Alice's Adventures
by Jennifer Harrison

Alice lay back on the sandy soil of the scrubby desert and breathed out, closing her eyes as she folded her arms beneath her head. It had been a long shift and she was exhausted, but she was still too wired to go to bed, so she had driven out of the city to enjoy the first hour of the burgeoning day, the sun quickly warming her body. She hadn't even changed out of her uniform, the frilly little rah-rah skirt which barely covered her ‘assets’ and the crop top with the club's logo on it which left a vast expanse of midriff on view. Mind you, she worked as a waitress in a pole-dancing club, so her uniform could have been a hell of a lot more revealing!

“God dammit! I’m late! So frikkin’ late!” Alice opened her eyes, wondering who was nearby, feeling a little worried at how exposed and vulnerable she was. But as she looked round, all she could see was a gopher, perched on its hind legs a few feet away. Okay, so it wasn't a normal gopher, normal gophers don't usually look at a pocket watch, a pocket watch that they have just taken from their waistcoat. Alice wondered if the sun and her exhaustion had got to her.

Suddenly, the prairie dog scuttled away and disappeared into its hole and, as if drawn by some unseen force, Alice jumped up and followed. Quite how she managed to get into a gopher tunnel was not entirely clear, but she found herself scrambling along underground until the ground disappeared from under her and she was falling, falling into a deep, dark void.

"Okay," she said aloud, "this is clearly a dream." She was rather impressed that she was having a dream on the theme of one of her favourite childhood books, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, even adapted to her current situation. How literary of her!

The fall down the hole was slow, just as she expected, and, after a little way, she started to see things on the wall as she fell past. They seemed to be magazine racks, and she reached out and took one of the magazines on display. She was rather surprised and shocked to find that the magazine was titled Knotty Pleasures, and on the cover was a naked woman in extremely tight and inventive bondage! As she flicked through the pages, she found that the whole thing was filled with such pictures, and she wondered how such things could appear in a children's story/dream. But then she realised that this wasn't the dream of a 10-year-old girl, this was her dream, these were things coming out of her own imagination, and she suddenly felt an awful lot more embarrassed. How rude!

She managed to put magazine back on one of the racks as she floated by, blushing bright red as she noticed that all the magazines were about bondage. Luckily, the racks ended and the walls now seemed to be covered in coat hooks, which seemed even more strange. Either there was a draft blowing her around or the tunnel wasn't entirely vertical, but she found herself drifting into the wall. As she touched the surface, she felt one of the coat hooks slip into the waistband of her skirt and, in an instant, the skirt was gone! She saw it hanging above her and made a desperate grab for it, but she had already fallen out of reach of it and could only watch as the skirt disappeared into the darkness above her.

She bounced out of control to the other side of the shaft and, moments later, her crop top had gone the same way. Two more encounters with the wall and her bra and panties had been ripped away as well, leaving her naked, her shoes having been lost somewhere along the way. She was feeling more than a little worried that her dream was now getting completely out of her control!

The coat hangers disappeared, clearly having done their job, and she was grateful to see that the walls around her were suddenly lined with clothing rails. Here was her chance to cover her embarrassment, she certainly didn't want to arrive at the bottom of this seemingly endless descent in the nude, and she grabbed desperately at the fine dresses so close but tantalisingly out of reach.

At last she caught hold of something and pulled it towards her, but was disappointed to find that it seemed to be nothing more than some kind of shiny one-piece swimsuit. But, try as she might, she could reach nothing else, and the fine clothes were soon gone. Now the walls were blank and, looking beneath her, she finally saw the bottom of the endless drop. Quickly, she pulled on the only item of clothing she had, but was dismayed at how little it actually covered. It was cut so high at the hips that her buttocks were left bare and only a thin strip of what she now realised was latex passed between her legs. It came as an even bigger shock to realise that the material was split, so that rather than restoring her modesty, it merely seemed to highlight her nakedness, covering each of her nether lips but leaving a conspicuous gap through which anything could access her pussy. The final indignity was that, as she pulled the straps over her shoulders, she realised that the garment left her breasts completely exposed, merely framing them in the black rubber material!

She fell to Earth, landing on what she saw was a large mattress on a four-poster bed. As she clambered off it, she found herself in a long corridor with doors on either side. She tried them all, but they were all firmly locked, with no key in sight. However, at the end of the corridor, she found a tiny door, about a foot high and, alongside it, a glass table with a key on it. Eagerly, she picked up the key and opened the door, getting down on her hands and knees so that she could look through. There was a short tunnel and, at the other end, what looked like some kind of fabulous club, with loud music, flashing lights and lots of laughter. She yearned to get through there, but knew there was no way, she was too big.

With a flash of inspiration, she remembered the original Alice story and dashed back to the glass table. She was surprised that, rather than a small bottle with the words ‘Drink Me’ on it, she found a rubber dildo with the words ‘Suck Me’ written on a label tied to it.

"Oh well," she said to herself philosophically, "this is definitely one of those weird dreams. I suppose I might as well go with it…" She picked up the large silicone phallus and started to wet it with her lips, before swirling her tongue around it. Much to her surprise, it tasted really nice, and soon she was sucking and licking it greedily, rather losing sight of the fact that she was only doing this because she thought it would make her small enough to fit through the door.

It seemed like the cock was getting bigger in her mouth, and soon she found her jaws stretched wide, while the dildo forced its way to the back of her throat, making her gag. It was only when she paused to draw breath that she realised that it was she who had shrunk, and she now took the plastic monster from her mouth and ran to the little door.

"Oh fuck!" she exclaimed in frustration, seeing that the door was once again locked. She ran back to the glass table, only to find that the key was visible through the surface above her, but there was no way she could reach it now. "Fuck, fuck, fuck!" If she had just thought about the story instead of getting carried away sucking cock, she would have known that was going to happen.

When she looked around for whatever was going to allow her to grow big enough to get the key, she saw the large wand vibrator underneath the table.

"Oh my God, Alice, you have such a depraved imagination!" she scolded herself while, at the same time, becoming aroused at the thought of having to use this new device. Picking it up, she spread her legs and eased the latex apart, exposing the shiny, wet flesh of her sex and her already engorged clitoris. She pressed the buzzing monster against her eager pussy and threw her head back in instant appreciation of its magical effect on her.

"Oh… My… God!" She was in heaven, her eyes closed, her mouth open, her legs wide apart. The hand which wasn't holding the vibrator roamed her body, squeezing her breasts, pinching her nipples, grabbing her buttock, fingering her anus, anything to try and satisfy the need coursing through her body. On and on she went, pressing the bulbous head harder and deeper, oblivious to what was happening around her. It wasn't until her head bumped against the ceiling had she realised the wand was having the desired effect. But the effect that she was interested in far more was the one between her legs, where she was so close…

The orgasm, when it hit her, was so intense that she screamed, her juices flooding out of her like a burst water pipe. It seemed interminable, sensations running through her body like electricity for minute after minute until, finally, she collapsed onto the floor, utterly spent. As she finally looked around her, she realised that she was far bigger than she needed to be, but she didn't regret what she had done, it had been way too much fun for that!

"Bugger!" she exclaimed, "what the hell am I going to have to do now to get back to the size I need to be?" While she thought about this, she took the key and unlocked the door again to make sure that, when she did get to the right size, she would at least be able to move on.

"Now, what did Alice do in the story?" she wondered but, just at that moment, she saw the gopher hurrying down the corridor towards her, still clearly late and in a terrible hurry. Suddenly, he looked up at the enormous figure of Alice and, his face aghast, dropped what he was carrying and scurried away with a stifled squeal.

Alice reached down and picked up what the strange little animal had dropped, immediately realising with a sinking heart what it was - a set of three clamps, joined together by a thin silver chain.

"Oh great," she moaned, "I suppose I should have guessed. Pleasure made me get bigger, so pain will make me small again. Just perfect!" She definitely didn't like the idea of putting these things on her, but she knew she couldn't remain twenty feet tall if she wanted to get through that door. She really wasn't sure she liked where this dream was going…

Steeling herself against what she knew was coming, she opened the first clamp and carefully applied to her left nipple, letting out a strangled cry as it bit down hard on her sensitive flesh. She quickly moved on to clamp her right nipple, again struggling to cope with the sudden pain. Once she had come to terms with it, she looked around, hoping that this had caused sufficient discomfort for her to begin to shrink back down to a sensible size. But nothing had changed, and it became depressingly clear that all three clamps would have to be correctly deployed before the required effect came into operation.

She carefully spread her lips, exposing her clitoris, still sensitive from its earlier excitement. Screwing her eyes shut, she slowly allowed the jaws of the clamp to close, emitting a low moan which gradually became louder as the pressure increased, until she finally let go to the sound of her screams rebounding from the walls around her.

As her nipples and clit throbbed, she watched as she slowly shrank back down to her normal size, and then continued to get smaller until she was sure she could get through the door. Once she had achieved the correct reduction, she released the clamps, only to then realise that, as the blood rushed back into the pinched flesh, the pain level rose even higher. She staggered back clutching her breasts and with a hand clamped over her pussy, trying to cope with the agonising pain, at which point she toppled over into the pool behind her.

As she fell in, she ducked under the surface and found herself swallowing a mouthful before she could fight her way back up and, coughing and wheezing, take a breath of air. Where on earth had this pool come from? She remembered in the original story that Alice had wept a pool of tears while she was a giant, whereas she… Oh no! She realised she had just swallowed a mouthful of her own cum!

Quickly, she swam to the edge of the pool and clambered out, trying to spit out the taste of her own sex juices. As she sat there shivering, she noticed that a strange assortment of animals seemed to have suffered the same fate as her, and were now standing, dripping around her. With some alarm, she noticed that among the smaller animals, such as a mouse and a duck, were a bear, a wolf and an orangutan, which was not a combination she had ever expected to see outside of a zoo.

"If I didn't know better," the bear said grumpily, "I'd say that I just almost drowned in someone's jizz!"

"I know what you mean," the wolf replied, looking speculatively at Alice, who blushed deeply, "but the question now is, how do we get dry?"

"I think some kind of vigorous exercise might do the trick," the orangutan said, and all three of them stood in a circle around Alice, looking meaningfully at her.

"I don't know why you’re looking at me, guys," Alice responded angrily, noticing that, indeed, all three animals were ‘guys’, and all three were very obviously interested in her, "we're not even the same species!"

"Don't worry, sugar," the wolf replied, licking his lips, "we’re anthropomorphisations, we can work out where to put it."

The three animals suddenly jumped on Alice and, despite her frantic struggles, they quickly had her wrists tied behind her back. Where did a wolf, a bear, and an orangutan get rope from, Alice wondered, but her mind was quickly taken off this conundrum as she felt herself being forced onto her knees, with the orangutan underneath, grinning up at her.

"Oh my G-!" Her cry of astonished outrage as she felt her pussy being filled by the extremely anthropomorphic penis of the orangutan was cut short by the intrusion of the bear’s oversized member into her mouth, gagging her very effectively. But her scream as the wolf mounted her and forced his own phallus deep into her bowels could clearly be heard, even though somewhat muffled.

As the three animals proved just how wild they were, Alice really wondered what the hell was going on with her subconscious. Just how sick was she?! Despite being truly appalled at the whole idea of this forced bestiality, she soon found her depraved body responding to the insistent thrusting into all her orifices. She exploded in a mind-blowing orgasm as first her anus, then her vagina and finally her mouth were comprehensively filled by the polyglot seed of her cross-species attackers.

"Well, that's certainly dried me out!" the bear growled happily as he sauntered away with his new-found friends, leaving Alice sprawled out on the ground, her face splashed with his cum.

Alice struggled to her feet, her hands still tied behind her, and decided this was her chance. She made her way back to the tiny door and, to her immense relief, found it unlocked and open. She staggered through the short tunnel and nervously went into the strange club beyond…

Alice began to have second thoughts about the club, now that she could see it properly. As she had glimpsed it through the tiny corridor before, she had thought that it was some kind of combination of an ‘80s disco and a ‘20s speakeasy. However, close up, it had a completely different vibe.

The first clue about its true nature was the waitress who passed in front of her with a tray of drinks. The fact that she was naked apart from a body harness consisting of lots of tight leather straps, and that she was crawling past on her hands and knees with the tray balanced precariously on her back, was not what freaked her out. It was the fact that her head was completely encased within a mask which made her look like a cat!

She then spotted the women suspended from the ceiling. They also wore leather body harnesses, but their arms were covered in feathers, like wings, while their faces were covered by bird masks. Meanwhile, in the corners of the room and high up by the ceiling, there were giant spider’s webs and, in each, a naked, spreadeagled woman writhed, helplessly bound to it by silken ropes.

‘Okay,’ she thought, ‘it's some kind of extreme fetish club. Maybe coming in here wasn't such a great idea.’ She turned to leave by the way she had come but, to her dismay, the tunnel through which she had arrived seemed to have disappeared, and she was staring at a brick wall, against which a row of three women hung in chains. There was clearly no escape in that direction!

Desperately, the young woman looked around for another exit, and caught sight of a familiar face. The waistcoated prairie dog that she had originally followed was sitting at a table talking to what looked like a turtle. She decided that getting her hands freed from the rope holding them behind her back would be a good start to gaining her freedom and getting out of this place, so she walked over towards the two animals, who seemed to be in heated conversation.

"Are you mocking me?" the prairie dog was saying angrily.

"Hey," the shelled creature responded, somehow contriving to shrug shoulders which did not immediately appear to exist, "I’m a Mock Turtle, what can I say? Anyway, all I said was that gophers like you shouldn't be so sensitive."

"I'm not a fucking gopher!" the prairie dog screamed, "how dare you lump me in with those gap-toothed little fuckers?!"

"Chill out, dude!" the Turtle protested, "I'm gonna go catch up with my friends the Walrus and the Carpenter, if that's okay with you." The Turtle picked up his drink and wandered away, giving Alice the chance she needed.

"Excuse me, Sir," she said politely, "I'm having a little trouble here, I wondered if you could help me, please." She half-turned and proffered her bound wrists.

"Oh my ears and whiskers!" the startled animal said, "this won't do, won't do at all! You shouldn't be in ropes like that here!" Alice let out a sigh of relief and turned her back so that he could release her.

She wasn't sure how it happened, she distinctly remembered him untying the ropes, but all of a sudden she found that leather cuffs had been locked around her wrists and upper arms, and were now chained together, trapping her arms even more securely behind her then before.

"Hey! What are you-?" she started to protest but, before she could get any further, she found a rubber bar forced between her teeth and strapped in place around her head. The prairie dog then crouched down and locked matching cuffs around her ankles, before straightening up with a smile.

"That's better!" he beamed, "human women are only allowed in the club if they are properly restrained. A flimsy bit of rope is hardly adequate, my dear. I won't report you this time, but don't let it happen again!"

Alice watched in stunned silence as the prairie dog checked his watch and, looking alarmed, scurried away. What the hell was she going to do now? Her situation, which had looked bad to start with, had suddenly got an awful lot worse. Her only idea was to try and find someone sane in this place to release her.

She wandered around until she saw a long table, at which were sitting a man in a top hat and a large hare in a bowtie. She wasn't too sure about them, but they seemed to be having tea, so they couldn’t be that bad, surely? She went over timidly and waited until they spotted her.

"Eckshoosh ‘ee," she said, struggling to speak clearly around the bit gag in her mouth, "Cud ‘oo weleesh ‘ee peesh?” She blushed as she felt a trail of drool slide down her chin and drip onto her bare breasts.

"Oh, you poor dear!" the man said, jumping to his feet and coming round the table, "how awful for you! We will certainly release your arms from that terrible bind, and you must join us for tea!"

He and the hare worked solicitously to unfasten the chains binding her, while talking all the while.

"Let me introduce myself, my dear. I am the Hatter, commonly referred to, rather pejoratively I might say, as the Mad Hatter, and my colleague here is the March Hare, who also finds his mental equilibrium challenged on a regular basis. Please to make your acquaintance! And you are?"

"Er… A’ish," Alice replied. Once they had her arms free, they each took her by the hand and led her to a chair by the table. Oh well, she thought, a sit down and a nice cup of tea would make a nice change from all this weirdness. But if she was going to drink tea, she was going to have to lose this gag.

"Cud ‘oo tay dis gag ogh too, peesh," she asked politely. But instead of that, she watched in horror as they placed her arms on the arms of the chair and pulled leather straps across her wrists and near her elbows, buckling them tight. She started to struggle, but they added straps across her chest, stomach and thighs, holding her firmly in place. The March Hare scrambled under the chair, and she felt her feet being pulled backwards as her ankles were attached to the back legs, forcing her thighs apart. Try as she might, she could now hardly move, let alone get free. She looked up at the Hatter in alarm and confusion.

"I've been considering a change of career," he said contemplatively as he looked down at Alice’s struggling form, "the bottom’s really fallen out of the hat market, and I think I need to seek out new challenges. Having considered our unique selling points, my friend the March Hare and I came to the same conclusion - our defining characteristic is… Madness. It's what everybody says about us, so I think we should trade on it. We have decided to become… Mad scientists."

He beamed a broad smile down at Alice, clearly pleased by his own brilliance. Alice, meanwhile, continued to struggle uselessly against the tight leather straps, trying to ignore the fact that her breasts were now slick with her drool.

"Your arrival is extremely opportune," the Hatter continued, blithely ignoring her protests, "I was just looking for someone to act as a willing subject in an experiment to test my latest invention!"

"I no’ wi’ing!" Alice cried, "I doe wa’ to do your echshpewimensh!” Once again, her protests were ignored as the Hatter approached her with what looked like two electrical wires, each ending in a cruel-looking crocodile clip. Alice shouted and swore, struggled and twisted, but could do nothing to stop him closing the clamps on her defenceless nipples, dragging a ragged scream from her throat as they bit deep into her flesh.

By the time she had come to terms with the pain, she looked up to see that the Hatter now had two more wires and, to her horror, he was approaching her thighs. More ignored protests, more vain struggling, and more anguished screams followed as he clipped the wires to her pussy lips.

Meanwhile, the March Hare had been busy beneath the chair, and she suddenly felt something being pushed up through the seat, parting the lips of her vagina and thrusting deep inside her.

"Now for the clever part," the Hatter said, pouring himself a steaming cup of tea and stirring a mountain of sugar into it, "I have invented a device which converts the energy of the sugar, the high temperature of the liquid, and the Brownian motion of the tea into an electrical signal. Now, if I just insert this special sensor in here…"

Having placed the tea on the table in front of Alice, he took the metal rod to which the wires were attached and dipped it into the hot liquid. The bound girl immediately let out a squeal as electricity began coursing through her body, flooding from her nipples and pussy to all parts, until the tips of her fingers began to tingle. After the initial shock, as it were, she realised that the current was not strong enough to actually hurt, it just made her entire body feel alive and she squirmed against the straps holding her down, needing to somehow release the energy building up within her.

"And this is the March Hare's contribution." She looked around and saw that the Hare also had a cup of tea and a probe. As soon as he dropped the metal rod into the cup, she felt the dildo inside her begin to vibrate, and she let out a scream of pure delight. Now THIS was pretty impressive science, she thought as the energy inside her suddenly exploded in a shattering orgasm. She was soon gasping for breath as the climax continued on, draining her physically and mentally. After several minutes of this, she could feel the sweat running down her face, from under her arms and between her thighs, although the dampness there was also coming from another place!

At last, the Hatter and the March Hare withdrew the metal probes and sipped their tea, looking at the spent body of their exhausted guinea pig.

"I think I'd call that a success," the Hatter mused, "but next time, I think we need to use an industrial-sized tea urn!" The March Hare nodded sagely, and they continued to drink their tea.

Alice was grateful when she felt them releasing the straps, freeing her from the chair. But she was too weak to resist as they locked her arms behind her back once more, leaving her in exactly the same situation as when she had arrived. Except for the massive orgasm, of course.

"You must come back and visit us soon, my dear," the Hatter called out as she staggered away, not really caring where she was going, just as long as it was away from them.

As she wandered forlornly, looking for someone who might possibly help her, she was rather surprised to see a cat sitting on a shelf along a corridor. The biggest surprise was that it was a real cat, not a girl dressed up as a cat, in some bizarre bondage, but a normal, ginger tomcat. Well, normal except for the broad grin on its face. Alice suddenly realised what it was.

"Are ‘oo de Cheshire Ca’?" she asked, cursing the gag still in her mouth. The cat jumped down from the shelf and rubbed itself against her bare legs, it's long, furry tail tickling her ‘fancy’ rather delightfully.

"I am indeed the famous Cheshire Cat," it smiled up at her, "and you must be Alice, the famous bondage-loving goodtime girl." The grin seemed to get a little wider.

"Huh? I no’ a ‘ooti’e gir’!" Alice protested, drawing herself up to her full height in high dudgeon.

"But I notice you don't deny the ‘bondage-loving’ part, eh, Alice?" Alice was finding the cat’s knowing smirk rather irritating.

"Are’t ‘oo suppose to disappear?" she remarked archly, launching a fresh flood of drool down onto her chest. As if on cue, the cat’s body began to fade.

"I just thought you might like to know the way out," it said as everything but its mouth vanished.

"I ‘oo! I ‘oo! Peesh!" Now she felt terrible about insulting the thing.

"Hmm, I don't know, you seem rather hostile."

"No, no! Peesh! I beg ‘oo!"

"Well, alright, as long as you give me some cream first." Alice looked at what was left of the cat quizzically, watching as its tongue licked all around its wide lips.

"I doe hag any cree’," she said, completely mystified.

"Oh, I think you do," the cat replied, its tail once more tickling her pussy as its tongue extended from its mouth… extended a long, long way… Oh good grief, Alice thought, and resignedly spread her feet and parted her thighs invitingly.

The cat was extremely dextrous with its tongue. Extremely. Alice was soon moaning uncontrollably as it lapped away, exploring deep inside her, refreshing the parts that other tongues cannot reach. A strangulated cry burst from her throat as the seemingly prehensile organ wrapped itself around her swollen clitoris and, moments later, yet another orgasm ripped through her body. Christ, she thought, this is the best wet dream I've ever had!

When she had come down from this latest climax, she looked around for the cat, but saw nothing.

"’ere are ‘oo?! How ‘oo I ge’ ow of here?" she cried plaintively, desperate for some clue. The cat's head, with its characteristic broad smile, reappeared.

"Follow this corridor, and you'll find yourself out in the woods. From there, it should be simple!" And with that, the cat disappeared once more. Alice hoped it would reappear and explain what woods, and how was she supposed to get back to the desert from there, but it seemed to have gone forever this time. She headed down the corridor, wishing she could get out of this bondage, get out of this fetish outfit and, most of all, get out of this place!

After a little while, the walls seemed to fade away, the green carpet became grass, and she noticed that what she thought were pillars were, in fact, tree trunks. She was in the woods! Now what? She heard a sound in the distance, trumpets, and decided that she might as well head that way – how much worse could it get? Probably not a good question to ask yourself when you're in a dream in which your subconscious seems to be against you all the way.

Alice came out onto a broad path and, looking down it, saw a large procession approaching. As she waited for it to reach her, she saw that it was headed by a troop of soldiers followed by a glittering golden carriage. As the carriage drew alongside her, it stopped and the door was opened by a lizard dressed as a footman, who scurried up with a set of steps and held the door open whilst a woman in a magnificent red dress and wearing a golden crown descended. Realising that this must be the Red Queen, Alice decided that it would be good politics to show some respect, and she fell to her knees.

"What a delightful little girl!" the Red Queen trilled, immediately annoying Alice, who was quite sensitive about her height. She wasn't small, she wasn't a child, she was a fully grown woman! Okay, so maybe she still shopped in the children's section at the store, but still! People shouldn’t make size-ist comments like that!

"What's your name, dear?" the Queen asked condescendingly.

"A’ish, ‘or Gnadjesty," Alice replied.

"What? You, fool, take that gag from her mouth!" The lizard footman scuttled over and removed the gag.

"Thank you, your Majesty. My name is Alice."

"What a pretty name for a pretty girl! Come, you will be very useful at my gala reception. Guards! Seize her!" Two of the soldiers quickly came over and grabbed the young woman by the arms and, as the Queen returned to her carriage and the procession moved on, joined the column and marched along with their prisoner. Alice couldn't believe what a bad day she was having, it seemed that everyone just wanted to use her!

They eventually arrived at an impressive castle and marched inside. The Queen disembarked from her carriage and Alice was dragged away towards the large hall, where a vast banquet was being laid out by a variety of beasts dressed as waiters. After perhaps half an hour, the Queen reappeared.

"Ah, there you are Alice! You will be here to greet each of our honoured guests. Make sure you do a good job! Prepare her!" A frog in livery came over and pushed her down onto her knees, then tied a blindfold across her eyes. What the hell was going to happen now, she wondered. Given what had happened previously, she found herself becoming nervous, but also more than a little excited.

"The Member for North Burundy!" the frog next to her called out loudly. She couldn't see anything, but she heard footsteps and felt a presence in front of her. Very close in front of her. She heard a sound she didn't recognise and then felt the slimy fingers of the frog on her chin, forcing her mouth open. Moments later, she found it filled by what she presumed to be the member of the Member for North Burundy. She now realised that the mystery sound had been that of a zipper being pulled down, and she also knew what the Queen meant by ‘welcoming’ her guests! She had little option now but to provide relief to the said member, which was obviously finding the proceedings to be very hard. As her head bobbed up and down, she wondered what the form was, whether she was just a fluffer, to raise the members’ interest, or… Moments later, she got her answer, as she found herself struggling to swallow what she wasn't allowed to spit.

"The Master of the Staff!" Alice managed to catch her breath and lick her lips clean of the previous member’s deposit before she was once more called upon to ease the guest’s tension. As she again drank the fruits of her labours, she began to wonder just how many guests the Queen had at this reception…

"The Duke of Hard Boner!"

"The Earl of Stiff Aegis!"

"The Lord High Tumescence!" After a while, Alice was beginning to feel ill, and was really wondering where all these stupid names were coming from. She could feel her stomach heaving as the accumulated ‘offerings’ of the guests churned inside her. At last, she could take no more, and knew that she was about to vomit…

"The King!" At that precise moment, she hurled, spunk gushing from her mouth in a seemingly never-ending eruption. Eventually, her stomach was empty and, after a few dry retches, she finally gained control of her muscles again.

A deathly silence had fallen, and Alice feared the worst. The blindfold was pulled from her eyes, and she saw, standing before her, the King, his Royal Pantaloons covered in her sick from his knees into his shoes. Next to him stood the Queen, and she looked ready to explode.

"Oops, sorry Your Majesty," Alice said in embarrassment.

"Off with her head!" the Queen screamed. Several soldiers rushed into the hall and, after comically falling over each other and their own feet, dragged Alice to a stage at the far end. A man in a leather hood, carrying a very large axe, started to march slowly through the assembled throng towards her, followed by the king and queen.

Alice was really starting to get worried now, but she found herself distracted by the rather painful tightening of the cuffs around her wrists, arms and ankles. As she looked down, it appeared as though the leather shackles were shrinking, squeezing her, making her feet and hands tingle. Suddenly, they burst under the strain and, joyously, she realised that she was free! When she noticed that the soldiers holding onto her seemed to be getting smaller, it dawned on her that in fact she was getting taller! Either the shrinking effects from earlier were wearing off or the effects of swallowing all that jizz had been to make her grow. She waved her arms and the soldiers fell away. She was already much taller and stronger than them!

With a ripping, twanging sound, the latex costume she had been wearing since her fall down the hole fell apart, leaving her naked. ‘Well, that never happens in the Incredible Hulk!’ she thought ruefully.

"Off with her head! Off with her head!" the Queen screamed again, but the executioner was now backing away, having realised that he couldn't even reach her neck to cut off her head, never mind the fact that she was big enough to squash him flat with her foot.

Looking down from above, Alice suddenly realised that the King, the Queen, the courtiers, the soldiers were…

"Why, you're nothing but a pack of cards!" At this, they all seemed to leap at her, and she let out a little scream, half in fear, half in anger, as she batted them away…

"Wake up, miss, are you okay?" Alice opened her eyes to see a police officer bending over her and shaking her shoulder gently, his eyes full of concern.

"W-where am I?" she asked blearily.

"You're okay, miss, you're safe. These people found you here, and thought you were having a fit, you were tossing and turning so much. I'm glad to see it was nothing worse than a bad dream." Bad dream? More like her best ever dream!

Alice looked around him and saw the group of about a dozen Japanese tourists, looking confused, but all smiling, and a couple of them were sniggering. As she clambered to her feet and staggered back to her car, she blushed a deep red, realising from the large damp patch in her panties exactly what the tourists were giggling about…

The End

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