The Fall
by Jennifer Harrison

Part 3

Maria had tried to measure the passage of time in the normal way, but the infernal machine perpetually pumping into her destroyed her ability to concentrate and drove away all thoughts on any subject other than her own rampant libido. Then she tried to measure out time in the quantity and frequency of her orgasms, but pretty soon that broke down too. She was sure she couldn’t sleep in the stress position she had been left in, but she would go from the terrible peak of one climax and remember nothing before she was being roughly hussled towards the next. One crashing orgasm started to run into the next, reducing her to a moaning, aching, sweating wreck.

So she had no idea how long she had been alone when she heard the door unlock and voices inside the workshop. Voices. She heard three, four, maybe five different male voices talking, laughing, joking as they moved towards her. Wearily she raised her head and looked in their direction. The voices trailed off into silence.

Colin knew immediately things were not good – Maria looked about out on her feet, drenched in sweat, her eyes ringed with a look of exhaustion. He quickly stepped forward and switched off the machine which had been fucking her for the last two hours – he cursed that last pint in the pub – released the ratchet on the chain holding her arms and supported her as she collapsed to the concrete.

“Gary, pass that bottle” he called over, and one of the new arrivals took the bottle of water across the shop to the woman – the naked, gagged, handcuffed, incredibly hot woman, he couldn’t help thinking to himself. Colin squirted the water into her mouth through the open ring gag and, when she started to choke and cough it back, splashed it over her face and hair to cool her down. He unlocked her handcuffs, noticing the bruises on her wrists, and then unstrapped the gag, before having to help her to regain control of her mouth and stop drooling down her chin.

“Colin, what the fuck ?” Dave asked incredulously, voicing the dismay of the whole group of lads. They had been told they were coming here for a great time, and instead they seemed to have walked in on their friend kidnapping and raping some poor, innocent, gorgeous woman – possibly a prostitute, looking at what remained of her clothing, but still.

Colin looked at the group looking back at him, although he noticed their attention was mainly on the body of the woman next to him, and knew this could go horribly wrong very quickly. Then Maria spoke. “Please”, she croaked hoarsely, “please –” She broke off coughing and when Colin passed her the water, she swigged deeply from it. She flashed him a smile before she tried to carry on.

“Are these your friends ? Aren’t you going to introduce me ?” There was something quintessentially English about the scene as Colin introduced his best friends – Gary, Dave, Alan, Pete and Deggsy – to this naked woman who had so recently been bound and gagged in front of them, as if they were on a receiving line at the kinkiest wedding ever.

“So, I assume you’ve come here to fuck me ?” Maria said, and watched as their jaws hit the floor, Colin included. This was the reaction she had been looking for when she first walked in here that night. She felt a surge of energy and power run through her body, washing away her exhaustion. She was in a place she knew all about – controlling a bunch of guys with their heads in their crotches. But then she felt uncomfortable – she didn’t want to be in control, she wanted to be out of control.

“Master,” she said as she sunk to her knees in front of Colin, head bowed. “Your slave begs to serve your needs and those of your friends”. The group turned to Colin with a look of stunned confusion.

“So … slave” Colin said, regaining his composure, “Do you want my friends to tie you up ?”

“This slave wants whatever Master chooses for her but, yes, she would like to be tied up.” Maria’s voice fell to a hoarse whisper as she said this, the excitement once more running through her body.

“Gentlemen, I hope the situation is now clear? Grab some rope and join in.” Maria felt a tingling sensation throughout her body as she felt the ropes tighten around her, her breath becoming shallow and rapid as they handled her roughly and her chest was constricted by the bondage. Soon she back in the position with her legs apart, buttocks on display behind, bent forward and arms held uselessly above her. The ring gag was forced back into her mouth and strapped even tighter, if that was possible.

For the first time in her life she was being taken at both ends at once, servicing two men, one in her mouth, the other in her pussy. Another thing was happening for the first time – she was reaching an uncontrolled orgasm. She had always enjoyed sex and she had had many orgasms, but she had either given them to herself or had almost forced her lovers to continue well beyond the point where they were getting any pleasure out of it in order to satisfy her. Yet here she was, being taken by a group of guys who would probably admit to themselves were not the most adept at sustained sexual performance, and it seemed that within moments of them entering her and beginning to get into a rhythm, she was climaxing in the most intense way. She was soon sweaty and exhausted, but she didn’t want it to stop, ever.

After a while it did come to a halt, as the six young men had done all they could, at least for a while, to satisfy her seemingly insatiable appetite. As her wrists were released and she sank to her knees, Maria was at the same time relieved – that she was getting a rest from the strict bondage had been placed in – and disappointed that her night of adventure appeared to be coming to an end. But Colin had other ideas.

As the others rested and wondered if they’d ever be able to get hard again, Colin untied Maria’s ankles and helped her to her feet. But, just as she thought she would be freed, he started wrapping rope around her wrists in front of her, cinching it tight, then pulling it over the hook at the end of the hoist. She watched, rather stunned, as her arms were pulled up over her head and she was stretched up until only her toes trailed on the floor, unable to support her weight.

“Hey, guys!” Colin called over as he retrieved several items from the bag he had brought with him, “Who wants to help me teach this slut what being a slave is really all about?” Dave looked doubtfully at the leather-fronded flogger Colin had just put in his hand, and at the others he was handing out.

“Are you sure about this, Colin?” he asked.

“Oh, for God’s sake, Dave, man up!” Colin sneered, “She’s already told you she wants to do whatever it takes to please you, so think Nike, just do it!” As he said this, he swung round and snapped the flogger in his hand across Maria’s defenceless midriff. Her scream echoed back off the metal and concrete, followed by others as Colin lashed her mercilessly across her thighs and pussy. Dave finally got with the programme and started on her back, while Alan decided her breasts were a good target.

Maria was suddenly in a world of pain, every part of her body screaming out. she twisted and turned, trying to somehow get away from the blows, but they were coming from every direction. She hated the pain, there was nothing erotic about this, how could anyone think it was a turn-on to be whipped? And yet … it wasn’t that she was aroused by pain as she had been by bondage, it was that it was another aspect of her no longer being in control, albeit an unpleasant one. At the same time as she was hating every second, she wanted it, she needed it.

The three men flogging her had reinvigorated themselves and now ceased their assault, approaching her sweat-covered body hanging limply from the ropes with other things in mind. Maria felt them grab her aching limbs and suddenly she fond herself impaled, one cock thrust into her pussy and another finally violating her anal passage for the first time. By the time they had finished with her, she looked up to see the other four ready to resume …

At last Maria, exhausted and sore, hoisted herself off the floor to see the group of men who had taken everything her body could give them, were leaving. Colin helped her to her feet and recovered her clothes from around the workshop. Once she had dressed, he handed her a card.

“This address, 7 o’clock tonight”, he said, “But Maria, this time, its your choice. I won’t do anything with that stuff I found on your computer, its gone, no-one will ever know. Only come tonight if you want to.” She staggered outside into the early dawn, realising she would never get a taxi at this time, in this neighbourhood, in this state, and started to walk back to her apartment. By the time she got home, she had just about enough energy to crawl into bed still in her clothes and fall asleep.

When she awoke, some time that afternoon, she got out of her disgusting clothes and took a long, hot shower. It was over! She’d won! Once again, Maria Hughes had used her innate sexuality and her will to win to get out of a difficult situation and beat her opposition. Of course, she knew she needed more than just his word – she never accepted any deal without a signed contract – but she knew enough about people to know he hadn’t been lying.

As she dressed and fixed herself something to eat, she knew something was wrong. She should have been feeling pleased with herself, but instead she was just feeling empty. She realised that she really had changed – she had found out something about herself and she didn’t want to try and pretend it had never happened, to go back to the way it was.

So she found herself standing outside an unprepossessing tower block in South London nervously biting her lip like a schoolgirl on a first date. She had dressed conservatively – certainly more conservative than the previous night – in a little black dress, low heels and chic and stylish underwear, although she didn’t think it was going to be important what she was wearing.

Colin’s flat was on the tenth floor and the lift was broken, as always, so Maria was out of breath and her heart thumping by the time she reached his door, although it wasn’t entirely down to the stairs. She noticed her hand was shaking as she rang the bell. The door opened and Colin greeted her with a smile and a polite kiss. He invited her in and poured her a glass of red wine – she always drank white, but then he hadn’t asked. She looked around the sitting room and saw that it was exactly as you would expect of a young IT graduate – second hand three-piece suite, second hand 1960s dining table and chairs, top of the range TV, audio and computer equipment. They sat on the suite facing each other.

“So, Maria”, Colin started, “I am delighted and a little surprised to see you here. I have only one question – why?” It seemed to Maria that she was always on the back foot with this guy – maybe that was part of the attraction. She took a large slug of her wine and smiled nervously.

“I-I w-want to be your s-slave, Master”, she stuttered, appalled at her totally amateurish performance – for God’s sake, she’d presented to CEOs and boards of directors, yet here she was before a twenty-year old boy falling over her words.

“Interesting”, Colin said coolly, “What do you think being my slave involves?” Maria was nonplussed by his reaction – she hadn’t expected to be interviewed for the position!

“Er, you treat me as your slave … you control my sex life, I service you in whatever way you command … Master?” She knew it was lame, but it was the best she could do. She felt terrible, she had the awful realisation that, having laid herself entirely open to him, he was going to reject her.

“Don’t panic, Maria”, Colin smiled, “I just want to be sure you know what you’re committing yourself to, because once you do, there’s no going back.”

“Thank you, Master”, Maria gushed, feeling pathetically grateful.

“I will be taking control of your sexuality”, he went on, “I will decide if and when you cum – you will be trained, and it may be harsh and difficult. Do you understand and accept this ?”

“Yes, Master.”

“You will be used for my pleasure, not yours. You may be used by whoever I decide in whatever way, as you were last night. Do you understand and accept this?”

“Yes, Master.”

“I share this flat. You will be slave not only to me, but to my flatmate. Do you understand and accept this?” Maria swallowed hard, she had not expected this.

“Yes, Master.”

“Very well. Let’s get started. Strip”

“Yes, Master.” Maria took off her dress, underwear and shoes, then knelt on the floor before her new Master. Colin looked down on her and smiled inside, while managing to keep a neutral expression on his face.

“Very good, Maria. Just one mistake, the punishment for which we can sort out later.” Maria looked alarmed at this, wondering what she had done wrong. Colin gave her a slight smile and explained.

“The correct submissive position for a slave in front of her Master is kneeling, with knees as far apart as possible, hands behind the back, and eyes downcast.”

“But Master”, Maria protested, “I didn’t know that, You hadn’t told me.” She saw the angry look on Colin’s face and knew she had made another mistake. She quickly opened her legs, put her arms behind her and stared down at the carpet.

“You sound as though you are blaming me for your error!” he said in an outraged tone.

“No, Master!” Maria exclaimed in horror, then more submissively, “Sorry, Master.”

“We will deal with THAT later as well. Now, go and put your clothes in the box by the door, put on the collar and cuffs you will find there and lock the box, then come back here.”

Maria skittered off to the door, feeling embarrassed at the way her large breasts swung and jiggled as she did so, and opened the metal box she found there. She saw four leather cuffs and a steel collar, which she took out and replaced with her clothes. She shut the box and closed the hasp of the padlock she found next to the box. She strapped the cuffs on her wrists and ankles, noting the four D rings on each. She then picked up the collar and examined it. It was about an inch high and maybe quarter of an inch thick and she saw that it also had connection points for restraints but they were more subtle than the large D rings. It also had an integral lock on the opposite side from the hinge and it was lined with soft leather. She knew that as soon as she put it around her neck it would lock and she would be trapped in it until her Master decided to release her.

'Trapped? Isn’t this what I want?', she thought, 'To relinquish responsibility?' She closed the steel band, hearing the soft click of the lock and feeling the collar squeeze her neck gently but constantly, not restricting her breathing at all but reminding her of its presence at all times. She scurried back to the sitting room and resumed her position at Colin’s feet, trying to control her shallow breathing and pounding heart. As she looked down, she saw the slickness on her inner thighs and flushed red in embarrassment.

“Very good, Maria” Colin smiled encouragingly, “Now you will always be naked in this flat unless I tell you differently, and that includes entering the flat, so you will need to strip before you try to enter.”

“Yes, Master.” Maria said quietly, wondering at the possibilities from embarrassment there.

“Now, I’m sure you’d like to meet my flatmate.” Colin went to one of the doors leading off the sitting room and went into the room beyond. He returned a minute or two later and Maria’s eyes widened in shock and a growing sense of horror.

He was being followed by a young woman – no more than a girl, in Maria’s eyes – and she was naked. She was about five feet two, had short, spiky black hair and a very slim, almost boyish figure – unlike Maria, she had small breasts and slender hips. Her pubic hair had been removed and she wore cuffs and collar identical to Maria’s – she was clearly Colin’s slave as well. But this wasn’t what horrified Maria, it was the fact that she had agreed to be this girl’s slave!

“Kelly, this is Maria, Maria, this is Kelly” Maria glanced up and saw a look of hatred in the girl’s face, before she got down on the carpet next to her and assumed the submissive posture. The look had been wiped away and replaced by a blank expression.

“Now, I don’t want any jealousy or bad feeling between my slaves,” Colin said sternly, discerning that this was a distinct possibility. “Kelly, you’re not getting replaced by Maria.” Kelly’s face remained blank.

“Maria will be able to help you out in so many ways. In fact, she’s your slave as well, aren’t you?” Maria looked nervously at the girl alongside her.

“Yes, Master … Yes, Mistress.”

This seemed to perk Kelly's interest, and she turned to look at Maria with a twinkle in her eye. Maria felt distinctly uneasy, but at the same time, she realised her heart was beating faster again – the thought of having ceded control to this girl probably half her age, while frightening, was turning her on. She thought just how far she had fallen, in little more than 24 hours, from a high-powered sales manager shooting for a directorship to sex slave of not one person, but two, one of them a teenage girl!

“Now”, Colin said with a smirk, “We have Maria’s punishment to discuss”. Maria swallowed nervously as she looked from her Master to her Mistress.

End of part 3

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