Jenny Baker in ADP
by Gojira and Ron

Part 2

Background: Back in 2000, A story called "Alternate Discipline Plan" was posted in the Stories board. The original author, Rob, posted two parts to the story. Rob sketched out the details of the plan from Roni Johnson's point of view, as she explained it to Jenny Baker, a new student. However, Rob did not continue posting. He left us hanging with Jenny staring after her two friends on the street, saying, "little did she know her own ADP time was approaching... and rapidly!"

Two other authors continued the story of Jenny's adventures. Palmetto put a bondage spin on the story by placing poor Jenny in handcuffs because she kept trying to cover herself. Aberrantoff, the next author, continued with a story of Jenny trying to go about the rest of the day with her hands cuffed behind her back. It is my intention to pick the story up here, where Aberrantoff left off.

Rob did post the rest of his story. I don't know where he posted it, but I found the completed document on the Cronenberg Academy yahoo group web site. He did not include any of the elements of Palmetto's or Aberrantoff's additions. However, his version of the story ends with the phrase "Permission is hereby given by the author to archive and to use this story on other sites as long as the author (Rob, the roving reporter) is credited." Rob, if you read this, I hereby credit you as the author of the original story. Also, to Palmetto and Aberrantoff, I credit you as authors as well. I am only trying to improve on one of my favorite stories of all time.

I will start by including here the text created by Rob, Palmetto, and Aberantoff. They make up the first 4 parts of the story. I will continue from there.


Jenny Baker in ADP (Part 2) by Rob

At 6:15 the next morning Roni Johnson's alarm clock sounded and she rolled out of bed. Normally she slept in panties and long t-shirt, but since she was in ADP she was completely nude.

She had 15 minutes to get in and out of the hall bathroom before her 14 y/o brother got up. Even though Jeffery had seen her naked many times over the past four years she still hated it. Maybe what she really hated was how he seldom ever lost his clothes. It wasn't that he was that good, he was just so much better at not getting caught -- Or not saying something stupid to parents that would cause loss of his clothing and dignity.

Whatever! She hated that he would come out in a few minutes in boxers and a T-shirt and stare at her naked body.

She set a record in showering, shaving her legs, and attending to other bathroom chores -- but she wasn't fast enough. . .When she opened the door there stood Jeffery. He was now an inch taller than her which made it even more embarrassing. . .

"Morning sis, you are looking really good today," he said with a smirk, "so are you out of ADP or will the whole school get to see you too?"

She walked past him without speaking, went to her room, made up her bed, dried her hair, touched up her nails, checked her home work and then finally resolved she was going to have to find out if she got her clothes back or not.

In her family the general rule was "all or nothing." At school you might lose just your "outer clothing" but if it was a home ADP it was shoes, socks, pants/skirt, shirt, bra and panties.

Unless there were special circumstances your clothing was then restored at breakfast the next day, or what ever day the punishment officially ended. Yesterday, her mother hadn't indicated an "end." By now, Roni knew how to get into trouble and was pretty good at sucking up to get out of it. . .

So last night, even though it had put her more on display, she had volunteered to help her mother with the kitchen duties, and folded all the laundry and even stayed put when a neighbor came over for a visit. Sheesh that was embarrassing too -- the lady had brought her 6 year old daughter who had tugged on her mother's skirt and whispered (loudly) "Mommy, Roni ain't got no clothes on. . ."

Roni rounded the corner going to the breakfast nook in the kitchen. There was breakfast on the table. The table was set. Her dad was reading his morning paper and drinking a cup of coffee. Her Mom was at the stove. And as Roni looked at her chair, her heart sank. There was no uniform there.

She sat down and tried to think positively. This was hard to do sitting naked with your father on the other side of the table. Her Dad never made her feel uncomfortable, at least no worse than she already was. . .She thought about her friends, she thought about volley ball practice, she remembered she was suppose to walk to school with the new girl Jenny Baker. . .It had happened three times before and each time she spent the whole day on the verge of tears.

Then she realized her Mother was talking to her and she quickly snapped to the present:

"Roni, your uniform is in the dryer -- it should be dry by the time you finish breakfast. . .I didn't remember until this morning. You've pretty much earned your way out of ADP, just watch the way you talk in the future."

Roni breathed a huge sigh of relief, got up and kissed her mother, and 20 minutes later the completely clothed Roni Johnson was knocking on her new friend's door getting ready to walk the 1/2 mile distance to MCVA. . .

Jenny was relieved for her friend when she heard the knock. She kissed her own mother goodbye, and listened with wide eyed excitement as Roni described how she thought she was going to have to be naked at school.

On the way Jenny pumped Roni for more details. "So if you would have been naked today would you at least got to wear shoes or flip flops or something on your feet?"

"No, shoes and socks are never allowed in any ADP -- even if its only 'outer clothing' they are considered 'outer.' Hey, but in a way being barefoot is better than these goofy loafers," she said with a quick laugh.

"And so you go from class to class like totally naked? You mean you can't like wear a towel between classes?"

"Jenny," Roni replied patiently, "in ADP it means you LOSE all rights to cover your body. They give you a 18" x 24" towel to carry in your back pack that you have to sit on. But to try and 'cover up' in ADP would just earn you less clothing or more days. . ."

"What about if you are like on a team and have practice?"

Roni grimaced and remembered how close she came on this one this morning, "Depends on the Coach. You still have to go to practice -- sometimes they make you just sit there naked and watch. . .our volley ball coach, Ms. Stanhill would have made me practice in the nude. Or at least that's what she's always done in the past. So there you are running and jumping all over the court with your boobs flapping around and showing everything you've got. The boys usually stop and pretend they are taking a break and watch when we have a volley ball girl in ADP. . ."

As they walked onto the campus Jenny stopped because standing not 25 feet away was a boy wearing a back pack and nothing else.

"OHMIGOD!" Jenny said in a loud whisper -- its a boy and he's totally naked.

"Jenny!" Roni replied with a strong whisper, "One, it happens to boys and girls alike and TWO watch your language if you don't want to be dressed like him. . ."

"What did I say???"

Roni looked around and whispered, "You said 'ohmigod' Jenny this is a Church school and they take that 3rd commandment thing about not taking the Lord's name in vain real, real seriously here."

"I didn't see anything about swearing in the rule book!!"

"Trust me on this one," Roni replied, "it didn't say don't murder either. . .If a teacher heard you -- you would as a 'new kid' got ONE warning. If the principal, Mr. Marks, heard you, new or not, it would have been outers off for the rest of the day -- and completely naked for a full day for a second offense. . ."

Jenny clamped her hand over her own mouth and realized just how much she used that expression -- everyone did in California where she was from. . .

A few seconds later the bell starting the day at MCVA rang and the horde of students headed for the entrances. She and Roni were both heading for first period English Lit. As they walked in the room and sat down again she was again startled as a very scared looking girl walked into the room, wearing just her back pack a pair of white panties and her bra.

This time at least she kept her shock inside her mouth. Roni nudged her and whispered, "Looks like Melissa is still in trouble from yesterday -- she lost her outers for missing an assignment. If she doesn't have it and today's work she will be in real trouble. . .

An overview of Mountain View Christian Academy. . .a Church run private school somewhere in the great Southwestern part of the United States. Four years ago they embraced the Alternate Discipline Plan (ADP)as the school's primary punishment vehicle. The results have been outstanding and the concept in now universally practiced in most homes as well as the Church and community of Mountain View as a whole.

Mountain View Christian Academy is a private school with two divisions. Junior High (grades 7,8,9) and Senior High (grades 10,11,12.) There is a Mountain View Christian Elementary School, but it is completely free standing, and at it has been determined that loss of clothing as a punishment (ADP) works better in Jr. and Sr. High than at the Elementary level.

While many school systems in the state have switched to a middle school concept there is no plan for such a change in Mountain View.

Mountain View has 612 students: 303 in Jr. High and 309 in Sr. High -- Their graduation rate is a staggering 99.9% over the past 5 years (about the same time as the school has practiced ADP) Prior to this the graduation rate was still and excellent 91.8%

When outside educators visit ADP is the number one subject of conversation. After over four years the school can categorically declare it very successful and the administrators are always happy to share their results and methods of implementation. . .

On any given day 5% of the Jr. High students (about 15 kids) will be in some form of ADP -- usually loss of outer clothing.

At the Sr. High Level it is usually only about 3% (about 10 youth) but interestingly 8 out of 10 Sr. High kids in ADP are usually completely naked.

The "record" for any one day was when two Sr. High Home Rooms decided to stage a protest in the student common area and kinetically refused to go to class. After repeated warnings and reminders that this was "not a democracy" both classes were ordered into ADP -- complete loss of all clothing for seven days.

For students withdrew rather than face the punishment. . .the other 47 students spent the week at school, home, church and community as naked as the day they were born.

The record for a single year was established last year by Marge Petersen who was in some form of ADP for 50 of the 180 school days. It was noted that ADP was indeed an alternate plan, but that corporal punishment was NOT abolished at MVCA.

When Marge's punishment was intensified to include 20 licks with the standard discipline paddle each time she went in to ADP her behavior improved, dramatically.

Roni Johnson was sharing this information with her new friend, and MVCA's newest student (Jenny Baker) over lunch when they saw Melissa -- from their first period English Lit class walking across the cafeteria.

She looked in somewhat of a daze. She was also totally naked.

Roni stood up and motioned Melissa to join them.

Jenny tried to look away in embarrassment as Melissa sat down next to Roni and across for her.

In a sympathetic tone Roni asked, "What happened, I knew you were in ADP, but I thought it was just outer because you did't get the English Lit assignment done yesterday?"

Melissa looked up from her tray -- she had obviously been crying. She was a very attractive girl about 5'4" tall and weighing just about 110 lbs. Her long light brown hair was tied in a pony tail and hung just past her shoulders.

She had small to medium size breasts that could have easily passed the old "pencil test." The cool air of the cafeteria was causing her nipples to be very erect and pronounced.

In a barely audible voice she answered, "It's my fault. I worked on English Lit and got completely caught up. The teacher had already give me a green slip to go back to the office and get my outers back. . .but last night I spent so much time on English that I forgot I had two math assignments due."

Roni frowned, "that's a bad break."

Melissa continued, "Yea it is, because Mr. Kirk in Math had already let me slide yesterday since he knew I was going to lose my outer clothes. I didn't get a chance to get to the office before I got to his class so technically. . ."

Roni interrupted, "you were still in ADP when you got to Math."

"Yep. And so when I was now missing two assignments he gave me a yellow and red flag. . ."

"Well," Roni said, "the yellow alone would have got you naked for the rest of the day since you were still in ADP. . ."

"Yea, well you know the drill," replied Melissa as she went back to stirring her lunch, not really wanting to eat anything."

Jenny looked on and finally asked, "So now what?"

"Oh, I'm sorry Melissa this is my new friend Jenny Baker, I've been trying to explain how ADP works to her. . ."

Melissa tried to smile as she looked up and said, "Hi, well now you can show her and I hope she picks it up quicker than I have. . ."

"Melissa," Roni explained, "will now have to be completely naked the rest of today, Thursday and if she is back on track can get her clothes back Friday at the end of school. If not -- then she has to wait till Monday, and according to the rules it means she'd have to stay in the nude for the weekend as well. . ."

Jenny looked aghast, "What about like if you have a date or shopping or even Church."

Melissa shook her head, "My dad doesn't allow me to date when I'm in ADP. As for anything else I have to go to the store with my mother every Saturday and we never miss Church unless we are like, dead. . ."

"So you'd be out like, you know, you are, like right now, like. . ."

"Totally naked in public and private," answered Melissa with a look of chagrin. . .

As the lunch bell rang the three girls, Melissa, Roni and Jenny headed to different classes. For Melissa it was the continual embarrassment of going from class to class -- barefoot all the way up to her neck. . .Jenny, the newest girl at MVCA shuttered at the very thought of what it must be like to be required to remove all your clothing and be naked in front of your class mates. . .And Roni thought back to the first time she was required to be in ADP away from home and spent and entire day naked at school.

Like Roni, Melissa was on the volley ball team, and was relieved that at least today she didn't have to practice in the nude because Ms. Stanhill had an appointment and had rescheduled practice for tomorrow. She would still be naked then as well -- but at least it got put off another day.

Since the three girls lived in the same neighborhood Roni asked Melissa if she was not being picked up would she like to walk home with them.

Her mom worked on Wednesday afternoons and she didn't want to call her Dad. While it was only about a half a mile -- it went on forever when you were walking it stark naked. She welcomed the company.

As they walked they talked.

Jenny asked, "Do you ever like get use to being, you know. . .?"

"The word is naked," interjected Roni, "and no, I don't ever get over the feeling of being so exposed, so humiliated, so incredibly embarrassed. I've had to be in ADP three times at school and each time was the worst day of my life."

"This is my third time too," said Melissa, "and it feels as bad as the first two. Its like every boy I see is staring at either my boobs are my pussy."

"Melissa!" sheeshed Roni, "our privates."

"Bull shit, we are off campus and there are no adults around. That's what the guys call it when they are by themselves I promise you."

"What was your first time like Roni?" asked Jenny. She didn't know why but Roni was like her connection that allowed her mind to process this dramatic change that had taken place in her life. She prayed, and this time really meant it, every night that she would be able to keep her act together and never end up stripped and naked in front of her class mates. But deep in her mind was the sense of dread that it was only a matter of time. . .

Roni started her story, "I was 13 and in the 8th grade -- it was the start of the school year. We had been doing the ADP thing here in Mountain View for about a year and up until then I had been in ADP 5 times -- but all of them were at home. They were all overnights and ended the next morning at breakfast."

"Were they all, you know, er," asked Jenny?

"Total. Butt naked. My parents don't know how to do it any other way. The only time I've ever lost my outers and not my underwear is a couple of times at school."

Jenny shook her head at her friend's candor. Perhaps having naked Melissa with them was making her feel a little stronger.

"So anyway," Roni continued, "it was the start of the school year, I had gone out for and made 8th grade cheerleaders, I was no longer one of the "little 7th graders" I had 'arrived.'"

All three of the girls laughed as they remembered the stages of Jr. High School and how 'immature' they felt Jr. High girls were now -- but they remembered what it was like to get to the 8th grade.

"It had been a good weekend. Our team won on Saturday and I got to go to a party Saturday night at Church. My Mom was a little unhappy that I didn't get my room cleaned first but she didn't say anything."

"When I got home from the party I smarted off a little about how I was too tired to do the dishes, it was my turn, and again neither mom nor dad really said anything."

"To be honest I was sorta hoping that now that I was out of the 7th grade -- and obviously 13 is a LOT older than 12, that maybe the ADP thing would sorta like, go away. . ."

"So what happened?" asked Jenny inquisitively.

"Well," said Roni, "Sunday started going really down hill. I didn't want to get up and we were nearly late for Church; my tweeb brother and I fought all the way to Church; I skipped Sunday School to talk to a couple of the other cheerleaders about something; I fell asleep during the main service; the tweeb was even more annoying on the way home; I complained about lunch; my bed still was not made from Friday. . .by now I had been given 'the look' a few times by my parents. . .I don't know, maybe I was trying them."

"What finally pushed their button?" asked the naked Melissa.

"On the way home from Sunday evening services I pitched a fit because Dad wouldn't stop for ice cream. It got real quiet in the car and he said, 'that's it -- I think you know what's coming when you get home.'"

Melissa cringed and replied, "Don't you hate that feeling, you haven't heard it yet -- but you know its coming?!?"

"As you might imagine," Roni continued, "I shut up real fast. It was almost bedtime so ADP would just mean sleeping naked, or so I thought. . .when we got home my little brother who was 11 then, vanished into thin air and Mom and Dad took me into the living room."

Jenny could feel the tension in Roni's voice even now three years later and said, "If you don't want to talk about it. . ."

"No, its OK," answered Roni, "once we were there Dad looked at me and said, 'Strip. Now.' This was a little different because usually I had to get naked in my room. I started to cry a little as piece by piece I got closer to my birthday suit. Soon I was totally nude standing there. I saw my tweeb brother staring around the corner and wanted to kill him."

"Then they laid the bombshell. Mom spoke up, 'Roni your Dad and I feel you have been really pushing us lately. Depending on your behavior you'll get your clothes back either at 7:00 Tuesday, or Wednesday morning. Keep pushing and we may make it Friday morning."

"I was stunned," said Roni and in disbelief told mom, "I have to go to school TOMORROW."

"We now that Roni," answered Dad, "and you'll be naked, check in at the office and you'll get an ADP pass and towel to sit on. . .but not to cover up with."

"Man I was so scared," continued Roni, "I just sat down on the floor and cried. Tears were falling on my little 13 year old breasts which I thought were developing nicely -- I just didn't want anyone to see them!"

"My mom got up and sat down with me, she hugged me and said, 'Roni, we love you -- you'll get through this and you'll be better because of it.' And all I could think about were the 9th grade football players who had seen me in my short skirts at the football games were now going to see my priv..., er, Melissa's right -- pussy -- that is what I heard them whisper."

"All I remember," said Roni as they walked up to Jenny's house, "was that I wanted to die of shame, and I was still just sitting on my living room floor. The next day, or more, when I was really out there naked for everyone to see was more than I could imagine. . .

"But whether I could imagine it or not," continued Roni, "next morning came all too soon. I got up and showered, shaved my legs and trimmed my little patch of pubic hair -- dried off -- put on what little make-up that I wore back then -- did my hair -- and then took a look in the mirror. And, then I cried.

I looked good. Except that I was as naked as the day I was born. I tried combing my hair to see if it would sorta hide my boobs. . . it didn't, if anything it just pointed them out more!"

The girls had made themselves comfortable sitting on the family room floor of the Baker home. About that time, Marlene Baker, Jenny's Mom stuck her head around the corner and gave a cheery, "Hello -- who are your friends??"

"Mom, this is Roni who I told you about and this is Melissa. She's in ADP right now. . ."

Melissa blushed blood red. It is always more embarrassing when a stranger sees you naked for the first time -- sometimes its even worse when its another parent. . .

Mrs. Baker was somewhat nonchalant as she looked at Melissa and smiled and said, "Melissa it's good to meet you and Roni. I know Jenny has a lot of worries about ADP -- but to be honest its one of the reasons we moved to Mountain View. How long will you have to be naked dear?"

Her question was sincere, but still embarrassing, Melissa blushed as she replied, "If I get my work caught up I get my clothes back Friday afternoon. . .and I will get caught up I don't want to have to spend the whole weekend in the nude!"

"Now that's the attitude!" answered Mrs. Baker, "as long as you are working to get out of ADP, you girls are always welcome at our house. We would like to think that WHEN (she seemed to stress the 'when') it happens to Jenny her friends will be there for her too. . .Now it was Jenny's turn to blush.

Mrs. Baker excused herself and Roni continued with her tale, "So I put it off as long as I could, but I had to go stairs and get ready for the trip to school. Until you've done it you can't know the sheer terror of what it is like to walk out your front door without a stitch of clothing on and knowing that all your friends, teachers, and even strangers will see you that way for the rest of the day!"

Jenny just stared on in disbelief. . .

"The time came and out the door we went. I felt the cool dew against my bare feet -- I was very sensitive of the upholstery in mom's car -- and when we pulled up to school it looked like the whole school was there and all of them were staring at ME!"

Roni shook her head, "They weren't, but when you are naked in public that's what it seems like. I was the first girl in my 8th grade section to earn a full nudity ADP at school and so I did get quite a bit of attention that day. . .

When your parents invoke ADP you have to still go to the office and report the incident and get an ADP pass and a towel. The towel is blue with the letters "ADP" on it. Its 18" x 24" and you have to sit on it whenever you sit down. The rest of the time it has to stay in your book sack, or back pack."

Roni then told the rest of her story of going from class to class, volley ball practice, and a pep rally. Melissa shook her head in agreement -- while Jenny just kept shaking her head period.

Jenny interrupted to ask, "Don't the boys ever tease you even though its against the rules??"

Melissa and Roni both nodded. Melissa spoke up, "Yes! They are supposed to and if you can prove it their little butt will be bare for like three days. But they are very subtle. The way they look at your pussy instead of you. . .or one of them will walk by and cough and say, bare ass -- or cute tits -- but never where you could prove it."

"And then of course there's the hallway," interjected Roni, "we all get pushed around going from class to class -- I promise you, walk the halls of Mountain View in the nude and it seems every boy there will find an excuse to 'bump' up against you!"

The two seasoned girls both just continued to nod while Jenny kept saying those silent prayers, "Oh God, please, please don't let this every happen to me!"

Melissa stood up and said, "Wow, its time for me to be home -- it's been real, but I gotta run!"

"Me too," echoed Roni.

Jenny watched as her two new friends, one clothed and one naked walked out of her house and down the driveway -- her prayers continued till she fell asleep. . .

Little did she know her own ADP time was approaching. . .and rapidly!

End of part 2