The Fall
by Jennifer Harrison

Part 4

Maria was being prepared for her punishment. First, Colin had tied rope to the cuffs on her wrists and looped these through the ring on the back of her collar, pulling her arms up behind her back until her hands were held between her shoulder blades. He had strapped a spreader bar to her thighs just above her knees, forcing her legs so far apart her hamstrings were protesting. Now he was fitting a dental gag into her mouth, forcing her jaws apart.

“Of course, this bondage is entirely for show”, he explained as Maria tried to stop herself drooling on the carpet, “As our slave you would accept your punishment anyway, wouldn’t you?”

“’es ’aster”, Maria managed to say, but lost control of her saliva in the process and felt it slide down her chin. She was worried – not by her submission to Colin as her Master, but by the girl, Kelly, Colin’s other slave, and also now her Mistress. She seemed to have taken an instant dislike to the older woman, and Maria hoped they would get a chance to talk at some point and sort out her concerns – Maria believed that issues needed to be aired and discussed so they could be resolved, it worked in business, why not in this twilight world of BDSM?

“Very well”, Colin said as he picked up two canes, handing one to Kelly and flexing the other in front of Maria’s anxious face – the whipping she had received the previous night had been her first experience of corporal punishment and had been horribly painful; she wondered nervously whether caning would be better or worse.

“Now, the first offense was not assuming the correct slave posture”, Colin went on, “Quite a minor offence, so I think five strokes – what do you think, Kelly?”

“Very lenient, Master”, the young girl said, shooting Maria another evil look.

'Why does she have a problem with me,' thought Maria, 'I’m a slave like her and have no intention of pushing her out, even if I could.'

“The other offence, answering back to her Master, is far more serious. What do you say, Kelly?”

“Master, a slave needs to understand her place. A minimum of fifteen strokes is required, if it pleases You.”

Maria whined in fear, could she take that much punishment?

“That seems a little harsh,” Colin said doubtfully.

“Master”, Kelly replied, “Spare the rod, spoil the slave, I think You said to me the first time You punished me.”

Colin laughed. “Very well, twenty in total, we’ll take it in turns. Maria, as this is for your benefit, you will thank the appropriate person after each stroke. Now bend over.”

Maria swallowed hard and bent until her back was parallel to the floor and her ass presented for punishment. She heard the cane swish through the air and her nostrils flared in fear. The next time she heard it, she felt a blazing stripe burn across her buttocks and squealed in alarm as the sharp pain hit her a split second later. She fought to control herself, managing to prevent herself from straightening up, and then getting control of her breathing.

“’ank ’ou, ’aster,” she managed to say. Immediately she felt the second blow and screamed in agony – Kelly must have put everything into the stroke because it seemed far harder than the first. The path the cane had taken seared into her and she felt tears spring to her eyes as she tried to cope with the pain.

“’ank ’ou, ’ist’ess,” she finally managed to whine, watching as long strings of drool now dropped onto the carpet beneath her.

In two more strokes her tears were joining her saliva on the carpet, followed not long after by her snot as she wailed and sobbed uncontrollably. In another few strokes, her bladder released and she felt hot liquid running down her thighs. She had lost count of the strokes and only realised her torment was ended when she saw Colin taking the canes away. Every inch of her buttocks and a fair bit of the tops of her thighs was on fire and she felt like she would never be able to sit down again.

“I have another present for you, Kelly” Colin said, as he brought back what looked to Maria like a very large dildo with some leather straps. Kelly’s eyes lit up and she smiled as she took it from him and turned her back on Maria so she couldn’t see what she was doing.

“Thank you, Master” she said as she turned back around – Maria could now see that it was a strap-on, and, if they came in small, medium and large, Maria thought this was XL / porn star size. She let out a whine which managed to express fear and excitement at the same time. Kelly came around behind her and pushed her to bend over, her knees still held apart by the spreader bar, then slid the dildo into her gaping, swollen and well-lubricated pussy. Maria now groaned loudly in ecstasy as the invader filled her and stretched her more than she’d ever been before. She felt it withdraw and waited in anticipation of the next delicious stroke. But instead she felt it pressing against the tight bud between her buttocks. Her eyes shot open in horror at the realisation that this monster was going to be thrust into her anus, which had only been used in this way for the first time the previous night, and then by a much smaller phallus.

As her sphincter tried to stretch around the massive girth, Maria felt the scream rise in her throat in response to the sudden excruciating pain, but at that precise moment, she found her throat blocked by the intrusion of Colin’s hard erection through her open mouth, still clamped in the dental gag. She felt as if she was being split open by the dildo as Kelly drove it into her mercilessly and she was definitely choking on the cock cutting off her air supply. She was becoming dizzy from a lack of oxygen before she was finally able to suck in a desperate breath whilst trying not to throw up from her gag reflex. The dildo rammed into her again and Colin timed his own thrust to silence her agonised cries once more, as the tears squeezed from her eyes, screwed shut in an effort to cope with the pain from her rectum.

Suddenly she could feel cum being shot down her throat, then as Colin’s erection faded, she tasted cum in her mouth. Kelly thrust into her again and, finally able to express her discomfort, Maria let out an inarticulate howl of pan and despair, which bubbled through the cum and made it spray out of her mouth and run down her chin.

“I think that’s enough, Kelly,” Colin said, to Kelly's frustration and Maria’s relief. The dildo was withdrawn and the spreader bar removed, though Maria was forced to stand bow-legged like a cowboy returning from a month in the saddle.

“Why don’t you help Maria out of her bondage and show her where she’ll be sleeping when she’s here, Kelly, then you and I can go down to the pub”.

“Yes, Master” Kelly replied, before grabbing a handful of Maria’s hair and pulling her towards the room she had originally come from. Maria waddled after her young Mistress, her legs still awkwardly spread by the pain in her rear.

The room they entered was presumably a bedroom in a normal flat, but it had been stripped of all furniture and carpet and the walls were plain white. The floor was covered in plastic sheeting pinned down to the bare floorboards, and there were a myriad of eyebolts set into the walls, ceiling and floor. Maria saw two cages in the corner, each about the size required for a large dog, but she assumed that she would be sleeping in one and Kelly the other. The only other item of furniture in the room was a chest of drawers, which seemed out of place.

As her gag was removed, Maria saw this as her opportunity to set things right with Kelly, although she realised she had to stay within the constraints of their ‘relationship’.

“Mistress, please don’t feel threatened in any way by me, our Master doesn’t want to replace You.” She felt ridiculous being so deferential to a girl half her age, but knew she had to try to allay any concerns she had. Kelly gave her an unpleasant grin.

“You don’t remember me, do you?” she said accusingly. Maria was taken by surprise by this and wracked her brain for any recollection of the woman.

“No, Mistress”, she admitted, wondering how they could have met. Whilst they had been speaking, Kelly went over to the drawers and put the dental gag away, but returned with a wide leather strap with a rubber phallic protrusion on one side and a thin tube with a bulb at the end on the other. As it was offered up to her face, Maria pulled away – wasn’t she meant to be being helped out of her bondage, not put in more?

“Resisting your Mistress?” Kelly asked archly, “Do you want more punishment?” Maria certainly didn’t and realised that, with her arms still twisted up behind her back, she was hardly in a position of strength. Hurriedly, she opened her mouth and leaned forward to put the rubber phallus in, before Kelly buckled the strap tight behind her head. Maria tried to make herself understood around the new gag, so she could beg that her Mistress would explain herself, but only muffled sounds came out and, after Kelly had pumped the bulb a few times, even that was denied her as the phallus expanded to fill her mouth and stretch her jaw until she felt like it was going to become unhinged.

Her young Mistress then brought over some vicious-looking nipple clamps, which she applied to Maria, who, deprived of her voice, twisted her body and screwed up her face to express the level of pain and discomfort they were causing. Kelly smiled as she pulled on the chain between them, making Maria suffer even more.

Maria didn’t have to worry that Kelly was not going to explain herself, that was exactly what she planned to do. “I came to work at your company not long ago as an intern”, Kelly said as she made Maria kneel on the floor and crawl into one of the cages. The cage wasn’t big enough for Maria to either straighten up or turn around, and her bottom was so sore from both the caning and anal assault she had suffered she just stayed in the kneeling position, her arms still painfully twisted up between her shoulder blades. Kelly spoke to her through the bars.

“I really needed that job”, she continued, “And I reckon I would have got it, but the Personnel lady said they’d had a very negative report from a Ms Hughes in Sales and they couldn’t offer me a full-time post. I was thrown out of my flat because I couldn’t pay my rent and I had to move in here – I’d started seeing Colin while I was at the company. He said that if I was to live here rent free, then I had to become his sex slave – the bastard blackmailed me into this, and all because of you!” Maria swallowed hard, understanding now why the young woman hated her so vehemently.

“I’m eighteen, I’ve had a grand total of three boyfriends in my whole fucking life, and now I’m forced to live here naked and in chains, calling that wanker Master and letting him fuck me, bugger me and make me suck his cock whenever he feels like it. And his creepy mates! He doesn’t let me out on my own, I can’t apply for jobs, so I’m trapped!” A tear ran down Kelly's face, but Maria could also see the look of hatred there, directed at her.

“So I had plenty of time to think, and plan” she went on through gritted teeth, “And you know what? I came up with a plan to get revenge and to get myself free! And you’re it.” Maria suddenly felt sick in the pit of her stomach as the true situation started to dawn on her.

“I suggested to ‘Master’ he dig up something on you off your computer – everyone’s got something they’re ashamed of on their computer, and I already knew he fancied you. And, my, what a lot you’ve got to be ashamed of! I understand you actually came here of your own free will – what a fucking perverted freak you are! Him making me your Mistress and letting me torture you is a real bonus. Also, don’t worry about replacing me – that’s exactly why you’re here. Now our glorious Master has you to fuck and to beat up on, he doesn’t need me, and I can talk him into letting me go. But until he does, I can make your life a living Hell, like you did for me. How does that sound like as a plan to you, cunt?”

As she was saying this, she had grabbed the chain between the clamps on Maria’s nipples and was pulling it through the mesh of the cage. Maria leaned forward towards Kelly to reduce the tension in the chain but was soon up against the mesh and Kelly continued to pull. The clamps tightened their grip on Maria’s nipples as the chain was pulled until the nipples themselves were being pulled through the mesh. Kelly finally tied the chain to an eyebolt in the wall, leaving Maria pressed up against the side of the cage and suffering the biting pain of the clamps on her nipples.

“One last thing,” Kelly said. “I heard Colin say he wouldn’t use that blackmail stuff he has on you. Well, if you try and fuck up my escape plans, I have enough on you to sink you without trace, so don’t even think about getting away before I’m out of here or you’re dead meat, understand?” With that, she got up and went to the door. She switched out the light, closing the door behind her, leaving Maria in the dark, the only light being the thin strip under the door. Ten minutes later, that light also went out, and she heard the main door of the flat slam shut, then silence.

Maria couldn’t really take in what was happening to her. She had been blackmailed into becoming the sex slave of a subordinate co-worker and now she was being blackmailed and tortured by his teenage former girlfriend turned sex slave! It should be the ultimate nightmare for a control freak like her, but instead, despite the pain and the humiliating position she was currently in, despite the degrading treatment she had received, something in her brain told her this was incredibly erotic. Not only had she fallen into a deep abyss from which she could see no escape, she didn’t even want to try.

End of part 4

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