Jenny Baker in ADP
by Gojira

Part 6

Background: Back in 2000, A story called "Alternate Discipline Plan" was posted in the Stories board. The original author, Rob, posted two parts to the story. Rob sketched out the details of the plan from Roni Johnson's point of view, as she explained it to Jenny Baker, a new student. However, Rob did not continue posting. He left us hanging with Jenny staring after her two friends on the street, saying, "little did she know her own ADP time was approaching... and rapidly!"

Two other authors continued the story of Jenny's adventures. Palmetto put a bondage spin on the story by placing poor Jenny in handcuffs because she kept trying to cover herself. Aberrantoff, the next author, continued with a story of Jenny trying to go about the rest of the day with her hands cuffed behind her back. It is my intention to pick the story up here, where Aberrantoff left off.

Rob did post the rest of his story. I don't know where he posted it, but I found the completed document on the Cronenberg Academy yahoo group web site. He did not include any of the elements of Palmetto's or Aberrantoff's additions. However, his version of the story ends with the phrase "Permission is hereby given by the author to archive and to use this story on other sites as long as the author (Rob, the roving reporter) is credited." Rob, if you read this, I hereby credit you as the author of the original story. Also, to Palmetto and Aberrantoff, I credit you as authors as well. I am only trying to improve on one of my favorite stories of all time.

I will start by including here the text created by Rob, Palmetto, and Aberantoff. They make up the first 4 parts of the story. I will continue from there.


[transcript of instant messenger conversation]

Jenny: Hey

Roni: Hey, I was getting worried

Jenny: Sorry

Roni: It's pretty late, r u ok?

Jenny: Not really

Roni: How r u typing? cuffs come off?

Jenny: I pulled my legs thru

Roni: Good idea. How was the date? Tell me all about it!

Jenny: I don't know if I can do this

Roni: Do what?

Jenny: ADP

Roni: It gets easier, honest.

Jenny: idk. feels like it will never end. rents are pissed.

Roni: Why, what happened? Can u call to talk?

Jenny: phones not allowed. took it out of my room.

Roni: sucks

Jenny: they think I'm doing homework

Roni: what happened?

Jenny: Major shitstorm

Jenny: 1 principal called my mom, told her about cuffs

Roni: damn

Jenny: 2 mom saw me come home from date with Sid

Roni: did u leave message?

Jenny: 3 part of ADP in my house is no dates

Jenny: 4 mom said I will leave cuffs on till monday

Jenny: I left message without telling her who I was with

Jenny: life sucks

Roni: Does yr mom know cuffs are supposed to be behind yr back?

Jenny: no, that's the only good part.

Jenny: I'll have to have them behind my back at school, but

Jenny: I can at least kinds use my hands at home and this weekend.

Roni: What about church?

Jenny: Not going

Roni: u have to

Jenny: converting to another religion

Roni: lol

Jenny: can u help me with with books and classes tomorrow?

Roni: of course. You have to tell me about the date!

Jenny: It was great, but also embarrassing. I will give you details tomorrow, promise.

Jenny: Can u do me one more favor?

Roni: sure

Jenny: can u call Sid for me and tell him I cant use the phone?

Roni: no prob

Jenny: thnks. I'm going to bed. c u at bus stop.

Roni: gnight jenny. It will be easier tomorrow I promise.

Jenny: thks. night.

[end of transcript]

That damn piercing! thought Jenny. Spring Break, Myrtle Beach. It was earlier this year. Jenny and six of her girlfriends tricked their parents into thinking they were all going on a church retreat. Instead, they ditched and went on vacation. One of the girls had an aunt who owned a house with a private beach. They all had fake ID's, so they partied all week.

One afternoon, Jenny and her friends were all drinking on the beach. Suddenly, her friend Allison stood up and said, "I don't know about you losers, but I don't want any tan lines." She pulled her bikini top over her head. Her friends all gasped in surprise as they say Allison's pierced nipples sparkling in the sunlight. "Oh my god!" said one of them. "Those are awesome, Allison!" said another. "When did you get them done?"

"I got them last year," Allison answered. "They're awesome. They make my boobs super sensitive, and guys totally love 'em." Allison continued to strip, pulling her bikini bottoms down.

"Come on, ladies, let's see some skin!"

Slowly, the other girls removed their tops. At first, they were embarrassed to be naked in front of each other, but they got more and more comfortable as they continued to drink. A few of the girls even removed their bottoms as well.

As the day wore on, the conversation turned back to Allison's nipple rings. The girls were fascinted by them, and asked all sorts of questions. Allison suggested that they all go get piercings. After all the beers and wine coolers they'd had, it seemed like a wonderful idea.

Jenny only remembered bits and pieces of the night after that. She vaguely remembered going to the piercing place. She remembered seeing one of her friends get a belly button ring, and another get a nose ring. Allison began to tease them girls for not being more adventurous, and convinced the next two girls to get their nipples pierced. Jenny was up last. Allison said, "come on, Jenny, lets do something a little more daring!"

Jenny, drunk off her ass, turned to the body piercer, and said, "I want my clit pierced!"

"Yeah, Jenny, that's awesome!" exclaimed Allison. The other girls cheered her on. "Yeah!", "Go for it!"

Jenny didn't remember the pain. She knew it hurt, but she was too drunk to feel it. But she sure felt it the next morning.

She woke up to a throbbing pain in her crotch and her head. She remembered that she got a piercing, but she never thought it could hurt so much afterwards. She stumbled into the bathroom to look in the mirror. And there it was.

When she asked for a clit piercing, she though it meant a clitoral hood piercing. But that's not what she saw. Instead, the piercer had taken her at her word, and put a small gold hoop through her clitoris. She was almost afraid to touch it, because she could feel the pain radiating from that part of her body. Slowly she reached down, and touched the ring with her index finger.

A shock of pleasure coursed through her. It was intense, more intense than Jenny had ever felt when she masturbated. She moaned and arched her head back. I could get used to this! she thought.

When she got home, she went to a local tattoo parlor to get it taken out. They told her there was a problem. When the piercer had put it in he didn't do it in the right spot. The way it was now, everything was fine. She could leave it in, and it would heighten her pleasure during sex and masturbation. But, if they took it out, she could lose all sensation in the nerve bundles there. It would be as if she had been circumcised.

Every day, Jenny had to decide if it was worth it to keep the damned thing in. Before ADP, it was her little secret. Sure, she was a little bit ashamed of it, but it was so wonderful when she got herself off. But now, with the whole school looking at it, she wasn't sure. Maybe it would be better to take it out...

Jenny began to flick the ring and play with herself. With one hand, she rubbed her pierced clit. With the other, she reached her fingers inside herself. She thought about all the things that happened on her date with Sid, and brought herself to climax. As the multiple orgasms washed over her, she decided that the piercing was, in fact, worth it.

* * *

Roni sighed. Even though she was already eighteen, she still felt nervous calling a boy. She wasn't even asking him out or anything! Why was she so nervous?

"Jenny asked me to do this for her," she said to herself. "I can't chicken out now."

Roni dialed Sid's number. The phone rang a few times before a male voice picked up.

"Hello," said the voice.

"Hi, uh, is, uh Sid there?"

"This is Sid."

"Uh, hi Sid. This is, uh, Roni."


"Um, Roni Johnson, Jenny's friend."

"Oh, right!" said Sid. "I'm sorry, Roni, I didn't recognize your voice. How are you? Is everything ok?"

"Uh, yeah, sure. I'm great." Roni couldn't believe how flustered she was. "Actually, no, it's not. Look, um, Jenny asked me to call you."

Sid laughed. "She's dumping me already, huh?" he joked.

"Um, no. She, uh, wanted me to tell you, um, that her phone priveleges got taken away."

"Oh. I see. I guess her mom must have seen me when I dropped her off. Is she not allowed to date while she's in ADP? She didn't say anything."

"Sid, this is her first time in ADP. I think her parents are making up the, uh, rules as they go along."

"Darn. I didn't mean to get her in trouble. Can you tell her I'm really sorry?"

"Sure. Yeah, I, uh, I'll probably see her in the morning. I'll tell her then."

"Thanks, Roni. Hey, you know, when this is all over, maybe we should all go out and do something."

Roni wasn't sure what to say. Was Sid flirting with her? "What, uh, what do you, uh, mean?" she said.

"I don't know. Maybe you and Jenny and your other friend Melissa? Maybe we can all go out sometime. I could invite some of my buds along, too."

"That, um. Um. That, uh, sounds like fun, Sid." Roni was blushing. "Maybe next week?"

"Sure. After all this ADP stuff calms down."

"Okay. See you later Sid."

"You too, Roni. Don't forget to tell Jenny 'I'm sorry.'"

"I won't. Bye."


* * *

The next morning Roni left early so that she could pick Jenny up at her house. She knocked at the door, and Jenny's mom answered. "Hi, Roni," she said. "Are you here to pick up Jenny?"

"Yes. How is she?"

"I think you know the answer to that question, Roni."

Roni glanced downward, and thought of all the times she was forced to go to school naked. "Yes, Mrs. Baker, I suppose I do."

"You can wait in the living room. She should be down in a minute."

Roni sat down on the living room couch. A few minutes later, Jenny came downstairs, naked, except for her bookbag and a pair of black handcuffs. "You ready?" Jenny said to her.

"Wait, Jenny, what's going on with..."

"Shhh!" Jenny said angrily. "We'll talk outside. Let's go."

The two girls, one naked, one dressed, began their walk to school. Jenny told Roni that she had put her legs through the cuffs during her date with Sid the night before. When she tried to put her legs back through, she found out that she couldn't do it.

"I was stuck for like ten minutes, Roni! It sucked!" she exclaimed.

"Jenny, you've got to watch that language, or you're going to make it worse," Roni replied. "What are you going to do?

"I'm going to skip roll call and go to the principal's office. I'm gonna ask him to take these things off," Jenny answered. "I don't know what I'm gonna say. I suppose I'll just wing it."

"Well, if he puts them back the way they were, I'll help you out today, okay."

Jenny was quiet for a minute. "Thanks, Roni, I appreciate that."

Roni decided to change the subject. "I called Sid for you last night," she said. "He said to tell you he's sorry, he didn't know you weren't allowed to date in ADP."

Jenny laughed. "Well that makes two of us," she said.

"You know, you still haven't told me about the date!"

"I'm waiting till we get to Melissa's, so I don't have to tell the story twice," she responded.

A few minutes later, Roni and Jenny got to Melissa's house. Jenny told them the story of her date with Sid. They were suitably impressed, especially the part about Sid stripping down when they got to the Dairy Queen. They all thought it was very noble of him.

"I think this guy really likes you, Jenny," said Melissa.

Jenny smiled. "Yeah. I kinda like him too. I'm glad you guys convinced me to go on that date."

The girls had just arrived at school, and walked over to their lockers. The other students were still ogoling Jenny, but she did her best to ignore them. She placed her bookbag in her locker.

"I'm going to the principal's office," Jenny said to her friends. "Wish me luck!"

"Good luck!" they replied in unison.

* * *

The meeting didn't go quite as well as Jenny hoped. She stood naked in Principal Marks' office, while he leaned against his desk, facing her.

"Well, Jenny, you still don't seem to have learned your lesson," said the principal. "Hold out your hands."

Jenny held out her hands, and Principal Marks unlocked the cuffs.

"Please sir, I told you! I couldn't sleep with my hands stuck behind my back like that! I only did it so I could get some sleep!"

"Jenny, I know you're lying." The principal smirked at her. "Your History teacher, Mr. Simonds, saw you at the Dairy Queen last night after school with your friend Sid. I'm told that you were eating ice cream with your hands in front of you."

Jenny was crestfallen. She knew now that there was no way out of her punishment, and that it was probably going to get worse.

"Ms. Baker, I told you yesterday that you had lost the privelege of using your hands until Monday," replied the principal. "I'm going to have to make some modifications to make sure you truly understand. Now turn around and stand still."

Jenny did as she was told, and Principal Marks slipped a collar around her neck. It was a plain brown leather dog collar. He fed the strap throught the buckle, and tightened it into place. He turned it so the the buckle was in front, and the metal loop was in the back.

He then picked up a lightweight metal chain leash. On one end there was a large leather loop attached to the chain. On the other end was a clip for attaching the chain to a dog collar. He fed one of the cuffs through the loop, so that the loop was centered on the chain between the two cuffs.

"Put your hands behind your back."

Slowly, Jenny again did as she was told. "Please, sir, I have learned my lesson," she pleaded. "I won't cover myself up anymore. Please don't make me wear those cuffs again!" Jenny's voice was tinged with panic at the thought of losing the use of her hands again.

She felt the cold rubber of the cuffs encircle her her wrists and lock into place. Her heart sank. She could feel the tears welling up in her eyes.

But Principal Marks wasn't done yet. He picked up a length of the leash, and fed it through the ring on the back of Jenny's collar. He then ran the chain down Jenny's back to pick up the excess slack, and clipped the end of the leash through one of the chain links.

When the chain was clipped into place, Jenny could feel pressure on the front of her neck. Whenever she tried to move her arms around too much, their weight pulled against her throat, and restricted her breathing.

"Sir, I think it's too tight," Jenny begged. "I'm having trouble breathing."

"You'll get used to it, Jenny," he replied. He walked back around the naked girl to face her. "This is part of your additional punishment for your disobedience last night. Just be thankful that I'm not extending your ADP for an extra day!"

"But sir, please! I can't breathe!"

"Be quiet!" he snarled. "I think you need one more reminder that insolence is not tolerated at this school!"

The princial walked over to his desk, and opened a drawer. He took something out, but it was too small for Jenny to see what it was. She began shaking with fear. What could he possibly do to make this worse, she thought.

The principal knelt down in front of her, so that he was eye level with her pussy. "Please, sir, don't hurt me," she said. Jenny felt a small tug on her clit ring. She moaned, despite herself, at his touch. Jenny could feel warmth spreading through her body as she became aroused. The piercing made Jenny's clit extremely sensitive to the touch, especially when the ring was pulled.

Suddenly, the principal stood up. "Make sure you stop in my office at the end of the day. We'll talk more then," he said. "Let me give you a hall pass. Open your mouth." Jenny opened her mouth, and the principal put a small yellow piece of paper between her lips. "Off to class, Jenny," he said. "And don't even think about skipping. I'll find out if you do."

End of part 5