by Jennifer Harrison

Part 1

Author’s comment: this is result of a collaborative effort between me and mrhungry.

Amanda appraised the man she had come to meet as he sat at the hotel bar, unaware of her presence. He was in his mid-forties, attractive, wore a well-cut and expensive suit, but she could tell that the body underneath it was toned and powerful – which seemed to back up what he had told her on the phone, that he was ex-Special Forces. She could certainly imagine, under different circumstances, being attracted to him, but right now she needed to be careful and focus. She continued to watch the man, and the activity in the bar, for the next ten minutes. Once she was satisfied that he wasn’t being observed by anyone else, she approached him.

“Mr Janes? Hello, I’m Charlotte Burton, we spoke on the phone.” She hoped that the use of her middle name and unmarried surname, along with the brunette wig and dark glasses, would protect her identity, at least until she was sure about this guy. They shook hands, he ordered her a drink, and they moved to a table out of earshot of the other patrons.

“Thank you for agreeing to see me, Miss Burton. Let me reassure you once again that everything you say or do, now and in the future, will be treated in strictest confidence. Now, how can I help?”

Before she replied, Amanda took out a small device that scanned for transmissions, and waved it in his direction. Satisfied, she put it back in her bag.

“Would you turn out your pockets, please, Mr Janes? I need to check that you have no recording devices on you.” He did as she asked, placing his Blackberry, which he now switched off, on the table.

“You can also frisk me for wires if you like,” he offered, taking off his jacket. She took him up on the offer, running her hands over his chest, around his waist, and even feeling his thighs. She liked what she felt, but didn’t find any concealed electronics. His calm reaction to being searched helped to settle her nerves, and reinforced his claim of offering the confidential service she so desperately needed.

“I hope you don’t mind, I’ve been deceived before,” Amanda explained as they both returned to their seats.

“No problem, a wise precaution,” he smiled, “shall we continue?”

Amanda looked around nervously before she spoke. “I am interested in the services you offer, Mr Janes. But I need to understand how you would go about … delivery.”

“Certainly, Miss Burton,” Janes began smoothly. “Obviously, I cannot reassure you with tales of my many satisfied clients, as that would compromise their confidentiality. So, I will describe my methods, so you can see that I operate in a strictly professional manner.

“Firstly, let me reassure you that there is nothing illegal in what we do. Only consenting adults are involved and we will do nothing you have not already asked for. Secondly, you are always in control. You say exactly what you want to happen, when, where, and for how long. This is achieved by having you complete a detailed questionnaire which documents your requirements.”

“What if I don’t want to be in control?” Amanda asked, nervously sipping her drink.

“In that case, you set your limits, and we deliver a range of experiences based on those instructions. So, while you will have no idea exactly what will happen, you know it will not go further than you wish. It can be as out of control as you make it. Would you mind giving me an idea of the kind of experience you would be looking for?”

Amanda realised her hands were shaking as she put her drink down. She was nervous, but incredibly excited.

“I wish to be … dominated,” she replied, finding it difficult to articulate her needs. “My fantasies are pretty … extreme.

“That’s no problem at all,” Janes replied calmly, recognising and accepting her embarrassment, “you can indicate areas of particular interest when you complete the questionnaire.

“To execute most of the scenarios specified by clients, I have a couple of actors on retainer from the adult film industry – porn stars if you like. There are a number of reasons for this – they are professionals, and used to acting out sexual fantasies; they understand the need for confidentiality; they are clean, as they have to be tested for STDs every month – you will also need to be tested and certified, by the way; and they are, generally, physically attractive, as this is their livelihood. I also use specialists for specific work, people I have known and worked with for many years and trust completely.”

He paused, and looked at the nervous woman, in her rather obvious disguise, seated across from him.

“So, do you have any questions for me?”

The young woman could feel her heart pounding and was struggling to think straight.

“How do I get started?”

Janes smiled briefly and handed her a computer disk.

“This will install a program on your computer which will take you through the questionnaire. When you’re happy with your responses, it will send them to me in encrypted form. Have you done the kind of things you want to try with us before?”

Amanda considered lying, but suspected it would be a bad idea. She shook her head, feeling rather pathetic.

“Thank you for being honest,” Janes said, giving her an encouraging look, “I would therefore advise a ‘taster’ session – a limited scenario, maybe two or three hours only, in a neutral environment – maybe this hotel – where you try a selection of the things which really interest you. Then you can decide if this is going to work for you. What do you think?”

Amanda nodded gratefully at the suggestion. She looked down at the disk in her hand and wondered what she was letting herself in for.

- o O o -

She was still wondering a week later, as she sat on the edge of the bed in the hotel room. At 26, Amanda Beale had already had an eventful life. Her dating of Piers Beale, heir to his father’s fortune and a notorious lothario, had taken her from the quiet anonymity of university life to the gossip columns of every tabloid newspaper in Britain, and a few of the quality papers too. She was a young, attractive blonde, which made her picture on the front page, as she and Piers fell out of a nightclub or into a taxi, almost a daily event.

The ‘whirlwind romance’, as the papers insisted on calling it, became a summer wedding less than six months later, complete with the obligatory celebrity spread in OK! magazine. Less than six months after that, she had caught Piers in bed with the first of a string of ‘leggy lovelies’, as they were known in the tabloids. She had forgiven him, then and many times after that – unfortunately, she was in love, and believed him each time he said he would change. The marriage lurched on for five years until, bizarrely, he divorced her, citing irreconcilable differences. The divorce hearings had been a media circus, as Piers attempted to smear her name and character in court, in an ultimately vain attempt to deny her money in the settlement. He revealed pictures he had taken of her when they had first met – she was paying her way through university, working briefly as a pole dancer – and details of their sex life, and how she had, on one drunken evening, asked him to ‘tie her up and ravish her’, as he put it.

The headlines said it all – “DEPRAVED!” From that moment on, it was like she was a hunted animal, and there were no holds barred as the tabloids tracked their prey. Her phone had been hacked, long-lens photos of her in her bedroom were published, and her bins were ransacked for information. She had been doorstepped, ‘papped’ and generally harassed by the press for months. But the worst intrusion was the sting operation she had been targeted with. The guy had been good-looking, charming, and thoughtful, right up until the point where he had got her naked, gagged and tied to the bed. Then the camera had come out. He made a fortune selling the video and stills to a whole range of publications, but it had merely cemented her image in the public imagination as a ‘depraved slut’.

Since then, for nearly twelve months, she had lived as a virtual recluse. Now here she was, about to risk everything in some mad attempt to satisfy those dark and dirty desires which had got her into trouble in the first place. She was jolted out of her reverie when the phone rang.

“There are two gentlemen in reception asking for you, Miss,” the female receptionist said, “shall I send them up?” Amanda tried to clear her head and think straight. Her mind was telling her this was a bad idea – she was putting herself in the perfect position to be screwed, both literally and figuratively. She had no proof that these guys weren’t paparazzi, ready to strip her naked and photograph her, just like had happened before. The thought sent a shiver through her body. Her body – that was the problem. While her head was full of doubts, her body had no doubt at all – it was telling her to go through with this, it wanted this, it needed this. She had never needed anything so much.

“Excuse me, Miss?” the reception prompted, wondering what was going on. Amanda finally managed to stammer out her assent.

Now she started to panic, the way you do when receiving ‘gentlemen callers’ – checking her breath, straightening her dress, fiddling with her hair. She looked at herself in the mirror – the little black dress hugged her slender figure nicely, the stockings made her legs look even better, and the high heels made her seem considerably taller than her 5ft 3 in. She knew she looked good, but these guys were used to dealing with – and fucking – gorgeous women, what would they think of her? She had that all-too-familiar feeling of being frumpy, inadequate and full of nervous excitement, like a teenager on a first date.

The knock on the door made her jump. When she looked through the spyhole, she was surprised by the sight of the two men, dressed in dark suits, one was even carrying a briefcase, and she wondered for a moment if they were two businessmen who had got the wrong room. Both looked smart, both were tall and well-built under their suits. One, who was smiling, had short, dark hair and was clean-shaven, while the other one was bald, with a well-trimmed moustache and beard. He had a look that frightened her – he looked mean and angry, like he resented being here and was going to take it out on whomever he could.

Suddenly, her fragile confidence deserted her, her fears overcame her hopes and desires, and she decided she couldn’t go through with this, it was just too risky and too… perverted. She resolved to say ‘Thanks, but no thanks’, get herself out of this soulless hotel room and back to reality, even if it was a rather mundane reality.

She started to open the door, but as soon as she did so, it was slammed back at her, knocking her backwards. She caught her heel on the carpet and fell, knocking the wind out of her as she hit the floor. She was dimly aware of the two men barging into the room before she was flipped on to her stomach and felt her arms being grabbed. As she opened her mouth to suck in air, she found it filled by a fat rubber ball, which was pulled sharply in behind her teeth as the straps of its harness were tightened around her head. It was a terrifying feeling – even though she had fantasised many times about being properly gagged, the tightness, speed, and roughness with which it had been done were frightening.

She craned her neck and saw that Mr Angry, as she called him in her head, had his knee in the small of her back and was holding her arms behind her. Amanda felt rope pulling her wrists together and digging into her skin, and she was somewhere between heaven and hell. She tried to struggle, but the man slapped her hard across the cheek for it. By the time she had recovered from the shock of that, the rope was knotted and, try as she might, she could not get free.

Now rope was being wound around her elbows, pulled cruelly tight and tied off. As she tried to come to terms with the sudden pain in her shoulders, Amanda found herself being dragged to her feet by her hair, and she was staring into the eyes of the clean-shaven man, while Mr Angry held onto her blonde mane and pulled her head back. The man’s mouth was smiling, but not his eyes – they were cold and seemed to hint at distaste, if not outright hatred.

“So, you’re the stupid cunt we have to fuck today, yeah?” he stated, the contempt dripping from every word. Amanda shook her head and tried to tell him she had changed her mind, but the ball in her mouth was too big, all that escaped her lips were inarticulate mumblings and a stream of drool. The man’s smile seemed to widen as he saw the terror in her eyes.

“Let’s get this bitch ready. She’s paying for this, so let’s make sure she gets her money’s worth.”

He took off his jacket and knelt down to remove an expandable spreader bar from his briefcase. Moments later her ankles had been secured to the bar and her legs had been forced about three feet apart.

Amanda watched in helpless dismay as the man used a pair of scissors to cut her lovely black dress from neckline to hemline, slicing through the shoulder straps before removing it from her body and tossing it away. He moved on to her bra, bought only that morning from La Senza, and in three swift snips had reduced it to a useless rag which joined her dress on the floor. She had always been rather unhappy with her B cup breasts, but as the gorgeous man in front of her fondled them and tweaked her nipples erect, she was in ecstasy, her eyes closing as the wonderful sensations coursed through her body.

She felt a sudden sharp pain in her left nipple, and opened her eyes in time to watch the second clamp closing on her right nipple. The pain was unexpected and intense, making her cry out into the muffling gag, and squirm to try and dislodge the vicious metal jaws. She quickly realised this only made matters worse, and decided to keep still. The smile on the man’s face was still there, but now it seemed to be taunting her.

The scissors were back and, in seconds, her thong was shredded. The man sniffed it, then rubbed it in her face, and she could feel her wetness and smell the stink of her arousal. She was now naked, except for her suspender belt, stockings and heels. God, she wished she could see herself at that moment, she was certain she had never looked sexier.

The tail of rope hanging down from her wrists was suddenly pulled upwards, and she found herself forced to bend forward as her arms were pulled up into the air. She was left bent nearly double, with her arms straight up in the air above her, tied off to the light fitting in the ceiling. Her shoulders, aching before, now screamed in protest at this unnatural angle.

“Don’t bother with the lubricant,” she heard Smiler say, “her cunt’s wet enough to lube it for you.”

Amanda let out a moan of desperate arousal as she felt something fat being pushed into her dripping cunt. She struggled against the ropes holding her arms up, feeling even more pain shooting through her shoulders, as Mr. Angry began to probe her pussy with the dildo. The incredible sensation the dildo was creating was nearly negated by the overwhelming embarrassment Amanda felt at how aroused she was quickly becoming, and at the thought that the depraved things being forced upon her were at her own request. She also knew, without a doubt, that she was helpless to stop him from continuing for as long as he wished. Her face flushed bright red at the realisation that, despite her feelings of outrage and horror at being treated like this, it was what she had craved for so long.

The abuse continued, harshly, methodically. Amanda gripped the rope pulling her hands up behind her as her body responded to the abuse. Another moan escaped the rubber ball lodged in her mouth and she shook her head as she felt her arousal rising even higher. She stood on her toes, trying to escape the assault, trying to escape the orgasm that she felt creeping up on her. But then her body took over and she lowered herself onto the dildo, seeking the pleasure that was only moments away.

Amanda screamed into the gag as the dildo was removed and she felt Mr. Angry's hands roughly kneading and slapping her buttocks. She found herself incredibly aroused, more so than she had ever expected, and that frightened her. Yes, she wanted to be submissive, she wanted someone else to be in control, and therefore responsible for her wantonness, as she saw it. But did that mean she wanted to be treated like a piece of shit by these two goons? From the way her body was reacting, it seemed so.

All this was driven from her mind when she felt the tails of a flogger whipped hard across her buttocks. It hurt like hell, and she struggled and screamed as much as she could, which was not very much, and achieved even less. Why had she told them she would be okay with pain? How could she have possibly thought this would be in any way enjoyable? She wanted it to stop, right now, and she was sure that, despite the gag and the ropes, that must be clear to both men standing over her. But it didn’t stop, they carried on hitting her as hard as they could, ignoring her muffled screams. Each of them held a whip, and the blows just kept on coming.

Her buttocks felt as if they were on fire as the beating continued, but the worst part was when the leather strands strayed between her legs, flicking against her wet, swollen and incredibly sensitive labia. The pain was excruciating, and soon hot tears were dripping onto the carpet below her, alongside the strings of saliva which had been forced out of her mouth around the ballgag by her screams. Maybe this was what she had wanted – to be forced to endure this pain, completely unable to stop what was happening to her…

At last the whipping ended. As she raised her head to see what was happening, she watched the two men as they calmly took off their clothes, folding them neatly and placing them on the chair. As they turned towards her, her eyes opened wide in astonishment – she had never seen anyone with a penis that big, and here were two of them, and they were about to be used on her!

Mr Angry went behind her and, before she could steel herself for what was to come, her cunt was filled by the man’s impressive shaft, and she heard his thighs slapping against her stinging buttocks. The effect this sudden and violent sex was causing shocked her. Her brain resisted acknowledging the arousal she felt, but her body had no such qualms. She couldn’t hold herself back even if she’d wanted to, and within half a dozen strokes, she screamed in an intense climax.

If she’d expected him to stop banging away at her just because she’d cum, she was very much mistaken. He was a porn star, she remembered, and could probably keep this up for hours! As she was buffeted by his violent thrusts, her head was lifted by the hair, and she found herself staring at the groin of Smiler. With a flick of a finger, he released the pop stud holding the ballgag to the head harness and pulled it from her aching jaws. A long stream of saliva overflowed her bottom lip and ran down her chin, but Amanda didn’t care, consumed with lust now, she only had eyes for the cock pointing into her face.

As the firm flesh of his erect member passed between her lips, another of her fantasies was fulfilled. To be penetrated at both ends simultaneously had been a dream for as long as she had known about sex. For it to happen with two total studs with the weapons to match, and while she was helplessly bound, was unbelievable. Mr Janes had certainly delivered what he’d promised.

But she had to get her mind back into the present as she found herself choking on the cock which filled her mouth, and had now started to block her airway. She felt her face becoming red and her consciousness start to flutter as each thrust into her cunt forced her further onto the shaft in front of her. At last he pulled back, and she gulped down some much needed air. But as soon as she had recovered a little, he slid his cock back between her lips and deep inside her, until she was gagging and choking once more.

Somewhere in all this, Amanda climaxed a second time – her first ever multiple orgasm, and still there were no signs of the men tiring. She was not used to the taste of semen in her mouth, having only rarely given head, but as Smiler started to issue little spurts of pre-cum into her mouth, she was desperate to take whatever he gave her.

Everything came to a tremendous climax at once. As Amanda started to cum for the third time, the contraction of her vaginal muscles caused the cock inside her to finally spasm and shoot its load. As if on a signal – which may well have been the case – her mouth filled with cum and she swallowed as fast and as greedily as she could. However, Smiler pulled out and squirted her across the face, adding a little more to the humiliation she was feeling over her reaction to this abuse.

Amanda was sweating and exhausted by this point, but the two men were barely even breathing hard. They released her from the strappado, allowing her to straighten up, for which she was very grateful. But before she could say a word, the gag was back in her mouth, and she realised that maybe they weren’t finished with her yet.

She was relieved when Smiler took the clamps from her nipples, but that was before she realised just how painful it would be, once the blood returned to the pinched flesh. She wanted to rub them and nurse them, the way you would a bumped elbow or bruised shin, but with her arms still tied behind her, that was not an option. Suffering in muffled silence was her only option, so she did.

Smiler wasn’t done with her breasts, though. She watched as he wound some kind of flex around each of them, tightening it until each looked like small red balls stuck to her chest. He took the lengths of flex and passed them around the sturdy light fitting from which her arms had been hung. Both strands were pulled tight until Amanda was standing as straight as she could in an attempt to take the pressure off her breasts. But each time she found a little slack, Smiler took it away until finally he tied the cables off, leaving the young woman half-suspended by her breasts. This was definitely not pleasant, the position she was in was surely too extreme for her to get any pleasure, and she prayed that he would release her soon.

Whilst this was going on, Mr Angry picked up a wand vibrator which had been laid out on the bed, and attached it to a metal pole which clipped on to the spreader bar between her ankles, bringing the wand level with her crotch. He tied it against her body, wrapping the ropes around her hips and thighs, pressing the head of the vibrator so tightly to her that, when he spread her labia open, it squashed against her still-engorged clitoris. Then he switched it on.

Amanda’s world changed from one of pain and discomfort to one filled with an overwhelming sensation of pleasure and arousal. Suddenly the pulling of the flex on her tightly bound breasts, which she had desperately been trying to lessen, was being made worse by her own writhing and squirming in response to the stimulation of the vibrator, and she didn’t care. It was all good – no, it was all fantastic!

She became dimly aware of things outside of herself and she looked to see what the two men were doing now. Both men were getting dressed and they were packing away the few pieces of bondage gear they had not left on her body.

“We’re just going downstairs to have a couple of drinks, but we’ll be back,” Smiler said as he squeezed one of her nipples between his thumb and forefinger.

“Then I’m gonna ream that tight little arse for you, bitch!” It was the first time Mr Angry had spoken, and he also gave her an evil leer, which scared Amanda even more than his angry look. He slapped her hard on the buttock to emphasise his point, making her squeal in response.

To her dismay, they walked out of the door without even a backward glance, leaving her bound and suspended, about to cum. She tried to call out to them, but her cries for attention turned quickly to cries of ecstasy as the vibrator forced her to orgasm, making her twist and shudder in her bondage.

As the pleasure passed, the pain returned. Worst was the pressure on her tortured breasts, cruelly bound and being pulled towards the ceiling, but there was also still the residual pain from the nipple clamps and the beating she had taken across her buttocks. Added to that were the muscle cramps she was suffering in her shoulders, her thighs, and her calves from the extreme bondage position in which she was held. And she couldn’t forget the vibrator, which was now tormenting her over-stimulated clitoris.

Why had she allowed this to happen, she asked herself for the hundredth time. She looked at the clock and realised that all that had happened to her so far had only taken just over an hour – there were another two to go before she would be released. And the threat of being anally raped was really scaring her – she already knew how big these guys were, how her pussy had been stretched to the limit. How in hell could she take it up there? Somehow, she had to stop them.

She struggled to pull herself off the vibrator, but it was no use, it was tied far too well in place. As she contemplated her position – bound, gagged, suspended, alone, in pain, and still being stimulated – she realised she was exactly where she had always dreamed of being. Her darkest fantasies were being made real, here in this anonymous hotel room. As that realisation hit her, pain once more transformed to pleasure and she knew she was heading unstoppably towards another intense orgasm. As she came down from that incredible high, she started to cry at her own stupidity at allowing her libido to overrule all rational thought.

Her whole world seemed to shrink to the alternating bouts of pain and pleasure. She rapidly became exhausted, and anxiously watched the clock as it crept around. But then she heard a knock on the door and the sound of the lock releasing. She wasn’t sure whether to be relieved that she might soon be released, or scared that, before she was, she was going to suffer even more. She definitely came down on the side of scared.

The door opened and Amanda was shocked to see a cleaning cart being pushed into the room, followed by a maid.

“Turn down service, would you like me to –” the woman called out, before she looked up and saw the naked and bound figure in front of her. Her look of surprise and shock would, in any other situation, have been comical, but Amanda found nothing to laugh at.

“Oh my God!” the maid cried, before running over to her, “Are you alright, madam? I’ll call the manager, he will call the police! Who did this to you?”

She went over to the phone and picked it up, but before she dialled, she turned at the sound of Amanda’s desperate muffled cries, and saw her frantically shaking her head.

“What’s wrong, madam? You don’t want me to call the manager?” Amanda continued to shake her head as if her life depended on it – and in a way it did. She knew she had to get free before the two men returned, otherwise she was really going to suffer. But if anyone else found out about this, it would get out – either the manager or someone in the police would make a small fortune selling this story – and she would be crucified all over again. How could she have been so stupid! Somehow, she had to try and contain the damage. The maid seemed to have got the message – she had put the phone down and come back to stand in front of Amanda.

“So,” she said with a smile, “who did this to you? Your husband? Your boyfriend? Is this a little game you play to spice things up?” It seemed like a much safer and more believable explanation than the truth, so Amanda nodded her head.

“And I guess he’s gone to the bar, to let you … savour the moment?” Again, the bound woman nodded.

“That looks rather painful, though,” she went on, “would you like me to get you down?” Amanda eagerly nodded, wanting desperately to get out of this horrible situation.

To Amanda's immense relief, the maid switched off the vibrator, and concentrated on releasing her from her suspended breast bondage. She then helped her over to the bed, which was difficult with the spreader bar still strapped between her ankles. Amanda sat down and let the woman lay her down on the bed to recover.

“Ooh, those boobs look really quite painful. You poor thing!” the maid said, and gently massaged them to ease the soreness. Amanda winced at the woman’s touch initially, but soon felt the pain ease. She looked quizzically at her and made a garbled attempt to speak. She was rewarded when the ball was popped from her mouth.

“Oh thank you so much for helping me,” she said sincerely, “do you think you could untie me, please?”

“I don’t think your boyfriend would be very happy if I did that, would he?”

“Oh, he wouldn’t mind, honestly,” Amanda lied, “Sorry, what’s your name?”

“Carla,” the maid replied.

“Hi, Carla, I’m Charlotte,” Amanda went on, wanting to establish some kind of rapport with the other woman. The she had a sudden idea, “my boyfriend and I have a bet – if I can get free before he comes back, he buys me dinner and champagne, if I don’t … well, I’m sure you can imagine! If you untie me, I’ll give you £50!”

“Wow!” Carla smiled, “that’s a pretty good tip. But I wonder what he’ll give me if I don’t free you?” As Amanda begged her to release her and struggled against the ropes, the maid resumed fondling her. Her caresses were gentle and sensuous at first, but it seemed to Amanda that the woman was becoming bolder and her touch harsher with each passing minute.

“Now shush, love, stop complaining. I’ve done this loads of times, and I’ve never had any complaints before! You’re a very sexy young girl, and I love sexy young girls! Never had one tied up and helpless, though. Pretty kinky, but … it means I can have my wicked way with you!”

“No, please Carla...please don't...” Amanda cried out as she struggled to avoid the maid's advances. She couldn’t believe she was being felt up by a maid! She’d never had any kind of relationship with a woman, and she really didn’t want to start now.

“Quiet now, Charlotte, I'm sure you don’t want me to gag you again, do you? Just lie back and enjoy it.” The woman's hands roamed across Amanda's naked, bound, and tortured flesh, kneading her breasts and stroking her nipples gently until they were fully erect. It didn't take long before Amanda was responding in a much more positive way as Carla’s fingers expertly aroused her. She arched her back and found her breathing becoming laboured as the fingers played across her stomach, to be replaced by warm, soft lips brushing her right nipple, engulfing it, allowing the tongue to tease it as the breast was sucked in. Attention now switched to her left breast, but Amanda's attention was all on the fingers as they gently parted her labia and sought out her clitoris. Earlier, it had seemed that she had been stimulated beyond the point where she gained any pleasure from it, but now she realised just how wrong she was.

“Oh God, that feels so good!” she breathed, writhing uncontrollably under the other woman’s touch. Carla adjusted her position, moving herself down the bound woman’s body until she could slide her tongue between those swollen lips and onto the clitoris she had been toying with. Her fingers now probed inside Amanda, bringing a gasp of surprise and pleasure. The combination of the maid’s playful attention to Amanda’s clit and her fingers stroking her pussy was beginning to drive the helpless woman wild. Soon, she had worked three, then four fingers, inside.

“Oh my God! You can’t! Please, that’s too much!” Amanda protested weakly as she felt the maid trying to add her thumb to the fingers already thrust into her dripping vagina.

“Oh fuck! Yes! Yes! Oh god, Yes!!” she screamed as the whole hand slowly forced its way inside her, pressing against her G-spot and making her climax almost instantly.

It was obvious to Amanda that the maid must have done this many times, as she had said. She was shocked that the woman had been able to get her entire hand into her pussy, and even though it had hurt, it seemed to happen so easily! She knew she was soaking wet from her arousal, but the feel of the maid’s hand, rubbing her inside, stroking her G-spot, slurping in and out, made her light headed as she came again.

Her breaths came in gasps as she climaxed, realising now that Carla’s hand was outside of her and rubbing her juices over her pubis. Slowly she returned to Earth and began to feel her heart rate slow. She looked up to see the woman who had just given her such an incredible orgasm reach under her skirt and pull down her knickers, before stepping out of them.

“Now, love,” Carla said as she climbed on to the bed and straddled the bound woman, “one good turn deserves another…”

Amanda could do nothing as the woman positioned her thighs either side of her face and slowly lowered herself.

“Come on, Charlotte,” she urged, “if you do a really good job, I’ll untie you afterwards.”

Amanda felt like she had no option but to do what she was being asked if she wanted to get out of this situation. It seemed she had been abandoned by Janes’ people and now her only means of escape was to persuade this kinky lesbian to release her.

She was plunged into darkness as the woman’s skirt fell over her face, but the heat and smell of the cunt inches away left her in no doubt about her situation. Tentatively, she stretched up and stuck out her tongue, feeling and tasting the wet flesh above her. She was rewarded by a loud moan, and then the hot pussy was pushed into her face, moving up and down, presenting first her vagina and then her clitoris for attention.

Amanda worked hard to satisfy Carla, using her tongue, lips, and teeth in an attempt to give her the same degree of pleasure she had just received. Never having done this before, she felt awkward and embarrassed, but continued to lick and suck the pussy above her with enthusiasm, hoping it pleased the woman enough to gain her release. She was rewarded with the sounds of pleasure from above and she worked even harder to bring the maid to the edge of orgasm, and then push her over. There was a sudden flood of juices flowing over her face and into her mouth. It tasted weird, but not entirely unpleasant.

“Thank you, Charlotte, that was lovely,” Carla gasped as she fell to the side and lay on the bed, her chest still heaving. After a minute or two she stood up, put her knickers back on, and smoothed her skirt.

“So, could you untie me now, please?” Amanda asked, worried that the woman seemed to be ignoring her. Carla shot her a smile and leaned over her.

“Sorry, love, I really shouldn’t interfere in the guests’ little … games,” she replied.

“But you pr-mmmmphf!” Amanda’s protests were cut short as the ball gag was forced back into her mouth. Carla jammed the vibrator back against Amanda’s cunt and switched it on.

“I need to get on!” the maid said as she pushed her cart towards the door. Amanda screamed and struggled desperately, trying to get the woman to come back.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure your boyfriend won’t be long.” With that, Carla opened the door and left the young bound woman alone, once again being driven to climax by the wand.

- o O o -

She could no longer see the clock, so had no idea how long she had been there when the door opened again. She was both surprised and pathetically happy when she saw Janes enter the room. It was sweet relief when he removed the vibrator, then finally released her from her bondage.

Amanda pushed the lank hair from her sweat-soaked face and wearily pulled herself up to sit on the edge of the bed. Somehow, she felt safe in the man’s company, despite the fact that he was the one who had organised her recent torment. She also realised she was naked in front of him, and desperately hoped he liked what he saw. She suddenly wished the session could continue, but with the handsome man standing in front of her tying her up and…

“So, did we pass the test?” Janes asked as he handed her a towel.

“God, yes!” Amanda groaned, trying to massage the ache from her shoulders and arms. Her face grew suddenly serious and she looked up at Janes.

“But someone came into the room while your guys were gone!” she blurted out. "A maid – and she almost called the manager!" Amanda was shaking now at the thought of the woman picking up the phone, and wondered whether Carla was, even as they spoke, selling her story to the highest bidder.

“Carla?” Janes asked with a smile. "She's on my team, Charlotte, and Tom and David were standing just outside the door the entire time, looking like two security men.”

He grinned as Amanda's mouth dropped open. How could I have missed that, she thought, but then realised she had been so over-excited, she would have believed almost anything. Something else registered – he had used her first name, albeit the false one. A softening of the formality?

“I told you this was a professional organisation, nothing left to chance. By the way, Carla asked me to tell you that you’re very good at cunnilingus, she’s looking forward to the next time.” He opened the door and went to leave.

“Wait!” Amanda exclaimed, “My clothes! I don’t have anything to wear!”

“You’ll find a dress and underwear in the wardrobe. Contact me when you’re ready, Miss Burton, and we can arrange your next session.”

The door closed, and Amanda fell back onto the bed. God, what an evening it had been! As she replayed the events of the last few hours in her head, her hands went down to her crotch, and it wasn’t long before she brought herself to another incredible climax.

End of part 1

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