The Ponygirl Wish
by I. Binder

Part 3

Part 3: Rebellion & Retribution

Amber woke with a start. There was somebody in her room. There was somebody sitting on the edge of her bed. Amber’s eyes sprung open and she almost screamed. Then she stopped herself. It was a young woman. No older than Amber and quite small. The girl was almost naked. She wore a cinch around her waist similar to Amber’s but tight. Much tighter than Amber’s. Amber gasped. She had metal cuffs on her wrists that were joined with a light chain about eighteen inches long. Around her neck was a shiny chrome collar. Her mouth was covered by a flesh colored panel and on closer inspection it was clear that the panel held something in her mouth.

Amber was still adjusting to the girl being in her room when the girl signaled for Amber to get up. Slowly Amber sat up and swung her legs over the edge of the bed. The pony boots always felt heavy in the morning and she was always happy to get them off. Amber slowly got to her feet. The girl put her hand on Amber’s upper arm and turned her around. Amber followed the lead. Amber felt her arms pulled back and heard a click as her wrists were locked in metal cuffs. Amber had said nothing and still did not. Amber decided that she was still asleep and this was a very kinky dream.

The girl began opening the buckles on Amber’s cinch, followed by her pony boots. As the belt fell away from between her legs and the dildo was retracted from its nest Amber shuddered. This was so exciting. Amber tried to move a hand around to touch herself, but the cuffs kept her target out of reach. The girl led the now naked Amber into the bathroom. Keeping her arms still cuffed behind her, the girl turned on Amber’s shower and cleaned Amber’s body from head to toe. When she soaped and washed between Amber’s legs Amber moaned and pushed her hips forward. The girl was efficient, but careful not to let Amber take advantage.

When she had finished she toweled Amber dry, then dried and brushed Amber’s hair. Amber was becoming unhappy with this dream. Her dream should include more attention to her sexual needs. That was just not happening, this was all too utilitarian, and Amber’s level of frustration was promising to explode. As Amber sat at her dressing table looking into the mirror she watched the girl wrap the waist cincher back around Amber’s waist. It had only been off for about half an hour and Amber did not want it back on. This was pretty clearly not a dream.

“No, I need that off for a while. I don’t want to wear it right now.” The girl paid no attention as she quickly fastened the clips in the front. Amber sighed with the pressure as she felt it constrict her waist. But, the girl was not happy. Amber felt her hands on the lacings. The girl pulled and worked the lacings tightening the cincher. She would start to pull, then wait for Amber to exhale, then pull again. Amber thought she was going to pass out. “This is too tight. I am going to faint.” Amber wondered if the girl could even hear her. There was no reaction as she finished with her work.

Amber did not want to follow the girl’s directions, but there was something in Amber that made her continue. The girl’s hand moved between Amber’s legs and began to stroke her clitoris. Amber was now very wet. Amber stood on direction, anything to make the touching continue. She felt the strap pulled up between her legs and felt the large plug once again worked up into her body. It felt very good as it moved up inside her. Amber responded by squatting slightly to try to get more pressure on the now welcome intruder. Amber looked down to see if the girl was going to continue the work on her clitoris. Amber saw that there was something different about the plug. Around its base there was something that looked like a rubber cup or the top of a funnel. Amber watched as the girl carefully fit the rubber between her lower lips.

To Amber’s distress the attention to her pleasure bud and lips stopped as the girl fed the strap through the buckle on the front of Amber’s Cinch. Using the roller buckle for leverage the girl pulled down and closed the buckle a full notch tighter than Amber had ever set it. “No. TOO TIGHT!” Amber complained, but the girl had already pushed the strap ends over the posts locking it in place.

Amber twisted her arms in the cuffs. She felt like she was being cut in half. It also felt as if the plug was twice the size it had been before. She really needed the strap loosened. She also needed the lacing on the cinch loosened. She tried to communicate this to the girl, but the girl paid no attention. Amber looked at herself in the mirror. She knew that all the buckles and straps on the cinch and the strap through her legs were locked in place. She doubted the girl could even open them. Amber sighed. This was going to be a very, very uncomfortable day.

The girl retrieved the black pumps from where Amber had left them sitting. Quickly she knelt down and placed first one and then the other on Amber’s feet. Amber was still squirming in discomfort over the cinch as she heard the straps close and lock on the shoes. She had never worn those things to work before and she did not intend to start today. She would have to wear them, but she did not have to go to work. As soon as this girl left she was calling in sick.

Amber expected the girl to leave at that point, but she did not. The girl opened a small case and withdrew something. Amber watched with fascination and then horror as the girl approached her with a chrome collar just like the one the girl was wearing. Amber shook her head back and forth and took a step backwards. Her legs pushed up against her bed and she involuntarily sat down. “No. I am not wearing that.”

The girl held the collar open as she stepped forward. “No way!” Amber twisted away from the girl’s reach.

A horrible pain shot through Amber’s insides. Amber tried to bring her hands around to touch herself, but they were still cuffed. She fell to her side on the bed and curled up into a fetal position. Finally the shock stopped.

The girl stood holding the collar open. She nodded to Amber. Amber shook her head back and forth and did not move. Another bolt of electricity erupted inside her. Amber had never felt pain like that before. She needed to make it stop. “Ok. Please, make it stop.” It did.

Amber was crying now. She sat up on the bed. The girl continued to hold the collar open. She did not move toward Amber. It was clear. Amber would have to put her own neck into to collar. That was too much. She could not be expected to do that.

For ten long seconds Amber stared at the girl. The girl held her position and stared back. Amber thought about the pain as the electricity had surged through her most intimate parts. She did not want to feel that again. Amber knew what was required. Amber sighed and pushed her neck forward. She felt the collar close around her neck and heard the click as it locked into place. Amber knew that a bridge had just been crossed.

The girl unlocked Amber’s cuffs and then left the apartment. Amber briefly wondered how she had gotten in and how she left but her curiosity quickly focused on her own body.

The cincher was very tight, too tight for Amber’s liking. She liked the way it pulled in her waist, but she was having trouble breathing. She needed to loosen it a little. She reached around behind her looking for the lacings. She could feel that it had been pulled to only two inches separation. Amber had always kept it at about four and thought that was tight. She tried to find the knot, but it was locked under the waist strap. She walked over to her mirror and turned her back looking over her shoulder. If Amber wanted to loosen the lacings she would have to cut them. And even then the waist strap would keep the thing closed around her. Unless she cut the straps too it was not coming off. This was going to be a very uncomfortable day.

Amber’s hand went to the collar. She moved forward to examine it in the mirror. She could only see slight seams where it hinged and where it connected. There was no sign of a key hole or any other method for releasing it. “How the fuck do you get this thing off?” Escaped from Amber’s mouth as she examined it from all angles. It was tight around her throat. It did not choke her, but she could barely get a finger in between the metal and her neck. It was about an inch and a half in height. It was thick, almost half an inch. It was very shiny. There was a ring hanging down in the front and another in the back. It looked more decorative than utilitarian, but it was heavy and clearly very secure.

She, clearly, could not remove it without some help, and what would she tell someone if she asked them to cut it off? Amber tried to process what had happened to her since her first trip to the club. She had been placed under control and made to perform. She had been provided with exceptional fetish products, but she had no control over when to wear them and how. Instead they had become the product of her control. And now, she had been collared. She had read enough stories and gone to enough websites to know what that meant. It implied a significant degree of control, even ownership, by another. That had never been her intent. She had wanted to dabble. She had wanted to play. She never wanted to give up her freedom and be actually owned.

But, she was in her own apartment, had her own job, and drove her own car. This was a game, that is all it was. Amber’s hands went to between her legs. 'Damn this belt!' she thought. She was so horny. She had never been this horny before. She was angry at the woman for denying her the normal morning ecstasy. She wished she could figure out how to make that damn plug start to vibrate. She poked and tapped at the end of it, but that didn’t do anything. She could feel slight movement inside her, but not enough to make a difference, at least not enough difference to matter. The woman had control over it. The thought was exciting. Amber needed to get the woman to activate it. Amber realized that she had actually only seen the woman on two occasions, both on her visits to the club. Amber touched the collar again. This game was fun, and very exciting, but there were limits. The woman did not own her. But, she was so excited. She reached back down and fingered the strap held tightly between her legs. For now she would play along. But one thing was sure. She was not going to wear this outfit to work today.

Amber reached for her phone to call in sick. Her computer beeped. She froze and turned toward it. A big red box had appeared on the screen. Don’t even think about calling in sick.

Amber gasped. Below the words was a picture of the cane the woman had held under Amber’s nose back at the club.

“I can’t go to work like this.” Amber shouted at the computer. “Especially now with a stupid collar around my neck.”

The computer beeped again. Make yourself ready and go to work.

“I can’t. I can’t do it.” Amber started to cry.

The computer beeped again. Good ponies are obedient. Prepare yourself for work. You can do it. And if you are proud you will even find your tips improve.

Was Amber actually having a conversation with a computer? How did it know what she was thinking?

Amber sat on the edge of her bed. Her hands went again to the collar. She had put her own neck into the collar. From the very beginning of this adventure she had wanted to give over control to another. Now she had done that. But she had wanted to control when she would give up control. Was that really giving control? Her hands went to between her legs. Just thinking about her current condition was making her tingle. If only she could touch herself. What a quandary she was in. Being under control was exciting her on a level far beyond what she ever expected, but the control included denying her the relief that she so desperately needed. No, that was not true. The woman had promised reward if she behaved. All she had to do was be obedient. And that was how it was supposed to work, wasn’t it. She would be punished when she disobeyed and rewarded when she obeyed. She hadn’t really been playing the game right. She had been cheating. What would it feel like to really play?

She couldn’t really go out in public like his, could she? She could never envision going out like this, but since she was being ordered to, it was different. At least she would get dressed and see how she looked.

Amber dressed. She paid greater attention to her make-up than she usually did for work. Her blouse had an open collar so the shiny new accoutrement was clearly visible at the front of her neck, but to Amber’s surprise it looked, if not stylish, very sexy. She rather liked the look. The cincher completely disappeared under her clothing looking rather as if she had lost weight, her waist was visibly smaller. Others would clearly see that, but not its source. Finally, the shoes, well, they were very sexy. They looked very expensive. They actually looked very good.

She looked and felt over-dressed, but the overall affect was not nearly as bizarre as she expected. She had seen all sorts of strange looking waitresses before. She remembered the Goth chick from about a year before. She even had safety pins pierced through her ears. Amber laughed, but it hurt to laugh. The very worst part of this outfit was the restriction on her breathing. She was adjusting to the tight cincher, but she had to keep her breathing shallow. That would be a challenge. She hoped she did not pass out. She stood up and realized that the shoes, although lovely, were going to be hell on her feet by the end of the day. And they were locked on. She could not even slip a foot out to rest it.

To Amber’s surprise, and relief, her co-workers said nothing. She got a few strange looks, but that was all. She was pretty sure that at least some of them wanted to say something or ask her about the dramatic change in her appearance because a few customers commented. On the whole the comments were not too bad. A regular said, “Must be a hot party later.” Of course he would notice the difference.

One very confident looking woman made Amber blush. “I am sure your Mistress is very proud of you.” Did she know? Was that a compliment? Amber felt pleased on the one hand, but so embarrassed and humiliated as well. What was happening to her?

By the end of her shift Amber was exhausted. Even though her feet were adjusted to the strict requirements of the heels they had required more exertion than flats and with her breathing so restricted she was required to breathe much more rapidly. One customer had commented. “Dear, at your age you should not be so short of breathe. I hope you are not a smoker. Either way, I think you need to see a doctor.” The tone had been kind and caring so Amber only thanked her, but she could not suppress a deep blush, if the woman only knew.

Amber’s tips were better than usual. It was enough to make some of the other girls look at her more closely.

Amber could not wait to get home and get the cincher off, or at least loosened. At least twice during the day she had thought of seeking help in the kitchen. There were lots of sharp knives that could quickly open the laces. It was not as much that she would be disobedient in doing so as much as the humiliation she would feel having to expose the cincher and ask for help. And how would she answer when asked why it was locked in place and why she did not just loosen the laces? She had survived the rest of her outfit. Even her collar had not brought her the kind of humiliation she expected, if anything, its constant presence was fueling her desire. Occasionally she would touch the collar and think about the fact that she had no means of removing it. It symbolized the woman’s control over her. Her knees shook and she had to direct her attention back to the task at hand – not before a hand would stray to between her legs only to be frustrated by the feel of the solid thick belt below her dress.

As Amber drove home the vibration of the vehicle and occasional bumping moved the large plug inside her adding to her frustration. She needed this off. She needed to be touched or at least to touch herself. She had to remind herself to pay attention to the road. Visions of her arriving at hospital locked and cinched in her outfit after a car accident gave her pangs of humiliation followed by waves of uncontrollable desire.

She could hardly walk up the stairs to her apartment – why did she have to live on the second floor?

Inside her own domain Amber quickly stripped away her clothing. Dressed only in her collar, cincher and shoes her hands attacked the strap between her legs. She pulled at the horrible belt wedged tightly between her legs. She tried to get her fingers under it. She already knew it would not work, and it did not.

In despair she collapsed back onto her bed. She put her hands to her face. She shrieked and then quickly covered her mouth. The thing within her had come alive. Amber writhed and squirmed. She pulled her legs apart and arched her back. Her hands went to her breasts. Her fingers found her nipples and began to stroke them. She was already so ready this was not going to take much.

She was almost there. Just a little more. Then it stopped. “REALLY!!!” Amber yelled so loud she expected her neighbors to be knocking on her door to see if she was all right. She was certainly not all right. She was a long way from all right.

Her computer screen had come to life. Have you been a good pony?

Yes, she had. She had gone to work dressed as she was supposed to. ‘Yes,” she shouted. As much as she hated how tight the cincher was, she had resisted her urges to cut the laces. It was still there. It was still making it hard for her to breathe.

Did you have thoughts of resisting?

Amber stared at the computer. Thoughts! Of course she had thoughts. That was expected. This was not fair. She was not going to play this game if she did not get rewards too.

Put on your pony boots. Eat the meal in your refrigerator – nothing more, nothing less – go to the bathroom then return and kneel in front of the computer.

Amber sat on the edge of her bed and stared. The locking straps on the shoes popped open. She picked them up and looked at them. She examined the locking mechanism to try to figure out how they activated. Was it just curiosity or did she want to know so she could try to defeat these locks? After all, the lock on the damn belt seemed to work the same way.

Then she put the shoes down and without thinking about it picked up the boots. Before she realized what she was doing they were on her feet, tightly laced, and locked into place. The boots felt wonderful after a day in the heels. There was so much more ankle support. Amber also liked the extra height they gave her. Without thinking she began to strut to the kitchen. She stopped and realized that when she had the boots on she automatically fell into the routine she had been practicing every night. She lifted her legs high and walked with a measured pace.

Nothing had been done to release the cincher. That was what she wanted off. She looked at the computer. She pulled at the straps to see if any of them had unlocked. They had not. The cincher was not coming off. She sighed.

Amber opened her refrigerator. It looked like it came from a different apartment. She did not recognize most of what was there. All of her soft drinks were gone. What had they done? She looked in the freezer. Her pizza, ice cream and frozen pasta were all gone.

In the refrigerator there was whole milk and produce, lots of produce. A container on the middle shelf was labeled Monday. It was a salad with nuts and what looked like salmon. Was that kale? She hated kale. Most of Amber’s cooking skills related to her microwave. She did not dislike salads but she rarely made one herself and only occasionally ordered one. She preferred pasta and heavier fare. She knew she would have to adjust this diet as she got older, but at her age she was good.

At least for today she really did not have much choice. Her kitchen had been stripped of all her usual foods. She would give the salad a try. This was so invasive. It was humiliating that someone else was deciding what she would eat and she was not even asked. She would have to decide if control over her diet was a deal breaker. It might be. She could not believe the level of control, was nothing to be left to her?

Amber sat at her kitchen table and ate. The salad was very good. She ate it all. She was still hungry. She checked to see what had replaced her snack foods. Her pop tarts were gone. There was no chocolate. She loved chocolate. What had they done with her chocolate? There were raw cashews. She took a handful. She had been told nothing more nothing less, but, she was hungry it had been a long hard day and what wasn’t known wouldn’t hurt.

Amber decided she did need to go to the bathroom. Her current plight did not prevent her from emptying her bladder. She had already figured this out earlier in the day. She had been concerned that she would not be able to go plugged and fastened with the awful belt, but she had been instructed to go naturally so she tried.

What she learned was that the rubber that she saw surrounding the base of the intruder collected the liquids and fed them through a funnel that exited in a small tube from the lower front of the belt. She could hold and direct the flow like a tiny penis, although it was not strong enough to allow her to stand. In the rear there was a ring in the belt positioned over her sphincter. It was pulled very tight and made her buttocks have to spread around it. The ring was large enough to let most waste pass through, and she realized other things enter. Amber knew that this was a place where a pony tail could be fastened.

Having finished that task she returned to the computer. She knelt down in front of it as directed. She felt a little foolish doing this. It was her damn computer. But no sooner had she knelt that things started to happen. “Did you perform exactly as instructed?” It was the voice of the woman.

Well, she had not, but so what. “Yes.” She spoke with confidence that she hoped would mask any sense of guilt.

“Are you trying to deceive your Mistress?”

“No Mistress.” Her eyes were down cast now. She was not feeling quite so confident.

“And, what about the nuts you ate? Where those within your instructions?”

How had she known? Amber quickly looked around her apartment. Somehow they could see her. Then she thought of her collar. It had lights in the front and a small circle right in the middle. It must be a camera. Anything she did could be seen.

“I am sorry Mistress.” She hung her head and shook it back and forth slightly. “I didn’t think that would count.”

“You mean you didn’t think you would be caught. And you have lied to me.” Amber felt tears welling up in her eyes. She had. She had lied.

“What do you think we should do about this bad attitude?”

“Oh please Mistress. I am sorry. I will be good.”

“There is a gag on the night stand. Put it on. Make it tight.” Amber saw the gag. She quivered in excitement. There was a large leather wedge attached to the inside of a leather panel. Amber pushed the leather wedge into her mouth then started to fasten the straps. One set came from the sides circling behind her head to buckle at the back of her neck. Another piece started as two which came up either side of her nose and then met between her eyes before continuing over the top of her head then fastening into a short strap from the strap encircling her head. Finally two straps on the bottom sides of the panel went under her chin, crossed in front of her neck and fastened behind her neck. Desirous to please the voice Amber tightened the various straps until the panel was held tightly across her mouth and the wedge filled her mouth. She could easily breathe through her nose, but she would make little sound through her mouth.

Amber was then made to complete her pony training with her waist cinched and her mouth gagged. She was very happy when the routine finally finished. Amber had done a good job. She was about to remove the gag when the computer spoke again.

“Go to your bed. Some modifications have been made.” The voice was stern as if nothing Amber had done was pleasing.

Amber walked over to the bed. She could not really see anything different.

“Sit on the bed.”

Amber complied.

“There is a bar at the bottom of the bed. Fasten the clip at each end to the ankle cuffs on your boots.” Amber bent forward and found the bar. It was just less than three feet long. At each end of the bar was a simple snap link. Amber fastened each one to the ring on the inside of the cuff on each pony boot. She was so widely spread that it was hard to connect the second clip. Her legs were now held well apart.

“There is a chain at the top of the bed connected to the headboard. Lock it to your collar at the back.” Amber twisted around to look for the chain. As she did she tried to maneuver her legs up. Only then did she realize the bar between her ankles was anchored to the bottom of the bed. A twinge of fear combined with a surge of intense excitement hit her. But she lifted the chain and clipped it to the ring at the back of her collar. Once again, this was easy, and the clip could be easily opened.

“Very good. Now lay back and reach out your arms to the top corners of the bed.” Amber did as directed. “There is a cuff connected to a chain at each corner. Pull the cuffs toward you and fasten your wrists in the cuffs. They will lock when you close them.”

Amber found the cuffs as directed. How has she not seen all this before? When did they put it here? She knew she should feel invaded. How could she allow this woman to take such liberties with her personal space? But even as the indignation over this was going through her mind she was closing first one then the other cuff over her wrists. The chains went out to the corners of her bed but were long enough to just allow her wrists to meet in front of her face.

Amber enjoyed the feeling of the restraints. She rattled her wrists chains. She kicked her feet enjoying the feel of them being held in place. She sucked on the leather wedge in her mouth. The sense of stimulation was over whelming. She tried to reach down to touch and fondle her nipples, she could not quite reach. Further, as she pulled on the chain from her right wrist it responded by pulling back. She tried to reach over with her left arm, but that chain was now pulling. Amber twisted and pulled at her wrists, but as she did she felt the chains slowly tighten. When they finally stopped she was held on her back, her legs were spread and held at the bottom of the bed and her arms were held tightly out to the top corners.

“If you had been a good pony you would have been rewarded. You were not a good pony, were you?”

Amber knew she had not been good, but she desperately needed some relief. She would be good now. She would do what the woman wanted, anything she wanted. She was ready to promise anything. But the gag was very effective. Why had she fastened it so tightly? She tried to maneuver a hand over to her head to loosen it. It was beyond her reach. She tried to beg. She tried to plead. She squirmed and pulled.

“I am going to let you think about how bad you have been for a little while and then we will discuss what should happen to you.”

Amber did not want to be left to think. What she wanted, what she needed, was some relief. She knew the woman had control over the vibrator. All she needed to do was turn it on. Just turn it on. Amber did not think it would even take very long. But nothing happened. Amber was held on her back. Her hands were held away from her body. Her legs were spread and she had never been so horny in her entire life.

As Amber lay helplessly on her own bed she thought again about this very strange relationship. Was this what she really wanted? She wasn’t sure. It was so terribly exciting, but the woman kept pushing her to new levels. Here she was fully restrained on her own bed, and by her own hand. Sexually tormented all day and still not able to do anything about it. Was this what she wanted? She could only imagine how tremendous her orgasm would be when she was finally allowed to have one. The denial and teasing was almost more than she could stand. No, it was more than she could stand. She needed relief. She needed it now. Amber struggled in her bonds. She pulled her wrists and kicked her feet. None of it helped. She was completely helpless.

After a time Amber gave up. She had locked herself into this bondage. Most of it was held with simple clips, but with her hands chained she could not reach the clips. She was completely under control of someone else, and they were not even here.

Then there was a soft sound and the sensation she had desired. The vibrator had started. But it was so low, so gentle. She could feel it, but just barely. That was not enough to do the job. Maybe if she could tease her nipples at the same time. But she could not.

“It appears your concentration is not where it should be. Let’s see how you are doing in a few hours.”

That was not possible. The vibration was just enough to keep her attention completely on that part of her anatomy, but not enough to take her anywhere. Hours? She could not endure this for hours. Amber screamed into her muzzle. She pulled and thrashed on the bed. Now she wished she could make enough noise to bring the neighbors, but that was not going to happen. She twisted and pulled and jerked at all her bonds. She knew, as it proved correct, that she could do nothing.

Amber tried a different approach. She lay back and tried to put her mind in a different place. She tried to distance herself from the slight buzzing between her legs. She tried to bury the terrible need that had been building inside her all day and which was now raging to be released. She tried to think of things mundane.

It did not work. Her mind was completely consumed with her need. Something she had done so many times. Something that her fingers, and a few available props, could bring on easily, but something that was completely denied under her present circumstances.

Amber wondered if this would go on all night. Did it really matter? If she was left unfulfilled she did not think she could sleep anyway.

The voice was back. “You were such a bad pony today. I am going to let you sleep now, but certainly you have not deserved a reward. If you redeem yourself tomorrow you will be neutral for your errors of today. That will open the possibility of making the next day one of success and reward. Goodnight slave.” The buzzing stopped. The room was dark – how had they done that?

Amber did not think sleep was possible, she had never slept restrained and her needs were still making her crazy, this was all so unfair. She had wanted to give up control. She had loved the excitement of it. The woman made her so hot, so excited, but she was being denied. Not only denied she was being prevented from even satisfying herself. She was just too excited and on edge, there is no way she could sleep, but she was exhausted and before long she fell into a deep sleep. Amber’s sleep was filled with wild erotic dreams. Hands were stroking her naked body driving her to great heights of lust.

Amber woke to the hands of the girl from the day before. She was once again in her apartment. Her hands were gently stroking Amber’s body. Amber’s arms and the chain to her collar were released. The girl helped Amber to sit up then gently drew her hands behind her back and fastened them in cuffs. Amber expected this and did not resist. This needed to be a perfect day. She needed to make up for the failings of the day before. Only then could she prove herself to her Mistress.

It felt wonderful to have the waist cincher removed while Amber was washed; never-the-less, she did not complain when it was fastened back into place. Nor did she take any issue with the heels. The collar had remained the entire time. Is seemed that was to be a permanent addition. As Amber dressed and applied her make-up she vowed that she would meet the expectations of her Mistress. She had never in her life expected anything like this. She was not even sure why she was doing what she was, but this whole experience was so heady.

During her time at work she tried to dissect the relationship she was developing with the strange woman who she had only seen twice. She knew she was being submissive and that she needed someone to exert control. But to what extent? Certainly there was a point when it became unhealthy. Well, when it got there she would draw the line. Everything that happened to her required her consent. Amber had resisted, but she had always consented in the end. At least she told herself she had consented. If it went too far, that would be that.

She behaved herself at work and at home. She ate only what was designated for her. She did everything she was told to do. She performed her pony training almost without flaw. The voice of the woman congratulated her. Even so, she was restrained on her bed, the procedure the same as the night before.

“I will let you think about what you have available to you.” The voice stopped and the torment began. The vibrator worked her; it was not just a constant tease this time. It would increase and bring her up to a point she was sure she would make it and then it would stop, only to start again sometime later.

If Amber had not been muzzled she would have screamed the walls down. But she was muzzled and her cries and screams stayed easily within her walls. When she was finally allowed to sleep she thought she was going to go crazy. She tossed and turned for quite a while – well really not much tossing or turning, more twisting and pulling. She was once again completely helpless. She had done it to herself. She had fastened all the bondage in place, but once fastened she was helpless. Was she to be restrained every night or was this just to make up for being bad the day before? She did not know. She was not sure she would do this every night. What would happen if she just refused to lock herself up? Amber figured she was going to find out. There was going to be a time when she was just not in the mood and that would be that. She loved the effect the woman had on her, but she was being just too cruel. Amber felt like she was being pushed right to the edge of her limits.

Not surprisingly the girl was there in the morning to release Amber from her bondage, wash her, and prepare her for her day. It meant that the cincher was never removed when Amber had her arms free. Only after Amber was cuffed would it be removed, and then only long enough for the girl to wash her. Clearly her mistress did not trust her to put it back on. And, in reality that was a good choice. Amber would have done anything she could to keep that damn thing from being pulled so tight. But the girl paid no attention to Amber’s protestations and by the time Amber had control over her arms the cincher was in place and locked down. Amber was convinced it was getting tighter each day.

As Amber left for work she was so frustrated. She did not think it was possible to feel so sexually in need. For days she had been teased, tormented, and then frustrated. The very idea that her sex was locked up under the control of another only had the effect of making her more in need. Talk about the ultimate ‘Catch 22’.

Amber’s day at work went ok, except that a few comments that would normally have been shed without further thought made her think of sex and her needs. At one point she locked herself in a bathroom stall and cried. She had reached the end of her tether – literally.

She decided that she would go through the drill tonight, but she was petulant at best. If tonight did not reach her expectations she was done.

Only after she was locked to the bed did the voice of the Mistress come onto the computer. “Not wonderful, but acceptable.”

The vibrator started. Would this be it? The voice had been unclear about that. But it kept going and going. Amber felt her climax coming. She prayed that it would not be interrupted. It was not. She screamed and bucked and thrashed about in her bonds. But it didn’t stop. The buzzing kept going. Amber yelled. Amber pleaded, but it kept going. She did not think there was a second climax in her. But, there was. It was huge. She had never felt anything like that. And now she was exhausted.

Amber wished she was able to move her arms and legs. She really wanted to pull herself into a ball, but that was denied her. Finally she slept.

Over the next several weeks Amber’s life was only going to work and then home to her apartment. At home she was completely controlled, restrained in her bed after finishing her training and eating. She had not even been able to watch television.

But each night there was the potential for satisfaction and that had been enough to motivate her to lock herself in place. Most nights she had been ignored or teased, but enough nights had ended with an exploding climax to keep her at it.

The last night she had been once again teased. She went to sleep angry at the woman and angry at herself. This was really unfair. The woman was being cruel beyond belief.

When the slave girl woke Amber the next morning the computer came on and announced that today she would receive the last part of her uniform. Amber thought the choice of words was interesting. She had thought of this as a costume. How could it be a “uniform”?

After Amber had been washed (still restrained) and her cincher once again tightly applied the girl held up something new. It appeared to be mostly made of metal.

Amber was curious but concerned as she inspected this new implement. There were two rings of metal. From the size and positioning in the straps it was clear that a ring was meant to circle each breast, fitting close to the root.

Amber was correct and they were fitted to her body. The slave girl pushed each ring over a breast and then used the nipple to pull and work the flesh through and the ring down. The relief of the night before had helped otherwise Amber would be jumping out of her mind with the manipulation of her breasts as the girl worked them through the rings. Still, Amber was feeling warmth grow between her legs. Amber looked down and worried about how she would get her breasts back out of these things.

The two rings were joined in the center and a strap from the outsides of each circled behind her back to hold them in place. Each ring then had a series of light chains, ending in a brass colored cone. The cone was held over the nipple and the chains adjusted until the fit was tight. Each cone had a D ring set in the end. Amber did not think that very effective in that the cone was only held to the breast by the chains to the rings. She assumed the D rings were more decorative than functional.

From the top of each base ring a strap went up and over the shoulder. These straps met at the back to form a single strap that then joined the strap tightened from the sides. Another strap descended to connect the back strap of the new breast restraint with the cincher.

In her front, each of the rings connected to connecting points behind the breast supports of the cincher.

It wasn’t particularly uncomfortable, but it was restrictive of upper body movement. Any movement to the right or left pulled at her breasts. The strap from the back kept her body erect. She could not bend forward. The rings were tight enough to cause Amber’s breasts to swell but not enough to be uncomfortable. Amber could feel her nipples harden inside the cones. She wondered if she would be able to slip a finger under the cones to reach a nipple. She had already been denied access to her clitoris. Was she now to be denied her nipples as well?

Amber was not sure she wanted to wear this to work. She was not sure she wanted to wear it at all. She worried about the artificial look of the nipple cones, even under her clothing. So far her undergarments had been almost impossible to discern, but that would not be the case with these.

As the slave girl finally released her wrists and left Amber decided she needed to re-think this entire thing. All of this had been fun – and certainly very exciting – but she had never meant to give up this level of control. She was looking for a little adventure and adjunct to her life; not a new life, especially one as a controlled slave.

Amber stood in front of the mirror and examined her outfit. On the one hand she really loved the way she looked. But, the new addition was very tight, as was the cincher. Amber was not sure she could even cut them off without some help. She would worry about that after work. For now she needed to finish getting dressed and get to work.

Amber was very self conscious of her pointy breasts throughout work, but thankfully nobody said anything. It ended up being a very busy day at work and that helped take her mind off things.

As the end of the day arrived she began to plan out what she was going to say and do. She would tell the Mistress that she had had fun, but that she was tired of this. If the relationship had to continue with this level of activity then Amber was through. She sensed that the Mistress would not compromise. That meant that whatever relationship they had had was about to come to an end. The thought made her sad. Amber had had relationships with men that she had finally broken off. She always knew the relationship was over weeks before it finally ended. She hated those closing weeks. She hated herself for not standing up and ending things more quickly. She always seemed to let things drag on until the end became more painful than needed. She would not do that this time.

As Amber was running through scenarios in her mind she realized that two of the other girls were talking to her. They were going to a nearby bar for pizza and a couple of beers. In the past Amber had been a regular for these events, but the last couple of times she had begged out. It was in violation of her instructions from Mistress.

But now, she was breaking away. She wanted to get back to her old life. She would go. She would certainly welcome the pizza and beer. She knew the food she had been eating lately was healthy, but pizza sounded amazing.

As they headed out for some fun Amber twisted in the confines of her restrictive under-outfit. She wished it was not there. She wondered if she should say anything about it. She decided that was not a good idea. If the girls knew what she was wearing they would want to see. Then there would be nothing but talk about what she was wearing. And that talk would go on for weeks, months, maybe forever. When she had received questions about how her moving so stiffly she said she had worked out and was very sore.

She would have a good time with the girls. She would drink up some courage and then she would go home and end this little chapter of her life. She would love to keep some of her outfit, but she was not one who kept gifts at the end of a relationship. No, the outfit would be gone, but she would return to her life.

Amber decided she needed more liquid courage. She had finished three beers but that was not enough. Three beers later she was feeling up to the task. But by that time she had started talking to a young man – Bill or Bob. Good build, not overly self absorbed. Amber found herself thinking about taking him home and being in bed with him before she remembered what she was wearing. That realization removed the effect of at least two beers.

In the end she had exchanged numbers, given him a kiss and then caught a cab. He had offered to take her home, but she was sure that would lead to a situation filled with very embarrassing questions. Halfway home she wished she had brought him with her. He seemed understanding. She was sure he would help her get out of what she was wearing. After all, wasn’t it the primary goal of all men to see that the wearing apparel of the females was removed?

She looked at the piece of paper with the telephone number in her hand. Maybe she would give him a call. Certainly if Mistress wasn’t responsive to Amber’s demands for more freedom she would call him. If Mistress refused to let her go she would enlist his help and she would be free of these restrictive garments. Ok, that worked. That was the plan.

Amber got home and removed her clothing. The locking bands on the heels popped open and she quickly removed them. She knew she was supposed to put on her pony boots and exercise. Actually she was supposed to have performed her training a long time ago. It was very late. She was very late. “Too fucking bad.” She spat at the computer.

She enjoyed the feel of having her feet free. She wiggled her toes and moved her feet up and down. She had not been able to walk flat-footed since she started this little adventure. She found that it hurt to try to go completely flat. She was walking on her toes.

Amber was surprised that the computer had not said anything to her. Clearly the programs knew she was late. Clearly she was not doing what she was supposed to do. Maybe Mistress realized that Amber had finally been pushed too far. When the slave showed up in the morning she would make her take the rest of this stuff off.

But in the mean time she was tired. She was very tired. Amber stretched on her bed. She moved around from position to position. For the first time in what seemed like a long time she was not restrained. She picked up one of the cuffs at the head of her bed and swung it off the bed and out of sight. She giggled, then she curled up. She soon fell asleep.

Amber could feel her leg and foot being touched. She could feel something being pushed on. She awoke with a start. She was lying on her stomach. Her arms were behind her. Cuffs surrounded each wrist and they were clipped together and then to her cincher. She pulled and twisted at her bonds.

Amber tried to roll to her side and kick her legs apart to stop what was happening. As she shifted she realized that her legs were strapped together with a belt at the knees. The slave was holding up Amber’s right foot and putting on her pony boot.

“No. Stop. I don’t want that.” Amber tried to struggle but had no leverage. The slave stopped what she was doing and looked at Amber.

“Please. Take this stuff off. I don’t want to do this anymore.” Amber did her best to make eye contact with the slave girl as she spoke.

The girl let go of Amber’s leg. The boot was in place and partially laced so that Amber could not shake it loose.

The slave girl reached into a bag near the side of the bed and withdrew something else. She turned to Amber and spread out what she was holding. It was a hood.

Amber did not want that thing on her head. She was not going to have that thing on her head. She tried to twist away but the girl moved fast and quickly slipped the loose hood over her head.

“NO! Damn it, take that thing off. FUCK.” She bucked and twisted as she felt herself pushed back down onto her stomach and felt the laces of the hood being pulled and tightened. The hood had slits at the eyes, holes under the nostrils and a large cut away part around the mouth. Amber could see only what was in front of her because the eye slits were narrow.

Then Amber felt straps being wrapped around her head. She recognized her bridle. She knew the bit would not be far behind. She clamped her mouth shut. But fingers closed her nose and then pushed into the side of her jaw. She opened her mouth as she tried to move her head out of the way, but it was too late. She was bitted. It only took seconds to secure the bit to the bridle. Amber was finished talking. She tried to scream but the sound that came out gurgley. It was so lame she stopped.

The girl then returned to Amber’s legs finishing the lacing on the pony boot she had started with and then moving to the other leg. Soon Amber’s legs were tightly laced into her boots.

Amber was confused. She had not been taken to the bathroom. She had not been washed and cleaned. She had not been fed. And she was being secured in her pony attire instead of her work outfit. This was all wrong. Besides, she was done with this. She didn’t want to do it anymore.

The girl had not removed the belt around Amber’s knees so she had little or no ability to move.

Amber felt a belt pulled around her arms just above her elbows. The girl tugged and pulled until Amber’s elbows were pulled almost together. Amber moaned a complaint, but the bit did not allow her to create words.

With the elbows secure the girl removed the cuffs. She reached back into her bag and removed something else. Amber could not see what was happening, but she could hear and feel it. When she felt something sliding up her arms she knew it was a single sleeve armbinder.

Amber felt her hands slip into the pocket at the bottom of the sheath. She felt the leather against her arms. The girl tightened a strap around the wrists and started to lace up the binder. Only when it was laced up to just below Amber’s elbows did the girl remove the belt from Amber’s arms. It was not needed anymore because the binder was now tight enough to hold her arms.

Amber tried to exploit this small amount of freedom, but it was too late. The girl finished tightening the laces and soon her elbows were back to almost touching.

Amber felt the straps from the top of the armbinder pulled up over her shoulders and then back to be fastened. Amber was completely stuck.

The girl turned Amber over and helped her to her feet. Amber was facing her closet. The doors to Amber’s closet were covered in mirrors. Amber took a good look at her full outfit. She really did look like a pony girl. Her knees weakened and she felt a tingle between her legs.

Amber had wanted to look like this. She had really wanted to be the pony. It was her deepest and most wonderful fantasy – but this was all wrong. Mistress – Amber suddenly realized she did not even know her name – had started to take control of everything. That was not what she wanted. She wanted a normal life and a fantasy life. She was not willing to give up her freedom even in return for the joys and excitement. It had been fun, but enough was enough. Amber shook her head.

She looked again at the figure in the mirror. She liked what she saw. She really liked it. She did not want to give it up. But she was not willing to trade all of her normal life for this no matter how wonderful it felt. No, if Mistress would not let her play in moderation then it all had to end. She would just have to talk to her. Amber had a hope that she could reason with Mistress. There had to be some accommodation that would fit both parts of what Amber wanted. She would just have to explain it to Mistress.

Amber’s head suddenly jerked to the side. As Amber was staring trancelike at the image in the mirror the girl attached reins to the bit arms at the sides of her mouth. When the girl pulled on the reins the plate on the bit in Amber’s mouth pushed down and the U shaped bar pushed up painfully against her palate, her head twisted to the side. Amber was pulled not only away from the mirror but back into reality.

Amber released a whine that sounded much too equine. Amber turned and followed the lead. The bit was painful enough to insure compliance.

Amber gave no thought as she was led out of the bedroom and into her living room. As the girl approached the front door Amber suddenly panicked. She was practically naked. She was wearing only the pony outfit. On the other side of that door were her neighbors and ordinary people that knew nothing of her extracurricular interests.

Amber dug in her heels and pulled back. The bit dug into the top of her mouth. It hurt. The girl stopped and turned to her. She smiled.

Then she turned and opened the door. Amber froze. Mistress was standing in the hallway just on the other side of the doorway.

“This is no time to start being shy.” She laughed. She had a large cape over her arm. As Amber was still pulling back on her reins Mistress stepped forward and wrapped the cape around Amber’s shoulders. Then she raised a hood on the back of the cape up and around Amber’s head. Amber was now protected from view unless the person was standing in front of her – or coming toward her.

Mistress took the reins and gave them an authoritative pull. Amber followed out the door of her apartment and into the hallway. What would she do if one of her neighbors saw her? How would she ever explain this to anyone? If that happened she would have no choice but to move out. But nobody else came into the hallway.

Mistress pulled her through the door at the end of the hallway. Amber tried once again to hold back, but she was unable to resist the pull of the reins.

As they left the building Amber saw two large vehicles parked directly ahead at the curb. One was a moving van. There were three men in blue coveralls standing by the back of the van.

The other was a RV style bus. It was shiny and black and looked like something a rock band might travel in. About a third of the length from the rear there was an open doorway. From the doorway a ramp extended down to the ground as if to accommodate a wheelchair.

One of the men in coveralls stepped up to Mistress. He didn’t even look at Amber. Mistress handed him a ring of keys and told him a number. It was the number of Amber’s apartment. He nodded and walked past Amber. As he moved away toward the building the other two men also moved from the truck and walked past Amber and Mistress. They did not pay any special attention to her. Even though she was mostly covered in the cape and hood her face was still exposed and she was fully bridled and bitted with reins extending forward into the hands of Mistress. This could not be something they saw every day. Could it?

Amber had no time to reflect. Mistress pulled on the reins and guided Amber to the ramp leading into the RV. Amber heard her hoof boots clicking and clacking on the concrete walk and then the more hollow sound as they connected with the metal surface of the ramp.

Once inside the RV Mistress opened the cape and pushed it back. Amber felt it lifted from her shoulders. The slave girl must be standing behind her. Amber was once again clad only in her pony attire. She tried to look over her shoulder and out the door to see who, if anyone could see her. She saw nobody.

Mistress pulled on the reins and guided her toward the back third of the RV. Amber was shocked as she first saw what looked like dog kennels. There were four on each side of the aisle, stacked two deep and two high. The front of each cage was a barred door with a large latch on the front. The bars were quite close together.

As Amber was pulled forward she glanced down and was shocked to see a face in the lower left rear most cage. Large brown sad looking eyes looked up at Amber. A wide panel gag obscured the mouth of the face. The cage was only about three feet high so the occupant was clearly kneeling inside. The face was pushed up near the bars of the cage but there was no sign of the girl’s hands. Amber was certain they were restrained behind her.

Another jerk on the reins pulled Amber’s attention back to her own plight. On the side opposite the caged girl a tall metal door stood open. The space revealed was only about two and a half feet wide. It appeared that the entire compartment was about three feet deep put there were four wide padded bars that consumed half of that depth.

Before Amber could examine the inside any further Mistress grabbed her upper arm and spun her around so that her back was to the interior of the compartment. Amber was then pushed backwards until she felt the padded bars push up against her body. There was one at her neck, a second at waist level, a third just below her buttocks, and the last one at her ankles.

Before Amber could gather her thoughts and react to what was happening a wide thick belt was pulled across her stomach and buckled in place. As Mistress pulled the belt tight Amber realized she was being fastened into the compartment. She did not want that. She tried to jerk forward but the belt had already been pulled tight and she was held firmly in place. There was an indent in the bar that accommodated her bound arms. This made the entire arrangement feel even more secure.

Amber was able to bend forward at the waist and kick about with her feet, but that did not last for long. Mistress next pulled a belt across the top of Amber’s thighs. As the belt was tightened Amber’s buttocks were pushed back over the padded bar. She still had some use of her legs and upper body but the center part of her was now fixed tightly.

“Be Still.” Mistress commanded. Amber felt the bite of a crop on her thigh. It hurt and she was going nowhere. She settled down and looked at Mistress. She needed to tell Mistress that this had gone too far. She needed to tell Mistress that she wanted to be released.

Mistress signaled to the slave girl. The girl knelt down and fasted each of Amber’s ankles to the lower bar. Now she could no longer move her legs.

Amber looked at Mistress she shook her head and tried to form words through her bit.

“Now now.” Mistress reached forward and stroked the side of her head. Then Amber felt another belt fasten around her neck.

“We both know this is what you want. No, this is what you need. You have great promise as a pony girl but you are disobedient and completely undisciplined.” Mistress continued to stroke Amber. Her hand was working down the side of her head and along her shoulder.

Amber felt that tingle inside her. She was responding to the touch of Mistress. She loved that. But Mistress was wrong. She didn’t want this. At least not this way. She only wanted it some of the time.

Amber jerked and pulled at her restraints. She was going nowhere.

Mistress smiled and then laughed. “No dear. You are completely committed. You no longer have any choice. You will learn to obey and do only what you are told. It will be a painful lesson, but you will learn.” The hand ran along Amber’s thigh.

“Your landlord was so understanding. He agreed to let you out of your lease on only the payment of a one month penalty. After all, you have to go to Seattle to take care of your sick mother. But don’t worry about the penalty. That has been paid and by the end of the day the apartment will be completely empty.”

Mother? Seattle? Amber’s mother was dead. Both of her parents were gone. And she didn’t know a soul in Seattle. What was that about?

Amber could only stare as Mistress stepped back and closed the door to the small stall. It was a metal door, the bottom a thin and shiny but strong metal. The top was made of bars set about three inches apart.

Amber could see that there were four such stalls. Two on each side of the RV. Amber could not see the stall next to her but she could see that one of the stalls across the aisle was occupied. A blonde girl in full pony attire was fastened tightly behind the door. Amber looked at the heavy latch on the outside of the door. She heard the sound of the latch on her door being closed. Even if she were not restrained she could not get out of the stall.

Mistress turned back to her. “As a person Amber no longer exists. From this day forward you will be what you have always wanted to be. You are and will be for the rest of your days a pony.” As Amber stared at her she smiled.

“You will be given a new name, but we won’t worry about that just yet. You have a lot of training to complete and, of course, we need to get you properly ringed and branded.” She smiled again. “So exciting isn’t it? I know you want to thank me, but you are now just a pony and ponies do not speak. You will learn that too. Painfully I expect, but you will learn. I have the greatest of confidence in you.”

Amber thought she was going to faint. It would not have mattered. She was fully restrained. She felt numb.

The Mistress was gone and had closed a door leading into the front part of the vehicle. Three tightly restrained and controlled slaves could only look at each other and wait, at the mercy of those who controlled them.

End of part 3

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