Taming the Shrew
A Response to The Problem of Grib
by Harold D

I've been a student at Blanke Schande now for a semester or two. I have to admit it's taken some getting used to. Everywhere I look all I see is naked beautiful girls. The erotising classes are the toughest to take. The room it's given in is like a huge fish bowl. Three of the walls are glass. Even the most jaded Seniors stop to look as thirty naked girls practice the classic presenting positions. The teacher is ruthless and expects each girl to perform shamelessly. The girls are all made to hold the poses while the teacher goes around the room and critiques each pose. I swear I don't know who it's more torture for, the girls or the guys who can't tear their eyes off them. I've seen more then a few new Freshmen guys cum in their pants after staring glassy eyed at one of the erotising classes. The girls all look for it and it's almost a rite of passage among the guys. It's happened to every guy here at least once. Yeah it happened to me and it happened in a way I never would've expected...

My first week here was a tough one. Not only was I constantly hard but I didn't know a soul at the school. I felt like a complete stranger and was having trouble making friends. All the freshmen at Blanke Schande are a mess the first few weeks. The girls are getting used to being naked all the time and the guys spend half their time walking into things and the other half masturbating. I'd given up on masturbation after a few days because it only seemed to make things worse. So when I woke up early that morning with a hard on that wouldn't quit I decided to go for a walk. There was a nice little patch of woods behind the dorms, I thought maybe the morning air would clear my head and let me get back to sleep. So I tossed on some clothes and went outside. The moment I stepped out the door I wished I had taken a sweatshirt though. It was early fall and the mornings were a little chilly. I didn't feel like going back up to my room though so I just dealt with it. I wasn't planning on being out long anyway...

I love the woods. I do a lot of hiking and walk quietly so I can do some animal watching. I was hoping to catch a deer drinking from the stream or maybe some interesting birds. What I found was something I never expected.

I had already walked deep into the woods and was making my way down to the stream. I kept down wind and came slowly out from behind some bushes hoping to see some wild life. What I saw was a naked girl! At first I was scared. She was lying naked sprawled out on her back in the grass. There were no signs of a campsite so it looked like someone just dumped a body in the woods. Then I recognized her. It was the infamous Debbie Grib. Grib makes even the ultra nudes look like wimps. Not only is she nude all the time but she shaves off every single hair on her body, has given close up views of her asshole to every student, male or female, whether they've asked for it or not and has been rumored to sleep and bathe outside. I guess those rumors were true. She hadn't heard me so I decided to sneak up a little closer.

Moving quietly I hid behind a small group of bushes that were a few feet away from her. I could see her clearly now. It was Grib all right and she was sleeping naked in the woods. She was still lying on her back with her legs spread. There truly didn't seem to be a hair on her body. She’d even shaved off her eyebrows! She looked alien and slightly bizarre but somehow I still found her beautiful. Being a female student at Blanke Shcande she was required to take the daily exercise classes. Her body was trim and tight, she had a nice pair of tits and her legs were long and shapely. She actually looked very beautiful lying there sleeping in the early morning light.

Granted it was some weird other worldly beauty but lying there quietly like that with out any of the attitude she's always throwing in our faces she really looked beautiful to me. I smiled to myself because the truth of it is I always had a thing for strange girls. What can I say? The weirder they are the more I like them. What was really behind her attitude though? I decided to try and find out. Maybe there was a decent person under there after all.

Suddenly as I traced her naked body with my eyes I realized that she was shivering in her sleep. I don't see how she couldn't be miserable... When I saw her cigarettes and lighter I moved without thinking. Working quietly I gathered small twigs and dead leaves. I placed them in a small pile near her and then went off for slightly larger pieces of wood. In no time I had all I needed for a small regulation Boy Scout campfire. I set up the small circle of stones and then placed the leaves and twigs inside it. I had a close call when I reached for her lighter but luckily she just rolled on her side and stayed asleep.

I lit the dead leaves and got the small twigs burning. Then I put on the larger pieces of wood. I knew she'd probably wake up as soon as the full fire was lit so I had to get out of there. I didn't want her to mistake my act of kindness for something else. So as the larger branches started to burn I looked up at her to make sure she was still asleep. I watched the firelight play over her naked body and felt my cock throb. I saw that the fire was lit so I stood up, took one last look at Grib and then squeezed my hard cock once before getting out of there. Sure I jerked off when I got back to my room but at least I got back to sleep.

Later that day I was sitting in class listening to a dull lecture by one of the professors. I was about to drift off to sleep when I caught something out of the corner of my eye. Grib was bent over and had her spread ass pressed up against the window. She waited until most of the class noticed and then laughed and ran off. For some reason I laughed to myself too. I don't think a single student in the class missed seeing her asshole and pussy pressed up against the glass.

That was normal Grib kind of stuff but a few hours later something strange happened. I needed to kill some time between classes so I went over to the library to do some reading. I found an open spot at one of the tables and sat between a few students and started to read my psychology book when Grib sauntered over. She hopped up on the table and crawled across it on her hands and knees. Then when she reached the other side she put her head down on the table and stuck her ass up at us. She reached behind her and spread her ass cheeks for us and waved her asshole and pussy at us. When we all just stared at her blankly she laughed, sat up cross legged at the head of the table, lit one of her horrible smelling cigarettes and said, "Come on boys that's what you want to see isn't it? Maybe you need a closer look?"

With the cigarette in her mouth she crawled over to each boy at the table, she sat right in front of him with her legs spread on either side of him and her feet on the edge of the table. Then she thrust her pussy up in the air almost in his face. After giving him a nice long look she sat back down on the edge of the table and put her arms around his neck. Now her tits were square in his face. She whispered something to him and then blew that awful smelling smoke in his face. There were four of us at the table and all we could do is watch and wait our turn. It was like some weird beautiful car wreck that you knew was coming your way but didn't want to avoid.

Finally she sat down in front of me. Right there in front of me was the infamous Debbie Grib in all her naked alien beauty. I expected her to go right into the routine she had with the two boys before me. She seemed to be hesitating and looking at me oddly. My eyes wandered down from her face to the rest of her body. She really did have beautiful breasts.

Just then I heard a female voice behind me. "Come on Grib give him a break.

He's a freshman." I heard a female voice behind me say.

"Oh yeah? Are a Freshman? I bet you're about to burst. Let's see." Grib said as she reached down between my legs and gave my hard cock a squeeze. It was all I could take. I had been hard off an on for days around hundreds of naked women with little relief. When she touched my cock I came with a little grunt and a tremor. All the time my eyes were locked with Grib's.

It wasn't an Earth shattering orgasm but it was right there in the middle of the library with six students watching.

"Nice going Grib. You're a real welcome wagon." The other female student said. Then she continued to me by saying, "Don't worry kid every Freshmen BSC guy cums in his pants at least once."

Grib and I just kept staring at each other with her hand on my softening cock until I said, "Yeah well I'm gonna go get cleaned up." I moved my chair back and then said, "My books?"

Grib just planted her feet on the edge of the table and lifted her ass up high enough for me to grab them out from underneath her. Still I couldn't help but look at her pussy as I reached under for my stuff.

I put my books in front of my crotch and started to walk away. When I did I turned right into the female student that tried to get Grib off my back (or front as it was). She was tall, beautiful and naked as the day she was born. "Really don't let her get to you. It'll be ok." She said with a comforting smile.

"Thanks," I said. Then I looked back at Grib still sitting on the edge of the table with her legs spread. "It's ok..."

I left the library and went back to my dorm to clean up and change. As I did I couldn't get the image of Debbi Grib out of my mind. Stark naked, completely exposed, totally hairless and squeezing my hard cock... I know you may not understand it but the whole scene turned me on. Still I was beginning to wonder if there really was anything more to Grib then what she showed us. Maybe this chick was more trouble then she was worth. I put the whole thing out of my head for the moment and went about my day.

Two classes later I was sitting outside under a tree eating a sandwich. I was reading a chapter from my biology textbook when I felt a shadow fall over me. I looked beyond my book and slowly up the naked body of none other then Debbie Grib. I tried not to let my eyes linger over her shapely legs, hairless pussy and full breasts but I know I must have for a second or two longer then necessary because by the time I looked up at her face she was smiling.

"What do you want?" I asked. "Come to show me your asshole?"

She sat down in front of me with her knees bent and her legs spread. She folded her arms over her knees and rested her chin on her clasped hands. Her tits were pressed together and her pussy was completely on display. Since she was shaved and sitting so close I could even see that her lips were slightly parted...

"Look I'm really sorry about before," she said quietly. "I know I push things pretty far but I wouldn't have done that on purpose to you."

I looked at her skeptically and asked, "What's so special about me?"

She looked at me for a second and said, "Aren't you a little curious about what I was whispering to the other guys?"

"Come on Grib haven't you had enough fun at my expense already?" I asked a little annoyed.

"I said I was sorry about that and I really meant it." She said sheepishly.

"Ok..." I sighed, "You're sorry... So what were you whispering?"

"It was a line from an old Doors song. My older brother used to play it to death... Come on baby light my fire. There's only one person on this campus who'd know what I meant by that."

We just stared at each other for a minute until she said, "I woke up half way through but I couldn't get a clear view of you. At first I wasn't sure what you were up to especially when you grabbed yourself but then you just walked away... No one has ever done anything just to be nice to me."

"Well you don't exactly make it easy Grib." I said with a half smile.

"Please call me Debbie."

I sighed and then said, "Ok, Debbie."

"Why did you do it? How did you even find me?" She asked.

"Completely by accident. I'm kind of a nature boy and was just out for a walk in the woods because I couldn't sleep. Then I came along this beautiful, although pretty weird, girl sleeping naked and shivering in the woods."

"You think I'm beautiful?" She asked surprised.

"Yeah, I just wish you weren't such a..."

"Bitch?" She asked with a smile.

I laughed and then said, "Well, I wouldn't call you a bitch but you sure as hell make it hard to like you. Why put yourself through all this and push everyone away?"

"I guess it's just how I deal with it that's all..." She said eyes looking downward.

"All the other girls seem to take a lot of, comfort, in each other."

"Yeah, well I don't eat pussy, okay?" She said with a twisted expression.

"Easy, no one was asking you to. In fact I was sorta hoping you liked guys. I just thought that maybe if you made friends with a couple of the girls you wouldn't feel so alone."

"I've never made friends easily. Never really cared about that until I met you..." She said looking at me with big, almost watery, eyes.

I thought about it for a second and then said, "Will you give up those awful cigarettes?"

She smiled at me and asked, "Can I keep the lighter?"

"Yeah," I smiled back at her.

I think Debbie and I spent just about every free hour together after that. We got a lot of strange looks walking around campus. Debbie stopped being so obnoxious to everyone who came near her but I could see people were still skeptical. I told her to be patient and ignore them. They'd see her like I did eventually and things would get better. Right there in the middle of campus she threw her arms around me, pulled me up against her tighter then a vice and kissed me like I'd never been kissed before. Funny thing is I think that was harder for her to do then being naked in public.

After she came up for air I smiled at her and said, "You trying to make me cum in my pants again?"

"Trust me," She said with a devilish grin, "Next time I make you cum it won't be in your pants."

Then she kissed me again and I almost made a liar out of her.