Ann Bounded
Part 2

by Jennifer Harrison

Author's Note: This is an homage to Ann, who used to write stories for this site – her 'Bounded in the Car Park' is still one of my favourite self-bondage stories, look it up if you get the chance. I can't imitate her writing style, so this is an adventure involving her as a character. Please understand that while Ann's stories are true, this story is completely fictitious.

Chapter 3

Ann woke bleary-eyed with the phone ringing shrilly. A glance at the clock told her she had been asleep for only 3 hours as she fumbled the receiver to her ear. Before she could speak, she heard Tim’s voice.

“Get on Skype, now !” She opened her mouth to reply but the line was already dead. She dragged herself out of bed and pulled her silk dressing gown on over her naked body, hurrying to the computer to start it up. While she waited, she tried to clear her head and work out what she would say to Tim, now that it was clear he knew about the previous night – Kevin must have spoken to him already.

“Do you have something to say to me, Ann?” Tim asked aggressively, as soon as the connection was established.

“I am sorry for what happened last night”, Ann said, “I didn’t mean …” Her voice trailed off as she failed to find the words to explain.

“You couldn’t control your animal instincts is what happened,” Tim said accusingly. “You went out naked and then let Kevin fuck you!”

“He tied me up!” Ann protested, “He forced me!”

“Did you cum?” Ann looked down and didn’t answer. Tim asked again, even more emphatically. She imperceptibly nodded her head.

“You deserve to be punished severely for that,” Tim said with steely calm. Ann felt the butterflies in her stomach when she heard “punished severely”. She felt wronged, that she had not been able to put her side of the argument, that she didn’t deserve to be punished, but somehow that just made it more exciting.

“You can start by getting the spare chastity belt from the wardrobe and putting it on”. Ann did as she was told, coming back to the computer with the belt locked in place.

“Take off your dressing gown and let me see,” Tim ordered.

“Er, aren’t you in the office?” Ann asked with a frown. “Someone might see me!”

“Just do it, Ann, then stand back so I can see your whole body”. Ann did as she was told, reluctantly standing with her hands covering her nipples and crotch, until Tim told her to put her arms behind her back. As she looked at the computer, the image changed – it swung away from Tim’s face to show the rest of the office, which was crowded with men and women staring at a big screen on the wall, where she was horrified to see herself, in all her naked glory. There was a cheer from the viewers as they saw her frantically trying to cover herself again.

“Stand still, put your arms behind your back and spread your legs,” Tim barked at her, turning the camera back to his face. “This is part of your punishment – you wanted to display yourself in public, well, you got your way”. Ann could almost feel the eyes staring at her nakedness over the hundreds of miles between London and Berlin, where Tim was working, and she felt a familiar mixture of shame, guilt, excitement and arousal rising within her.

“Now go and get a ball gag, handcuffs and manacles, and bring them back here, with the keys,” Tim ordered. Ann hurried off to the bedroom to retrieve the required items.

“Okay, put them on, wrists in front of you”. She did as he ordered, put the manacles around her ankles, which left about two feet of chain between them, then strapped the ball gag into her mouth.

“Very good. Now, take the keys to the handcuffs, manacles, chastity belt and the apartment, and post them through Kevin’s door”, Tim said with an evil smile. Ann looked horrified as the implications of this order sunk in – she would not be able to remove the cuffs on her wrists and ankles, which meant she couldn’t get dressed or go out, including going to work; it also meant Kevin would be able to enter the flat whenever he wanted and gave him control over her freedom, movement and her sexuality. She pleaded with her eyes, mumbled around the gag and shook her head pitifully to try to get Tim to change his mind.

“Do it now, Ann, you don’t want to piss me off further”. Reluctantly, the young woman shuffled to the apartment door and looked out through the spy hole. The hallway was empty and she quickly scurried to Kevin’s apartment door, dropped the keys through the letterbox and returned to stand forlornly in front of the computer screen.

“Right” Tim said, as if moving to the next item on the meeting’s agenda, “I’ve spoken to your boss and told him you will be working from home this week. You will wear that ball gag at all times, unless you have to answer the phone or need to eat or drink. You will leave this Skype session open, so that I or anyone else here in the office can see if you’re cheating. Do you understand ?”

Ann nodded miserably.

“Very well, you’d better get on with some work. I’ve got meetings to attend. I’ll talk to you later”. Ann saw him walk away from the camera, to be replaced after a few seconds by three or four men staring at the screen. She heard them speaking in German to each other, then laughing. Wearily she sat down at the computer and opened her work account, hiding the Skype window, although she knew they could still see her, now in life-size close-up, as she struggled to type with her wrists cuffed together.

It was a long day. She had a break for breakfast and lunch, but she rushed to replace her gag in case anyone reported her to Tim. Answering the phone was a nightmare, as she rushed to remove the gag before they rung off. It seemed totally bizarre to be sitting there in the nude, talking to clients and co-workers in the office as if there was nothing amiss. She gradually got the hang of typing while cuffed – an interesting addition to her CV – but she was distracted the whole day – whenever she thought about her situation, her hand slipped down between her thighs, only to be frustrated by the feel of the chastity belt which was preventing her satisfying herself. She was hot and bothered, and she made things worse for herself by breaking off from work from time to time to surf bondage websites for pictures and stories. By the end of the day, she was so horny she was breaking into a sweat.

“How was your day?” Tim asked as he returned to his desk, startling her from a particularly vivid daydream. “You can take off the gag. Oh, and I’ve decided that, whilst you are being punished, you must call me Master. So, how was your day?”

“Frustrating … Master” Ann replied when she had removed the gag. Just saying that word was exciting for her – she had wanted to call him Master, but Tim had always banned its use, saying it demeaned her. Now she felt suitably demeaned, and liked it.

“I bet you’re as turned on as you were last night, aren’t you, you slut ?”

“Yes, Master, more actually”, she said, embarrassed at herself.

“Well, we will NOT have any repeat of last night’s activities, will we?”

Ann shook her head.

“You don’t want me to get Kevin to punish you again, do you?”

Ann again shook her head, but she wasn’t so sure – it felt like that was exactly what she wanted.

“You can take a cold shower and go to bed. I’ll see you tomorrow – remember they start an hour earlier here in Germany. Goodnight, Ann.”

“Goodnight, Master.”

Ann had never understood the supposed calming effects of a cold shower, maybe it was a man thing – she found the cold water woke her up, made her skin tingle and raised her heart rate, all of which added to her urgent desire to get inside the chastity belt. She massaged and squeezed her breasts, pinched her nipples and rubbed her buttocks and thighs, but she was just torturing herself – it all added to her arousal but could not push her over the edge. After fixing herself something to eat, she retired to bed for a very restless night.

She was up early the next day so that she could get her breakfast, don the gag and be in position in front of the computer when the working day started in Germany. The day progressed much the same, except that Tim made her put nipple clamps on herself, to the delight of her German audience. They were adjustable and Tim allowed her to ease them off so they were still painful but she was able to wear them until the end of the day. She went to bed still frustrated, imagining the love-making session they would have when Tim returned.

Day three of her punishment started with an order to tie herself into a breast bondage, and she went at it with alacrity, perhaps taking out some of her frustrations on her own body. She pulled the rope tightly around her chest, above and below her breasts, then wound it around the base of each breast, making them bulge out unnaturally. She added ropes across her shoulders and around her stomach, pulling the ropes together and repeatedly knotting them, making the whole harness around her body as tight as she could, trying to reproduce the look and feel of the rope bondage Kevin had placed her in. Although the result looked good, Ann wanted it to be so much more restrictive. It was yet another tease, reminding her how much she wanted to cum.

The rest of her week followed the same pattern – always naked and in handcuffs and gag in front of the webcam, being observed by these remote strangers, then intermittently being given humiliating tasks. One time she had to massage her breasts for the camera, making her nipples erect; on another occasion, Tim made her get out her full range of dildos and butt plugs for display, then she had to suck and lick them as if she were giving head; she was also forced to use the flogger to try and beat herself, which was neither easy nor particularly successful, but it made entertaining viewing. On Thursday, Tim was out at meetings all day, but he told Ann she was to obey any and all orders which were given to her by members of staff, and they took full advantage of the opportunity, a steady procession of male and female workers having her display, caress or even spank herself. One Teutonic beauty – blonde hair, blue eyes, thin, rather cruel lips – had her fetch all the clothes pegs she had in the apartment and apply them to herself, one at a time, starting with her nipples and moving out, until her breasts were covered in the wooden pins and the few left over went on the soft flesh on her stomach.

By the time Friday came around, Ann was desperate to have Tim back so he could relieve her of some of the pent-up frustration which had her constantly aroused but never satisfied. He told her to meet him at the airport and specified that she should wear only a tube top and short denim skirt, which left little to the imagination. She got a few startled looks at the Terminal Arrivals gate, but she didn’t care, as soon as she spotted Tim, she rushed up to him and planted a very passionate kiss on his lips, running her hands over his body, not caring about the stares she attracted.

“Take my bags,” Tim said coldly.

“Yes, Master,” Ann whispered, sensing she was still being punished. The journey back into Town was undertaken in silence, and Ann wondered what form her punishment would take, but more in anticipation than fear.

She was taken by surprise when, after dropping his bags at the apartment, Tim immediately led her back out, and they took the tube into the city. Back at street level, he led her into a pub in the heart of the financial district, which was packed with city traders celebrating the end of the week, and they had to push their way through the crowd to the bar. She was surprised when Tim bought her a double whisky, a drink she hated.

“You’d better drink it”, he advised, “I think you’re going to need some dutch courage”. Her hand was shaking as she put the glass to her lips. It tasted awful but she drank it down in one, and felt it burning in her belly, immediately making her feel a little light-headed. As she put the glass down on the bar, she saw Tim holding out a cloth to her.

“Put it on,” he ordered.

As she took it and unfolded it, she realised it was a blindfold. She looked desperately at Tim,, her eyes pleading, but he was leaning on the bar nonchalantly, sipping his drink, waiting for her to comply. She looked around the room, but everyone was engrossed in their conversations, though she wondered how long that would last. Slowly, reluctantly, she brought the strip of material to her face, placed it across her eyes, and tied it behind her head. She felt Tim’s hand on her bare shoulder, turning her round and pulling her arms behind her. She started to hyperventilate as she felt rope being wrapped around her wrists, and heard the murmurs as the men around her realised what was happening, moving back to give Tim more room and themselves a better view. She felt the rope tightened, knotted, and cinched, until her wrists were firmly bound, then let out an involuntary whine as she felt more rope being applied around her elbows.

The murmurs around her became louder and she could hear other voices further back, demanding a better view, as the rope tightened, dragging her elbows together, forcing her shoulders back and thrusting her breasts forward. She felt Tim’s hands on her arms, pushing her through the crowded bar. The pub had a tiny stage, little more than a box to stand on, where they had stand-up acts and the occasional stripper perform. Now Ann was forced up on to the stage so that her head and shoulders were visible amongst the throng of men, all attention focused on the impromptu entertainment. The first shout of ‘Get ‘em off!’ seemed to break the tension, and suddenly everyone was shouting, calling out or cheering.

Ann could sense Tim behind her, felt his hands on her breasts, cupping them, bringing a cheer from the crowd, then slowly rolling down her top to reveal first her cleavage and then her nipples, raising the volume to a deafening level. The top was rolled down her body and then slipped off her legs. Only the first two or three rows could see Tim’s hands move to the hem of the skirt and stroke her thighs, but everyone could see Ann’s flushed cheeks and the round O of her mouth as she felt the zip come down, the clip open, the waistband slacken, and finally the skirt slide off her hips and fall to the floor, leaving her naked in front of the baying mob. She felt grateful that the chastity belt was preserving her last scrap of decency.

She thought that would be the extent of her humiliation, but when she felt Tim forcing her down onto her knees, she realised more was to come.

“Roll up! Roll up!” Tim shouted over the noise of the crowd, “See the Amazing Sword Swallowing Slut ! Who will be first to try her Luscious Lips, her Tickling Tongue and her Deep Throat?!” There was general laughter at this, but everyone looked at everyone else to see who would go first.

“Don’t be shy, gentlemen!” Tim urged. “She eager to please and ready for action!” Suddenly a young man pushed his way through to the front of the stage. Ann felt herself pushed forward to the edge of the stage by Tim, then another hand grabbed her hair, pulling her head forward and down until she felt something warm and stiff pressing against her lips. As she opened her mouth, it thrust forward and she suddenly had her mouth full of some complete stranger’s cock. She worked it with her tongue and lips as it slid forward and back, making her gag a little as it was driven into her. She could hear the crowd laughing, calling, cheering, urging him on, urging her on, and then suddenly she was sucking down his cum, and it was all over. She licked her lips and within seconds she had her mouth full again and was having to start her work all over again.

Tim moved back and watched as the crowd surrounded Ann, men jumping onto the stage and impatiently waiting their turn. One guy had his cock out in anticipation of her attentions, but he clearly got overexcited and suddenly spurted his load while she was still busy with another ‘customer’, his cum splashing in her hair and down her arm. Embarrassed, he retreated back into the crowd amid gales of laughter.

“Oi! Get that girl off the stage before I lose my bloody licence!” Tim saw a burly man striding towards him with an angry look on his face, and guessed it was the landlord.

“I think you’ll have a riot on your hands if you try and stop this now,” Tim said calmly. The man took one look at the scrum around the stage and seemed to agree.

“At least take her into the back room, out of sight,” the landlord said, indicating the door.

“No problem”, Tim smiled. He pushed his way through to Ann and, grabbing her by the hair, abruptly pulled her off the man she was currently servicing, who gave a strangled cry and shot his cum all over her startled face. As the crowd grew angry at Ann’s apparent retreat, Tim sought to appease them.

“Don’t worry, guys, we’re just taking this a bit more private. And, as she seems so popular, we’ll be opening up a couple more ‘service windows’ for you.”

Still blindfolded and disoriented, Ann staggered as she was dragged into the relative quiet of the back room. She was feeling confused, overwhelmed and rather sick from her experiences, and now should could feel Tim unlocking and removing the chastity belt, leaving her open to even more extreme treatment. Tim stepped back as the eager men rushed into the room and swarmed around the girl, a myriad of hands groping her body, squeezing her breasts and exploring her newly available orifices. Within seconds she had been forced to bend over and one of the traders had grabbed her around the hips and driven his shaft into her hot, wet pussy. As she gasped in shock and rocked forward, her cry of surprise was muffled as her conveniently open mouth was filled. Tim had to stop himself laughing out loud as he watched the dozen or so men succumb to thousands of years of British conditioning - despite being involved in a gang bang, not generally a situation for social etiquette, they formed themselves into two orderly queues, one at either end of their victim, and patiently waited their turn. Feeling that his presence was not really required, he went back into the bar and ordered himself a drink.

“Thank you, sir, that’ll be –”

“– on the house !” The landlord, now all smiles and bonhomie, came around to Tim’s side of the bar and slapped him on the back.

“That stunt of yours has certainly boosted my trade tonight ! This place is usually deserted by nine, as the city slickers bugger off home to Surrey. I’ve even sold a few bottles of champagne, and that only ever happens on Bonus Day ! So what’s the deal with you and the girl? She can’t be too happy about this, surely?”

Tim took a pull on his pint before answering. “She once told me that her ultimate fantasy was to be tied up and blindfolded, and to be used as a sex slave by a group of strangers, so I’m hoping she’s having the time of her life right now”. Right on cue, they heard Ann’s high pitched voice coming from the other room.

“oh my god ! Oh My God!! OH MY GOD!!!”

“Excuse me a moment, I’d better just check everything’s okay.” Tim poked his head around the door and saw Ann now upright, sandwiched between two men who were both managing to penetrate her at the same time. As he watched, it was clear that, despite her yelps of discomfort and pained looks, she was rapidly approaching an orgasm which did not look like her first. Tim headed back to the bar and settled down for a long wait.

He was getting rather drunk by the time the traffic in and out of the back room died down and the bar finally began to clear. He found Ann sprawled out across a table, looking as if she’d passed out. He took off the blindfold and cleaned the worst of the mess in her hair, face and over her body with a couple of beer towels.

“You okay?” he asked, genuinely concerned at her dazed look and the way she was struggling to stand up.

“I never had sex like that in my life!” she said, leaving Tim unsure whether she was angry or pleased at what had just happened. The truth was, she wasn’t sure herself. She had been tied up and gang-raped, which represented the ultimate violation of her rights as an individual. But it had been incredible! As so often, Ann was confused and slightly ashamed by her own reactions.

Tim put the chastity belt back around Ann’s body and locked it in place. Ann took this as confirmation that her evening’s ‘adventure’ was over, but instead of untying her arms and allowing her to put her clothes back on, Tim produced another length of rope, tied it around her neck and used it to lead her out of the back room and into the bar. There were a handful of customers still there, and they gave Ann a cheer as she blushed and lowered her eyes, shuffling along behind Tim as they headed for the door. As it dawned on her that he wasn’t stopping, that he intended to take her out into the street like this, naked and bound, she pulled against the rope dragging her along.

“Please, Tim!” she begged desperately. “You can’t make me go out there like this!” When Tim turned to her, she saw the grim look on his face and feared the worst.

“Do you want to wear this as well ?” he asked, holding up a ball gag he had taken from his jacket pocket. Defeated, she shook her head and, with a look of utter desolation, moved forward as the rope yanked her towards the door.

This was England in summer, so of course it was raining hard. Although it was uncomfortable, at least it meant the streets were deserted and they hurried along unobserved. A passing taxi sounded its horn as the unbelieving driver caught sight of the naked girl glistening in his headlights, but this was the least of her worries as Tim led her to the nearest underground station.

Because they were in the financial area of the City, the underground was sparsely populated, but the few customer using the escalator and platform did an almost comical double-take as they struggled to believe their eyes. The train which they boarded had half a dozen travellers in the carriage and they all looked up and stared as Ann came on board and stood at the end of the carriage, eyes downcast. Tim tied the rope he had been using as a lead to the pole which commuters used to steady themselves, then went to sit down. Ann glanced nervously at the other passengers – a middle-aged couple looking like they had been out to dinner and now looking scandalised by her very presence, a young couple who looked surprised and a bit shocked, two single men travelling separately who looked like they couldn’t believe their luck, and one man in his thirties who was going to regret dozing on his way home with his MP3 player on.

“Excuse me, young lady”, said the middle-aged woman, “But is this man forcing you to … do this … against your will?” She looked with disgust at Tim, who was smiling innocently at her. Her husband, sitting next to her, tried to pretend he had nothing to do with it.

“No, ma’am,” Ann said ashamedly. “I want to do this, it’s my wish.”

“Well!” the woman exclaimed, clearly outraged, “I think it’s disgusting, you ought to be ashamed of yourself!”

As the train jerked into motion, Ann grabbed at the pole behind her to stop herself falling, while Tim nonchalantly picked up a discarded free newspaper and made a big show of reading it, holding it up so it was between him and Ann. One of the young men, who looked like a student, decided to get a closer look, standing up and moving down the carriage until he was right next to the naked girl, leaning over her to hold onto the pole and at the same time brush against her still wet body. He glanced over at Tim, who caught his eye and gave him a smile, before studiously returning to his paper. Suitably encouraged, the young man ‘accidentally’ swayed with the movement of the train, briefly pinning her against the side of the carriage and she felt his hand grope her breast.

“Right, that’s it!” the woman exclaimed. “We’re reporting these two to the Transport Police, come on Harold!” As the train slowed into the next station, the couple stood up and went to the other set of doors to alight, the husband sneaking a look back before his wife barked at him to stop ‘ogling’. The young man, who was due to get off at this stop, decided he would stay on and see what developed. Several other people got on and Ann had to endure their disapproving stares as well.

As Tim watched Ann squirming under the wandering hands of the young passenger, he thought he ought to intervene, so he got up and stood next to them.

“Enjoying that, mate?” he asked. The young man gave him a slightly embarrassed grin.

“Well, sorry to disappoint you, but we’re getting off here. Maybe another time.”

“No problem,” the young man said. “Who knew the Northern Line could be this much fun!”

Ann was relieved to get off the train and return to the surface without too much further incident – just more members of the general public seeing her naked and tied, which she found an incredible turn-on. Her heart finally stopped pounding quite so hard as they approached the apartment block, and she no longer felt like she was about to have a heart attack. As they went up in the lift, with Tim looking over her body coolly without speaking, Ann wondered if she had been punished enough for her original miscalculation, or was she just about to start the next phase. She felt her heart rate start to rise again …

End of part 2

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