Interactive Story

For instance:- (from Lionel)

She sounded scared and asked if I could come straight away. Course I can I said. Thank God she answered. Back doorís open just come straight in. Iím upstairs. Whatís up then I said. Nothing to worry about, honestly, just get here as quick as you can. Half an hour later I called up as I got to the stairs. Oh thank goodness, Iím in the bedroom come up, she answered. As I went in she said, oh God, Iím really embarrassed, you are the only one I really trust but youíll think Iím such an idiot. Iíve got myself stuck. She was lying face down on the bed. Elbows bracing herself up so she could look at me, her eyes wide looking into mine, a sort of smile on her face as she nodded over her back indicating the end of the bed. My heart began to race. She was obviously naked and had managed to draw a sheet partially over herself. Her legs were bare and covered only down to her upper thighs. She had mistakenly left just a bit of buttock uncovered though, she hadnít realised, typical of her. I dropped the keys, she said. Can you believe it, I dropped the fucking keys! Her legs, her beautiful legs, were set a couple of feet apart, at each ankle there glistened a pair of handcuffs. One circling the bed rail and the other her ankle. She had pushed the ratchets home quite firmly and there was not much play I noticed. She moved her legs a little as if to illustrate the point to me. The short chains of the handcuffs clacking metallically. I was practicing something I was planning to do sometime later, she said. I fixed the handcuffs on while kneeling facing forward and as I flopped down the keys shot out of my hand, theyíre somewhere over there if you could get them, maybe under the sideboard..................

Rascal's continuation
Student's continuation