Parallel Universe
by Harry

The Essay

"Coming for a game of tennis, Angela?" cried Stephanie to her form mate and best friend, at the end of classes on Saturday.

"Sorry, Stephanie old girl, I've got this stupid, fart-arsed essay to write. 10,000 words on why I must not talk back to Miss French. The title is "Manners Makyth Man." Fucking stupid old cow!

"I'll stay and sit with you, while you write it, then. Tennis is no fun without you. Nothing's any fun without you."

After poor Angela had been scribbling for a couple of hours, churning out, as a penance for being too high-spirited a girl, reams of unbelievably moronic and inconsequential drivel, Stephanie suddenly remembered a story she had read recently.

"You know, Ange, I read about a school somewhere where errant pupils were punished by being stripped of some or all their clothing for a period of time. The idea was that the humiliation of bodily exposure and the ridicule of one's peers would be a deterrent to bad behaviour."

"Shut up Steph! I'm in the midst of the creative process. What's more, if this is not handed in by seven o'clock tonight, I get landed with yet another load of garbage to write. That really would push me right over the edge of the abyss."

"Would you sooner be writing that fucking stupid essay fully clothed, or be playing tennis with me in the nude? Think about it!"

"It was only a story, Stephie. Things don't happen like that in the real world. It would be called child abuse or something like that. As a matter of fact I'd love to play tennis nude -- I like doing everything in the nude, as you so very well know, especially late at night with you! And when I've finished this, we'll do something very special together in the literally fucking nude."

Stephanie had not quite finished annoying her friend with her chatter.

"I heard a theory that this isn't the only universe. There are alternative universes to accommodate every possible situation or combination of situations that could ever possibly happen. Somewhere out there, Angela, in some other dimension, a version of you is playing nude tennis with a version of me, instead of being stuck inside this room, writing reams of useless crap for that old cow French!"

"Will you please be quiet my love! Come and lie down on the sofa, put your sweet adorable golden-haired head on my lap and I can rest my essay on that lovely, sweet back of yours"

As Stephanie lay on the sofa, she felt her friend's warmth and softness beneath her head and thrilled to the rhythmic motions of that darling hand as it scribbled away above her. Soon she drifted into sleep.

The New Regime

"Stephanie Howes-Chillingworth, it would seem that previous attempts to discourage your impudent disregard for authority have not been effective. You will remove your blouse and bra for three days!"

"Are you fucking mad, Miss? You can't do that sort of thing in the Twenty-First Century. Ever heard of Human Rights? Wait till my Daddy hears about this. He's a High Court Judge and he'll have your guts for garters, you wicked old pervert!"

"Your father, Sir Arthur Howes-Chillingwoth, is one of the Governors of this school, young lady, and it was at his express insistence and with my hearty approval that the new disciplinary code was introduced. You will immediately comply with my orders, or it will be the worse for you."

"Fuck off, you ugly old bat! I'll ring Daddy this minute and get him to take me out of this shit-house of a so-called school and have you done for child-molesting into the bargain. I know my rights, you old bag of bones!"

A call to her father left a terrified and chastened Stephanie pale-faced and quivering before the irate headmistress.

"In view of your gross insubordination and foul language, I am increasing the punishment to total nudity for one week. Your ceremonial stripping will take place on the tennis court before the entire school in one hour. Furthermore, you will not be excused from any school activities on account of your punishment, with the exception of Divine Worship on Sunday, where you will use a secluded pew in the school chapel, specially made to accommodate such moral outcasts as yourself."

"Yes, Miss. I really am terribly sorry, Miss! Can't I be given an enormously long essay to write instead, or a severe caning, even, or both, maybe?"

"Wicked girl! I increase the punishment to two weeks! How dare you argue with me and question my authority?"

The Awesome and Degrading Ceremony

All of the girls who were not away for weekend home visits were drawn up beside the tennis court, prepared, and for the first of many times, to watch the awesome, if newly instituted, ceremony of Stripping. Stephanie stood in her full school uniform at one end of the tennis court. The Head had given Angela the role of Stripper, and had spent the past forty-five minutes instructing Stephanie's best friend in the details of the solemn and terrifying ritual which was to follow.

The school band was standing apart from the remainder of the school. As the Headmistress, accompanied by Angela and other members of the staff, strode onto the tennis court, the band began to play a solemn march.

The Headmistress came to a halt before the petrified and already fully penitent Stephanie. She summoned a subordinate member of staff to step forward to read the Indictment. The hatchet-faced Miss French spoke in a fiercely declamatory tone.

"Whereas Stephanie Howes-Chillingworth has infringed the disciplinary code of this School and compounded her felony by questioning the authority vested in the Headmistress, soiling her lips by using the foulest of language in so doing it is decreed that the said Stephanie Howes-Chillingworth shall be deprived of all clothing for a period of fourteen days. May the Founder's name be honoured forever!"

At this invocation of the School's founder the band struck up the melody of the School Song and all the assembled girls opened their mouths and sang with their usual gusto.

"Oh blessed name whose fame we sing,
Who did our world such glory bring.

We praise the day that gave thee birth
With glee and joy and heartfelt mirth.

Oh, Peter Price, thy name we praise
With all our hearts for all our days"

As the closing bars of the song died away, Angela stepped forward and stood in front of her delinquent friend.

"Sorry, Stephie," she whispered.

"It's OK, Ange; I'd sooner it was you than any one else!"

The drummer started a steady rhythmic beat as the solemn ceremony began.

Stephanie's tie was the first item to go. Angela removed it, folded it carefully and took it to the headmistress, laying it on the ground in front of her on a black velvet cloth. This cloth would, in future, always serve on these occasions. She then returned to Stephanie and removed her blazer, which she again carefully folded and placed before the Headmistress, bowing to her, before returning to Stephanie to continue the ritual.

Shoes and socks were next. Stephanie was told to raise each foot in turn so that Angela could remove the footwear, laying shoes and socks one by one before the Head and returning for the next. When one was removed, Stephanie was told to remain standing motionless on one leg until Angela returned to take off the other piece of footwear and so on until both of her sweet and perfectly formed young feet were totally exposed to the elements.

The newly barefoot Stephanie began to feel the chill. It was the beginning of the Spring Term, early in the New Year and the weather was icily cold. The cold from the ground under her newly exposed and tender feet began to steal up her legs and into the rest of her body.

All the while the steady drumbeat was continuing and the assembled girls held their breath as the time came for the shirt to be removed. First Angela pulled the garment out from under the skirt. At each beat of the drum, a button was undone until all were unfastened and the school shirt was pulled gently off Stephanie's now exposed shoulders. Once again, Angela carefully folded the shirt and placed it before the Headmistress, bowing in the way she had recently been taught and then returning to remove the skirt. She was really getting a feel for her important new role by this time, feeling more and more a person of consequence, although extremely sorry that the first victim should be her best friend.

A shivering Stephanie was now attired solely in her bra and panties -- black lace -- very sexy, very expensive and very much non-regulation issue. Angela first removed the bra and took it to the Headmistress who looked at it with her nose wrinkled in disgust. Then the panties were pulled slowly down Stephanie's long and shapely eighteen-year-old legs, exposing her thick and extensive pubic bush to the admiring stares of hundreds of girls and one or two staff. The trembling Stephanie raised each foot in turn and the black lace panties joined the rest of her clothing on the velvet cloth.

Angela went back to Stephanie and stood before her for a few seconds, looking at that magnificent five feet nine inches of creamy-skinned, lithe, young body she had come to know and love so well. It was as bad for her as Stephanie, in many respects. How she hated to have to share the precious sight of that sweet and luscious form with hundreds of other girls!

Angela turned to face both the headmistress and all the assembled staff and pupils.

"Stripping complete, Miss!"

She spoke these words in that ringing, resonant voice that already had won her many plaudits in her various roles in school plays and sundry dramatic readings.

The headmistress came up to Stephanie. Her face was like thunder.

"Not only are you a grossly foul-mouthed and insubordinate girl, but you have the taste in underwear of a whore! This is an establishment which prides itself in turning out ladies, not tarts and floozies! We WILL make a lady out of you, whether you like it or not. Three days are added to your punishment; maybe that will make you reflect on your licentious and debauched ways. Further to that, I heard you exchange words with Angela here. This is a solemn ceremony and all taking part must duly observe the dignity of the occasion. You will serve two more extra days for talking."

By this time Stephanie was so cold that she doubted she would ever thaw out. All she wanted was for this ordeal to be over and to go up with Angela to their shared room. She lowered her head and apologised, trying to fight back the tears and deny the headmistress the satisfaction of seeing how broken she was by this public humiliation..

The Head now turned to Angela.

"I saw that you were the one to talk first. I know you are a close friend of this miserable wretch and I take this into account. You will remove your tie for the remainder of the day. No need to hand it to me, my dear, just slip it into your pocket. And try to be a moral influence for good on this abandoned hussy with whom you share a room. We must all pray for her, Angela, you more than any, that she may, even yet, be brought back from the brink of moral destruction!"

As she walked back to the school building and the temporary shelter of her room, Angela overtook her.

"Golly, Steph! That must have been a bit of an ordeal. I doubt you'll find many other girls risking joining you for a bit. Pity! I really enjoyed my role and I have thought of a bit more extra ritual for next time! Looking forward to the game later on? No shin pads, no headgear! Poor old girl."

"OH SHIT! I surely can't play nude, Angie! I'll end up in intensive care!"

"All part of the punishment, I'm afraid. Never mind -- you’ll be OK! I can feel it in my bones!"

After the Battle

"Golly, Steph! I don't think I've ever seen that many bruises on just one person before. Stop fidgeting, will you! I'm trying to count them and you keep moving around and I forget where I've got to."

The bruises in question had been acquired earlier that afternoon during the weekly game of hockey. Poor Stephanie had been obliged to play in her usual position, in goal. If she had ever wondered before why she wore such voluminous, padded clothing to play this particular game, she knew now! For most of the game she had been shivering and jumping up and down trying to warm herself as the play was going back and forth, and for short, eventful and very painful periods she had been fending off the attacks of the opposition, saving goal after goal.

It had seemed that all of the opposing team had been single-mindedly determined to hack her to pieces and for a time she had thought they would succeed. Only the intervention of the concerned Miss Applethorpe, who had refereed the game, had prevented things from being very much worse -- but even this excellent and hawk-eyed lady couldn't have her attention in more than one place at a time. Whenever her back had been turned, Stephanie had been on her own against vicious and pitiless opponents.

There had never been any love lost between these two schools and Stephanie had borne the brunt of the inter-school feud throughout the game. Despite all this, she had been her customarily efficient self in her usual position and had lasted through until the final whistle. As she had walked stiffly, but unaided, off the field of play, a great cheer for her had gone up from the school.

The Headmistress had warmly congratulated Stephanie for her endurance and remitted a day from her sentence. Big Deal -- she thought!

Angela finally tired of trying to count all of Stephanie's wounds and went over to a desk drawer. She came back with a marker pen.

"If I draw a circle round each bruise, I won't count any one of them twice. Then I'll draw up a diagrammatic sketch for posterity. Try to keep still, though, Stephanie!"

Some time later, Angela wrote down a few figures on a sheet of paper, her pretty brow furrowed with the act of concentration. Finally she raised her head and smiled.

"I make it seven certain and one probable bruises on your right shin and a bit of skin totally removed -- gruesome! A bruise on your right knee -- keep that cold compress on it, Steph; you don't want not to be fit for next week's game -- and three really lovely bruises on your right thigh -- I bet you felt them at the time! It is a bit harder to assess the position appertaining to the left leg. I could see VERY clearly at the time, how they were concentrating pretty seriously on that in the second half, so it really looks like one big bruise. I estimate from the number of impact marks that you must have twenty to thirty; sorry I can't be more precise. If only you had had the presence of mind to keep count at the time, Steph, it would have saved me all this trouble! And the left thigh has seven or eight. I think you have about ten bruises on your ribs, and that sweet tummy looks a bit red. And last, but not least, that's a really beautiful shiner on your right eye! Gosh, Stephie! This just has to be some kind of record!"

Stephanie lay wearily on her bed and let her beloved friend twitter on. It had to be said that she had thoroughly enjoyed the game at the time, and scored a good few hard hits with her stick on some of the other side! It was only later, after the adrenalin-charged excitement had faded, that the pain had begun to make itself felt. She had spent a lot longer soaking in the hot bath than usual, feeling the hurt slowly ebbing away. After that, she and Angela, who had watched the game with her heart in her mouth, went back to their shared room to take stock.

"You must be easily the most popular girl in the whole school after today. You could have left the field as a casualty after what they did to you in the first ten minutes, but you stayed there and did as brilliantly as ever. All the kids in the Junior School had stars in their eyes when you walked past them -- they worship you now!"

"It's a painful way to achieve cult status, Angela. I don't really recommend it -- there must be plenty better! Anyway, there won't be a game for me next week. We're playing away and I can't see St Ermyntrude's liking the sight of me in this state -- that means I have to face only one more ordeal, a fortnight from now."

"You're surely not going to try and chicken out of next week, Steph?"

The disappointment showed in Angela's voice and on her face. She looked and sounded close to tears.

"Please say you won't! I was so looking forward to seeing you in action again."

"Looking forward to seeing your best friend hacked and kicked half to death! Fucking charming! With friends like you, who needs enemies?"

"I know it's hard, Stephanie, but you've got to come through this, no matter how painful it might be! You mustn't let me down -- I couldn't bear it if you did! Think of the honour of the school, if you can't think of me! And I'll be here afterwards to keep a tally of all your wounds and kiss them all better afterwards, just like I'm going to in a few minutes with these. Hang on a jiffy! I must get my camera and photograph those lovely bruised shins, before they start to heal. After that we can do all sorts of lovely things together!"

The two room mates had discovered a year ago just what delightful ways there were for two rapidly maturing young women to use their bodies to give mutual delight, and ever since, they had availed themselves of any and every opportunity to experiment with each other and discover new delectable sensations.

Shall we Dance?

The two had been fondling and exploring each other for a few heavenly minutes, when Stephanie remembered something. She drew her face away from Angela's pussy.

"Oh, bloody hell, Angela. It's that fucking awful dance tonight! I hate to go like this, looking like one of the walking wounded but I think I'll have to! You needn't bother -- just lie here and think of what I'm going through with all those loathsome boys!"

The dance in question was a joint affair between Angela and Stephanie's school and a neighbouring boy's school. The older pupils of each were encouraged to socialise from time to time under strictly supervised conditions. Stephanie had put her name down to go a week ago and she knew she would have to go through with it, since no deviation from normal routine was now allowed.

"At least no boy will ask to dance with me the way I look -- not only nude but virtually flayed alive. It'll make them puke just looking at me! See you later on Angela, my sweet!"

For half an hour, Stephanie's prediction proved correct, until one of the taller and more presentable boys approached her and asked for a dance. After a few minutes of very skilfully guiding her around the floor he spoke. "I've never danced with a naked girl before."

"If that's the best opening gambit you can come up with, I suggest you stay silent, my friend. I thought your school specialised in turning out suave, poised and self-confident young gentlemen, not socially maladroit, mumbling oafs!"

"Sorry. It's not easy to think of anything to say in a situation like this! I just thought you'd like a dance -- that’s all. Everyone seemed to be avoiding you and I felt so terribly sorry for you. I think it stinks, your Headmistress doing this to a superb girl like you! I saw the game today. Gosh, but you were jolly brave! I was cheering myself hoarse on your account."

Stephanie felt ashamed of her rudeness and pulled the young man closer to her, despite the soreness of her ribs. She spoke in a friendly voice. "I'm sorry, too! Let's start again, shall we? I'll try to be nice to you for the rest of the evening! As nice as I possibly can be with all these beady-eyed, frustrated old chaperones keeping tabs on us! Fancy sitting down for a while? I'm totally shagged out after what I've been through today -- a little restful conversation would be most welcome!"

And so the blushing young man and his naked partner found themselves a corner of the room where they were out of sight of prying eyes and were able, after a while, to sneak out of the ballroom and find somewhere very private indeed, where they remained for an extremely long, and very enjoyable, time.

Back in her room, Angela asked how the dance had gone.

"Was it bloody awful, Stephanie?"

"Not at all, Angie! Boys can be quite nice, sometimes! Not that you aren't a whole lot nicer!"

"Darling Steph!"

"Lovely, sweet Ange!"

Not Quite so Bad After All?

Stephanie excused herself from Chapel on the following day. She was still stiff all over from the battering she had received the previous day, though prouder than ever to have survived so well. It had really been one in the eye for the Headmistress, who had been forced, despite herself to change her attitude to her very favourably! Most of the day she spent resting and exercising her bruised knee joint. She had come overnight to agree with Angela; she desperately wanted to be fit for the next game. She wasn't going to let these bitches in authority break her spirit.

On the few occasions she left her shared room, she saw what Angela had been getting at when she had spoken of her now being the most popular girl in the school. It was almost embarrassing, especially the adoring looks she got from all the little girls in the lower school. These moppets simply could not take their wondering and admiring eyes off her battered legs and body, and she was grateful for all this admiration. Not only had the intended humiliation failed to materialise but she was more respected by her peers and juniors than ever.

If only it hadn't been for the cold weather, she would have been happy to remain nude until she left school. If only this had happened to her later in the year or she only had the good fortune to live in a warmer country! Tennis, swimming and track and field events would be bliss when partaken in naked. Hockey was a bit brutal, though, but with luck, she should survive just one more game.

Then she had a reminder of yet one more ordeal in store -- she had just volunteered to be in the girls football (soccer) team! All those heavy boots and she with no shin guards -- oh... shit! More bruises for the meticulous Angela to collate on Wednesday!

She tried a stroll in the grounds, and was able to stay outside for about half an hour, before the bitter cold forced her indoors. She told herself she was certain to be forced to be out into the cold quite a few times in the next almost three weeks -- best to try and acclimatise herself in advance.

Monday - The Ordeal Begins for Real

Monday, of course, was the first full day for Stephanie as the guinea pig for the new disciplinary regime. On Saturday, when standing in the cold, having her uniform ceremonially removed, she had dreaded this day, but the kudos she had gained on the hockey pitch had taken away all her misgivings. This was the fourth day of the month and her last day as the school's sole naked delinquent would be Wednesday the Twentieth. There were two more Saturday hockey games -- one if she was lucky and Wednesday's afternoon game of football. No longer did she have the slightest doubt of her ability, not only to survive, but to do so in style.

The only other inconveniences she could foresee were the two Friday outdoor athletics classes and with any luck, the weather might cause them to be transferred indoors. Otherwise she had seventeen days of having her battle-scarred, but still beautiful, eighteen year old body admired by a horde of worshipping juniors and envious seniors. Not such a bad punishment really -- to think she had asked for a long essay and a caning instead!

Since she had not been suspended from her prefectorial duties, she positioned herself, as usual, at the head of the main staircase, making sure no-one committed the cardinal sins of running along the corridor and up and down the stairs. She then helped see that the whole school filed, in an orderly manner, into assembly. She took her usual place on the platform with the other prefects, deeply satisfied with the raptly admiring glances that were being cast in her direction by lower and upper school alike.

After the opening hymn, Stephanie stepped forward to read the lesson, something rather minatory and sulphurous, about Hell and the fate of sinners. Before the final prayers, the Headmistress rose to her feet and prepared to address the assembled girls.

"Those of you who have only just arrived back from your weekend visits to your families and, of course, our day-girls (She pronounced 'day girls' with disdain -- a sentiment shared by all the boarders) may wonder why one of the prefects is standing on the platform naked. This pupil has been guilty of the most appalling act of insubordination and is the first, and I hope, the last to be sentenced to the ultimate sanction of total removal of clothing. As you will see from her somewhat battered appearance, she has already found out the hard way that this punishment is no mere opportunity to indulge in exhibitionism, but a very real physical hardship, which she will continue to experience in full measure, for the next two weeks and more"

"She can take it Miss! Good old Stephie!" cried a voice from the crowded hall.

There were cheers and a burst of applause at this and the Head treated the assembled pupils to one of her finest and most intimidating glares. The chatter died away and the headmistress continued.

"As you see, Stephanie Forbes-Chillingworth is continuing to act as a prefect until her punishment is over, after which time her status will be reviewed. She will, of course perform all the duties to which I assign her. The assembly will file out after the staff have left the hall, as usual."

As she assisted in shepherding everyone out of the hall and off to their classes, those last words of the Head caused Stephanie to feel a little less euphoric. There was one game of unprotected hockey, maybe two, and a game of football still to come. She would indeed almost certainly have a great deal more pain ahead and the chance of serious injury. ‘Surely that can't be legal,’ she thought to herself, ‘I could end up in hospital or worse!’

But this was a cloud which soon lifted. She'd survived one Saturday and she'd survive two more, and Wednesday! And she was a heroine, adored by hundreds of starry-eyed girls, by her friend Angela and last but not least, by a certain tall, good-looking and very well-endowed boy!

Her first period that Monday morning was Ancient History, under the genial Miss Doverhouse. After a few minutes, Stephanie became aware that it was not as warm as usual in the classroom. Halfway into the lesson she became uncomfortably cold. Another member of staff came into the room and spoke to Miss Doverhouse. After this lady had left, the teacher interrupted the project to say that the Headmistress had decided to have the boilers closed down for essential maintenance works and that these repairs were expected to last for just over two weeks. Pupils would be allowed, if they wished, to wear outdoor clothing in class for the duration of the disruption. ‘Except for me, of course,’ thought Stephanie.

Her smug gratification at her status as a cult figure was reduced quite appreciably by the receipt of this news. That bitch! She must be sitting in that office of hers working out fresh ways to get back at her. A woman in her responsible position should have better things to do with her time! Stephanie looked out of the window -- at least it was a lot colder out there than in here, always try to count your blessings she told herself. And so she put the cold out of her mind and got back to the essay she was writing on the Akkadian civilisations, quickly losing herself in her absorption in one of her favourite subjects.

The next lesson was a free period and she went to the Library to do a bit of revision. It seemed less cold in there. Either that or she was getting used to it.

After her session in the School Library, she went along to the Language Room for French literature -- not her all-time favourite subject. Moliere received even less of her attention than he usually did, and the shivers started to return as she fought to keep her mind on her studies.

"You will need to do better than that, Stephanie, if you hope to gain a Credit!" said the French Mistress, Miss Parkes. "You must try to keep your mind on the subject, my dear. I know it's not easy and you really do have my sympathy, but you must try. Don't let things get you down."

Miss Parkes was known to be no friend of the Headmistress and her encouragement helped boost Stephanie's morale and got her through the rest of the morning. By lunchtime she was beginning to enjoy herself again, especially after an overheard conversation between two little junior girls.

"Look, there goes Stephie, Janet! Golly! What an absolutely fantastic body! I bet she doesn't feel the cold one little bit -- not like us! She certainly doesn't look it."

"Course she doesn't, Viv! Nothing could ever be too tough for her!"

’How can I ever let my public down,’ she thought, as she stood outside the cafeteria, supervising the orderly conduct of the midday meal. She ate more heartily than usual. The cold had given her a somewhat keener appetite than the, at best indifferent, fare usually justified.

The sun came out in the afternoon and shone through the classroom window until the end of classes. This kept out the chill and Stephanie went back to her room in a reasonably happy frame of mind. At least she could look forward to getting between the sheets with Angela!

The Regime Gets Harsher

"What the Fuck!"

Stephanie stared at her bed, from which all covering had been removed, leaving only the undersheet covering the mattress.

Angela came into the room in time to hear Stephanie's horrified words.

"Sorry, old girl, but the rules are the rules. You're lucky to have got away with the last two nights -- terrible oversight -- and the Head has accordingly reinstated the day she remitted on Saturday. I've been appointed Punishment Monitor, Stephie, as well as Stripper. I hope it won't affect our friendship, but I must never show fear or favour -- not even to you."

"Nothing could ever affect our friendship my darling! I can always jump into your bed with you -- so what the fucking hell!"

Angela shook her head sadly.

"You must sleep on your own bed, Stephanie. I am in honour bound to report any breach of discipline."

"You'll have to join me on mine, then. We'll find ways to keep warm!"

"Sorry, Stephanie! I am also supposed to be looking after your moral regeneration. Sleep well, darling! As you try to sleep, remember the faults which have brought you to this plight and resolve to conquer them."

Stephanie lay shivering in the dark, listening to her friend's regular breathing coming from the other side of their shared room. This was really the darkest moment for her. She had been deserted by her so-called friend. If only she were at St Briavel's with Edward, that lovely boy at the dance!

Suddenly the breathing ceased and she heard a movement across the room. In a moment, Angela's warm and aromatic young body was next to hers. Angela stuck her tongue into Stephanie's ear and then whispered.

"I think you've had enough moral regeneration for the next couple of weeks!"

"Darling Angela"

Stephanie and Angela fell asleep together. There would be no more cold nights for Stephanie, ever again, because from now on, they had their love to keep them warm!

Out in the Cold -- And a Meeting

At Tuesday morning assembly, a pink-skinned, healthy and totally acclimatised Stephanie surveyed the other people on the platform with amused, though concealed, contempt. Even the Headmistress looked pinched with cold. As for the other members of staff, all arrayed in their usual indoor clothing, it was very obvious that they would rather be anywhere than where they were at present!

After assembly the Headmistress came up to Stephanie.

"Stephanie, please come into my office! I have some amendments to the prefect's roster to tell you about!"

An apprehensive Stephanie stepped into that office where her downfall had taken place only a few days ago.

"The only change affecting you is that I want you to oversee some lunchtime rubbish cleaning. There is a certain amount of litter on the lawns -- not the fault of anyone in the school -- it was blown onto our premises by last night's wind. I have detailed seven defaulters from the junior school to do this, and I want you to see that they perform their duties diligently. Also I hope you will make sure they come to no harm, as there have been some rather nasty looking men hanging about lately. That will be all, Stephanie."

"Don't they get punished by loss of clothing, Miss?"

"I have decided not to extend this regime to those below the age of fifteen, and it is far too cold in any case"

"Isn't it too cold for me if it is for them?"

"Normally, yes. But the severity of your offence was such that I cannot make any allowance for you. Indeed, had the weather been not been so inclement, you would have served for very much longer."

"I see. I've asked for it, I suppose, so I've no complaints. I am really sorry to have been so rude to you. Good morning, Miss."

Came lunchtime, and Stephanie had a quick meal with the seven young junior defaulters, before taking them out to the grounds to clear up the debris from last night's gale-force winds. She asked them what they had done wrong, and was told that it had concerned smuggling alcohol into their dormitory. The bottle of Scotch had, mercifully, been discovered before they’d had a chance to consume it. She chided them for their folly, but not without a smile.

Finally she signalled that the meal was over. She spoke to her seven charges. "Come along, you young villains, let's get to work! The one who gets the most in her sack can claim a little prize from me -- anything you like as long as it's only little!"

They all made their way outside, where the wind was still pretty strong and the wind-chill factor caused a myriad of goose pimples to form all over Stephanie's athletic young body. She fought to suppress a shiver.

"Golly, Stephanie, but there aren't many girls who could take what you are having to put up with! You really are great!" said one of the seven as she looked up for a second from her work.

"Thanks, Gretchen! Now keep working and stop looking at me -- the sooner you finish the sooner I get inside. Believe me I'm not exactly having a ball out here!"

At the same time as she oversaw the tidying up and kept the girls hard at it, she remained on the alert for any male flashers and/or voyeurs. She reflected that these unpleasant characters would almost certainly be a great deal more interested in her than the seven young people she was looking after. Suddenly, her eyes detected a young man gazing over the fence and she went over to ask him to leave, or the police would be called.

As she drew nearer she saw that it was Edward, the boy from the dance! He grinned happily, as she approached and she returned his delighted smile. They kissed each other over the fence and Stephanie looked around and ordered the girls to keep on working. Edward wanted to arrange a meeting, and Stephanie agreed to come to this spot at seven in the evening. She ordered him to bring something to lie down on and he left after another kiss. It would be a cold lovers' tryst for her, but she anticipated that it would be worth it.

As soon as she was satisfied that the litter and fallen twigs had been collected, thus restoring the grounds to their former pristine state, she ordered the seven to line up so that she could inspect their plastic sacks filled with debris.

"Well done Gretchen! You beat Annie by a short head. What little prize would you like?"

Little Gretchen looked very embarrassed and red faced and the other six giggled and urged her to speak, threatening dire consequences if she didn't. It was obvious that all seven had decided what they wanted and it was something poor little Gretchen found herself too shy to ask.

"Come on, Gretchen my dear! I won't bite you. What have you little devils decided on? I'm not easily shocked, so don't be scared!"

"Please, Stephanie! Can I have a few bits of your pubic hair? It's such a super bush and I'd love to have some to look at and so would all the others have asked if they had won!"

The other girls giggled uncontrollably and poor Gretchen went an even deeper shade of red than before. Stephanie struggled with her feeling of mirth for a few moments and said. "Of course you can. What a sweet thing to ask! I'll cut a bit off tonight, put it in an envelope and give it to you tomorrow -- unless you want to pull a few out here and now!"

Gretchen smiled and looked very relieved. "Gosh, Stephanie I might hurt you if I did that, not that a brave girl like you would mind, of course, but someone might be looking! Later will be fine."

Stephanie leant down and kissed Gretchen on the cheek, ruffling her hair at the same time.

"There! That's another little prize for you, dear. Now let's get indoors before I freeze!"

The contrast between the unheated school and the windy field was enough to warm her up considerably, and Tuesday afternoon passed happily enough. She was getting used to the cool temperature, her concentration was no longer affected, and the afternoon's work was well received by the teacher.

She slipped out of the school at a little before seven and found Edward climbing over the fence. He was carrying a blanket.

"I'll have to stay on top, if you don't mind, darling Teddy. I'm not supposed to be covered up, even by delicious old you! We'll have to be quick, or I'll die of exposure out here and in any case, I only popped out for a few minutes stroll."

Edward quickly removed his clothes and the two made love hastily and energetically on the blanket. They were both breathless and sweating when it was over. Stephanie rolled off her young lover and lay next to him for a few minutes as they recovered their breath and gently fondled one other.

"I don't feel cold any more, darling. Just thinking about you warms me up inside. When can you come next -- no, not that way!"

"I don't know, Stephie. But I'll try to get a message to you. Always keep an eye on the boundary fence around where you saw me today. Now I'll have to go -- like you, I don't feel cold with you around, just incredibly warm and happy!"

They rose from the rug and kissed again. Stephanie ran back to the school, leaving Edward to get dressed and climb back over the fence. What a fantastic time she was having, she thought as she made her way back to her room and the loving and passionate embraces of Angela. A super boy who took all sorts of risks just to be with her and the loveliest girl in the whole world, both of them anxious to be all over her -- both of them thinking possession of her body to be the most glittering prize life had to offer! Not only all this, but the adulation of several hundred other girls.

Before getting on with her evening school work, she took a pair of scissors and cut away a handful of hairs from her bush, taking care not to make it obvious that it had been trimmed. She collected quite a nice clutch from various parts of her dark, curly little forest and put them in an envelope, which she sealed and marked with the words 'To Gretchen, with love, Stephanie'.

She placed a sheet of absorbent paper on the chair as she worked away, opposite Angela and there was soon a dark patch, where the after effects of her recent encounter with her darling Teddy oozed out. She hoped Angela would be very understanding, and large minded enough not to deny her the comfort and warmth of her body later tonight. She need not have feared. Just lately, Stephanie was a girl who could do no wrong!

A Splinter

Wednesday dawned and the two girls woke up to find that the South Westerly winds were continuing to bring rainy, but reasonably mild weather. The first class was handicraft, an optional subject which Stephanie was already regretting opting for. This class was held in a building on the other side of the quadrangle and a walk in the rain was necessary in order to reach it. Angela had an umbrella, but Stephanie was obliged to walk across nude and unprotected, the heavy pelting rain beating against and streaming down her body. The embargo on running to and from classes applied to all girls and to all classes, whether the class was in the main building or not.

The wind was driving the rain almost horizontally and Stephanie could not decide whether the wet or the stinging, as her body was lashed with the downpour, were worse. She was still trying to make up her mind about this when the two reached the Handicraft Workshop and the process of drying out could begin. The handicraft teacher, a Miss Wilson was about to hand Stephanie a towel when Angela intervened to say that the ever growing body of rules governing Stripping forbade the use of towels except for after Games and morning ablutions.

"Thanks, friend! I'll never forget how good you've just been to me! I bet you just made that bit up!" said a shivering and dripping Stephanie.

"Teach you go shagging that boy from the dance and come back to me with your pussy still dripping from the load he shot into you!"



"I still love you, Angela . It's just that I'm a healthy girl with an inquiring mind and a need to explore all areas of physical experience. I need a bit of variety now and again, but I still love you best of all!"


Stephanie's spirits took a little while to recover from this tiff with Angela, and it was not until her friend darted a quick grin in her direction and winked broadly, indicating that her displeasure was passed, that she began to feel better, both about life in general and enforced nudity in particular.

Stephanie had been occupied for the past few months on the making of a bathroom cabinet. Owing to one or two botched attempts to cut dovetails, the dimensions of the said article of furniture had already been reduced from thirty six inches by twenty to thirty two by eighteen and further reductions seemed all too likely. Why had she ever volunteered for this bloody awful class, she asked herself for the thousandth time. When I'm grown up, I'll have a husband to do things like this for me -- or Angela, who's brilliant at woodwork. And this week she'd been soaked and chilled to the bone, as well as humiliated, as ever, by her lack of manual dexterity.

On the way back to the main school building Stephanie paused and raised one foot, turning it so that she could inspect the sole.

"Fucking nuisance! I've got a splinter in it and I can hardly bear to walk! They should never have an uncovered wooden floor in there -- very dangerous to people with bare feet. Barefoot people have rights too, you know!"

Angela knelt down beside her -- after first folding up her umbrella in order to deprive the delinquent Stephanie of unauthorised shelter -- and had a look. She saw where the little splinter had pierced the skin, placed her mouth on the affected sole and managed to suck out the offending sliver of wood. Stephanie balanced herself by holding on to Angela's shoulders.

"Golly, Ange! Thanks a million!"

"OK Stephie! My extremely great pleasure! I really enjoyed sucking that lovely darling foot of yours. I've fantasised about your feet for ages, only I didn't like to mention it for some reason!"

"Silly girl! Suck any part of me you like, any time you like, sweetheart. You don't ever have to ask. Just go ahead! S'matter of fact, I'm really into your pretty feet as well!"

Angela did not raise her umbrella again in a demonstration of solidarity with her roommate, and both girls were dripping wet when they reached the shelter of the main building. Angela's return to good humour was not accompanied, alas, by a disposition to bend the rules. A small pool of water soon formed on the floor around Stephanie's desk and the notebook she was writing in quickly became rather damp. She stole a glance at the rest of the class and was pleased to be able to read in their looks, that same continuing and highly gratifying admiration for her fortitude. She took heart from this, returned to her note-taking and soon forgot her discomfort.

The Game -- More Glory

Despite the continuing downpour it was decreed that the afternoon game of football should go ahead as planned and twenty-two soaking and shivering girls and one very disgruntled member of staff gathered on the field of play at two o'clock prompt. The girls on the other team looked at Stephanie's slowly healing shins, and the object of their attention saw them conferring and giggling among themselves.

"I wonder what they're talking about, Angela," she whispered to her friend who had arrived a little late and passed by the opposing players as they talked.

"They're saying they won't go easy on you, because of your bare unprotected legs, Stephie -- they say you'd be insulted if they did, and you would, wouldn't you?"

"Oh, sure I would be! I can't wait to end up in hospital! I'm only flesh and blood, Angie -- remember that."

"Yes, but pretty special flesh! And special blood too, I don't doubt!"

"You'll get a chance to find out, Angie, there'll be enough of it spilled soon enough!"

This turned out to be rather too gloomy a prediction and it was a disappointed Angela who inspected her friend's few additional bruises later that day.

"You're so quick, Stephanie, they never had a chance to do much damage. I make it one extra bruise on the left leg and none on the right. And a rather spectacular abrasion on your left ankle, as I expect you already know. I'll put something on that -- hang on old girl."

"Bet that stung, didn't it?" Angela asked as she applied something to stop the blood oozing from her friend's ankle, "But you're so brave it'd take more than that to make you squeal!"

Once again Stephanie basked in the warmth of both her friend's and the rest of the school's admiration. As the game had progressed she had seen the windows packed with little faces, as the Junior School, not allowed out in the wet, watched every move of the game, which Stephanie's team had won, with their heroine scoring one of the goals. What were a few contusions, when they brought the acclaim that she was now enjoying?

Outdoor Games

Friday was possibly the wettest day of the week, and at a little before lunchtime the school porter came into the room and handed a note to the teacher. As expected it was an announcement that afternoon games had been transferred indoors in view of the atrocious weather conditions. Stephanie sighed with relief, and then the teacher continued.

"This announcement does not apply to Stephanie Howes-Chillingworth, since her penalty stipulates that she must not alter her routine in any way. Accordingly she will proceed to the athletics track as usual and a member of the PE staff will go with her to ensure that she completes the lesson."

Stephanie could scarcely credit the news she had just heard. She must be imagining it! It was not possible to see twenty yards in the downpour and it was dark as night out there. Not only that, but the playing field was already under a foot of water and the athletics track would be a lake by this time. They must be out of their tiny little minds sending her out in such conditions!

At two in the afternoon, she made her way with some trepidation to the school entrance and there was Miss Rosemount, wearing oilskins which protected her from head to foot and carrying a large umbrella to boot. She did not look happy to be going out in this, even if she was well protected. She gave the naked Stephanie a vicious glare.

"Next time you cheek the Headmistress, you foul-mouthed little bitch, you might care to think of the inconvenience you are causing others besides yourself. Well! Come on! And I hope you bloody drown out there!"

The force of the downpour and gale quite took Stephanie's breath away as she stepped out of the school and began to walk beside the teacher to the athletics track, about four hundred yards away. It also took away Miss Rosemount's umbrella and Stephanie ran after it and handed it back, totally ruined, to the ever more infuriated lady. The ground was so sodden that Stephanie's feet sank into it at every step, coming up again with a very satisfying squelching sound that she began to quite enjoy listening to.

She was even happier when Miss Rosemount lost one of her shoes, which stuck fast in the ever more boggy ground. Funny how everything they did to make her life hell only made things better! The poor teacher finally extricated her shoe and then removed the other one, carrying both in her hand as they reached the track.

"Well, Stephanie, I'm going to shelter in the timekeeper's box and you can just run around the track for an hour. I'll be watching and keeping time and I want no slacking unless you particularly want an extension of your penalty."

She did as she was told and found it easier than she had feared to keep from slipping on the water-covered track. The sound of her feet on this surface was different to the squelching they had been making on the soaking wet muddy grass. It was a regular slap, slap, slap which went on for mile after mile as her long, well-muscled legs carried her around circuit after circuit. When she was running into the wind, the rain tore into her breasts, stomach and face. She was forced to keep closing her eyes to stop the rain from hurting them and she could not do other than keep them lowered to the ground. The constant pounding of the rain against her head was making it ache excruciatingly and she doubted she could take too much more of this.

Amazingly and happily, the intense pain in her head reached a climax and then began to ease after some minutes, finally dying away altogether, so that after an hour, her only sensation was utter exhilaration. As she drew level with the hut, Miss Rosemount emerged and Stephanie came to a halt.

"Very good, Stephanie. I really can't think of anything else for you to do in these conditions. Carry on running until we can go inside. You really are a very splendid girl, you know! I take back my nasty remarks earlier. It's been a pleasure watching you and a great privilege!"

Angela was waiting for her as she got inside the school building and she was holding an enormous towel for Stephanie to drape around herself. She was about to accept it gratefully, when she noticed, in the distance, her seven junior offenders of the other day. She paused. If they saw her take the towel, they might be disappointed in her and think she was getting soft!

"No thanks, Angie. I'll dry off in the room. Let's get up there, shall we?"

Bruises and Romance

Stephanie walked stiffly up to her room, accompanied by Angela. It was Saturday evening and she had just got back from the away game at St Ermyntrude's. Her hopes of being refused permission by the opposing school had not materialised. The authorities at this school were thinking of instituting a similar disciplinary regime of their own and thought the appearance of Stephanie would have a salutary effect on their more difficult pupils. The sight of this girl enduring all the consequent rigours of nakedness for all activities, including contact sports would make many think twice about a regimen which had initially appealed to the exhibitionist tendencies of some.

A contingent of girls from the school had made the trip and seen Stephanie once more make it throughout the entire game, getting very badly knocked about once more, but giving at least as good as she got.

"I'll never survive next Saturday, Angela. Today was as much as I can take -- the absolute, frozen limit. I don't care who I disappoint. I'll refuse to play! I'll get a sick note from the school doctor. He couldn't possibly refuse, not if he wants to be true to his Hippocratic Oath!"

"You're just a bit depressed, dear," said Angela "Post match depression. You'll be fine in the morning, after a night's rest and my special recuperative therapy! Now lie down and stay nice and still and I'll see what new bruises I need to note down."

"As you wish, Ange, but please don't give me the details. I really truly don't want to know any more. Another week of this will kill me that's for sure. Maybe if I offer to make a full public apology in front of the entire school in the most grovelling terms, the Head will let me off the rest. I'll ask her first thing on Monday."

Angela repeated the procedure of marking the contusions with a felt pen, causing Stephanie to wince several times -- the least pressure was painful after the ferocious battering she had just had. Finally the meticulous Angela finished and put down her revised chart with a satisfied smile.

"An even more impressive score than last week! I think I've still quite a bit of film in my camera -- hang on while I take another photo. In years to come you'll thank me for recording those beautiful legs for posterity."

"I'm more than grateful already!"

Unfortunately for Stephanie the sarcasm of this last reply was lost on the enthusiastic Angela.

"I think that referee had a bloody nerve, Angela, telling me off for hitting that vicious bitch. She must have seen what she'd been doing to me. Anyway, the sadistic coward didn't try anything else for the rest of the game -- thank Heaven."

Angela finished photographing Stephanie's latest battle scars and announced with a delighted smile that there were still films left for next week's game. At the mention of the next game, Stephanie groaned and turned her face to the wall. Surely there must be easier ways then this to become admired. She fell asleep, despite the chill which nowadays permeated the entire building and dreamt of her seven little admiring litter cleaners.

She awoke later, to find her spirits improved a little. After all, she was almost half way through now -- the Head had restored the one day remission and added another for her performance that afternoon. A week on Tuesday would be the last day, and with no football next week, she would have seven days to recover in time for next Saturday, and Edward had passed a message to her through little Gretchen, his sister. He would be at the usual place later tonight. Maybe her desperate idea of offering to grovel before the entire school was too big a step to take, even in her present low state.

Somehow, Stephanie found the energy to struggle to the meeting place with the eagerly waiting Edward and she was once more on top of him, feeling his warmth both beneath and within her. After they had finished, they lay side by side in silence. Finally Edward spoke.

"I managed to get to the game again today -- I took little Gretchen along. She really has a thing about you! Says she has something very special you gave her which she will treasure all her life -- what is it exactly?"

Stephanie told him and he chuckled. "And I thought she was such an innocent, sweet little thing."

Once more, the lovers' meeting had to be curtailed far sooner than either wished and once more Stephanie left Edward to dress, while she returned to her room and the reproachful stare of a hurt Angela. No doubt her jealous friend would discuss further refinements to the new discipline code at her meeting with the Head on Monday! They would almost certainly try to find some way between them of adding to her woes, but Stephanie doubted that things could possibly get any more stringent than they already were. It would be interesting to see what they came up with, though.

She had decided to go to Church on Sunday, but was so stiff on getting out of bed, that she realised she must keep herself moving all day in order not to seize up altogether and went to the gym to have a few gentle exercises which took her most of the morning. In the afternoon she went back to the running track, now almost free of surface water and jogged around for half an hour, before returning to her room and sleeping for a couple of hours. By the time Sunday was over, her joints were regaining their usual suppleness and she went to bed with Angie with her morale at least partly restored, albeit with much apprehension concerning the next week and a bit.

Games -- And Fun

(i) Games

Friday was the day which she had been dreading all week. Would there be a repetition of the awful rainstorms of the week before? Stephanie had heard no sounds of tempest during the night and woke up feeling optimistic that the afternoon would not be too bad an ordeal. Her legs were healing well and she felt reasonably sure of surviving tomorrow's game. Then it would be into the home stretch!

When she looked out of the window, her heart froze with horror. No wonder the night had seemed more than usually chilly, despite Angela's warm and buxom young body beside, and those strong arms and firm young thighs wrapped around, her. The whole area of the school grounds was covered in a deep blanket of snow, which was still falling thick and fast. Surely they wouldn't send her out in that? Her fears soon subsided -- of course they wouldn't!

Even the Head's great antipathy toward her for her foul-mouthed rudeness would not cause her to subject her to exposure of that severity! Nobody could ever be that vindictive, she told herself confidently.

The final morning period was halfway through when the school porter came in with a note for the teacher -- the same as last week. The teacher opened it and then read it aloud to the class. This afternoon's Games session will be transferred indoors once again because of weather conditions. Stephanie Forbes-Chillingworth will once more make her way to the athletics track at two o'clock, accompanied by Miss Rosemount. The Headmistress would like to see Stephanie in her office after this class.

A numbed Stephanie made her way to the Head's office as ordered.

"Sit down, Stephanie. I would like a word with you. You may be surprised that you are being asked to have an outdoor Games session, when all the others are indoors. I certainly don't wish you to suffer unnecessarily. If you agree to serve one more week after the termination of your present penalty, I will permit you to join your classmates inside."

"Thanks, Miss. I'll take the extra week AND go outside to the track this afternoon. Will that be all, Miss?"

She couldn't believe herself to be saying anything so stupid! She heard those amazing words as if they were coming from far away rather than her own lips! Was she going mad under the strain? The answer was to be found in a conversation with young Gretchen. As she had been going to the Head's room, this sweet little go-between had given her a message from her brother. He had asked for a meeting that evening, saying he knew that the super-woman Stephanie would not mind making love naked in the snow. Gretchen had had some words of her own.

"All seven of us just can't wait to watch you go out there this afternoon! I don't think there's anything you can't do -- in fact, I know there isn't!"

This was why she had decided, even before entering the office, that she would go ahead with the afternoon come what may. Her pride in her cult status, and determination not to be unworthy of the adulation she had inspired, drove her to make that suicidal reply to the Headmistress's offer.

Miss Appleyard went white with anger at this latest act of defiance.

"Very well, Stephanie you will go out there this afternoon and on your own head be it! As for the extra week, that hardly seems fair, but I will reinstate the two remitted days. You may go."

‘I'll get those two days back again after the game tomorrow, plus one more, with luck! God knows how I am going to fare this afternoon, though,’ she thought this as she made her way to the cafeteria for her lunchtime prefect's duty and a last hot meal before going out into the wintry wilderness outside.

Once again she heard a whispered aside from two of the other girls, confidently predicting that there was nothing that was too much for Stephanie. Once again she felt a surge of excited pride and excitement at the prospect of testing out her physical hardihood against yet another challenge.

The waiting Miss Rosemount smiled as she saw Stephanie approaching. She was wrapped up in furs this time, and was obviously going to be as warm as toast all afternoon!

"Good for you, Stephanie! I heard about the offer the Head made. You really are a girl of great spirit! I admire you so very, very much. Come to see me afterwards in my flat. I think I might have a warming drink for you! And now, my brave young pupil! Let's both get out there and together we'll show the world what fantastic stuff you're made of!"

As soon as Stephanie came out into the open air, the cold hit her. The wind had dropped off, but so had the temperature! Although the air was still, the cold seemed to be attacking her from every angle. It didn't seem possible that the human body could withstand this kind of deadening, crushing extremity of chill. Her feet kept sinking into deep snow and the initial agony was quickly replaced by numbness.

"Come on, Stephanie! We've got to on to the track before you freeze solid! It'll be better when we get there! We put salt over it last night."

This proved to be true.

As on the previous week, Miss Rosemount directed her sole Friday afternoon pupil to run around the track for an hour. Gradually, as she pounded around the circuit, Stephanie felt sensation creeping back into her numbed feet. The walk across to the track from the school had been, without a shadow of doubt, the most appalling time of her punishment to date. At first her feet had cried out to her in an extremity of mind-blowing agony and then they had become totally numb.

As soon as she started to feel more comfortable and the wintry grip on her body began to loosen, Miss Rosemount came out of the hut. Stephanie was amazed to see that the young teacher had removed her furs and was wearing micro length shorts, sports bra and trainers.

"OK, Stephanie -- let’s have a bit more variety than last week, now you've got the blood flowing again! Watch me closely for a minute and then do the exercises I show you."

For twenty minutes, the athletic and semi-nude Miss Rosemount took her totally naked pupil through a variety of very demanding stretches and bends. Then she stood with her hands and arms outstretched.

"Now, Stephanie, I want you to kick hard as you can and bring your feet up and kick the palms of my hands. Keep it up until I tell you to stop and keep your toes straight. Kick as hard as you can!"

This was a new one as far as Stephanie was concerned and it took a while to get the hang of it. Twice she lost her footing and fell. She was too intent on getting it right to have much time to study the teacher, but reflected that Miss R must be getting a splendid view of her pussy every time one of her legs kicked up.

She was sent to run around the track for the last half hour and when she finished the teacher was once more muffled up against the cold. As soon as they got back inside, Angela was again present with the towel and Stephanie once more refused it. Miss Rosemount said, in a voice loud enough to be overheard by several girls who had gathered to watch Stephanie return unscathed from her worst ordeal so far, that she had a training video which Stephanie might benefit from watching and would she please, therefore, come up to her apartment in twenty minutes.

(ii) Fun

Twenty minutes later, Stephanie knocked shyly on Miss Rosemount's door and the teacher let her in with a welcoming smile.

"Come and sit here next to me Stephanie. I'll just go and get the drink I was talking about. I'll put a bit of rum in it that should warm you up a bit."

Miss Rosemount returned with two steaming mugs and the two sat side by side, sipping the delicious brew for a while.

"Thanks a lot, Miss Rosemount, that was delicious!"

"Call me Mary, Stephanie, my love! Just stay here a minute -- I’ll be right back."

When Mary came back into the room, she was as naked as Stephanie. She was twenty-two years old, having just obtained her diploma in Physical Education, and was a tall and athletic woman with a hard muscular abdomen and firm, strong limbs. Stephanie noticed that her underarm hair was as thick, wiry and untrimmed as her pussy hair. She felt tremendous excitement at the physical propinquity of this healthy animal and the powerful sexuality which radiated from her.

Instead of resuming her place next to her on the divan, she knelt in front of the startled, but delighted, girl and placed her hands on her hips, burying her face in her pubic mound and inserting her tongue with quick darting probes into her welcoming womanhood.

Mary was much more skilful at this than Angela, knowing how to massage and titillate one area just long enough to arouse the young girl and not so long as not to make her long for more -- much more. She began to gasp and moan as the teacher's expert seduction continued and she reached one of the most frighteningly fierce climaxes of her short life.

Bit by bit Stephanie slid off the sofa and onto the floor next to Mary. They writhed and thrashed around on the rug for a blessed age until exhaustion finally forced both to rest from their ardour and lie entwined in each others arms, breathing in the smell of each other's sweat and aroused femininity.

"Gosh, Mary! I sure have learned a lot from you today! I'll never forget this wonderful evening as long as I live."

"Nor I, my darling girl! I hope this won't be the last time. May it be the first of many -- but we'll have to be very careful. I know you and Angela are very close -- believe me, it sticks out a mile! I mind awfully, sharing you with her but I'll have to endure it, I suppose. Come back soon, my angel! Maybe I'll be able to fix up a weekend together somehow -- would you like that?"

"More than anything in the whole world, my darling Mary. And don't worry about Angela -- she’s history!"

"No! You mustn't break off with her just yet. People might put two and two together and I need this job! Run along now, my darling lovely Stephie!"

Her mind was in a whirl as she returned to her room. She sat in a daze as Angela busily finished writing up her History notes. Then she remembered Edward.

"Must dash, Angela. Be back in a few minutes."

It was dark by this time and only the lights from the school windows illuminated the way to the boundary fence where her young male lover was waiting. It was quite an experience forcing herself to experience arousal in the freezing snow and Edward was obviously finding similar difficulty coming to his usual vigorous climax. They managed ultimately to perform and after a quick kiss, the frozen Stephanie made her way up to her room and Edward managed to put on his clothes seconds before he himself was about to freeze solid. They were both satisfied to have had the experience, but vowed never to repeat it!

When the time came to sleep next to Angela and Stephanie felt her dear friend's loveliness pressed against her again, she began to feel ashamed of her recent escapade with the firm-bodied young teacher. So what if Mary were so much more skilled a lover than her darling friend? She resolved to try and avoid her in future. In retrospect, the efficiency of the young mistress's performance came to seem merely soulless and mechanical. She and Angela might be inexpert and rather amateurish lovers, but at least their love came straight from the heart and she doubted very much that that was the case with Mary.

The End of the Ordeal - The Last Game?

As Stephanie took her place for her last game of naked and highly vulnerable hockey, shivering in the cold, with snow still lying thick on the ground, she saw that Mary and Angela were both watching on one side of the pitch and Edward and Gretchen on the other. All were muffled up against the severe weather and Stephanie felt another fierce burst of pride at her own total lack of protection. Her four most fervent admirers had come to watch and she would not let them down, despite the butterflies in her stomach. Her battered body was still not completely healed over from week number one, let alone from last Saturday, and she prayed that she might be spared serious injury.

Her prayer was favourably answered and again she was able to walk unaided from the pitch at the end of the game and to the usual enthusiastic reception. Most of the action had been at her end, and it would have been a one-sided game had it not been for her defensive skill. This week's opponents had been highly rated so Stephanie had known in advance what to expect. Angela would have much counting to do this week she thought, as she made her way back to the showers.

As she showered she thought with sadness that next week she would have to change like all the rest of them. She was getting to love this new way of life and her legs were already hardened even after a mere three games. To her surprise, she had scarcely felt the first few blows that were aimed at her this week, and had made little or no attempt to avoid many that followed, being by now able to tell which required evasive action and which she could tolerate and withstand. Despite all the pain, she had felt alive and in charge of her life in a way which she never had before the start of her punishment. Not for the first time, the crazy idea entered her head that she ought to try to commit some further misdemeanour and get the penalty extended.

Next week's game would be a really tough one and she desperately ached to have the chance to play in it as naked as in the past three. What exactly should she do -- that was the problem. There was less than a week left -- the Head had, as Stephanie had foretold, reinstated the two day remission and added another for her performance this afternoon. Monday would be her last day as a naked delinquent and she dreaded returning to her former clothed state -- winter or no winter.

The idea had occurred to her to be found 'in flagrante' with Edward, but he was a sweet boy and might get into trouble with his own school, and such an offence as that might result in expulsion for both of them. She was still puzzling what to do when Mary Rosemount caught up with her and put her arm around her.

"Well done, Stephie! You're getting as hard as nails! I saw you taking all those blows without flinching, and even last week you would have winced. My word, Stephanie, but it turns me to jelly inside when I think how tough you are getting! I went wet several times during that game; every time I heard a stick crack against you and I saw you just shrug it off. Come up to my flat later!"

Stephanie blushed at this compliment, but steeled herself to reject the older woman's advances. She must be loyal to Angela (and Edward). This refusal was greeted by an angry frown and the disappointed mistress walked away without a word.


Monday duly came and a sad Stephanie prepared reluctantly to rejoin the world of the fully clothed -- a world she now fervently hated. After the morning Assembly, the headmistress indicated that she should come to her office. She went along to the Head's room, expecting some kind of lecture and exhortation to good behaviour in future, now that she was near the end of her 'punishment'. She was surprised and a little disconcerted to see Miss Rosemount standing by the Head's desk.

"I won't ask you to sit down, Howes-Chillingworth"

Golly, she thought. No 'Stephanie' no 'Miss'. She's not in a good mood!

"Miss Rosemount has just made the most serious allegation about you. She says that during the two outdoor games periods, you consistently failed to obey her instructions, attempted to shelter from the weather inside the timekeeper's hut and even made lesbian advances to her, which she of course rejected, as some kind of inducement to her to relax the conditions of your punishment. I have to say that I am greatly disappointed in you. I had thought that you were improving and was pleased at your progress. Unfortunately, your experience has not yet had the effect I desired. You will therefore remain unclothed for the remainder of the academic year. Have you anything to say?"

She shook her head dumbly, frightened that her amazed delight would show and maybe cause her new-found happiness to be nipped in the bud. She glanced at Mary and thought she detected just the merest phantom of a smile pass across her face.

"Very well, Stephanie. I am glad to see that you accept your increased punishment with such stoicism. Perhaps we may yet make something worthwhile out of you. You may go."

She stepped out into the corridor and felt with joy the by now familiar and loved touch of the cold stone floor under her bare feet, knowing that not again would those feet be forced to wear any form of covering, that every blade of grass, every irregularity in the ground, every stone and every object whatever that she stepped on would be felt pressing against her naked soles for the rest of the year.

She had a free period and decided to utilise it by going to the running track, walking across the fields still partially covered by the fast melting snow. As soon as she was out of sight of the main building she gave vent to her feelings, whooping with joy and doing a series of exuberant cartwheels, before taking off around the track, running her heart out for half an hour, when it was time to go in for Ancient History.

Before going back to the main building, she gave a look around the track and was surprised to see Miss Rosemount come out of the hut. ‘How long had she been there?’ thought the startled girl. She allowed the teacher to catch up.

"Well, Stephanie. Going to thank me?"

"Oh Yes! I don't know if you meant to do me any favours, Mary, but you certainly did. I can't remember feeling this happy for ages!"

"Oh, I meant to make you happy, my love. I could see the way you were thriving as a result of your so-called 'punishment'. I could also see your distress at the prospect of having to go back to normal tomorrow. Hence my dramatic allegation this morning. After all, darling, I could have told her about you and Angie and then they would have split the pair of you up and that would have broken your heart and I would never hurt you. I adore you far too much to harm a solitary golden hair on that precious head. Keep in touch, darling. My door is always open to you. Any time you call, I will make you welcome with either a nice drink and a bit of a chat, or nice sex or both -- entirely up to you."

"I really think you did do it for me, Mary! We'll have that weekend together sometime and if you really don't mind playing second fiddle to Angela and a lovely boy I've met we can have sex whenever you like. You're so absolutely fantastic, the way you turn me on and keep making me come back for more. But I can't hurt my darling, precious Angela -- she must never know."

At Tuesday's assembly, the Headmistress announced that Stephanie's punishment was to be extended for the remainder of the year because of new offences, although she did not specify the alleged further offences. At the end of what she had dreaded would be her first day with clothes, and what was instead a glorious new beginning, she walked up to her room and cast herself triumphantly and happily face-down on the bed.

Angela returned a little while afterwards and came over to her, prodding her in the back.

The Essay Part Two

"Come on sleepyhead. Wake up! I've finished the essay. I'll go and hand it in and we'll still have time for a game. Golly! Your face is all red from lying on my knee."

Angela eased herself from under the still sleepy Stephanie, gently lowering her back on to the sofa and went into the bathroom to wash the ink from off her fingers. She shouted back at her friend.

"Nice dream, sweetheart?"

"Very wonderful one indeed Ange. I was in that parallel universe I was talking about, forced to be naked all the time at this school. It was right in the middle of Winter and I thought I'd die at first, but it became better and better as the days went by. It's a hard place, Angela, that Universe, but if you can endure it, the rewards are very great. This old Universe of ours seems awfully dull and humdrum by comparison. I so wish I could really be there -- I truly do! There's no Miss Rosemount at this school, though -- funny thing that."

"How do you know about her Steph? She's a new assistant PE mistress -- starts next term in October -- I know because she's a friend of a friend so to speak."

Angela came back into the room and, without looking at her friend dashed out to hand in her essay.

"Start getting changed, my love and get out my tennis gear, there's a darling!" she shouted back as she sped to hand in the ten thousand words.

Stephanie undressed and stood naked in her room awaiting Angela's return. She did not have to wait long before she heard her friend's footsteps approaching. The door flew open. Angela's smile vanished from her pretty face. She looked at Stephanie in horror.

"Stephie! Your face - it's not red from resting on my knee. That's a black eye, well on the way to healing and a bruised cheekbone. And your legs and ribcage are covered in bruises, some fresh and some weeks old. But this morning there wasn't a mark on you. What in Heaven's name is going on?"