The Peep Show
by Invictus17

You, my delicious Holly, stood in front of the full-length mirror and shivered. You were wearing your “working clothes.” I was standing nearby, grinning.

My plump hottie was totally naked. You had no clothing at all; no shoes, no panties, not even any pasties on your big nipples or a G-string to cover your smooth shaved pussy and fat pink pussy lips. No jewelry or nail polish, no barrettes in your hair or Band-Aids on your pale skin. That was in your contract; you were required to wear this - nothing - for your whole shift. Nothing was permitted but eye makeup, lipstick, and one ankle bracelet if the girl chose. You didn't. You were pale and perfect and totally bare. You blinked nervously, your eyes cutting toward the door.

There was no dressing room here for the girls - no ladies’ room, either, and they weren‘t allowed to use the stalls. You were standing bare-pussy naked and barefoot on the grimy tile floor of the public men’s room. The girls who worked here had to get ready by the urinals as guys came in and out to piss.

“Do I have to do this?” you asked. I grinned, watching the way your big nipples quivered when you moved.

“You signed the contract. You have to,” I said.

You were trembling, and I moved toward you. You turned to me, and I saw tears standing in your eyes. “Frankie, I’m just so SCARED,” you said. “I don’t have ANYTHING on - they’ll be able to see EVERYTHING… and I‘m so fat and - ”

“Stop that,” I said gently. I cuddled you and squeezed you, kissing your hair and stroking your smooth back. “You‘re beautiful, Holly. You‘re hot and sexy and delicious. You‘re going to drive all those men crazy and make them all shoot, just from looking at you.”

“Really?” you ask timidly. I look down at your gently quivering breasts and I smile. Your nipples are out, hard and stiff. I can see the gleam at your bare, bald pussy, so tender and vulnerable and exposed… My turn to shiver.

“Sweetheart, you’re a vision of lust. You’re going to be shocked at how hot those guys get when you start showing off.

“Besides - I WANT you scared, Holly.”

You lean back and look up at me. “You do?”

I kiss you. “I want you to go out there in nothing but your beautiful skin, scared to death - self-conscious and feeling so exposed and naked and unprotected - and I want you afraid they’re going to laugh at you and make fun of you and just find you funny. I know that’s what you’re afraid of. I WANT you to be afraid of that. I want you to be scared to death and embarrassed and wishing you had somewhere to hide.” I paused as you looked at me, your eyes wide, your face blank with shock.

“…and I want you to see how they act and what they do. I want you to see how you drive OTHER men crazy, not just me. I want you to watch them stare and rub their dicks and beg you to move.”

You nuzzled my face.“I just want to please you, Frankie. I want you to - to love me and think I’m wonderful. I’ll do anything for you.” You swallow. “Even this.”

I kiss you. “Then I want you to go out there and do your best jack-off-to-me dance, naked as a jaybird, and show off everything you’ve got to all those strange men - just like you would for me. Be fearless and bold, Holly. I want you proud and nasty, shaking your big floppy tits and jiggling your big bare ass, humping that fat wet baldie and giving them a real sperm-shooting jack-off show.

“I’m so proud of you - I want other men to see how lucky I am. I want them to stroke their cocks and eat their hearts out because you’re not in their beds every night and their showers every morning. I want them to shoot to you teasing them off and giggling, so sweet and cute and sexy and naked that their hearts are breaking while their sperm is flying.”

“Do you want me to fuck them? I will if you want me to,” you add breathlessly.

“Do you want to?” I watch your eyes.

You give a childlike little squirm. “It would make me feel so NASTY…”

I get the message, and I know what you want to hear. “Well, we’ll see. Depends on if I feel like making you take some guy’s dick up your pussy when you don’t even know his name… Might be fun to watch you give it up to a stranger. We’ll see.”

You shiver, and I can almost feel your pussy gushing. “The other guys would have a great time jacking off while they watch you fuck, too,” I said cruelly. You shiver again, even harder. “I love you, you little cunt,” I say as I squeeze you again. “Now go out there and show the guys what a gorgeous piece of ass you are.”

You kiss me, trembling, and move toward the door. “Don’t forget to toss those titties and hold your pussy open,” I call after you. You almost stumble, and you have to stand for a second, pretty bare feet together on the cold concrete, till the tremors pass. You’re almost ready to cum already, and you’re still terrified. I’m tempted to come over and finger your pussy till you’re absolutely trembling on the edge, but I decide to let you get there on your own.

You padded to the door on your bare, pretty feet. The floor was concrete, bare, and cold. This was NOT an upscale "gentleman's club." This was a cheap porno shop in a rough neighborhood, with a room for underground jack-off shows in the back. You felt the familiar thrill of risk and danger, the electric frisson of knowing you were about to show yourself off to strangers, about to be horribly embarrassed and humiliated for the pleasure of men you’ve never met - and to have intense, obvious, and multiple naked orgasms in public at the privilege.

You adore that fear and that fierce exposure, love that helpless, out-of-control feeling of inevitable, impending orgasm as a man watches avidly - but this time, there would be many men.

You shivered again and looked at me. “Will you be out there?”

I shook my head. “No. I’m going home. I’ll be back when your shift is over.” You looked stricken, horrified, and pink-cheeked with fierce excitement that I was abandoning you here. “I’ll bring your clothes when I come back,” I added, and you noticed that I had them under my arm. You looked around the men’s room. There wasn’t so much as a rag. I wasn’t only abandoning you - I was stranding you here, in the men’s room of a cheap porno shop, totally stark naked and with no hope of finding any covering. You love to feel that you’re in embarrassing and dangerous predicaments - and this one surely qualified.

You quivered, and I knew you were already on your way to a big, jiggly orgasm. No way I was really leaving - I wanted to watch you perform. I kissed you while twisting a fat nipple, then I left you standing naked by the urinals and went around to the front.


You walked barefoot out into the back hallway and headed for the jack-off show room. Another plump naked girl, wiping herself off with a small towel, was coming the other way, and you passed awkwardly, bare tits sliding across each other as you moved with your big bare bottoms against the wall. you giggled at the feel of the girl's erect nipples rubbing against your own, and the other giggled too. "First day?" asked the girl. You nodded. "Good luck. They're gonna COVER you, honey."

You smiled at her in gratitude. The girl was fatter than you, by maybe thirty pounds, and her tits were relatively small, a C-cup at best. Her complexion was poor, her hair lank and limp.

Well, you thought. I look better than THAT...

With renewed confidence, but still both thrilled and terrified at once by what you were about to do, you hesitated by the door of the back room where you would be spending four hours a day, six days a week, for the next year. Your big green eyes closed.

My Master, Frankie, ordered me to do this, you thought. And for him, I’ll do it. You pretended that you weren’t tremblingly eager and excited, that your pussy wasn’t wet and swollen, that your fragrant fuck-me fluid wasn’t trickling down your fat thighs. You pretend that you’re totally frightened and not just 75%..

God, I hope they like me…

Your breasts shifted heavily on your chest, swaying gently. your nipples pebble-hard, your hairless pussy oozing wet -

With a sudden thrill of horror, you realized that all the staring men would see your wet inner thighs and glistening, visibly swollen pussy. With no hair to hide it, everyone would know exactly how sexually aroused you were, even before you started.

Your knees were quivering as you opened the door and went in.

You stopped, standing just inside the door of a bare storage room. No one else was there yet. There was an eight-foot-wide circle of threadbare carpeting in the middle of the room, and around it a circle of steel folding chairs. Lights on the ceiling and around the carpet lit up the circle like home plate at Yankee Stadium.

You took your place in the middle of the carpet. Trembling, you stood there with your arm across your nipples and your other hand shyly covering your bare, bald pussy, one knee bent modestly in front of the other, bare feet seeking shelter from each other, moving restlessly, nervously, on the shabby scrap of carpeting.

You shivered again. You were naked, with no clothes within miles, and in just a minute or two --

A door opened, and men began to come into the room. The first two stopped dead in their tracks and stared, and the men behind pushed and shouted

“Hey! Get out the way!”

“Damn, would you look at this bitch?”

“Holy shit!”

“Move, willya? God DAMN, look at her tits!”

“Oh, man, a fucking fattie! Just like I like ‘em!’

“Do you jiggle, baby?”

You, wide-eyed, innocently nodded. The men laughed as they began to take their seats. One of them, a skinny guy with a gap-toothed grin, crossed the carpet to get to his chair, and on the way he grabbed your bare ass and shook it. “Hey!” came a voice from the ceiling, instantly. “Do that again and you’re barred! No touching!”

The guy touched a finger to his forehead and gestured assent at the big mirror across from him, still watching your big, bare ass as he sat down.

I was behind the mirror with the owner, of course. No way I was missing this. We were already sitting down with our dicks out. I was masturbating to my pretty, modest Holly, trembling, naked, and surrounded by horny strangers.

You stood nervously in the middle of the platform as the men grinned and looked up and down your plump, naked body and rubbed the bulges at their crotches.

“Fuck, you look good, baby!”

“You ain’t got NOTHIN’ on!”

“Shake those big swingin’ udders for us!”

“Yeah, baby! Jiggle that fat!”

You couldn’t tell if they were mocking you or praising you. Thumping dance music began to throb from the speakers above, and remembering the terms of your contract, you smiled nervously and began to belly dance naked in the middle of the circle of grinning men. You felt displayed like you were being offered for public sale, and even as nervous and frightened as you were, you found yourself enjoying it with that electric quiver in your belly, that mixture of burning sexual arousal and freezing terror, that always made you frantic with a hot need to cum, and more than once.

“What’s the matter, baby? Shake that big fat ass!” It was a middle-aged fat guy talking, balding, with gray mustache and a dimple in his chin. He was staring at your pussy and licking his lips.

Next to him was a black man, dressed younger than he should have been; sagging, baggy jeans, cap turned backward, oversize T-shirt - but he was at least fifty. He smiled at the girl’s stricken expression and said, “It’s okay, baby. We LIKE fat girls.” He pointed at her and smiled even more broadly. “And you - are - beautiful.”

“Goddam right!” said the old guy with the mustache.

“Hottest bitch I ever saw!”

“You be fat and fine, mama!” from the younger black guy.

“Love them bouncy butts!” The skinny, gap-toothed guy that had grabbed your bare ass.

“Oh, baby, yeah - we LOVE the way you look!”

“Real women have CURVES,” said another guy.

“Show us what you got, honey, please - c’mon, give us a show!”

You looked around uncertainly, saw the men smiling and gesturing, come on, rubbing their swelling crotches…

You giggled and stroked yourself, feeling your own skin, caressing your own generous curves… Can’t believe I’m really here, doing this, you thought. The men were moaning as you stroked your pale hips and heavy, soft breasts, your plump belly, your smooth pussy.

“C’mon, honey, DANCE for us!”

“Shake that big booty!”

“Jiggle them titties!”

The blushing fattie giggled - and shyly began to wriggle, to the whistles and encouragement of the watching men.

“Oh, SHIT, look at that!” Thirtysomething corporate type, loosened tie, slender, hand in his zipper, eyes bugged out and staring.

“Ooo, squat for us and stick out that bare white ass,” said another black guy, this one younger, muscular, a bodybuilder, bald, rimless glasses, thick lips, big bulge at his fly. you did, and he gasped and pulled his zipper down.

In a matter of seconds, you were happily wiggling on the rotating platform, bumping and grinding and shaking your tits, amazed at how you were affecting the staring men. They were shifting in their chairs, sweating, mouths open, tongues licking lips or lolling out stupidly as they gaped at your quivering flesh. You got down and wiggled nasty, working hard to show off your fat, jiggly, bare naked body.

I’m doing my best, you thought. I want them to like me. I want them to get turned on looking at me and jack off to me. All of them…

You humped and bumped and swung and shook and wiggled and jiggled naked in front of the goggling men - and, as one, the rest began unbuttoning and unzipping their jeans and work pants. The harder they stared, and the more excited they got, the more confident you grew - and the more obscenely you hunched and showed off. You were reveling in it, seeing how they adored the way you looked and moved. They wanted you. Look how they stared and kneaded the lumps below their belt buckles…

You crouched low and began to bump your generous hips, making your gigantic swinging mammaries waggle and flop obscenely, crouching low with your bare feet wide apart, your pale, plump thighs almost parallel to the floor, rocking and pumping your fat, bald pussy at the watching men. You were sticking out your naked pussy with your hands behind your head, then holding your belly and pulling at your mound with your pretty fingers, showing off your exposed and dripping cuntflaps and your gaping hole even as you tossed and bounced and waggled your big dangly tits. Your swollen clit gleamed in the spotlight as you grinned happily, intensely aware of your exposed pussy and tits and ass as you bumped and shimmied and shook yourself. The men were gasping and grunting, some grating out comments and requests:

“God, she’s so NAKED…”

“Dangle those big milkers, baby… Swing those teats…” This, from a construction-worker type in work jeans and boots.

And you did, with a sweet smile. You bent forward and shook your heavy tits loosely, waggling them before his eyes. The innocent smile became a knowing smirk, and you looked down at the guy’s bulge and licked your lips.

Another guy, a swarthy young man who was either Latino or Arab, moaned, “Hunch that bare pussy, honey, please… Do the nasty hootchie-kootchie..”

You dropped your hands to your sides and bumped harder as you began to move. In a moment, you were walking awkwardly around on the carpeted concrete floor, bare feet wide apart, bumping your pelvis so hard that drops of cunt-juice flew through the air and landed on the men‘s pants. Your beautiful fat bottom, so big and quivery, so plump and tempting and bare, was displayed as well as you fuck-danced around in the tiny circle, with eight pairs of eyes on you, chubby and perfect and totally naked. Your heavy, swinging teats bounced and waggled wildly as you worked hard to get those cocks out.

And you got them. As you peeled your pussy flaps open and showed off your fat hairless cunt, still crouch-walking around on the stage, one by one the staring men hauled their dicks out of their pants and began to wag and play with them.

You were thrilled. You began to dance and wiggle even more wildly, not making a pretense of trying to be graceful or cultured, but just showing off your jiggly naked curves. You were wriggling naked with your pussy on display and your huge tits proudly thrust forward, smiling prettily and squealing girlishly as your pale finger trailed across your swollen clit. You braced your bare feet wider and leaned back to hold yourself open again, making your breasts swing outward, and as you stretched your lips for strangers, you shimmied and shook and cooed at the men teasingly.

They were fully hard and stroking, and you felt your pussy get even wetter at the sight of so many glistening bare dicks that YOU had made stiff and ready, just by showing off. You stroked your clit lightly, shivering as the men watched and jacked off to your delicious naked exhibition.

God, you loved this. They liked you. They wanted you. They thought you were beautiful and sexy and hot. You slid two fingers up your dripping cunt and whispered, speaking for the first time: “Wanna watch me cum standing up?”

The men were all jacking off openly now, hungrily, fists and fingers sliding up and down their hard, gleaming dicks as they stared at the pale, angelic chubby in the cute glasses and nothing else. You two-fingered your cunt in front of them and deliberately shivered, making your pale, perfect tits and belly and thighs quiver deliciously. And you shivered again, involuntarily, when the men groaned and jacked harder. I’m gonna make them all CUM, you realized. That’s why I’m HERE…

You thought of your contract and shivered again. “Oh, baby, keep doin’ that, that bare-pussy jellyjiggle, oh yeah…”

Another older guy, this one slim and white-haired, but with a long hard pink dick that he was jacking with circled thumb and forefinger. You blew him a kiss and shook yourself all over for a moment, and the old guy gritted his teeth and jacked hard, staring.

“God a’mighty, look at that…”

“Shit, baby, that’s the hottest thing I ever saw…”

“Oh, honey, shake it … Oh, jiggly… Damn…”

You giggled and squatted and stuck out your bare pussy, still shaking yourself all over. On impuse, you squealed, “Look what I have ON, boys! I’m dressed this way just for YOU!” You were totally naked, of course. You wiggled your bare toes.

“Oh, FUCK…”

“GOD, you look good…”

You finally sat down, in a most unladylike fashion, with your pale, chubby legs splayed wide open. You looked at the men around your innocently, sucking a pretty finger, with your hairless cunt hanging open and your tits swinging bare. After a moment, you scooted around so the men on the other side of the circle could see. Then you giggled and looked around. Time to start fulfilling what you’d agreed to do…

There was a shoe box on the carpet nearby; you opened it and picked up one of the dildos inside, a long, thick one studded with veins and ridges and marble-sized bumps. You smiled innocently at the masturbating men and started to lube it from a tube of K-Y Jelly, also in the box....

“Aw, shit, no, she won’t…”

“She wouldn’t dare…”

“I bet she will…”

You giggled at the men groaning and cursing your slow tease, struggling to hold back their boiling sperm as you played with the huge rubber dick with your hairless, gaping cunt hanging open wetly. You posed prettily, showing off your curvy white legs and cute feet, your smooth, round ass, your soft belly, your lovely, graceful arms and pretty hands, all the while oiling that obscene, nasty-looking dildo. You made sure your enormous tits were never still, and kept them shifting and swinging and bouncing and bobbling constantly to torment your desperate fans.. You greased the big dildo thoroughly, kissing it teasingly as you looked at the dripping cocks in front of you and listened to the squirchy-squirchy noise of hot, wet dicks being eagerly jacked off. Your pussy felt like a slow cooker - boiling-hot and full to the brim with hot, thick sauce. You rolled back and displayed it, spreading your fat pale thighs lewdly wide, loving the sight of the men staring at your gaping, glistening hole and pumping their big bare dicks to it, loving what they said…

“Oh, shit, show me that cunt…”

“Lemme see your asshole, baby…”

You obediently lift your legs higher and pulled your big asscheeks apart, sticking your cute pink asshole up at the goggling men and working your muscles, making it squeeze and clench rhythmically for them.

“Nnngh… DAMN, look what she’s DOIN’…”

“Cute little ball of fuck… Damn, what a cockteasing slut…”

You giggled and lifted your bare feet higher and spread them wide, pulling at your bare buttocks, low down, making your pussy flaps gape open wetly above your bald, exposed mound.

“Aw, FUCK…”

“Damn… Look at that hole… Watch her work it…”

“Oh, shit, you little whore, you fat little whore…”

You adored the gritted teeth, the sweating foreheads, the staring, red eyes, the squelching sound of their pumping fingers on their quivering dicks, the sight of their glistening, drooling, vibrating dickheads as they stared at your naked secrets and pulled on their desperate cocks. You played with the dildo teasingly, squeezing your tits around it, sucking the huge head, wagging it in front of your hairless, flaring pussy lips.

The pale, plump, stark naked jack-off girl finally rocked back, rolled your well-padded pelvis upward lewdly, opened your fat white thighs wide, and shoved that enormous knobbly cock all the way up your gaping, sloppy cunt in one stroke. You squealed and twisted in ecstasy, and in seconds your fans were jacking off to you squirming and rolling around naked on the floor as you masturbated in earnest, pumping that big knotty dildo in and out for everyone to see, bare to your swollen clit and hard nipples. You were whimpering as you masturbated for them, sweet and innocent and hot and slutty all at once, your pretty face alternately shocked and straining, scared and teasing.... You slid the huge rubber dick in and out of your swollen, sloppy hole in front of all the staring men, and your loose, liquid tits flopped and rolled wildly as you grunted and showed off.

You rose to your feet, making a show of your dangling, swinging tits as you clumsily got up, then stood crouching lewdly on the carpet and sliding an enormous rubber cock in and out of your protruding shaved pussy, your bare teats dangling and waggling as you pumped. The men were jacking hungrily and egging your on - "Fuck that hole, baby--" "Swing those big milkers--" "Ooo-eee, honey, I'm gonna SHOOT--"

And the pale, stark-naked cutie wearing nothing but big hard nipples and pussy juice turned to face that guy, the corporate type, and squatted and pumped that big dildo doubletime, looking right at his face. you shuddered, spasmed, and gave your gaping fan a hot, tit-waggling dildo show. The corporate guy moaned and unloaded, and he jacked his flying sperm all over your dangling, wobbling tits. You teased that guy till he shot all over you, in front of all of us - and you showed no sign of stopping...

Your pretty feet were bare on the worn shag carpeting where you squatted openly, sliding that huge black dildo in and out, showing all of yourself to everyone. You tried to smile and tease, but you were clearly straining hard at the feel of the big dildo up your cunt.

You pulled it out, turned around, and stuck your big, pale, perfect ass up in tbr air - and as we masturbating men watched unbelieving, you, the beautiful fattie working naked in the circle, rammed that big dildo up your wide-open asshole. Your huge tits were flying wildly as you fucked yourself in the ass in front of us all. You turned around and around in that awkward bent-over position, tits swinging outrageously, bare legs splayed apart, ass split open. I saw your pretty, innocent-seeming face twist as you rose and tensed for another public climax -

“That’s it, baby! Cum for us! Let us watch you cum!”

“Cum hard, baby! Go nuts!”

And you did. It was in your contract. You had to cum at least a dozen times during your shift, making sure that all the men got a good view of your hot, real orgasms. I watched from the owner’s booth and smiled as I stroked my own cock. You were enjoying your work. You had three hours and thirty minutes to go - and then you were MY private jack-off show girl and hot naked fucking hole.

You laid back down and eased that big black dildo back into your tender asshole, stretching you out, pushing your to your limits. You were moaning, gritting your teeth, showing the pain on your sweet face with the pleasure. You beautiful chubby, you arched your back, blindly groped in the shoebox again, then grabbed another dildo. It was long, thick, transparent and ribbed, and you licked and sucked it playfully before you shoved it down your throat. You stroked it in and out of your throat slowly, and rhythmically, for a long, long time, looking up at the staring men teasingly, innocently, sluttily.

“Hunh… You bitch… You fat, naked bitch…”

You rolled over and stood up, and you put your hand on the carpet and kept fucking your asshole for your fans, swinging your lusciously pendulous teats for the men wildly as you pumped that enormous cock in and out of your red, stretched-open anus. Your shaved cunt flared open and drooled fuck-me juice, and your pretty toes clenched spasmodically as you sawed it in and out. The men stared and jacked off as you shook and swung and shivered.

“Aw, baby, you‘re so NASTY…”

You flopped jiggling back onto your back and pulled your pretty bare feet up next to your head so you could be really wide open around the huge, knotty black cock up your ass. You relaxed, to keep it in, while you felt in the box for still another dildo. The one you grabbed was a vibrator, extra thick, with a little protruding knob for your clit. The black one was still in your ass, which was slick from all your gushing pussy juices, You eased the new one into your wet, trembling pussy, sighing around the cock you were sucking involuntarily...

You started pumping both dildos with one hand, in and out of your open and exposed pussy and ass -- plump, pretty legs back, big bare tits bouncing between your arms, and swallowing the other dildo rhythmically.

You were ready to cum. All your holes filled. You weren’t holding back at all. You wanted to cum. So did I. Oh yes. Stroking my cock and watching my sweet fattie DPing herself naked in front of a bunch of masturbating strangers - now that‘s a devoted girlfriend.

Now. Almost. Yes, yes, you’re bucking and bouncing, your wet pussy squeezing and your stretched-out asshole swallowing the huge dildo, then you tense and arch your back to cum, jamming both of those huge, buzzing monsters in and out of your wide-open holes, gasping around that clear dildo.

You were trembling on the edge. The guys were straining to hold back their loads, staring at you and jacking desperately.

The older black guy staggered to his feet, pumping his big black cock shakily. “Come over here,” he grated out.

You crawled over to the man on your hands and knees, tits swinging, both dildos still sticking out of your big white bottom. Your eyes were glued to his dripping cock; it was speckled with white foam on chocolate-brown, his callused hand making squirching, squelching noises as he jacked it off, and it exuded a funky, nasty, animal smell. Your mouth was watering, and you drooled on the floor. The men laughed at your embarrassing eagerness.

“I’m gonna cum, baby… Get ready to catch my wad…“ You crawled closer, tits swinging, and you sat up on your knees and stuck out your tongue and opened your mouth wide, eyes closed behind your glasses. You leaned forward, and your heavy teats swung and quivered as you waited, eager for the taste of stranger sperm. “Unnngh… Here it comes… Here it comes, baby…”

It was in your contract. You had to catch the semen of any man who wanted to shoot it to you, any way he wanted you to catch it. Anywhere but your pussy and asshole. For that, the men have to pay extra, but you eat cum for free. For four hours, you are a public naked sperm-rag.

You felt that big, cum-slimy dickhead touch your tongue, and you opened your eyes and smiled up at him. That smile made the old black guy explode, and you giggled as thick jets of spurting African sperm squirted into your mouth and all over your smacking, licking, slurping mouth as you kissed and licked and teased his geysering dick. You made sure to let the thick pearly semen slop out of your mouth and drip from your beautiful lips and chin, eating his load of semen as sloppily and sluttily as possible. You knew that’s what the men came to see, and you gave it to them. You smiled at them with cum on your face and dripping from your mouth, and you shivered at how big a slut you were being and how much you loved it.

I’m a hot, sexy, cock-hardening, big-titted and shaved fat naked slut, you thought, and all these men are shooting their loads to ME… You squatted low, driving both dildos deeper into your belly as you felt yourself rising toward another orgasm.

Two other guys groaned and stood up. “Gonna shoot, baby…”

“Gonna shoot my wad…”

You hurried over to them, holding onto your dildos and squatwalking, tits waggling, ass jiggling, chin trailing sperm. You stopped in front of them and bounced on your dildos, and bounced your tits, and bounced your big bare ass, as you stared at their cocks - one black, one pink, both shiny and sloppy with pre-cum and jack-off foam. The wet, squelching sound of male masturbation filled your ears from both sides, and the funky smell of hot, sweaty and cummy male organ filled your nostrils and made you feel deliciously dirty and indecent. The strangers stuck out their dripping dicks, jacking hard, drops flying in your face, and you leaned closer, tits swinging, and you opened your mouth and stuck out your tongue. Your realized that your face was still streaked and splattered with cum from the first guy, and you smiled up at the two men sweetly and licked your cum-dripping lips.

“Nnngh -- Catch it, bitch -- Catch it --“ The black guy’s face was pinched and congested, his eyes slitted, as he desperately jacked his cock off an inch from your open mouth. You tickled the tip of his swollen black dickhead with your tongue…

The other guy pushed in, pumping his pink cock at your lips. “Eat this load, Big Tits -- Slurp it up --“

You giggled and took both cocks in your pretty bare hands and pulled them toward your face. You looked up over your cum-smeared lips, and sucked and slurped at both their bare, wet dickheads at once, making a nasty show of it as the other men groaned and stared and jacked off frantically. As they watched, two spurting, squirting loads of flying cum-wads splattered all over your pretty face and into your open mouth. You giggled as the men stared at your sweetly nerdy, beautiful, open and innocent face, sloppy with dripping sperm, cum hanging from your open, sensuous, kissable mouth, more cum arching onto your face as you licked your spermy lips and smiled. And the crowd goes wild…

…You were rolling around on the carpet, squealing with delight, shaking your bare tits and stretching your hairless fucking hole wide, as the rest of the masturbating men stood over you and jacked hungrily, staring at your pale, smooth, bare skin. You were showing them everything you had, from your wiggly bare toes to your jiggly bare ass to your squelchy-wet cunthole and squeezy little anus. You were sure you were about to get a sperm-shower as the men crowded around you, pumping their cocks over you… Their jack-off foam was dripping on your belly and tits and thighs…

At that point I entered the room. You looked up at me, your face a curious mixture of impending orgasm, shock, fear, delight, and eager submission.

“Anybody want to fuck her? $100, right now, any hole you want,” I said, grinning down at you and the sperm on your tits. You squealed and shivered, clapping a hand over your bare pussy in shock.

Two of the men - a young black guy and an old white guy - instantly whipped out Franklins. “Here’s two,” said the white guy, gray and balding but still well-muscled. “I want her asshole.”

The young black guy looked at the old white guy and grinned. “Let’s do her together.”

You looked up at me piteously, as if you hated it, as you squatted over the young black man’s thick nine-inch pole and slowly lowered yourself onto it, working it into your gaping, hairless hole. your pretty eyes closed as you rotated your big white ass on it, sinking lower and lower, and finally you began to undulate your wet cunt around and around on that stiff black boner.

Then the old white guy slid in behind your. you leaned forward cooperatively, eagerly, and presented your asshole as your cunt still sucked at the big black cock that was fucking your. The thick pink cock popped into your butt quickly, and in seconds my fat naked hottie was biting her lip and bouncing enthusiastically. You were squealing and shaking your tits in the black guy’s face as two big dicks pumped your fat pale ass and bald pussy. The other men were gathered around, jacking off to the fucking fattie avidly.

You felt the surprisingly steel-hard and deliciously thick cock stabbing your tender asshole and rubbing against the big black cock stirring your wet cunt, and you blinked at the half-dozen dripping dicks around you, all on the edge of spurting to your naked, blatantly exhibited sexuality - and you felt close to ecstasy. You were stunningly beautiful, you were incredibly, unbelievably sexy, you were completely naked and fucking two big cocks, and all these men wanted you and needed you and thought you were --

You began to shiver, nearing another orgasm of your own - a big one, a super-orgasm. You swallowed and jerked, staring at the swelling cocks in your face, their glistening heads pumping out pre-cum inches from your open mouth. The dicks up your pussy and ass were churning your belly like a sexual washing machine, driving your cunt and ass to the razor edge. You shuddered, on the very brink. More drooling dicks were being pumped and pulled and jacked off all around you - in your face, at your tits, over your ass.

“Gonna shoot, fat mama… Gonna squirt on those big udders…”

The cock in your face suddenly erupted, and your face was covered with hot, syrupy sperm. You heard groans as it kept spurting on your cheek, in your mouth, on your forehead. “God, me too…”

“Get ready, baby…”

“Get mine too - here it comes ---’

You felt spurts hitting your face from three directions, and more cum splatting thickly on your dangling tits. Another guy was shooting on your ass. You felt yourself sliding over the edge at the thought and sight and smell and feel of a half-dozen male ejaculations showering your naked body, and then the black man that was sliding his bare black cock in and our of your sloppy pussy suddenly tensed, staring at your cum-dripping tits in his face, and drove his dick in deep and began to shake. you felt your cunt get suddenly sloppy as he flooded it with cum - and the old guy behind your grunted and shot up your asshole, and you slid over the edge yourself and began shaking in orgasm, impaled on two spurting cocks and being cum-bathed by half a dozen more.

The little knot of moaning men huddled around the naked chubby at its center till all seemed to be spent, and they stepped back to reveal my sweet Holly, lying on your back, plump white legs splayed open, crotch leaking cum from both holes, face and tits and belly splashed and streaked with more com, and a goofy, sleepy, satisfied grin on your beautiful face.

I tossed you a damp washcloth. “Better freshen up before the next group,” I said.

You blinked up at me. “You mean I’m not done?”

“You have three hours to go, you. Clean those dildos, too. They’ve been on the floor now.”

I heard something, and turned to see you cumming, staring up at me, shivering and jerking in orgasm without touching yourself. “Th-thr-three more hours…” you choked out, gasping, shuddering at the prospect. Then more men come in.

“Aw, shit. Would you guys come look at THIS?”

“Holy crap! Look at that juicy cunt!”

You’re gagging and shivering, thighs wide, tits in your face, cunt gaping wetly, cumming in front of them all as they first lay eyes on you.

The men sit down around your and start rubbing their crotches. You shiver and finish cumming, then shakily get up and begin to belly dance. You looks a little drunk - but you’re shaking everything you’ve got and loving it.

So are the men…

You squat and stretch your shaved pussy open and dangle your hanging tits, smiling teasingly. It’s in your contract…