The Deal
by Jennifer Harrison

I remember being very excited that morning, because it was the day of the big board meeting. The CEO and senior management would be flying in from the States, and all the directors, both executive and non-executive, would be present, as well as the sales managers of all the regions around the world. That would include my boss - I am personal assistant to Rudolf Das, the sales manager for Western Europe. So, it was going to be a big day - I just didn't know how big a day!

Just before he entered the boardroom Rudolph called me to one side. “Okay, Jenny,” he said seriously, “I need you to come in with me and take notes - I don't trust that bitch of a secretary to take proper minutes, and I want a record of everything that happens in there. Also, I need your support and backup - I may call on you in there, and I need you to do exactly what I tell you to do without questioning or arguing with me. This is very important. Do you understand?”

I nodded my head, but that didn't seem to be enough for him.

“I need you to say it for me, so I know you have taken it fully on board. I need you to say that you will do anything I ask you to, no matter how bizarre or personally embarrassing it may be.”

“Okay,” I replied, feeling nervous and a little confused about what was going on, “when we are in that room, I will obey any command you give me, no matter how weird it is.”

“Good girl,” he smiled, “okay, let's go!”

The meeting was predictably boring, going through the accounts and budgets for what seemed like hours. But eventually, it moved onto the subject of regional reports and sales projections for the next half year. The sales manager for the North American region went first, followed by Southeast Asia. Both seemed to be predicting weak performance, and the global downturn meant that they were unlikely to reach their targets. The mood of the meeting was generally downbeat, but then it was Rudolph's turn to speak.

“Ladies and gentlemen of the board,” he started confidently, “Western Europe is, like all the other regions, suffering badly in the current economic climate.” I saw heads go down around the room as people listen to more bad news.

“However,” Rudolph said, suddenly getting everyone's attention, “we have an opportunity to make the biggest deal this company has done anywhere in the world.” Suddenly, all eyes were on my boss, standing tall and confident in front of the heads of the company.

“Gaznet, the privatised oil and gas giant that owns half the oil reserves of Siberia, wishes to get into the European energy market, and is prepared to spend hundreds of millions of euros in doing it. The company is run by Oleg Kordovsky, a very rich man of very… particular tastes.”

I remembered meeting Mr Kordovsky on a business trip to Moscow, when I had accompanied Rudolph to a nightclub after our business meetings were over for the day. He had seemed to have a very unlikeable combination of arrogance and oily charm which had got on my nerves from the start, but Rudolph had insisted that I be nice to him as he was a very important prospective client. So I had had to put up with sitting next to him at dinner, pretending to smile and laugh at his jokes while repeatedly pushing his sweaty hand off my thigh under the table. That had been followed by several hours of dancing at the club, where he had taken every opportunity to try and get his hands on the rest of my body! When I complained to Rudolf, he smiled and told me that, if we got this guy’s business, it would all be worth it. Now it was becoming clear just how important he was.

“I have spent months negotiating with him, getting to know all of his little… peccadilloes, and I believe that, if we sweeten the deal in just the right way, he will give us that business - a deal which will exceed all of our targets for the next ten years!”

Suddenly, there was an excited buzz around the room as people started discussing the possibilities. Rudolph was bombarded with questions about the timing and the size of the possible deal, the technicalities of delivering it, the competition for the deal, and the likelihood of us winning it, questions which he fielded with consummate ease. Mr Ratzenberger, the CEO, who had been silent until that moment, then asked a fateful question.

“So, Rudolph, you mentioned ‘sweetening the deal’. What exactly does that entail?”

Rudolf turned to me and leaned down close to my ear.

“Go and stand in the middle of the boardroom, please, Jenny,” he whispered, and I knew the moment where I had to obey unquestioningly had arrived. I put down my pen and notepad, and stood up.

The boardroom table was, in fact, a set of individual desks arranged to form a square, with a space in the middle, and this was clearly were Rudolph expected me to go. I squeezed between two of the desks and stood surrounded by the curious stares of the directors and senior management of the company, feeling rather exposed and very nervous. That feeling was going to get a whole lot worse in the next few minutes.

“Ladies and gentlemen of the board, let me introduce you to my PA, Jennifer Harrison. She is a very efficient personal assistant and, as you can see, she is not unpleasant to look at.” I blushed a little deeper and felt even more embarrassed as everyone stared at me, judging whether I was pleasant or unpleasant to look at. Rudolph seemed to be pausing for dramatic effect before he carried on.

“Kordovsky revealed to me, in one late-night, very drunken confession, that he has the ‘hots’ for our Jenny here and, given the right circumstances, she could help to ‘grease the wheels’, as he put it.”

My mouth fell open in surprise and shock - it sounded as though my boss was proposing that I compromise myself with this man in order to win the business! Surely, I thought, that was unprofessional and probably illegal - wouldn't it be seen as some kind of bribe? I was still some way away from understanding just exactly what was going to be asked of me.

“Jenny,” Rudolf barked, bringing my attention back into the room, “take off your clothes for us, please.”

I looked it Rudolph in astonishment - he was asking me to strip off in front of all these top company executives?! Male and female?! I looked around the sea of faces, expecting to see outrage and disapproval at such a suggestion, but that wasn't the case - they seemed eager for me to perform as ordered!

“Jenny! Do as you're told!” Rudolph's face was thunderous, a look of such anger as I had never seen before. I remembered what he had said outside the room, and how I had agreed to do whatever he asked. I realised I had no choice.

Reluctantly, I reached behind my back and pulled down the zip of my little black dress, my favourite, worn specially for this meeting. Feeling the eyes of the room upon me, I shrugged the garment off my shoulders, wiggled it over my hips, and bent down to step out of it. I hadn’t been expecting to be doing a striptease today, so I was wearing mismatched bra and pants, as well as unsexy, but practical, black tights. I kicked off my 3 inch heels, then pulled down my tights and took them off.

I gave one last, despairing look around the room, hoping for some sanity among the faces I saw, but all I found was a mixture of professional disinterest, personal distaste and lewd anticipation. I unclipped my bra and, trying desperately to hide my breasts under my arm, removed it and added it to the growing pile of clothes on the floor in front of me. Taking a deep breath and trying to shut out any thought of where I was, I eased my panties down with my free hand until I could kick them off. With one arm across my chest and my other hand covering my pussy, I stared determinedly at a spot on the floor as I heard a general stirring in seats and some coughing.

“Arms by your side!” Rudolf shouted mercilessly and, miserably, I obeyed. A murmur of conversation started up, generally discussing my shaven pussy and how my nipples were stiff and erect, betraying the fact that, despite everything, I was aroused by the situation.

“Okay,” Mr Ratzenberger said, “so your PA looks good naked. I don't see how that helps us with this deal, Rudolph.”

“Kordovsky also told me that Jenny here was exceptionally submissive - a fact, I think you will agree, which has been amply demonstrated by her willingness to stand naked before you like this merely because I commanded it. He expressed a desire to ‘own’ her, and told me that, if I could arrange it, he would sign the deal with us rather than our competitors."

A new buzz went up around the room, but I couldn't hear a thing that was being said, I was still trying to process what I'd just heard.

“W-what do you mean, ‘own’ me?" I asked, wondering if Rudolph had lost his mind, “what exactly do you think I'm going to do?”

“I think you're going to do exactly what I tell you to,” he replied in a steely tone. I looked around the rest of the board, only to find that they seemed to be seriously considering what was being proposed. Meanwhile, Rudolph leaned over close to the woman next to him, Sarah Jennings from HR, who nodded and came through the desks towards me.

"Sarah!" I pleaded. "This is ridiculous! You surely can't be…" The Human Resources manager didn't reply to me, but instead grabbed me, twisting my arms behind my back. Belatedly, I started to struggle, but she was far stronger than me and, a few moments later, I heard a faint click. Now I could feel the metal bracelets around my wrists and, pull as I might, I realised that I was handcuffed and helpless. Tears started to stream down my burning cheeks.

The Deal

“Please!” I cried to the room in general. “You can't do this! You have to do-eeaargh!” I let out a strangulated cry as Sarah, standing behind me and holding my cuffed arms, tightened her fingers around my throat, choking off my pleas for mercy.

“So, what happens next, Rudolph?" the CEO asked, singularly failing to object to my assault.

“I have a meeting with Kordovsky tonight,” my boss explained, “I plan to present Jenny to him to be taken as his slave, if he will sign the deal first. All being well, it will be in the bag by this time tomorrow!”

“Excellent!” Mr Ratzenberger smiled. “Make this happen, Rudolph, and we could be seeing you on this board as a permanent member! Now, moving on, let's have the report from the South American region."

As the meeting moved on to other business, Sarah dragged my struggling form out of the centre of attention, and out of the room, where she called over her assistant, Claire.

"Have you got that gag?" she asked, and the young trainee held up a leather strap with a large red ball in the middle of it.

"Okay, get that on her, and then help me get her down to Rudolph's office." The girl, barely out of her teens, forced the ball between my jaws with consummate ease, as if gagging and restraining employees was part of her normal daily routine. She quickly fastened the strap behind my head, ensuring I could not spit the ball out, and then took hold of one of my arms so that, with Sarah on my other side, they could hustle me into the lift without too much trouble.

"I hope you're looking forward to your new position," Sarah joked as we rode down in the lift, “from what Rudolph has told me, this Russian guy sounds like a bit of a sadistic pig.” I struggled, shook my head and tried to talk around the ball, but it seemed to be no use trying to persuade this woman that what she was doing to me was wrong, she seemed to have no qualms about treating me this way at all.

When we reached the sales floor, I renewed my struggles, trying to cry out to my colleagues to alert them to my plight, in the hope that they would come to my rescue. But, unbelievably, the reaction was the opposite - the salesmen actually cheered and applauded as the two women wrestled me across the room and into the office. Even those women I would consider to have been, if not friends then at least close colleagues, turned away or looked down, ignoring me and refusing to meet my pleading gaze. I didn't know what they had been told, but it was clear that I had been abandoned by everyone, an expendable sacrifice to the great God Mammon.

Once in the office, they forced me to sit on a hardback chair, then tied me tightly against it, with rope around my chest and stomach, thighs and ankles.

"See you later, hun," Sarah said, stroking my red cheek, wet from my tears, "I'll be back to help Rudolph get you ready for your final presentation." With that, the two women left the office, closing and locking the door behind them. I was alone, apart from the leering faces pressed up against the window glass of the office, sales guys from the team of which I had so recently been a member enjoying the free show. But now I was no longer ‘good ol’ Jenny’, I was just a piece of human meat to be trafficked for a profit!

I continued to struggle frantically to break free, even though I knew it was useless - even if I could get off the chair, I would still be handcuffed, gagged and naked in a locked office amongst people who clearly thought I was more useful to them as a bargaining chip than as a PA. But that didn't stop me trying. Eventually, I was throwing myself so hard from side to side that I managed to tip the chair onto two legs and, with a terrifying inevitability, it gradually toppled over, sending me crashing to the floor. I heard a muffled cheer from the audience outside. Now I was even more helpless, and all I could do was cry. The crowd, realising the show was over, gradually dispersed back to their desks.

It must have been several hours before I heard the door open and someone come in. I felt myself being lifted back onto the four legs of the chair, and I was able to see that it was Rudolph who had returned.

“I want to thank you, Jenny,” he said, “I always wanted to get onto the main board and it looks like, with your help, that is where I am going. Now, you have an important evening ahead of you and we need to ensure that you look your best for Mr Kordovsky."

I watched as he sat down at his desk, completely relaxed, and pick up the phone, inviting the HR manager to come up and help him. While he waited, he did some routine paperwork which was sitting on his desk, completely ignoring my frantic attempts to attract his attention.

When Sarah returned I was shocked to see Rudolph get up and go across to her, taking her in his arms and kissing her passionately right in front of me. I had never even suspected that these two might be having an affair and indeed, up until today, I had fantasised that one day Rudolph and I…

When they had finally finished their greeting, they came and stood by me, towering over me.

"Now, Jenny," Rudolph said, "we are going to need your cooperation in this as we get you ready. I can see already from the way you are shaking your head that you're thinking this might be an opportunity to escape and, even if it isn't, there's no way you're going to actually help us. But you're wrong. There are many things we can do to you which will convince you that cooperation is the sensible choice."

As he was saying this, he reached out and took my right nipple between his thumb and forefinger, while Sarah did the same to my left. Gradually, they both started to squeeze, eventually digging the long thumbnail into the flesh until I was screaming in agony into the gag. Rudolph released his grip, but flashed his hand across my face, slapping me hard across the cheek, then back to hit my other cheek. Meanwhile, Sarah had lowered her hand and put it between my legs, before repeating the gradual crushing grip she had applied to my nipple, but this time using it to torture my shaved labia. Rudolph grabbed my hair and yanked my head back, before spitting directly into my face.

"Are you getting the message yet, Jenny?" I could feel Sarah's fingers now moving on to take a hold on my clitoris, and I frantically nodded my head, so easily defeated.

"Good girl," Rudolph said patronisingly, "now we are going to release you, and I expect you to remain calm and silent. If you try to fight us, or make a sound, we will tie you up again and really hurt you. Do you understand?" I nodded my head miserably.

They removed the rope and handcuffs, but left the gag in place. I rubbed my sore wrists and watched as they brought out what they intended me to wear. The first thing was some kind of swimsuit, made of black shiny latex. They made me step into it, and the first thing that I noticed was that it was cut very high on the thigh, almost up to my waist. There was a bright metallic zip which started just below my stomach, went between my legs, and terminated in the small of my back - this was clearly to allow access to both my pussy and my arse.

As they pulled the suit up my body I realised that there were cutouts for my breasts, which would remain uncovered. But the cutouts were quite small, and edged with some kind of elasticated band, so that my breasts had to be roughly forced through the holes and, once through, the material squeezed hard at the base, making them swell up like balloons.

The suit had integral arms which included gloves for my hands so that, once I had pulled it on and Rudolph had a zipped up the back, my whole upper body was covered in black latex, except for my breasts, which seemed almost milky white by comparison.

The suit also included a hood, which had been hanging down on my chest. Sarah unbuckled and removed the gag from my mouth, while Rudolph stretched the hood over my head, tucking my stray hairs out of the way. I felt a zip being pulled down the back of my head, and I saw Rudolph take a tiny padlock which, with a soft click, locked the hood and the suit together, imprisoning me. The hood had openings for my eyes and mouth, with two small holes for my nostrils.

Next was a waist cincher, made of black leather. Sarah opened it and place it around my waist, tucking it under my bare breasts and moulding it to my hips, before Rudolph pulled it breathtakingly tight, cinching the laces until there was not a millimetre of slack. The laces were tidied away behind a panel behind my back which also locked in place.

Sarah had me sit on the chair so that she could help me into the black latex stockings which were the next item of my attire. After quite a difficult struggle, she had them all the way up to the tops of my thighs, having worked out any wrinkles, so that my relatively short legs now appeared to be long and slender, with the perfect shape.

Rudolph appeared by my side, and was holding a pair of boots, but ones like I had never seen before. And then I remembered the pictures - these were ballet boots, the impossibly long, spike-thin heels ending only a few inches behind the pointed toes. As Sarah forced them onto my feet, I felt my ankles twisted until my toes were pointing straight down. Once my feet were properly seated, she tightened the laces all the way up to the middle of my shin, locking my foot and ankle into their unnatural position. She helped me up from the chair, until I was balancing unsteadily on the points, immediately feeling the incredible pressure that these boots imparted. I hung onto the chair for fear of falling, as my tormentors prepared new tortures for me.

My next item of bondage was a full arm binder, black leather to match the waist cincher and the boots. The situation I faced was truly appalling, but as I slid my arms into the leather glove, I felt my heart racing with excitement. Whatever was to become of me tonight, my body was reacting to the feel and smell and touch of these incredible materials. Sarah tightened the leather holding straps across my chest and under my arms, while I felt the laces on the arm binder being gradually worked until they were as tight as they would go, and my arms were fused together from wrist to elbow.

I didn't think there could be much more bondage for them to put me in, but I was wrong. The next item was a gag, but not like any I had seen before. It seemed to consist of a firm rubber tube, which went into my mouth and protruded beyond my lips, held in place by a harness of leather straps which went over and around my head, buckling and locking together at the nape of my neck. When it was in place, Rudolph added a rubber stopper, which completely sealed the end of the tube, preventing me from breathing or uttering any sound through my mouth and forcing me to try to suck in enough air through the tiny holes over my nostrils.

Next was a wide leather collar, the lower edge of which rested against my breastbone, while its stiff upper edge pushed my chin up, preventing me from either looking down or, due to the raised flanges on either side, looking around.

Still there were not finished. I couldn't see what Rudolph was doing, but I suddenly felt a biting pain in my left nipple. This sharp pain then increased as my whole breast was lifted up, before I felt Rudolph lift my right breast and apply a similar clamp to its nipple as well. As he let go and stepped back, my breasts sagged a little, but the pain from the clamps increased, and I realised that they must be chained together, and that chain had been passed through a ring on the front of my collar, leaving my bloated breasts with their supersensitive nipples hanging, making the cruel clamps bite even harder into my tender flesh.

"There," Rudolph said, "doesn't she look a picture?"

"She certainly does," Sarah smiled, "she looks like my favourite Bishop cartoon! If Kordovsky doesn't find her irresistible like this, he's already dead!"

"Okay, let's get her to the rendezvous. "

Rudolph went out of the office for a moment, and then returned with a tall handcart - one of those two-wheeled trolleys used to transport long thin boxes, or a pile of boxes, or… me. They manoeuvred me until I could step back onto the foot plate, then carefully laid me back onto the trolley. I watched in mute horror as they proceeded to restrain my body against the trolley using fabric cargo straps - around my ankles, my calves, my knees, my thighs, my stomach, above and below my breasts, and even across my forehead, until I couldn't move. As Rudolph wheeled me out of the office and across the sales floor, I felt pathetically grateful that it was now deserted, everybody having finished for the day. Somehow, having all my former colleagues see me leave the building in such a state would have been even more mortifyingly embarrassing.

I was wheeled into the lift and taken down to the garage level, where we got out. To my dismay, Mr Ratzenberger, the CEO, was just leaving at the same time. He came over and I saw the ugly leer on his face as he reached out and pulled on one of the nipple clamps, making me squeal uselessly into my gag.

"What a pretty package!" he said admiringly. "Maybe I need to get one of these things for myself!" The look he gave Sarah standing next to me sent a shiver through her, I'm sure, and she wouldn't have been reassured by her glance towards Rudolph, who was laughing heartily along with his boss.

"Good luck, Rudolph," the CEO said as he slapped the sales manager on the back, "bring this deal in, and we'll be celebrating together on my yacht!" With that, the American walked back towards his chauffeur-driven limousine, and Rudolph wheeled me towards the company van which was waiting to take me away.

The trolley clattered up the steel ramp and into the windowless van. Rather than go to all the trouble of releasing me from the trolley, Rudolph is merely strapped the trolley to the side of the van, before closing it up. I heard the engine start up and then we began to move.

I have no idea where or for how long we travelled, but throughout the journey I was fighting a battle within myself. My brain was telling me that I was being kidnapped, about to be raped, probably sold into slavery and, rightfully, panicking at the thought, trying to figure out some way that I might escape or be rescued. So many people had seen me being assaulted and abducted, surely one of them would have the moral courage to inform the police?

At the same time as all this was running through my mind, my body was reacting to the sensations running through it, caused by the hot latex, the tight leather, and the restrictive webbing which held me utterly immobile. My senses were overwhelmed by the heady aroma of my sweat and the fresh leather, while messages of pain flashed along my nerves, somehow being transformed in the process into something which felt an awful lot like pleasure.

At last the van stopped, and I squinted against the bright light as the door was opened. When I was wheeled outside, I saw that we seemed to be in some huge hangar, with stacks of crates and boxes all around. But in front of me was the man who, above all others, I now feared.

Oleg Kordovsky was a tall bear of a man, with a greying goatee beard and a shock of grey hair which fell to his collar. The suit he wore probably cost more than my house, yet it still looked crumpled and untidy on his obese body. His face was split by a huge grin and, though he shook Rudolph's hand and spoke to him, his eyes never left my own.

"Well done, young man, well done!" he cried enthusiastically. "She looks magnificent! It is as though she stepped out of my wildest dreams, and now I am about to step into her worst nightmares!" All three of them laughed uproariously at this bon mot.

"That look in her eyes is exactly what I was hoping for," he went on, "that intoxicating mixture of fear and lust that I knew she would feel in this situation! Now, to business!"

The two men wandered away, discussing details of the deal they were putting together. Rudolph produced a wad of documents and put them down on one of the crates, which they used as an impromptu desk. I couldn't hear what they were saying and, frankly, I didn't want to - it would either be about the technicalities of gas pipelines, which did not interest me at all, or it would be about me, and I really didn’t want to hear that.

“What a stupid bitch you are, Jenny!” Sarah spat at me as she moved to stand before my helpless body, “Did you think Rudolph loved you? That the two of you would run off into the sunset together? Ha! He’s been my lover for a year! He told me that it was his idea to use you as a bargaining chip, not Kordovsky’s, he lied to him that you’d be willing to become his sex slave, his pain slut! That Russian pig thinks your resistance is all a charade, that whatever you say to him, you’re really a kinky slut who gets off on being tied up and hurt. He has some great plans for what he’s going to do to you, I was nearly sick when he described them to me, but then I remembered they’d be happening to you, dear sweet Jenny, and I saw the funny side.”

Smiling broadly, she stepped aside, happy that she had scared me almost to the point of insanity, just as she’d intended. Rudolph and the Russian were returning, all smiles and handshakes.

“Goodbye, Jenny,” Rudolph said, “You’re really lucky to be going off to live out your ultimate fantasy. Mr Kordovsky has promised me that he will do his very best to satisfy that masochistic streak in you.”

With that, he linked arms with his girlfriend, smiling and laughing as they got back in the van and drove away without a backward glance.

“Sergei!” I heard Kordovsky bellow beside me, signalling to a hulking thug, who moved towards me. “Get her into that special case with the Corps Diplomatique stickers on and get her onboard the plane, we leave in 30 minutes!” Then he turned to me, a broad grin on his face.

“We are going to have so much fun together, Jenny! At least, I’m going to have so much fun! You never know, you might learn to enjoy it. Let’s go!”

The End

Copyright© 2013 by Jennifer Harrison. All rights reserved.