BDSM Comics #1: Bondage Woman
by Jennifer Harrison

Author’s Comments: This is by far the silliest story I have ever written – if you don’t like puerile humour with your BDSM, go read something else. If you read the whole story, you MUST SEND ME A COMMENT – Jenny’s Story, Jenny’s Rules ! No excuses !! Thanks to SNAP for being my muse for a change.

Part 1

It was not a good day for Jennifer Harrison, alias Bondage Woman.

As usual, she had donned her crimefighter's costume after her normal day's work and patrolled the streets of the dark metropolis. Rejecting the usual spandex cape and tights, Bondage Woman had designed a form-fitting black catsuit of pure glistening latex with a silver interlocking BW symbol stretching from the tips of her prominent nipples to the tops of her thighs. The suit outlined every sculptured curve and ripple of her frame and she had to be scrupulous in her shaving regimen or her lack of grooming would be clear for all to see. She wore a latex mask across her eyes leaving her luscious red locks and glistening red lips unencumbered. She was shod in knee-length black leather boots with 7 inch heels. Her waist was cinched tight by her utility belt, from which hung the tools of her trade - rope, chain, locks, cuffs, zip ties, gags.

All in all, seemingly not a very practical outfit for a crimefighter, but she had a remarkable success rate - she used the element of surprise (more like jaw-dropping shock) she induced in criminals to have them cuffed and secure before they could get their hands off their weapons and onto their guns. She found the local hoods almost criminally stupid.

All except one - her arch nemesis, SNAP. A criminal mastermind, he had an almost superhuman capacity to resist her tantalising charms and had foiled her on many occasions. She suspected it was because he was the only one who knew her achilles heel, her Kryptonite - she was called Bondage Woman not because she tied up criminals, but because she secretly wanted to be tied up herself !

And so it had proved her undoing - if that was not the exactly wrong word - tonight. SNAP had appeared before her in a dark, rain-swept alley and, before she could react, had cruelly ordered her to kneel and put her hands behind her back. Unable to resist the Voice Of Command, Bondage Woman had sunk down onto the wet tarmac and remained motionless as she felt her arms bound tightly together behind her.

"You'll never get away with this, SNAP !" she growled, before her mouth was plugged by a 6 inch penis gag, locked on and inflated until her cheeks bulged.

"Oh I rather think I will, Bondage Woman" he laughed maniacally as he wrapped her body from neck to crotch in heavy gauge chain, before pulling her roughly to her feet.

"The police are all dealing with rioters, and as you are the only Superhero to be operating in this city, there is no-one to come to your aid".

Bondage Woman's witty rejoinder was muffled behind the gag filling her mouth. SNAP hobbled her with a chain between her ankles, then produced a wicked switchblade and approached her menacingly.

As Bondage Woman steeled herself against the pain she was sure she would suffer, she was surprised to see instead the blade slash through her suit, leaving her unharmed but her breasts, pussy and ass bare, surrounded only by the ragged edges of the ruined latex. She cursed the gag from preventing her making a clever remark about tailor's bills. Her impressive cleavage was now only restrained by the chains which criss-crossed her breasts, crushing them into bizarre lumpen shapes, her nipples poking through the metal links.

SNAP now produced his special device, a weapon invented for the sole purpose of capturing Bondage Woman. It looked like a dildo on a chain and, indeed, SNAP thrust it into her dripping pussy - leaving her wishing she didn't react so wantonly, so she could make a wisecrack about using lubricant. But once inside her, the thing seemed to expand, like some metal tampon, and a special nodule on the front burrowed between her lips and clamped itself around her clitoris. Now, when SNAP yanked on the chain, Bondage Woman was dragged forward against her will, unable to stop herself without ripping out her innards and losing her clit !

The odd couple proceeded through the deserted streets until they came to a workman's hut on the sidewalk and went inside.

"Welcome to your death, Bondage Woman" SNAP said as he clipped a chain to the bondage across her breasts. She let out a muffled scream as he pushed her through an open manhole cover and she fell, until the slack was taken up and she was gently lowered by the motorised winch. She looked down into the stygian darkness and smelt rather than saw the contents of the sewer below her.

As her feet touched the noxious stream and she continued down, she was gradually submerged until the foul liquid was flowing slowly around her bare breasts and her feet touched solid ground, rather than the other solids around. The winch chain detached itself from her and disappeared into the darkness above.

"Well, Bondage Woman" she heard SNAP say from far above her, "Do enjoy your last few hours of life, won't you ? As you know, today is Superbowl Sunday, and when the first half ends, in approximately 10 hours time, the 'water' level in there will rise by at least four feet as the good people of this city pass their verdict on the Vikings' chances of making a comeback. Until then, please don't let that dildo distract you". As he said this, she felt the monster inside her burst into life, thrusting, rotating, lengthening, and vibrating with an energy she had never before experienced, almost knocking her off her heels as she instantly climaxed.

The last thing she heard was SNAP's evil cackle, followed by the clang of the manhole cover being replaced and covered by a huge concrete block ...

Will Bondage Woman escape ? Will she cum more times in an hour than a cityfull of whores ?

Stay tuned ...

Part 2

The story so far: Bondage Woman has been left in chains and impaled on a high-tech vibrator in a stinking sewer to drown by arch nemesis SNAP.

Now read on ...

Bondage Woman knew she had to move, despite the infernal device inside her driving her to a climax nearly every other minute. A surge of sewage would surely drown her if she didn't either collapse from exhaustion or choke on her own vomit at the smell first.

Slowly she inched her way upstream, struggling hard not to fall. She walked for hours, until finally, 200 yards from where she had started, she saw a small side passage sloping upwards. Another hour later, she was inside it and gratefully threw herself on the ground - and not a moment too soon, as she saw the predicted wall of ordure sweep past inches below her. At that moment the batteries in the dildo gave out, their job apparently done as her dead body should have been heading for the Atlantic Ocean by now. All she had to do now was get free.

Luckily, she had 2 superpowers - an almost superhuman ability to endure degradation and humiliation, and, conveniently, escapology skills. Within moments, she was free ! Unfortunately she could not remove the gag, and cursed her lack of witty one-liners.

Returning to the surface, she realised she was a tad smelly and, as the riots were occurring a couple of blocks away, she felt no-one would object too much as she vandalised the nearest fire hydrant and took a shower. She ripped off the rest of her ruined uniform, all except her mask, to allow her to get properly clean.

As she stood, luxuriating in the cleansing flood, a white unmarked van screeched to a halt beside her. Crouched and alert, she saw a door slide open and suddenly steel tentacles flew out and clamped onto her wrists and ankles. She was lifted off the ground and whisked into the van. The van door slammed shut, the van screeched off, and she found herself being stretched mercilessly tight in a star pattern by the tentacles. But what she heard next froze her blood.

"I'm so glad you survived, Jenny" SNAP's evil voice issued from a speaker.

"How would I ever fill my days without you to torment ?"

What will happen to Bondage Woman next ? Is her cover blown forever ? How's she going to get that dildo out of her cunt ? Does she want to ? Can a crimefighter have an evil sidekick ? Or vice versa ? Am I bored ? Can I be bothered to do any more of this ?

Stay tuned ...

Part 3

The story so far: Bondage Woman's alter ego, Jenny Harrison, has been discovered and captured by arch nemesis SNAP.

Now read on ...

Jenny struggled against the metal tentacles holding her spreadeagled in mid-air, but to no avail.

"Its no use, Jenny" SNAP's disembodied voice cackled, "Where is your legendary wit now, my pretty slut ?"

She cursed silently into the gag which prevented any sound escaping her mouth - somehow SNAP knew that a superhero’s greatest weapon was the cutting remark, and he had cleverly removed it from her armoury.

But she had other things to worry about as the tentacles holding her naked torso reconfigured and she was bent backwards until her toes were almost touching her head, her knees splayed wide apart. More tentacles appeared from the sides of the moving van. Two clamped onto her nipples and stretched her already large breasts out from her bent body, while a third connected to the hideous dildo which had been forced into her shaved pussy and clamped her tortured clitoris. It seemed to recharge the device and as SNAP went on, the dildo began to grow inside her until it was more than 10 inches long and 3 inches around. Although she was a superhero, this was a bit much even for her !

"You see, Jenny, my device can take on any shape and size I wish, and at the moment, I want to make sure you can satisfy me when we next meet". As it started to vibrate and slide in and out of her, she realised with horror SNAP's fiendish plan - he didn't want to rule the World, he just wanted to fuck her brains out !

Another tentacle snaked its way towards her and she felt a sharp pain as it rammed up her anus. Yet another connected to the penis gag in her mouth, and suddenly she was being forced to swallow a constant flow being pumped down her throat directly from the ill-gotten gains of SNAP's raid on the national sperm bank.

As she came for the 17th time, the van drew to a halt and suddenly SNAP himself was standing in front of her tortured body. As she looked down, she recognised with horror the shape and size of the ominous bulge in his pants ...

Will SNAP LITERALLY fuck Jenny's brains out ? How can she look so well coiffed when she's been in a sewer for 10 hours ? Where do those tentacles come from ? Can I get them at Walmart ? Is this the silliest plot ever ?


Part 4

The story so far: What can I tell you, Jenny is still tied up by SNAP.

Now just read on for Christ's sake ...

"Really, Jenny" SAP sneered, "I'm disappointed that a brilliant mind like yours hasn't spotted the 2 glaring plot holes in this storyline"

As a metal tentacle explored the upper reaches of Jenny's colon, she tried to think - she couldn't see any plot, just a lot of holes ...

"For one, no-one has explained why I'm called SNAP !" snapped SNAP. As the enormous bullwhip in his hand curled around her and hit her pussy with a loud *SNAP*, she thought 'well, that was easy'.

"And for two, despite being naked, you are still wearing your superhero mask, yet, against all comic book precedent, I KNOW YOUR SECRET IDENTITY !"

It was true ! Jenny blinked the sweat out of her eyes and tried to concentrate after the multiple orgasms she had enjoyed in the last 5 minutes alone.

"That fact is, I knew you BEFORE you became Bondage Woman !"

Jenny's mind flashed back, handily, to a graphic image of that fateful night at the Large Hadron Collider in CERN when a young intern had been tied up all night working on a mad professor's project. It turned out that the mad professor was only sex mad and his project was to get Jenny tied up all night and lose his virginity as many times as possible.

As he lay comatose in post-coital bliss, a stray Higgs-Boson particle hit the ON switch of the Particle Beam Accelerator. Jenny's naked, bound and gagged body was hit by the ray but, as lethal doses of radiation hit her on her aching pussy, a strange thing happened. As she climaxed noisily, Jenny suddenly burst from her bonds and staggered to freedom !

She had been changed by the ray – as well as her ability to get herself free, her pubic hair had been permanently burned off (continuity error there – Ed), and she had an irresistible urge to be tied up again and rolled in mud. She knew she had to use her new superpowers for good - and so was born Bondage Woman !

"Enough with the exposition !" SNAP snapped (you've done that joke - Ed), "Yes, I was that mad professor ! If you hadn't sucked me dry, I would have seen the Higgs-Boson particle and won the Nobel Prize instead of you ! But let's get back to the matter in hand - your impending doom !"

When Jenny looked down, she saw that the matter in hand had grown from an uncomfortable 10 inches to a lethal 20 inches and was still growing - she knew she didn't have an orifice big enough to take that, but she suspected SNAP was preparing to tear her a new one !

As yet another wave of bliss shook her body, she called on every ounce of super-strength and burst from her metal bonds. SNAP, taken by surprise, opened his mouth to issue The Command, but Jenny was too quick for him ! She whipped the dildo gag from her mouth (another continuity error there surely – Ed) and threw it with deadly accuracy into the villain's gaping jaws.

"Chew on that, sucker !" she cried, her one-liners free at last. As the tentacle attached to the gag broke free, a shower of stolen cum fell on the monster's manhood and it got slightly smaller.

"Oh no, it shrinks in the rain", Jenny sneered, "Bummer !" Despite the lameness of the crack, the inhuman erection self-consciously withered under the verbal attack and suddenly it was only normal size again. With more than a twinge of regret, Jenny went to wrap the wrecked tentacles around SNAP, imprisoning him. But he suddenly leapt into the air (another continuity error, they’re still in the van – Ed), flames shooting from his jet boots and shouted (and another, he’s still gagged ! – Ed):

"Curse you, Bondage Woman, foiled again !"

Despite her recent experiences, Jenny was left frustrated. With a cunning smile, the naked superhero stepped out of the van and headed for the riots in search of some good bondage action to ease her already burgeoning desire !

The End

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