Willing Abduction
by Horsecatcher

After three months of emails and checking references, and one meeting for lunch to get a feel of what each of us wanted, we decided to play. We would meet in Wal-Mart’s parking lot, check identities so I didn’t grab the wrong woman, and I would take her prisoner and have fun with her body. In the emails she said her only restriction was no permanent marks. She refused the use of a safe word and said she would be at my mercy. She also said she liked being scared, it turned her on. So on with the abduction!

I was there fifteen minutes early so I got myself a drink while I waited. I saw her drive in and park next to my truck. By the time she got out of the car, I was coming up behind her.

“Ready to start, Judy?”

She turned to face me and smiled. “Yep! Here’s the notarized release you asked me to get. What do you want me to do?”

I walked over to my truck and unlocked the passenger door, opened it, and pulled the seat forward so she could get into the rear seat. “Climb in the back and sit down”. She did and I said; “Are you wearing a bra?”

“No, per your instructions I left it off”.

“Good! Now open your blouse.” She did while I proceeded to tie her legs just above her knees. When I finished I started on her ankles. “I like the skirt. Are you wearing panties?”

“Yes, the kind that tie on the sides,” she said as she watched me tie the knots.

“Great! If you look to your left you will see three different types of gags. I want you to choose one of them to wear. This will be your last decision of the day. If your nose doesn’t get stuffed, I’d recommend the tape; you’ll be able to swallow and won’t drool like you will with the ball gag”.

She looked at the gags, fingered the ball and the tied rope shrugged and picked up the tape. “Do you want me to put it on myself?”

“Yes, by doing it yourself you signify your willingness to go through with this ‘game’”.

She smiled and smoothed the tape over her mouth.

“Now lie on the floor so your breasts are right between the console and the driver seat. That way all I have to do is drop my hand to play with your tits”. She complied and I tied her ankles to the passenger’s seat support nearest the door. I then closed the door, went to the driver’s side, took her hands over her head, put police issue handcuffs on her wrists, making sure they weren’t too tight or loose, and strapped them to the outside of the driver’s seat. She was now stretched behind the seats with no wiggle room. I had a cushion there for her head and a blanket to throw over the top of her. I then picked up her purse which she had left on the front seat. “Now let’s see, there’s your cell phone,” and I turned it off, “and here’s your car keys. Now as they say in the movies, don’t go anywhere.” I could hear her groan as I locked the truck and walked over to her car.

I started it and moved it over an aisle, so she’d hear it move. When I got back in my truck I didn’t let her see the keys still in my hand. I started my truck and said; “Now if I’m lucky some kid will see your car with the keys in the ignition and steal your car. If he looks he’ll find your cell in the console and make all kinds of calls. That will keep any suspicion off me since you won’t be seen in public for quite a while! You’re mine now, wench! And I’ll do whatever I want to you!”

This drew some moaning and wiggling from her which stopped when I dropped my right hand down and started playing with her nipples. She couldn’t stop me and couldn’t move away from my hand. Her wiggling soon stopped and moaning began. So I stopped. Ten minutes later I started again. I kept this up the whole trip home. I know from her reaction I gave her at least one orgasm.

When I got to my place, I let her lie there while I put the finishing touches on the dungeon I had installed in a storage shed. When I went back to the truck, I untied her ankles but left the rope above her knees. I then went around to the driver’s side. When I unstrapped the cuffs from the seat I told her to sit up. When she did I took a rope around the center of the cuffs, pulled her hands behind her neck, and brought the rope down her back.

“Slide yourself towards that door,” I told her. When she reached the door I helped her stand, took the rope between her legs back up to her waist, went around her waist and knotted it so any pull would pull up on her crotch. When I tested it I got an immediate reaction!

“See that little building in front of you? That’s where you’re going,” and gave a little pull to encourage her compliance. She couldn’t walk very fast with her knees tied so I had plenty of time to watch her shuffle forward. I walked around her, admiring the view. By the time she got there her helplessness and the crotch rope had her turned on. Her nipples were as pointed as arrows and her breath was rapid. When she got there I untied her knees so she could step up into the shed. I had a raging hard-on and decided to do something about it. I untied the crotch rope and tied her waist to a pole. I then unlocked the cuffs and relocked them around the pole. I pushed her blouse back off her shoulders and licked her tits. She moaned and thrust her hips at me.

“Soon, very soon,” I said and untied her panties letting them drop. She spread her legs and looked wide-eyed at me. I lifted her skirt and looked at her dripping pussy. I didn’t need any foreplay so I dropped my pants and underwear and started thrusting into her. She wrapped her legs around me and was trying to meet my thrusts with her own. Her orgasm came quickly. I just kept stroking and I came just before she had another orgasm. After I had softened and withdrew, I untied her waist and let her slide down and lie on the floor.

I smiled down at her at her and pulled up my pants. I went into the house and got myself a drink and some water and a straw for her. When I got back to her she was stretched out on the floor half asleep. I reached down and tickled a nipple and her eyes popped open.

“Would you like some water?”

She nodded and tried to sit up.

I helped her sit up and said; “I’m going to remove your gag, any attempt to scream or even lecture me and you will be gagged all the time, understand?”

At her nod I removed her gag, and held the glass of water so she could drink. “This is where you are going to live for quite a while. I’ll bring in a portable toilet for you to use and how much and how well you eat will depend on how well you please me.

“Yes Sir! I will attempt to be everything that you desire in a woman! How can I please you?”

I laughed; “That depends on how talented you are with your mouth as well as your cunt. Before we begin do you need to use the toilet?”

“No Sir, I’m fine for now, what do you want me to do?”

“Stand up,” I told her. When I helped her to her feet I put a blindfold over her eyes and said; “Stand still while I release your handcuffs and remove your blouse”. She did as I said and I then re-cuffed her hands behind her back. I then led her to the back of the shed where I’d spread a sleeping bag on the floor. “Go to your knees,” I ordered and I helped her down. “Now spread your legs apart and sit back on your heels”. She did as I said. “Farther apart,” and I nudged her knees with my toe. She spread her legs slightly farther apart. “That’s better, now open your mouth,” When she had opened I placed my prick in it. “Now you suck and lick very gently until you have me as hard as I can be, understand?”

She mumbled yesss... as she started working on me. I had my hand on her head as she bobbed up and down my penis. It didn’t take as long as I expected for her lips and tongue to get me hard. Sucking on me had gotten her ready for whatever I wanted; her nipples were as hard as arrows, her breath was rapid, and she was sweating in the cool air. I then pulled out of her mouth and walked around her. I then pushed gently on her back so her head was on the sleeping bag and her butt was in the air. I knelt down behind her and gently inserted my prick into her cunt and started stroking slowly. She started cumming immediately; it took me a little longer. After I’d finished and withdrawn, I pushed her face down on the sleeping bag and tied her into a loose hogtie. Since she was practically asleep, I didn’t gag her. I stood there gazing at her and I was sorry I’d be taking her back to her car when she woke up.

The End

Copyright© 2014 by Horsecatcher. All rights reserved.