Jenny Baker in ADP
by Gojira and Palmetto

Part 3

Background: Back in 2000, A story called "Alternate Discipline Plan" was posted in the Stories board. The original author, Rob, posted two parts to the story. Rob sketched out the details of the plan from Roni Johnson's point of view, as she explained it to Jenny Baker, a new student. However, Rob did not continue posting. He left us hanging with Jenny staring after her two friends on the street, saying, "little did she know her own ADP time was approaching... and rapidly!"

Two other authors continued the story of Jenny's adventures. Palmetto put a bondage spin on the story by placing poor Jenny in handcuffs because she kept trying to cover herself. Aberrantoff, the next author, continued with a story of Jenny trying to go about the rest of the day with her hands cuffed behind her back. It is my intention to pick the story up here, where Aberrantoff left off.

Rob did post the rest of his story. I don't know where he posted it, but I found the completed document on the Cronenberg Academy yahoo group web site. He did not include any of the elements of Palmetto's or Aberrantoff's additions. However, his version of the story ends with the phrase "Permission is hereby given by the author to archive and to use this story on other sites as long as the author (Rob, the roving reporter) is credited." Rob, if you read this, I hereby credit you as the author of the original story. Also, to Palmetto and Aberrantoff, I credit you as authors as well. I am only trying to improve on one of my favorite stories of all time.

I will start by including here the text created by Rob, Palmetto, and Aberantoff. They make up the first 4 parts of the story. I will continue from there.


Time passed, as time does. Melissa did get her clothing privileges back the following day. Roni and Jenny continued to be friends, as well as Melissa. Since the three girls had most of their classes together, they got into the habit of studying and doing their homework together, at least a couple of nights every week. Roni gradually got used to the fact that ADP was the accepted means of discipline at Mountain View, though she was very careful - she sure didn't want to participate in that program.

It was in the beginning of October, when the leaves were just starting to turn, that Jenny's life also started to turn - for the worse.

Roni was ready for bed. She sat at her computer to check her Instant Messages one last time before going to sleep. She was hoping to hear from Jenny. She hadn't seen her since lunchtime yesterday, and was worrying a little bit - hopefully she wasn't sick or anything! Sadly, Jenny's inbox only had a few spam e-mails, so Roni sent another quick message to Jenny, and went to bed.

The next morning, after Roni dressed and had breakfast, she left for school. She waited on the corner where she, Melissa, and Roni usually met to walk to school. A few minutes later, Melissa walked up. "Have you seen Jenny?" she asked Roni.

"No, I was hoping you had. I didn't see her in fifth period yesterday, either. I hope she isn't sick."

With a concerned look on her face, Melissa suggested that maybe they should go to Jenny's house, to see what was up. It was only a block from their corner, and they had plenty of time before school, so Roni agreed.

As they turned to walk to Jenny's house, a horrifying surprise met their eyes. Jenny, with a tear-streaked face, was walking towards them, totally naked. The October morning air was chilly, and her nipples were poking straight out in front of her. Jenny was walking with both her hands in front of her crotch.

Roni and Melissa ran to Jenny and hugged her. "Jenny, oh my God, what happened?!"

Jenny, still sobbing, told her story:

"Yesterday, when I was getting dressed in the morning, I realized my uniform skirt was dirty - remember, when I got lasagne on it at lunch the day before? I forgot to have Mom wash it. So, I wore another gray skirt I have, that looks almost like it - it just didn't have the MVCA logo on it. I didn't think anyone would notice."

"I didn't notice it," Roni agreed.

"So any ways," Jenny continued, "between fourth and fifth period yesterday, when I was walking in the hall, Principal Marks stopped me and told me to wait for him at his office. I didn't know what it was about, but I went and waited. When he came in, he sat down at his desk and got out his big rules book. 'According to Student Code 26, Ms. Baker, you are out of uniform. That skirt is not school issued. You will remove all clothing, save your panties and brassiere, and place them in this box for the remainder of the school day.' He pointed at a cardboard shoebox on his desk. I was shaking by the time he looked up at me.

"'But, I didn't have...."

"He interrupted me, 'Yes Ms. Baker? You have an excuse for violating school dress code? This better be good. I am busy."

"I told him about my skirt being dirty, and that I forgot to have Mom wash it. He sat and stared at me for a minute, then said, 'Not good enough Ms. Baker. Take them off." I was so scared to strip down in front of him, even though it was only outers, but he had a look in his eyes. I pulled my shirt off, and tossed it in the box, then I leaned down and pulled my shoes and socks off together. I took a breath, and unzipped my skirt and stepped out of it.

"I tossed it into the box, and turned to go. 'Ms. Baker! Get back here!' Principal Merks yelled. 'Firstly, I did NOT excuse you. Secondly, you are STILL out of uniform. Student Code 26 specifically states that girls shall wear white full-size cotton panties, and a white bra. Your panties are not white, they are not cotton, and they are CERTAINLY not full-size! So, you will leave your underclothing in this box also. Pick them up at the end of the day, and get a towel on your way out.' I started to hesitate, but he slammed his palms onto his desk, stood up, and yelled 'DO IT!!'"

Jenny was sobbing as she told her friends about her ordeal.

"My hands were shaking so badly I could barely undo my bra strap, and I had my panties down to my knees before I realized that I was standing there totally naked in front of the principal. I felt like I was falling, or going to pass out or something. I could feel myself starting to cry. When I dropped my panties into the box, Mr. Marks told me I could go, so I went back out into the office, and the secretary had me sign for a towel.

"When I stepped out into the hall, I started to cry, so I went into the bathroom to wash the mascara off. I guess I didn't realize how close it was to the end of the day, but the bell rang while I was in there. 'Thank God!' I though - I didn't have to go to any classes naked after all.

"But Jenny, " Roni interrupted. "He said your ADP was over at the end of the day. How come you're still naked?"

"It's because of this." Jenny moved her hands from in front of her pussy, revealing pubic hair trimmed into a neat "landing-strip," like a bikini-model's. But what drew Roni and Melissa's eyes was the gold ring peeking out from under the patch of hair. "Mom came to pick me up yesterday, and when I was late, she came looking for me. She saw me when I came out of the bathroom, and she saw this ring."

Roni was shocked. Melissa asked, "When, umm... where did you get that?"

"Remember I told you I used to be kind of wild? A couple of years ago, some friend took me to Myrtle Beach, got me drunk, and talked me into it."

"Why didn't you take it out?" asked Roni.

"Can't. They make clit-rings so they don't come out. Otherwise, it might pop out while you're walking or something. So, when Mom saw it, she was pissed of. She didn't know I had it." Jenny started to cry again. " She told me that since I was so proud of my privates, I could damn well show them to the world for the rest of the week."

"Damn, Jenny. At least today's Thursday, so it's only for two days." Melissa consoled her friend.

"I'm so scared. No-one has ever seen me naked before today."

Roni thought, "Except for the people at the piercing place."

Jenny didn't know it, but things were going to get a lot worse.

The girls had been walking while they talked, and they were now in front of the school. Jenny had one hand over her crotch again, and the other arm she held in front of her breasts as they walked to Homeroom. Jenny sat in the back of the class. She quickly laid her towel on her seat, before sitting down again with her arms covering her chest, and her legs tightly crossed and drawn up..

A few minutes later, Ms. Prinz came in and started to take roll. "Adams?" "Here." "Allen?' Here." "Baker? Baker? Jenny Baker?" "H-here." stammered Jenny. "Pay attention, Ms. Baker. And move your hands. Brown?" "Here."

After roll-call, it was time for Jenny and Roni to go to history class. Melissa had geometry, so she gave Jenny a reassuring look and headed down the hall. Jenny and Roni walked together, Jenny with one hand covering her pussy, and the other holding her book-bag in front of her breasts. As they passed the big courtyard in the middle of the school, Jenny heard a voice call out, "Ms. Baker! Quit covering up!"

"Crap" thought Roni. "That was principal Marks. Jenny moved her book-bag a little to one side, and moved her other hand from her crotch for a minute, but it seemed to find its own way back, to cover her up.

Mr. Simonds' history classes were usually pretty boring - just names and dates and places. When the bell rang to end the class, he told the class, "Dismissed. Ms. Baker, stay a moment." After the students filed out, Mr. Simonds walked to Jenny's desk, where she was still sitting with her left arm over her breasts.

"Ms. Baker, I know you've been warned twice. It is against ADP policy for students to try to cover their bodies. The whole point of the punishment is humiliation. Report to Principal Marks immediately."

"But, I don't..."

"Go! Now!" Jenny, on the verge of tears again, stood and put her book and her towel in her bag. She didn't even realize where her hands were again, until Mr. Simonds yelled, "And move your blessed hands!"

Roni was waiting for Jenny outside. "What happened?"

"I have to go to the principal's office again," Jenny cried, and walked off. Roni worriedly watched her friend's retreating naked back.

"Ms. Baker, I told you. Ms. Prinz told you. Mr Simonds told you. And yet you still refused to accept ADP punishment as it was meant to be. ADP is designed to deter misbehavior, by using humiliation and loss of privileges as motivation. You may not be aware, though, that clothing is NOT the only privilege that can be taken from you. Since you refuse to move your hands from your body, even now, I am taking another privilege from you. For the next three days, you have lost the privilege of using your hands. Stand up, and turn around."

"What? How can you..." Jenny broke off her question as she felt Principal Marks grab her left wrist and pull it behind her back, followed by the right. 'Oh my God!' she thought. 'He's handcuffing me!'

And, indeed, that was what was happening. "These are lined with rubber, so they don't cut into you. I'm sure someone will take notes in class for you, and your parents will surely help you write your homework. Since three days from now is a Saturday, you may have them removed after the school day Monday.

Jenny couldn't believe it. She was going to have to spend 5 whole days, totally naked, and in handcuffs.

After Third Period was lunch. Roni and Melissa had already gone through the cafeteria line, when they saw Jenny come into the cafeteria, carrying her book-bag with both hands behind her. The ring in her pussy was on display to the whole school. She walked over to the table where Roni and Melissa were seated. They could see she had been crying again. "Roni? Melissa? Will you help me get lunch?"

"Um, OK, sure, Jenny." Roni replied. "Why do you need help?" Jenny turned around and showed the other girls her wrists, locked behind her with a pair of black, rubberized handcuffs.

"Holy cow!" Melissa whispered.

"I didn't know they could do that!" Roni was shocked. "Why?"

"Principal Marks said it's because I kept putting my hands over myself. I have to wear them till Monday! I can't itch, I can't type. I can't even feed myself! Ohmygod, I just want to die."

"Jenny, we're your friends, we'll help you. And watch what you say. For all we know, they can gag you, too. I've never seen handcuffs used for ADP." Indeed, by the time Roni got back with Jenny's lunch, there was a crowd of about 30 people, looking at Jenny's handcuffs, asking her about what happened. There was only one other student there in ADP, a boy in 12th grade named Sid. As Jenny was telling her story, he kept looking at her, and his penis was growing noticeably. He was standing to Jenny's right, and when she glanced over and noticed it, Sid's cock grew another inch. He reached to cover it, but Jenny warned him, "I wouldn't, if I were you. Look what happened to me.... I mean, DON'T look AT me."

Jenny finished telling the crowd about what had happened to her, crying through most of the tale. The crowd started to thin out, and Jenny looked to her right again. Sid was still there, looking at Jenny's locked wrists, and his penis was now as hard as it could get - and it was inches from Jenny's face. "Get that away from me, Sid. I mean it! Go away."

"Sorry," Sid blushed, and walked away after looking at Jenny's cuffs once more.

"I think he likes you, Jenny," Melissa whispered to Jenny. Roni giggled, cut up Jenny's salisbury steak for her, and speared a piece on the fork, to feed to Jenny. After the steak, she started to feed her the peas, but Jenny told her she hated peas, so Roni fed her the tapioca she had gotten for her.

"I feel so humiliated, like a baby or something." After the girls finished lunch, it was time for Fourth Period. All three girls had different classes this hour, so they said goodbye and started to split. In order for Jenny to pick her bag up, she had to back up to it, and squat as far as she could, so that her bound hands could reach the handles. She could feel the cool cafeteria air all the way into her pussy, and was glad that no-one had been looking - they would have seen EVERYTHING.

When Jenny joined Roni and Melissa for Fifth Period Science, she hurried over to the lab table where the three usually sat. "Guys, listen. Melissa was right, Sid likes me. After last period, he asked me if I'd go to the Dairy Queen with him."

"Ooooh, he's so cute." "And he's a senior. Jenny, you HAVE to go with him!"

"But, not naked! I couldn't! Besides, I couldn't even use my hands to eat!"

Melissa encouraged her. "Go on, Jenny. It's better than moping around. Besides, we don't have very much homework to study tonight."

Roni agreed. "Jenny, you HAVE to go. He probably won't ask you again."

"You guys really think so?"

"Yes!" both girls chimed at the same time. Roni added, "And tell us tomorrow how it went!"

At that point, the teacher started to write on the chalkboard, and said, "Class, open your books to page 348...."

End of part 3