The Ponygirl Wish
by I. Binder

Part 1

Amber looked at herself in the mirror. She almost could not believe what she was seeing. Her ponygirl outfit was striking. She shivered. She had always loved all things equine although her experience with actual horses was very limited. She was not wealthy. And such things were more available to the more privileged class. That did not include Amber.

Amber lived alone. She had had a roommate until just recently but did not care for the invasion of her privacy and did not find the comradery something of value. She was, for the most part, a very private and somewhat solitary person. She worked hard, was frugal, and managed to support herself. She could not afford a pony of her own, but hoped that she might be able to save up some money and take a vacation out of the city that would involve horses and riding. Her interest in equine pursuits became increasingly Walter Mittyish as she trolled the Internet.

As she looked at herself now she thought back about how this had all come to be. It began just four months ago (actually several days after her nineteenth birthday). It was when she first gained access to Club Torch, a BDSM club. She had learned about the club online. Her interest had been attracted by its sponsor of a “pony day”. Really a night, but pony costumes were the look of the day. Was this a chance for her to see things close up? She knew little about BDSM other than it involved turning over control to another and that pain was combined with pleasure – Ah, the things one learns on the Internet. She had no idea what went on at a club such as this and that frightened her. She was intrigued by the idea of loss of control, but not keen on the idea of pain. But the she couldn’t keep herself away from the club’s website.

Her interest had started to develop when she had seen some ponygirl sites on-line. She was at first attracted to many of the pictures – then she even read a few stories. She was intrigued. The idea of actually becoming a pony, at least for a little while, made her tingle. As she looked at pictures and read the words, her mind made her the subject in the story or the picture. As she snapped back to reality she found that her hand had wandered to between her legs. She was moist and breathing heavily. Amber was not attracted to porn – at least the normal variety, but there was just something about the transformation of a person into a pony that kept her staring at her screen.

Amber was no virgin, but she found dating a bore and most men crude and offensive. She felt some attraction to women, but that seemed wrong so she avoided the thoughts. Most of her sexual experience had been consummated between her and her loyal friendly vibrator, increasingly to mental images of pony play constructed from what she had read and seen.

Amber committed to try to get into the club for Pony Day. The club served alcohol and she was of course too young, but women seem to have an easier time making it past security than men, and if she was properly dressed for the occasion – she liked her chances.

Amber’s costume on that first time had been pretty rudimentary. She had worn black pantyhose with a pair of combat boots. She painted the toes white and tried to make them look like hooves and the front and side edges of the soles silver as if they were horse shoes. She wore very tight shorts and a black “Band of Horses” T-shirt. She fastened her black hair into a ponytail and constructed an eighteen inch faux horse tail (made from an old wig) which she connected to the back of the widest belt she could find. A band around her forehead held horse ears that she constructed from heavy felt. To make her hands look like hooves she painted her knuckles and half of the tops of her hands white and the rest of her hands and arms black. When she closed her fists and held them out it made a pretty good imitation.

The only items she purchased were a wide collar, a single strap rubber bridle gag, and a leash line which she attached to a large ring in one side of the bridle. She had gone to an adult store to purchase these items. She might have found other things there, but she felt uncomfortable and wanted to get out as soon as possible. She also observed that the items could be pretty pricey. She had looked at some things online and was shocked at some of the prices. She was also too embarrassed to have such things arriving in the mail.

Amber did go to Pony Day at Torch. She felt self conscious as she approached the club. She was already in her costume but most of the people she saw were dressed normally. Then she noticed that many, in fact, most, carried a sack or bag. There must be a place within the club to change clothes. This made perfect sense. It also made her feel a little better. She certainly did not want to stand out.

As she approached the entrance Amber closed up behind a group that seemed to know their way around and soon she was within the inner sanctum. The interior was loud and dark, but no more so than most clubs. In fact, at first blush the impression of the place was a pretty normal night club. Amber was preparing herself for disappointment. She sighed. She would have a drink. Make a quick look around and go home.

Amber’s eyes adjusted to the light. She could see a long bar against one wall of a large open space. There were a lot of people at the bar. In the middle of the room there was a medium-sized dance floor. It was more brightly lit than the surrounding area. Between the dance floor and one wall a stage area was elevated about three feet above the dance floor. Outside the dance area there were tables. There were three rows of tables along the two other sides, each row on a platform one step up from the row below. Not at all an uncommon design for a night club. The similarity to other dance clubs stopped at the dress of the patrons. Most attire at least expressed their interest in the fetish. Perhaps a third of them could leave the club and walk down normal evening streets or enter other clubs without drawing undue attention. Another third were more clearly fetish oriented but not outrageous. Amber felt her efforts put her in this category. The final third, however, were something else. They in turn were in two categories. The first emphasized exposure of the body; some suggestively – others leaving little to suggest. The other group members were tightly restrained. These were not decorative restraints as were seen in the non-outrageous fetish group, these were tight effective restraints with no question of the exercise of control by another. As Amber identified one and then another, she could not take her eyes off these creatures held under such strict control. She could feel herself getting moist between her legs.

Both males and females were led about on the end of leashes held by a partner. Most of these were attached to collars but some to more interesting/creative aspects of the body. Amber saw a tall statuesque woman dressed in a black leather skirt, white blouse, and black pumps leading a man on a leash attached to a ring tightly fastened around his scrotum above his balls. The man’s arms were folded behind him and held in a leather sack that seemed to be tightly held to his body. His head was fully encapsuled in a black leather discipline helmet. The eye flaps were closed depriving him of vision and his cheeks puffed out from the stuffing in his mouth which was also held in place by fasteners to the hood.

As Amber stood frozen in place, her jaw hanging open, the woman stopped to talk to another woman who held a leash on the end of which was a male slave. This male was led by a collar around his neck. He was bare above the waist, but wore leather pants. His arms were fastened at the wrists with cuffs attached to a chain that ran through a ring in the front of his belt. He was not gagged but he kept his eyes down and said not a word. Amber noticed that he kept a careful distance behind and to the right of his Mistress.

“I see that you did it.” The second woman said to the woman holding the tightly encased slave.

“You should have seen him beg and plead when he realized what was going to happen. Normally I would have severely punished him for that, but it was just too much fun. We were already on the grounds of the clinic’s compound and his arms were bound. He even started to cry when the attendants took him.” She turned to the tightly encased male next to her and stroked one of his nipples. “Didn’t you boy?” He did not move. He just stood in place with his head lowered.

Then the woman reached down and lifted the male’s semi erect penis. Holding it in the palm of her hand she displayed it to the other woman. There was a heavy gold colored ring circling his penis just behind the head. “The ring is held with a pin that passes through his penis. A wire has been fed from the ball ring under his skin to the inhibitor ring. I picked a size that allows him to become just about half hard. Anything more starts to be uncomfortable and then moves through painful to excruciating. The best part is that he can never experience an orgasm. I can milk fluid from him, it gets him very excited, which is quite painful for him, but that is all.” The woman dropped the penis and smiled at her friend.

“Maybe I should get you neutered.” The other woman said as she stroked the shoulder of the male she held on her leash. His eyes widened in horror, but not a word came from his mouth.

Well, Amber had wanted something different. This certainly fit the bill. Some of these people really got into their role-playing. It was role-playing, wasn't it? The ring on the end of the male's penis looked pretty real. So did the expression of the other male at the suggestion of having him neutered. Amber wrinkled her brow and shook her head then turned her attentions elsewhere. That had been a little too far over the top for her.

Amber was disappointed. She had expected to see many pony costumes. However, most in attendance seemed to have worn what they wanted. Although it was disappointing it made sense. But there were a lot of people here and she had only seen a few. She looked around the room. Then she saw an interesting pony standing by one of the walls.

What caught her attention was the head. It was a horse. It looked just like a real horse. Amber had to get a better look. She moved through the crowd in the direction of the pony. The pony was not moving. Maybe it was not real.

Then it shook its head and gave a whinny. Amber jumped in response. There was somebody in this costume.

As Amber got closer, she could tell it was a girl inside. Below the leather pony head the pony wore a full leather harness. It was black leather just like the head. Straps ran over the shoulders, above and below the breasts - which were not covered and protruded proudly from the harness - and around the waist. A strap joined the waist, breast strap and the collar down the middle of the front. The pony had a very narrow waist. Amber could see a very tight waist cincher. Amber wondered how the pony could even breathe with it pulled so tight.

A thick cinch belt ran from the front of the waist strap through the legs of the pony. Other than the strap, the pony did not seem to be wearing anything to cover her most private areas. The realization that the pony was nude below the strap made Amber blush. Following on down very long legs the pony was wearing very high black pony boots. Amber felt embarrassed at her make-shift combat boots. These were elegant, the foot arched so that the pony was standing on the ball of the foot which opened into a three inch hoof, complete with a horse shoe on the bottom. Amber looked down at her own efforts to mimic the look. Then she looked back at the pony.

From the angle Amber was approaching, she could not see the back, but she could tell that the pony's arms were behind her.

Amber's attention returned to the head. She could see eyeholes and there were eyes behind them. Ears stood up on both sides of the head. The head appeared as if it was tucked down. The head was fully bridled with a bit set very high in a long mouth from the muzzle. Amber realized that this configuration gave the appearance of a real horse head but allowed the bit to fit in the mouth of the wearer.

Reins from the corners of the bit were tied to a ring in the wall. That is why the pony was staying in place. Assuming that her hands were fastened behind her she could do nothing to move from the spot where she had been tied. With that realization, Amber felt a tingle between her legs. She and Mr. Vibrator were going to have a great time later tonight. Amber moved closer and confirmed that the pony was indeed restrained. Her wrists were cuffed and were fastened to her harness at the back of the waist cincher. There were cuffs on her arms just above each elbow which were fastened to harness straps at her sides. Amber also noted that the girl’s hands were balled into fists and covered with what looked like small bags. She would have no use of her fingers. Even if she could reach the clips on her cuffs she could do nothing to unfasten them.

Standing next to this pony Amber felt like a complete fraud, but the pony turned toward her, whinnied, and moved her head up and down in Amber's direction. Amber aped the movement and whinnied back. She moved closer and the pony nuzzled her. Amber felt accepted. It felt magnificent.

The pony turned and offered her clipped hands to Amber. Did she want to be let go? Amber froze. The pony turned back toward Amber shook her head up and down in almost a frantic motion and then once again offered her bound hands.

Amber reached out and touched the cuffs. She examined the link holding them together. It was not a padlock. It was a carabineer. It had a pressured gate in one side that could be opened; however, you could not just push the gate down. A piece on the gate portion had to first be turned ninety degrees. It did not take much dexterity, but enough to make it a very effective restraint for a creature without the use of hands.

Amber turned the guard on the gate and pushed it down. “Bad ponies!” Amber jerked her hand back as the tip of a crop struck the back of her hand. A second strike made a loud sound as it struck the flank of the pony. This evoked a squeal.

Amber turned to face her attacker. “Haven’t you learned to respect other people’s property?” The voice was commanding. Amber stepped back a step as the woman moved into Amber’s personal space.

The woman was tall, at least six feet. She had raven black hair cut at shoulder level. She wore jodhpurs and knee-high black leather boots. A white blouse and leather vest finished the outfit. Amber felt she should say something, but she was still wearing her bit gag. Amber reached up to unfasten one side of the gag.

The woman interrupted the movement, took Amber’s arm by the wrist and pulled it back down. As she did she turned Amber toward the wall. Amber felt a hole open in the bottom of her stomach. She felt like she should pull her hand loose but her brain seemed incapable of sending the proper message to her body.

Amber felt her other arm pulled behind her. Her two wrists were placed one over the other at the small of her back. Then she felt something wrap around the wrists and then tighten. By the time Amber processed what was happening and pulled at her wrists they were bound behind her.

A part of her was frightened. She did not know this woman. She had never been tied before – at least not by another person. But this was just so exciting. Her legs were weakening, the tingle she had felt was growing and it was becoming overwhelming. If Amber’s hands were free she would have wanted to touch herself. Never mind that she was in public.

The woman turned Amber back toward her. She had a short line in her right hand. She clipped one end to the ring in the front of Amber’s collar. The other end she tied to a ring in the wall about six feet from the pony. “You stay here and think about how a proper pony should act.” With that, the woman turned and walked away.

Amber turned to walk after her but immediately pulled up as the leash line came tight. She was tied to the ring with about two feet of slack. Amber twisted her hands to try to pull them loose, but she could not. She felt around with her fingers and could tell that a narrow leather strap had been wrapped multiple times around her hands and even cinched. She probed for the buckle or a knot but could not find anything. Because her wrists had been laid parallel her arms were held at the small of her back. As she lowered her hands the strap around her wrists tightened.

She tried to reach around herself with her bound hands to see if she could reach the ring and untie the leash. There was no possibility of doing that. It was just too high. She could see the knot tied in the leash line, but she could not reach it. She tried to use her mouth, but with even the simple bit she was not able to get any purchase on the line.

Amber looked back at the pony. They were separated only by a short distance, but the distance was sufficient to keep them from reaching each other. The pony looked at her and then turned away.

Amber looked to the other side. She had not paid any attention in that direction. Maybe there was something that could help.

About six feet away to Amber’s left there was a kneeling figure. Amber could see a short pole extending up from the floor. It disappeared between the legs of the rubber encased figure. Amber could not see for sure where it went, but had a pretty good idea. Straps at the tops of the thighs and just above the knees kept the figures legs firmly locked against the pole. The pole was set high enough to insure that the figure had to keep up in a full kneeling position.

This figure was a male. A rather uncomfortable looking cage of metal encased his penis. The cage was clearly small and designed to discourage and punish any tumescence on the part of the wearer. The male’s arms disappeared into a single glove behind his back. The end of the single glove was clipped to a strap that circled his ankles. He was well secured, and he was certainly not going to be of any assistance to Amber.

His upper body was also enclosed in tight fitting leather, but there were openings at the breasts. Amber observed that both of his nipples were ringed. From each ring an alligator clip connected a wire that disappeared back over his shoulders where they connected to a small black box attached to the top of the armbinder.

Amber could not make out his features because he was fully hooded. While the hood might allow for the eyes to be open, they were covered leaving him completely sightless.

Amber could see that his cheeks bulged, evidencing the presence of a strict gag inside his mouth. From the center of where the mouth would be a small hose was connected. It ran up to the wall where it connected into the bottom of a bag of liquid. It looked like the bag would hold at least a quart. Even though most of the liquid was gone, it was not empty. Occasional movement of the mouth evidenced the efforts of the bound figure to suck out the contents of the bag.

“Your Mistress is going to be very upset with you.” Amber looked over to see a waitress standing next to the kneeling figure. Amber had seen several of them around the club. She wore gold colored sandals with at least five inch heels. Her costume looked more like a harem slave girl than a waitress. Metal cuffs at her ankles were joined with a medium length chain. From the center of the hobble chain another chain extended up to the back of a metal waist belt. She wore similar cuffs on her wrists. They were connected together with a single pole of about twelve inches. She could not bring her hands together. The final part of the costume was a heavy looking metal collar.

“You were required to finish a bag every hour. It has been an hour and the bag is not empty. You know what I have to do.” The kneeling figure started shaking his head back and forth. Mewling sounds were escaping his mouth. The waitress reached to the black box on the top of his armbinder and flipped a switch. There was a gasp and a groan and the upper body of the figure shook back and forth.

“I hope you can get that finished in the next ten minutes. If you do I will turn this off.” Amber saw the cheeks of the figure moving furiously as he was clearly sucking at the liquid. Bound and blinded as he was he would have no idea how much liquid was left to be consumed. The tingle was back between Amber’s legs. She felt her nipples harden. What would it feel like to have electrical shocks surging through them? What would it be like to have to helplessly respond to the demands of a strict Mistress? Amber looked at the tether holding her to the wall. She twisted her own arms within their bindings. She felt warm all over, but mostly between her legs. She really needed to touch herself.

The waitress turned to Amber. “Well, you are a new addition here. I see you have some drink coupons on your collar. Do you want a drink?” A clever feature of the club allowed the purchase of plastic chits that could be traded for drinks. Each one had a clip on one end so they could be attached to the collar or some other part of a restrained occupant. Most costumes did not have pockets, and some guests, such as Amber right now, did not have use of their hands.

Amber bobbed her head up and down. She did want a drink. She really wanted a drink, but mostly she wanted to be able to talk.

As she hoped, the waitress unclipped one side of Amber’s bit and let it slip out of her mouth. “What would you like?” She queried as she loosened the bit.

“Please, let my hands go.” Amber turned and presented her bound hands.

“Yeah, like I need ten strokes of the cane. I can only touch gags and bits; everything else has to be done by your owner.”

“But I don’t have an owner!”

“I don’t think you put yourself here.”

“No, I didn’t, but I don’t know her. What if she just leaves me here?”

“Well, I guess if nobody comes to claim you by the end of the evening you will just forfeit to the house. Now, enough nonsense. What do you want to drink” The waitress lifted Amber’s bit back toward her mouth.

“A sex on the beach.” She responded quickly as she felt the bit pushed into her mouth and secured at the corner of her mouth. She chewed at it and wondered if the waitress had not made it tighter.

As the waitress moved on to the other pony Amber wondered how she was supposed to drink a drink gagged and with her hands bound.

She looked over at the kneeling figure. She could sense the desperation in the sounds she heard coming from the bound form. The sucking and slurping sounds were intermixed with squeals and groans. He had no sense of time; he had no idea how much more he had to drink. Amber wondered, how much he had already, and what was the liquid?

The waitress returned. Had it really been ten minutes? Time took on a different feeling when you were helpless. She went first to the kneeling figure. “Ok, better.” She turned a switch on the black box and Amber could see a sigh roll through the figure. Then the waitress connected a new bag of liquid to the ring in the wall and removed the line to the gag from the old bag and inserted it in the new bag. It looked like a lot of liquid. “You have already wasted ten minutes of this hour finishing your last bag. I suggest you really get to work on this one. I have already reported your failure to your Mistress. She did not seem happy.”

The waitress turned to Amber. Suddenly she was not sure she wanted a drink. The waitress lifted a plastic bottle that looked like a baby bottle, complete with a nipple, to a ring in the wall and clipped it into place. Amber was hoping receiving her drink would involve removing her gag. It did not. The waitress removed a coupon from Amber’s collar.

Then the waitress moved over to the pony and repeated the process with a similar bottle. Amber grunted and shook her head back and forth. She wanted the waitress to realize that she was still gagged.

The waitress looked over at her. “Stupid pony. If you slip the nipple on the bottle over the top of the bit you can suck out liquid. If you don’t want to do it that way I can get you a drinking gag. It is a five inch long rubber cock that you suck. Like our friend over here.” She gestured to the kneeling figure. “Would you like that?” The smile that accompanied this comment was frightening in its malevolence.

Amber shook her head back and forth. She did not want that. She would figure out how to drink around the bit. She realized as she looked at the bottle that it was set high enough that she could easily keep her mouth below it and almost any manipulation of the nipple would drip liquid into her mouth.

As she experimented with the bottle Amber did, in fact, become more proficient at drinking. She was happy that she was not on a schedule like the kneeling figure. Amber had not even finished her drink when the waitress had returned and chided the poor male for yet another failure before turning on his shocking unit and leaving again.

Watching the helpless male squirm and listening to the loud sucking sounds mixed with moans and whines was making Amber very wet. It should not have had that effect, but it was. She felt mixed feelings when his owner came to get him. Dressed in a black leather cat suit with a firmly cinched waist this was a no nonsense woman.

Amber watched as the mistress released the link from the armbinder to the ankles, and then released the male’s ankles and legs. She connected a leash to his collar and assisted him up off the pole. Amber was shocked at the length of the rubber projection on the top of the pole. It had, indeed, been deeply buried in the male’s bottom. “Why do I even bother with you? You are completely worthless. I should just sell you – or give you away – and be rid of the bother.” She tugged on the leash and the male followed blindly behind her. Amber noticed as the woman spoke and then pulled on the leash that the male’s penis was straining at the cage. The natures of the relationships around here were very confusing. More importantly, why was it having such a strong effect on Amber?

Amber finished her drink and another. The waitress did not remove her bit the second time she ordered. Amber liked the feeling of helplessness, she had never experienced this before, but she was a little unhappy that she could not see more of what was going on in the club. The slack in her reins from the ring in the wall was short enough to keep her back to most of what was going on. By pushing right up against the wall she could turn to the side and see a little, but this position became uncomfortable and finally she just turned and stared at the wall like a good pony.

The pony tethered next to her stood patiently. She was at a slight angle to the wall, but with the blinders on her bridle Amber could not see her eyes. Amber wanted to talk to her. She wanted to ask her what she did when she wasn’t a pony. She wanted to know how long she had been doing this. She wanted to explore how the pony felt. Amber felt a kindred spirit with her companion. But both ponies were bitted and communication was not to be. Amber tried to get her attention by making noises. She wanted to at least make eye contact, but the pony paid no attention to her.

Time seemed to slow. Amber listened to the music play. She sensed the movement of dancing people nearby, but one song seemed to melt into another and time seemed to stand still. Her hands were behind her back held with only a single strap. At first she had been convinced that she could release herself anytime she wanted. After what seemed like hours standing at the wall Amber needed to go to the bathroom. But she was held with her face near the wall. At a minimum her reins would have to be released before she could even find the bathrooms. She needed the use of her hands. She had stood and enjoyed the helpless feeling of her hands being tied, but now she needed them. She had never believed that she was really helpless. There was only a single strap that held her arms behind her. It was time for her to get loose.

She twisted her hands trying to pull one free. That did not work. The strap was too tight. She felt around for the buckle. She would just open it. But all her fingers found was the strap. How and where was it fastened? She tried to twist her hands around and see what was going on behind her but her reins were tied above her face and she could not get into the right position to see. She pulled at her arms with more urgency. The pony turned and looked at her. Amber thought maybe she was going to try to help, but then she just turned away. Somehow she knew that Amber’s efforts would not change her situation.

She was helpless. She was really helpless. She had fantasized about being helpless before, but she had never actually been helpless. A shiver ran through her body. She had not been afraid before, but suddenly she was. She was completely dependent upon the pony’s Mistress. Would she come and let her go? Would she humiliate her by just leaving her here for the club staff to release at the end of the evening? By then she would have been unable to hold her bladder and would certainly have embarrassed herself further.

Amber laughed. She was standing next to the wall in a club full of people with her arms tied behind her and her face leashed to a ring in the wall and all she was worried about is that she might wet herself. But, there was something else going on. She felt the tingle and the warmth and the moisture between her legs. The later was not because of the needs of her bladder. She was horny. Not just a little, but serious off-the-chart-I-need-it-now horny. She had been squirming her legs back and forth, rubbing her thighs together. It was not just the dance of the full bladder. It was more, much more.

At least the demand from her full bladder was occupying her mind. She almost didn’t notice when the mysterious woman who had fastened her to the wall appeared.

“Either you are really enjoying yourself or your need to relieve yourself.” The woman was smiling at Amber. Amber continued to dance from foot to foot and shook her head up and down.

“It is time to show the costumes on the stage. Can you wait?” Amber shook her head back and forth. She could not wait. She was lucky to have gotten this far.

“Very well.” The woman released Amber’s reins from the wall and set off. Amber had expected her arms to be released, but that didn’t happen. Instead the woman walked ahead holding Amber’s reins, and Amber followed. Amber thought she should have been mortified at this. People were looking at her. But the look on their faces was not disapproval. She saw smiles of approval, she saw curiosity, but mostly she saw what looked like envy. Was it to be in her position or the Mistress leading her down the hallway to the bathrooms? It didn’t really matter, maybe it was a little of both.

As they entered the bathroom Amber began to worry about how she was going to do this. Her arms were still tied. The woman led her over to the end stall. There was a girl kneeling by the door, or at least where the stall door should be. She was completely covered in blue latex. There were opening for her eyes and holes below her nose but where her mouth should be was only a bulge. The blue was interrupted only by a shiny metal collar around her neck, a similar metal belt, and cuffs around her wrists. The wrist cuffs were fastened with a chain of about twenty four inches that fed through a ring in the front of her belt. A chain extended from the back of her collar to a ring in the wall.

As the woman approached leading Amber the kneeling figure bowed her head.

“Toilet and clean her.” The woman held out the reins to the kneeling figure. The girl reached to the limit of her chain and took the reins. Amber had trouble looking down at her because of the restrictions of her posture collar. She felt the latex gloved hands of the girl touch her. The girl opened Amber’s shorts and unceremoniously pulled then down to her knees. Her pantyhose followed.

The girl then rose to her feet. Amber then saw that she wore boots that came up to just below her knees. The foot of each boot curved down so that when standing the girl balanced on the tip of her toe, en point, with a stiletto heel of almost seven inches her only additional support. Her ankles were also cuffed and joined with a chain of no more than twelve inches.

The girl moved on these boots with an ease that amazed Amber. It took a jerk on her reins to remind her to follow. With her shorts down below her knees she was also hobbled and had to shuffle behind the girl.

There was no door on this end stall and it was wider than normal, like a handicapped stall. It appeared that many of the guests of this establishment needed help in performing certain functions. It was just another thoughtful accommodation to the clientele. And, of course, if someone wanted to watch, that went with the territory.

The girl took Amber by the arm and turned her around. Then she guided her down onto the seat of the toilet. Amber felt a surge of embarrassment. The woman was standing at the opening of the stall watching. Amber heard a click and felt a pressure at the back of her neck. The girl had fastened a short chain from the wall behind the toilet to the back of Amber’s collar. The girl then took up a kneeling position next to Amber. The girl stroked Amber’s thigh and stomach.

Any sense of embarrassment was overcome by need. Amber could not look down sufficiently to see between her legs, but she heard the sound of the liquid leave her body. It was an instant relief. Amber felt like she went for a long time, but finally she was done. She leaned forward a little and felt the pressure on the front of her collar as the chain tightened at the back. She was puzzled. She was done, why was she still chained to the toilet?

The girl moved Amber’s shorts and pantyhose down her legs to her ankles. Amber looked at her with panic. Then she pushed Amber's knees apart. Before Amber could even react she slipped something between her knees. It was a metal bar. On each end there was a semi circular metal piece that went around each of Amber’s legs just above her knees. There was a place for straps at the end of each part, but the girl did not bother with that. With Amber’s ankles held next to each other by her own shorts and pantyhose she could not open her legs enough to get rid of this spreader.

The girl reached below the edge of the toilet and retrieved a short hose. Amber heard the water start to spray before she felt it. The handle held by the girl allowed her to control the flow of the water. Amber felt herself being sprayed with the water. The girl worked it back and forth washing the entire area between Amber’s legs. The water was cold and Amber jerked in response. Then she felt the tip of the nozzle pushed between her beauty lips. Amber looked up at the woman standing at the end of the stall. She was smiling. Suddenly the water released inside Amber. If Amber had been standing she would have bolted. She had never felt anything like that before. She tried to stand up, but her neck was held back to the wall and she had no leverage.

It only lasted a few seconds, but the surprise had been complete. The girl removed the nozzle. Amber felt the caress of a soft towel as she was dried. She had been emptied and washed as instructed. The girl carefully moved the light soft towel over Amber’s most private parts.

“Check her state of arousal.” It was the woman speaking. Amber felt fingers parting her labia. Then there was a finger on her clitoris. Moving it and holding it up.

The woman moved closer and bent at the waist. “Yes, nicely engorged.”

Amber saw the woman hold out something to the girl. “Plug her and get her back up.”

Amber felt something pushed up inside her. The girl moved slowly and carefully. It did not hurt, but it was very distracting. Amber had used a dildo on herself before, but it had always been in her own bedroom, under her own control, and private. It had also always been transitory in nature and rarely ventured where this device now sat.

When the invader was fully positioned the girl removed the spreader from between Amber’s legs, then she stood and unclipped the chain to the collar. Then she pulled upward on Amber’s reins causing Amber to rise. Amber’s shorts and pantyhose were still around her ankles. She felt the dildo starting to slip down. She didn’t know if she should let it go or try to hold it in. It felt good, but very strange.

There was really no time for decision, the girl quickly knelt and then pulled up the pantyhose and shorts. Amber had picked the shorts to be very tight, so as soon as they were back in place there was no way the new accessory was coming out.

Then the girl rose and led Amber out of the stall, handing the reins back to the woman. Amber marveled at the way the girl worked. With her arms chained together and to her waist and wearing impossible boots, she had to rise and kneel to perform even simple tasks. Amber did not think that she would even be able to stand in those boots let alone walk. She would have fallen and broken something.

The woman took the reins and tugged Amber from the bathroom. Amber assumed that the girl, held by the chain to the back of her collar had returned to her kneeling ready position near the special stall. Amber wondered what the girl’s story was. Was it the girl’s choice to be doing that or was she doing to please someone else? Did she get off on the humiliation? Maybe. Amber could not believe the extent of the games people were playing here. Amber pictured a cruel Mistress relegating the girl to this duty under threat of severe punishment if there were any negative reports. They were games – weren’t they? The girl’s mouth had been completely covered, only her eyes were visible, but on reflection Amber thought they looked sad. Amber shivered.

She had seen so many people who were helpless – she was one of them. You had to trust a lot to let yourself get in that position. But Amber did not even know this woman. What would she do if the woman took advantage? What could she do?

Amber’s thoughts were interrupted as she felt the reins pull taut, compelling her to follow. The woman led her back to the place where she had been tethered to the wall. Amber sighed, expecting to be reconnected. Instead, the woman released the pony and set off with both sets of reins in her hands. Amber and the pony clopped along behind.

They were headed for the stage. Next to the pony Amber was feeling very inferior. The pony had a spectacular costume. Amber did not like the comparison. As she and the pony were led onto the stage she was more embarrassed by what she felt were the deficiencies of her costume than by being displayed before a club full of people when she was bitted and restrained.

There were already five other ponies on the stage. Amber looked quickly before being positioned on the end of the line. She thought all of the costumes were superior to hers. She wanted to get off the stage, but the woman was still holding her reins. Amber had shied away, but a jerk on her reins brought her back in line. She wanted the floor to open up and swallow her. It felt like all the eyes were watching her. She was sure she was going to be laughed at.

There was an MC on the stage. He had started at the other end of the line of ponies. Amber saw the pony step forward a couple of steps. Amber looked over toward her only to feel a jerk on her reins. “Eyes forward, pony!” It was the woman. Amber looked toward her and then looked straight ahead.

The MC had now moved the second pony forward and was giving a quick description of the costume. Amber dare not look. Something in the woman’s voice made her keep her eyes forward.

She could hear conversations in the audience and occasional applause. The woman’s pony received a long round of applause. Amber had watched when the pony stepped forward. She had lifted her legs high with each step. Her back was ramrod stiff. She shook her head and neighed. Amber wanted to be her. Amber was very jealous.

Amber’s eyes wandered down the back of the pony. The stage lights were bright and Amber thought she saw marks on the buttocks and thighs of the pony. It looked like raised lines. But before she could get a better look the pony stepped back and she felt herself being urged forward. She didn’t step high and gracefully. She had stiffened and frozen in place only to be pulled off balance and forward by her reins. She heard giggles through the crowd. Amber blushed, what shame. Could this be any more humiliating?

She tried to look over at the woman. “Eyes straight ahead.” The voice was commanding. It was a voice to be obeyed. The MC was starting to say something about Amber’s costume. Amber heard a click and felt the dildo stuffed inside her come to life. A high pitched yip leapt from her mouth and her hips began to move as she began to squirm. The giggles became open laughter.

She danced from one leg to the other. She tried to move her legs against one another. She twisted her arms trying to free her hands. There was more laughter now. Everyone seemed to know exactly what was happening to her. Amber had lost track of the MC, she had no idea what he had said about her. It had been a complete mistake to come here. She was being humiliated. She was an outsider and they were showing her that she had trespassed. Amber felt tears in her eyes. Even so, she could not escape what was happening between her legs. She would have thought that the public humiliation would have suppressed any sexual desire, but it was having the opposite effect. She could feel it welling in her. If she were not gagged by the bit she would be begging and yelling for relief. Instead she just danced and twisted.

How long this went on Amber did not know. But her level of excitement just kept rising. When it finally exploded she thought her legs were going to give out. It was an orgasm of epic proportion. The vibrator clicked off, Amber slumped, and the crowd roared with applause and cheers.

As Amber recovered she listened to the MC announcing the winners. The pony next to her won best costume. That had been a given, Amber thought. There were several other awards, and to Amber’s great surprise she received an award for creativity. She had been wrong. She was not being humiliated for being an outsider; she was going through a rite of passage. She was being accepted. Amber’s posture straightened. She beamed.

The woman led Amber and the pony off the stage. She did not take them back to the wall but rather tied their reins to a railing near the stage. The stage was then used for a dressage demonstration from the Rocking S Pony Ranch. A woman no older than her late 20’s led a tall statuesque pony onto the stage. The woman held the reins in one hand and a whip that looked like it belonged in a circus in the other.

The pony was in full tack with high pony boots that had no heels, requiring her to take her weight on her toes, and which opened into hooves with horse shoes. A high collar around her neck connected to a full martingale and bridle straps that went around and over her head insuring that she could not turn her head. Her bit seemed to be of metal and the lever arms from the bit were connected by light chains to rings in her nipples. The reins were connected to rings in these chains a third of the way down from the bit arm. Any tension on the reins pulled down on the bit arm, but also pulled at the nipple ring. Amber felt her own nipples harden. If she had use of her hands she would have given her breasts a sympathetic touch.

The harness straps were wrapped around the pony's body both above and below her breasts. There was some support for the breasts, but it ended well before the fully exposed and ringed nipples. Her arms were held behind her. They appeared to have been folded with the forearms one on the other and then enclosed in a leather pouch that cinched tightly over the lower arms then up over and above her elbows. Amber had been unable to escape a simple strap. She wondered what that restraint must feel like. Would she like to be put in that thing? She would be so helpless. She felt a tingling between her legs again. The look of the device was frightening, but she wished for a moment that she was wearing it.

The woman pranced the pony around the stage cracking the whip so close to the flanks of the pony that Amber was sure some of them must have hit. The pony lifted her legs high and followed the verbal and signaled commands of the woman. Her movements were strong, fluid, and precise. Amber was very impressed. When ordered to halt the pony came to a stop and stood facing the audience her hooves at shoulder width. Amber’s eyes drew to the closely shaved area between the pony’s legs. Amber was sure that the pony was wet.

The woman faced the audience. “This is the result of four months of constant training. Wildflower was a reluctant, even rebellious, trainee when she first arrived at the farm. But look at her now, perfectly trained and absolutely obedient. If you have a slave that is acting out, or above his or her station, is disrespectful, slovenly, or just lazy, we guarantee results. The program is six months but includes regular refreshers for up to ten years. Just the threat of going back for a refresher is usually enough to keep most slaves in line, although some do need some follow up. The package includes registration, bar coding, and chipping so wayward property can be located and recovered from anywhere in the world.” The woman stopped, smiled and looked around the room. “Auction and resale services are also available.”

What the hell did that all mean? Amber thought. A six month training program, wow that would really be an experience. Amber pictured a dormitory full of ponygirls in training sitting around and gossiping after a long day in harness. That would really be something. She wondered what something like that must cost. But what did that “chipping” and “recovery” business mean. More fantasy, Amber decided.

The show was over and the stage was empty. Amber felt the strap holding her arms released. She lowered her arms and stretched them out. The woman handed her a card. Amber looked at the card. All it had was an email address.

“If you want more send an email to this address with the phrase ‘I want more.’” The woman turned and walked away. The pony, hands still tightly secured behind her back followed her reins held in the hand of the woman as they disappeared.

Amber stood and stared after them. She removed her bit gag and stretched her jaw. As she took a step she realized that the dildo was still inside her. She looked around for the woman thinking that she should say something, but there was no sign of her.

Amber still had a drink chit clipped to her collar. She had received it with her on stage award. She did not know what time it was but hoped she had time for another drink before closing. She worked her way over to the bar. They were still serving.

Amber got her drink and moved over to the side of the bar. She spent some time watching. She had not liked the fact that she could not watch what was going on for most of the evening. Many of the costumes were very exotic and she found that exciting. Amber was aware of someone moving up next to her.

“Wow, you were so brave, having an orgasm on stage. I think I would have run screaming first.” The girl was a little shorter than Amber; she had blonde hair cut at shoulder length. She wore a leather skirt that stopped just above her knees. Her leather vest gave a hint of maybe C cup breasts.

“Well, if you were paying attention, you might have noticed that I didn’t have a choice. I was tied and reined.” Amber had taken the comment as accusatory. The girl blushed in response.

“I’m sorry; I thought you knew what was happening and that you were enjoying yourself.” The girl moved back a little as if she were about to flee.

“No, I’m sorry. It has been a crazy night. I did enjoy it even though I thought I was going to die of embarrassment. I did not know it was going to happen.”

“Where is your Mistress?” The girl was looking around as if she might be trespassing.

“The woman? I don’t know. I don’t know who she is. It happened early in the evening. I am not even sure how it happened. All of a sudden I found myself tied and under her control. For a long while I was afraid she was going to spirit me away to some secret dungeon or sign me up for six months of pony training.” Amber laughed as she realized that she had actually been afraid. This place was really great for fantasy, and the fantasy had been amazing.

“Oh oh. I have to go. My Mistress gets very jealous.” The girl smiled and then scampered away to the side of a large woman dressed in leather. The large woman put her arm around the small girl and the girl moved in against her.

Amber felt a pang of loneliness. Almost everyone here had someone. Amber had had someone for most of the evening, but now she was alone. She finished her drink and went home.

End of part 1

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