The Fall
by Jennifer Harrison

Part 2

Maria knew she somehow had to gain the upper hand over the creep who had violated her position of power and reduced her to some pathetic submissive girl in her own office, supposedly a place of fear and dread for junior employees and subordinates.

‘Wear something sexy’ he had said – well, Maria knew everything about sexy. She surveyed her walk-in wardrobe, looking for the killer outfit which would have this would-be blackmailer eating out of her hand. She passed over the business suits, evening dresses and cocktail dresses which all shouted ‘powerful woman in charge!’ and moved on to the less subtle outfits – a range of leather, latex and even PVC from which the clear message was ‘Dominatrix’. She considered her range of costumes – policewoman, lawyer, doctor, nurse, schoolteacher, army colonel – but didn’t feel they quite met the requirement. What would really intimidate an IT geek, probably not used to dealing with real women, and turn him into putty in her hands ? The answer came to her and she smiled at her own cunning.

When she was finally ready, she appraised herself in the mirror and liked what she saw. From her vertiginous stilettos, via her fishnet stockings, shiny black plastic skirt so short her garters were on display and her red latex boob tube, to her big, brassy blonde wig and her lurid makeup, she was every inch the very expensive hooker. She had accessorised with the thin stainless steel collar, ankle bracelet and belly button piercing. And the fun didn’t stop there – if it came to it, she could unnerve him with her nipple rings, and her freshly shaved pubic mound now glittering with a fine vajazzle decoration !

She knew that any man seeing her would immediately want her and, at the same time, wonder if he could afford her. He would also know that, however much he thought he knew about sex, this broad would been there and done it all ! If he wasn’t intimidated by her, he had just died of a heart attack.

The first man exposed to Maria’s 1,000 watt sexuality was the taxi driver, and a heart attack was a distinct possibility. He was sure that, despite appearances, she wasn’t a prostitute – she just gave off the wrong vibe. Normally he wouldn’t pick up a woman dressed like that, and certainly wouldn’t go to the address she had given him on the card, but there was something about her that made her impossible to refuse. Despite his many years of experience as a cabbie, the driver was struggling to avoid having an accident, with his gaze locked on his rear view mirror and the sight of her parted thighs …

As they neared their destination, Maria thought that maybe she should have paid a little more than no attention to where she had been told to go. They were in a particularly seedy part of town, south of the river, an area she wouldn’t normally be seen dead in, and one for which her current garb was spectacularly inappropriate – she was going to fit right in with all the other street-walkers !

The taxi driver dropped her on a poorly lit street and got out of there as quickly as possible, not bothering to put on his ‘available for hire’ light. She checked her watch – just before 11pm – and looked around for Colin. There were various groups of youths wandering about but he was nowhere to be seen and the address on the card was definitely for the auto repair shop which she was standing outside, though it seemed dark and deserted. She nearly jumped out of her skin when she felt a hand on her shoulder and she spun round, ready for fight more than flight, her natural reaction to a stress situation. A figure was leaning casually against the wall.

“Right on time, as always, Maria” Colin’s voice held an amused tone, “Never be late for a sales call, eh ? And from the look of you, you are the goods on offer tonight !” Maria fought to bring down her heart rate and regain her own composure – she had not made the first impression she had hoped, but she could recover it.

“Well, if you’re going to treat me like a whore, I thought I might as well look the part.” She put as much contempt into her voice as possible and adopted a pose with one hand on her jutting hip, wishing she smoked so she could blow it in his face.

“You play the part so well, darling” he smirked, “I trust you brought the gag and cuffs ?” Maria was annoyed by this reference to her earlier humiliation but she pulled the offending items out of her bag and offered them to him. He took the ball gag but not the cuffs.

“Put them on for me, like you did before” he said calmly and casually – neither of them needed to voice the unspoken threat. Maria looked round and saw that the street was unnervingly busy for this time of night, groups of young men and women heading from one pub or club to the next, in various states of drunkenness and in skimpy or outlandish dress. She had already attracted a lot of attention with her own dress and was about to attract a lot more. Things were already getting away from her again and she felt frightened but also excited by her lack of control. With her heart pounding, she locked her wrists behind her back.

Colin moved in and pinned her against the wall. This guy, at whom she wouldn’t normally look once, never mind twice, had his hand on her breasts and his tongue in her mouth, and she found herself responding, pushing back with her own tongue, arching her back, thrusting her hips at him. He rolled down the boob tube, releasing her magnificent breasts, and fondled her already hardening nipples. Maria didn’t care who could see or who was watching, she pulled at the cuffs, enjoying the way they bit into the skin of her wrists, preventing her from resisting the crude groping of this sick pervert.

At last they broke the embrace and Maria looked over at a group of lads who were leering at her, appreciating a now-unobstructed view of her bare chest. Somehow their stares just made her hotter.

“I think we should take this inside, don’t you ?” Colin said as he took her by the arm and steered her towards the door of the auto repair shop. He pulled out a large bunch of keys and unlocked the door, before pulling her inside and locking it behind them. The garage was lit only by the streetlights shining through the high windows and Maria could only vaguely see the cars, equipment and work bays in the shadows. There was a lingering smell of engine oil hanging in the air.

Her top was now twisted uselessly around her waist but she didn’t care. Her chest was heaving from her shallow, excited breaths and she turned to face him, as if challenging him as to what his next action would be.

“Take off the top and skirt, Maria” he ordered, making no move towards her. She thought about resisting, about protesting that such a task was impossible with her hands cuffed behind her back, but she didn’t. She was in the excitement of the moment, and wanted to find out where this would lead – she was so used to being the one giving the orders, it was thrilling to know she was firmly in someone else’s power.

So she struggled to pull down the zip on her microskirt and then shimmied it down over her hips and onto the floor, where she kicked it away into the darkness. Then she pulled the boob tube down and similarly dispatched it to some corner of the workshop. She stood, legs planted firmly and proudly, unashamed of her naked body. Colin flipped a switch and she was illuminated by the harsh neon strip light overhead, showing up the thin sheen of sweat which she had developed in her overexcited state. Colin walked slowly towards her, appraising her, drinking in her impressive form, while she seemed to be preening under his admiring gaze. He reached out for her rock-hard nipples, squeezing them between thumb and forefinger, noting how she closed her eyes and parted her lips in response to his touch. She jumped, startled, as she felt him tie the blindfold over her eyes, leaving her only her sense of hearing, and of touch.

“Nice jewels” he laughed as his fingers trailed over the jewels on her Venus mound, though she was far more interested in where his fingers moved on to, as they parted her recently shaved labia and rubbed her engorged clitoris. She gave an involuntary gasp in response and bit her lip.

“What would you like me to do, Maria ?” Colin asked quietly, now only inches from her, feeling her hot breath on his face. Maria didn’t trust herself to speak, wasn’t sure what she’d say if she did speak. She felt his fingers slide into her hot, wet, very receptive cunt.

“I want you to fuck me” she whispered hoarsely, shocked by her own wantonness, the tone of desperate longing in her voice.

“What, me ?” he mocked, pushing his fingers a little deeper, “Just some oiky IT grunt student ? When you could have any man you fancy ? Why me, Maria ? What can I give you that you can’t get from all the others ? What else do you want me to do to you, Maria ? What is it you really want ?” The 35-year old sales manager felt utterly unmanned by the responses her body was giving. She had spent the twenty years of her sexual maturity denying to herself the answers to those questions and suddenly, here in this filthy place, on this hot night, with this strange inquisitor and, above all, with the handcuffs biting into her wrists, she couldn’t hold them back any more.

“I want you to tie me up and fuck me !” she blurted out, “I want you to tie me so fucking tight I can hardly breathe ! I want you to gag me so I can’t scream out and I want you fuck me till I can’t stand up, in my cunt, in my mouth, in my arse ! Just do it all to me, all night, all fucking day ! Just do it !” Maria was panting hard after her outburst, the pent up frustration coming out in her desperate appeal. She couldn’t see but could imagine the smug grin of satisfaction on Colin’s face as he heard the woman of his dreams making all his dreams come true. But he wasn’t quite satisfied.

“Beg me” he said in an almost off-hand tone, “Beg your master to treat you like the slut you so clearly are.” If Maria had had an ounce of self-control left, she would have baulked at this request. But having finally voiced her innermost desires, she would go to any lengths to have them fulfilled now.

“Master, this slave begs you to mistreat her in any way You see fit, as she is nothing more than a worthless piece of shit only useful to service Your needs” She had seen enough porn along these lines to know the required dialogue but, unlike the pneumatic actresses usually spouting these lines, she actually meant every word.

Colin didn’t need any further encouragement. Switching off the phone he had used to record her impromptu confession, just in case he needed it, he set about restraining her. She felt chains wrapped and locked around her ankles, holding her feet wide apart as they were attached to bolts in the concrete floor. Her jaw was pulled down and he felt a gag being forced into her open mouth and strapped tight behind her head. She explored it with her tongue, quickly determining that it was a ring gag. She felt as if she was entering some kind of dream world, these things which she’d read about for so long, suddenly she was experiencing for the first time, and all in a mad headlong rush. Her wrists, already cuffed, were suddenly dragged up into the air amid the sound of chain rattling through a pulley, and she was forced to bend over forwards, presenting her beautifully rounded cheeks out behind her. Already she could feel saliva drooling from her mouth, her own sex juices leaking from her cunt and dribbling down her thigh, and she was struggling to hear anything above the pounding of blood in her ears.

She was shocked when she felt something being pushed into her virgin anus. She had never even playfully or experimentally put a finger up there – it was dirty, disgusting – but now something thick and cold and slimy – hopefully a coating of lubricant – was being forced into her. She felt something happening at the back of her head and then her head was pulled back sharply by the gag strap and the invader pulled deep into her back passage. She could no longer move her head without affecting the thing inside her and she suddenly realised what had been done to her – an image from some porn website of a woman with a big metal hook in her anus tied to the gag in her mouth came to Maria’s mind and she knew she was now that woman.

“There”, Colin said, a little breathlessly, “That’s better !” He looked at her stretched form and actually pinched himself to check he wasn’t dreaming. He’d done it ! The most beautiful woman in the office – no, pretty much the most beautiful woman he’d ever spoken to – was in front of him, blindfolded, gagged, strings of drool hanging from her mouth, tits swinging below her, ass sticking out behind her, tightly held in unbreakable chains. He tried to get control of his heart rate and his voice before he spoke again – he was the one supposed to be in charge here, not her.

“I hope you’re enjoying your bondage” he said as smoothly as he could manage. “Time to make it a little more interesting”.

Maria knew she was entirely helpless, entirely powerless to stop him from doing whatever he wanted to her, no matter how sick, how degrading, disgusting or even painful. She had no choice but to endure whatever he decided she should receive. She had never been more excited in her life. She knew it was sick, wrong, perverted, sinful. But she was not regretting her decision to finally give in to her true nature.

She let out a squeal of surprise as she felt something suddenly bite into her left nipple, then the same thing on her right. It was like he was running through a checklist of all the bondage she had ever fantasised about, and she cringed as she felt his fingers pushing her pussy lips apart and then the clamp close around her clitoris. She screamed for real this time, the pain in her most sensitive place unimaginable, but as she threw herself from side to side trying to somehow free herself, the tight grip of the chains on her limbs reinforced her helplessness in a thrillingly erotic way. There were tears on her face but she was closer to orgasm than at any time since she had first arrived.

She felt something nudging between her wet, swollen labia and wondered what was going to happen to her now. She expected the thing to be thrust into her mercilessly, without a care for her comfort or pleasure but, disappointingly, it just sat there, barely inside her. She tried to push herself back onto whatever it was, but it swung back, infuriating her. She let out an incoherent howl of frustration.

“Be patient, you horny little bitch”, Colin chided good-naturedly, running his hand appreciatively over the smooth flesh of her buttock and thigh, feeling it shudder under his touch.

“This is the bit where the evil super-villain explains the terrible fate awaiting the bound and helpless beautiful victim” Maria’s heart beat a little faster, not in fear but excitement.

“Before I got into IT, I did my degree in biomechanical engineering. The thing nudging against your hungry little cunt is a straightforward fucking machine [Maria almost fainted when she heard this – the thought of being endlessly fucked by a machine was almost too exciting to bear] but the control is a little adaptation of my own. It uses these heart and perspiration sensors [Maria felt something stuck to her chest and her right buttock] to control the motor. Basically, the more excited you get, the harder and faster the machine fucks you. It works off the mains, so no dead battery disappointment – ever. Oh, and there’s an additional surprise as you get towards your inevitable climax. Enjoy !”

As he finished speaking, Maria heard a motor start up and, more importantly, felt the dildo, whose tip had been teasing her, slowly slide into her vagina. She thought she might cum right then as the anatomically correct but scaled up silicone cock filled her in both girth and depth. As it pulled out, she let out a long moan of pleasure at its invasion and frustration at its withdrawal. She rattled the chains holding her, yanking at her bonds, not so much to try to free herself as to remind herself she was unable to resist the thing abusing her, which was exactly what she craved.

Colin watched, fascinated, absent-mindedly toying with himself, as Maria thrashed in her bondage, impatiently pushing her hips back to meet the phallus, gradually increasing the speed and length of its thrusts as her level of arousal went up. As she began to approach her orgasm, he smiled as the machine’s secondary function kicked in.

Maria found her squeals of ecstasy turned to screams of pain and surprise as she felt the clamps on her nipples and clitoris pulling downwards, biting deeper as the chain which joined them was wound tighter around the machine’s additional slowly rotating shaft. It felt as if these most sensitive parts of her body would be ripped away, the tension became so great. Maria was going out of her mind with the conflicting waves of pain and pleasure coursing through her body, but at last she screamed out the most exquisitely tortured climax of her life. When at last she came down off that impossibly high plateau, she hung, drenched and exhausted, in her chains. The fucking machine, having released the chains, resumed its languid probing.

“Well, you seem to be enjoying that, so I’ll leave you to it for a while”, Colin said, bitterly regretting that he had decided to postpone his own gratification but knowing that, once taken, he would be no use to her, and he wanted to make this a most memorable night for her.

For Maria, it had already been the most memorable night of her life. Stripped, chained, gagged, fucked – it had previously been just the stuff of her wildest erotic fantasies. As she heard the door close and lock, she realised she was alone with the unrelenting machine, which she could not escape, which threatened to make her cum over and over and over again. Whatever she had been before, she had become something else this night. She wondered, with a mixture of trepidation and excitement, what other surprises the night held.

End of part 2

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