A Kink in the Tale
by Ivory Storm

I loved watching her move among the crowds, her short pleated skirt bouncing off her ass as her hips sashayed invitingly and her long red hair swayed in its ponytail, catching the eye of every man in the room. But she only had eyes for me. God, I couldn’t wait to take her home tonight. She shot me a wink over her shoulder as she passed, knowing that I was eyeing her up and her lusciously full red lips mouthed ‘later...’ The bum on the barstool next to me glanced me up and down, looked back at her then very loudly proclaimed “Damn” before knocking back his shot. I shook my head and got to my feet, determined to make the most of the rest of the evening by driving my girl wild and hopefully myself at the same time.

By 4 am the last of the staff clocked off and left the club, leaving Grace and me to do what we liked. She locked the door and dimmed the lights in the upstairs area before walking back down to join me in the main club, giving me ample opportunity to watch her long, slender legs as she walked. A slow smirk spread across her face as she pushed me up against the bar, her breasts pushing teasingly against mine as our lips met, lip glosses’ sticking as the intensity of our kisses grew. Her hand wandered up the inside of my thigh, pushing my skirt upwards as she did so. The other hand tangled in my short blonde hair and held tight, pulling my head back so she could trail little kisses down my throat and along my collar bone. I could smell her rose shampoo and the musk coming off her skin and could feel myself getting wetter with every moment.

Just as her fingers teased at the entrance of my pussy she giggled and whispered huskily in my ear, “Want to try something a little different?” I would have said anything at that moment to get her to continue so I emitted a long moan and nodded.

The moan turned into a growl of frustration as she suddenly let me go and took a couple of steps back, her heels clicking on the stone flooring. She gave me a look that made my pussy clench in anticipation, an action repeated as her soft voice edged with steel ordered, “Strip.”

I couldn’t get out of my blouse and skirt fast enough. Soon they, and my underwear, were pooled around my feet and, as I bent to unfasten my shoes she stopped me, ordering me to stay as I was. I could feel my breasts brushing against my arms, the skin on skin contact just as teasing as her slow rotation of me. I felt exposed and vulnerable, her eyes caressing every inch of me but not letting me do anything in return.

Finally she ordered me to straighten up but, as I did so, she instantly grabbed my arm and led me over to the large table in the VIP section. I was ordered to bend over the edge and stretch my legs apart as far as I could. The next thing I knew she’d used black plastic cable ties to fasten my ankles to the table legs and my hands behind my back. Just as I began to protest, I smelled her arousal and glanced up to see her tugging off her panties and climbing on to the table. She pressed her pussy up against my face and used my hair to hold me just where she wanted me.

“Lick,” she commanded, and I didn’t need to be told twice.

Grace shivered as my tongue lapped softly from her ass all the way up to her clit and back again, a motion I repeated until she was squirming, her grip on my hair tightening. I sucked one of her hairless labia lips into my mouth, nipping it gently with my teeth and making her jump and squeal. I chuckled despite my current frustration and repeated the action then slid my tongue amongst her warm, wet folds, tasting her citrusy arousal and feeling her red hot clit pulsate against my nose. She moaned and shivered, hands grabbing at me and pulling me in closer. I wished I could bury my fingers in her hot pussy and suck on her clit but right now my tongue and nose seemed to be working well enough. Grace bucked against my face, her thighs tightening around my head and her stilettos scratching my back as she came sharply, her muscles clenching around my probing tongue.

“Damn you’re good,” she gasped, head thrown back and skirt still bunched obscenely around her waist, bra tugged to one side and breasts hanging out of her opened blouse. Her face and chest were flushed red, mascara shadows already smudging under her eyes. She smiled down at me and patted me gently on the head, laughing, “good pet. Stay put, I’ve got work to do.” She slid off the table and pulled her skirt back down.

“Grace!” I wriggled, bumping my ass in the air and trying to turn my head to look at her. My pussy was throbbing, my clit screaming for attention and I desperately wanted to come. “Don’t leave me like this, honey! I need to come, please, come back!” I was relieved to hear her heels clicking on the floor as she came back to the table but the relief was short lived. Her hand grabbed my hair and wrenched my head back and, next thing I knew, she was stuffing her wet panties in my mouth.

I gave a ‘mmmphf!’ of frustration and grunted as she let my head fall back on the table.

“Pets don’t make a fuss darling,” she said and patted my head. Her hand smoothed over my blonde hair and down my back, fingers tickling at the base of my spine underneath my pinned arms. She laughed as I wriggled and whimpered into my gag, then laughed even more as I bucked forward from the touch of her finger on my pussy. “My, my, you’re very wet darling.” Her voice was smooth as honey as her fingers teased and circled the slick opening. “This is turning you on, isn’t it?”

I moaned in response, arching my back to push my pussy on to her finger as much as my strictly tied legs could manage. The feel of the cable ties holding me immobile only served to make me wetter, my breath coming in short, rasping gasps as my eyes, heavy with lust, closed as I could feel my orgasm building.

Grace’s fingers prodded and teased and rubbed until I was so close that the merest breath on my clit would be enough to send me over the edge. But all I got was a sharp pain on my exposed ass as she spanked me hard and laughed, “Tut, tut. Patience my little pet, I’ll be back.” And with that, she kissed the swell of my ass and vanished.

I don’t know how much time passed. I heard her cleaning up, moving glasses from tables and shoving chairs on top of each other. Whimpers escaped through my gagged mouth as I tried to get some relief to ease the burning heat in my pussy. But the cable ties were too efficient at keeping me pinned and all I managed to do was raise my upper body enough to brush my nipples across the table top, which only succeeded in exciting me further. I moaned softly into the gag and was rewarded by a swift spank on my rear. I grunted and wriggled.

“You like that, sweetie?” Grace laughed softly, her fingers caressing the curves of my arse, smoothing down the skin and tickling softly at the top of my thighs.

I moaned and nodded, pushing my arse back towards her hand, inviting further attention. She responded by quickly laying five more spanks on each cheek and laughing as I squealed and writhed.

Grace watched my bright red arse bounce in the air and spanked it again, both sides simultaneously for good measure. “You want to come, don’t you? The helplessness, the submission, it’s turning you on, isn’t it?” She bent down and licked my flaming skin before biting it sharply. “You belong to me right now.” I moaned as her hands drifted upwards to play with the lips of my pussy. “I can control when or if you come. And I can make you make me come as many times as I like.”

She chuckled softly, her breath tickling the base of my spine as she bent over me, her fingers moving deeper, probing at the slick opening of my pussy, “I can tease you and keep you on the edge for hours. Wouldn’t you like that, honey?”

My moans grew desperate as her fingers slowly slid into me and gently stroked my soaking wet insides. Grace laughed and suddenly started driving two fingers deeper and deeper into my pussy, as she whispered, “Come for me, darling.”

I did not need to be told twice. As a third finger joined the two already in my pussy I felt my muscles clamp down on them and I screamed into the gag as I came violently. The way I bucked against the table made my breasts rub against its cool surface, adding to the fever in my body. Grace chuckled and bent close to my ear, “You’re mine darling. For tonight...for longer...”

The cable ties around my ankles loosened and Grace used my hair to pull me to my feet. She spun me and grinned, wickedly. “I’m going to drive you home now. You’re going to stay naked and stay with your hands behind you and the gag in your mouth.”

I whimpered in protest and she pinched my nipple sharply until I was quiet, “Trust me darling. If you get that wet just from this? Just think what I can do to you when we get home...”

Thankfully the club had a covered car park for employees although, because of the late hour, there was nobody around. Grace made me sit in the front seat, my bound hands making my small breasts stand out proudly in front of me, the nipples rock solid and begging for attention. She grinned and wedged her hand between my thighs, pushing them apart until she could play with my pussy with one hand while she drove with the other. The ride home seemed to take forever. She stopped at every single red light, each time removing her fingers from my pussy to rub my juices all over my face and lips. By the time we got home the smell of my own arousal and the dirty feeling of being covered in pussy juice was making me all but pant with frustration.

Grace wrapped her hand in my hair and used that to push me through to the sitting room where she told me to kneel, forehead pressed to the ground while I waited for her.

She was only gone for a few minutes when I heard her return and, all of a sudden, something was pushing against my pussy. Something large and cool and definitely not human. I shrieked into the gag and jumped forward. Grace growled audibly and wrapped her hand in my hair again, dragging me back towards her and holding me immobile while she worked the massive strap-on into my needy pussy.

Every inch of the rubber cock stretched me and I groaned with need. It didn’t take long for her to have the whole thing inside me and I trembled from the feeling of fullness. Then she started to pound against me, slapping my arse with each stroke and tugging on my hair. The pain in my scalp and my rear made my arousal so much more and I screamed as I came around the rubber invader, my body trembling all over. The force of which Grace tugged it back out again was enough to make me scream again, another mini orgasm sweeping through me.

My lover chuckled softly and came around in front of me, stroking my hair gently and tugging the soggy panties out of my mouth and offering the plastic cock to my lips. “Lick it clean my love.”

She fed it forward and I tasted myself, moaning softly and feeling my pussy continue to clench. I’d never been this hot before! I licked and sucked at the fake cock until Grace announced that she couldn’t stand it any longer and pulled it away so that she could remove the harness. In no time at all she sat in front of my face, her legs spread wide.

“Lick me lovely, make me come, then we can go to bed.”

I stretched forward and wasted no time, I knew this was not the occasion to tease her; she was sopping wet and more than ready to come. I lapped eagerly at her puffy lips then suckled at her clit, holding fast as she moaned and bucked against my face, her juices flowing more freely as she came hard. I kept licking until she pulled away. “Good girl!” Grace petted me and giggled as she grabbed some scissors off the side board to cut through the ties on my arms. She helped me to my feet and I moaned as the feeling came back into my legs and shoulders.

“God Grace, that was amazing!” I pulled her to me and hugged her close, kissing her softly. “I didn’t know you were a closet dominatrix.”

She laughed and took my hand, leading me through to the bedroom where we snuggled in the big bed, “I’m not. I just read a story about it the other day and wanted to try it out on you. You liked?”

“I loved,” I murmured, cuddling close and spooning her naked body. “Maybe tomorrow I can return the favour?”

“We’ll see, love,” Grace said with a soft smile as she started to doze off. “We’ll see...”

The End