

Eventually, there was nothing else for it. He happened to have some rope in the shop (well, you never know …) and, with Maria’s help, he got her tied down on the table. Now his cock was getting even more sore. She was still screaming like a banshee and, feeling like he had died and gone to heaven, he pushed a cloth into her mouth to shut her up. So now he had a naked girl tied and gagged on his table and a naked girl with big tits holding her head still. He knew he had to be quick or he’d shoot off in his trousers.

He started with her ears and worked his way down to nipples, tattoo and pussy rings. It was a bit of an ordeal for all three of them, but they got through it and Barry shooed the two women outside, so he could sort himself out. But just as he was going to the bathroom for some executive relief, some customers came in and he desperately needed to hide his massive embarrassment.

“Kelly, I’m so sorry, I never thought –” Maria started on her latest attempt to beg forgiveness out in the yard, but Kelly turned on her and, with a wild cry, grabbed her hair, raked her nails down her face and grabbed her round the throat.

“FUCK OFF AND DIE!!” she screamed. She pushed the older woman backwards and, caught off balance and by surprise, she slammed into the wall and her head cracked against it. She slid to the ground, crying at the sharp pain. Kelly turned away and burst into tears of self-pity, sliding down the wall herself to sit on the wet concrete, hugging her knees. Maria didn’t try to comfort her again.

The two slaves were eventually let back inside, shivering and wet, when Colin returned. He passed them each a plastic carrier bag and told them to get dressed. Maria looked in the bag and saw what appeared to be a couple of scraps of material and some old shoe insoles. The ‘insoles’ turned out to be running sandals, thin strips of foot-shaped leather protecting the sole and heel, held on by thin strings – it was how to look barefoot without having to worry about broken glass. The first piece of material seemed to be shocking pink panties or very short shorts, made in lycra. Maria pulled them on and was struggling by the time they reached mid-thigh. The stretchy material enabled her to get them up, but they were at least one size too small and she bulged out of them horribly (in her opinion). They were cut so low at the front that part of her new tattoo was on display. She had to really pull them through, leaving the top of her butt crack on display and really emphasizing her swollen and sore pussy.

The other material was a white crop top – Maria’s, appropriately, had the ‘HOOTERS’ logo on the front. She pulled it over her breasts but they were so large, the top didn’t come much further down her chest. She looked over at Kelly enviously – she had an almost identical ‘outfit’, except her top said ‘I LONDON’. But on her slim figure, it looked great, she looked like a young Paula Radcliffe, off to run the London Marathon, whereas Maria, in her view, looked ridiculous, a cartoonish figure.

Colin and Barry held the polar opposite view – somehow, Maria scantily clad looked ten times sexier than Maria naked. Barry seriously had to get these people out of here. He handed Colin the bill.

“Any chance I could get you to take payment in kind?” Colin asked.

“What?” Barry asked, suddenly unable to breathe.

“Choose a slave, one good blowjob and call it quits?”

Kelly was thinking ‘ugh, ugly fat bastard, please no!’ Maria was thinking ‘Pick me! Pick me!” There was never a doubt.

As Colin and Kelly went into the main part of the shop, Maria sank down on her knees and watched Barry unfasten his jeans and pull them down with his boxers.

“Go easy on me”, he said quietly, “I’m gonna explode and I would really like this to last more than ten seconds” Maria smiled up at him – she’d had six IT nerds the other night, she could nurse him along. His cock was already leaking and she thought it must have been a relief just to get his erection free. She tickled the tip of her tongue lightly along the length of the shaft, eliciting a rumbling groan from the big man, then started kissing, sucking and nibbling his balls, which she thought would be safe territory. She headed back up his shaft, just touching it with her lips and letting her hot breath tease him. Back at the head, she licked him like he was a lollipop, making him all wet and …

“Oh, Christ!” Barry let out a strangulated cry, grabbed Maria’s hair and pulled her mouth onto his pulsating cock. Twenty seconds later it was all over bar the swallowing, as she fought to prevent any dribbling down onto her new outfit.

As Maria joined the other two outside, they heard the door behind them lock – Barry was closed for business and going for a serious lie down.

“Right, Oxford Street!” Colin cried enthusiastically. The two women looked at each other, looked at their outfits, and thought ‘Oh God, this is going to be embarrassing!’ – but apart from that their reactions were completely different.

“A few ground rules. Its going to be busy, you’re going to attract attention, you’re going to get jostled, maybe even manhandled. So, you must hold hands, do you understand?”

“Yes, Master” they replied together, Maria in nervous excitement, Kelly in fear.

“I want you two to kiss and make up, I can’t have this atmosphere”

“Yes, Master”

“Well, go on then!” The women hadn’t realised he meant the phrase literally and now turned to face each other awkwardly. After a few seconds they dipped together and kissed each other on the cheek.

“No!” Colin scolded, “Mouth to mouth, with tongues, and I’ll tell you when to stop!”

There was another pause, while Kelly felt sick and Maria felt sick with excitement. The two women came together, pressing their lips against each other. Maria opened her mouth and, reluctantly, Kelly followed suit. Again Maria took the lead, her tongue probing into the other girl’s mouth and searching out her tongue.

“Grab her arse, Maria! Feel up her tits, Kelly! Put some passion and feeling into it!” Maria couldn’t stop herself becoming aroused – this was intensely embarrassing, she was being ordered to do it, Kelly was soft and yielding, she tasted good … for Kelly, it was yet another reason for her to hate her ‘Master’ and Maria fucking Hughes. When they finally broke the kiss, Maria was flushed, breathing raggedly and her nipples were erect. Kelly wiped the spit from her face and readjusted her clothing.

“Better, now I want you to kiss like that whenever we go into a shop. So, holding hands, girls, and let’s go!” They set off in the drizzle, Colin amused at what might happen, Kelly fearful of who they might meet and Maria with ‘I kissed a girl and I liked it’ playing in her head.

Oxford Street was mobbed, despite the rain – only 60 more shopping days to Christmas! – and it was almost impossible to walk along the pavement holding hands, so Colin led them out into the road, which was virtually pedestrianised at this point. This made it easier to walk, but it also meant everyone had a better view of the two women strikingly (and scantily) dressed and holding hands. There were a lot of stares, some pointing and, this being London, a bunch of Japanese tourists wanting their picture taken with ‘hot girls’. Kelly was starting to freak out – this was just the sort of day her mother would choose to come into town – and there were flashes from mobile phone cameras going off, so Colin steered them towards Top Shop and they went into the warm. Of course, that meant they had to kiss and Colin watched eagerly, along with a couple of hundred other people. And he started to realise that Maria was not only a closet bondage freak and a closet submissive, she was also a total exhibitionist – he could see how excited she was from showing off like this. He thought he’d been exceptionally lucky to trap her into giving him and his mates a great night, now he was trying to keep up with the surprises she kept throwing out.

“Kelly? Kelly! It is you! I nearly didn’t recognise you!”

“Stacey?!” Kelly’s voice sounded almost hysterical and the colour had drained out of her face as a blonde girl about her own age, dressed sensibly in coat, gloves and boots approached her with a look of astonishment on her face.

“What the fuck are you doing dressed like that, in here?” Kissing her, she didn’t say as she looked meaningfully at Maria. Kelly looked like a rabbit caught in headlights, and Maria stepped in to rescue her.

“Oh hi, you must be a friend of Kelly’s?” she said brightly.

“Yeah, yeah” Stacey said, looking both of them up and down.

“We’re doing this for charity and, I’ve got to tell you, we picked the worst day!”

“Charity?” the girl said sceptically.

“Yeah, we work in this real male-dominated sales team and they said, if we dressed up sexy and came into Oxford Street on a weekend, they would pay £50 to a charity of our choice, per shop, per kiss! Twenty sales guys, 10 shops, that’s £10,000 in less than an hour!”

“So … where are they?”

“You don’t think we’d tell them when we were doing it, do you? Not that bunch of letches! Our mate Colin here is gathering the evidence and we can hit them with it on Monday” Colin held up the digital camera he had, in fact, recorded it all on.

“So, who’re you collecting for?”

“The MS Society” Maria said smoothly, not missing a beat.

“Wow!” Stacey exclaimed, now sounding convinced, “I didn’t think you’d have the bottle for something like this, Kelly!” Maria laughed.

“She works for me, and I can be very persuasive!”

“Well, good on you, have a tenner from me!” Kelly managed to smile weakly and say ‘Bye’ to her friend, but she had broken out in a cold sweat.

“Wow, Maria!” Colin said, “Did you come up with that on the fly?”

“No, Master, I was thinking about it as soon as you said we were coming here – fail to prepare and prepare to fail” Colin laughed and led them outside. He liked the idea of ten shops, ten kisses, but it was raining harder and already getting dark.

“Sod it”, he said, “Let’s go to Harrods. It’s only about a mile or so, I’ll see you in the café”. With that, he hailed a cab, jumped in, and left the two astonished women gawping after him in shock. They, of course, had no money for a cab or even the tube and would have to walk the almost two miles to Knightsbridge in the rain.

“Fuck this” Kelly said, and started running in the direction the cab had taken – she reckoned she was less likely to be recognised, less likely to be questioned or hassled, she’d get there quicker and drier, and she wouldn’t have to be with Maria fucking Hughes.

Maria looked around, a little stunned. No good deed goes unpunished, she thought. She could run after them, but without a sports bra it would be painful and she’d just look ridiculous. It suddenly seemed a lot less fun or safe on her own, but she had no choice and started walking down the road. She eventually arrived cold, wet and tired, and faced with the plethora of eating options at the massive store – there were four cafes and a tea rooms as well as all the restaurants! She toured all of the coffee places before spotting Colin, inevitably, in the last one, Ca’puccino on the lower ground floor. She had received some startled looks from the customers, but the staff seemed to take seeing a semi-naked and very wet woman wandering the place in their stride – like it happened every day. Maria noticed her ‘shorts’ and top were plastered against her body, outlining her breasts and erect nipples (definitely the cold this time), and showing the outline of her swollen labia quite clearly, even down to the crack. Seeing that made her flush with embarrassment and arousal.

As she made her way towards Colin, she eventually saw Kelly sitting at his feet on her heels, eyes downcast and looking miserable. She took up an identical position alongside her. After a minute, Colin put down his newspaper and turned to them with a serious expression.

“I told you two to hold hands, an order you clearly disobeyed. Who’s idea was that?” Kelly reddened, but didn’t speak.

“Master, it was my idea” Maria said. Kelly glanced at her – what the fuck was the bitch doing now, she thought.

“I told Kelly to go ahead – I thought there was no point in both of us getting soaked and maybe Kelly could … entertain you while you waited. This slave begs forgiveness, Master” Colin looked at her thoughtfully – another masterpiece of plausible lies, he thought, and she’s taking all the blame, does she actually want to be punished? He said nothing, just finished his coffee, then led them over to the store guide, where they waited nervously until he had worked out where they needed to go.

They rode the escalators up to the fifth floor, trying to ignore the stares of the tourists still thronging the famous store, despite it being only 30 minutes to closing. Colin went up to the sales assistant, a tall, thin man, maybe in his forties.

“Excuse me, I’m looking for riding crops” Maria noticed a very slight raising of an eyebrow, a quick glance towards Kelly and her which managed to sweep their bodies, but only because she was expecting and looking for it – the guy was good.

“Certainly, sir, follow me” He took them to a display case, which he opened and took down a crop from the row of a dozen different sizes and styles.

“This is a popular model, sir, good flexibility, good feel in the handle” He handed it to Colin, who walked around with it, bending it over and swishing it through the air, enjoying the sound it made. When he brought it down on Kelly's thigh, she let out a loud squeal and her hand went to the site of the blow, rubbing it and hopping on one leg with her face screwed up in pain. Maria had kept her eyes on the sales assistant and saw his eyes widen and his nostrils flare, but only for a moment. Damn, he was good!

“Not bad”, Colin said, as Kelly continued to whimper, “Which one would you recommend?” The man gave a brief smile and turned to the display. He picked a longer and rather more elegant item and held it out to Colin.

“This is the Jeffries riding whip, sir, very flexible, the metal capped top means it is particularly suited for show, and the leather wrist strap means you won’t drop it when … disciplining your mount, sir” Colin laughed out loud at the man’s excellent euphemism.

“Could you demonstrate it for me, please?” The man’s supercilious smile widened a little. He looked at Kelly, then Maria, as if choosing a victim. Maria stepped forward, turned her back and bent over, presenting her cheeks. Debate over, choice made.

The sales assistant took a deep breath, adjusted his stance, and swung. There was a whistle through the air, a loud slap of leather on buttock and a gasp from Maria. As they watched the red mark appear on her rump, Maria stayed bent over.

“I like your wrist action there, could you show me again?” The man obliged, putting a little more into it and making Maria cry out and writhe a little under the blow.

“Excellent! And the backhand?” Maria cried out again, despite her best efforts to keep it in. She felt herself becoming damp between her thighs and imagined being ordered to relieve the man of the massive erection she had seen in his trousers.

“How much is that one?”

“That is our top of the range at £15.95, sir”

“Is that all? You always assume stuff is going to cost an arm and a leg here. Any chance of paying for that in kind?”

“This is Harrods, sir, cash or card only.”

They took a taxi home and, as they stood outside the door to the flat, Colin waited impatiently until Kelly and Maria had stripped before unlocking it and letting them inside. They put their wet things in the box and donned their cuffs, before going into the lounge and kneeling obediently.

After dinner – he had Spaghetti Bolognese, made by Maria, they had salad and fruit – Colin took them into the bathroom.

“Time to show off your new acquisitions” he said, and made Kelly stand in the shower cubicle, before padlocking her wrist cuffs to the eyebolt in the ceiling above her. He blindfolded her and put duct tape across her mouth.

“There, that should be enough disguise to fool your dad” He turned on the water and Kelly squealed as the icy blast hit her. She knew he would be taking pictures of her for that awful website and turned to hide her new rings and tattoo. Colin smiled and slapped her hard on the rump with his new riding whip.

“Turn and face us!” he ordered, reminding her that her shameful display was also being witnessed by that hateful woman – what a fucking show-off, Kelly thought, making a spectacle of herself wherever they went, even embarrassing her in front of her old schoolfriend Stacey, god that was awful, that cheap fucking whore! It seemed everything bad in her life was down to Maria fucking Hughes.

Colin broke off from videoing the squirming girl to order Maria into the shower and to make Kelly cum. As soon as she felt the first touch, Kelly began screaming into the tape and trying to kick or knee the bitch in front of her. Maria grabbed the flailing legs and hung onto her thighs until she could get her mouth into Kelly’s shaved pussy and, despite her continued frantic struggles, open her lips with her tongue. 'It’s for your own good', she thought as she held the girl’s clitoris in place with her teeth and massaged it vigorously with her flicking tongue. 'The quicker I make you cum, the better chance we both get out of here without more punishment'.

“Hey, Maria” she heard, and turned her head, to find herself looking into the lens of the digital video camera. She turned back to the task at hand and felt the orgasm building in the girl, who kept trying to get free, stop this awful bitch from humiliating her further – didn’t she know this was going to be seen by her father? Oh Christ, she thought, she couldn’t stop it now. There was no element of secret enjoyment for Kelly as she exploded, it was horrible and disgusting and shaming all the way for her, and to make it all so much worse, it was one of the most intense climaxes she’d ever had, all caught on film.

As Kelly slumped in her bonds, Colin dragged Maria off her and straight onto his throbbing erection. He filmed Maria’s head, bobbing backwards and forwards on his shaft below him, then her upturned face as he pulled her head back and showered her in cum. Pure bloody gold, he thought as he switched off the camera.

The two women were locked in their bedroom as Colin went off to edit and post his video.

“Please, Mistress”, Maria said as she knelt on the floor, eyes downcast, “Let me assuage your pain and suffering”.

Kelly turned to her, disbelief and hatred in her eyes. ‘Assuage my pain and suffering?’ she thought, 'I’ll give you fucking pain and suffering!'

She pulled Maria to her feet by her hair and slipped a padlock between the D rings on her wrist cuffs, locking her arms behind her back. She locked her left ankle to the floor, then dragged her right leg as far away as she could and still leave Maria standing, and locked it to the nearest eyebolt. She went to the drawers and got a length of rope, a hood and a flogger. Maria wondered if she had pushed too far this time.

The hood had no holes other than tiny nose holes for breathing. Once it was strapped on tight, Maria could see and hear nothing. She felt her wrists yanked up to the ceiling until her arms were vertical and her shoulder joints had rotated way past 90 degrees. All she had to do now was wait for the beating.

She didn’t have long to wait, and it was brutal, far worse than anything she had suffered so far. Kelly put every ounce of fear, anger, hatred and despair into those blows and she relished the sound of Maria’s muffled cries and the way she was squirming to get away, she knew there was no way the bitch was enjoying this. Kelly’s pussy ached terribly from the piercings, and she knew if she ached, Maria must too. She targeted her most violent strikes across Maria's already swollen cunt lips and was rewarded with frantic screams, the sound of tears and desperate shaking of the featureless hood. She threw down the flogger and picked up a cane and focused closely on the edge of Maria's lips until they were red raw. She’d then beaten buttocks and breasts until her arm was aching. She dropped the cane and lay down in her cage, crying in shame at what she had done and what she had become.

When Maria had calmed down enough to be capable of rational thought and the pain in her body had subsided to only screaming agony, she hoped the beating had done Kelly some good. For her own part, she seriously doubted she would ever be able to sit down or have sex again.

* * *

Maria’s first day back at work after her life-changing weekend was going to be a tough one. She had spent the night in her painful bondage – Colin had looked in and seen her hooded, bent over and spread, but rather than free her, he had used the opportunity to take her roughly from behind. He had assumed her muffled cries were of her ecstasy at his excellent technique, but unfortunately Maria was crying out at the renewed agony from the caning she had received on her pussy lips from Kelly, who was now sleeping peacefully in her slave cage a few feet away.

She was finally released at 5.30 am so she could get across town to her apartment to get ready for work. She left the flat wearing her pink lycra ‘shorts’ and her crop top, both still wet from the previous day, clutching her apartment keys and her oyster card. There weren’t too many commuters on the bus or the tube at that time in the morning and she was too tired to care about their stares anyway. She had a quick shower when she got back, which woke her up a little, put on mascara and lip gloss, then dressed, as ordered by Colin, in blouse, skirt and heels – no underwear allowed.

On her way into the office, she considered the other instructions from her Master Colin – it still felt odd thinking of the young IT professional in that way, but she was gradually getting used to it. She was to lose the domineering attitude which had got her where she was today i.e. on the verge of a directorship in the sizeable company where she worked – no more office politicking, bitchy putdowns, withering looks, cutting comments or closed door policy. She had to be ‘nice’ to people – smile at them, laugh at their jokes, overlook their failings, help them when they were struggling and, most alarmingly, she was to flirt with anyone and everyone, from the old guy on the tube to the young girl in the typing pool.

She didn’t feel at all comfortable when he’d told her all this – she had not expected him to interfere in her job, she thought that was part of their bargain – she would give herself to him as his sex slave, he would not destroy her career and working life. But she had not said anything then and now it was too late – she knew he would know if she disobeyed him and her punishment would be severe. But it wasn’t the fear of punishment which made her follow his orders. She had always secretly wanted to be utterly dominated, to be totally stripped of all control and, now that he was holding out that promise to her, she was not going to screw it up by questioning his commands at this stage.

However, being Maria, a successful and highly competitive woman in every thing she did, she set herself a target. If she had to be a flirt, she would be the best damn flirt she could be, short of getting a charge for sexual harassment in the workplace!

* * *

Tanya had worked for Ms Hughes for nine months and this was the first time she’d managed to get into the office before her, albeit only by a couple of minutes. She was Maria’s PA and enjoyed her work, although she found her boss scary. It was her first job straight out of school and she was not the most confident of eighteen-year-olds. She still carried a little puppy fat, which meant she had been mercilessly teased at school about her weight and her breasts, which developed early and just kept on going until they rivalled and maybe surpassed Maria’s impressive bust. It was difficult to tell, because Tanya dressed to hide, in shapeless long dresses and cardigans, as if she were in her forties. She even hid behind her hair, a mousy brown shoulder-length mop which covered half her face, and she wore large tortoise-shell rim glasses. Although Maria was demanding and unforgiving of mistakes, she had spotted something in Tanya she liked – possibly her eagerness to please and the opportunity to mould her into whatever she wanted – and had been surprisingly supportive of the young girl as she learned what was required of her.

Today, two things struck Tanya when she saw the boss arrive. One was obvious for all to see – the lack of a bra to constrain and control her 36DD breasts made for a spectacular display of almost random motions, jiggles and bounces under her crisp white blouse. Her strict diet and exercise routine meant there was no sag or downward momentum, even at thirty five, and everyone who saw her, male and female, found their eyes drawn towards her chest as if mesmerised.

But astonishingly, that wasn’t the first thing Tanya noticed about her – she was dazzled by what she believed was the first smile she’d ever seen on the boss’s face.

“Morning, Tanya! How are you? Have a good weekend?” Tanya was too surprised to get out a reply – she wasn’t used to such pleasantries, especially on a Monday morning. Her only thought was, ‘she must have had some damn good sex this weekend!’ She would have been shocked to learn how right she was.

Maria breezed into her office and sat down at her desk. She immediately regretted it and, with a stifled squeal of pain, stood up again to check her emails from a standing position. A few minutes later she managed to shock Tanya again as she emerged from her office and leaned over the PA’s desk, thrusting her bosom unnervingly close to her startled face.

“I’m just going for a coffee, would you like one, Tanya?” Dumbstruck by this unique event – she was more used to a gruff demand for ‘coffee, black, keep it coming!’ – she nodded her head reflexively.

“Sorry, but I don think I’ve ever asked – how do you take it?”

“Um, white, two sugars” she stammered, wondering what universe this was happening in.

“Aw, darling, I think you’re sweet enough already!” As she watched those hips sway away, Tanya metaphorically pinched herself – should she phone a doctor?

First on Maria’s agenda was the weekly sales kick-off with her team. She took her coffee into the meeting room and watched as the guys and gals filed in, bleary-eyed from a weekend of hard partying, chatting quietly and catching up on who’d done what to whom. As Tanya followed the last one in, closed the door and sat down to take any minutes, Maria decided she needed to grab their attention.

“Hey guys, I need your eyes front, I want your focus right here.” As she said this, she hooked her thumb, poking it at her chest. This had them staring directly at her chest as she pressed her blouse inward so that her breasts were perfectly outlined, her firm nipples standing proud against the taut material. She certainly had their attention now.

“So, end of quarter this week and we’ve got a lot of business to close”, she went on as they stared at her, wondering just exactly what had come over the boss.

“I know what it’s like to be under pressure like you guys and its too easy to say, when its over and you didn’t quite make your target, ‘Oh I would have made it but for that bit of bad luck in the last week, if only …’ Well, I want to demonstrate to you this morning, you can overcome those obstacles. If you push through and think creatively, you can do it!”

She picked up her coffee as if taking a moment and raised it to her lips. But instead of drinking it, she poured it down her blouse, managing to sweep it all the way across her chest until the whole blouse was soaked.

“Oh dear, I seem to have had an unfortunate accident!” she exclaimed as she looked down to see the blouse plastered against her breasts, very clearly outlining her nicely aroused nipples. She looked up at her audience, who were gawping with open mouths at her.

“How can I possibly carry on presenting, when I’m such a mess?” She tried to wipe some of the liquid off, but strangely just managed to make it stick to her even more as the material of the blouse started to become see-through.

“I’ll show you how. Tanya, be a darling and get my spare blouse from my office please. Ladies, to the front please.” The three sales women in the team, rather startled to be called out, made their way towards Maria. She, in the meantime, started to unbutton her blouse and pull it from her waistband, under the eager gaze of the seventeen male members of the sales team. She motioned for the three women to face her and form a screen between her and the others.

“Okay, so no matter what happens”, Maria went on, talking over the heads of the women, who were staring at her breasts, now fully exposed to them, gold nipple rings included, and wondering what those red stripes were which seemed to criss-cross them …

“Keep going, focus on the task in hand and toss aside those roadblocks to closing the deal!”

As she said this, her stained blouse flew into the air and there was an unseemly scramble amongst those sitting in the front row to claim it. Tanya came back in with the fresh blouse, but stopped dead when she saw her boss topless. Maria smiled and reached over for the garment, giving the guys on the left side of the room a tantalising glimpse of nipple. She sent the bemused saleswomen back to their seats as she buttoned the blouse.

“Now, I’m not suggesting you strip off in front of your clients,” she said as she tucked the blouse in, pulling it revealingly tight across her chest, “But if that’s what it takes, hey, don’t be shy!” There was a little laughter at this, some of it nervous as they tried to work out if it was a joke.

“All I’m saying is, think outside the box – if you’re not sure about an idea, I’m here to bounce things off, I can suck it and see if it stands up to inspection. I’ll come round today and talk to you individually about your accounts but, for now, get out there and remember – get up close and personal with your clients, keep abreast of what turns them on, and do whatever it takes to satisfy their desires and close that deal!”

There was a stunned silence for a few seconds then, for the first time ever, a spontaneous round of applause. It was probably the most memorable sales meeting ever, although no-one remembered a thing she’d said. Maria beamed at them as they filed out, making a mental note to nip to the toilet and wipe the slickness from her thighs!

She called the three saleswomen into her office to just check they were okay with what had just happened.

“Sorry to play so blatantly to the testosterone in the room earlier”, she explained, “But you know the guys only think with their dicks and I wanted to grab their attention by the balls, as it were, and make sure they focus on getting the deals in. Hence the rather crude ‘Tits Out for the Lads’ performance earlier.” The three women relaxed a little and shook their heads with a smile, indicating both an appreciation of the problem and an acceptance of the solution.

“I know you three are rather more mature than that lot and understand what we need to do in the next few days.” She paused for effect. “Of course, if you need me to flash anything in your direction to get you motivated, just let me know and I’ll be happy to oblige!” She flashed them a smile to let them know it was a joke – or not, whichever they preferred.

Not wanting to sit on her sore arse, Maria spent the rest of the morning walking the floor, visiting her team members and checking where they were with their opportunities and hot prospects. This gave her lots of opportunities for bending over desks, providing excellent views down her cleavage while also leaving her round, sumptuous bottom on general display. She was delighted but not surprised by how many of the guys kept coming up to her with bright ideas to reach their targets.

* * *

At lunchtime, she headed for the gym, as was her normal routine. The changing rooms were busy as usual and she couldn’t get an individual changing cubicle, so had to change in the communal area. Having stripped off, she suddenly felt very aroused at being naked in front of all these super-fit women, and made no effort to cover up her nipple and pussy rings, her clean-shaven mound, her SLAVE tattoo or even the marks from her beating the night before, instead wandering around choosing a locker, checking her texts and looking for something in her handbag, whilst feeling judgemental eyes burning into her skin.

For her outfit, Colin had selected a sports bra for which she was grateful, and a bikini brief bottom so brief it failed to cover either the tattoo above her pubic mound or the cane welts on her buttocks. She had expected to be dying of embarrassment wearing this as she went out into the main gym area but instead was as horny as hell. She could feel everyone staring, eying her skimpy clothes, her tattoo and her cane-striped skin. She was blushing as she stepped on the running machine and set off at a furious pace, enjoying the rubber under her bare feet. Ten minutes later she was perspiring freely and out of breath as she moved on to the static bike.

She knew immediately her crotch touched the saddle that it was a bad choice, and she stood up on the pedals to ease the pressure on her tender pussy lips. Ten minutes cycling up a mountainside had her legs shaking. For her final burst, she avoided the rowing machine, for the same reason the bike was a bad idea, and went on the cross-trainer. As she pumped her arms and legs hard, she spotted a couple of rather gorgeous guys watching her closely, clearly admiring the way her gluteus maximus was being worked. After her thirty minute burn, she hit the showers and headed back to the office.

She had only just arrived back when Sarah, the Managing Director’s PA, came over to her.

“He wants to see you”, she said with a serious look.

“Okay”, Maria smiled, “I’ll just grab a coffee and –”

“He said right now, and he looked pretty mad.”

Maria sighed and followed Sarah towards the MD’s office. Her stomach growled in protest at yet more delay to lunch, but she knew better than to keep Frank waiting when he was on the warpath. She knocked, went in and, gritting her teeth against the pain, sat down.

Frank Jarrett had set the company up over thirty years ago and now, at sixty three, he was still a very active, vibrant man who kept a close eye on everything which happened to ‘his baby’. It was he who had spotted Maria’s potential and, against advice from others who had implied he was letting his dick set company strategy, he had promoted her rapidly through the ranks and was now championing her elevation to the Board. So it had come as a shock and a question against his own judgement when he had been informed of the issue with which he now had to confront her. He didn’t speak when she sat down, he couldn’t be sure his anger wouldn’t get the better of him, he just turned the screen of his computer so they could both see it and clicked the ‘play’ button.

Maria had a bad feeling as soon as she saw Frank’s face. When the video started playing and the room was filled with the muffled cries of the naked woman on the screen, she felt physically sick. In front of her, Kelly was tape-gagged, blindfolded, her hands cuffed above her head and naked. As the camera tracked down across her wet body, a head came into view, the identity obscured by the girl’s thighs and the fact that the camera was behind her. The camera angle changed jerkily as the cameraman changed position, then ‘Hey, Maria’ was heard and her own face appeared clearly and incontrovertibly on the screen.

At that point, Frank could have turned it off or Maria could have asked him to – he’d watched it a number of times already and Maria had been there so she knew intimately what happened next – but he was finding it very arousing to watch it with Maria present. Meanwhile she was burning up, not only with embarrassment but with something else. The blush had started at her face, progressed across her chest and now seemed to be heating up her pussy as well – could you blush your way to an orgasm? She felt like she was watching a highly erotic car crash in slow motion – seeing herself forcing the bound girl to climax against her will and then being dragged from eating pussy to swallowing cock was turning her on like she had never experienced before.

As the video finally ended, frozen on a look of serene contentment on her cum-covered face, there was an awkward silence as Maria sought and failed to find some mitigating excuse for her behaviour, and Frank sought to control the erection which had taken him completely by surprise – he had reached an age when such things were a rarity. Eventually, he coughed and adjusted his position in his seat.

“This was brought to my attention by the IT department following the internal audit”, he said. Maria knew that was not true, as it had only just been created.

“I don’t need to tell you how serious this is, Maria. If this gets out, it will kill your chances of making the Board, and undermine my position as well. My enemies have been waiting for an opportunity to get rid of me and they can use this to say my judgement has gone, that I’m just a doddery old fool.”

“I am truly sorry, sir”, Maria said sincerely, “After all you’ve done for me, this is a shitty way to repay you.”

“I’m going to have to think about this. If I don’t report it to the Board and it then gets out, I’ll be slaughtered. Come to my house at 8 o’clock tonight and we’ll discuss how to handle it.”

“Thank you, sir, and once again, I apologise”, Maria said as she got up to leave. As she closed the door, Frank clicked the ‘replay’ button while his right hand moved under the desk.

As she went back to her own office, Maria’s head was spinning. She knew Colin must have given Frank the video, but she couldn’t understand why. He had blackmailed her into becoming his sex slave on the threat of revealing her accessing of hard core BDSM porn on her laptop, and she had agreed. Now that he had carried out his threat, she was not only no longer under an obligation to be his slave, but her career seemed doomed, which surely wasn’t in his own best interests, never mind her’s. The only reason she could think of was that he wanted her to be his slave 24/7. She was appalled at the thought of losing her job, but the idea of being permanently forced to serve her Master’s desires every moment of the day was highly arousing. That was effectively the situation Kelly faced, and the difference in their reactions said everything about them.

“Are you okay, Ms Hughes?” She looked up to see Tanya standing in the doorway, looking concerned. Maria smiled wanly.

“I’m not too sure actually, Tanya, I’ve been a bad girl and deserve a good spanking” She looked up and saw the shocked expression on the young PA’s face, and decided to have a little fun to distract herself.

“I’ve got a terrible pain in my shoulders, you couldn’t just give me a bit of a massage there could you?” She leaned over and grabbed the edge of the desk, arching her back and sticking out her bum, then looking back over her shoulder expectantly.

“Um, okay, ma’am” the teenager said nervously, before leaning over her boss and placing her fingers around the tense knots in her tendons. Maria let out a low moan.

“Oh, that feels so good! Please don’t call me ‘ma’am’ – or Ms Hughes! I sound like your granny, or an old schoolteacher! Call me Maria, please”

“I’m sorry, m… Maria. Ooh, I don’t feel right calling you that, Miss, you’re my boss!” Maria squirmed under the girl’s exquisite touch and looked back at her unhappy face.

“Okay then, you can call me Mistress”, she said mischievously. Now the girl looked alarmed, and Maria gave her a warm smile.

“That feels wonderful, you have a real talent for that”, Maria purred.

“Thank you … Mistress” Tanya felt a strange tingle run through her as she said the word – what the hell had got into her, she thought.

“Could you just do a little bit of that on the small of my back, please, it really aches from all this standing up” She felt the small, slightly pudgy hands move to her back and the thumbs dig into her, making her moan again. Tanya kneaded her flesh, pressing between the vertebrae. She was used to doing this for her mum and, without thinking, she pulled the blouse up and out of the way so she could lay her hands directly on the skin.

What had started out as a bit of a lark was now becoming a serious turn-on for Maria. With her midriff now bare and her blouse only held together by a couple of buttons, she was pushing her rump back into the girl, wishing she could drop her skirt and feel those hands fondling her buttocks.

“Mistress?” Tanya’s voice seemed to tremble as she spoke, breaking Maria’s reverie.

“Yes, Tanya?”

“Those marks on your … chest earlier. Were they from …?” She couldn’t bring herself to voice the thought in her head. Maria turned around to face her, their bodies close, Tanya’s hands still on her bare waist, she realised she was just so horny! She licked her slightly parted lips as her nipples seemed to be ready to poke through her blouse and burst it open.

“Yes, Tanya”, she said in a husky voice, “Those marks were from when I was beaten with a cane last night. And the marks on my back are from when I was flogged. And this necklace is a slave collar. I am a sex slave and my Mistress beats me. Does that disgust you or excite you ?” Tanya looked totally shocked by this little speech and could do nothing but blush and let her mouth fall open.

Maria looked hungrily at a tiny spot of drool which appeared on the girl’s lip, visualising herself licking it off, ripping open Tanya’s blouse, ordering her to kneel, dropping her own skirt and pulling Tanya’s face into her moist pussy. She was shocked by the power of her reaction – she had never had sexual thoughts about a woman before and could only surmise it was as a result of her being so aroused already.

“Would you do something for me, Tanya?” she breathed.

“Yes, Mistress”, the teenager replied querulously, but Maria could sense she was almost shaking, waiting for her to make her move.

“Would you be a darling and get me a salad from the canteen, I’m starving!”

* * *

Maria was surprised to find, when she opened the door to her apartment, her entry was stopped by the security chain. As she tried to work out how that could be, Kelly’s naked body appeared in the gap – clearly Colin had decided her apartment was much more to his liking than his flat and had moved himself and his slave in. Kelly gave Maria a nasty look and then told her she had to strip before she came in. Maria took off her clothes and handed them, with her keys and oyster card, through the gap to Kelly, who took them and shut the door. Maria waited, naked and shivering in the corridor, for Kelly to flick the chain off and let her in. And waited. And waited. After five minutes, she was getting nervous. Ten minutes later, she was hiding around the corner as her next door neighbour came home. Somehow, she knew knocking would not help. After half an hour, Colin came to the door, called her name and she ran into the apartment. She saw Kelly sitting on her heels in the sitting room and scooted in alongside her, trying to ignore the filthy look she got.

“So, Maria, how was your day?” Colin asked as he sat down with a cold beer.

“Very enjoyable, Master”, she replied, “Except for one thing”.

“Oh? What was that?” Colin did not sound too surprised or concerned.

“Mr Jarrett had a copy of Your film from last night, Master. He threatened to kill my application for sales director and told me to be at his house at 8 o’clock tonight”. Colin gave her a confident smile.

“How did that make you feel, Maria?” She thought about this for a moment, wondering how honest she should be with a man who could and would beat her if he wanted. In the end, she decided on total honesty.

“I felt betrayed, Master. I couldn’t understand why You had torpedoed my career like that, it didn’t seem to make sense – if I lose my job, I lose this apartment and everything else I own. I also lose a huge part of what I enjoy in life.”

'Welcome to my world,' Kelly thought grimly, as she glanced at the woman next to her and saw how upset she was.

“Do you trust me, Maria?” Colin asked seriously. There was a pregnant pause as she thought about this unexpected question.

“Yes, Master, I do”, she replied, surprising even herself. “If You wish me to lose my job and serve You 24 hours a day, then so be it.” Kelly felt sick at her fellow slave’s easy acceptance of the situation she found herself in and so hated. Colin was also surprised at this unequivocal response, feeling rather proud of his slave.

“I don’t think it will come to that”, he reassured her, “Frank thinks I found that on your laptop in the internal audit. I also audited his laptop, and when I told him about the video, I dropped plenty of hints that he wasn’t in the clear himself. I have a feeling that he will be ready to offer you a deal when you see him tonight, and I will certainly allow you to do whatever you think necessary to keep your job – I need you to be earning to pay for all this bondage stuff I’ve been ordering!”

“Thank you, Master”, Maria said, feeling genuine gratitude, “What kind of deal do You think he will offer me?”

“I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but I think the outfit I have put out for you will give you a clue. I would just advise you to remember while you’re there that you have been a very bad girl and deserve to be punished. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master.”

* * *

The managing director had been mulling over what he was going to do when Maria got there since she had left his office. He knew what he WANTED to do, he just had to work out a strategy to achieve it. Despite his denials, he had always had a thing for his beautiful protégé, and to find himself in a position to make it happen was incredible. He decided he would have to play it by ear and find out first exactly where she was in terms of her willingness to fall in with his plan.

When he opened the door of his North London house to Maria, he realised that this was going to be a lot easier, and a lot more fun, than he’d anticipated. His senior sales manager was standing on his doorstep dressed in a crisp white blouse through which could be seen a plain white bra, pleated plaid knee-length skirt, white knee socks and patent-leather shoes. She also wore a school tie, school blazer and over her shoulder was a school satchel. Her hair was braided into two pig-tails at either side of her head and her face was devoid of make-up. She had stepped out of his dreams and into his house.

“Good evening, sir”, she said in a nervous-sounding, high-pitched voice, “I was told to report to you and to give you this.” She pulled a manila envelope from her satchel and handed it over. As he invited the ‘girl’ in, he opened the envelope and read the sheet of paper it contained:

Dear Mr Jarrett,

Thank you so much for agreeing to take on Maria for extracurricular tuition. Her school has informed us that her intelligence is not in doubt but her ability to concentrate in class is terrible. We have heard of your very traditional but currently out-of-favour approach to strict discipline and we believe a firm hand is exactly what Maria needs to help her achieve her full potential in her forthcoming exams. As time is of the essence, please accept this note as authority to use any and all disciplinary techniques you deem appropriate, no matter how extreme.

Regards, Colin (guardian)

When he read this, Frank now understood how Maria had known about his own particular predilection. He also got another hard-on which he would normally need Viagra to achieve. He decided he’d pop one a little later anyway, just to be on the safe side.

“Come this way, Maria”, he said as he led her into his study. She saw the large, heavy desk with its green leather inlay and the big swivel chair behind it. She also saw a school desk and chair which were presumably for her but decided, until told otherwise, she should stand.

“Stand up straight, girl! Shoulders back!” Frank appreciated how this stance made her thrust out her impressive breasts – he really wanted to grab them, but he restrained himself, knowing he had plenty of time. He was also really enjoying the way Maria was playing the part of the nervous seventeen-year-old schoolgirl – on a couple of occasions he’d paid prostitutes to role-play with him, but acting had not been their strong suit. He went over to the glass case on the wall and took down his favourite cane, noticing with some relish the 'schoolgirl’s' fearful glance at the weapon now in his hand.

“Your guardian has sent you to me to have that dolly daydream attitude of yours knocked out of you! I hope you appreciate the effort he is going to for your benefit?”

“Yes, sir!” Maria sounded, and was, scared – she wasn’t particularly looking forward to another caning so soon after the last one.

“First, you have to learn discipline and focus, which involves following orders to the letter. Do you know how to play ‘Simon Says’, girl?”

“Yes, sir!”

“Well, we’re going to play a game of ‘Teacher Says’. So, sit down at the desk.” Maria did as she was told, but as Frank stood over her and smiled wickedly, she realised the game had already started and she had just failed. She stood up again and hung her head.

“Oh dear, not a good start. Hold out your hand!” She looked up in confusion, but did not put out her hand.

“Better – Teacher says hold out your hand!” She did so and let out a squeal as the cane struck her across her palm.

“Remember, listen, focus, obey! Teacher says sit down! Teacher says stand up! Teacher says kneel! Teacher says stand up! Teacher says lie on the floor! Teacher says stand up! Teacher says bend over! Stand up!”

As she straightened, Maria realised too late she’d made another mistake, and reluctantly she bent over again. Frank flicked Maria’s dress up onto her back and was excited to see blue serge gym knickers covering almost every inch of her buttocks, rather than anything skimpy and modern.

“Teacher says grab your ankles!” Maria let out a howl of pain as the cane swiped her already sore behind. The game went on, with Maria failing regularly and receiving a stroke of the cane on her hand or across her buttocks. Eventually the game ended and Frank told her to sit down at the desk, which she did rather gingerly. He went out momentarily and came back with a jug of orange squash and a glass, telling Maria to pour a glass and drink it. She wasn’t that thirsty, but thought arguing was not a good idea, and under his steely gaze, drained the glass. He filled it up and insisted she drink it all again. This continued until the jug was empty and Maria was feeling a little waterlogged.

“I think a little physical exercise to wake you up would be a good idea”, Frank said, “Normally I’d ask you to change into your gym kit, but as you didn’t bring any, you’ll have to do it in your underwear. Come on, girl, hurry up! We haven’t got all night!” Maria unbuttoned her blouse and took it off, then unclipped her wrap-around skirt, handing both to her boss, who put them on the large desk.

After a few warm-up stretches, during which he ogled her cleavage and well-padded rear end, thrust out invitingly towards him, Frank made her run through a series of exercises – push-ups, sit-ups, star jumps, step-ups onto the school chair – urging her to work harder and faster until, despite her excellent level of fitness, she was breathing hard and working up a sweat. As he watched her breasts bouncing around and her buttocks clenching, his level of arousal sky-rocketed, his resolve to act the part of the martinet headmaster waned, and he felt his erection growing harder than it had been for quite a while. As Maria bent over, hands on knees, trying to catch her breath, he finally cracked. He came up behind her and, roughly pushing her over the desk and scattering papers in every direction, he whipped her knickers down around her knees and dropped his own trousers.

“Oh please, sir! No sir!” Maria squeaked in her best schoolgirl voice. Frank was beyond stopping even if her protests were not, as designed, just fuelling his desire. He thrust his cock deep into her wet, receptive cunt and was rewarded with another cry.

“Oh please, sir! Yes sir!” Maria shouted, as the frustrations of a day spent almost permanently aroused drove her to one of the quickest orgasms of her life. Frank heard her cumming and knew she wasn’t faking it, which made him very pleased with himself and encouraged him to fuck her even harder. He quickly reached his own climax, but was astonished and gratified when he felt her body shudder and her pussy clamp down on his spurting member in the throes of another orgasm. As he withdrew, the trials of the day seemed to get the better of Maria and she suddenly lapsed into a deep sleep. Frank looked down at her as he adjusted his clothing and smiled at the perfect timing for the mild sedative in her drink to have kicked in.

* * *

Maria knew she was dreaming – she was sitting at the school desk doing an exam paper, but the desk was in a sunny meadow and she was naked. She heard the sound of running water and looked up to see a waterfall right next to her, which seemed to be somehow pouring water into her lap. As she woke up she was totally disoriented. She was lying in a single bed, the room illuminated by a child’s night light, showing the flowery bedding covering her and the Teddy Bear-adorned wallpaper. She suddenly felt a warm, wet feeling on her thighs and realised, to her total embarrassment, she had wet the bed – in fact, she was still wetting the bed and, thanks to the strong diuretic she had been given in her orange juice, she couldn’t stop herself.

She threw back the bedclothes and saw she had been dressed in a pink babydoll nightie, which had spaghetti straps and only reached to her midriff, with a pink bikini brief, also with spaghetti strap sides tied in a pretty bow. The panties were soaked, as were the sheets, and she jumped out of the bed, trying to shake the sleep out of her head and get control of her bladder. At that moment, Frank burst into the room, and Maria blushed a deep red as he took in the state of the bed and the urine trickling down her legs.

“I see I am going to have my work cut out whipping you into shape!” Frank said as he grabbed her by the arm and pulled her towards the door.

“Come on, we’d better get you cleaned up” Maria realised for the first time that, despite his age, Frank was still a very strong and powerful man, and he had no problem in dragging her into the bathroom, which was built as a wet room, with a huge walk-in shower. He positioned her in the shower then grabbed her wrist and pulled it up towards a leather cuff attached by a chain hanging on the wall. He wrapped the cuff around her wrist and locked it in place. There was a similar cuff on the other side and Maria soon found herself chained with her arms held out wide above her head.

“Please, sir, I can wash myself!” she pleaded in a trembling voice. Frank paid no attention, instead untying the bikini brief and pulling the sodden material from her body.

“This is not just about cleaning you, it is also about punishing your lack of self-control”, he said as he balled up the panties and stuffed them into her mouth before she could react. Maria tried to force them out with her tongue as she tasted her own piss trickling down her throat, but he kept his hand over her mouth until he could apply tape. He wound the tape around her head several times, covering her mouth and most of the lower half of her face, muffling her protests. She pulled uselessly against the chains holding her, her struggles and the look of fear in her eyes merely succeeding in restoring Frank’s erection to its former glory. He took hold of the nightie and ripped it from her body, leaving her naked, while Maria’s nostrils flared as her breathing became faster and shallower, her heart pounding in her chest, her pussy aching to be penetrated again.

He leaned down and tied a length of rope around her left ankle, then threaded it through the steel ring to which the chain on her left wrist was attached. As he pulled on the rope, Maria’s leg was pulled up into the air until her foot was alongside her head like a can-can dancer and she was making muffled sounds of protest as the hamstring in her left thigh began to twang. He repeated the process on her right leg and this time she let out a full-blooded scream as her foot was dragged up off the ground and all her weight was taken on her wrists. Now she was hanging with her legs either side of her head, wide apart, her pussy and ass wide open and available for whatever he chose to do. Maria was hoping it included fucking her.

Frank took the shower head off the flexible steel water pipe and smeared some liquid soap on the end. He saw Maria’s eyebrows shoot up as he placed the pipe end against her anus and knew the look of fear on her face was no longer just good acting, now it was for real. He worked the pipe past her sphincter, ignoring her muffled cries and shaking head, then eased it up inside her. He turned on the cold water and was rewarded with a series of screams from the helpless woman as she was filled up and then cleaned out by the impromptu enema. He relished her tears as, for the first time that night, he knew he had gone beyond her comfort zone and could say he was the one firmly in charge. His domination of this remarkable woman fuelled his libido even further and, as he pulled out the water pipe, he was immediately ready to replace it with his rampant cock.

Maria now knew she was at the mercy of a true sadist, someone who gained sexual pleasure from her pain, as he forced himself into her anus, not just ignoring her muffled screams but actively seeking to cause them by thrusting as hard and as deep as he could. He grabbed her breasts, crushing them in his large hands and pinching her nipples, digging his nails into them until the tears were running down her face. All this abuse was turning her on tremendously, but she couldn’t cum from the anal rape alone.

Suddenly, as he approached his orgasm, he grabbed her around the neck and began to choke her. Her screams were quickly stifled and stars began to dance before her eyes as she started to run out of oxygen. Just when she was sure she would black out, he came with a huge blast of semen inside her and he felt her body shaking as if in a death rattle. He released his grip, but the shaking continued as she gasped for air through her nose and, incredulous, he realised she had just reached a truly explosive climax, the aftershocks of which continued to run through her body for a good thirty seconds, before she slumped, as limp as a ragdoll in her bondage.

* * *

Frank looked down at his senior sales manager with a combination of lust and admiration. He had been torturing her for four hours now, since he had hogtied her limp body and literally dragged her from the wet room and into the basement where he kept his ‘toys’, ignoring – or rather, appreciating – her cries as she had been bumped down the stairs and dragged across the stone flooring.

He had whipped her as she hung by her ankles upside down, taking the existing whip and cane welts across her body as a challenge to do better than his predecessor. He had strapped her to his electric chair and shocked her through her nipples, clitoris and cunt lips until her screams reverberated off the walls. He had locked her across a frame and set the fucking machine to drill her in all three holes simultaneously, forcing her to cum almost continuously, while he hung increasingly large weights from her nipples and cunt lips. He had made her ride the wooden pony for an hour, its sharp apex of roughly hewn wood digging into her cunt, while he tormented her nipples with his teeth. Still, the look in her eyes said ‘Is that all you’ve got?’

Now she was strapped to his medieval rack, stretching her sweat-drenched naked body almost to breaking point. Her head, except for her nose, was completely obscured by bondage tape. Her breasts, cinched tight with thick rubber straps, were large round globes flushed red, shading to purple. They were covered in dried blobs of red wax, which were also coating her stomach and the soft inner flesh of her cunt, exposed by the clamping and pulling back of her lips. Her nipples were stretched towards the ceiling by the crocodile clips biting into them and pulled by elastic bungees stretching into the darkness above her. A similar arrangement had been applied to her clitoris. Finally, sandals had been strapped to her, their wooden soles dotted with small nail heads pressing into the soft flesh of her feet, a torture device of his own invention.

As he rolled pinwheels up and down her inner thighs, feeling her squirm beneath his touch, he glanced at his watch – 3 AM, they both needed some sleep. As he switched off the light and slid the bolts into place, he wondered if she would get much sleep, stretched out like that and given the amount of pain she must be feeling …

* * *

“Tanya, I need your help”

The young PA took one look at her boss’s face and could see she had a problem. Maria had hardly slept in 48 hours and she was exhausted, as well as suffering aches and pains all over her body from the abuse she had received, most recently at the hands of the managing director of the company, Frank Jarrett. Dark rings had appeared under her eyes, and there was the shadow on her face of the pain she was feeling. She was also dressed funny, as far as Tanya was concerned, as if she were going for some kind of schoolgirl look – just weird.

“I’ve just got to have a power nap – didn’t sleep much last night”, Maria said, recalling how she had spent the night bound, gagged , and being tortured in Frank’s dungeon.

“I’ll just go in my office, give me 15 minutes, no more, then wake me up”, she instructed, before disappearing inside and closing the door. She sat down at her desk, despite the continuing pain from her rectum as well as her buttocks, and put her head down.

As she drifted into sleep, she thought back to how Frank had tormented her, hour after hour, giving her respite from one fiendish device only so he could strap her to the next and inflict torture in some new and inventive way. When he dripped burning hot wax, first on her stomach, then on her nipples, and finally onto her clitoris, she could not understand why she had been in ecstasy even as she was screaming in agony. Why did she find herself so incredibly turned on when the whip licked her flesh, catching a nipple or even striking her pussy? When being electrocuted through her most sensitive flesh, how could she be driven to the most mind-blowing of orgasms?

The conflicting feelings of pain and pleasure had probably been most intense when she had been forced to sit astride the saw horse, or ‘wooden pony’, as Frank had called it. With her arms tied and pulled up behind her, and her ankles cuffed to the back of the beam, she was pushed forward onto her pussy with no way of preventing her entire body weight being supported on that most sensitive area. Within moments, she was crying out as the two inch wide top of the beam dug into her, the roughness of the wood just adding to the terrible pain. Her body was being racked by sobs and her cheeks were wet with tears, and yet she felt herself arching her back to roll her hips forward, bringing her weight down on her clitoris and crushing it against the splintered surface. Her sobs slowly turned to moans, and to her utter astonishment, she managed to bring herself to orgasm by ‘fucking’ the pony!

She had come to terms with the fact that she was fundamentally submissive, despite years of denial as she rose through the management ranks and earned her reputation as a superbitch, Perhaps now she would just have to admit to herself that she was also a true masochist – one who gains sexual gratification by suffering physical pain, humiliation or degradation. Or, in her case, all three.

She felt herself becoming aroused all over again as she remembered all the pain, the feel of the ropes cutting into her skin, the bondage tape pressed against her face, cutting off her senses of sight and sound and speech, her total powerlessness at the hands of her torturer. Her hand crept under the hem of her skirt and down to the dampness in her knickers. It remained there against her pussy but for a moment before the fatigue of the previous evening overtook her and she fell asleep.

Tanya fended off all-comers, telling them the sales manager was ‘busy on end-of-quarter reports’ and mustn’t be disturbed. After precisely 15 minutes, she knocked softly and went in. She knew she should wake her up, but she looked so peaceful, and she definitely needed the sleep, so the young assistant decided to give her another 15.

An hour later, Maria emerged bleary-eyed and tousle-haired to berate her PA, but instead remembered Colin’s instructions to her and thanked her for the extra nap time and asked her to get some strong black coffee.

Somehow, she got through the rest of the day, even going to the gym at lunchtime, though her performance was pretty pathetic. In mid-afternoon, she had a surprise visitor.

“Master”, she said, once the office door had shut behind Colin. He took a seat and motioned for her to sit as well.

“Hello, Maria, how are you? How did last night go?” She filled him in briefly on the course of events at Frank Jarrett’s house, from the fun of their teacher-pupil role play to the pain of her incarceration in his dungeon.

“It sounds like you had a good time, if rather tiring”, he said, perhaps understanding more of her nature than she had expected. “Never mind, at least you’ll be able to get some rest tonight. I’m going out to a class reunion and, while I’d like to show you off, it’s a no partners do. So you and Kelly will be on your own.” He saw the sudden look of alarm cross Maria’s face and asked her if she had a problem with that.

“I don’t think Mistress Kelly likes me, Master”, she said reluctantly, not wishing to get her fellow slave into trouble

“Oh, you’re worried she’ll punish you again. Don’t worry, I’ll have a word with her.”

“Thank you, Master”, Maria said, wondering how the other woman would take that.

* * *

After a slight detour, when she fell asleep on the tube and missed her stop, Maria made it home and, having stripped off in the hallway, was allowed into the apartment by Kelly.

“Thank you, Mistress”, she said, wishing she could placate the girl but knowing just her presence seemed to infuriate her.

“You bitch! You whined to Colin about me, didn’t you?” Kelly spat the question.

“No, Mistress, I –”

“Yes, you did!” Kelly interrupted, “He ordered me not to hit or punish you tonight, so it’s pretty obvious you said something. So, I’ve come up with a few jobs for you to do. You can start by cooking me dinner.”

“Yes, Mistress”, Maria sighed – it didn’t sound like she’d be getting an early night.

She cooked and served Kelly’s dinner – she had to have dry cereal and water herself – then cleaned the apartment while Kelly watched TV. She finished around 10 pm and was hoping she would be able to go to bed at that point, but Kelly had other ideas.

“I just need you to nip down to the shop and get me a few things”, she said. Maria looked at her in astonishment – she surely couldn’t expect her to go out at this time of night, in this kind of area, in the kind of clothes Colin allowed them to wear ? Kelly gave her a wicked smile.

“Don’t worry, Maria, I won’t make you go out in those dreadful clothes Colin made us wear the other day, I found something more suitable in your wardrobe.”

“Thank you, Mistress”, Maria said, relieved that at least she would have something sensible to wear – as long as she kept to the main streets and avoided any youths or dodgy-looking characters she saw, she should be okay.

“Here you are, dear” Kelly said as she handed over the outfit she expected Maria to wear. Maria recognised it as the white bikini she had worn on holiday in the Maldives five years previously. It consisted of little more than three triangles of material held together by string. Maria had only bought it as a dare and worn it once by the pool before wearing something more conservative – now she was going to wear it in the street in London!

For Kelly, the look of horror on Maria's face was priceless – this really was an entertaining alternative to physical abuse!

“Please, Kelly, you can’t expect me to go out dressed in this! I’ll either get arrested or raped!”

Kelly laughed. “Oh come on! We both know you’re going to do it! You’re so submissive you’ll do anything I tell you. I’m right, aren’t I?”

Maria looked at the tiny bikini and, with a shamed expression, nodded her head. She could already feel goosebumps of excitement at the thought. Five minutes later, she was feeling goosebumps of an entirely different sort as the cold night air of the clear November night hit her. If she had been naked she could not have felt more exposed – the bra hardly contained her breasts and served only to highlight just how hard and erect her nipples were. The bikini brief barely covered her SLAVE tattoo and left her buttocks entirely exposed. Overall, the white triangles showed up under the streetlights or in car headlights better than a hi-viz jacket.

She peered down the street and assessed the situation. Her block of apartments was in a quiet residential street. On one side there was a mixture of older houses with gardens and newer blocks like her own, set back a little from the street. On the other side was a park, but it was behind a six foot high wall and there was no cover if she was caught there. Although there was no-one around at the moment, streetlights illuminated it all the way to the street she had to turn down, about four hundred yards away and if anyone appeared it would be a struggle for her to hide. But she had no choice and set off at a walk cum jog along the pavement, watching out for cars, people, or anything on the ground which might hurt her bare feet – broken glass, stones, discarded drinks cans or even dog mess.

Suddenly she heard an engine, saw headlights and a car was turning into the road towards her! Luckily she was just passing a line of parked cars and she crouched down behind them to hide herself. As luck would have it, at that moment a bunch of youths also turned the corner and started walking towards her. If she stayed where she was they would see her as soon as they looked up. Making a snap decision, she dashed across the pavement and threw herself over the nearest wall into the garden beyond.

“Hey, did you guys see something?” she heard a male voice shout out, then heard feet running in her direction! Quickly assessing her new surroundings, she found herself in a bit of a mini-building site as the home owner was clearly trying to get their front garden into a state where something might grow. There was a skip, into which had been thrown all the weeds and other detritus that they needed to remove, then everyone else from the street and further afield, seeing a skip, had surreptitiously thrown all their household rubbish in, and finally late night passers-by had thrown the remains of burgers, kebabs and by the smell of it a whole Indian curry meal for four. Alongside the skip was a hole, about three feet deep and, given the stench coming from the skip, Maria chose to jump in the hole.

It didn’t seem like a good choice when she landed in about a foot of mud caused by the recent rain, and her legs sank into it up to her shins. But then she had to push herself against the side of the hole and crouch down to hide herself from the guys in the street, so now the whole of her lower leg up to and including her knees and her bottom, pressed against her heels, was in the cold, wet, slimy gunk, with her shoulder, side and head against the soft earth.

“What did you think you saw, Mark?” asked a voice frighteningly close by.

“Well, you won’t believe me, but I thought I saw a woman in a bikini run from those cars and dive into this garden.” This must be Mark, Maria thought, trying to hunker down into the hole a little further, trying to ignore the chill as she felt the muck now on her pussy, stomach and breasts.

“Okay, you’re mad. Why would a woman be in a bikini, at 11 o’clock at night, in the street for fuck’s sake?” Why indeed, thought the woman in a bikini, at 11 o’clock at night, in the street for fuck’s sake.

“Well, she’s not in the skip, she’s not in the garden, and she’s not in fact real, you fuckwit! You must have seen a fox.”

“A fox? In what universe does a small, red fox look like a tall woman with big tits?”

“In the universe of your tiny little mind, wild imagination section, downstairs and turn right” The voices gradually receded with Mark being mocked by his laughing friends as they went on their way. Maria’s heart was going like an express train when she thought how close they’d been. She felt a familiar tingle in her pussy caused by her near-miss with discovery, humiliation and everything else which might have ensued.

Maria got out of the hole, cold, dirty and dripping wet to sneak a look to see if the coast was clear. The street being deserted once again, she carried on to the end without further mishap. As she went past the entrance to the park, she realised it was a short cut to the parade of shops Kelly had told her to go to, and she entered it, glad to be off the street and out of the lights.

She knew she was far too muddy to walk into a shop, but then she remembered there was a small pond in the middle of the park where she could try and clean up a little. She made her way to the pond and stepped into it before she had time to think about how cold it was going to be. She was right –it was freezing and, as she squatted down to splash herself, she was shivering.

The loud, hacking cough which erupted out of the dark on the side of the pond a couple of yards away so took her by surprise that she lost her balance and fell onto her back into the middle of the pond, soaking her body and splashing her face and hair.

“’Ello, darlin’”, she heard and then saw him, emerging from the shadows, and obviously standing up from the park bench where he had been lying down when he’d seen this vision of near-naked loveliness getting into the water in front of him and bending down to give him a perfect view of her magnificent arse. He was the archetypal park tramp – unshaven, long lank hair, missing and blackened teeth, dirty rain coat tied with string, fingerless gloves clutching a bottle of cider, and shoes with holes in the soles.

“C’mere ‘n’ give us a kiss, gorgeous!” he called out, but Maria was scrambling to get her feet beneath her and stand up in the water. She turned and ran across to the opposite side, ignoring the water splashing up around her thighs. The water was only about a foot deep, but she was getting pretty wet. The tramp, seeing her disappear at speed, decided she wasn’t worth chasing, and returned to his bench and dreams of meeting, charming and fucking Salma Hayek.

Maria stopped at the far side of the park to calm down, catch her breath and check whether she could now cross to the shop she was heading for without being seen. She was shivering and dripping and, seeing no-one around, she dashed across the street and went into the shop.

Kelly had told her to go to the Chinese supermarket, which was open until midnight, and had given her a bizarre list of items to buy. The heater at the open door blew hot air over her chilled body and she stood underneath it for several minutes, warming herself. The neon strip lights in the shop were very bright, temporarily blinding her. When her eyes adjusted and she looked down at herself, she remembered why she had only worn the bikini once. Her nipples and their rings were perfectly visible through the wet and now completely transparent material and anyone could see she shaved, and also that her pussy lips were slightly swollen, engorged as they were in her already aroused state. Bloody Italian designer crap!

The man behind the counter, Xiang Li, had been in the retail business for over 70 years, but the woman now standing in the doorway was the most inappropriately dressed shopper he had ever seen. The sign in the window read ‘No Shirt, No Shoes, No Entry’, but he decided to make an exception in this case. He checked that the CCTV cameras were correctly focused and zoomed in, and that the recorder was running, then he hit the panic button under the counter. A few seconds later, three young men, his grandsons, raced into the shop carrying baseball bats, ready to repel all-comers. While initially disappointed that their grandfather was not lying bleeding on the floor, they soon got over it when they saw the vision in the doorway.

Maria gave up on trying to dry out her bikini and got on with her shopping. The list of things Kelly wanted her to buy were either just designed to cause Maria the maximum amount of embarrassment at the checkout, or she was planning a late night gang bang, or possibly both. A large box of condoms, body paint, body glitter, indoor fireworks – all were on her list and all were found within the confines of this Aladdin's cave. One more thing, a pair of handcuffs, surely not .. oh there you go, in the small but perfectly formed ‘adult’ section of the store! Either Kelly had researched this, or she knew late-night Chinese supermarkets always stocked this stuff.

She couldn’t help but notice the three Chinese lads ‘accidentally’ bumping into her, repeatedly walking past her, or just standing and gawping at the end of the row, but she ignored it. She was kind of getting used to the attention she got these days, and kind of getting used to the buzz inside she got from it.

“Having a party, Miss?” the old man asked as she stood at the checkout.

“Yes”, Maria blushed, but rather less than she expected.

“Would you like to come?” she asked, looking at the three eager, and rather attractive young men. They nodded enthusiastically.

“Okay, but maybe you’d better bring some extra condoms”, she teased. She told them the party started at midnight, but not to cum too early. She knew she would get severe punishment for giving them the address to her apartment, but what the hell, she might enjoy it anyway.

Her journey back to the apartment block was thankfully – or unfortunately, depending on your point of view – uneventful, and Maria started back up the stairs, having decided, as she had for her outward journey, the lift was just too dangerous.

She was nearly halfway to the tenth floor and the sanctuary of her apartment when she heard voices on the stairs above her. She froze, straining to hear, to judge whether they were ascending of descending, to guess how close, and to see if she could recognise who it was. The results were not good – they were discussing how people were messing about in the lifts, they were coming down towards her, they were about to turn the corner to face her, and they were her neighbours, the Johnsons. She had bought girl-scout cookies from their 12-year-old daughter, Jocasta! She had sponsored their 17-year-old daughter, Araminta, in a half marathon! She had helped their 21- year-old daughter, Eugenie, to get an internship, for Christ's sake! She could not be found here, like this!

Making an instant decision, she dashed up the remaining two steps to the fourth floor and dived through the doors into the hallway. She sprinted exactly halfway before skidding to a halt to evaluate her options. In front of her were the fire doors to the fire escape – alarmed, if she went through them she’d be passing ALL her neighbours, then answering questions from a bunch of firemen about wasting their time. Behind her were the glass doors she had just burst through and which the Johnsons would be passing within the next few seconds. On either side of her were the apartment doors of the residents – locked, and sufficiently flush to the wall as to provide no hiding place. She knew she was out of options – nowhere to run to, nowhere to hide; caught in a trap, can’t walk out – her mind could think of nothing but useless song lyrics.

She heard a ping! and looked to her side – the doors of the lift were opening, to reveal three very loud, very drunk and really very good looking city trader types – the full uniform of stripy shirts, red braces and half empty bottles of ludicrously overpriced champagne – whose eyes quickly swivelled onto the vision of near naked loveliness in front of them. There was a pregnant pause, whilst they tried to focus enough to take on board this new situation, and Maria’s mind completed its shutdown process as she abandoned all hope of avoiding total and apartment-life-threatening embarrassment.

“Stripper!” The loud shout of recognition from the three men broke the spell and they piled forward to surround Maria, fumbling and groping her body as she tried to push them away. At that moment, she caught sight of the Johnsons walking by the doors and looking in at the scene. To hide her face, she glued it to the guy in front of her, almost sucking the tongue out of his mouth. The four writhing bodies swayed and staggered across the hallway to a door and, after several false starts, a key was inserted and they literally fell into the apartment.

The scene inside assaulted all of Maria’s senses simultaneously. The sound of techno music blasted at eardrum-bursting volume; the smell of alcohol, cannabis smoke and vomit was overpowering; and the room was lit only by the staccato flashes of a strobe light. The light illuminated a scene of bacchanalian excess, with several more city boys and hooray henrys sprawled around the large room watching several women in various states of undress either dancing together in the middle or crawling over the supine male bodies around the furniture. Maria quickly came to the conclusion that these were prostitutes, first because there was such a predominance of stockings, suspenders, basques, high heels and thick make-up, but mainly because they were making out with these repulsive creatures, who made up for their lack of personality and likeability with money.

Weighed down by a body sprawled across her, Maria was unable to resist when the open neck of a champagne bottle was forced to her lips and the bubbly liquid flowed down her throat. As she coughed, spluttered and gasped for air, she sucked in copious amounts of smoke. She had never conformed to the sales person stereotype and gone out drinking hard and doing drugs, feeling that these just blunted her edge in the great battle of sales, work, life, whatever. Consequently, after only a few minutes of this, she was quite drunk and a little bit high.

Eventually she managed to stagger to her feet and look for the door to get out of this place. The other men, seeing her for the first time, came to the same conclusion as their colleagues,

“Stripper!” The prostitutes seemed to take this not as a noun but as an imperative, quickly surrounding the newcomer, running their hands over her body and untying the strings holding the flimsy bikini on. Maria was shocked by their ‘assault’, but mainly by the extreme reaction she was feeling as her already hot body broke out in a sweat. She felt their hands roaming across her buttocks, squeezing her breasts, pinching her nipples. Suddenly she felt a tongue in her mouth, and not a gentle one. This was not like kissing Kelly, Maria was definitely the kissee, not the kisser, but she knew that, as fingers went down her slit and then up inside her, they would be coming out wet. Maria felt her head spinning, everything was happening so fast … then the strobe light went off and the normal lights came on.

“Hey, look what our stripper brought for us!” the guy holding the carrier bag shouted, before he took out the box of condoms and tossed it to his mate. Next out were the body paint and glitter, which were tossed to the hookers. They seemed to take this as a hint and, deciding Maria was a better target for all this crap than them, held her down on the carpet and started to apply it liberally to her naked body.

Maria squirmed in the grasp of the women as they held her down, but more in response to the touching as her body was covered in swirls, spots and stripes, rather than to resist. Her mind was in a fog from the drink and the fumes, with which they continued to top her up, and she hardly noticed as she was laid on her back over a hastily cleared coffee table. Moments later she felt a cock thrust into her pussy as her legs were waving in the air, far apart, a cock in her mouth and one in each hand. Meanwhile the ladies of the night were arrayed around her, servicing the rest of the party guests. Using their valued, and quite expensive, skills, they brought their clients to the brink of ecstasy with their mouths before, with expert timing and aim, they let the cum spurt out across Maria’s gaudy and sparkly body. All around her, little fireworks were also shooting off in all directions.

All in all, the party was a hit.

* * *

Kelly was worried sick. After the embarrassing events at midnight, when the three Chinese boys had turned up looking for Maria and not been happy at having to leave the apartment without being able to use their condoms, she had been waiting. And waiting.

She knew that if Maria had come to some harm, Colin would be mad, and she would be the one who would suffer. Once again, Maria fucking Hughes was causing her pain.

When the doorbell rang at 4 AM, all her concern turned to anger and hatred. She was so going to thrash that fucking woman, sod the consequences!

As she opened the door, Maria, who had been leaning on it, fell into the apartment and lay on the carpet, giggling. She seemed to be smeared in red, green and gold paint, glitter and what looked like dried cum. She rolled onto her back and smiled stupidly up at Kelly.

“Where the fuck have you been?” Kelly demanded, hands on hips.

“’ve bin too a party, Mizzdrezz” Maria slurred.

“Where’s the stuff I told you to get?” Kelly asked, though she could already see where it had gone. “Where’s my money?”

“Stuff’s gone, Mizzdrezz, but here’s your munny” Maria said and a wad of £100 notes fell out of her hand onto the carpet. And then she fell asleep where she lay with a smile on her face.

End of part 5

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