The Slave Girl

by Iggy


Part 1

I walked into the house, for the very first time, escorted by the lady, who only
introduced herself to me as "Cora". The secrecy to which she operated, behaved,
and all of that made me feel very uneasy about going into the grand-looking
house, but, nevertheless, I marched forward. Cora stopped me just as I stepped
from the front porch to the living room, grabbing onto my arm with a forceful
I was a simple woman, living a relatively simple life in the heart of the city.
Working nine to five at a city coffee shop, and earning a five-nine daily, you
know the life. Then, one afternoon while working, Cora stepped into the coffee
shop, and right into my life.
She ordered for an expresso, and looked me over. In fact, she looked me over
more than the typical guy customer would, which had me feeling a bit uneasy.
Amazingly, as I served her expresso, at was almost as if she read my mind when
she told me, "Don't worry, I'm an appraiser of female beauty by profession,
don't mind me. In fact, you should feel proud of yourself." It kind of caught me
off guard, and I couldn't help but let a smile out from my lips. She looked at
me, giving the slight hint of a grin on her face. She said, "You know, you do
have potential. If you'd like a very high paying way of life, and willing to
work hard and fearless for it, give me a call at this number.". She handed me a
calling card with only the name "Cora" on it, and a phone number.
Actually, from how she had said it, I was already interested, but I decided to
hold my cards. I waited a couple of days before giving her that call, which were
a couple of anxious days for me. I was excited to get away from the coffee shop
job, and to something with far more potential.
I called that number, and Cora asked me if I was really interested. I asked for
more details, more information about what I'd be getting into. She then asked me
if I was really as fearless as the job required of me. I said, of course I was.
Then, she replied, going into the work despite not knowing what to expect was a
good test of my fearlessness, and if I wasn't up to dealing with it, there were
more than a few others ready to take my place. She gave me an address, and the
time of that day to show up for "work": seven in the evening.
I wondered if I was as fearless as I thought I was. I needed to talk to someone
about it. I called up my best friend, Suzy, who also worked at the coffee shop.
She told me that I should go for it, and she said she would go with me in a
heartbeat, but she had some family matters to attend to that week. I gave her
the address of the place I was going to, in case she changed her mind, and the
name of the person who was "recruiting" me.
The place was on the outskirts of the city, but not quite the suburbs. It was in
the middle of the rich people's part of town. The house wasn't that big though,
but looks from the outside, or from the front, were definitely deceiving, as I
would eventually find out. Cora was waiting at the front gate, and she didn't
say a single word to me as she walked with me to the front door of the house.
...Cora told me "you'll have to undress before entering the house". Weird, I
thought, so I refused. "Do you want this job, or not?", she asked rather
forcefully. I thought it over for a second, was the potential for a better life
worth the price of putting myself through a series of tests? Could I live with
myself, knowing that I had a chance at a better way of living, and not even
knowing what kind of job I turned down? After kicking my shoes off, I forced
myself to take my blouse off, then slipped my skirt down to the floor. The night
air felt rather nippy on my skin, causing me to feel a slight chill on my back
and belly areas, but I controlled myself. I stood up straight, ready to step
into the house.
It wasn't good enough, apparently. "Strip all the way down, take your bra and
panties off", Cora commanded. She commanded it. I gave her my "oh, please" look,
but I didn't want to argue any more, knowing that I'd just be asked I really
wanted the job again. It better be high paying, I thought to myself, as I
slipped out of my bra, and brought my panties down. I was standing at the
doorway of a house of someone I didn't know, in front of a strange woman, in the
night, without a single shred of clothing on me. Unbelievable, I thought.
Cora gave that small hint of a grin on her face again. She was mocking me,
that's what I thought. Ready to laugh at the frightened, scared, naked young
woman. I'll show her who's not scared, I thought, as I walked in before her.

The Slave Girl, Part 2

What I saw, or rather whom I saw, didn't scare me, but it really shocked me,
almost to the point of breaking my concentration on keeping my cool despite
being nude, which is a peculiar way to say it, actually, since I was feeling a
bit chilly. Thought I wasn't looking at Cora, and she didn't make any noise, I
could sense that she was laughing at me inside, at the very least snickering at
A black family, a boy and girl with their parents, sitting in the living room,
watching tv. They all turned around to look at me, and strangely, the children
and their mother turned their attention back to the television. The man got up
to approach me, or Cora, or both of us.
He didn't smile, say anything, or give any kind of indication about his reaction
to the sight of me, while walking over to us, even though his eyes clearly
stayed focused on me. Even as he stopped in front of me, his eyes didn't leave
He finally spoke, but obviously not to me, even though he was still intently
looking at me. "A blonde beauty, eh? Cora, you've done well."
He looked down, perhaps looking at my pubic area. Probably looking there,
actually. I resisted the reflexive action of covering up my bare crotch with my
hands. Then, his attention turned from my crotch to my breasts. Again, my hands
nearly moved from my sides to my frontside, but I stopped myself. The rest of
his family was still watching tv, but only a slight head turn away from looking
me over just as the man of the house was. This was embarrassing, and bordering
on humiliating. I hoped I was fulfilling the "fearlessness" requirement.
Cora responded, "I'm glad you like her, sir. I'm sure you'll find her worth the
while, and the resources."
Then, Cora started touching my breasts, as the man watched. I kept myself from
shoving her hands off at first, but then, if I had thought of and tried to rid
my breasts of her hands a few seconds later, I think I would've had to force
myself to do so. Having my breasts fondled by another woman while I was standing
completely nude in front of a fully clothed man was, shall I say, sensuously
Cora told the man, "these are definitely real, care to check them for yourself,
sir?". He shook his head, while saying "I trust your judgement, Cora". Still,
she wasn't stopping, she wasn't taking her hands off my breasts, she wasn't
stopping the weird pleasure I was experiencing with her. I didn't want her to.
To my regret at the time, though, she stopped playing with my breasts as the man
asked, "what do we call her?". Cora seemed to play with the thought in her mind,
again showing that slight grin on her face. Then, she thought of something:
"maybe you could ask your family?". "Good idea, Cora!', he said, and called for
his family.
His wife and two children got up, and walked towards us. Then, I felt the rush
of red-blooded humiliation reaching my face, engulfing my entire body. I covered
myself at my breasts and crotch with my hands and arms, while my body trembled
with embarrassment. Cora then cackled a bitchy, mocking laugh at me. The man
seemed to like what he saw too, saying "Genuine modesty! I always love that in a
first timer here."
Cora asked, "so we'll take her in then, sir?". He nodded, and said "go to the
stable and prepare for her there, I'll just walk her there".
Cora then walked off, out a side door of the house, leaving me standing there,
still nude, and still trying in vain to cover my private parts in front of the
family. I looked back to the closed front door, visualizing the clothes of mines
that were left lying on the other side of the door, and wishing that I could
just somehow get them back, now. I was starting to wonder if any of them were
ever going to give me any kind of clothes to put on, ever.

The Slave Girl, Part 3

It became somewhat obvious to me that they weren't going to give me anything to
wear, at least for the time being. If they were going to, they could've given me
something before I reached their living room, or after they finished looking me
all over. So, nude I would stay, no matter how much of me I could possibly cover
with my hands and arms. And I did try to cover myself, because I'd never been
exposed to people like that, an entire family, and an a black one at that, which
seemed to  make the experience even weirder to bear with for me.
Then the man spoke, after the few minutes of silence while they were looking me
over. "Okay kids, that's enough for now. Love, I'll see you after I bring her to
the stable."
They went back to their television watching, as the man put on a light jacket
and walked forward down a hallway, expecting me to follow. Something in me
caused me not to, that something was a need to know some answers about where I
was, who he was, what was this "stable" they kept mentioning, and most of all,
why I was being kept naked like I was. On top of all his other clothes, he has
to put a jacket on while I'm standing there nude, that seemed so terribly unfair
to me. I felt that maybe standing rooted to where I was would bring me the
answers I wanted.
A few steps down the brightly lit hallway, and the man seemed to know that I
wasn't following. He stopped, turned around, and looked at me. I was expecting
something from him that reeked of Cora, some kind of harsh command to get my
bare butt moving or else it'll be whipped or something to that effect. Or some
non-vocal, facially expressed command, to which I was determined not to respond
to, unless he told me things I wanted to know about.
What he did, I did not expect at all. He smiled at me, and extended his hand
towards me, as if asking to take my hand. There was something about his smile,
his face, the way he looked when he smiled. I don't really find african-american
men very attractive, but something about his face was so soothing, so sincere,
even handsome to a degree. Maybe it was the surprise of it, or that I really did
find him sincere, but I did end up taking his hand, gripping it firmly, and
walking with him down the hallway, holding that smooth hand of his, and not
saying a single word. For the entire time that I held his hand, I felt almost
like I wasn't so vulnerable, so humiliatingly naked and unprotected.
Not that he was keeping silent as we were walking, though. "I sense you're in
need of some answers, some explanations about things. That is understandable,
but all I can say to make things easier for you is that you'll find out
everything you'd want to know about when it's appropriate. You have been
promised a better, higher paying way of living, and that promise will definitely
be kept. Your salary should make you more than satisfied." His talking to me did
make me feel better about things, but I think after holding his hand like I was,
I actually wasn't going to press my case any further. He had that kind of effect
on me, I can't really explain it.
After around a minute of walking, we walked out a door at the end of the
hallway, which brought us outside of the house. The chill of the outside night
air made all of my skin goosebump, and I folded my arms in front of me to help
me feel at least a little warmer. The yard was rather large, with a tall, solid
wooden fence seeming to bound the man's property from the rest of the land.
There was a medium sized swimming pool, a large grassy lawn, and what looked
like a barn. He picked up a pair of slippers, and offered them to me, which
seemed so ironically strange to me, being given something to put on my feet but
not allowed to wear any clothes. I did say "thanks", as I put the slippers on my
feet, and took his hand as we walked down the yard.
We were walking towards the barn. And, of all people, Cora was in front,
sneering at me, looking me over again expecting me to feel embarrassed again. I
was, sadly. It would take me a long time to get used to that.
I wasn't letting go of his hand yet, but in front of Cora I felt just as naked
as I was again. I lost the security that holding his hand brought me, in more
ways than one. He let my hand go, telling me "you'll be in Cora's hands for now,
she'll show you your quarters".
I looked at him as he walked away, back into the house, leaving me feeling so
alone and small once again. And, when I turned around, Cora still had that look
on her face. "Come on in slave, I'll show you where you'll be sleeping from now
on." She motioned to the barn door, which I couldn't believe. I always thought
that animals sleep in such places, but perhaps this one was made for people, or
something. Well, it was, sort of.
The first thing I noticed were the beds in there, four of them, but one was
empty. The second thing I noticed about the beds were the hay that was gathered
on top of them, at least three of them had hay on them, one was empty, not even
having a bed sheet on it. Cora brought me to the empty bed, and told me, "this
is your bed". I thought the bed was fine, but it lacked something I needed. "No
bedsheet? Not even a blanket? It's sort of chilly in here, you know.", I said.
Without much hesitation, Cora responded, "so use the hay like the other girls
That shocked me. I looked at those other beds again, a lot more closely this
time, and saw that there were women, probably just as naked as I was, soundly
sleeping under the hay on those beds!
Meekly, I gathered some hay to use on my bed, as Cora watched me over closely. I
laid myself on the bed, and put the hay over me as best as I could. At last, at
least I had something to cover my nude body with. Cora walked away a few moments
after I covered myself. The night was a sleepless one for me, trying to ignore
the many itchy feelings on my body, and trying to keep myself still.

The Slave Girl, Part 4

Daylight took so long to arrive, with so many thoughts going on in my mind
throughout the night. I was sent to sleep for the night, yet I had no idea what
kind of job I'd be doing there, how much I'd be paid for whatever my job was,
why I was being kept from putting on any kind of clothing, who were the other
women sleeping on the rest of the beds in the barn, and whether I'd want to
stick around there long enough to find the answers to those questions. I was
tempted to wake up one of the other women, just to get some answers, but I saw
that Cora was watching through a window, and I wasn't sure if it would've been
okay by her to do so. So, amongst strangers, I just laid there covered in the
hay on the bed, anxiously awaiting the light of dawn.
When it started getting a little brighter in there from the first rays of sun, I
sat up on the side of the bed. I looked at my watch, and it read, 5:30 AM. I
looked at the window from where Cora was watching, and she wasn't there. I
looked around, and saw that I was the only naked woman in the barn awake. I
looked down, and the slippers that the black man had let me use to walk from the
back door of the house to the barn were right next to my feet. I thought of
putting them on, and perhaps walking around the barn, when Cora surprised me, in
more ways than one. She had walked over to me, which I wasn't expecting, since I
thought I was the only one awake. And, in her hands, she had a platter of food,
handing it to me, saying "good morning, this is your breakfast".
I placed the platter on my lap. I looked down at it, fully expecting to see
things appropriate to the way I had been treated so far, which was slavely in
nature. What I saw just about totally shocked me. Some small pancakes, eggs, a
sausage, hash browns, a cup of orange juice, and I knew from experience that the
coffee wasn't the freeze-dried supermarket bargain type. In other words, as I
was sitting on the bed nude by their demands, the platter held a well prepared,
first class breakfast. I looked up at Cora in disbelief. I guess she couldn't
help but laugh out pretty loudly at my surprise.
She explained, "the master just likes to treat everyone here as well as
possible". I just shrugged, not understanding how I could be forced to keep all
clothes off my body and sleeping in hay even as I was being treated, well, just
like a queen. Cora then told me, "your bath will come after your breakfast, and
since you're new here, you'll be allowed to observe the other girls as much as
you like before your late afternoon duty, from three until six in the
afternoon". Three hours of work seemed downright heavenly compared to what I was
used to, I thought.
Then, Cora walked away, as I dug into my breakfast hard, just then realizing how
hungry I was from the sleepless night. It tasted just as good as it looked,
perhaps even better than that. Then, when I had finished with everything, juice
and coffee included, Cora came from out of nowhere to get my platter. I noticed
that the other girls were still sleeping.
"Want your bath now?", she asked. Well, the stuff breakfast was made of had
gotten me very curious about how baths were taken around there. So, I nodded,
and Cora escorted me out of the barn after I put the slippers on my feet.
The early morning air chilled my entire body. Night air was cold, but morning
air touching all around my nude body simply froze me. Cora didn't stop for me,
probably expecting me to follow right after I got over the shock of the cold. I
picked up the pace to catch up with her, reaching the back door of the house.
Cora pressed a button on the door, and told me to wait there. She then walked
back towards the barn. I wondered if the other three women were going to recieve
such a finely made breakfast as well, as I waited.
Funny, it was only then that I realized that I had behaved almost normally
around Cora, with me nude and her fully clothed. "Am I getting used to this
already?, I asked myself out loud. Well, maybe I really was. Then after about
fifteen seconds or so, the door opened.
I don't know what, or who I was expecting, but I knew that seeing the girl at
the door caught me by surprise. Suddenly, all composure left me again, I tried
covering my parts up with my hands, as discreetly as I possibly could. Then, the
girl smiled at me, saying "don't be shy, I'm used to seeing women like you.".
That didn't help in my mind, I kept my hands right where they where.
She spoke again, saying "well, just make yourself comfortable, I'm going to be
bathing you today". She took my arm, and pulled me in, and walked me down the
hallway. She had to be joking, I thought to myself. A joke just to make me feel
at ease, most likely.
We reached the bath room, and it was a luxurious one at that. Black marble all
over the place, large bubbling and steamy bathtub, golden holders, expensive
looking faucets, everything you could dream of. "Step right into the bathtub,
and we'll get started".
As I sat myself into the pleasantly warm water of the tub, and she approached me
and started rubbing and scrubbing my arm with a light cloth, I found out that
she wasn't kidding. Baths weren't taken, they were given, literally. I tried not
to feel conscious of my nudity around the girl, but I kept feeling it, even if I
could keep myself from hiding my breasts under the bubbly water.

The Slave Girl, Part 5

The girl seemed to be maybe around ten to twelve years old, but she seemed far
wiser than her age would indicate, at least when it came to knowing how
conscious I was feeling about my nudity. It had been at least twenty years since
someone last bathed me other than myself. "Don't worry," she said, "everyone
feels so uncomfortable at first, but it all comes natural in a few days". Not
that what she said really made me feel better, but it got me thinking of things
other than how naked I was. Like, how many before me had gone through what I was
going through, and for how long. And, what could possibly be in store for me
She was good at what she was doing, her hands and the warm soapy cloth were not
only cleansing my body, but invigorating it as well in a sort of massaging
action on my arms and shoulders. In any situation, I would've enjoyed being
pampered in such a way. With the sleepless night I had gone through, it felt
extremely good for me. I closed my eyes after a while, feeling the pleasure to
its fullest.
Then, her hands moved to my breasts. My eyes shot open, my mouth was about to
tell her to stop, but she looked at me, and told me to "just relax". I did as
she said, looking down and watching my breasts being carefully, softly scrubbed
and rubbed. What was once awkward, then nice, became awkward once again. After
about a minute or so of attention on my breasts, she moved lower on my body once
"I won't do too much to your stomach area, don't want to stir up your breakfast,
you know!", she said, as her hands moved to my hips. It felt nice again, but her
hands were dangerously close to my most private area. My body, even while
relaxed so much, tensed up a bit. I think she was keen enough to sense that, and
she started conversing with me to perhaps loosen me up. "You have such nice
skin, does anyone ever tell you that?", she asked. Well, no one ever had
actually, because no one ever noticed with the clothes I always wore to work,
and the guys I'd been naked with in my lifetime paid all their attention to
certain body parts of mines, not my skin. "No," I replied, "I guess no one can
really notice with my clothes on". She smiled at my answer, and told me "you
have such nice looking skin, and it feels so silky smooth too". The first
compliment I get about my skin has to come from a grade-school aged girl, while
I'm sitting naked in a bathtub and she's bathing me. Who would've ever thought
that? Not me, certainly, not that I was ungrateful for it. "Thank you", I told
her. I was starting to feel at ease with her, even with her hands getting close
to my vaginal area.
Then, the relaxation turned to tension once again, as the cleaning action moved
right to my crotch. My teeth clenched at the first sensation against that part
of me, my arms almost impulsively pushed her hands off from there, but I kept
myself from doing so. I just chose to look away, to keep from minding the act
too much.
Then, I noticed that the bathroom door was left wide open. I realized, who knows
how many people had looked in on me since I had stepped into the tub? Then, the
wife walked by, turning her head to look in as she slowly walked by. Geez, I
felt like such a little baby when that happened, her daughter was bathing me,
scrubbing at my vagina for me, and she was looking in on it! Funny, I didn't
really feel lowly or humiliated by that, perhaps I was almost getting used to
being naked in front of others, or, more likely, the act of being bathed by
someone twice as young as me was so overwhelmingly embarrassing that anything
else paled in comparison.
I didn't feel good the rest of the time, wishing that she'd hurry up and finish
my bath. After about twenty minutes or so, she went to a cabinet and took out a
white towel. I stepped out of the tub feeling cleaner than I'd ever felt before,
I admit. As with everything else, she did the drying off for me, and no part of
me was assumed to be dried off enough before she got to it with the towel.
When she finished, I didn't know what to do after that, whether to go back to
the barn or wait for orders. I was about to ask the girl, when, to my surprise,
another completely nude woman walked into the bathroom. I didn't recognize her,
but she must've been one of the other women sleeping in the barn. She was a
slim, red haired and naturally, light tan skinned, and had smallish boobs and a
somewhat small butt.
"Good morning, Angel."
"Hello, Paula."
"I'd like to introduce you to the new one, Silky."
Did she mean me when she said "Silky", I asked myself. Then, the girl, Paula,
looked at me, and said "Silky, meet Angel". This was getting weird, now I was
given a name, not being asked by anyone there what my real name was. Angel
smiled and extended her hand to me, and I was simply too shocked at being named
"Silky" to do anything other than extend my own hand to her, and shake her hand.

"Why is her name Silky, Paula?"
"Just look at her skin. I couldn't give her any name other than Silky because of
Angel looked me over, and I felt conscious of my nakedness once again, even
though she wasn't looking at anything more than the features of my body's skin.
Was it because I lost my composure at being given a name, or was I afraid that
Angel might be gay, and the mere thought of women making love to women turned me
totally off?
Paula asked me, "Silky, you're supposed to observe the first one on duty today,
right?". That was just about what I remembered hearing from Cora, so I nodded at
her. "Okay," Paula said, "maybe you can just stay in here until I finish bathing
Angel, then you can follow her around, observing her".
I sat down on the stool near the tub and crossed my legs, as Angel stepped in.
At least this time I wasn't going to be bathed, and I was going to do some
watching of my own, I thought to myself as I watched Paula bathing Angel like a
baby every bit the way I was bathed. Angel seemed to enjoy it to the fullest,
even when the bathing reaching her feminine parts, and she didn't seem to mind
me watching, in fact, she seemed to enjoy having me there to watch.
Then, after she was completely towel-dried off by Paula, she walked right out
the door, with me walking right behind her, and wondering what would be
happening next.

The Slave Girl, Part 6

I ended up following Angel to the living room of the house. A few things
scattered out of place, a few magazines and newspapers lying around, an empty
glass on the coffee table. Angel went over and started fixing things up in the
living room. I just watched her at work, as I was told to. Was I going to be a
nude maid? I kept asking myself that as Angel went on to neatly arrange and fix
up the living room.
Maybe I could get something out of Angel by asking, I thought. "Angel, are we
maids here at this house?", I asked. She looked up immediately from the floor
she was sweeping, and held a finger to her mouth. "Quiet, it's not in good taste
to ask me things like that". I had to know something, so I told her "I need
answers here, I don't know what the hell I am doing here. I can't live with not
She thought over my statement for a moment, then said "What do you think? I
think you're supposed to learn about your role here by watching me, right?".
That was the answer I needed to know, though I wasn't sure I was happy about it.
My job would be as a maid, basically. But, was the good food worth the constant
nudity and hay for a blanket? And, how much was I going to be paid for parading
around the house, doing all those chores in the nude? And, could I possibly get
used to a lifestyle of no clothing, even as others had clothes on them?
Then, the man walked into the living room. He looked at me, and smiled. Funny, I
didn't feel "naked" as I did before, but with the bath and me feeling clean and
all, I actually felt like I had myself a new outfit, a new set of clothes to
proudly show off to everyone. "Hello, your name is Silky, right?", he asked me,
as Angel went about her business, uninterrupted. Obviously, his daughter told
him. I just nodded to him. "Well, you should be learning your role rather easily
by watching Angel here, so, I'd like to ask you, what do you think so far?".
I found myself not even close to capable of asking him the hard questions that I
wanted answered. I was kept speechless, perhaps because of that silent charm of
his working on me. So, it was a very good thing that he addressed them for me
without my asking about it. "So, do you think you can be happy with a five day
work week, three hours a day, and seven hundred dollars a day, with your living
expenses all taken care of? And if you truly find yourself unhappy here, you are
free to go, anytime you wish". He had a serious look on his face, even as I
wondered in my mind if he could possibly be serious about everything he had just
said. By the look on his face, he was serious.
Only three hours of work per day? Seven hundred dollars a day, guaranteed pay?
It would take me two weeks to make that much at the coffee shop! And, not a cent
out of my pocket for food, bills, or anything like that. If I ended up not
liking my job, I could just quit and leave, no questions asked? It seemed well
worth a shot, I thought, not exactly a dream job entirely, but how many are
there available for me to accept?
"I think I could live with that, sir", I told him. He seemed to blush a bit at
being called sir, it seemed to make him feel uncomfortable, which I thought was
really cute. I heard Angel softly giggling. "Oh, stop it Angel", he said while
laughing, "Silky, just call me by my first name, Pete, okay?". Even in
uncomfort, Pete was so magnetic in his personality, so likable. He had me
charmed, whether he intended to or not, and I couldn't help but feel proud to be
myself to him, even if that meant showing all of me even as he wore slacks and a
long-sleeved shirt. I pretty much got the hang of my "job" after only one hour
of watching Angel at work.
I went back to the "stable" after Angel finished her duty, and I walked there
with her. We both laid in our beds, all alone in the barn. It was time for me to
ask some questions, again, being the newcomer and all. "What do you do in your
free time, Angel?" was the first thing I thought of asking her. "Well," she
said, "there's the pool if you like swimming, a small gym with lots of equipment
in on of the back rooms of the house, television, and there's other things you
can do that I can't quite think of right now". Then, she smiled at me kind of
evilly. "And then, if you're really daring, you could always try venturing into
town". Of course, I had to ask, "go into town naked?". She nodded, saying,
"That's the only way to go, unless you want to lose your job here. I don't want
to lose my job, I've been here for four months and have loved every bit of it!".
The job's benefits were definitely attention grabbing for me, but one of the
more subtle things about it was on my mind, and I had to ask her, "how do you
spend that big money?". She gave me that evil smile of hers, and replied, "how
do you think?". I knew what she meant, and asked her if she'd actually gone into
town. "Never went alone, of course," she informed me, "but let's just say I've
been there more than a few times, and spent big each time, but nothing spent on
"So, what are you going to do now?", I asked Angel. "Well, after I lie down and
relax a bit, I'll probably go to the pool, and swim around a bit. Want to come
with me?". I didn't know of anything better to do at the time, so I just smiled
and nodded at her. Then, she said "Lunch is at eleven-thirty, every day, just
thought I'd let you know that in case you didn't know." I didn't know that, but
I knew that I'd found something of a friend in Angel. I was curious about the
other two maids, but I thought I'd just hold off on bombarding Angel with
questions for a while.
I went with Angel to the pool, and with the trees blocking out most of the sun's
warmth there, it was terribly cold! I couldn't take being in the water for more
than a few minutes, so I contented myself with sitting poolside on the lounge
chair, and watching Angel swim. She seemed used to the temperature, and didn't
shiver like I did upon diving into the water. Her body moved so sleek and smooth
in the water, I'm sure part of it was due to the fit appearance of her body. I
wondered how she got the name of Angel, she knew why I was called Silky. "Why is
your name Angel?", I asked her aloud. She took a pause from her stroking, and
told me "because Robbie thought I looked like an Angel, and then they hung the
name on me". I guessed that Robbie was Pete's son. I looked at Angel swimming
around again, and sure enough, the name seemed to match her appearance. Her face
looked so innocent, yet her naked body seemed so sexily strong and capable. I
wasn't gay, and never ever thought of doing it with another woman before, but I
thought, if I was going to fall in love with some woman, I would hope that it
would be someone with a body like Angel's.
I wondered about the names of the other two maids, but I decided to just wait
until meeting them to find that out, and that would end up being at lunch time.

The Slave Girl, Part 7

The lunch scene for the maids at the house was a fairly interesting one,
literally. Imagine four women sitting totally nude around the table in the
kitchen, boobs all hanging out, eating some pasta and salad and sipping on iced
tea as if nothing was missing from them. At least I acted that way on the
outside, though I had to keep myself from staring at the bare breasts just
inches from the food.
And, imagine if someone was under that table! Legs were all crossed, but it
still would've been quite a lady lover's thrill, I would think.
Angel introduced me to the other two girls, who were named "Babe", and "Shy". I
asked Babe how she got her name first, and she told me it was because of her
physique, which was a little chubby, but to me it just meant that she was well
endowed in certain places better than others because of it. Her boobs and butt
were a little larger than the rest of ours. She said that when she stripped off
her clothing, her body slightly reminded Pete of the Babe, and that's how it
happened. I asked her if she minded being named after a guy, and she didn't seem
to mind. "I kind of like baseball," she said, "so I can easily forgive being
named after a ballplayer".
Shy had a slightly different story to tell when I asked her about her name. When
the clothes came off her, she wouldn't utter a single word for the longest time,
and when she finally spoke, "I said, yes, no, and would just shrug if I didn't
know. When my clothes were taken from me, so was my ability to speak! I didn't
try to cover myself up or anything, but I just couldn't make myself talk very
much! I just felt so terribly embarrassed and ashamed of showing my body".
Looking at her though, I can't understand why, she looked like she had a really
nice body. Maybe it was just her personality, which probably fitted her name
pretty well.
Then, I just had to return them the favor, by telling them about how I became
"Silky". They both smiled at the story, and said, how true, just by looking at
me sitting at the table. That made me feel nice and warm inside, and glad to be
in such company, even though the situation was a weird one for me.
Both of them seemed to be just as nice people as Angel, which made me believe I
could fit in the scheme of things well enough to be happy, and perhaps even more
than that. For the first time since setting off on living my own life, I felt
like I actually belonged to something, strange as it probably seems. Maybe the
fact that we were all naked there, and not doing a thing about it contributed to
making me think that way.
After lunch, it was Shy's turn for maid duty, with me having my turn after her.
Babe and Angel wanted to go to the gym to work out a bit, so I just went along
with them. Not to really do anything there myself, but to just watch them
working out, and to keep company.
Angel took to one of the treadmill machines, to do some brisk walking. Babe
worked with the dumbells, doing various exercises with them. As I sat on one of
the benches and watched them, I couldn't help but think of how funny it was
seeing Angel walking on the treadmill in the nude, and Babe's breasts jiggling
loose all around with each movement of her arms with the dumbells. They both had
such damned serious looks on their faces as they went about their things, which
made things seem even more funny for me.
So, since they both seemed intent on having a serious workout that afternoon, it
was a terrible time for me to have a bad case of the giggles sitting there in
the gym. Angel stopped to look at me, smiling. Babe looked at me, not stopping
her lifting, but giving me a rather puzzled look. Angel asked me "what's so
funny?". The sight of her looking confused, naked, and still walking on the
treadmill was too much for me to handle!  I just totally lost it, laughing my
ass off, falling to the floor, and laughing myself to tears. It took a few
minutes for me to compose myself enough to speak clearly, and I told them what
was so funny. "Damn, you two should see yourselves! Working out as if you had
clothes on or something, but with boobs hanging out and bouncing around, and
butts sticking out!". They both laughed with me after I said that, and couldn't
get themselves to continue.
They continued my laughing spree though, because out of their frustration of an
interrupted workout or their desire to get back at me, they both ganged up on me
and started tickling me all over! I am kind of ticklish really, but with my
whole body free for them to search they found my truly weak spots, just to the
sides of my pubic area! And once they found it, they wouldn't let me go, and
kept tickling me there like there was no tomorrow!
We all just kept laughing and giggling and said stupid jokes I can't remember
now, but the one thing I remember was Babe saying "it's a good thing you have a
name now, or else if one of them walked in here, they'd call you 'Laughy' or
'Jokey' or something stupid like that!". Then, after we were all truly laughed
out, we just laid there on the gym floor, speechless and motionless. It was such
a funny and silly thing, really.
Then, soon after all the giggles, laughs, tickles, and exhaustion, it was my
duty time. Babe and Angel were kind enoughto walk with me all the way to the
back of the house, telling me "good luck", and "don't worry about a thing, it'll
be pretty easy". It seemed simple enough from watching Angel, so I had little
doubt that they were right. I walked in the door just after the door opened with
Shy going out.

The Slave Girl, Part 8

Then, as the door closed behind me, I suddenly felt so cold, alone, and naked
without the company of my new friends. I just started walking down the hallway,
looking for someone to tell me what to do. In my mind, I wondered if I could
really go through with this, because my first time on duty already felt so nerve
tingling, lonely, and awkward. I just didn't think of how I'd feel in the house
without any of the other girls with me.
I reached the living room, and Pete was there. I had to look pretty stiff and
uptight, because I sure felt that way, maybe even as much as the first time my
nudity graced that living room. He saw me right away, smiled, and motioned me
over to him. He was sitting at a desk, doing some kind of writing or paperwork,
I didn't look at exactly what he was doing. But, he stopped what he was doing to
talk to me.
"How's your first day here so far?"
"It's been interesting, and okay. I'm almost used to things now, I think."
"Don't say that yet, you haven't even finished your first hours of duty yet."
He winked and smiled as he said that, as if to say he was just kidding, trying
to loosen up. Well, it worked exactly as intended, I did feel relaxed, and
confident that I would find no trouble in my first day of duty. I couldn't help
but to smile back at him, with me feeling better.
"Just take care of whatever seems out of place here in the living room and
reception area, okay?"
"Okay sir, will that be all?"
"That's pretty much it for now, and please don't call me sir!"
I forgot to call him Pete. I guess I should have, since I seemed to forget that
he was fully clothed and I was fully nude. He talked to me as if I were wearing
clothes, which pretty much never fails to amaze me. I got started and went about
my work, putting away a couple of empty mugs sitting on the living room coffee
table, and dusting off the counter in the reception area near the front door.
Then, as I was finishing up things in the living room, the doorbell rang.
"Damn!", Pete said, "I just about forgot about him!". He turned to me, and asked
if I could fix up a mug of coffee and bring it to the living room. I did as
asked without answering, just walking quickly to the kitchen, and pouring a mug
of the hot brewed liquid into a mug, and putting it on a tray with packets of
cream and sugar, and a stirrer. I then picked up the tray and started to walk
out of the kitchen and towards the living room as Pete requested.
Then, I realized something, and stopped just before walking in sight of the
living room. I realized someone else was there, and I suddenly felt bashful
about walking in there in front of someone I had yet to see, or be seen by, with
nothing on me but a tray with a coffee mug. Just get it over with quickly, I
told myself, and get out of sight if possible. I willed my legs, suddenly stiff
again, forward.
Pete was sitting on the couch, across the table from a man, hispanic looking,
middle aged or thereabouts, and mustached. And once I appeared in their sight,
he stopped talking, and wouldn't stop staring at me. The constant staring didn't
help me, it made me feel even more stiff and nervous. My body was sort of
shaking as I walked, and I was just glad my breasts weren't equally shaking.
Pete broke the sudden silence as I reached the coffee table and quickly set the
tray down on it. "Silky, this is my new business associate, John. John, this is
my maid, Silky". I froze to the spot I was standing on. I didn't know what to
do. But, I thought of the common thing to do, which was to shake hands. I
extended my right hand towards him, waiting for him to take it and shake it, and
hoping he would do it soon, and quickly.
He took my hand in his, and kissed it. Normally, it would've meant close to
absolutely nothing to me. But, this wasn't a normal situation. I was standing
naked before him, every part of my body clearly exposed to his eyes, and for him
to kiss my hand in that situation, to me it felt like like a introduction to
foreplay, and sex. I felt totally offended and violated in a way, almost as if
the guy was trying to come on to me, though I wasn't sure about it. I think it
must've showed on my face somehow, because Pete seemed to sense exactly what I
was feeling, and he then asked me to clear up the kitchen area. I was never more
anxious to clean up a kitchen before in my life!
As I went about my work in the kitchen, my mood and thinking about what just
happened changed. I almost felt a little sorry for John, since he probably
didn't know what to make of a nude maid bringing him coffee, and didn't know
what effect a hand kiss would have on me. I definitely felt bad for Pete, since
the awkwardness of the situation might've made it harder for them to continue
with whatever they were doing. Before I could apologize to Pete when he entered
the kitchen, he apologized to me for putting me through that, and asked if I was
okay. I just smiled, nodded, and asked him if things went okay. "Things went as
great as I expected", he said with a smile, "even though he had an obviously
blue face after you left us!". I couldn't help but laugh at that. Things were
good, I felt better, Pete didn't lose any business, and I had just gotten
through my first three hour day of work at the house!
Of course, as I told the girls over the dinner table about how my first duty
went, they laughed hard and loud right in my face about it! As if such things
never happened to them or anything, which Angel admitted, happened more than a
few times.  Babe promised to tell me of a similar thing happening to her
sometime in the future.
Not having any sleep the previous night, I slept absolutely like a log on that
night, itchy hay over my body and all.

The Slave Girl, Part 9

Since I was the first to sleep that night, and didn't even wake up for a single
moment, I was early to rise as well. Angel, Babe, and Shy were still obviously
sound asleep when I awoke the next morning. I sat up in my bed, to stretch my
arms out, and to scratch at and brush away some of the smaller bits of hay from
my stomach and breasts with my hands. For me, it never stops itching!
And, just like the previous morning, Cora was right there to greet me with
breakfast on a platter before I had even got out of the hay. She wore a nice
looking set of silky-looking pajamas. The food was just as good as what I had
been used to since I'd first been there, but I felt that there were a few things
I wanted to ask Cora about, hoping that she, being the one who had "recruited"
me, would give some straight, honest answers. Before she walked off to wherever
she was going to, I asked her if I could talk to her for a few minutes. She
looked at me kind of strangely for a few seconds, then stood still where she
was, smiled, and said "okay".
"Cora, I just have to ask this, and I hope you'll answer me honestly. Why are
the four of us being made to stay nude all the time like this?"
She paused for a few seconds, not so much wondering whether to tell me the truth
or some white lie, but thinking of whether I could handle the truth or not.
"Well, I guess you can live with the answer, seeing as how you're being so very
well paid to do what you do, which isn't very hard, right?"
I nodded, anxious to hear the "answer" she would tell me, and totally confident
that she wouldn't try to tell me anything other than the truth.
"Pete is a very rich man, and an extremely nice guy, I guess that much has
become pretty obvious to you. Being an african american, though, he does have
what you might call 'trouble' with his people's roots. Let's just say that what
he does with his maids is his way of setting things equal, if not right in his
eyes. Though he never abuses or flirts with any of the girls, to pay them just
to keep them constantly naked, unprotected, vulnerable, and to a degree
humiliated is his method of equalizing the present with the past."
It really surprised me, that such a nice, charming, rich man could possibly do
such a thing. But, it didn't change my opinion of him, really.
"You can't really call yourself and the other girls 'slaves' though, because you
are being compensated very well for your presence and services, after all. Even
better than I am, I might add, even though I'm the person responsible for taking
care of you girls."
She was clearly trying to soften up the possible blow I might've recieved from
hearing of such things. No softening was really needed, though.
"Don't worry, I'm not about to leave, not yet at least. Even if he were the most
evil person in the world, I'd still stick around to collect that fat payday,
every day."
She seemed relieved that I said that. "Well," she said, "you now know that I'm
here to take care of you girls, so just look for me around the house, or in my
room there," pointing towards the window where I had frequently spotted her
"spying" on us, "and I'll be there to help you with whatever you need.". Then,
she smiled, "except for anything to do with giving you clothes", and winked. I
laughed as she walked back to her room, but my laughing didn't seem to wake any
of the other girls. They must sleep pretty late all the time, I thought.
As I enjoyed my breakfast, I thought about what Cora had just told me. Pete
seemed like the perfect rich family man until she told me the story of why we
were here and paid like we were. With the rewards and all and the price for it,
living a nudist life along with the other girls while the rest of them lived a
normally clothed life, with three hours a day of maid type work, I could easily
forget the story behind it all, especially since Pete was such a good guy
otherwise, and his family seemed every bit as nice as he was.
Done with my breakfast and ready for my morning bath, I got out of bed, and
walked out of the barn, towards the back door of the house. I felt something
really unusual, something weirdly cold as I walked through the cold morning air.
Unusually cold, in one part of my body. I stopped walking to try to figure out
what it was. I closed my eyes and concentrated my senses on finding out where it
was, and what it was. Where it was, it was around my crotch. I looked down, and
much to my shock, I found out why I was feeling really cold down there.
My pubic hair had been shaved off! It happened sometime during the night, while
I was asleep, but I had no idea who did it, or why. It didn't seem like "company
policy" or anything, since none of the other girls were bare down there, so the
mystery of it kept nagging at me.
Right after I rang the doorbell, I found myself covering my crotch with both of
my hands, bashful to show my new patch of nudity. The door opened, and Paula was
there, and the first things that caught her attention were my hands, or rather
what my hands were covering.
"Oh my," she said with a grin partially covered by her hands, "they got you last
night, didn't they?".
I was anxious to find out who "they" were, but Paula just turned and walked
towards the bath room. I walked right after her, hoping to find out what I
wanted to know during my bath.

The Slave Girl, Part 10

And, I did find out by asking Paula as she brought the soapy cloth to my
shoulders. "You don't know how it happened?", she asked me in return. "Nope," I
said, "that's why I'm asking you about it". I heard her laugh softly, before
saying "I think it's kind of an initiation thing with the girls. I noticed it
before, several times."
So, it was basically a sort of hazing thing for me. It happened while I was
sleeping, no doubt about that. Just when I was trying so hard to get used to the
experience of living in total, constant nudity, I had something else to get used
to as well: a shaved pubic area.
When Paula was nearly finished with my bath, I saw Angel standing in the bath
room doorway, looking at me. She was grinning from ear to ear, and obviously
looking at my newly shaved part. I couldn't wait for Paula to finish wiping me
dry, partly because Angel's staring at me was getting me edgy.
As I walked towards the doorway, Angel jokingly asked, "was the shave close
enough for you?". I laughed sarcastically at her, with a slight smirk on my
Then, I let loose with a couple of light but firm punches to her shoulder. That
was the other reason why I couldn't wait to get away from Paula and to Angel.
I didn't watch Angel during her bath on that morning, instead I went straight to
the barn to find Shy and Babe, who greeted me with some hearty whistling and
cheering for my new nakedness. Shy was holding a shaver in her hand, and
pointing at it for me, as if to say that the shaver did it, and did it all by
itself. I gave them each of those naked laughing girls a couple of shoulder jabs
as well before heading to my bed to think about things. The punches to my
"tormentors" made me feel much better, though I was still worrying about my
body's appearance.
"Don't worry," Babe said, "it grows back kind of quick. Just look at Shy here,
she got shaved just a couple weeks or so ago." Babe then grabbed Shy as if to
show me her pubic mound close up, which Shy of course resisted to, pushing
Babe's hands off her and running away, out of the barn.
"And besides," Babe continued saying, "the family's definitely used to seeing
those kinds of things happen to the new girl of the place."
What she told me helped a lot, though not even close to completely. I did feel a
little better, and I told Babe so, as well as "thanks".
"You're welcome," she replied, "and you do look awfully cute down there, shaved
like that!". Her eyes shifted, and were clearly focused down towards my shaved
portion. My hands reflexively went to my crotch again as she said that, which
made her, and I, laugh!
Still, I spent pretty much the whole morning sulking about my lost hair, and how
I'd feel walking about with it in the house, on duty. If it were anyone but the
girls who did it to me, and if the family wasn't as nice as they were, I don't
think I could've dealt with it at all. But, I did, eventually.
Lunch time gave me the opportunity to take a look at the possible near future of
my pubic area, on Shy's crotch. She just knew I was looking at her there, and
she sat herself down at the table pretty quickly upon entering the kitchen. I
did see though, that she had enough hair down there to live comfortably by.
Still, I thought, the days until my pubic hair growing to that point would
probably drag on long for me.
As I walked into the house, at the start of my three-to-six in the afternoon, I
felt even more nervous and embarrassed than on my first duty the previous day. I
walked in, and down the hallway. I saw the woman of the house, walking towards
me in the hallway. I had to fight hard against my reflexes with the urge to
cover myself at my crotch again. It was definitely not easy to get used to this,
I thought.

The Slave Girl, Part 11

She was sort of grinning at the sight of me, which made me feel even more
nervous and conscious of my shaven crotch. I managed to walk all the way to her
without covering it, and with her already walking towards me, we came upon each
other in a few seconds. "Hi there," she said, "I don't think we've been
introduced yet. I'm Vanessa, Pete's wife. And you're?". "Silky", I responded,
almost immediately when asked. It was then that I realized that I was
instinctively referring to myself as "Silky" already, my real name had become
second in my mind, if anything. That thought scared me a little, but I put it
aside at the time, having something else to concentrate on at the moment.
"Silky, huh?", she asked herself, "It must be your skin, I think!". She brought
her hand to my shoulders, touching it lightly, as if to confirm what her
daughter had said the previous day. She then moved her hand, more specifically
her fingers over the skin of my shoulders, which made me feel very uneasy. Call
it my "homophobia", I guess. I impulsively backed away from her slightly, moving
my body away from the touch of her hand. Thankfully, she didn't seem to take my
reaction badly. "Sorry Silky, it's my fault, it's okay", she said.
She then looked down on me, down to the part I was most embarrassed of at the
time. "My my," she said, with her eyes still looking there at me, "the girls are
keeping with the tradition, aren't they?". I couldn't help but to laugh, and say
"I wish they didn't, though!". She smiled wide at my answer, and asked me to
follow her. I did just that, with her leading me upstairs, to one of the
The room had a bed, a home video game system, and several clothes and toys
scattered around the room. "If it isn't obvious, this is my son Robbie's room.",
she informed me. The room definitely looked like a young boy's domain, with the
toys and clothes messed around, and the bed's sheets left in a pile near the
foot of the bed. "I'll be having some friends over for coffee and chat," she
continued, "but I'll take care of all that myself. I'll just have you make
Robbie's room up, as well as Paula's, which is the one to the right of this
I sort of understood why Vanessa wouldn't want me appearing in front of her
friends, though she didn't directly say that she wanted me to stay upstairs and
out of her friends' sight. But, I would've thought that such appearances by the
maids in front of house guests would've been pretty much commonplace in the
house by now, especially with my experience with Pete's business associate the
previous day. As I would eventually find out by myself, it probably had
something to do with the pubic shaving I recieved, and that she either didn't
want a woman with that kind of "weird" appearance to be stirring up some kinky
talk with her friends, or that she sympathized with my condition of additional
nakedness. Either way, I felt very happy to be upstairs and out of sight!
While making up Robbie's room, I felt more than a little weird. Being nude, and
cleaning up a little boy's room felt awfully weird, like I was just there
waiting for him to get to his room, and I would do the things it would take to
"make him a man", or something like that. It felt awfully kinky, but despite
those thoughts going through my head, I got the job pretty well done in less
than half an hour.
Doing Paula's much less messy room didn't bring out as much kinky thoughts as
much as making me feel like a little girl in there. Her dolls and stuffed toys
were for the most part, neatly arranged, but I helped out by lining them up
straighter. While I did that, I felt like such a baby. A big, tall, newborn
baby, without any clothes on of course. It didn't take me very long to do
Paula's room, just about half the time it took to do Robbie's.
Just as I finished, I heard footsteps coming up from behind me. I turned around,
and saw Paula standing there, smiling. "Hi Silky!", she said pretty excitedly.
"Hi Paula!", I responded, and just about as enthusiastically. I felt a lot
better with some kind of company in those kid's rooms, less chance for kinky
thoughts to enter my mind, and I'd rather have a little girl with me than a
little boy, especially totally undressed the way I was.
"Please play dolls with me, Silky!", she asked in a shouting way, while running
over to her dolls and grabbing four of them in her hands. I am finished with
what Vanessa asked me to do, I thought to myself, so why not, maybe just a few
minutes of kid playing or so. After all, she is the one who bathes me every
morning, so why not take the opportunity to do something for her in return?
"Okay", I told her, as I walked over to her bed and sat down to play with her
and the dolls.
A few minutes later, I was wishing that I hadn't. Even though she played so
innocently with the dolls, and me playing along with her, I felt so, well,
inferior. Two girls playing with dolls, except that one of them was much older,
taller, bigger, and naked. As if I were, well, a naked slave girl, even though
Paula never said anything even close to making me think that way. It was one of
those situations where not only did I realize my nudity, but it really got to
me. I forced myself to tell her I had to go do something, which probably wasn't
true. At least Paula didn't seem to think anything of it or mind, she just
smiled, said "okay", and "see you around, Silky!".
As I walked out of Paula's room and into the upper floor hallway, my eye caught
sight of the living room downstairs, and I heard several female voices talking
to each other. Then, I realized, I still had to ask Vanessa if there was
anything else needed to be done before my duty time was up.

The Slave Girl, Part 12

I didn't know at the time if the things that took place on my first night to
stay up late were typical, other than the obvious, but I eventually learned by
my own observation that it wasn't exactly an every-night thing, or even a once a
weeknight thing. Still, the things that took place on that first night awake
really stirred up some things in me, and made me discover some things I never
would've expected from me, in a way.
I was just lying awake in my bed, no hay over my body just yet. Shy was sitting
in front of the tv in the barn, watching something I wasn't interested in. And
Cora, as usual, would peek into our room through the window of her part of the
place. But Angel was lying on her bed, in the prone position. And Babe was
sitting on her back, giving her what looked like an extremely sensual back and
shoulder massage, with my watching, and listening. It might've been just that
both of them were totally nude and close together, but then again, it might not
have been, with me not being really familiar with the art of massaging or being
massaged. After all it wasn't just Babe's hands on Angel's shoulders, but her
bare crotch was also pretty much touching right against Angel's backside, and
pretty close to her butt. And, neither of them were talking at all. Still, the
look on Angel's face, eyes closed, mouth smiling, not to mention her voicing out
some gasps and breaths of ecstacy, made me sort of think it was somewhat
sensual, or even sexual.
I couldn't believe myself. Right up to that point, the thought of me making love
to another woman went just about as well with me as oil going with water. Yet,
as I watched the two of them, one massaging the other, I found myself actually
feeling jealous inside, the jealousy getting hotter and bigger by the second. I
did my best to keep a straight face, not giving any real indication to anyone
else about my feelings. Was I really falling in love, I thought to myself, as I
kept watching them as discreetly as I could, and I couldn't stop watching, even
if I tried.
But then, I felt something moist somewhere between my legs, you can probably
guess where, and it wasn't because the barn roof was leaking. I was getting
extremely wet at watching the two of them, almost like it was a soft porn movie
filmed in front of me or something. And worse, I had almost no really sly way to
hide my body's obvious signal of sexual arousal! I just closed my legs as close
as I could, thinking that even though none of them were really paying any
attention to me, since crossing my legs might have caught their attention, not
to mention their humor!
Then, several minutes later, Babe stopped massaging Angel, and got off her back
and stepped on the floor. Half of me felt bad that it was over, wishing I could
watch the seemingly sexual massaging some more. And the other half of me felt,
well, happy that it was over, and I could stop feeling jealous, for the moment
at least. Actually, I didn't really know what the heck I was thinking, or
feeling. I was totally confused.
"Thanks a lot, Babe, that felt really good", Angel said just as Babe stood up
next to the bed. And then, Angel sat up on her bed, Babe bent down, and they
exchanged a cheek-to-cheek kiss. Again, seeing such a thing between them didn't
really lead me to any conclusions.
Babe then walked to her own bed, to lie down. Angel then suddenly turned her
face to me, catching me staring at her. I didn't know whether to look away,
quickly glance away as if I were looking all around and happened to catch her
eye, or keep on staring at her.
With our eyes still fixed on each other's, Angel opened her mouth first. "Hey
Silky, you need a massage too?". I thought about it for a second, and figured,
maybe I would enjoy Babe's hand manipulation as much as Angel did. "Okay, I
think I'd love to", I told Angel.
To my surprise, Angel hopped off her bed, and onto mines, pushing me gently into
the prone position. She mounted my back, with the back of my legs feeling
tickled by her pubic hair touching against them. Then, her long, smooth hands
were against my shoulders, squeezing and soothing my muscles. It felt nice, of
course, but I felt something else inside of me as she worked her hands against
my body. I felt the feeling that causes me to moisten at my crotch, maybe even
twice as much as from watching her being massaged. She could've seen how I was
getting aroused by her, but I wasn't really sure if she really did see. I didn't
really care about that at the time though, I was only concerned with absorbing
every bit of pleasure from her long-fingered hands as possible.
Then, a few minutes later, and much too soon for my desires, she stopped, and
got off my backside. I turned around on my back, and her lips pressed lightly,
but sweetly against my cheek. I extended my own lips to her cheek. I knew then
that I was really falling in love.
Later in the night, with the lights off and the other girls in bed, as quietly
as I could, I used my own fingers to satisfy my aroused sexual needs.

The Slave Girl, Part 13

My solo antics on my bed put me to sleep pretty quick, and deep. So, you can
imagine how groggy I felt when the lights went on, and awakened me. I looked at
my watch, and it read 4:26 AM. I looked around, and saw Shy and Babe up and out
of their beds. Angel was still obviously asleep, and Cora wasn't to be seen. Shy
saw me looking at them, and then walked over to me. "Hey Silky," she asked,
"wanna come along with us?". I asked a one word question: "where?". "Into
town!", she enthusiastically replied, with excitement clearly all over her face.

It was a surprise to be awakened by the girls so early in the morning, since I
had been the first one to rise every morning since I'd been there. And, it was
another surprise for me to be so suddenly asked to go into town. I really didn't
feel like doing it, going into town at such an awful time of day for me. But,
the curiousity about what Angel told me, about going into town without any
clothes on, took over me. I got up out of bed, rubbing my eyes to wake myself up
more, and stretched long and hard to get the kinks out of my body. It took me a
few minutes, but I was able to get myself fully awake, put my slippers on my
feet, and followed Babe and Shy out of the barn.
While walking towards the street along the side of the house, Shy asked me if I
brought any money with me. "Nope", I replied. I just didn't think of bringing
money with me, since I didn't have a purse to hold it in or any pockets to put
it in. Funny how living without any real material things for a few days changes
the way you think, or don't think. Babe and Shy were prepared though, I looked
down to their hands and saw them each holding a green bill, probably high
valued. "That's okay," Babe said, "I'll treat you, this being your first time
out with the girls!". I couldn't ask for anything better than that, I thought,
but I still had no idea where we'd be going, and what in the world could three
naked women go out into town for without getting into some kind of trouble or
Once we hit the street, or rather the sidewalk, Babe and Shy started to jog
rather briskly, so I followed suit. Thankfully, I had my footwear on, so other
than the obvious weirdness of being out on the public streets nude, it was
basically just an early morning neighborhood jog with the girls. Still, it felt
really funny out there, as if there should've been people out there to gawk,
stare, and yell at us. And, such an unusually nice, rich neighborhood to have
three women running through the streets without a single stitch on their bodies.

It took us just about a couple of minutes to jog our way to town. If it felt
funny to be naked amongst the rich houses, it felt totally absurd to be
streaking our way in the town's streets. It was my first visit ever into the
shopping district, and what a way to make a first trip, huh?
Every shop and store we passed by was dark and closed. Then, we reached a
24-hour convenience store, and that seemed to be the only place open at the
time. Babe and Shy slowed down while approaching the place, and I couldn't
believe they were just going to waltz in undressed as they were! They did just
that though, walking side by side in through the store's doors, opening the door
with that familiar ring of the store's bells to announce their arrival. I
followed them in, though not very closely or courageously.
A guy was at the counter, and he smiled wide upon seeing us, and kept looking at
us as we walked towards the counter. "Hey Babe and Shy, who's the new girl?" he
asked. Obviously, they all knew each other. "She's Silky. Silky, meet Glen.",
Babe said. He looked at me, then looked lower on me for a few seconds, and said
"Yeah, she sure is silky, all right!". He looked over to Babe and said, "So
there's three of you at the house now?". "No Glen," she corrected him, "there's
four of us now, three of us before, remember? Me, Shy, and Angel.". Glen then
said, "Oh yeah, I'm always forgetting. It's so hard to remember that third girl,
since I never saw her yet.".
Babe then talked business. "Three coffees, and three breakfast rolls, and your
latest issue of SI.". As Glen went about serving up the order, Babe told Shy,
"never mind about making change, just pay me back when we get back home". Babe
then looked over to me, and asked me, "how are you holding up?". I just smiled,
and said "I'm doing okay, it's just pretty weird though". "Yeah," she replied,
"but you'll get used to it.". Then, Glen served up the coffees, rolls, and the
magazine, Babe served up a ten dollar bill, and we went to sit at the only table
at the place, which happened to be in front of the store, right next to the
large glass window in front!
As we sipped on coffee, Babe was browsing through her sports magazine, perhaps
looking for baseball articles. I thought of starting some conversation with Shy
since she didn't seem to be occupied, and the first thing I thought of asking
her was, why Angel never came to that convenience store with them. She did seem
to have gone into town before, but why not the convenience store? "Not her type
I guess," she answered, "and she comes into town at the worst times, early
evening, or even in broad daylight! And, she never went with Babe or me.". So
the next question that naturally came to my mind was, why didn't she ever go
with them? "Babe and I are too modest to go with her, I guess. It's either that
or Angel is damned crazy, coming out here the times that she does!", Shy said,
surprisingly. Funny, just watching them I thought they were pretty fearless to
come out to town, even if it wasn't five in the morning yet.
As we sat there, I couldn't help but keep looking around, out the window,
looking if anyone would be coming along to stare at us. I looked back once, and
saw that Glen wasn't at the counter anymore. "Where's Glen?", I asked Shy.
"Well," she said, "knowing him, he's probably in the back room, jerking himself
off. Look at the surveillance camera up there.". She pointed towards a camera on
the ceiling, pointing right at us, and not moving. "I'll have you know that Babe
made some kind of arrangement with Glen before I got here. Something like if he
doesn't rat on us for public indecency, he gets to do whatever he likes, except
in front of us. He even admitted once that he does make a copy for himself
sometimes.", Shy continued. Babe looked at Shy, grinned, then focused her
attention back on her magazine. I couldn't believe that Shy and Babe were so
cool and casual, sitting with their coffees in plain sight of the street,
seemingly not even a little worried that someone would come along and see us!

The Slave Girl, Part 14

Their cool appearance, no pun intended, didn't keep me from worrying sick about
something happening though, and then suddenly, my fears became real.
A police car pulled up in front of the convenience store, and a couple of
officers got out of the car. I felt the blood rushing up to my head, and
everything suddenly felt so dreamlike, as in, a nightmare. "Shit!", Babe said,
as she got up off her chair really quick, and ran towards the back of the store.
I kind of knew why she was heading that way, and I followed right behind her,
with Shy trailing right behind me.
We ended up crouching at the back of the store, right next to the refrigerated
drinks, and nothing but a short shelf of candies in between us and the front
door, that's why we were crouching. I looked around, and Glen was nowhere to be
seen. "Is there a back door out of this place?", Shy whispered. Babe didn't
answer her or say anything for that matter, probably because the news wasn't
good. Then, we heard the door open, then a couple of electronic rings, and then
footsteps. The cops were in the store, with us!
Glen then appeared at the counter, walking in from a door behind the counter
area. Even if there was a back door out, it was far too late to use it,
impossible to go through there without being seen by the policemen. The cops
walked up to the counter, and since I was so nervous and scared, I couldn't make
out what they were saying. They seemed to order up some drinks and eats though,
since Glen brought out a couple of cups, and a couple of doughnuts. At least, I
thought, they weren't there looking for a few nude women running around the
town. "Is that all, guys?", Glen asked as he put the tray out on the counter.
One of the cops said "wait", and headed towards the news rack, which just
happened to be along the aisle that we were hiding at. That was the worst part,
I think. Although his back was turned to us while he was looking at the daily
papers, he wasn't much more than maybe ten feet away from me! Imagine if he just
felt the urge to grab a cold drink, grab a candy bar or something, or simply
turn his head a little to loosen his neck. I clearly imagined it, and it wasn't
a nice vision. Even worse, I realized, I was even more naked than Shy and Babe,
just a day apart from my pubic shaving. Needless to say, I hoped to the god's to
keep the cop from turning his head..
Thankfully, the officer just picked up a newspaper, walked back to the counter,
and put it with the rest of the stuff, without looking back. I let out a sigh of
relief, and could hear the quiet sighs of air coming from Babe and Shy behind
me. Then, we heard footsteps again, and the sound of a couple of chairs moving.
They were going to sit at the table we were at, and stay there for a while!
So, we would just have to stay crouched behind the shelf for a while, until the
cops left the store. Glen took the opportunity to go down the counter, look down
our aisle, and wink. I just smiled kind of sheepishly back at him. He wasn't
going to rat on us, he probably would've done that already if he wanted to. Even
though he seemed kind of gentlemanly in front of us though, he probably wouldn't
help us if the cops happened to see us either.
"Hey Glen!", one of the cops yelled out, "is this mag yours?". He was asking
about Babe's magazine, which she left on the table. "Nope", Glen answered, "it
belongs to some woman, she'll probably come back for it when she realizes she
forgot it". Even though Glen was out of our sight, I could still just about see
the smile on his face as he said that. "Damn," the cop said, "I'd love to meet
that woman. A lady who likes sports, she's way good enough for me.". I looked
back, and Shy was grinning and giggling softly at Babe. Babe was speechless. I
imagined how Babe would meet that cop, at that moment, just the way she was, and
how the cop would react to the sight of her.
Then, the moment of humor suddenly turned to one of weirdness. "You won't
believe this", Shy whispered. "Believe what?", I asked softly. "I have to pee",
she said. Babe snickered softly, and I couldn't help but giggle at that. "I'm
not kidding!", she said softly but strongly, "I'm about to explode here! I can't
hold it in any more.". Then, a few seconds later, I heard the soft liquidy sound
of a stream of urine hitting the store floor. In case that didn't alert me to
what was happening, the warm liquid against my feet was more than enough to let
me know that Shy took a piss on the floor. I stepped away from her a little, but
not too much. I didn't like having someone else's piss on my feet, but I liked
the idea of my bare butt being spotted by the cops at the table a lot less.
"Damn Shy, you're gross!", Babe said, duckwalking away from the pool of
yellowish urine. Shy just smirked. "You'd better hope Glen doesn't see this," I
whispered, "or else he might be angry enough to let the cops know we're here".
"I'll just have to mop it all up for him then", Shy answered.
And then a few minutes later, when the cops finally left the store, thankfully
without so much as a clue to the presence of three naked women in the same
store, Shy did as she promised. Glen seemed surprised that Shy needed to borrow
the mop, but he seemed happy to see Shy at work, even knowing that she happened
to pee on the store's floor. So happy, in fact, that he quickly excused himself,
and the surveillance camera pointed in her direction a few moments later. Shy
started turning red when she realized that the camera was focused on her, and
only her, as we watched her until she mopped up the last drops of her urine on
the floor. Babe couldn't help but let her naked butt hit the floor, laughing
loud and hard. I was laughing too, though not as much, finding the situation
somewhat funny in a cruel sort of way.

The Slave Girl, Part 15

After Shy finally finished with her mop work, putting the mop and pail away, we
just waved bye to Glen, through the camera, and left the store in a hurry.
Once we got out, we realized that daylight was beginning to break. So, as
opposed to the brisk jog coming into town, we went home in a full fledged
sprint, never really slowing down, much less stopping for a break. Shy was in
the front most of the time, with me in the middle and Babe bringing up the rear,
but not falling behind too much. Shy was a pretty good pace setter, she was
quite fast on her feet. But then again, having no clothes on to go with the fear
of people coming out of their homes soon to go to work is a good motivator.
The house never looked so good! We walked in through the gate, and towards the
back through the side way. Still, even though we were all out of breath and
seemingly out of energy, we kept walking until hitting the back area of the
house, where we saw Angel, walking out of the barn, probably towards the house
to have her bath. "Hey girls, been to town huh?", she asked out loud. Babe and I
looked at Shy, and you know why, seeing as how she stood to be the one
embarrassed about what happened. "Tell you about it later!", Shy shouted back to
Angel, as we headed right into the barn. As it turned out, Shy wouldn't tell her
about it later.
Cora was there wearing a nice bluish nightgown, and so were some nice looking
breakfast platters, on our beds. It was then that I realized how hungry I was
from the running, hiding, and fear of being caught. The three of us went to our
respective beds, and we all started eating our breakfasts rather heartily. It
was a good thing the food wasn't too hot, because that made it a lot easier for
me to eat quickly!
Cora walked to my bed, and sat on the bed with me. "So, how was your first time
into town?", she asked me. "You don't want to know!", I exclaimed through the
obstructing food in my mouth. "But, I really want to hear about it", she said.
So, after I got to my coffee and juice, which was a matter of seconds later, I
went on to tell her all about the convenience store incident, with Babe
grinning, and Shy smirking about it.
"Wow, that was some kind of first visit into town for you, huh?", Cora said.
That one sentence pretty much summed it all up quite well.
At lunch, Angel just had to ask for the morning's story, which Shy felt too,
well, shy to talk about. But Babe was more than willing to tell the tale, which,
in general, had Angel laughing like hell, and had Shy blushing a bright shade of
red. Lucky for Shy, she didn't get teased at all about the peeing thing. "You
girls just absolutely have to come with me tomorrow night, I'll really show you
the town", Angel went on to say. Even though I had hardly caught my breath from
my first trip into town, I was wondering if I could keep myself from tagging
along with her, and how I could possibly convince Babe and Shy to follow suit,
just to make it a foursome.
I think the early morning exposure in town and thereabouts did a lot to accustom
myself to colder temperatures, because I decided to go for a pool swim after
lunch with Angel, and I didn't seem to shiver at all. I actually enjoyed it, and
thoroughly, staying in the pool the whole time, and almost right up to the point
when I'd be going to the back door, entering the house for my maid duty.
It was only as I walked through the hallway, and heard Pete's voice somewhere,
that I was about to be exposing my bare crotch to him for the first time, and
that was something I wasn't feeling very good about. Just when I was almost at
the living room, Pete walked out of the living room and into the restroom along
the hallway. That gave me a few moments to think of how I could hide my pubic
area out of sight, and more time to feel nervous about it.
Then, the bathroom door creaked open, and reflexively, I ran to the sofa to sit,
cross my legs, and put my hands to cover up my shaved private area. Pete walked
into the living room, and greeted me with a "Hi, Silky", and his famous smile. I
just smiled back, and waved my hand.
He went on to ask me, "Could you just clear up the living room here?". I nodded
to him, and waited, hoping he wouldn't be staying in the living room for long.
But, as my luck would have it, he sat at the chair near the coffee table and the
sofa, and picked up a book. He wasn't going anywhere. And, I just couldn't force
myself off the sofa, with him still there, I just couldn't do it.
After several seconds, he looked at me kind of curiously. "Something wrong?", he
asked. I didn't know whether to shake my head to say no, or nod to say yes. I
ended up just smirking, as if to say, maybe. "What is it, Silky?", he said. I
just smirked again, too shy to say anything or to stand up and end up showing
him what was bugging me.
Pete looked me over, looked me in the face, and looked me all over from where he
was sitting. And, the guy amazed me, again. "Don't worry, I think I know what's
up, and I won't look up from my book, I promise, if that'll make you feel
better". I felt a combination of shock that he figured it out, and relief from
the same. I felt so queasy, so light headed when I finally got myself to stand
up. And, I immediately looked at Pete. True to his word, he didn't look away
from the book he was reading. I walked over to the bookshelf to put a few things
into place, and glanced at him. His eyes were on the book. I gathered the sheets
near the piano, and kept glancing every so often. He was still focused on the
book. Amazingly, I successfully went on to fix up the entire living room, with
him sitting there.
Pete only ended up directly discovering my "secret" a couple of days later,
while running into me just after my morning bath. What a guy, huh?

The Slave Girl, Part 16

So, the night came. The night that Angel was going into town, and I was
determined to tag along, unfazed by my first town experience. I was able to
convince both Shy and Babe to go along with us as well, though they seemed very
reluctant at first. "You'll probably end up going with her sooner or later, why
not tonight so that the three of us would have the same first experience?" was
the way I reasoned their minds into changing.
So, after dinner was done, we all had our medium sized bills in hand, and just
ended up looking to Angel to lead us wherever she was going. She excused herself
for a moment, for reasons we didn't know nor ask about. In a few minutes, she
appeared, and we followed her to the front door of the house, and out. But,
before stepping out of the door, Pete wished us a good time out on the town. I
hoped it would be just that, literally.
We followed Angel to the garage, surprisingly. It was my first time in the
garage, which was pretty wide and had a family luxury type van and several
smaller but equally luxurious cars, lined up side by side. "Don't tell me you
have a car in here of your own!", Babe said, somewhat sarcastically. She kept
walking down the garage, near the end. The car that was there was pretty small
in size, at least compared to the other cars in the garage, but still, it was
somewhat expensive looking. Angel walked over to the driver's side door, and
inserted a key attached to a keychain, which I hadn't noticed in her hand until
that moment. "Okay, I won't tell you then", Angel said, smiling, and expecting
some shock from us. Babe and Shy were equally wide mouthed with surprise, as was
I, but not as obviously.
"Gee girl, how could you?!", Shy asked about loud. "Well, I just saved up quite
a bit, that's all. I've been here long enough, you know that.", Angel answered.
"I mean," Shy explained, "how could you keep us from knowing you had a car?".
"Easy," Angel went on, "you and Babe never wanted to come along with me into
town". Babe and Shy looked at each other with a "duh" kind of look, and I
couldn't help but laugh.
So, in a few seconds, our bare bottoms sat on the leathery seats, with my being
the passenger of honor seated up front, probably because I was the first one
willing to go along, and Angel started the car up, turned up the stereo, and we
were off to town.
Angel drove along at a somewhat slow speed and kept the inside lights off, for
obvious reasons. The dark of night hid our nakedness quite well, but I wondered
out loud, how does she do it when she goes out during the day? "I just drive
really fast", she stated, with some obvious sarcasm in her voice. In a matter of
seconds, we ended up on the streets of the well lit town's business district.
I don't know if it was me having visions of the previous early morning, or me
being afraid of the stronger rays of light beaming to illuminate my frontside to
the people on the sidewalks, but I felt awfully nervous once we reached town. I
was too embarrassed of my nervousness to look back at Babe and Shy to see if
they were feeling the same thing. But, I did look over to Angel, and she seemed
like the ultimate picture of composure, driving as if she we wearing a business
outfit or something, or anything! Just looking at her really helped me calm
myself down.
But then, what I had accomplished in calming myself quickly disappeared when
Angel pulled into the parking lot of a shopping mall! I knew that I wasn't the
only one surprised by that, because Babe voiced her own surprise. "Where the
hell are you taking us?", she asked somewhat loudly. "I'm just taking you where
I always go," she explained, "just one place, where I can get anything my money
can buy".
Angel stopped the car in front of a high-classed looking clothing store. All
designer stuff inside, it seemed. Angel quickly got out of the car, as if she
wasn't afraid of anyone seeing her, or us. I forced myself to open the door, and
step out, as did Shy and Babe. As the car doors closed, I heard the clicking of
automatic locks, and then the double tweet of a car alarm. Angel had the baby
stocked to the teeth, apparently!
Angel then quickly walked towards the door of the store, seemingly ignoring
caution, since she didn't even look around for other people coming. I caught up
to her, with Babe and Shy right behind me. I almost immediately froze, though,
when Angel reached for the door, and I saw through the glass door and windows of
the store.
The store wasn't very crowded, but the fact that there were people in it, all
unfamiliar to me, all fully dressed, and me being nude, pretty well stopped me
in my tracks. And, since I didn't feel anyone bumping into me from behind, Babe
and Shy felt similarly shocked.

The Slave Girl, Part 17

Angel looked back as she opened the door, and saw the three of us more than a
few steps back, when we were previously right at her back. "Come on, don't tell
me you're all getting scared now, are you?", she asked us, sort of teasingly.
None of us moved from our spot, not really wanting to go forward and into the
store, or go back to stay next to a locked car in the dangerously open parking
I have to admit though, the sight of Angel's nude body against the soft lights
from inside the store had me, well, motivated, but not quite moved enough to get
my feet stepping. For the time though, my eyes didn't take off from staring at
the pleasant sight that was Angel.
"Trust me. I'm in there with you, and you know this isn't my first time in
there." Those words were enough to get my body over the hump, willing myself
forward, with Babe and Shy following, breathing hard and loud behind me. Angel
broke a grin, and, for a moment, closed her eyes seemingly to compose herself
and gather her confidence, before she courageously stepped forward and into the
Ever walk into a store, and have everyone in there swing their heads to stare at
you? Well, imagine that happening, and not having any clothes on your body, and
you can pretty well imagine what we were dealing with. And for me, being just a
bit more naked than the others was a lot for me to bear with, or bare with.
Angel just kept on going, not seeming to slow down at all, walking forward past
aisle's worth of stunned, well-to-do looking customers and fashionably dressed
salesmen, and right to the what seemed like the main cashier's counter. We
followed right behind her in single file, which gave us some slight, although
insignificant cover from all the staring eyes. At least my hairless crotch
wasn't obvious to anyone since I was almost pressed against Angel's back. As we
walked inside of the store, I heard Babe whispering, "you'd better not decide to
pee in here, I don't think they'd like that at all!". And I know Babe wasn't
talking to me!
Right when Angel reached the counter, with the rest of us right behind her, I
happened to notice one man, just as well dressed as the salesmen at the store,
but he just looked so much more distinguished. Maybe it was the beard, the euro
look about his face, or his clothes, but he just seemed to command respect.
Surprisingly, Angel was very casual with him, as if she were fully dressed and
they were high school friends or something. We were the only ones at the
counter, which sort of showed how expensive the store was, even with the town's
richfolk being the customers. Not that our presence at the counter and away from
the goods kept the people's attention off us, they all continued to look at us.
"Hey there, Alexander. I'm back!"
"So you are. Angel, you look as stunning as ever."
"Thank you. I just thought I'd bring the other girls with me this time, hope you
don't mind."
"Of course, I don't mind, none of us minds! Care to introduce them to me?"
Angel stepped out of the way to show us to Alexander, and since we were still
sort of standing in line, breasts to back, that meant I was really the only one
left exposed and shown to him, which made me cringe a little, trying to
inconspicuously cover my breasts with my arms. My totally barren crotch was
beyond hope of escaping embarrassment! He seemed to notice my timidity, and sort
of smiled at me, or at my timidness. At least the rest of the people in the
store were getting a great wide-open look at Shy's butt, and not me. Babe was
the fortunate one to be in the middle of the naked woman sandwich. Then, Angel
went on to introduce us to her friend Alexander.
"Girls, this is my friend Alexander, the manager of the store. Alexander, meet
my 'co-workers' Silky, Babe, and Shy, from front to rear."
The three of us said "Hi Alexander", almost simultaneously. He just smiled, and
couldn't seem to stop looking at the three of us, which felt kind of funny, for
me. Usually, people in high places never pay me any attention, but this was
definitely an exception. A whole storeful of the rich were looking at me! It
was, in a strange way, a powerful position. At that moment, I started to
understand why Angel came here, seeing as how she, and the other girls, came
from backgrounds similar to mines. It was like, bringing yourself down to the
lowest level of human life, total nakedness and vulnerability, yet suddenly
becoming commanding of attention to the rich and powerful, in a strange way.
As it turned out, I was but only starting to scratch the surface about Angel's
"presence" at the rich clothing store, as I would find out...

The Slave Girl, Part 18

"Want anything, Angel?", asked Alexander. It was weird to see the fashionably
dressed guy ask the naked woman if she was all right. "Well, how about some
Iceberg drinks for me and the girls, from the stand out on the mall's second
floor lobby?", Angel said, as she handed him her credit card. "Donnie,"
Alexander turned and said to the sales guy next to him, "get the girls those
drinks, okay?". And Donnie was out of the store, and back with those drinks in a
flash! That was certainly an interesting twist to things, now the bare naked
Angel was standing there, giving orders. I was impressed by the scene, which was
still playing before a storeful of people, and much more coming in by the
second. Apparently, female nudity just seems to attract people, even the rich
Having no choice really, I sipped into the milky, icy, raspberry-tasting cold
drink, which was the best I'd ever had in my lifetime to that point, not to
mention the most kinky drink, standing there sucking on the straw with all those
eyes staring at my nude body, as if I was sucking on something else, thicker
than a straw. That medium-sized drink must've cost more than a few bucks, which
Angel paid for with her credit card. "Don't worry girls, it's my treat", she
told us as we went on to quickly finish our drinks. "Angel," Shy said,
sarcastically, "I think the cost of the drink is the last things on our minds
right now, if you can get what I mean".
"Anything else, ladies?", Alexander cordially asked us all, as if we were the
store's best customers. I was stumped, not really knowing what to say to that,
and so were Shy and Babe. Angel looked to us encouragingly, trying to prod us to
ask for something, anything. "Books, magazines, food, anything you can find at a
mall", she asked, "payable in cash?". None of us opened our mouths. "Come on,
Babe, this is your first time here, I'm sure there's some things you haven't
been able to get since you first arrived at the house!". Babe was still keeping
mute, and it sure didn't look like she was going to say anything significant
anytime soon.
I had a question I'd wanted to ask, just to clear things up for me. "I just have
to ask something first, Angel," I told her, "in private". "Excuse us for a
moment okay, Alexander?", she asked him, and he just smiled and nodded as Angel
and I walked a few feet from the counter. I guess Babe and Shy didn't want to be
left alone at the counter, so they followed us, but even with their presence I
could ask what I wanted to without feeling awkward about it. I just didn't want
Alexander to hear what I would ask Angel about.
"Okay, what is it, Silky?", Angel asked me. "Well," I said, with Babe and Shy
listening in to our conversation intently, "you just have to explain to me how
you can get the store manager of a high-class store and the employees to serve
you as if you're the queen of the world, without the clothes of course!". Angel
grinned that grin of hers, and laughed. "Just look all around you, and tell me
what you see".
I did as she asked, sort of a token look-around since I already knew what was
around, and told her "I see about a million rich people looking at us". Angel
smiled again, and said "Okay, that's just part of it, but I'll explain that part
for you. Look at the cashiers, not the main one in back of us, but all the other
ones.". I looked, and I saw a line of people at each of the cash registers,
buying things, and continuing to look at us. "Alexander likes me here, I mean
us, because it simply encourages people to buy all this expensive stuff instead
of just looking around the store," Angel explained, "and, look at the posters
and ads around the store, you missed those so I'll explain that part to you".
I didn't bother to look at the posters and ads simply because I was feeling so
insecure about my presence in a crowded clothing store without any clothes on
me. I didn't look because so much looking was done onto me. But since Angel
brought them to my attention, it was then that I noticed. There were pictures of
near-naked, and naked supermodels with clothes that barely covered certain
parts, or didn't even do so. And, a few of the pictures had someone very
familiar to me. Angel, holding a pair of store-brand jeans against her
frontside. Angel, wearing a store-brand leather jacket, covering her crotch with
her hands. And Angel wearing a pair of store-line leather boots, covering her
breasts with her hands and her front and back areas to the sides. "Okay, I think
I get it now, you don't really need to explain", I told Angel, "but I just want
to know: before, or after being hired by Pete?". "After, of course," said Angel,
"but how I got here is a long, interesting story of its own".
When we walked back to the main counter, with Alexander looking at us with a
smile, he asked Angel if she had time for a few photo shots. Angel looked to me,
as if to silently ask me if I wanted to be a model. I was flattered, of course,
I think just about every girl wishes she could be good-looking enough to pose as
a model. But, I was shaven at my crotch, which made me feel embarrassed about my
appearance, much less posing for photos that would eventually be seen by lots of
people. And, I had something else on my mind. "Thanks, but no thanks, maybe next
time," I said politely, "and besides, I think the girls and I have a little
shopping to do this time around". Alexander smiled and said, "okay", Angel let
out a loud cheer, Babe was clapping, Shy was jumping up and down, and the lines
of people were whooping it up as well, probably just joining in the celebrating
with us, the main attractions of the store at the moment.
When we walked away from the counter about a half hour later, I carried a
shopping bag with some books, magazines, and a bottle of designer perfume. I
don't really know what the other girls bought, but I believe they pushed the
limits of their money in hand just about as much as I did. And the people in the
store clapped us on as we walked through, and out of the store's doors, with no
other than the store manager, Alexander, to open the door for us. That was
certainly some kind of experience, for all three of us first-timers! We kept
talking about it for the next few days, and kept arguing over how soon we should
ask Angel to bring us back there again.

The Slave Girl, Part 19

The next day, particularly my next duty, ended up in a somewhat interesting
incident, as if I hadn't had enough such things happen in each day there
I didn't notice anything unusual when the door opened, and Shy smiled at me as
she usually did. I didn't detect anything weird in her tone of voice when she
said "have fun, Silky!". So, I walked in through the doorway as I usually did,
still not quite comfortable with my bare patch of crotch, and not quite totally
used to being constantly nude, which kept me from walking through the hallway
What was unusual, though, was that there wasn't a single soul in the entire
house, except for me. I looked all around the main floor of the house, checked
the restrooms and bathroom, even went upstairs to knock at each of the bedroom
doors. No one was around at all.
As I walked down to the living room, and wondered to myself about why Shy didn't
bother to let me know that no one was in the house, and why I was in the house
if no one else was, the phone rang. One of the several phones in the house was
within my hearing range, which was the one in the living room. Since I was the
only person in the house, I assumed that meant I should answer it, just in case
it was some kind of emergency, or perhaps Pete or Vanessa calling in to give me
my instructions for the duty time.
So I picked the phone up, said "hello", and it was Vanessa's voice on the other
line. "Hello Silky," she said, "I'm doing some things in town, and Pete is tied
up with some business matters, so I'll just need for you to do something, which
won't take long. Pick up the kids at school, just after three-thirty.".
My body just about fainted, with my mind keeping me upright, but only with
thoughts of "how the hell am I supposed to do that?". She then continued, "use
the keys next to the phone in the living room, and take the van, your driver's
license is in the glove compartment so you shouldn't have any problems, just
park anywhere near the school's front gate, and they will find you. Have fun,
okay?". Then, the phone just suddenly went off the hook. I couldn't believe
Vanessa said the word "fun", with what I was being asked to do.
Aside from being kept in constant nudity, I hadn't been put through any cruel or
unusual situations by my employers. This was just about the closest thing,
though, and I really had no way out of it. I was put up to picking up the kids
at school in broad afternoon daylight, she hung up before I could refuse and
there wasn't any phone number I knew of to call in my refusal of the task. So
frustratingly, I walked out to the garage, and found the van. A van with
somewhat heavily tinted windows, thankfully! I just might get through this one
alive, I thought to myself, as I opened the driver's side door and stepped into
the van, starting it up and slowly moving the vehicle out of the driveway.
To be riding shotgun while Angel drove her car the previous night was one thing.
But, to say that I felt terrified to be driving the van in bright daytime was
definitely an understatement. I don't know how I managed to keep the van from
swerving onto the sidewalk or on the wrong side of the road, much less keep the
van moving more or less straight down the streets leading to the school. I kept
my arms in a position that would best cover up breasts, which still wasn't
covering much of them, as my hands moved the steering wheel.
Before reaching the school, I stopped at a red light, and just my luck, the van
was stopped right in front of the crosswalk. A young man was crossing the
street, and walked right in front of the van, probably two feet or so from the
bumper, and a few feet more from me. He sort of looked my way, in my direction,
but he didn't even seem to notice that the driver of the van in front of him was
topless, much less butt-naked. I was starting to feel better about the
situation, since a young man would probably be the most likely to notice a naked
woman, and he didn't seem to.
I parked the van close to the school's front gate, but not in front of the
school, where I impatiently waited for Robbie and Paula to come to the van. Kids
were walking past the sidewalk near where I was parked, and none of them seemed
to notice anything unusual. Not that it kept me from feeling totally weird about
it, since it still was so embarrassing to me being totally naked near so many
little children like I was. Some kids had their parents with them, which made
the effect on me even worse. Imagine the impact of me being seen in front of a
family! I could imagine it, and it was imagining the worst case scenario of the
Finally, after several minutes of waiting, I heard the rapping of hands against
the back seat window, and a sight for sore eyes, a couple of young, familiar,
friendly smiling faces, Paula and Robbie. I reached over and unlocked the doors
from the front, and the kids opened the door and climbed into the back seats.
Before the back door closed though, a little boy and girl looked me right in the
eye, and my frontside was still sprawled over the seat top, and it was obvious
to them that the woman wasn't wearing anything on top. They were with a couple
of adults, probably his parents. Just as the door closed, I saw both of them
tugging at the adults, probably trying to tell them about me. I didn't bother to
find out if they would believe the kids or not, turning myself forward, and
starting the van up as quickly as I could, and sped moderately out of there,
right past the police officer supervising the kids crossing the street, which
made my heart beat even faster than it already was.
Paula then asked if we could "go out for fries". I don't know if she was serious
or just joking, but I just drove us back home, pretending not to have heard her.
That drive was already one to remember for mostly the wrong reasons, and I
didn't want it to go any further!
I told the girls all about it at dinner, and I ended up being told a few stories
of their own about having to pick up the kids from school, which made me feel a
little better, and actually made me laugh at my own experience. I just hoped I
wouldn't have to do it much more!

The Slave Girl, Part 20

Well, my first "work" week had just drawn to a close on Friday, and what a truly
interesting one it had been, of course. A week that seems like one you'd never
ever forget in your life at first, then it just kind of fades back along with
memories of all the rest of the weeks of my life spent as a maid at the house,
which ended up being quite a few, and counting. Then, the weekend arrived, and
it just so happened to be the weekend that they would be going all the way out
to the beach, which happened about once every two months, according to Angel.
Well, I shouldn't say "they", but "we", since I decided to come along, even
though "rules still apply", at least the rule of no clothes on maids, as Babe
teasingly told me. The other girls were going, as well as the security guard,
cooks, and just about everyone else at the house, so why should I stay at the
house alone? Besides, I always liked going out to the beach more than swimming
at some pool, luxurious or otherwise.
So, on early Saturday morning, we all piled into two vans. Us maids, Paula, and
Vanessa in one of the vans, the tinted-window van of course, and everyone else
in the other van, which was the best arrangement possible, I suppose. Well, any
way to not have us maids and little Robbie in the same vehicle!
As luck, or fate would have it, I ended up sitting next to Angel in the very
rear, Babe and Shy sat in the seats right behind the front, and Vanessa drove
the van with Paula at her side. Nothing really happened on the way though, all
six of us in the van doing mostly small talk, jokes, singing along with the
radio tunes, and some laughing. Besides, I didn't have the urge to try anything
with Angel with the rest of them in the van, but every time I looked at her,
which was often, I couldn't help but look at her face, and then look at her
breasts, and... well, I couldn't believe myself, I was sitting right next to
her, and not doing anything about it!
It was a few hours until we reached anything that faintly resembled ocean areas,
and when we did, even though I didn't have any clothes on me to make me feel
hot, I was so glad to be in a coolly air-conditioned vehicle! It looked so hot
outside, the sun was blazing strong without a cloud in the sky, and the land
just off the road was mostly sandy, which could've only made things even hotter
for us.
It was kind of funny though, to be seeing people about my age drive by and along
us on the beach road, guys with shirts off, girls with bikini tops. In a strange
way, I felt like the four of us were just like that, but to the extreme! I told
Angel about it, and she just had to laugh, and told the other girls about that
as well. The Extreme Beach Bunnies, Shy ended up calling us. I just hoped to the
gods that Pete wouldn't hear about it! I think I would've just cringed if he
ever asked for one of the E.B.B.'s while at home!
Anyway, with me still hoping that word of Shy's group nickname wouldn't go
outside of the van, we reached the beach. It was a nice, clean-looking beach,
and very much public, which kind of surprised me considering the company we were
keeping, I would've thought that rich folk would always go for some expensive
resort-style place or something, a country club at seaside maybe. But there we
were in the parking lot, with Pete and the other people in the van parked next
to us, and Vanessa and Paula were grabbing their things, and stepping out of the
van. Then, I realized, the four of us didn't have a single thing with us, and I
was still more naked than the rest of the girls, not having close to enough time
pass by to grow back my pubic hairs to Shy's level.
Suddenly, I thought, the beach thing wouldn't be as much fun as I hoped, at
least not compared to the tension and nerves of having to be out there, naked.

The Slave Girl, Part 21

At least I wouldn't be alone in making an appearance at the beach in total
nudity. Babe and Shy were nearer to the sliding door out of the van, so they got
up off the seat, and they both seemed to be excited about getting out there, at
least much more than I was, at the moment.
They were out, and from I could see, attracting quite a bit of attention from
the onlookers in the half-vehicle-filled parking lot. At least, I wasn't the
first one out there, and I was probably going to be the last, since Angel was
seated closer to the door, and was walking bent-forward towards the door.
Already, with the air-conditioning off in the van, I could feel the intense
burning heat from outside.
Before Angel stepped out of the van, she looked back at me, right behind her.
She asked, "Are you nervous?". "Of course", I honestly answered. "Don't be," she
advised, "you have the three of us backing you up". Then, she smiled, and winked
at me. "And I'll take good care of you", she added, sweetly.
Suddenly, I didn't feel so nervous anymore. I hopped out of the van, right
behind her, and closed the door. I looked around, and saw several guys looking
at us from their jeeps and cars, all seemingly whistling at the sight of me. I
didn't feel nervous, I felt embarrassed! I wondered if it was obvious that I was
shaved from the distance they were looking at me from, but Angel tugged my arms
before I could really think about that, and fell in tight with the rest of the
group, more closely with the other three girls, all of us walking towards the
I never felt so terribly hot in my life! It felt desert hot to me, possibly even
worse than that, as if all moisture in the air was being dried out by the hot
sun. I couldn't imagine how hot I'd be wearing even just a swimsuit in those
conditions, much less a shirt and shorts like most people there were wearing.
Then, when we reached the sand, it only got worse. I didn't think I could handle
it, maybe because I had just gotten too used to the cold of constant nakedness
back at the house, and the icy pool water there. I was getting weak, dizzy, and
in dire need of some kind of relief.
I looked back, and saw a water fountain. I didn't want to bother any of my
employing family for a drink, not while we were still walking towards the real
part of the beach, so I told Angel I needed to walk back and drink. "Are you
sure?", Angel asked, as she looked towards the water fountain I desperately
needed a drink from. I was losing strength by the second, and couldn't even
gather enough to say something, so I just looked at her and nodded slightly.
"Okay", she said, right as I suddenly turned back and walked towards the
It was farther than I thought it was, or maybe I was losing my ability to walk
upright. Without the cover and company of the rest of them, I felt even more
totally naked and exposed to the people I was passing by, which made the blood
rush to my head, and made me feel even worse. To make things just totally bad, I
finally saw why Angel wasn't sure it was a good idea for me to walk to the water
The water fountain was very near a large group of guys, maybe my age or older. I
realized that maybe halfway between the fountain and the point where I decided
to go for the fountain.
I then felt the stare of a group of guys, and felt the humiliation of walking
nude and crotch-shaven towards them as they starting hooting and whistling, and
I continued just to get to the water fountain next to them. I felt even redder,
then suddenly, whiter at my head. My eyes starting seeing spots, a few at first,
then hundreds as I started getting uncontrollably dizzy. I starting seeing the
beach spin around me. My feet gave way, and then, my consciousness shortly
followed. I fainted! And in one of the worst spots to do such a thing!

The Slave Girl, Part 22

I don't really know how long I was out cold, or more like out hot, but I came to
with my face feeling wet, and my lips moist. I felt the hard paved walkway on my
back, but I surprisingly didn't feel it being as hot as with everything else
around the beach. The first thing I saw was a face, a female face. Angel,
looking pretty serious, then smiling at me after a few seconds, seemingly
because she was relieved that I was awake, and as far as she could see, all
right. The sun wasn't in my face, so I guessed that Angel had brought me under
the shade of a tree or the changing rooms. I felt a lot cooler than how I felt
when my lights went out on me.
Then, I saw several male faces behind her, all looking at me. But, not looking
at my face. I looked around, and we were surrounded by guys. I had to get up,
and out of there with Angel, right away! I put my hands on the ground, and
pushed myself up quick. But, just as quick as I got up, the blood in my head and
upper body felt as if it left me, and I felt instantly woozy again. I felt so
dangerously close to losing it, again.
Angel caught me in her arms before my body hit the ground. "Easy there," she
said, "just make sure you got all your bearings right before you try getting
yourself up". I looked around, and the boys and men weren't going anywhere, not
with the sight of two naked women just sitting on the ground for them to admire.
If I couldn't get myself up and running away, I hoped there would be a hole in
the sand big enough for the two of us to disappear in. Anything to get out of
the sight of all those erected males!
"Don't worry about them," Angel continued, apparently knowing why I so
desperately wanted to get up quickly, "I'm staying here with you no matter
what". I sat myself up on my own power, and just looked at her face, trying my
best to ignore everything, and everyone else. Though my vision and mind were
still pretty cloudy, her words rang strong and clear in my head, and helped get
me to gather my strength, at least enough strength to get myself up with a
little help from Angel's strong hands and arms, which pushed away at the guys to
make a path for us.
I felt a few hands just happening to brush against my back, belly, and breasts.
I know Angel felt those same things, because she started shoving and punching at
guys all of a sudden when I started feeling hands touching me. I wished to
myself that I was up to running, but I wasn't. So, still being helped by Angel,
we walked away and towards the rest of the "company" had set station, with even
more eyes being focused on the two of us as we walked, and the footsteps of all
those guys who had surrounded us minutes earlier.
Being in such an awkward situation, Angel started up some conversation. "The
heat's pretty bad, huh?", she asked. "Yeah", I said, with my head starting to
clear up fast, with my face finally starting to feel something that slightly
felt like an ocean breeze. Then, I thought of asking her, "What happened when I
fainted?". "Well," she started to explain, "I looked around for you, and saw you
walking away. Then you just suddenly crumpled to the ground, and the horde of
jerkoffs swarmed right to you like bees on honey, just to look at you, not
bothering to help you out at all, no one even seeming to call for help You
could've died right there, I think, and not one of them would've cared about
"So, I ran towards you, and suddenly all eyes went to me, instead". She smiled
kind of wryly when she said that. "They just cleared a path for me to get to
you, and I brought you to the restrooms area, to get you out of the sun light,
and near a water fountain. The circle of guys just followed us all the way
there, it was weird."
Then, she frowned. "And awful. Maybe the most awful situation I'd ever been in
my entire life."
"I'm sorry about that," I said, "and I'm glad you went through it, for me." I
smiled at her, and saw that the number of staring people was decreasing, though
there were still some of the guys following us, but looking back I saw that they
too had lessened in number.
"Don't mention it," she replied with a big smile on her face, "I'd do anything
for you". I couldn't help but feel warmer and giddy about hearing that from her.
Then, the smile turned somewhat sly. "But, you do owe me one. I am not
forgetting that!". She then winked at me.
We reached the rest of them, with Shy and Babe lying nude on their backs, and
sunglasses on their faces. Their breasts shone brightly with oily suntan all
over them, and Shy took her glasses off to look at us. "Where have the two of
you been?", she asked, with an eyebrow raised.

The Slave Girl, Part 23

"You really wanna know?", Angel asked the two of them, teasingly. Then, she
looked over to me, as if to get my consent to reveal the somewhat embarrassing
accident of just a few minutes before getting back to them. What the hell, I
thought, so I just nodded to her to signal that it was okay to tell them right
then and there. Besides, I think she probably would've told them all about it
As Angel told the tale, I noticed how coincidentally there were so many people
gathered nearby to where I assumed Pete had everyone in his group set up on the
beach. And as the two of us sat down on the sand to join Shy and Babe, I could
see that several of the people who had been following us there had set
themselves down nearby as well. I made sure to close my legs and cover up my
bare crotch area as tight as I possibly could, without just placing my hands
down there. I could just feel the stares from the eyes of all those people
around us, as the four of us sat there, cross-legged, and showing all that was
possible to show on our hot, sweaty bodies.
They both sort of laughed at it at first, but were pretty sympathetic,
surprisingly. "It's a damn good thing Angel was there watching out for you",
Babe stated. I couldn't agree more!
"Shall we go into the water now?", Angel asked. Babe and Shy didn't seem to have
hit the water yet, if their glossy coat of suntan oil said anything about that.
They both got up quick, and Angel followed the two of them towards the water. I
would've been alone on the sand, since no one else I knew was around and none of
them would've been with me had I decided not to follow the girls, so I followed,
of course. I looked back, and didn't see any observers suddenly deciding to take
a swim, but their eyes were all following the four of us. I quickly turned my
head forward, and looked forward to hitting the blue water of the sea. A funny
thought entered my mind as we got near to the water: this was the first time I
walked into the beach water without having to worry about any things of mine
being left on the sand being stolen or anything!
A small wave hit against us, just about splashing against us at the same time.
The water felt totally cold, and awfully nice on my body! I finally got away
from the sweltering heat that caused me to faint, and never felt so much better.
I splashed around for a few seconds, making sure the cool ocean water touched up
against every pore of my body. The other girls all did similar things, but in
their own ways. My head felt totally revived, even a little giddy. This was the
fun part of being out there, I thought to myself.
Then, I saw Angel, swimming around near Shy. I felt even better, and closer to
the woman I found myself strangely falling in love with than before with the
fainting incident. I felt that this was as good a time as any, and I had the
courage, so I decided to go for it, or rather go for her.
I swam over near her, and said "thank you again, for saving me back there". Shy
sort of moved away from the two of us after hearing what I said to Angel, giving
us some privacy, at least as much privacy as possible for two naked women in the
beach water to have. Angel just smiled, and said "I wouldn't exactly call it a
'save', but you're more than welcome!', as she stopped swimming, and started to
move towards the shore.
I wasn't getting much of anywhere, so, I thought I needed to be more obvious. I
got in front of her, showing every part of my frontal self knee-deep in the salt
water, and gave her the look, a look that I don't give very often. "I mean, I
really think I should really show you how grateful I am to you", I said, in that
voice I reserve only for those situations when I really want something, that
special something. I felt so tense looking at her face, waiting for a reaction
from her. And, just hoping to get the reaction from her.
She paused a few seconds, and smiled at me, as if I were kidding. I maintained
the look, the position in front of her, and the obvious desire. Then, she seemed
to understand what I meant. She stopped smiling, and looked at me seriously. My
heart was pounding the whole time until she spoke.
Then, when she spoke, it wasn't with the words I was hoping for. "I'm sorry, I'm
not into giving into that kind of gratification", she bluntly said, and walked
past me, to the sand.
I felt so suddenly down and depressed. I never expected rejection from a lady
would be so crushing to me. Then, suddenly, Babe appeared, and she just happened
to be close by. She looked at me with sympathy, she looked at me like she knew
what had just happened.
"Damn, I feel for you girl", she said, putting her arm around my shoulders.
"I'll be okay", I told her, as I started towards the shore, where Angel had
"And for it to happen like this," Babe continued to say, "it's like being
humiliated on top of being embarrassed. You just have no way to hide from it."
I found that out for myself as I got out of the water, walking towards our beach
spot with all those people staring at me, again. I quickly found out for myself
what Babe was telling me. And on top of all that, my shaved crotch shone bright
in the sunlight, deepening the hurt for me.

The Slave Girl, Part 24

I dragged my feet in the sand as I walked that seemingly long walk back to our
beach spot. Angel wasn't there, but I didn't care much about that, at least at
that moment. She could've went over to some guys and engaged in some group sex
for all I cared. Nothing I could hide, and no way to hide from my depression,
that was me, walking naked to our spot on the beach after the rejection from
Angel. The fact that I didn't even have any pubic hair at my crotch only made my
feeling of depression greater, and lower.
I laid myself on the sand, prone, crossing my legs, breasts tight against the
sand, and my head facing the water. That way, I would only be exposing my butt
to everyone, not that all those people got tired of looking at me butt-up,
though. I put on a pair of shades, and just relaxed my body, already close to
being completely dry of the salt water because of the heat and the sun, and
watched everyone else in the water, everyone else but Angel that is. If Angel
were still in the water, I probably would've just laid myself down the other
way, and closed my eyes.
The male employees of Pete, I couldn't really recognize or pick them out in the
water since I wasn't familiar with any of them at all, but I assumed they
must've been swimming around in the deeper parts of the water, and enjoying it.
I saw Pete and the family, all together in the water, tossing a beach ball
around, and just having lots of fun. Seeing them having family fun like that
reminded me of my own family moments from the not-so-distant past.
For a moment, I thought of them, my own family, and what they would be doing on
that day. And, how would I have reacted if they all happened to be visiting that
very same beach on that same day, while I was there? The thought of such a thing
happening at that moment gave me goosebumps, even in the sweltering heat. I
don't know if I would've run towards them to hug them close and tight like I
would usually do, or run away and hid myself, ashamed to reveal the conditional
nature of my nice, easy, and very high-paying job.
Then, my eyes turned to Babe and Shy. Both of them just swimming around,
splashing, giggling, breasts bouncing and jiggling all over the place, and
soaking up the heat rays all at the same time. They seemed oblivious to all
those eyes staring at them, and I could see a lot of those staring people from
where I was laid down, their heads facing their general location. You could've
separated the two of them, and they still would've generated more than enough
happy positive energy to energize a city. I sighed to myself, wishing I was in
the mood to be out there with the two of them, swimming, splashing around,
laughing my head off, and just enjoy being out there, care free, and not love
sick as I was.
Then, I thought, why not? Just forget about Angel and the rejection, and hang
out with two good-looking, cool women? Let Angel sulk, I thought, and let myself
loose! I got up, and ran towards the water, towards the two of them, ready to
hit the water and enjoy myself again. That time, I felt as if no one was looking
at the naked woman running on the sand and into the water, which made me feel
lots better! "It's about time, girl!", Babe shouted upon seeing me smiling and
splashing myself into the cool water again. For some reason, I felt the urge to
hug the both of them, which I ended up doing, and they didn't seem to think
anything funny or weird about it. I guess they really knew what was going on
with me and Angel, and that I felt I was free of grief once more! And on top of
that, I never looked towards the sand, not caring to see all those gawking
people on the sand, or Angel.
The three of us pretty much stayed in the water all the way until it was time
for us to go, and that was well after lunch! We begged Paula to grab us some
eats and drinks and bring them into the water for us, to which she happily
obliged. Pete nearly had to drag the three of us out of the water, which did
catch his humor, thankfully. After reluctantly exiting the water, we ran on the
Then, when we reached our spot, Angel was there. She was looking at me, and not
looking very happy. In fact, she looked quite depressed, to me at least. "May I
have a word with you, Silky?", she seemed to command more than ask with her tone
of voice. My heart was pounding loud and hard from that moment through her
walking me slightly away from the rest of them, and started to say something.
"I'm sorry, I misunderstood you", she said, and nothing more. Then, she gave me
a smile, and a look. The look. Her look. The look she must've given to some
extremely beautiful, lucky souls in her lifetime.
My heart started to pound even more intensely.

The Slave Girl, Part 25

And it kept pounding that way, all the way from the beach back to the house, and
didn't let up at all. Angel sat next to me, just as she did on the way to the
beach, and I kept my head forward, trying to avoid eye contact with her. The few
times I did try to peek her way, she readily gave me that look each and every
time, which, because of my general shyness, caused me to look away, right away,
each and every time. Even though we were all girls in the van, and the four of
us showing everything off, it still would've been in very bad taste to get into
doing certain things with each other while still in the moving van, especially
with the young and impressionable Paula sitting in there with us. To be so used
to seeing nude adult women was one thing, but seeing sexual acts live in the
flesh is something else entirely, I think. Besides, I don't think Vanessa
would've taken seeing such a thing between Angel and I in the backseat very
Babe seemed to know what was going on, or what might go on, since she kept
looking over her shoulder at us, occasionally. Shy seemed totally unaware of
anything, but Babe had more than enough curious suspicion for the both of them.
She did grin and wink at me every time I caught her spying on us, though. She
just seemed to want to know what would happen between Angel and I, nothing more.

So, aside from a relatively short stop at a fast food drive-in to pick up some
dinner along the way, which had me worried sick about the guy at the drive-thru
window possibly peeking through the open driver's side window and seeing the
four of us as naked as we were and reacting to it. Which was funny, actually
because one of us needed to use the ladies room while we were there. Angel, much
to my shock! Then again, if there was ever one of the four of us who had the
guts and courage to do that, it was definitely Angel.
I dared not go out of the van to look at what was happening, and no one else in
the van did, either. We did see that she got quite a bit of attention from some
shocked people in the parking lot upon seeing her walk out of the van,
completely naked! I could only imagine the attention and looks she got as her
long legs walked herself in there to go to the bathroom and out of there,
showing every visible part of her to everyone in the place. She did have the
biggest smile on her face when she got back inside of the van, a smile that
speaks of having fun shocking the hell out of people! We were all simply
speechless, and the look on her face just seemed to say it all anyway.
After that somewhat interesting stop at the fast-food place, it was straight
home from there. And, I had no idea what to expect once reaching home. It was
like, knowing something would happen, but not knowing how or when it will
happen. Call it a vague expectation.
Babe and Shy pretty much went straight to their beds when we got home, with
massive amounts of fun being sometimes extremely tiring. I had things other than
my fatigue on my mind, though I still went to my bed to lay myself down, not
knowing what Angel had in mind, if anything at all. She was nowhere to be seen,
definitely not anywhere in the barn as far as I knew. Cora was there at her
position, watching over us. It didn't seem like a good idea to have Angel with
me in there, I thought, which kind of discouraged me.
So, feeling as exhausted as I was, even with my body tense and mind nervous, I
just fell asleep! As I drifted into sleep, I felt nothing against letting myself
get some much needed rest. I felt the occasional body twitch, which I sometimes
get when sleeping after swimming in the ocean.
Then, I woke up in the middle of the night, actually awakened rather rudely from
a pleasureful, revitalizing sleep. My eyes opened, and I saw Angel's face,
smiling at me, and with that look on her face. I think I was having some sort of
flashback, because I found myself looking behind her, and around her for a bunch
of male beach-tanned faces to be staring at me. I didn't see anyone else looking
me over this time, only her. That simply made me feel better about being
awakened from my restful sleep. I smiled back at her, as I sat myself up on my
bed, next to her.
She was silent, not saying a single word once I woke up, maybe not even before I
woke up either. The look on her face said more than enough for me, though, and
it got my heart pounding hard and fast once again. I gave her my look, and
suddenly it was as if we were in touch with each other without any body contact,
an soothing, relaxing, magnetic, invisible force between us that was drawing us
closer and closer together. I wondered which of us was going to make the first
move towards making love, towards making first love with each other. Then, I
wondered if we were ever going to touch each other, since we both seemed to be
so content and comfortable with just looking deep into each other's eyes. So, I
decided take a chance, I decided to make the first move.
My hands went to her breasts, so smooth and supple, so pleasing to the touch.
Then, all of a sudden, all that composure, confidence, and strength in her just
seemed to disappear. She trembled at the touch of my hands on her breasts. She
whispered something to me.

The Slave Girl, Part 26

I didn't know what it was, or why it was that she wanted me to stop caressing
her breasts with my hands. If I was totally awake and aware, I definitely would
have obeyed her wish without any hesitation. If I wasn't, the shock of her
saying something like that probably would have caused me to stop. So, I wasn't
sure exactly what it was, or why she suddenly asked me to stop what I was doing,
but I did stop as she wished, and immediately. My hands left her breasts so
quickly, as if her skin suddenly burned my hands.
Then, my eyes turned up from her breasts, and the expression on her face
explained it all to me so clearly. Her face had a worried look to it, and her
eyes were looking towards Cora's post. I looked over there myself, and didn't
see her there or anywhere else for that matter, but I was well aware that
situation could change at any given moment. I looked back to her, she looked at
me, smiled, and gave me the look again. Obviously, she wasn't going to let
Cora's presence get in our way, or anything else for that matter, at least not
on that night.
She stood up from the bed, and took my hand in hers, leading me out of the barn.
I didn't bother to put my slippers on my feet before stepping out from the barn
and into the yard for the first time, ever. The night air touching against my
body felt so extremely cold, yet strangely soothing. It was exactly the opposite
of how things were back at the scorchingly hot beach, so dark and cold out there
in the yard, and even the unstoppable Angel couldn't help but draw back from the
cold air, at least at first. There was one source of some rather comforting
warmth for me, and that was from Angel's hand, holding mines tight and secure in
She ended up bringing me to the swimming pool, of all places. Hardly any light
there but the moon's, and the night darkened water didn't look all that
appealing to me. I was stunned. Half of me wanted to just ask her, why were we
at the swimming pool, didn't we just go swimming at the beach on that same day?
The other half of me was curious, wondering what Angel had in mind at the pool.
I went with the latter half.
She dived into the pool, splashing headfirst somewhat loudly in the silence of
late night, which gave me two things: a simply priceless look at her butt
shining in the moonlight just before it and the rest of her body disappeared
into the dark pool waters, and a near-heart attack from the possibility of
someone in the house or the barn coming out to see what was going on in the
pool. I looked over towards the house, and didn't see any lights suddenly go on,
or any faces peeking through windows. I looked towards the barn, and didn't see
anyone come out to look towards us at the pool. My feeling of fear was gone,
replaced by the feeling I get when seeing Angel's sleek, sexy body smoothly
gracing the waters of the swimming pool. I was feeling quite aroused, very
aroused, and almost grew impatient, waiting to see what would happen next, or
when she would tell me what to do next.
She stopped swimming after about a minute, stood herself up in the pool, and
looked towards me, hands extended diagonally up to both sides, as if to ask if I
was coming in to join her or just watch her exercise in the pool. I guessed that
she didn't wake me up and bring me out there just to watch her swim.
I stepped in with my left foot, and it was as if it went numb upon touching the
cold pool water! Spending the day at the hot sunny beach was definitely not the
way to prepare for something like this, I thought to myself! I grimaced at the
sensation, which had Angel sort of smiling at me as she wrapped her long arms
around her upper body, seemingly feeling cold with the inactivity of just
standing in the cold water, watching me enter the pool. I just bit my lip, and
braved the biting, freezing cold of the pool water, dipping the rest of me in,
head excluded. My muscles instantly tightened, shivering against the freeze of
the water, and kept uncontrollably shaking. I suddenly didn't feel so sexually
anxious any more, as if I had just gone through the so-called cold shower.
Then, once I had put myself entirely in the pool water, it was as if my body
could seek heat in the water. My legs kicked, and my arms stroked, and they
seemed to just automatically find and take me right to the only other source of
warmth in the bitterly cold water.

The Slave Girl, Part 27

My body moved itself to press right against Angel's. I felt the same kind of
warmth from her that I felt from her hand earlier, except that it was way more
so, feeling warm at certain points of my body. Though we weren't quite touching
entirely, it felt as if it were so. I felt warm and strangely comfortable in the
cold of the pool water. In fact, with the tension and anxiety in me,
anticipating that moment, I actually felt hot with excitement.
The entire time I was in the pool, my eyes stayed focused intensely on Angel's,
and of course, since she was just watching me get in the pool and close to her,
so was she. For maybe the first time ever, I didn't feel uncomfortable with
constantly looking at another woman in the face, with her looking back at me at
the same time. I knew then that I was ready for it, and it seemed meant to
happen. I moved my head towards hers, and she moved her head towards mines, and
our lips met halfway. Her lips felt warm, just as the rest of her body did, and
sweet to the taste. Her lips felt every bit as good to kiss as they looked. A
small bit of relief for me, it was the first step towards her, towards something
We made incredibly intense, excited, and sensual love in the cold pool, and
since the lovemaking and body contact was all there was to keep us from freezing
ourselves to death, you can pretty much imagine how enthusiastic we both were in
doing it with each other. Caring not to make so much noise with our voices so as
to perhaps wake up anyone, we both instead vented our vocal energy into our
lovemaking as well. It felt hard to bear with at first, with her long fingers
sort of biting inside of my clit, but I actually got used to it after a while.
We brought ourselves to a nearly simultaneous, vibrating, and hot in the cold
water, though relatively quiet, orgasm.
We didn't end up going of the pool right away, even with the biting coldness of
the water and all. We just stayed in the water, holding each other's bodies,
just because it was so nice to do that, we couldn't just get ourselves back out
of there. As we just held each other there, I looked around to see if anyone
might have been roused to look towards the pool. Nothing from the house at all,
no one in the yard either. Then, I looked towards the barn.
Babe's face was peeking from the doorway of the barn, and she was smiling at us.
I looked at Angel, and her eyes were closed, her mouth curved in a smile of
satisfaction. She wasn't aware of Babe looking out at us. I looked back towards
Babe, and she put her index finger to her mouth, as if to keep quiet about her
spying on the two of us. Then, her hand closed, then fixed itself into a gesture
of a thumbs up, and she disappeared back into the barn. Apparently, she was
rooting for the two of us to get together as we did, and more. That made me feel
even happier that I was, as if the happiest moment of my life wasn't enough to
send me up to cloud nine.
Eventually, we left the pool, leaving behind the memory of our first time to
make love to each other behind as well. But, it wasn't as if our love for each
other ended. In fact we're still together, me and Angel as a "couple", and the
four of us as a working group, up to this day, which is about seven months after
my first day at the house, and I have no plans of leaving just yet. Though the
lifestyle for us is quite strange and still somewhat difficult at times to get
used to, I can live with it, and then some. The money, and the love, make it
more than worth the unusuality of the "job", although if my love just decided to
go away, I would follow it right away, wherever it went, and whenever. Simply
put, as long as Angel stays a "slave girl", so will I, just to be with my love.