An Unexpected Weekend
by Jennifer Harrison

Part 1

Vicki Chambers sipped her wine and glanced around the club nervously. It was the first time she had been out on her own for as long as she could remember - maybe she had never been out to a club on her own, maybe she had always been either with friends or with her husband, Jack. Ex-husband, she thought bitterly. After ten years of what, she realised in retrospect, had been a rather unsatisfactory and unfulfilling marriage, she had just been through a vicious divorce, triggered by her discovery of her husband's infidelity with, literally, the girl next door, barely out of her teens and at least fifteen years younger than either of them.

Her friends had told her that she had to ‘get back out there’, by which they meant back on the dating scene, something she hadn’t had to deal with since she left college. When she’d asked her best friend Stacey to accompany her to provide moral support and encouragement, she had declined, telling her that she had a much better chance of success if she hunted as a lone ‘cougar’, tracking her prey and moving in for the ‘kill’ with no distractions. As Stacey had extensive experience of such things, Vicki took her word for it, even though she felt uncomfortable with the hunting analogy. Maybe I’m a vegetarian of the dating scene, she thought, but nevertheless, here she was.

Things didn't seem to be quite working out. She had thought that, as a ‘mature’ woman, and still very good looking according to all her friends, she would find some young hunk looking to sow his wild seeds, in the hope that they could have a commitment-free relationship of fun sex,where he brought the youth and enthusiasm, and she brought the experience. It would also be a kind of revenge on her husband, to prove that she could also attract someone young and good-looking.

The problem was, there didn't seem to be any such targets available. All the young men were either with a girlfriend or, in some cases, boyfriend, or they were in larger groups, out on the town for drinks, for a laugh, on the pull. She found these groups intimidating, fearing that, if she were to approach them, she might end up the victim of a ‘roasting’ - and being passed around a group of men like some common whore was not on her bucket list of sexual fantasies.

The only single men in the club were of her own age or older. Several of them had approached her, offering her drinks and trying to make conversation, but Vicki found them creepy - too pushy, too intent on only one thing, even though that thing actually what she had come here for. Maybe she just wasn’t cut out for the one-night stand.

Gradually, as the evening wore on, her confidence and resolve began to drain away, making her regret her decision to come out. Whatever ‘cougar’ she had in her had turned into a pussycat, ready to curl up by the fire. She should just cut her losses and go home…

"It's pretty tough, isn't it?"

"Excuse me?" she said, looking up at the young woman who had spoken. She looked to be in her early twenties, had short, well-cut blond hair, and wore a sleeveless top which was short enough to leave a gap of bare midriff before her low-rise leggings began, leading down to high-heeled sandals. She had a slight frame, but carried herself with a lot of confidence. Her face was lit up by a wry smile, and Vicki had to concede that she was very pretty.

"It's hard, dating as a single girl, especially when it's been a while," she elucidated.

"How… how did you know?" Vicki asked in confusion.

"I was watching," the girl replied, "Hi, I'm Lucy, do you mind if I sit with you?" Vicki shook her head and indicated to the seat beside her, before introducing herself. Lucy sat down at the table.

"I could see you didn't look too comfortable," she went on, "and I thought you might need some company. I know I would - I've been in your situation."

"I doubt it," Vicki scoffed, "you could have any man you wanted in the room!"

"Well, there's the problem," Lucy responded with another wry smile.

"Ah. Oops. Sorry, I didn't realise!" Vicki stuttered, blushing a little.

"No worries," Lucy laughed, "it's not like we wear a sign around our necks, or have two heads."

"So… what are you doing here?"

"The same as you," Lucy replied, "most people here are either hooked up or trying to hook up, one way or another."

" Well, at least I'm safe," Vicki smiled, "you wouldn't want anything to do with an old baggage like me!"

"Don't do yourself down, Victoria," Lucy said in a firm tone of voice, "you're a very beautiful woman." Vicki giggled nervously, unsure about the girl, and about the comment she had just made. She was also surprised at being called ’Victoria’ - no one called her that except her mother and some of her teachers at school. She was about to correct her, but decided not to - somehow, it seemed… appropriate.

"Are you… excuse me if I'm being rude or stupid, but are you hitting on me?" she asked, becoming even more red in the face.

"All in good time, Victoria," Lucy replied as she stood up and took both their glasses, "let's have another drink before we get into that."

Vicki watched the younger woman walk towards the bar, her eyes seemingly hypnotised into staring at the girl’s buttocks as her slender hips swayed. When she reached the bar, Lucy turned and looked at her with a smile, making Vicki feel like she had been caught in the act. Flustered, she looked away quickly, feeling her cheeks burning hot.

Why was she acting like this, she wondered, like some kind of teenage girl? She had never had the slightest attraction to other women. It must be the attention, she rationalised, she had been so starved of attention and compliments that she was overreacting to a few kind words. She got a grip of herself and, by the time Lucy returned from the bar, she had calmed her breathing and her pulse rate was back to normal.

The two women chatted away, drinking and laughing, oblivious to the people around them. The conversation ranged from failed relationships to fumbling encounters, to the state of the nation, to the arts and culture and on into world politics and Hollywood movies. Vicki found that, to her surprise, she was having a really enjoyable evening, and realised that she hadn't had such interesting and challenging interaction with anyone since she had left college.

"Well, I think I should be making my way home," Vicki said a little sadly and, she had to admit, a little slurry, as she got up from the table, stumbling a little.

"I think I should give you a hand," Lucy remarked as she stood up and took Vicki’s arm to help her outside.

"Whoa, I must've had a little more to drink then I thought!" Vicki commented as the cold, fresh air struck her face, "could you flag down a taxi for me, Lucy, darling? I'm sure they’ll stop for you much quicker than they would for me!" She tripped on an uneven flagstone, and was saved from falling only because Lucy was hanging on to her tightly.

"I'm thinking coffee might be a good idea at this point," she said, "why don't you come back to my place?"

"Why, are you trying to seduce me, Mrs Robinson?" Vicki giggled.

"Quite possibly," Lucy replied, "let's get you into this taxi."

Once in the vehicle, Vicki seemed to sober up quickly.

"I shouldn't be doing this," she said, holding her hand to her forehead, "I'm not lesbian… not like you."

"How do you know if you've never tried?" Lucy responded with a smile, her arm still around Vicki's shoulders. As the other woman tried to work out how to respond to this, Lucy leaned forward and, pulling her in close, placed her lips against Vicki's.

The kiss was long, slow and, to Vicki's bemused mind, the most erotic she had ever had. As Lucy's tongue gently but persistently worked to part of her lips, then play with her own tongue, the overpowering sensations were of the softness of the girl’s lips and the heady scent of her perfume. No man had ever taken that much care or been that gentle with her, least of all her husband of ten years, whose selfishness contrasted so starkly with the feelings washing over her now.

She felt a hand gently massaging her breast, at first through the material of her blouse, but then inside her bra, delicate fingers rubbing her nipple until it was erect.

"We shouldn't… we shouldn't… " she whispered breathlessly when their lips finally parted.

"You deserve some pleasure in your life, Victoria," Lucy murmured as she straightened the other woman's clothing, "I'll give you a night you'll never forget." Silence fell in the back of the cab as Vicki tried to formulate a response, but came up with nothing.

She seemed to be in a daze as the taxi pulled up and they got out, as Lucy led her into an upmarket apartment building and then to the lift. It was only when the young woman pinned her against the mirrored wall and planted her lips once more against her mouth that Vicki responded. Unlike in the cab, when she had been entirely passive, she moved her tongue forward, contesting the space inside her mouth with the now more insistent intruder. She put her hand on Lucy’s waist, feeling her bare skin and, tentatively, moving upwards, underneath the garment. She felt a hand on her buttocks, gently but firmly massaging, and she began to respond physically, her breath becoming shorter as it whistled through her nostrils.

"You seem to be starting to enjoy yourself," Lucy whispered as she nibbled on Vicki's ear. Vicki could think of no response, and remained silent.

The lift came to a halt and the doors opened. Lucy held her hand as she led her to an apartment door, and then inside. The kissing resumed and, once again, she found herself pressed back against the wall, the slip of a girl completely in charge.

Vicki felt her heart pounding in her chest as, one by one, the buttons of her blouse released under Lucy's nimble fingers. Her own arms hung uselessly at her sides and she allowed the girl to pull the material from the waistband of her skirt and then ease it off her shoulders before letting it fall onto the carpeted floor of the atrium.

"Lucy, I don't think…" she finally managed to say, but got no further.

"Don't think, Victoria, just feel," Lucy responded as she gently pulled the straps of Vicki’s bra off her shoulders and down her arms until the cups flipped down, baring her breasts.

"Oh my God…" Vicki moaned as she felt lips close around her right breast, sucking on the nipple and the tongue flicking it playfully, while her left breast was groped quite roughly, the nipple pinched and pulled between thumb and forefinger. Soon, the bra was on the floor with her blouse, and the searching fingers were working on the clasp and zip of her skirt, quickly consigned to the floor to join the growing pile.

"My my, what a hairy girl you are," Lucy said as she straightened up, and Vicki realised that, while she had been completely distracted by the alternate suckling of her breasts, her knickers had been pulled down to her knees, exposing her crotch with its luxuriant thatch. She felt embarrassed at her lack of grooming, although apparently not by being stripped by a girl nearly twenty years her junior - any possible embarrassment by that seemed to have been overwhelmed by lust.

"Take off the rest of your clothes, Victoria, there's a good girl."

Vicki looked up at the girl with a jolt of surprise. Her face was still calm and friendly, but they both knew that this was not a request or a proposal, it was a command. Was Vicki prepared to go that far? Given that she was standing semi-naked in the young woman's apartment already, some might see it as a moot point. But Vicki knew that this was another Rubicon to be crossed, one between passively accepting Lucy's treatment of her, and actively submitting to the girl’s dominance of her.

The thought passed through her mind that, two hours ago, she was on the prowl to find a man who would take her into the realms of ecstasy, allowing her to forget her troubles for a while. Maybe with a single, though rather significant, change to that script, she could still have the night of passion she had fantasised about? She could imagine the voices of her parents, friends, and even complete strangers judging her, disapproving, insisting she should be ashamed and guilty of even contemplating such an act.

She’d always hated those judgemental voices.

With shaking fingers, and struggling to breathe properly, she fumbled with the clips on her suspender belt to release one stocking, then bent to slide the silky black material down her smooth leg until she reached her ankle, where she pulled off her shoe and then the rolled-up stocking. She took off her other shoe and stocking, then unclipped her suspender belt, dropping it to the floor. She stood before the dominant young woman completely naked, wondering nervously what would happen now.

With a smile, Lucy took her hand and led her through one of the two doors leading from the atrium. Vicki found herself in a luxurious bedroom, well appointed, dominated by the large four-poster bed in front of her. At the foot of the bed was what looked like some kind of large box covered by black material, but Vicki's attention was soon drawn elsewhere.

"I promised you a night you would never forget," Lucy said as she took something from a chest of drawers, "and it will be a night of pleasure. First, you need to put these on."

Vicki looked at what she was holding out and felt an overwhelming surge of surprise, alarm and, most disconcertingly, arousal. Lucy was proffering a set of white leather cuffs. She stood immobile, the battle between the urge to run and the desire to submit raging within her. Lucy watched the competing emotions on the woman's face and waited patiently to see which side would win out.

She was pleased when Vicki finally reached out and took the cuffs one by one, placing them around her ankles and then her wrists, fastening the buckles in place. Without a word, Lucy stepped forward and placed a small padlock on each cuff, ensuring it could not be removed without the key.

"One more thing, Victoria," Lucy said, and this time handed her a collar in the same white leather. Vicki looked at it for a moment, recognising it as another symbol of her total submission, before placing it around her neck and fastening it. Lucy stepped forward and locked it in place.

"Kneel for me, Victoria, and put your hands behind your back."

Vicki did as she was told, all rational thoughts of shame and embarrassment now dismissed - she would do as she was told and just see what happened. Her heart pounded, her chest rose and fell rapidly with her shallow breathing, and she felt the butterflies of excitement in her lower belly. She had never done anything remotely as adventurous, or possibly stupid, as this in her life. Whatever happens, happens, she thought as she looked up at the incredibly poised and controlling young woman standing over her.

She watched as Lucy, finally, started to undress in front of her. She pulled her top over her head, revealing her small, firm breasts as she wore no bra, then kicked off her shoes and pulled down her leggings. Vicki couldn't help but admire the round globes of her buttocks, split by the thin strip of material of the black thong she was wearing. As she turned around and removed the thong, Vicki stared at the mound of her sex, completely devoid of hair, and found herself wondering inconsequentially whether the girl shaved, waxed, or had had some kind of electrolysis treatment to get her pussy so perfectly smooth.

Lucy sank to her knees in front of Vicki and, leaning forward, put her hands behind the older woman's head and pulled her into another long, exploratory, passionate kiss. Her hands roamed across the naked body before her, feeling her breasts, stroking the soft flesh of her stomach, reaching around to the plump expanse of her behind. Vicki felt herself overcome by the tenderness of the kiss and the stimulation of the fondling touch, the fingers finally settling on her hard nipples, teasing them until they were almost painfully erect.

"Come," Lucy commanded as, hooking a finger through the ring on the front of Vicki's collar, she rose to her feet. Vicki had no option but to follow, although there was no thought of doing anything other than to obey, and she was lead over to the bed.

Pushing down gently on Vicki's shoulders, Lucy made her first sit, and then lie, on the bed, leaving Vicki once more looking up at her. She watched as if hypnotised, a rabbit caught in the headlights, as Lucy moved her left arm until her hand was close to the bed post above her head, and pulled out a thin but sturdy silvery chain which was attached to the post, clipping the free end to the D-ring on her wrist cuff. Unable to move or react, she watched helplessly as her right wrist was similarly restrained, followed by her ankles at the foot of the bed.

Tentatively, she raised her arm and brought it back towards her as far as she could, quickly discovering that, while she could move, she could not touch herself any longer, and she could not bring her legs together. She looked up at the smiling girl above her, excitement and trepidation assaulting her in equal measure. Suddenly, she found she couldn't take the suspense any longer.

"W-what are you going to do to me?" she asked tremulously.

"Well," Lucy replied, sliding onto the bed on her hands and knees, straddling Vicki's body, "I think you'll agree I can do whatever I please, can't I? Now, where did I put my whip…" She enjoyed the look of uncertainty which passed across the supine woman's face, before relenting.

"Don't panic, Victoria, I won't be using any whip on you - for now, at least. As I promised, this will be a night of pleasure."

The expectation in Vicki's mind was that Lucy would immediately attack her pussy, but it turned out that she couldn't have been more wrong.

She started by kissing Vicki on the eyelids, then cheeks, lips, and neck, pressing her soft lips against her skin, swirling her tongue and nibbling with teeth where she could. Pretty soon, Vicki was giving out little moans and whimpers of pleasure as the kissing moved on to more unusual, less frequented, places - the crook of her elbow, the inside of her wrist around the cuff, along her shoulder, the underside of her ample breasts - as well as plenty of time spent on more traditional erogenous zones - her nipples and areolas, the skin over her ribs, around and in her tummy button, down to her hips and inner thighs. Just when Vicki felt the moment had finally arrived, Lucy instead moved down the bed and began working on her legs - the back of her knees, over her Achilles tendon, the bridge of her foot, the arch of the sole. All the while, Lucy's fingers were touching, probing, pinching, poking, fondling, massaging, never leaving Vicki's hypersensitive body.

It seemed there was no square inch of Vicki's body that had not been explored and stimulated. All except the one place that she now most desired it.

Vicki’s arousal gradually rose as the teasing, tormenting touches continued. Her vocalisations became louder, more urgent, as she writhed about on the bed, encountering and, she found, relishing the restrictions of her bondage as she pulled on the chains holding her open and available.

"Please… I need… please…" Her inarticulate mumblings eloquently expressed her desire, mounting eventually towards desperation, for that relieving stimulation. She felt like she would explode, unable to cope with the frustrated anticipation, the never-ending withholding of that promise.

At the moment she felt she could take no more, she realised it had stopped. She opened her eyes and looked up to see Lucy climbing off the bed and walking away, towards the door, opening the door, going through the door, closing the door. Vicki was suddenly alone with her pent-up arousal and no way to satisfy it. She was totally confused. She looked at the clock beside the bed and realised that Lucy had been tormenting her for over an hour. Vicki wanted nothing more than for her to come back and finish the job.

Lucy returned after a couple of minutes, carrying a glass of white wine.

"Sorry to leave you hanging, Victoria, but I was getting thirsty," she said as she stood by the bed, "would you like a drink?" Vicki nodded, not trusting herself to speak.

Lucy took a mouthful of wine and clambered on top of Vicki once more. She placed her lips against the other’s mouth and very carefully allowed the wine to dribble out of her mouth and into Vicki's. At the same time, she reached down and began to massage that aching spot between her legs which had been so neglected until this point.

"You're very wet down here, Victoria," Lucy remarked when their alcoholic kiss was over. Bringing her hand up, she licked her fingers slowly and deliberately.

"Mmm, you taste very good…" She kissed Vicki on the lips, harder this time, more urgently, and she felt the kiss returned with equal force.

Lucy jumped down from the bed again, but she didn't leave the room this time, she just went to the chest of drawers and brought back what Vicki recognised to be a magic wand vibrator. She recognised it, but she had never owned or used one, although she had heard that they were pretty good. Lucy plugged it into the wall and then climbed back beside Vicki, switching on the vibrator and running it over her breasts, holding it against her nipples.

"Oh my god, that feels good!" Vicki breathed, wriggling under the device’s attentions, but in no way trying to disengage from it. With her eyes closed in ecstatic enjoyment, she felt it move down across her stomach until it rested on her plump venus mound. Instantly, her moans became louder and she began to raise her hips, trying to press her flesh harder against the head of the wand.

The orgasm built slowly but inexorably within her. Lucy kept moving the vibrating head around, stimulating her but not as much as when it pressed directly down on her clitoris. Vicki's cries became louder as the moment approached, and she desperately thrust her sex against the device, now slick with her juices.

"Yes! I'm cum… I'm cumming!" she wailed, thrashing from side to side on the bed. At that moment, she felt the wand pulled away, and she looked up in desperation, her eyes wild.

"Please!" she pleaded, "please make me cum!" She saw the smile on Lucy's face, and wondered what was going on.

"Your pleasure is in my gift," Lucy responded, "I'm in control of your body now, Victoria. I am your Mistress. Ask me properly if you may cum."

Vicki looked up in shock and surprise at the words, but she understood what was happening, that Lucy had been working up to this, manipulating her to reach this point. And she was desperate enough to go along with it.

"Yes, Mistress! Please may I cum, Mistress?!" She almost screamed the words and, despite the fact that she had been forced into it, she wasn't unhappy to say them - she recognised that Lucy was not only dominating her, but that she had brought out the submissive in Vicki. She wanted to submit almost as much as she wanted to cum.

"Good girl," Lucy smiled, "your Mistress is inclined to indulge your desire on this occasion." With that, she brought the vibrator back down into contact with Vicki’s burning sex, and the chained woman began to writhe under its touch once again.

The orgasm arrived quickly and explosively, possessing Vicki in a way she had never experienced before. Her husband had rarely bothered with her needs, merely satisfying himself before rolling over and going to sleep. She had told herself it was only natural, that men and women were different, and had furtively completed the job herself, keeping silent and still, before turning away, riven with guilt.

This was completely different. She screamed out her passion, not caring whether neighbours or the whole damn city heard her. She grabbed at the bedposts, clawed at the sheet, and threw herself around as much as the chains holding her would allow. The orgasm seemed to permeate her whole body, reaching and stimulating every part, from the tingle in her toes to the bristling of the hairs on the back of her neck. And the moment of climax just went on and on, driving everything else from her mind as pleasure flooded her brain and body like monsoon rain in the parched desert.

“Thankyou, Lucy… Mistress. That was… incredible,” she managed to pant as the moment finally passed, leaving her sweaty and exhausted.

“You’re welcome, honey,” Lucy smiled. “like I said, you deserved that. And this…”

Vicki watched as the girl went to the drawers and returned once more, this time with a more traditional vibrator.

“M-Mistress?” Vicki gasped as she felt the vibrating dildo sliding into her well-lubricated sex. She closed her eyes and bit her lip, abandoning herself to the resurgent arousal as the wand also resumed its magical ministrations.

“I promised you a night of pleasure, not just a moment,” Lucy said as she looked down at her latest conquest, “ and Mistress Lux always keeps her promises…”

Part 2

Vicki blinked the sweat out of her eyes and tried to gather her thoughts, which had been scattered to the four winds by the multiple orgasms she had been forced to endure. Not that she was complaining. She had never had such a night of ecstasy in her life. It was just that, given the choice, she would have liked to have had more recovery time between each of the climaxes that she had reached, the number of which she had lost track quite some time ago.

But she had had no choice. That was the point. She had surrendered her choices to the young woman she had met only hours previously, a mere slip of a girl who had turned out to be more confident and more controlling than Vicki could ever have imagined. With just the power of her voice, she had turned the older woman from an outgoing and self-confident divorcee looking for a one night stand with some young and naive stud, into her plaything, willing, even eager, to submit herself to the other’s whims and desires. There had been a promise of passion, both in the young woman's words and in her actions as she had first taken away Vicki's breath with her erotic touches, followed by her clothes as she had slowly stripped her, and finally her freedom as she had chained her to the bed. To all of this, Vicki had willingly submitted, intoxicated by the sensations she was experiencing.

Still, she was relieved when she felt the vibrator being eased out of her - it had done sterling work, but it was now starting to become a little uncomfortable. It also meant that she would be getting a break from the constant and seemingly relentless stimulation – or so she thought. She was shocked and rather alarmed when she soon felt the head of the device being pushed between her buttocks until it pressed against her sphincter.

She had never been penetrated by anything there - whenever the subject of anal sex had been raised by her creep of an ex-husband, she had always rejected the suggestion vehemently, making it abundantly clear that she found the whole idea dirty and disgusting. Now she was quickly finding out that it was also damned painful!

"Oh! Ah! Please, Mistress… Ow! It hurts!" Vicki screwed up her face as the silicone gel phallus was forced into her, stretching her tight anus painfully, then sliding up into her rectum until the whole vibrating length of it was inside her, making her feel uncomfortably stuffed.

The vibrations felt so strange, so alien, the same and yet so different from when they were in her vagina. She couldn't decide whether it was pleasant or not, it just seemed so weird. But then she found herself completely distracted from what was happening in her bottom by what was now happening in her pussy.

She felt Lucy's long, slender fingers slide into her, first just the index finger, but quickly joined by the middle and ring finger, all three wriggling around, sending the most wonderful sensations through her. She gasped and moaned as she felt the manicured nails scrape along the inside wall of her sex, causing her brief pain but stimulating the nerve endings so close to the skin to fire off their signals of pleasure directly into her brain. Immediately, she was in the grip of another mounting climax, and the chains holding her down rattled as her arms and legs spasmed convulsively. Only moments later, she screamed out as the orgasm swept through her, every muscle tensed, her back arched, head thrown back, hands grasping at thin air trying to cope with the rush of natural chemicals flooding her body. At last, she sunk back onto the bed, exhaustion replacing the exhilaration she had just experienced.

She opened her weary eyes to see that Lucy had raised the hand with which she had just brought Vicki to yet another noisy climax, and was gently but firmly pushing her wet fingers between the older woman's lips and into her mouth. Without a moment’s hesitation, Vicki sucked on the fingers hungrily, tasting her own juices for the first time since, as a pubescent teenager, she had experimented, in the way one might taste one's own blood when cut. Now, as a mature woman, she eagerly licked her cum from the palm of the hand before her, relishing the strong flavour and rich aroma of sex.

"Having fun, Victoria?" Lucy asked with a smile.

"Yes, Mistress," Vicki replied, returning the smile as she looked up at this amazing girl now sitting astride her supine body.

"Time for a little quid pro quo, I think." Lucy shuffled up the bed until her thighs were on either side of Vicki's head, her crotch directly above Vicki's face. Although she had never been involved with a woman before, Vicki knew what was now expected of her, and what would have seemed unthinkable a matter of hours before was now the least she could do in return for the delights she had experienced.

"Yes, Mistress," she murmured as Lucy lowered herself. Vicki went about the task of pleasuring her Mistress with eagerness and enthusiasm, driven not by a sense of obligation but by a desire to help this amazing girl reach some of the heights to which she herself had been taken.

Although performing cunnilingus was an entirely new experience for her, Vicki knew what she would enjoy herself, and sought to provide that to Lucy. So she delved deep with her tongue, stretching and twisting to reach the incredibly sensitive area inside, upon which Lucy had played so skilfully with her fingers inside Vicki. She licked and slurped at the juices which began to run freely, drinking them down greedily as Lucy became more and more animated above her, grinding her hips against the willing mouth below, crying out as she felt her clitoris sucked and teased mercilessly, delightfully…

Vicki couldn't see what was going on above her and, with Lucy's thighs clamped tight over her ears, could only hear muffled noises, but she knew that what she was doing was having the desired effect. Determinedly, she maintained her work rate even as the muscles at the base of her tongue began to ache from the effort. Her goal was to bring her Mistress to orgasm, to give her the best climax possible, and no minor discomfort was going to get in her way. A stray thought passed through her mind, questioning the surprising haste with which she had begun thinking of the other woman as her Mistress, but she firmly ignored it and pressed on.

She soon received her reward. Lucy rode her with increasing abandon, pushing her crotch into the face below her whilst pinching her own nipples and fingering her anus to maximise her stimulation. It wasn't long before she came, loudly crying out in pleasure, before slumping onto the bed beside her bound lover.

"Mmmm, you're very good at that, Victoria!" Lucy sighed contentedly, stroking the soft body beside her.

"Thank you, Mistress," Vicki purred, feeling proud that she had been able to provide satisfaction, "would you like me to do it again?"

"That's a very tempting offer," Lucy smiled, turning herself around and engaging Vicki in a long and languid kiss which suited the delightfully relaxed ennui which had settled on both of them.

"But I have a better idea," she went on. "There’s someone I want you to meet."

Vicki looked up in confusion, not understanding the remark, and watched as Lucy got off the mattress and went to the end of the bed, where she pulled away the black material which had intrigued Vicki when she had first entered the bedroom. To her amazement, she saw that underneath it was a steel cage and, inside the cage, a naked woman!

Utterly astonished now, she watched Lucy unlock the cage and the naked woman crawl out. She was taller than Mistress, with a much curvier body - larger breasts and wide hips - with long, straight, auburn hair tumbling down her back. As she approached the bed, Vicki saw that she was wearing leather cuffs and collar similar to those she herself wore. She looked slightly older than Lucy, though still in her twenties, and Vicki couldn't help thinking that she was like a younger version of herself.

"Anna, this is Victoria," Lucy said as the two women stood beside the bed, "Victoria, this is Anna, my slave." The woman smiled warmly at Vicki, who was struggling with the concept of being formally introduced to someone whilst chained spreadeagled and naked on a bed. She realised that the woman had been crouched in the cage the entire time that she and Lucy had been in the bedroom, so she must have heard everything that had happened. Somehow, that stuck in Vicki's mind as crushingly embarrassing.

"Anna," Lucy went on, "Victoria was kind enough to provide your Mistress with some intense pleasure."

"So I heard, Mistress," she replied with a smile.

"Don't get cheeky, slave," Lucy chided with mock seriousness, "in return, I want you to give Victoria an amazing orgasm - even more amazing than those she’s already had tonight."

"Yes, Mistress," Anna replied quietly, smiling conspiratorially at her new companion as she climbed onto the bed.

"And Victoria," Lucy said, "I want you to practice controlling your orgasm. You will not cum without my permission. Understand?"

"Y-yes, Mistress," Vicki responded nervously - she had never tried to stop herself cumming before, and had no idea how she should go about doing it. But she had been given a command by her Mistress, and she wanted above all else to be obedient. She felt a moment's surprise at that realisation, but it was instantly forgotten when she felt Anna’s tongue touch her moist flesh.

Almost immediately, she felt herself losing all control over her body. She looked down to see the auburn haired slave between her thighs, her head bobbing as she expertly teased Vicki with the lightest of touches, a kiss here, a lick there, a stroke of her long fingers, a nuzzle of her cute nose. Vicki groaned and panted under the virtuoso performance of the art of arousal, feeling like she was hovering somewhere above the bed, constantly aroused but nowhere near climax. It was a form of torture, but one she would never wish to stop…

As she felt herself slowly rising to yet another climax, she looked around for Lucy, thinking of needing to ask her permission in the near future, but she was rather shocked when she saw her. Lucy was standing by the chest of drawers from which she had brought the various toys which she had used on Vicki, and she was attaching some kind of harness around her hips and thighs, a web of leather straps, the purpose of which Vicki didn't immediately understand. Not, that is, until Lucy turned to face her and she saw the huge black phallus standing out from her crotch. It was the first time she had seen a strap-on dildo, and she found the sight intimidating, almost frightening.

She watched with trepidation as her Mistress walked towards her and then clambered onto the bed, kneeling behind Anna, who still had her head down between Vicki's thighs, and her rear end up in the air. Lucy positioned herself behind her slave and then spat on her hand, using it to lubricate the end of the dildo.

"This is my rather more pleasant version of the Human Centipede," she said, looking at Vicki, "and we're going to play a little game. We're all going to cum, but in the correct order. I will cum first, then Victoria, and I'm afraid you cum last, Anna. Understand?"

"Yes, Mistress," they both replied, Anna’s voice rather muffled.

"Then let us begin," Lucy concluded. At the same moment, she thrust the black monster deep into Anna’s pussy, pushing her whole body forward and forcing Anna's face into Vicki's luxuriant pubic topiary.

Vicki found herself mesmerised by the sight in front of her. Lucy was gripping Anna’s hips tightly as she thrust rhythmically into her, grunting slightly with each deep penetration. In pose and actions, she looked just like a man taking a woman doggie style, but her slender form, her bouncing breasts, and the way that she bit on her full red bottom lip subverted that image into something altogether different and, to Vicki’s mind, altogether more beautiful.

Each thrust by her Mistress also intensified the effect that Anna was having on her, driving her tongue deeper, making each action deliver much higher impact on Vicki's hypersensitive body. The rhythm, transmitted from Lucy to Vicki through the body connecting them, also began to have its effect. It almost felt to Vicki as though she was being fucked at long distance by her Mistress, and her arousal became even greater.

Suddenly Vicki realised she had to get a grip of herself, otherwise she was going to cum before she was allowed, and that would never do. Unsure of what she could do to delay her climax, she tried distracting herself, thinking of the mundanities of work, the joy of playing with a litter of puppies, and taking part in a cookery competition – anything but sex. Unfortunately, her daydream about work ended with her spread out across the desk, being taken by two of her colleagues at once in a fantasy scenario she had never had before. The puppies pulled her to the ground and, having ripped her panties off, were merrily licking at her defenceless pussy. Even the televised cookery contest degenerated into a bizarre scene where the other contestants were sucking melted chocolate from her naked body - The Great British Lick-off.

Trying a different technique, she dug her fingernails into the palms of her hands, distracting herself with pain. This seemed to have some effect, but she could still feel the excitement building within her, and she couldn't cause herself enough pain to stop it.

In desperation, she tried meditation, finding a calm spot within her which was not impacted by the fireworks going off in her groin, and focusing on it, letting the feelings of impending orgasm go ignored. It seemed to have some success, but she knew it couldn't last long.

Finally, all she could do was stare at Lucy, willing her to cum to her rescue, as it were. Luckily, it seemed that she was close. Her face and chest were shining with sweat, her head thrown back as she pummelled Anna even harder, and she was becoming ever louder in her grunts, cries and, eventually, shouts of excitement.

It was a race not to reach the end, and one that Vicki felt she mustn't lose. She didn't know what Mistress would do to punish her if she failed, but that wasn't the point at this stage - she just didn't want to disappoint the young woman who had so quickly taken such an important role in her life. What had started out as just a rather bizarre one night stand had, for Vicki, become something much more important. She had discovered her submissive side, and had found that making love with another woman seemed so much more exciting than with a man. She wanted to explore these new facets of herself in more detail and, in order to do that, she needed Lucy to want her as her slave.

At last, Lucy screamed out in orgasm. Almost immediately, Vicki felt her own orgasm sweep through her, and she thrashed about on the bed, releasing the tension which had built up in her body. As the moment passed and, still gasping for breath, she looked down to see that Mistress was still fucking Anna hard, driving her to the final moment of release.

"Please… Mistress… May I… cum?!" Anna gasped.

"Yes, slave, you may!" Lucy replied through gritted teeth, delivering the last few strokes which pushed Anna over the edge. She barely seemed able to cope with the sensations coursing through her body, looking to Vicki as if she had been electrocuted, every muscle tensed, her mouth wide but emitting no cry, just panting for breath, hardly able to suck in enough oxygen. Eventually her body relaxed and she collapsed onto the bed, her only movement that of her chest rising and falling.

"Just so that you are aware, Victoria," Lucy said, looking down at the prone body of her slave, "that was Anna’s first climax for over a month."

"Oh my God!" Vicki exclaimed, looking down at the other woman with renewed sympathy.

"Yes," Lucy continued, "and many nights during that time, she has been on the verge of orgasm. That is the level of self-control that a slave needs to attain. It's certainly a challenge…"

"Yes, Mistress," Vicki responded forlornly, sure that she could never perform that well.

"Now," Lucy said, getting off the bed and starting to unstrap the dildo, "time for sleep for all of us, I think. Victoria, you will sleep with Anna. In the morning, Anna, I want you to clean and present Victoria appropriately for me. Now, off to bed with you both, and don't wake me up in the morning!"

"Goodnight, and thank you for an incredible, wonderful night, Mistress," Vicki said with a shy smile on her face as Anna unlocked the chains on her cuffs.

"Goodnight, Mistress," Anna said quietly, taking Vicki's hand and leading her towards the cage at the end of the bed. She signalled for her to crawl into the cage and, feeling that the situation had become even more surreal, Vicki did so.

The floor of the cage was covered by a futon-style mattress, which was quite firm, but not much more so than other beds she had slept on. There were no bedclothes though - no sheets, no duvet, no blankets - and she wondered how she would cope. The room was warm enough to not need the coverings, but she was so used to the close embrace that she wondered if she would be able to sleep without them.

She heard a noise behind her, and turned to see that Anna had crawled in as well, and was now pulling the cage door closed. The lock engaged with a loud click, and Vicki realised that they were now trapped, imprisoned until Mistress decided they should be released. It was another new and curious feeling in a night strewn with them.

Anna lay down on the mattress and waved to Vicki to join her. Hesitantly, Vicki laid down, facing away from Anna. She felt the younger woman move her body up against her back, and then her arm came around her, lying across her belly, pulling her in close - they were spooning!

"Goodnight, Victoria," Anna whispered, her warm breath tickling Vicki's ear.

Vicki lay awake, listening to the other’s breathing become slow and regular, indicating that she had fallen asleep. But there was no way that Vicki could sleep, her mind was far too active. There were so many new things she had experienced in the last few hours, events and feelings which needed to be processed, questioned, assimilated. Her heart was still racing, excited at just the memory of what had happened.

She would have had to pinch herself to check that all this was real, except that she had the warm body pressed against hers and the arm draped around her to convince her that she wasn't dreaming. Yet it had all happened so fast that she was struggling to understand - was she really a lesbian? Was she really this submissive? Did she really want to be someone's slave?

In the end, she decided to just stop worrying about it. What she knew for sure was that she had enjoyed herself more that night than she could possibly have imagined. And, as she lay in the dark, being cuddled by the naked woman in the cage with her, her thoughts turned to what would happen in the morning. She decided that she really had no idea, but she was incredibly excited to find out. And, with that thought, she drifted off to sleep...

Part 3

Vicki was somewhat disoriented when she woke up, unsure of where she was or why there should be a hand covering her mouth. She opened her eyes to see Anna’s pretty face smiling down at her, and it all began flooding back. The hand over her mouth was explained by the fact that Anna was holding the index finger of her other hand to her own lips in a shushing gesture - they needed to be quiet.

Once she was sure that Vicki understood, Anna turned her attention to the cage door. Vicki saw a key suspended in the middle of the cage, hanging on the end of a piece of string, and watched as Anna used it to unlock the door before shuffling out into the bedroom. Vicki followed her, and then they both stood up, stretching out the aches of having been curled up for the last few hours. Vicki looked down at the bed and saw Lucy fast asleep, tucked up under her duvet, and a torrent of memories of what had happened on that bed the previous night flooded Vicki's mind. The woman she was now watching sleep had turned Vicki's world upside down in ways she had never dreamed of, and had given her pleasures she had never imagined possible. She realised that she was smiling broadly as she observed the amazing young woman before her.

Anna took her hand, leading her across the room and into the ensuite bathroom. "Good morning, Victoria," Anna said in a low voice once she had closed the door, "how are you doing?"

"Please, call me Vicki," she urged quietly, "oh, Anna, that was the most incredible experience of my life! I can't begin to tell you, I can't even work it out for myself! I've never… ‘done it’ with a woman before, I've never even been attracted to girls! And as for all that bondage stuff, I've just never…" Anna could see from the look on Vicki’s face, as well as hear it in her voice, just how excited she was.

"Mistress has that effect," she responded with a knowing smile.

"Is that it?" Vicki asked with a certain tone of wonder in her voice, "does Lucy - I mean Mistress - have that power, just in her voice? Did she turn you?" Vicki realised what a strange phrase that was, like asking if she had been turned to the dark side of the force, but on reflection it seemed quite appropriate.

"Well," Anna replied, "when we met, I was already interested in girls, and I knew that I was naturally submissive. But I had never considered a Mistress/slave relationship, with all that implies. So I guess she did turn me, as you put it - she turned me from her boss into her slave!"

"Her… boss?!" Vicki couldn't believe that she had just heard that, it seemed too incredible.

"Yes," Anna went on, "Lucy works for me forty hours a week, and for the rest of the time, she's my Mistress and I'm her slave."

"Wow!" Vicki breathed, "that is just… I'm not sure I can process that at the moment…"

"Well, we mustn't stand around gossiping all morning," Anna said briskly, leading Vicki over to the shower cubicle, "I have to get you ready to be presented to Mistress, and then make the breakfast!"

She backed Vicki into the large space with its tiled walls, then lifted Vicki's arm up. There was a short chain hanging from an eyelet in the wall, and Anna clipped it to the D-ring on the leather cuff around Vicki's wrist. She did the same to her other arm and then to her ankles, so that Vicki was now standing under the shower head, spreadeagled and helpless. At that moment, her thoughts were a mixture of a lot of confusion, a little bit of alarm, and some arousal.

Anna turned on the water to thoroughly soak Vicki and then used shower gel on a scrunchy to lather every inch of her body, meticulously cleaning between her fingers and toes, the soles of her feet, and between her thighs and buttocks, washing away all of the detritus from the previous evening's activities. After rinsing her off, Anna shampooed and conditioned her hair, all of which Vicki found extremely pleasant - she never had somebody wash her before, and felt that it was quite a treat.

She was rather less sanguine when she saw Anna approaching her with a can of shaving foam and a razor.

"W-what are you doing?" she asked in alarm, watching Anna sink to her knees in front of her.

"Mistress doesn't like body hair of any kind," Anna explained, "so I'm afraid you have to say goodbye to your impressive bush down here." Vicki opened her mouth to protest, but then decided against it. She realised the futility of arguing with Anna to try to get her to disobey her Mistress, or of struggling to avoid being denuded, which would only result in her being cut in a very sensitive area. But her overriding reason for keeping quiet and still was the feeling that she was prepared to be shaved, if that was what Mistress wanted. She found that thought both disconcerting, inasmuch as she seemed to have accepted her role so quickly, but also so arousing - she couldn't deny that becoming Mistress’ slave turned her on in the most intense, almost visceral, way.

Anna was very careful. She was also very, very thorough. Vicki felt the coolness of the shaving foam applied to her red hot mound, then gradually scraped away, leaving her skin bare and even more sensitive than before. She had to struggle to stop herself squirming under Anna's gentle touch, and she found her breath becoming shorter, shallower and more rapid, until she was almost panting.

Once she had completed the job to her satisfaction, Anna used the hand spray to clean away the last of the foam and shavings, before leaning forward and planting a kiss on Vicki's now perfectly presented pussy. She stood up and looked into the other woman's face, seeing the arousal in her eyes and her flushed cheeks. She put her hands on those cheeks and kissed her on the lips, feeling the ardour of her response, hearing the rattling of the chains holding her as she pulled at them, trying to reach and embrace her.

Vicki found the sensation of being kissed by another woman, with their wet breasts squashed together, almost too much to bear. It was so incredibly sensual that she wanted to grab hold of the woman in front of her and make love to her right there in the shower, to go down on her under the warm spray, to make her scream in ecstasy. But, restrained as she was, she could only tug at the chains in frustration.

Giving Vicki a rueful smile, Anna moved away slightly and quickly washed herself, before releasing Vicki.

"Okay, I think we're done here," Anna said quietly, "we need to get ready and be prepared for when Mistress awakes and wants us." Rather disappointed, Vicki realised that she was being told that, whatever her state of excitement, she was going to have to control herself and focus on what was important - serving Mistress.

Vicki dried herself and then stood quietly as Anna brushed her hair, pulling it back into a tight French plait, and then applied make-up to her. She found this a weird experience, as nobody had done that for her since she was about ten years old. When the job was finished, she looked at herself in the mirror and was pleasantly surprised - Anna had applied mascara, a little eye shadow, and lipstick with a delicate touch, not too overpowering, just accentuating her features in exactly the right way.

Having put her own hair into a ponytail, Anna led the way out of the bathroom and across the bedroom, making sure not to make a sound which might wake the still-sleeping Lucy. They went through the atrium and into the living area, where Vicki got her first view of the main apartment. There were separate areas for kitchen, living and dining, all tastefully furnished and decorated, with huge picture windows opening onto a balcony overlooking the river below. It was certainly more than she could afford.

"Wait here for a minute, Vicki," Anna said, "I just need to get some things from the bedroom." She disappeared back out into the hall, and Vicki looked around some more, checking out the tasteful modern art decorating the walls.

Anna soon returned with what Vicki realised were several items of bondage equipment. She felt that strange frisson of excitement mixed with apprehension that she had already felt several times since she had arrived here. Anna put the items down on the sofa before selecting one, which looked like some kind of leather bag with straps, buckles and laces, and turning to Vicki

"I'm going to put you into this bondage," she explained, "to illustrate to Mistress your total submission to her. Okay?" Vicki bit her lip nervously - this looked like serious equipment - before nodding her head, not trusting herself to speak.

She turned around and clasped her hands together behind her back, as Anna had indicated. She felt the leather bag pulled up over her hands, over her forearms, up until it reached nearly to her shoulders. She had never seen or even heard of an arm binder before but, as Anna fastened the straps across her chest and then gradually tightened the laces, pulling her arms closer together, she quickly realised its purpose and appeal. Not only had it very simply disabled her hands and arms, it had changed her posture, pulling back her shoulders and forcing her to thrust her breasts out lewdly before her. She was presenting herself "appropriately", as she remembered Mistress saying the night before.

She could see that the next item was a gag, but it seemed to be almost mediaeval in its design. It consisted of a heavy leather panel which covered her entire jaw and lower face, with thick straps to hold it in place behind her head, and more straps which ran up either side of her nose before joining at a metal ring against her forehead, with a single strap going over her head and connecting with the others at the nape of her neck. As it was applied, she saw the fat rubber protrusion on the inside of the panel, and had to open her mouth to accommodate it, feeling it filling the space, pressing down on her tongue.

Anna buckled the straps tightly, and then clasped the bulb hanging from the front of the panel, pumping it several times. Vicki felt the rubber protrusion in her mouth expanding, forcing her jaws apart, even though her lower jaw was already restricted by the way that the panel extended underneath her chin. In moments, she lost all ability to move her jaws or tongue and, when she let out a squeal of surprise, virtually no sound escaped from her lips.

The last item of bondage was a set of three small clamps, joined together by thin silvery chains. Vicki's eyes widened as Anna rolled and pinched her nipples until they were standing erect, before applying the clamps. She tried to steel herself to the impending pain, knowing she could not avoid it. In the event, it turned out to be not as bad as she had expected, each clamp being rubber-coated and causing only an uncomfortable pinch rather than the anticipated agony.

Anna led her over beside the dining table and, pressing down on her shoulder, indicated that she should kneel.

"Spread your knees as far as you can, please, Vicki," Anna instructed the kneeling woman, "by taking this position, you are offering yourself to your Mistress, giving her free access to your sex." Vicki nodded her head and moved her knees as far apart as she could, until she felt her hamstrings tighten. Not quite enough for Anna though, apparently, as she squatted down and pushed her thighs further apart a couple of crucial inches, leaving Vicki feeling uncomfortably exposed – many years of being demure and lady-like made this position feel so unnatural!

She soon had something else to worry about though, as Anna pulled down on the third, unattached, clamp and used her fingers to spread Vicki’s labia. To the bound woman’s horror, she could only watch helplessly as her delicate bud was first flicked and stroked to attention, and then gripped by the spring-loaded jaws. This one did hurt. A lot. She screamed at the pain, but created little more sound than might normally indicate mild irritation.

“Well done, honey, just try to breathe through it,” Anna soothed, straightening up, “focus on how pleased Mistress will be when she sees you like this.” Vicki looked up at her desperately, pleading for release with her eyes, but got only a sympathetic smile and a shake of the head in response.

“Remember, when Mistress arrives,” Anna went on, “don’t look at her, just keep your eyes on the floor in front of you to demonstrate your acceptance and submission. Hang in there, Vicki, you’re doing great.” She leaned down and kissed her forehead, before walking away and disappearing into the kitchen.

Vicki tried to focus on anything but the throbbing ache in her pinched flesh. What was she doing here, she wondered. She was struggling to understand anything that had happened to her over the last twelve hours or so, and now she found herself bound, gagged and in pain. Had she been brave and adventurous, or just plain stupid? The jury was still out, she decided, and she wasn't going to be able to answer that question until she could look back on it with some degree of perspective - things could still go either way.

She had been waiting there a long time, her nipples and clitoris becoming numb while her shoulders and arms began to ache, when she heard the door open and then close. She dared not look around, and tried to follow the progress of her Mistress across the room towards her by the soft sound of her footfalls on the carpet. She saw a pair of bare legs and high heels walk past her, then heard the sound of a chair being drawn back.

"Ah, good morning, Anna," she heard her Mistress say.

"Good morning, Mistress," Anna replied. Vicki heard the sound of crockery being placed on the table and the smell of bacon, eggs and other succulent delights wafted over to her, reminding her how little she had eaten in the last day and how hungry she now was.

"You've done a good job with my new slave," Lucy remarked, making Vicki sit up a little more straight, push out her breasts a little further, even try to spread her thighs a little wider - Mistress had noticed her, and liked what she saw!

"Thank you, Mistress," Anna responded, "if I may be permitted, may I congratulate you on your choice?" Vicki couldn't see, but the two women were smiling as they gazed at her appreciatively.

"You may," Lucy replied. "Why don't you take your place next to her?"

"Thank you, Mistress." Vicki could see that Anna was now kneeling down alongside her, adopting the same position, so that they looked like identical ornaments, human works of art in Mistress’ collection.

Silence descended as Lucy ate her breakfast, ignoring the two slaves, who kept perfectly still, the gentle rise and fall of their chests the only sign of life. As the minutes dragged by, Vicki wondered what would happen next, knowing that she would have no control, literally no say - she was totally in the power of her Mistress.

Eventually, Lucy pushed the plate away and stood up. She walked over and stood over Vicki, noticing the way that her rate of breathing increased – fear or excitement, she wondered. The answer would become apparent in the next few minutes, she knew.

She leaned down and deflated the rubber bladder filling Vicki's mouth, then unbuckled the straps of the gag and pulled it from her face. A long string of saliva escaped from Vicki's lips before she could swallow it and hung from her chin, oozing down her chest and between her breasts. Vicki managed to close her lips to prevent any further drool, but didn't dare exercise her aching jaw in front of Mistress in case it was deemed to be unacceptable behaviour. Lucy took Vicki's chin in her hand, disregarding the drool, and lifted it until Vicki was looking up at her.

"You have done very well, Victoria," Lucy smiled, "Anna and I have enjoyed having you, haven't we, Anna?"

"Yes, Mistress!" From the smile on Mistress’ face and in Anna’s voice, Vicki was sure that the double entendre was entirely deliberate.

"I would love you to stay for the rest of the weekend," Lucy went on, "but I perfectly understand if you have other plans for tonight. Or possibly you have had enough of being a slave for now? For one of the only times while you're in this apartment, you have a choice - do you want to leave, Victoria?"

Vicki thought about the day she had planned. She had to go shopping for a new outfit for the reception she was to attend that night. Her boss had made it quite clear that her presence was not optional.

"Everyone from the television production industry will be there," he had said just yesterday, "not only will you be representing the company, but it's a great networking opportunity for you personally, Vicki! I wouldn't want to lose you, and I'm certainly not encouraging you to go out and get a better job somewhere else, but you need to be seen at these things, get your name and face out there. I'll see you at 7:30 on Saturday. Don't be late!"

Her career was finally starting to take off. And here she was, contemplating letting the chance slip away, and for what? To play at being someone's slave for another day? To feel the pleasure she had experienced the previous night once more? It was ridiculous! She couldn't do it!

And yet… somehow, it just felt so… right. Drawing in a deep breath, she made her decision.

"Please, Mistress, may I stay?"

Lucy smiled. She could tell by the emotions which had flitted across Vicki's face that it had not been an easy choice. But the choice had been made and, she was pleased to note, made in just the way she had planned.

"Of course you may, darling. Anna and I will take great pleasure in continuing your education in the art of servitude, Victoria. We will make you the best slave you can be…"

Part 4 (Conclusion)

A thought flitted through Vicki's mind that, right about now, she should be sipping a glass of nasty fizzy plonk and trying to balance a plate of hors d'oeuvres on her wrist, whilst staving off a growing sense of ennui and boredom as she listened to her boss and various stuffed shirts in the media business burbling on about some impractical vision of the future of television. But the thought only distracted her for a moment, because she had other issues to deal with, much more immediate and far more pleasurable.

At that precise moment, she was writhing on the carpet under the amused gaze of Mistress Lux, the girl who had completely changed her life in less than a day. She couldn't do anything more than wriggle helplessly because her arms were strapped together behind her back and her legs were pinned together by tight leather belts around her ankles, knees and thighs. Her movements were further restricted by the fact that her body was also strapped against that of the similarly restrained Anna. They were both bathed in sweat, making their breasts, stomachs and thighs slip and slide against each other wetly, caused by body heat, and by their struggles over the last couple of hours.

Vicki moaned indistinctly as another wave of sensation passed through her. Her feelings of intense arousal were being caused by the strange device which penetrated both her, and Anna's, pussy simultaneously, and which was being constantly manipulated by the strings tied to it, pulling it this way and that as, first Anna and then Vicki, yanked it around. The objective, at least at first, had been to try to make the other woman climax, as Mistress had said that the woman who made the other cum first would get a reward. But, as she realised that when she pulled on her string, the double-headed dildo thrust deeper into her vagina, and that when Anna pulled hers it withdrew, Vicki rather lost sight of her goal and just worked the device in and out, driving herself wild. Of course, the exact opposite action was having a similar effect on Anna and, little by little, they were forcing each other towards the orgasm which would mean their own defeat, although that ‘defeat’ would, in itself, be its own little victory.

Their moans were being stifled by the rather unusual gag with which they had been fitted. Each wore a ring gag, but the two rings were connected by a sophisticated gimbal joint, which meant that their open mouths were pressed together, lips crushed against each other, and tongues able to cross the divide and interact wetly with each other, their saliva mixing and sliding back and forth as their bound bodies twisted and rolled on the floor.

Both women were equally close to orgasm, but Anna’s superior training in self-control won out in the end, and it was Vicki's body which shuddered violently at the point of climax, her screams of ecstasy muffled as they were captured in Anna’s open mouth.

"Well done, Anna," Lucy smiled, looking on from the sofa and applauding her entertainment, "never mind, Vicki, you'll get the hang of it eventually - Anna has quite a head start on you in these things!" Lucy walked over to the two slaves, and unfastened the belts which held them together, releasing Anna from her end of the gag. She then unstrapped Anna’s legs and took her back to the sofa, leaving Vicki to watch helplessly from the floor.

"Here is your reward, darling,” Lucy murmured as she sat down and opened her legs, pulling her down onto her knees between her thighs.

"Thank you, Mistress," Anna responded eagerly, and it was clear to Vicki that her thanks were completely sincere - she really did regard licking her Mistress’ pussy as a reward.

Vicki watched as Lucy squirmed on the sofa, and listened to her soft moans and occasional yips, mixed with the noises Anna was making, slurping and sucking, as she went about her task, and found herself feeling envious. She could see the close bond between Mistress and her slave, and wondered if it would ever be that close between herself and Lucy. With a jolt, she also wondered what Anna was thinking of her at the moment. Was she upset that Vicki was encroaching on her territory, taking away some of her Mistress’ undivided attention? She realised that she needed to be sensitive to the feelings of her fellow slave.

Meanwhile, on the sofa, things were coming to a head, as it were. The noises coming from Anna were more frantic now as her head bobbed up and down and from side to side, while Lucy had arched her back and had one hand in her hair, while the other gripped Anna’s, pulling her head tightly into her groin.

Lucy's orgasm was loud and long when it finally arrived. Anna continued to lap away until Lucy violently pushed her away, making her fall on the floor, sprawled on her back, her bound arms beneath her. Lucy, meanwhile, curled up into a foetal ball on the sofa, suffering the post-coital sensitivity she always experienced after such an extreme climax.

A few minutes later, Lucy had recovered and knelt down by the still recumbent Anna.

"Now you will cum for me, slave," she growled, forcing Anna’s thighs apart and thrusting her fingers into her. Soon, the slave, with her arms still bound behind her, began to wriggle and squirm beneath Lucy's insistent touch. Her breathing became more rapid, with small whines and moans being forced from her. Gradually, the jerky movements of her legs, the thrashing of her head from side to side, and the arching of her back and neck became more violent, more pronounced. Lucy kept her fingers busy, while her other hand reached out and grabbed Anna’s breasts, roughly groping and manipulating them, driving the prone woman’s arousal relentlessly higher.

"Please… Mistress… may I cum?" Anna gasped eventually, unable to resist the sensations any longer.

"Yes, darling, you may," Lucy replied, feeling pleased that she was able to give her slave what, at that precise moment, she most wanted.

Finally able to let herself go, Anna screamed as the orgasm hit her, her body dancing around on the floor as if she was having a fit. Lucy watched as the force of the climax ran through her slave’s body until, at last, it burned itself out, and she slumped back onto the floor. Lucy carefully rolled her over onto her stomach and released her from her remaining bondage.

"Thank you, Mistress," Anna murmured, a beatific smile across her face.

"You're quite welcome, honey," Lucy replied, smiling and kissing her on the lips. "Now, why don't you go and get cleaned up and put on the nice clothes I've laid out for you, while I spend a little time with my new slave?" Obediently, Anna jumped up and scooted off into the bedroom. Lucy moved over to where Vicki was lying, still trussed up, having watched the recent events enviously.

"Now, Victoria," Lucy said, stroking the other woman's cheek, "I think it's time we started your education in earnest, don't you?" She removed the gag and all of the straps and belts from Vicki’s body, then helped her to her feet.

Vicki flexed her arms and legs to get the stiffness out of them, while Lucy walked over to her drawers of bondage equipment and returned with a chain. She reached up and attached one end to a hook in the ceiling which Vicki hadn't noticed before, leaving it hanging in front of her, ending above her.

"Put your arms up above your head," Lucy instructed, "that's it, grab the chain and stretch as far as you can. Up on tippy-toes!" When Vicki did this, Lucy reached up and quickly padlocked the D rings on Vicki's wrist cuffs to a link in the chain, holding her in this stressful position. Vicki looked worried, wondering what was abut to happen, but Lucy smiled at her, seemingly reassuringly, while gently stroking her sides down to her hips.

Vicki watched as Lucy walked behind her, until she lost sight of her. She wondered if she should look around but, not wanting to annoy her Mistress, decided that she shouldn't, she should stay where she had been left. Her feeling of nervousness crept up as her imagination ran wild, but was not reduced when Lucy reappeared with a wooden pole, which she padlocked to Vicki's ankle cuffs, forcing her legs slightly further apart and making her hang by her wrists, with her toes only just touching the floor. Vicki's stress position had just become that much more difficult to endure.

"Have you been a bad girl, Victoria?" Lucy asked, continuing to stroke the woman in front of her.

"N-no, Mistress!" Vicki responded in alarm, becoming very worried about where this was going.

"No?" Lucy said archly, taking one of Vicki's nipples between her thumb and forefinger and squeezing it, "I'll be the judge of that, slave! "

"Yes, Mistress!" Vicki squeaked, her voice rising with her panic and the increasing pressure on her nipple.

"Now," Lucy went on, releasing her pinch but continuing to fondle and squeeze the breasts before her, "last night, as I recall, you came without asking permission." She took hold of the other nipple and began to apply pressure, making Vicki screw her face up as she tried to cope with the renewed pain.

"You heard Anna earlier, didn't you? The good slave always asks her Mistress for permission, because she understands that her pleasure is entirely in the gift of her Mistress."

"Yes, Mistress! I-I'm sorry, Mistress!" Vicki responded, feeling like a naughty schoolgirl being told off by the headmistress.

"I'm sure you are, Victoria," Lucy reassured her, stroking her cheek, "but I think a bit of… message reinforcement will help you to remember in future." Vicki watched Lucy as she walked out of sight again and then returned, this time carrying a flogger. The only time Vicki had ever seen such a thing was in an old black-and-white movie, where some sailor was tied to the mast and flogged with a ‘cat-o-nine-tails’. The thought of it being used on her scared her witless.

"Please, Mi-!" she began, but was silenced by Lucy's finger pressing against her lips.

"Shh, slave," Lucy said quietly, "Mistress doesn't want to hear your whining! The good slave takes her punishment and, indeed, she thanks her Mistress for it and asks for it to continue until her Mistress is satisfied." Vicki looked at her in disbelief, but could see that the girl in control was perfectly serious. She closed her eyes, balled her hands into fists and tensed every muscle in her arms, back and buttocks, trying to prepare herself for what was to come.

When the blow was finally struck, Vicki screamed, but it was as much in surprise and release of tension as at the physical effects. There was a flash of pain across her shoulder blades, that was true, but it faded much more quickly than she had expected, leaving little more than a warm glow which, while not particularly pleasant, was quite bearable. Slowly, she relaxed and breathed out, finally opening her eyes. She saw Lucy standing in front of her, holding the flogger, an expectant look on her face. After a moment's confusion, Vicki realised what she was waiting for, and a sense of disbelief and unreality washed through her as she knew what she had to do.

"Thank you, Mistress," she said, her voice breaking a little. She paused. The expectant look was still there, Lucy just waiting…

"Please… continue."

"Good girl," Lucy said, a comment which could have been condescending, but was actually said with sincerity. She walked around behind her slave again and raised the flogger, bringing it down hard across her buttocks. Vicki gasped as the pain surged through her briefly, but didn't cry out this time. She felt her Mistress’ body against her back, her hand on her stomach, her lips kissing the nape of her neck.

"Thank you, Mistress," she breathed, "your slave accepts her punishment."

The beating continued, Lucy working the leather tails across her shoulders, the small of her back and her buttocks. The afterglow gradually increased until it felt like her skin was on fire, and tears began to run down Vicki's cheeks. The level of pain had also increased but, against all her expectations, she seemed able to cope with it. She told herself that she was pleasing her Mistress and, somehow, that made it more bearable.

She heard the door open, and then Anna appeared in front of her. She looked amazing, her hair and make-up done perfectly and wearing a diaphanous dress with a halter top, no back, and a jagged hem above the knees, making her look like a faery - all she needed were pointy ears and wings! Her outfit was set off by her silver, strappy, heeled sandals.

"You look gorgeous, Anna!" Lucy exclaimed as she came over to her and grabbed her in a tight clinch.

"Thank you, Mistress," Anna responded, before looking over at Vicki, hanging by her wrists, "how is your new slave?"

"She's doing very well," Lucy replied, "but I think she needs a little TLC right now." Anna came over to her and sank to her knees. Vicki let out a long moan as she felt hands on the back of her thighs and then lips touching her between her legs. Moments later, she felt her breasts being cupped and fondled, and realised that Mistress was behind her.

"Thank you, Mistress!" she groaned as the two women groped, fondled and licked her with ever-growing intensity. After the trauma of the whipping, this felt incredible, and her body was soon responding. She luxuriated in the sensations washing over her until, with a sudden start, she realised she could get into even more trouble if she wasn't careful.

"Please, Mistress," she panted, "please may I cum?"

"No, of course you can't!" Lucy replied sharply, but with amusement in her voice, "that's what got you into trouble in the first place! You need to learn to control yourself - your pleasure is mine to bestow, and you must deny yourself until I decide."

"Yes… Mistress…" Vicki responded, struggling to contain herself as the wonderful assault continued. She began to wonder if they were conspiring to make her fail so that they could punish her further. Her whole body tensed and she began to cry out as it all became too much, and she felt herself tipping over the edge into orgasm. At that exact moment, both women disengaged, leaving her squirming in frustration in her bondage. Anna stood up and they watched as Vicki fought to control herself, pulling back from the brink while, at the same time, desperate not to lose those feelings which were electrifying her entire body. Eventually, the moment passed, and she hung limply from her wrists.

"Mmm, you know what?" Lucy said, "I'm famished! Let's go eat!"

Half an hour later, the three of them were sitting in a very nice restaurant and chatting away merrily. Angela - they had told Vicki that ‘Anna’ was only Angela’s slave name - had lent Vicki some clothes and, while she was at first self-conscious about her attire, she felt rather sexy in the sheer, see-through, chiffon blouse and almost-too-short miniskirt. Given that she was still highly aroused after her non-orgasm, so cruelly denied her, it was little surprise that she was eyeing Lucy and Angela almost as hungrily as she was the food. They were no longer Mistress and her slaves, they were just three girlfriends out having a good time.

"Can I ask you a question, Anna - I mean, Angela?" Vicki asked, "you guys obviously have a very close and loving relationship. Don't be offended, but don't you get pissed off when Lucy turns up with someone like me?" The two lovers smiled at each other, and their hands met.

"I'm not offended, Vicki," Angela replied, "as Lucy's partner, I'm totally confident of her love, whatever she does. As my Mistress’ slave, I only want to give her pleasure. So, if she wants to pick up ‘someone like you’, then it pleases me that she is pleasing herself. As for you specifically" - Angela gave her a mock stern look - "being forced to sleep with your hot body next to me and lick your sweet pussy?! Ugh, how disgusting!" Just to emphasise the sarcasm, Angela grabbed the collar of Vicki's blouse and pulled her into a passionate kiss.

"Hey, knock it off, you two!" Lucy cried, trying to sound convincingly annoyed, "you'll make me jealous!" The three women laughed, and drank a toast to their health.

After they had finished at the restaurant, Lucy and Angela took Vicki to a club, and they danced into the early hours of the morning. It reminded Vicki of when she had gone out clubbing as a teenager, with no cares in the world, before she had got married. She felt free and single once again, and enjoyed every minute of it.

Vicki felt exhausted but elated when they finally returned to the apartment. After unlocking the door, Lucy went straight through to the bedroom, and Vicki was about to follow when she felt Angela’s hand on her arm, gently restraining her.

"We're back in our roles now," the young woman said as she took off her dress, "this is where we get changed into costume." When she had stripped naked, she picked up her collar and cuffs from the table beside the door and locked them in place, once more becoming slave Anna. Vicki quickly followed suit and, now both suitably undressed, they went into the bedroom.

Vicki was surprised to see that Lucy had also performed a quick change act. She was wearing what looked like a black, shiny latex swimsuit with high cut-aways at her thighs, leaving her buttocks completed exposed. This was teamed with high-heeled thigh-high leather boots and silk opera gloves. The image of the consummate Dominatrix was completed by the masquerade-style mask she wore and the riding crop she was flexing in her hands. It brought home to Vicki that this was all a performance - they had their roles, they had their costumes and, while they didn't have a script, they were obviously improvising on a familiar theme. She just hoped she could follow the choreography, without fluffing too many of her lines.

"Up, slaves!" Lucy barked, slapping the mattress with the crop. "Present yourselves!" Vicki followed Anna’s lead, positioning herself next to her fellow slave, kneeling with her face pressed against the sheets and her bottom high in the air. They looked at each other, both with eyes gleaming as they thought excitedly about what was to come.

Both received two sharp smacks from the riding crop, leaving a red mark on each of the line of four buttocks. Then each felt a gloved hand stroking their plump, fleshy globes, sliding down between the cheeks, probing the tight sphincter there, before moving down further still…

"Anna has said that she likes to please me," Lucy said as she began to slide fingers into the two pussies presented before her, "but do you know what that means, Victoria? Do you know what pleases me? Do you think it's your naked body? Your helplessness when I tie you or chain you? Your cries and screams when I hurt you? The sexual services you provide?" Vicki really hoped these questions were rhetorical, because she was having enough difficulty concentrating on what she was saying, without trying to think of coherent answers, so distracted was she by the fingers exploring deep within her.

"Well," Lucy continued, "I do like to see beautiful, naked women, and I do enjoy tying you up and listening to all those sweet little noises you make when I spank you" - she emphasised her point by briefly withdrawing her fingers and slapping them both hard across the cheeks - "but that's not the real turn-on for me." Vicki looked across at Anna, and was pleased to see that she was having as much trouble coping with the stimulation as she was, her eyes screwed shut, her mouth open and panting for breath. She wondered distractedly if she was so affected because of the skill of the touch, or because it was the girl she now called her Mistress who was doing it. The thought flitted away before she could come to a conclusion, leaving her mind free to concentrate solely on the pleasurable sensations assaulting it.

"No, what really turns me on is control," Lucy explained, looking down at the two women, who were just putty in her hands. "So, the greatest gift you give to me is your submission. It's the most wonderful aphrodisiac! And now, just to emphasise the point, you will kiss each other."

Anna and Vicki didn't need a second invitation. They fell upon each other, their lips locked together as their tongues entwined within. Lucy lay on the bed and watched them for a few minutes, amused by their mutual frustrated desire to satisfy the other while, at the same time, knowing that they could not achieve that goal without displeasing their Mistress. Poor confused slaves, she thought.

"Okay, fun time’s over, I want you up here now," she said, and the two women immediately broke off and turned towards her, "I'll have Victoria up here" - she pointed to her mouth - "and Anna down here" - she pointed… elsewhere. Moments later, she and Vicki were kissing passionately, while Anna turned her attentions eagerly to pleasing her Mistress in the most obvious and direct way.

"You're a very beautiful woman, you know, Victoria," Lucy murmured as she held her close, "any man - or woman - you choose would be lucky to have you."

"Thank you, Mistress," Vicki smiled. It felt like her heart was being healed after many years of abuse, and she loved the young woman for it.

The two slaves took it in turns to bring their Mistress to climax after screaming climax, until she wondered if they were trying to torture her, getting their own back for those occasions when she had forced them to orgasm beyond the point of pleasure. Of course, she knew she could tell them to stop at any time, but she thought that maybe it was good research, useful to understand how such intense treatment would feel when she meted it out.

Finally, exhausted, she pushed them away and told them to go to bed.

"I'm feeling generous tonight," she said sleepily as she curled up under the bed covers, "you can play with each other in your cage if you wish. But don't you dare wake me or there'll be trouble! Good night, slaves."

"Good night, Mistress!" they chorused, before scrambling excitedly into the confines of their steel prison, locking the door, and pulling the cover down, concealing the cage from view. They couldn't see each other in the pitch black, but they each knew that the other had a broad smile on her face, matching their own. Trying to keep silent, they kissed and fondled, stoking the desire which had never really abated. Vicki, lying on her back underneath Anna, felt the other twist around until they were in the classic sixty-nine position, and could finally satisfy the feelings they had been experiencing all night.

It was not easy to go through orgasm silently, but somehow they managed it. On several occasions. At last, their lust finally spent, they fell asleep in each other's arms, their warm bodies pressed together. The sound of gentle snoring fell across the apartment.

The next morning, they all slept late and, after all three of them had showered together - a task which took a surprisingly long time - they enjoyed a hearty breakfast. Well, Lucy enjoyed a hearty breakfast, and Anna and Vicki enjoyed eating the scraps from her plate. After they had washed up, the slaves knelt before their Mistress as she read the Sunday papers and sipped her coffee. After half an hour or so, she put the paper to one side and looked at the naked women.

"I'm afraid I'm going to have to let you go now, Victoria," she said, "it's been lovely having you here, I know that Anna and I have enjoyed it immensely. But we've all got work tomorrow and I'm sure you will need to get ready."

"Thank you, Mistress," Vicki replied a little nervously before continuing, "May I… may I come back?"

"Do you want to?"

"If it pleases you, Mistress." Lucy shot a glance at Anna, and saw the smirk on her lips before she managed to hide it. Clearly, her slave had been training Vicki! Lucy looked down at the blushing face of the woman she now knew to be a TV production executive, who had chosen not to attend an important work-related event in favour of staying here with them. She wasn't sure if it was just overexcitement that had led her to do such a thing, but she knew she had to be careful - the last thing she wanted to do was to inadvertently destroy Vicki's career or life.

She could tell that Vicki was extremely submissive, and that turned her on tremendously. She was ready and, apparently, eager to relinquish control of her life to Lucy, and Lucy had to be careful not to abuse that power, while at the same time recognising Vicki’s need to submit. She thought about her response long and hard.

"Very well. Yes, it does please me. But there will be a few rules." Vicki looked up in alarm at the stern tone of voice, and saw the serious look on Lucy's face. She wondered if she had done the wrong thing, if she had annoyed her Mistress.

"You will come here and help Anna perform her duties as my slave," Lucy continued, "but you will not miss any more of your work commitments to do so. Or neglect your family and friends. You will tell Anna when you will not available. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress," Vicki responded, trying to keep the excitement out of her voice.

"You will be given a key to the apartment, and you will come here whenever your other duties allow it. When you arrive, you will assume your role as slave, and you will explain to Anna how long you are able to stay, whether it is a couple of hours, overnight, or a whole weekend. You will be subservient to Anna - she will allocate you your duties. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress!" Vicki could hardly believe it - she was to be a slave to a slave, kind of! Somehow, that gave her such a warm feeling.

"And finally," Lucy said, her voice still stern and serious, "you will have a slave name. Outside this apartment, you will continue to be Vicki. Here, you will be known as Nova - the new slave. Do you understand and accept my terms?"

"Yes, I do, Mistress," Vicki said, struggling to control her breathing, "Mistress Lux!"

"Welcome to your new life, Nova!"

The End

Copyright© 2015 by Jennifer Harrison. All rights reserved.