Ann Bounded
Part 1

by Jennifer Harrison

Author's Note: This is an homage to Ann, who used to write stories for this site her 'Bounded in the Car Park' is still one of my favourite self-bondage stories, look it up if you get the chance. I can't imitate her writing style, so this is an adventure involving her as a character. Please understand that while Ann's stories are true, this story is completely fictitious.

Chapter 1

It was two in the morning when Ann finally gave up on sleep. She pushed away the sheet and lay, staring up at the ceiling. Her fingers played with her nipples, quickly making them erect but, being the girl she was, she was soon twisting and pinching them painfully, bringing tears to her eyes.

She was horny as hell. Her boyfriend Tim had been away on business for a week and it was another week before he would be back to service her needs.

Ann was born and brought up in Singapore, where she had discovered and indulged her obsession for bondage. She had started off with self-bondage, but she had always had a desire to be bound and mistreated by a real master, if only she could find one. She had gone through college subjecting herself to increasingly extreme and risky self-bondage sessions, which she wrote about and posted to this website. But still she couldn't find the right man to treat her as she deserved. That was, until she met Tim.

Tim was a merchant banker from the UK, slightly older than her, on a business trip to Singapore, and they met at a reception she was attending while working as an intern for the bank he represented. He had chatted to her, taken her for a drink, taken her to dinner and then, as if by magic, he had fulfilled all her long-held fantasies.

He'd suggested they go back to his hotel for a nightcap. When she'd demurred, pleading work in the morning, he had fixed her with a steely glare and told her she would come back to his hotel. Nervous but unable to resist, Ann had gone with him in the taxi. In the hotel bar, he had got them a drink, then calmly told her to go to the ladies room, remove her underwear, then bring it back and give it to him. She protested, feigning outrage, but he said nothing, and after a few minutes of silence, she had disappeared and returned a few minutes later, pressing her balled up bra and panties into his hand whilst nervously checking no-one was looking. He had then taken her up to his room and ordered her to strip off the rest of her clothes. As she stood in front of him naked, her eyes widened in shock when he opened a small carry case to reveal a store of what he referred to as his 'emergency bondage kit'. She watched entirely passively, still too shocked to respond, as he tied her wrists together in front of her, then led her into the bathroom and tied the rope to the shower rail above her head, then tied her ankles to the taps on the wall behind her, pulling them up off the floor so she was hanging by her wrists. He pushed what felt like an enormous ball gag into her mouth, strapping it in tight, then went back into the room before returning with a flogger in his hand. Ann nearly fainted when she saw that, but instead found herself screaming uselessly into the gag and dancing on the rope as he flogged her mercilessly across the breasts, stomach, thighs, and even between her legs across her dripping wet pussy. When he had reduced her to abject tears, he let her down, forced her to bend over the edge of the bath and took her forcefully from behind. From that moment on, she was his.

Now she was lying in bed at their penthouse apartment overlooking the Thames. They had talked via Skype earlier that evening, which had not helped her state of arousal, as he had told her to strip for him in front of her webcam and then play with her breasts while he watched. As she thought about this, her hand drifted down across her stomach towards her crotch, even though she knew it was futile. They had promised each other they would not 'pleasure' themselves while they were apart, so they'd be desperate for each other when he returned, but Tim had backed up her promise by locking her in a chastity belt and taking the key with him. She felt the leather and steel around her waist and down between her legs, but she already knew there was no way in.

She got out of bed and went over to the full-length mirror, admiring her 5 foot 3, 103 pound, 34C-24-33 body, her black silky hair flowing down around her face and over her shoulders. Outside she could hear thunder rolling around the night sky as the previous hot, sultry weather finally broke over the city. She wandered out onto the balcony and looked out over the river to the storm clouds heading her way. The city never sleeps, but out here the streets below her seventh floor apartment were deserted. Although she hadn't indulged in self-bondage for nearly two years, since before she'd met Tim, she knew that tonight it was the only way to at least partially satisfy the raging desire locked inside her.

She went back inside and pulled the bag of bondage equipment on to the bed. She looked rather ruefully at her faithful old Hitachi wand and the assortment of vibrators, butt plugs and dildos, wishing she could use any of them, then selected out what she wanted before returning the rest to the back of the wardrobe.

First she organised her escape and her 'challenge'. She took her handcuff keys and, after attaching them to a large metal ring so she didn't lose them, she placed them on the rail along the edge of the balcony, so there was always that slight danger they might fall off and plummet down to the grassy area in front of the apartment block. Then she went into the bathroom and filled the bath about two feet deep with cold water, before adding some liquid soap the idea being, if she was in there while she was in bondage, it would be quite tricky to get out, a little 'challenge' for her to overcome.

Now she went back to the bedroom to prepare herself. First was the gag. It looked like a standard red ball from the outside but on the inside was a fat rubber dildo which filled her mouth and reminded her of what she was missing. She strapped it in nice and tight, so that her tongue was pressed down on the bottom of her mouth and she could feel the tip of it almost touching her epiglottis. Her level of excitement, which was already pretty high, went up several notches as she bit down on the cock in her mouth.

Next, she put on a leather collar, not a posture collar like Tim sometimes made her wear, but one she needed for the next stage of her bondage , the nipple clamps. Ann had always been very harsh on her breasts, particularly her nipples, and tonight was to be no exception. The clamps she had chosen had metal teeth, which bit cruelly into the tender flesh, making her eyes water and causing her to emit a muffled squeal. Bending her head down and lifting her breast up, she attached the chain hanging from the clamp to the D ring at the front of the collar, before repeating with her other breast. Now as she let the breasts go and raised her head, the chains became taut and the clamps bit deeper, making the tears roll down her cheeks.

For her legs, she strapped leather cuffs around her ankles and just above her knees, then joined each set with a short metal bar, maybe twelve inches long, both hobbling her and forcing her legs apart, so she would struggle to walk and it would look and feel ungainly.

For her body and arms, she had rubber bondage straps, which she loved. She put them around her body, above and below her breasts, pinning her arms against her sides, pulling them as tight as she could with her fingers. Then, a little awkwardly behind her back, she put her hands through a third strap and worked it up around her elbows. The great thing about the bondage straps was that they had a metal loop at the end, which could be slipped over a convenient post, such as the one on Ann's bed, and pulled as tight as you wanted, by applying the body's weight to pull the rubber strap through the buckle's ratchet mechanism, so that once tightened they didn't come loose. Ann pulled all three straps as tight as she could possibly get them, until she felt her breathing being restricted and her elbows touching behind her back. The final task was to slip the handcuffs on behind her back and she was done, as tightly bound and uncomfortable as she could make herself. She threw herself down on the bed and rolled around, loving the feeling of tight restriction and pain from her tortured nipples. Her only regret was that she couldn't make herself cum.

After a few minutes of that, she struggled to her feet and shuffled into the bathroom. The bath was a free-standing tub in the middle what was set up as a wet room. Ann knew there were two main risks in what she was planning the first was that she might knock herself out trying to get into the tub and drown, but she felt this was very unlikely. The other risk was much more likely to happen the tub was smooth cast-iron with steep sides; once in, she might not be able to get out. But then, that was the thrill of what she was doing, the danger of being trapped in her bondage, unable to get free ! She approached the tub with a mixture of fear, anxiety and excitement churning in her stomach and making her heart pound in her chest.

She positioned herself at one end of the tub and lay down on the edge, the iron cold against her stomach. She worked herself gradually to the tipping point, the point of no return, and pushed herself over it. Her body slid quickly down into the tub, her feet up in the air behind her and her head hitting the water first and quickly disappearing under the surface. She struggled frantically to twist her body around, to get her head back above the water, as she tasted the soapy liquid leaking into her mouth. As she thrashed wildly from side to side, the chains to her nipple clamps pulled on her breasts, making the clamps mercilessly dig in and rip at her already sore flesh. As her lungs felt like they were bursting, she managed to turn onto her side, crunch her abs and drag her face clear, breaking the surface with a cacophony of coughing and spluttering as she tried to catch her breath.

As she lay in the cold water and gradually got control of her breathing, she started to realise just how difficult it was going to be to get out again. The bottom of the bath was perfectly smooth and rounded, providing no purchase for her hands or feet. The taps, positioned in the middle of the tub, were out of reach, so offered no hand hold. And with her arms strapped tightly against her back and her legs joined together, there was no possibility of grabbing the edge of the tub and hauling herself out. As she tested the limits of her movement and explored her options, she found herself sliding around in the bath but slipping back into the same position each time, lying at the bottom of the tub.

She tried getting onto her knees, she tried bracing herself against one end of the tub and inching her way up the side, but to no avail. After maybe twenty minutes, she was exhausted by her efforts and had to rest. She started to shiver as she lay in the cold water, despite the warmth of the night air. It gradually dawned on her that she might have bitten off more than she could chew, and she started to think about what would happen if she couldn't get out. Tim would not be back for another week could she survive that long ? She certainly had enough water to drink and she was sure you could survive on water alone for at least several days, or was it weeks, she couldn't remember. She would have to get the water out of the bath, otherwise she would probably die of hypothermia, but she didn't need to worry about that immediately. She went back to trying to work out a way of escaping.

After another thirty minutes of vain struggles, she suddenly achieved a minor breakthrough. She found that by bracing herself across the bath, with her feet against the side under the taps and her arms pressed against the other side, the rubber straps on her arms gave her a tiny amount of purchase on the smooth side and she could inch her way up, finally raising her bottom off the bottom of the tub. She managed to get maybe two or three inches before she slipped sideways and found herself under water, but it gave her hope. She tried again and again, straining every muscle in her legs and stomach until her hamstrings were crying out for relief, each time falling back into the water. But she was sure she had found her best hope her only hope for getting herself out.

It took another half an hour of strain and effort before she had got herself to the point where she could finally get herself out of the bath. The only problem was, she knew she had reached another tipping point, but this time she was gong to land on the tiled floor rather than in the bath water, and it was going to hurt. As she felt herself go over the edge, she tried to twist her body round so she wouldn't crack the back of her head on the hard floor, and succeeded, although she still ended up banging her shoulder, hip and the side of her face as she landed she would have a bruises there tomorrow. But she was left in agony as one of the clamps was torn from her nipple, breaking the skin and drawing blood. She lay on the floor trying to come to terms with the pain and to get her breath back.

Wearily, she dragged herself to her feet and shuffled off to retrieve the handcuff keys. Out on the balcony, she could see the heavy rain sweeping over the river and knew it would hit the apartment block within minutes. She looked down and saw that the place was still deserted, just as she expected at four in the morning.

Ann insisted to herself, and to Tim when she told him later, that it had been an accident. She had fully intended to grab the keys and go back inside, free herself, and go to bed, as she was now exhausted. Whatever the truth of the matter, the bare facts were that she turned her back, reached for the metal ring, and knocked it off the balcony, sending the keys tumbling into the darkness. There were no spare keys in the apartment. If she wanted to free herself, she would have to go down and retrieve the keys from outside. A cynic would say that was exactly the sort of public bondage Ann craved, but that's just a cynic ...

With her heart once again pounding at the thought of public exposure, Ann picked up her keys to the apartment and hooked them onto the chastity belt behind her. After checking the corridor outside the apartment through her spy hole, she opened the door and stepped out. A sudden gust of wind blew through the open balcony windows and slammed the door behind her, making her jump in surprise and panic that it might have woken someone up. She went as fast as her hobble would allow her down the corridor to the stair well, where she looked with some trepidation at the steep concrete steps, unsure whether she would be able to manage them with her ankles joined so closely and no hands to stop herself if she started to fall. In the end, she decided not to risk it, and sat down on the step, shuffling down them one at a time it was safe, but it took a long time to get down seven flights like that and her bum was soon numb from the cold concrete. As she descended, she could hear various noises in the building, but after initially panicking, she realised they were just the natural noises a building full of people made at night, learned to ignore them and kept going.

When she finally got to the ground floor, she scuttled towards the front door and looked out. The rain had finally arrived and it was bouncing off the ground in typical summer rainstorm fashion, which at least meant there was even less chance of anyone being out and about. She pushed the door open and stepped out, becoming almost instantly soaked, her hair plastered to her head and raindrops running off the end of her nose and dripping from her nipples. Trying to ignore the sudden cold, she began searching the grass below the apartment balcony for the metal ring with the keys on. After a few minutes, her concern grew as she failed to locate the keys. Then she froze as she heard a man's voice.

"Hello, Ann, fancy meeting you on a night like this. I think I have what you're looking for".

Chapter 2

Ann couldn't believe her luck. She had done lots of public self-bondage sessions in Singapore and never been spotted once. Now, in London, after two minutes outside, she had not only been spotted, but by someone who knew her. As she turned around, she recognised the guy standing by the apartment block under an umbrella, the keys to her handcuffs in his hand and a broad smile on his face. It was Kevin Bradley, a colleague of Tim's at the bank, his regular squash opponent, and owner of the apartment opposite Tim and Ann it must have been that slamming door which had attracted his attention.

"Come on, let's get in out of this rain", he said as he held the door open. With no option to run or hide, Ann meekly went inside.

"I think we can safely take the lift back up, rather than the stairs". He made no move to unlock the handcuffs, so she had no option but to follow him into the lift. She felt incredibly uncomfortable as he openly stared at her naked, glistening and bound body, but all she could do was stand there, and the lift ride passed in silence.

As they walked down the corridor, Ann tried to turn towards the door to her own apartment, but as she did, Kevin reached out and held the chains hanging from her collar, one of which was still attached to her nipple, and steered her towards his own door. She tried to resist, but her nipple was already so sore it was difficult to pull against him. She tried desperately to speak around the gag in her mouth.

"Why don't you come in for a drink, Ann ?" he said as he opened the door and pulled her inside, "I'm sure Tim wouldn't mind". As she went past him, she felt him take her apartment keys from her belt. She watched forlornly as he closed and locked the apartment door she knew she would not be able to get out unless he freed her, and she had a feeling that was not going to happen any time soon.

"A glass of wine ?" he asked. Ann nodded at least he would have to remove the gag if he gave her a drink. He indicated for her to sit on the sofa, while he poured two glasses of white wine, before sitting down next to her. He put the glasses down on the coffee table, then reached behind her head to unbuckle the strap and ease the gag from her mouth.

"Hmm, this is pretty extreme" he said as she worked some life back into her jaw. He raised the glass to her lips and allowed her to take a mouthful of wine before he returned the glass to the table.

"You look like you've done a bit of damage here" he said as he reached out and took her torn nipple in his fingers.

"Please, Kevin, you let me go now, please ?" Ann said in her thick oriental accent. "Tim would not be happy I am here, like this". Kevin did not take away his hand but started to toy with the damaged nipple, bringing a grimace to Ann's face, but also making the nipple erect. He released the clamp on her other nipple, making her screw up her eyes and let out a yelp as the blood flowed back into the pinched flesh. He took a mouthful of wine, then leaned over and put his lips onto her breast, sucking the nipple into his mouth and letting the wine flow over it. Ann gasped as the pain and pleasure washed over her and, as Kevin continued to suck and fondle her very sensitive breasts, she was fighting a losing battle to stop her body responding.

"Please..." she begged breathily, "Stop ..." Kevin did stop, but only so he could offer her more wine, pouring it into her mouth until it overflowed, running down her chin and onto her chest.

"I agree Tim wouldn't be happy with you, you've been a naughty girl, haven't you ? He would probably want to punish you for your behaviour tonight he clearly doesn't trust you, locking your hot little pussy away in this thing. But he's not here, is he ? I think maybe I should punish you for him". He forced her to drain her glass of wine, then as she tried to protest, he pushed the dildo gag back into her mouth, ignoring her shaking head and pleading eyes as he buckled the strap. Taking her by the arm, he pulled her up off the sofa and hustled her towards the bedroom. His apartment had two bedrooms, like her own, and he dragged her towards the second bedroom. She knew she was in serious trouble, but it wasn't until he opened the door and pushed her inside that she realised just how much trouble.

The room was bare, with plain white walls, except for one wall, which held a floor-to-ceiling mirror, and no carpet, just bare floorboards. The window had been removed, so once he had shut and locked the door behind them, it felt like a prison cell. On one wall was a rack, from which hung a range of whips, floggers and canes, while on another a set of manacles had been fitted. On the ceiling, in the middle of the room, was a motorised winch from which hung a chain with a hook at the end. A table to one side was scattered with gags, handcuffs, ropes and other bondage equipment. In a corner stood a large wooden box. Ann realised the room had been converted into some kind of torture chamber, and she was now locked inside, at the mercy of her captor.

Kevin removed the small bars connecting her ankles and knees, replacing them with a more traditional spreader bar about three feet long, which he attached to the leather cuffs on her ankles, forcing her legs wide apart. He removed the cuffs above her knees, then released the ratchet buckles on the bondage straps and took them off her body and from around her elbows. When he finally unlocked the handcuffs on her wrists, Ann immediately went to remove the gag so that she could plead with him for her release, but he pulled her arms down and strapped leather cuffs around her wrists. She tried to resist, to break free, but he had no problem controlling her, he was so much bigger and stronger, and he soon had her wrists locked together and attached to the hook on the chain hanging from the ceiling. He picked up the winch control and Ann found her arms being pulled upwards over her head, until they were fully stretched and she was hoisted up onto her toes before he switched it off.

"Well now, don't you look a picture ?" he said, running his fingers over her stretched body, "I just need to replace this gag don't want to wake the neighbours, do we ?" He unbuckled the strap and pulled the gag out of her mouth. Ann looked at herself in the mirror, and could not stop herself being turned on by the sight. She had always enjoyed looking at pictures of bound women, imagining herself in the same situation now it was like watching a porn film with herself as the star. She knew it was wrong, she shouldn't be feeling like this, and she was overcome by feelings of guilt and anger.

"You have to let me go !" Ann insisted desperately, "If Tim find out what you do to me, he kick your ass !" Kevin let out a huge guffaw at this.

"Oh, Ann, you do make me laugh ! Leaving aside whether Tim could 'kick my ass' or not, I know you really want all this anyway". He came up behind her and let his hands roam across her taut body, fondling and squeezing her breasts, feeling the pert roundness of her buttocks, running his fingers over the smooth skin of her flat stomach and her silky thighs. Her body writhed under his touch, despite her being stretched so tight and hardly able to move.

"Tell me you don't want me to punish you, Ann, that you're not turned on by the idea of being whipped until you are forced to cum. Tell me and convince me you're telling the truth, and I'll let you go". He took each of her nipples between his thumb and forefinger, rolling and squeezing them until they stood out firm and erect.

"I ... I ... please ... no ... oh God !"

"Just as I thought" he said triumphantly, as he stepped away from her and went over to the table, returning with a large panel gag.

"Please, you can't mmmmph !" Ann's protests were finally cut off as he pushed the rubber phallus on the inside of the gag between her lips and buckled the three straps behind her head. The black leather covered the lower half of her face, flaring up on either side of her nose, as well as strapping under her chin. A tube with a bulb on the end hung down from the front of the panel, and as he pumped it, the rubber inside her mouth expanded until it completely filled her, squashing her tongue down and cutting off virtually all sound.

"I think we've heard enough from you for now" Kevin said as he strolled over to the table and picked up what looked to Ann like a pair of heavy duty wire cutters.

"That chastity belt is really annoying me, its time for it to go". As he said this, he pulled at the waistband of the belt until he had got a little opening and slid one jaw of the cutters down between the belt and her stomach. Ann's eyes widened and she shook her head frantically her first thought was that, with the belt removed, Tim would demand to know how and why she had removed it, and she would be forced to tell him. Almost as an afterthought, she realised Kevin would be able to fuck her, which somehow didn't seem quite as terrible. It took a lot of effort to cut through the leather and then the metal of the belt, and she winced as the sharp point of the cutters dug into her, scarring the flesh, but after a few minutes he had sliced through and could now pull the belt down her thigh and away from her groin, letting it slide down her leg to her ankle. His fingers reached for her now exposed and shaved pussy. Ann's head went back and she let out an animalistic moan as she felt him part her lips and touch her swollen clitoris.

"You're about ready to cum already, aren't you, you little slut ? But not quite yet there's the small matter of your punishment first". Kevin went over to the rack and selected a straight bamboo cane, which he flexed menacingly as he walked back to Ann, who's eyes were now wide with fear. He tapped her with the stick on her breasts alternately, gradually increasing the power of the blows until she was squirming in front of him and her face was screwed up in pain, muffled squeals all that could escape the gag. He stopped and walked around behind her, repeating the treatment on her firm, round buttocks until once again her discomfort was clear. He stopped again before the beating became too severe, walked to her side, and started on the front of her thighs, just below her crotch. Although the pain of the blows was not that great, Ann's face was a picture of anguish and dread at what was to come. And she was right to be afraid with no warning, Kevin swiped the cane at high speed and landed a blow across her buttocks that had Ann screaming with all her might into the gag and squeezing tears down her cheeks. Kevin watched as the red stripe where the cane had struck her became an angry welt. It was quickly following by another, and another. Ann was crying freely now, twisting in her bondage, even though she knew there was no escape and no hiding place. She was panting for breath through her nose as she tried to cope with the pain coming from her buttocks, wondering where the next blow would land. It was across her thighs, this time catching her on her shaved mound and eliciting an even more desperate scream. A second and third stroke in the same place had her losing all self-control as tears and mucus ran down her face. I was almost a relief when the target for her beating moved to her breasts, but the strikes were so violent and so accurate at zeroing in on her nipples that it seemed almost as bad as it had been across her pussy. Her torture seemed to go on forever, switching without warning between her buttocks, breasts and thighs until she felt like she was losing her mind, she was so tormented.

At last it did stop and Ann hung limply from the chains holding her up. Wearily she raised her head and saw her body in the mirror, criss-crossed by ugly red stripes and covered by a sheen of sweat, her hair plastered to her forehead. She watched Kevin walk to the rack and return the cane, which caused a flood of relief to wash over her, but then her eyes widened in disbelief as he took down a leather-fronded flogger and walked back towards her. she desperately shook her head and whined into the gag, trying to make him understand just how much in pain she was. But he was under no illusions he knew he was testing her limits, and he intended to push her to the very edge, if not beyond.

The flogger didn't deliver the same intensely painful blow as the cane, but it delivered more blows to her body, and it struck her in other parts of her body previously unharmed across her stomach, her shoulders, the small of her back as well as intensifying the pain in those areas already extensively punished with the cane. She was in a haze of agony, unable to even try to twist away from the blows, hanging unresisting as he whipped her mercilessly. Her head hung on her chest, her body only moving in response to the flogger as it hit her once more.

Ann only realised her torment was over when the chain holding her arms began to slacken and lower her. She was so exhausted, she couldn't support her own weight and she gradually subsided onto the floor, relieved that the tension on her arms and legs was reduced. As she lay there, eyes closed, trying to recover, she felt the various bondage items being removed from her body, including the gag, until she was entirely free of all bondage. She curled up into a foetal position and tried to go to sleep.

After a while, she heard something hit the floor near her and she opened her eyes to see a pile of rope, to which Kevin was adding.

"Come on, on your feet" Kevin said as he helped her up off the floor, "I want to try something a little different. I have a particular interest in Shibari, Japanese rope bondage, and you would seem to be the perfect model for me. Don't worry, it won't be painful, you just need to stand there while I go to work".

'Just standing there' proved to be quite a challenge for Ann, who was exhausted by the events of the night so far, but she managed to stay upright as Kevin 'went to work' on her. he started by wrapping rope around her body three times above and below her breasts, before attaching her arms just above the elbow, which also joined the two sets of rope together, squeezing her breasts in a vice-like grip, which was intensified when he tied the ropes together between her breasts as well. Ann let out a gasp of discomfort as he twisted her left arm up behind her back and tied rope around her wrist, before taking it over her right shoulder and tying it to the rope above her breast, holding her left arm twisted up behind her back. He repeated the exercise on her right arm, so that her arms were crossed behind her back, then lashed her arms together where they crossed, looping the rope under the others across her back so that her arms were pinned in place.

More ropes were added around her elbows and her body, until her arms were totally immobile, then Kevin started fashioning a body harness, starting around her neck and progressing in a diamond pattern down her chest and stomach, finally tying the ropes off around the top of each thigh. Ropes now covered her upper body, each layer tying into the previous ropes, each knot tightening the cocoon forming around her. Kevin had been wrong when he said it wouldn't be painful, as the firm, harsh rope bit into her already marked and tender skin, but Ann bit her lip and didn't complain the restrictive feel and the view she was getting of herself in the mirror were turning her on. She had seen pictures of Japanese rope bondage and had been turned on by the thought of it, but she had never expected to be subjected to it. She realised she was becoming a willing participant in this session, and once more felt a wave of guilt at betraying Tim, but she did nothing to resist.

Kevin wrapped rope around the base of each of her breasts, once more keying the new bondage into the existing, until her breasts stood out like distended and discoloured globes. He picked out a pair of silver clamps joined by a chain, and applied them to her nipples, made hyper-sensitive by the breast bondage, making her whimper quietly as they squeezed tight on the already punished flesh.

Now he helped her to lie down on her stomach, underneath the winch, and started to tie her suspension ropes. First attaching her waist to the hook, he proceeded up her body, tying on to the ropes between her shoulder blades, on her upper arms, on her wrists and over her shoulders, making the ropes progressively shorter, so that her body was arched up off the floor towards the hook. He then moved down, tying ropes to those on her hips and upper thighs, before adding suspension ropes just above each knee, and finally to her ankles, so that her legs were drawn up towards the hook like her shoulders.

Ann heard the winch whirr into life and felt the ropes all over her body become taut. As her weight was taken up and she was finally raised up into the air, she found herself struggling to breathe as everything became even more tight around her body. She was surprised that no particular part of her body started to hurt unbearably not her shoulders, waist or legs as her weight was spread so well between the ropes.

Kevin had a few more finishing touches to add. He plaited her hair around another length of rope and attached it to the hook, pulling her head up and back so that she was forced to look straight ahead. He picked out a ring gag from his collection and strapped it in place. She saw him pick out a piece of bamboo pole, about three feet long, and she wondered what on earth he was going to do with it, until she felt it being lashed to the back of her knees, spreading her thigh uncomfortably wide. And finally, he added weights to the chain between her nipple clamps, making the clamps grip harder and pulling her breasts down towards the floor. Now he stood back to admire his handiwork.

"Ann, you look like a work of art", he said with some pride in his voice at what he had created. As he turned her around, she caught sight of herself in the mirror and was shocked. She had never been wrapped in quite so much rope, quite so tight. Her mouth was already drooling saliva, long strings of it hanging down from her chin, and her breasts looked grotesque, purple and elongated by the heavy weights dragging on them. Despite the discomfort of the bondage, the strain on her hamstrings in her stretched thighs, and the nagging pain from her pinched nipples, she felt incredibly aroused.

While she had been admiring herself, Kevin had got his camera and started taking pictures of her from every possible angle, recording his 'work of art' for posterity. Ann was terribly embarrassed at being photographed in such a vulnerable and exposed state, but it one set of photos she wanted a copy of, if only so she could examine herself from all angles.

"Now, down to business" Kevin said, as he put down the camera and approached her, putting his hand to her face and caressing her cheek. As he stood in front of her, he pulled out his erect cock and slid it through the ring gag into her mouth. She needed no encouragement to use her tongue to stimulate him even more than he already was, and she relaxed her throat as she had trained herself to do, so that he could thrust himself all the way into her, until his balls were pressed against her chin. Now it was his turn to let out guttural moans and half cries, as he rhythmically moved in and out, just allowing her enough time to catch her breath before he blocked off her airway once again.

As he came towards his climax, he withdrew from her mouth, hoping to delay his ejaculation, but Ann pushed her tongue through the ring gag and managed to tickle under the head of his penis with the very tip of her tongue, and that last stimulation pushed him over the edge. He was suddenly spurting cum into her open mouth and across her face and in her hair. While Kevin staggered away, momentarily spent, Ann was now hotter than ever.

Maybe Kevin sensed it, because he came back to her carrying a dildo and a tube of lubricant. The dildo was quite thick, with strange bulges and protrusions along it, but it was only about six inches long, and Ann knew she wasn't going to need the lube to get that into her dripping wet pussy. It wasn't until she felt the cold gel drizzling between her buttocks and the head pressing against her sphincter that she realised it was going in the other hole, her 'back door'. She let out an involuntary cry as it repeatedly stretched her wider than she thought she could go, Kevin forcing it into her, ignoring her incoherent protests. Once it was firmly and fully in place, he picked up a much longer and thicker dildo, which he proceeded to force into her receptive cunt, bringing more gasps from her gaping mouth. She felt totally filled by the monster and let out another whine as she felt the supplementary tickler, burrow between her lips and nestle against her swollen clitoris.

"Now, Ann" Kevin said sternly, "Tim left you in that chastity belt for a reason, so I want you to do everything you can to stop yourself cumming". But as he said this, he flicked a switch and both intruders began buzzing noisily inside her, sending vibrations which were more like shock waves through her already overstimulated body.

"Don't worry, I'll help you" she heard him say, as she caught a glimpse of him going behind her. She looked in the mirror to see him standing, the flogger in his raised hand, when he brought it down with cruel precision between her spread thighs. She screamed at the top of her voice as the leather fronds slashed down across her raw sex, biting deep into the sensitive flesh of her lips and spread vagina. Immediately, she found her mouth stuffed with a cloth forced through the ring gag to cut off any further outbursts as he swished the flogger across her inner thighs one more. As she tried to cope with the mind-blowing agony, she realised that it had stopped the climax she had felt building within her. But, only moments later, she knew it was only a postponement, as her twin tormentors drove her back towards orgasm. Kevin seemed to realise this too, and as her muffled pants and cries indicated she was only moments from cumming, he applied his terrible deterrent twice more, turning her cries of pleasure to screams of pain. A third time she approached the summit, knowing the awful fate which awaited her, and for a third time he struck to drive her back. But this time, something flipped. The whipping on her pussy merely drove her to even greater heights, either in spite of or because of the intense pain she endured, and she reached the greatest orgasm she had ever had, as wave after wave of pain and pleasure crashed over her, seeming to last forever. Kevin knew he had lost the battle but kept thrashing her until the orgasm had clearly passed.

Ann had little recollection of the next thirty minutes, as Kevin lowered her to the floor and released her from her bondage. She found herself in the corridor outside his apartment, naked, and with her own keys in her hand. She staggered back to her door and stumbled inside, crawling into bed.

All she had to do now was work out what, and how, she was going to tell Tim.

End of part 1

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