Jenny Baker in ADP
by Gojira

Part 5

Background: Back in 2000, A story called "Alternate Discipline Plan" was posted in the Stories board. The original author, Rob, posted two parts to the story. Rob sketched out the details of the plan from Roni Johnson's point of view, as she explained it to Jenny Baker, a new student. However, Rob did not continue posting. He left us hanging with Jenny staring after her two friends on the street, saying, "little did she know her own ADP time was approaching... and rapidly!"

Two other authors continued the story of Jenny's adventures. Palmetto put a bondage spin on the story by placing poor Jenny in handcuffs because she kept trying to cover herself. Aberrantoff, the next author, continued with a story of Jenny trying to go about the rest of the day with her hands cuffed behind her back. It is my intention to pick the story up here, where Aberrantoff left off.

Rob did post the rest of his story. I don't know where he posted it, but I found the completed document on the Cronenberg Academy yahoo group web site. He did not include any of the elements of Palmetto's or Aberrantoff's additions. However, his version of the story ends with the phrase "Permission is hereby given by the author to archive and to use this story on other sites as long as the author (Rob, the roving reporter) is credited." Rob, if you read this, I hereby credit you as the author of the original story. Also, to Palmetto and Aberrantoff, I credit you as authors as well. I am only trying to improve on one of my favorite stories of all time.

I will start by including here the text created by Rob, Palmetto, and Aberantoff. They make up the first 4 parts of the story. I will continue from there.


Jenny Baker was having the worst day of her life. But maybe things were starting to look up...

Jenny was the latest participant in Mountain View Christian Academy's Alternate Discipline Program. "The Program" had started at MVCA a little over four years ago. In the Program, children could lose the privilege of wearing clothing as a method of discipline. For minor infractions, a student would only lose a small amount of clothing for a short time. Multiple or serious infractions could lead to more serious clothing loss, including total nudity for days at a time. And of course, parents were free to administer punishments in the Program at home.

On Wednesday, the principal put Jenny in ADP at the end of the school day. She was technically out of uniform, because her skirt had the wrong logo on it. When Principal Marks made her remove her skirt, he discovered that her panties were not regulation size. He made Jenny strip naked in his office and leave her clothes with him. Her punishment was to last for the remainder of the day, which was only one class. She hid in the bathroom until is was time to go home.

Jenny's mother had come to pick her up at the school. Because Jenny was late, her mother went looking for her, and found her inside, just as she was coming out of the bathroom. When Jenny's mother saw the clit piercing, she went ballistic. Jenny and her mother fought all the way home, and both of them said some things they shouldn't have. Jenny's mom finally said, "since you're so proud of your privates, you can damn well show them to the world for the rest of the week!"

Thursday didn't go any better. Jenny's mom had called the principal that morning to let him know about Jenny's punishment. Halfway through the day, the principal called Jenny into his office to further punish her for trying to cover her nudity. He told her that he was extending the punishment until after school on Monday, and that she would be losing the use of her hands until then. He spun her around and cuffed her hands behind her back. Somehow, with the help of her friends, she made it through the rest of the day. And Sid Reaver, a popular senior, was taking her out for ice cream at the local Dairy Queen after school.

So now, here she was. Trotting through the school parking lot, totally naked, with her hands cuffed behind her back. Her heart was hammering in her chest, and she could barely hear from the blood rushing in her ears. Sid Reaver was walking up ahead of her. He carried her backpack over his right shoulder, and his car keys in his left hand.

School had just ended. There were only a few people in the parking lot that could see her predicament. Even though practically everyone had already seen her naked today, she still couldn't get over the embarrassment. She hunched over as she followed Sid, trying to hide behind the parked cars.

"Where's your car?" asked Jenny.

Sid turned to look at her. She could see his eyes flick up and down her naked, trembling body. She knew he couldn't help it, but it made her feel even more embarrassed. Her cheeks began to flush.

Sid just couldn't believe his eyes. Standing in front of him was a beautiful, naked, eighteen year old girl. Sid had seen plenty of naked girls at the school over the last four years since the ADP program started, but Jenny was something special. Jenny was absolutely beautiful. She had long, dark hair, parted in the middle, which went just past her shoulders. Her eyes were dark brown, almost black. Her pale pink lips were slightly parted, as she tried nervously to catch her breath. Sid watched her perfectly shaped B-cup breasts heave up and down, the small brown nipples slightly hardening in the cool air. She was glistening with a light sweat, probably because she was so nervous. She had her hands behind her back, because her wrists were restrained by black, rubberized handcuffs. Her skin was a light pink from her full body blush of her embarrassment. She was 5'5", about 110lbs. She kept herself trim, but she had a little roundness to her belly. And just below that, a small landing strip of dark pubic hair lead down to her exposed pussy. Glinting in the sunlight, Sid could see the small gold hoop in her clit.

"It's near the edge of the parking lot. I got to school a little bit late today, and all the good spots were taken," he said. Sid turned back around and continued walking, and Jenny followed behind.

After what seemed like forever, but was probably less than a minute, they reached Sid's car. It was a plain looking beige Honda.

"Let me get the door for you" said Sid. Sid opened the front passenger door.

"Thanks," Jenny replied. As she moved into the door, Sid caught a glimpse of her heart shaped ass partially obscured by her chained wrists. Jenny turned to face Sid as he stared at her. She didn't think is was possible to be any more embarrassed, but she felt like her whole body was turning red. She crouched down, bending her legs at the knees while keeping her back strait. She tried to scuttle backwards in this crouched position until she could feel the car behind her with her hands. When she did, she was able to lift herself onto the seat without bumping her head on the doorframe. Jenny sat down on the seat, with her legs facing outwards. Jenny had never tried to get into a car without being able to brace herself with her hands, and it was more difficult that she imagined it would be! She glanced up to see Sid watching her intently, with his mouth slightly open. She realized that he hadn't taken her eyes off her through her whole ordeal.

Jenny swung her legs into the car, and threw Sid a dirty look. "Shut the door, please!" she snapped.

Sid shut her door. A moment later, he opened the back door and tossed Jenny's book bag into the car. He could see her squirming in the front seat, but he wasn't sure what was going on.

Sid walked around the back of his car and opened the driver side door. He stood there for a moment, watching Jenny struggle in the front seat.

"Ahhhh!" screamed Jenny. "This fucking sucks! God dammit!"

"What's the matter?" Sid asked.

"I can't fucking sit in here with these cuffs on!" she shouted.

Sid could now see the problem. With her hands cuffed behind her back, Jenny couldn't lean back against the seat. She was forced to lean forward toward the dashboard, and now she was trying to move her hands to one side, so she could lean back against the seat on her opposite shoulder. He watched her struggle for a moment. He just couldn't believe what he was seeing.

"Don't just stand there, jackass!" she yelled. "Help me!" Jenny had a terrified expression on her face. She felt like she would burst into tears at any moment, but she really didn't want to cry in front of Sid.

Suddenly, Sid had an idea. "Try this," he said. "Sit on your hand for a second." She did. Sid continued, "now try to move your hands under your butt. Maybe you can pull your legs through the cuffs."

Jenny though about it for a minute. She knew she'd get in trouble tomorrow if she didn't have her hands behind her back. But she just couldn't stand the thought of going out on a date with Sid, being out in public, totally naked, without any way to cover herself. "Okay," she said. "I'll give it a try."

Jenny sat in the car seat, trying to work her shackled hands under her butt. It took a few minutes, but she managed to get her hands all the way out to the middle of her thighs. Once she did that, it was easy enough to pull her knees up to her chin and slip the cuffs over her feet. At last, she was free! Even though she still had the cuffs on, at least her hands were in front of her. She immediately covered her breasts with her elbows, and crossed her legs.

Jenny stared out the passenger window for a moment before putting on her seat belt. "Sid, do you have a jacket or something I can borrow?" she asked.

Without a word, Sid reached into the backseat and grabbed his letter jacket. He put it in her lap. She glanced down at it for a moment, not quite believing it was real. Slowly she grasped the collar of the jacket and pulled it toward her chin. For the first time since yesterday, Jenny was no longer totally naked. As she stared out the window, silent tears began streaming down her face. Sid started the car, and pulled out of the parking lot.

Sid could hear Jenny sniffling, but he decided to let her have a moment to collect herself. He remembered the first time he was naked in school, and how terrible it was...

After a few minutes, Jenny coughed to clear her throat. He could see her out of the corner of his eye as he drove. She reached up to wipe the tears from her eyes. "Do you have a cellphone? I need to call my parents and tell them where I am."

"Sure, hang on." He reached into his left pocket, pulled out his phone and gave it to her. Jenny couldn't help but glance over at Sid while he fumbled in his pocket. She could see that his dick was hard through his jeans. She smiled a little bit.

"It's kind of a piece of junk," he told her. "They don't let us have the cool new phones in school because they all have cameras in them."

"Oh my god, I didn't even think of that!" exclaimed Jenny. "What if someone was taking pictures of me!"

As she spoke, Jenny dropped her hands down to her lap, bringing the jacket with it. Sid quickly glanced over. He couldn't help but stare at her pert breasts. Jenny's nipples were a getting a little bit stiff from the air conditioning in the car. She realized that he was looking at her, and quickly brought the jacket back up.

"Don't worry about it," said Sid. "Cameras are strictly forbidden at the Academy. It's not in the rule book, but the last person who brought any kind of camera into the school was expelled."

"But its not forbidden outside the school, is it?" said Jenny.

"Well, no, I suppose it isn't. But that's the whole point of the Program, right? The embarrassment?"

Jenny groaned. "This sucks. I don't know if I can do five whole days like this." Her voice was tinged with panic.

Sid was amazed. "Five days? Like this? Wow, Jenny, I had no idea. That's pretty rough for your first time." He looked over at her again. She was staring at him, wild eyed, clutching his phone and covering herself with his letter jacket. She looked like she was about to start crying again.

"Look, I'll help you through it," he said, to calm her down. "And you friends will too. Pretty soon, all this will be just a bad memory. Hopefully you'll have some good times too."

Jenny slowly turned away from Sid. "Maybe," she replied. She sat in silence for a moment, trying to collect herself. After another minute or so, she seemed to remember what she was holding in her hand. She dialed the number for her house phone. Sid could hear it ringing.

"Shit. There's nobody home yet. I'll have to leave a message," she said. She waited another moment, then Sid heard Jenny say, "Hey guys, this is Jenny. I caught a ride home from school with a friend of mine. We're going to get a quick bite on the way home. I'll be home soon."

The two high school students sat in silence for a few minutes. Jenny asked, "You were in ADP earlier today, weren't you? What did you do?"

Sid sighed. "It was nothing serious," he replied. "I didn't have my homework done for my first class this morning. I lost my outers. Usually, that's not such a big deal. But then I found out when I got to my second class that I had done the wrong assignment. So, bye bye clothes." Sid paused for a moment. "I don't want to say that I'm used to it, but it's happened to me a few times before. So I was sort of prepared for it."

Jenny though about that for a minute. "I'm sorry I yelled at you in the cafeteria earlier."

"What do you mean?"

"You know, when I was sitting with my friends, and you were listening to my story..."

"Oh, right. I'm sorry, too." Sid chuckled. "It's tough not to react like that to your situation. It's kind of involuntary."

"Is it 'involuntary' right now?" said Jenny. Surprised, Sid glanced over at Jenny. She had a big grin on her face. He saw her glance down at his crotch and smile even wider. Sid smiled at her, despite himself.

"Its good to see that you're making jokes already," he said. "You know, you're going to have to clean up your language. I've never seen them use handcuffs before, but I have seen them use gags."

"Now you're just trying to scare me."

"No, really. I've seen some messed up things over the past four years. But maybe we should save those stories for later. We're here."

They had been driving for about ten minutes, and had just pulled in to the Dairy Queen. It wasn't too crowded yet. It didn't seem like there was anyone else there from the high school, but there were two families sitting at one of the picnic tables. Two sets of parents were chatting and eating ice cream while four children, two boys and two girls, ran around the table. The second table was empty, and there was no one in line.

"Can't we just go through the drive through?" asked Jenny.

Sid laughed. "Don't chicken out on me now," he said.

"Sid, I don't know if I can do this..."

Sid sat and thought for a moment. Suddenly, he pulled his tank top over his head.

"Sid, what are you doing?" Jenny was shocked. Sid was getting naked right there in the car in front of her. She'd already seen him naked once that day, but she definitely didn't mind seeing him naked again. His dick wasn't rock hard like it was in the cafeteria, but it was still pretty big. She could feel herself getting aroused looking at it.

Sid turned to her and smiled. "Come on, Jenny, let's go get some ice cream." He got out of the car, walked around to the other side, and opened the door for her. As he stood at the open door, smiling down at her, Jenny couldn't help but look at his dick. It was getting a little bit harder now, and it seemed to be bouncing up and down slightly, probably in time with his heartbeat. She bit her lip and looked up into his piercing blue eyes. His smile never wavered. She held out her hands for him to take. He took her hands in his right hand and helped her out of the car.

Jenny heard the family at the next table gasp. She could hear one of the women mutter "piercing." Jenny pulled her hands away from Sid and they immediately went strait down to cover her crotch. She pushed her biceps toward each other, attempting and failing to cover her beautiful, B-cup breasts. Her whole body began to flush red. She was so embarrassed! How could I let them all talk me into doing this, she thought to herself.

Sid broke Jenny out of her trance. "Come on, just ignore them." He turned and walked up to the counter of the Dairy Queen. Even though she had seem him naked in the cafeteria earlier today, she hadn't seen his ass. Now, he was giving her an eyeful...

After a few steps, he stopped and looked over his left shoulder. He could see that Jenny was staring at his ass. She looked up at Sid, with a guilty look on her face. If it was possible, her whole body turned an even deeper shade of red. He motioned to her with his left hand, and she stumbled up next to him. He offered her his left arm, crooking his elbow toward her. She looked down at his elbow, and looked back up to his still smiling face. Slowly, she lifted her hands and grasped his arm. She saw his dick get a little bit harder when she touched him. Together, the stepped toward the window, and ordered ice cream cones.

Jenny took her cone and turned toward the empty picnic table while Sid paid. He turned around and followed her over with his ice cream, watching her bare ass twitch back and forth as she walked. Sid sat down at the table across from her, setting his keys and wallet on the table next to him. Jenny had already started licking her ice cream cone.

Sid watched her for a moment as she wrapped he tongue luxuriously around the ice cream. She was quite a vision, sitting there naked, in handcuffs, her breasts bouncing as her tongue lapped at the ice cream in her hands. His dick was now at full attention.

Jenny glanced up at Sid. "What are you staring at?" she asked, with a smile on her face.

At first Sid didn't say anything. He was trying to fix this image in his mind. He just smiled at her and put his chin on his hand. "Look under the table."

Jenny leaned over to her right, and looked under the table. She saw Sid's massive erection. Jenny stared at it for a few moments before leaning back up to look at the boy across the table from her. They looked each other in the eye for a moment, before Sid said, "Are you feeling the same way?"

Jenny thought for a moment. "Yes, I am," she said. It was true. She could feel the wind on the lips of her pussy, and sense the wetness there. "But then I remember that I'm in public and everyone can see me, and I start to get all embarrassed again!"

Sid could see her whole body start to blush as she spoke. "Think of this as a practice run," he suggested. "There's not a lot of people here, but it's still in public, right?" Jenny glanced toward the people at the next table, seeming to shrink into her seat. "I know you're having a tough time, but you're doing really great."

"You seem so confident, Sid. How do you do it?"

"Well, like I said, I've been in ADP before. I've been at this school for four years."

"Are you saying that you're used to it?"

"I wouldn't put it that way. It's more about accepting what's happened and just trying to make the best of it. People are going to look at you, no matter what. But everyone in the school has been through the same thing you're going through now."

"The same?" Jenny lifted her hands and shook the cuffs.

Sid chuckled. "Well, not exactly the same. But everyone remembers how much their first time sucked. They're all sympathetic."

Jenny looked down. "Sympathy doesn't really help that much."

Sid thought for a moment. "Look, I'll try to put the word out for people to leave you alone, okay? It won't stop everyone from giving you a hard time, but it'll help a little bit."

Jenny looked up at Sid. "Thanks. I'd appreciate that."

"Why don't we call it a day, and I'll take you home."

"Okay," Jenny sighed. "Wait! Don't you, you know, still have..."

Sid stood up from the bench and snapped up his keys and wallet. Jenny found herself, once again, staring at Sid's erection. And again, she felt herself getting aroused...

They drove back to Jenny's house. Both of them stayed naked in the car. Jenny didn't bother with Sid's letter jacket. She had grown more comfortable with him. For the first time in the last few days, she was feeling happy, like maybe something good would come of all this...

Sid pulled up in front of Jenny's house. They looked each other in the eyes for a moment. Jenny looked down first. "I had a really great time tonight. Thanks."

"I did too, Jenny. Listen, I know how hard this is. If you need to talk, just call me, okay? And maybe when this is all over, we can go out on a real date, with clothes and everything."

Jenny laughed. "Ok, Sid. I'll see you tomorrow." She darted in and kissed him on the cheek. She looked down and saw his cock throbbing. She laughed again. "And try to keep that 'involuntary' under control, huh?" Jenny reached into the back seat and grabbed her backpack. "See you, Sid."

Sid smiled. "See you soon, Jenny."

Jenny got out of the car. Sid watched her practically skip up the sidewalk to her house. That is, until the door of the house opened, and Sid saw Jenny mother standing in the opening...

End of part 5