Jenny Baker in ADP
by Gojira and Ron

Part 1

Background: Back in 2000, A story called "Alternate Discipline Plan" was posted in the Stories board. The original author, Rob, posted two parts to the story. Rob sketched out the details of the plan from Roni Johnson's point of view, as she explained it to Jenny Baker, a new student. However, Rob did not continue posting. He left us hanging with Jenny staring after her two friends on the street, saying, "little did she know her own ADP time was approaching... and rapidly!"

Two other authors continued the story of Jenny's adventures. Palmetto put a bondage spin on the story by placing poor Jenny in handcuffs because she kept trying to cover herself. Aberrantoff, the next author, continued with a story of Jenny trying to go about the rest of the day with her hands cuffed behind her back. It is my intention to pick the story up here, where Aberrantoff left off.

Rob did post the rest of his story. I don't know where he posted it, but I found the completed document on the Cronenberg Academy yahoo group web site. He did not include any of the elements of Palmetto's or Aberrantoff's additions. However, his version of the story ends with the phrase "Permission is hereby given by the author to archive and to use this story on other sites as long as the author (Rob, the roving reporter) is credited." Rob, if you read this, I hereby credit you as the author of the original story. Also, to Palmetto and Aberrantoff, I credit you as authors as well. I am only trying to improve on one of my favorite stories of all time.

I will start by including here the text created by Rob, Palmetto, and Aberantoff. They make up the first 4 parts of the story. I will continue from there.


Jenny Baker in ADP (Part 1) by Rob

(Posted by Rob on May 09, 2000 at

The following story (in several parts) will tell the story of the Alternate Discipline Plan through the eyes of some of the teenagers who are now "living the plan."

Though very successful in areas where it has been implemented, because of its controversial nature the exact town and state are not being revealed.

* * *

Roni Johnson was a normal 18 year old girl having a normal teenage age chat on-line with a new girl who had just moved into their little community in a south west state. The new girl, Jenny Baker, had only been at school for three days and had just heard about what everyone called ADP -- the Alternate Discipline Plan, or just ADP for short.

Jenny: Is it true?

Roni: Is what true?

Jenny: That with this ADP thing that some kids end up, er, you know -- naked?

Roni: I'm afraid so -- I'm in it myself for the rest of the night -- it is suppose to end by breakfast tomorrow. . .

Jenny: You mean your -- you don't have any clothes?

Roni: Not right now -- I'm completely naked

Jenny: OHMYGOD -- what if someone saw you????

Roni: Then they would see me -- its part of the plan that this British group sold our parents on about four years ago. They call it "alternate discipline" and part of the punishment is that you lose clothing privileges and sometimes, yes, that means you get seen by people other than your family -- which is bad enough -- I have a 14 y/o brother.

Jenny: Aren't you like totally mortified? My kid brother hasn't every seen me naked. I would die!

Roni: I thought I would the first time too. . .

Jenny: How did this all start -- did you know it was going to happen? I can't believe this. I wonder if my parents knew when we moved here!

Roni: Oh, I remember how it started like yesterday. I was 12 and when Dad got home from work on Friday evening he told my mom, and Jeffery that we were going to a meeting a Church. . .little did I know then it would change our lives.

Roni: So like Dad said we were going to this meeting at church and I thought, "whatever" -- the adults were always having meetings to discuss better ways to raise children in this troubled world, blah, blah.

Jenny: And there was no clue what it was about?

Roni: I was like 14 -- I wouldn't have paid much attention. Oh I WOULD have paid a lot more if I would have known. So there are speakers, and the minister is like up there with our principal, and the mayor, and a man and woman from like somewhere in England.

Jenny: How did they even start talking about having to go around naked -- this is like so far out I can't even believe it.

Roni: You are enrolled in our school. You go to our Church (you have to in order to get into MV Christian Academy) and your family bought a house in our neighborhood. Jenny, your parents know and signed papers that they agreed to this plan.

Jenny: You mean?...

Roni: Let me finish with the story and then we'll talk.

Jenny: Shit!

Roni: I start watching the language -- that is one thing they really watch. . .anyway so then this English guy gets up and explains that they think they have a "better idea." He said there are two primary ways that people still punish their kids: 1. Corporal punishment -- spankings and stuff.

Jenny: You get spanked?

Roni: Never did much -- but even less over the past 4 years. And, he said the other way is "loss of privileges." You know stuff like being grounded, you are not going to get to go to the dance and stuff like that. I'm like only half paying attention but I notice most of the parents are like nodding their heads.

Jenny: Go on!

Roni: Sorry -- it was my kid brother coming in to get some thing for his homework -- actually he just wanted to see me bare-ass again. He's a jerk! So, then these English guys say they have experimented with an "alternate plan," and all our leaders have asked us to consider implementing it community wide. For the record we kids didn't get a vote -- only parents.

Jenny: This is getting scary.

Roni: By now, even at 12 I was beginning to listen -- my brother, who was even more of dweeb then, had his earphones into his gameboy and didn't have a clue. It was sorta of funny in a way:)

So the English guy says the "alternate plan" is a form of "loss of privileges and embarrassment or humiliation." He told of a boarding school where there were strict rules and when a student disobeyed they could lose a portion or ALL of their clothing for some period of time.

I was going, 'this can't be real.' Mom and Dad wouldn't make me walk around without clothes. . .

Jenny: So what happened?

Roni: I was wrong -- it was very real. They broke up into like little groups and discussed it and then came back and took a vote.

Jenny: What did they vote on?

Roni: Well at first only to accept the suggestion as an "alternate form of discipline" for parents who wanted to try it within their homes.

But, the big thing was they agreed that if a child in ADP, that's what they started calling it that night, had a loss of clothing period that extended to say, school or church that he/she would have to go that way anywhere in Mountain View -- including school or church.

Jenny: OHMYGOD -- now I am scared. You see we moved here because my parents thought I was like running with, you know, the 'wrong crowd' and they said they had studied this community a lot and thought it would be a great place to raise kids. I have a sister who's 14 and a brother who's ten. They know, don't they?

Roni: I hate to tell you -- but if I were you I start behaving really good. But even then sooner or later we all slip and then off comes the clothes -- or at least part of them.

Jenny: I want to know everything! Tell me all the rules and everything you can think of!!

Roni: OK -- but the first thing you need to know is that I said at first they approved it for parents 'in the home.'

Jenny: Yeah.

Roni: Well after six months -- I had just turned 15 it was agreed upon and I think they even made it like a law -- that ADP could be administered by parents, school officials, approved church officers, and as a juvenile punishment by city officials as well. It's in the back of your student handbook -- why don't you go read it and then check back. I'll e-mail you a story about what my first time was like. I gotta go right now,

Jenny: OK -- bye. . .but try and get back on line. I'm going to go read the stuff now!

Jenny signed off the computer and went straight to her book bag. Pulling the stuff out from school she found her Mountain View Christian Academy Handbook. Looking in the back she found a section entitled: Discipline. The words that followed scared her more than anything she had ever seen in her life:

The staff and faculty at MVCA reserves the right to employee discipline as best suited to each individual student, and incident thereof. These forms of discipline shall include Corporal Punishment, Loss of Student Privileges, and the Alternate Discipline Plan (ADP.)

In recent years ADP has been found the single most effective form of discipline. While ADP is used far less frequently than other forms of discipline in the past, it appears it's effective rate is 98% higher. The following guidelines are used at MVCA in considering the severity of loss of clothing when necessary to use ADP:

Physical Violence: Complete loss of all clothing for three consecutive days at all times. Student must continue to participate in school, church and community activities during his/her ADP punishment. Alternate: Expulsion

Drugs, Tobacco or Alcohol: Same as above

Sexual Harassment: Same as above

Destruction of School Property: Same as Above

Theft: Same as above

Minor Theft (under $5.00 value) Same as above for 24 hours

Insubordination: Same as above for 24 hours

Failure to wear proper uniform: Loss of outer clothing for balance of school day.

Littering: Loss of outer clothing for balance of school day.

Failure to complete assignments in a timely manner: Loss of outer clothing for balance of school day. EXCEPTION -- If a student loses his/her outer clothing in one class and has missing assignments in other classes then they may forfeit all their clothing for second infraction and have one day added for each subsequent missed assignment on the day in question -- If student continues to miss assignments after all clothing has been lost, one day will be added until such time as all assignments are brought current at the sole discretion of the teacher(s) involved.

Other: Infractions other than those listed above will be handled on a case-by-case basis with the principal or assistant principal having final right of say on all ADP punishments.

Jenny read and re-read each rule. At her old school she would have had to forfeit her clothes for like a semester. She quickly flipped to the page on appropriate uniforms and read:

Outer clothing:

Tops (Boys and Girls) Pull over polo style top with school emblem in red, blue, white, or forest green.

Bottoms: (Boys and Girls) Tan or gray pleated slacks reaching the top of the shoe.

Skirts (GIRLS ONLY) Tan or gray skirts reaching to one inch below the knee

Shoes: Burgundy "penny style" loafers

Socks: Matching pants (Girls may wear panty hose.) UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL SHOES BE WORN WITHOUT SOCKS/HOSE


Boys: Basic white t-shirt and white boxer or jockey style briefs

Girls: White bras and full size white cotton panties -- panty hose with "built in" panties shall be deemed acceptable.

Athletic Uniform:

Boys: Blue sweat pants, t-shirt top and athletic supporter

Girls: Sports bra, panties, blue nylon shorts and t-shirt top.

Swimsuits: Issued by the Athletic Department


Jenny was OK on the school uniforms. At least they had some choice of colors. She and her mom had already picked out all of the required wear at the local department store.

The shoes were goofy, but she could live with that. Right now her greater concern wasn't what she would be wearing, but what she might have to take off. . .

* * *

Eighteen year old Roni Johnson sat at the keyboard. She was totally naked as she was currently in ADP -- her community's answer to the discipline problem of today's teenagers. She was writing a letter to her new friend Jenny Baker telling her what it was like the first time she ever lost her clothes as part of ADP. . .

So, like I said, I was like 14 and half I guess when the plan went into force. The first couple of days nothing much happened and then Sunday after church I wanted to go home with a friend. Mom said 'no.' So, I did what I always did, whined to Dad.

He didn't say anything, and just looked at my mother. She sorta of like nodded her head and looked at me and said, 'Young lady, I said no. I think its time for us to find out if ADP works. When we get home I want all your clothes off for the balance of the day."

I was too stunned for words and went and got in the car like immediately. But it was too late. The damage was done. Nothing else was said on the way home and I hoped they had been only bluffing. I went straight to my room and started to change out of my church clothes.

Then I heard Dad knock at the door. Instinctively I yelled, "just a minute." I was standing there in just like my shoes, socks, little bra and panties hanging up my dress.

"Roni," he said as he opened the door, "I wanted to make sure you understood what your mother said. Everything comes off until tomorrow morning. Behave and you can have your clothes back for school."

I started to cry. With the exception of like a glimpse when we changed bathing suits, or after taking a shower, Dad hadn't seen me naked in three of four years.

"Daddy, please. . ." I said in my best little girl voice.

He didn't buy any of it. "Now, sweetheart, everything off," was his only reply.

By now I was sobbing, "No, No, No."

Mom appeared at the door and I looked at her for a reprieve. There was none.

"Roni," she said firmly, but not really harshly, "they told us it would be really hard on you kids the first time. And us too -- it would be so easy to say, 'we'll give you one more chance,' but then you'd never believe us again."

Dad took over, "Your mom's right --- you will be naked between now and 7:00 tomorrow morning. That includes lunch and dinner tonight -- since this is the first time we won't make you go to the Sunday evening services at church, but you will have to sleep in the nude as well. Behave and tomorrow you can put on your school uniform and go to school and all will be forgiven and forgotten."

Jenny ,until it happens to you -- you have no idea of what it was like. I sat there on my bed, tears running down my eyes and started undoing my shoes and taking off my socks.

Still crying I looked up and pleaded with my eyes one more time. No mercy, though my parents really looked like this was hurting them too. I unhooked my bra and let it fall off trying my best to cover what little I had back then.

Then came the nightmare of slipping my fingers in my panties, sliding them down and pulling them over my bare feet.

I was totally naked, embarrassed like you wouldn't believe and humiliated beyond description. But, I have to tell you it was a LONG time before I ever went and whined to my father after my mom had already said no.

Once I was naked the next worst part was going down for lunch and having my brother stare as I walked into the room. I don't think he had ever seen me without clothes on and he just stared at my breasts and my little patch of pubic hair.

Mercifully my parents let me spend the day, except for supper, in my room. My brother tried to find reasons to come in and talk to me just like he did when we were on line tonight -- he's still a dork!

* * *

It was almost bedtime and Jenny Baker, the new girl at Mountain View, had just finished reading the e-mail story of Roni Johnsons'first "ADP" experience.

She was almost in tears at the thought of what might lay ahead for her. At Roni's suggestion she had pulled out the MCVA student handbook and discovered that based on her behavior at her old school she would spend a lot of time, naked, in public -- if she didn't change her ways.

Then she noticed Roni had just signed on as well and she sent her a quick IM. . .

Jenny: Are you going to bed soon?

Roni: In a few minutes -- did you get the story about my first ADP time?

Jenny: Yes. I cried.

Roni: Not as much as I did that first time :) As a matter of fact, I usually still cry when it happens.

Jenny: Does it happen often?

Roni: Well, one thing is we always know how often it has happened, well at least at my house.

Jenny: Why?

Roni: My dad is like real big into record keeping and journal stuff. . .so my brother and I have a "punishment log" for ADP. . .the English people I told you about suggested that too as way "to constantly remind us of the error of our ways." Sheesh. Constantly humiliate us:)

Jenny: So how many times has it happened to you????

Roni: Just a sec...

Jenny: OK.

Roni: Here it is -- counting today this is the 27th time since it started four years ago. . .so about 6 times a year or so. . .

Jenny: Does it happen to everyone that much?

Roni: I dunno so...some a lot less. My good-two-shoes brother has only been in ADP like four times ever. . .some a LOT more. There is a girl at school -- Marge Peterson -- who she like is naked almost as much as she has clothes on:)

Sheesh she's an embarrassment -- some people think she like gets off on being naked in front of people.

Jenny: Roni -- I'm scared.

Roni: Well none of us LIKE it!!!

Jenny: I know, but -- can you keep a secret.

Roni: Sure, but once you are naked there aren't many secrets left.

Jenny: that's just it. I'm totally mortified to be seen without my clothes. Its probably the only reason I'm still a virgin. I can't imagine a guy seeing me like totally naked.

Roni: Its bad -- but you live through it.

Jenny: No one but a doctor has seen me without clothes in like ten years. And I cry every time the doctor examines me.

Roni: Not even like your mom or sisters?

Jenny: NO ONE.

Roni: So do your best and maybe you'll get lucky. My dweeb brother has:)

Jenny: I told you that I sorta, like ran with the wrong crowd at my old school. . .

Roni: Yea

Jenny: That was an understatement! I read the rules. If my old school would have had them I wouldn't have need a wardrobe ALL YEAR LONG!

Roni: OIC

Jenny: Hey, I don't want you to think I'm like a slut or trash, I just wanted to have fun and got into a lot of trouble. Fortunately they didn't do like spankings or god forbid this ADP stuff so I spent a lot of time grounded and in "in-school" suspension. I still have a 4.0 GPA:)

Roni: So maybe you were bored. . .

Jenny: Who knows - I just can't get this having to be naked thing out of my mind. So you are still that way right?

Roni: Right now?

Jenny: Yes

Roni: Yea, I was stupid this afternoon. My Mom picked me up after volley ball practice and I had been having like a real bad day. . . she said something and I mumbled, she asked again, and I mumbled, she asked a third time and I shouted at her --- CAN'T YOUR HEAR ME?

Jenny: Yikes

Roni: Yea, the minute I did it I knew I was in trouble. She looked at me and said, "Young lady," (clue I was in for it) "you have really been out of sorts for the past couple of weeks and I haven't said anything" (she was right) "but I think a little ADP would do you some good. Starting NOW."

That stung.

Jenny: You mean while you were still in the car on the way home????

Roni: 'fraid so. I looked at her. And her eyes had that, 'don't try me' look. I knew that I had a chance to get out of it without having to be naked at school tomorrow if I shut I just looked at her and said, "I'm sorry Mom," and started taking off my volley ball uniform.

Jenny: I would have died on the spot. . .

Roni: Well, remember it has happened to me 26 times before.

Jenny: What time was this? Was it dark yet?

Roni: No, it was like 4:30 so it was good and light and the cars were everywhere. Fortunately in a mini-van cars can't see as much but all those SUV's could look right over at my bare breasts.

Jenny: How long were you in the car before you got home?

Roni: 'bout an hour. She stopped for gas, at the store and then had to pick up my brother from baseball practice. . .so all of his freshman friends saw me sitting there in the car naked. Sheesh -- that's what I hate.

Jenny: This has got to be a nightmare!

Roni: Jenny, it's real -- but I've been to a school and a house where they use to paddle as the number one punishment. In ways this is worse -- but it doesn't physically hurt as bad. But, you remember it a lot longer. I promise you it'll be "yes ma'am", "no ma'am" for me for some time:)

Jenny: So WILL you get your clothes back tomorrow?

Roni: Probably, I hope so!

Jenny: When will you know?

Roni: When I go down for breakfast -- if there is a clean uniform at my place then its over. . .if not. . .

Jenny: And if NOT?

Roni: Well Jenny, I guess tomorrow in English Lit you'll get to see a lot of me. . .that's what I hate -- I haven't had to be in the buff but like three times at school -- though I've lost my outers a few times -- but at least everyone understands and NO ONE will every make fun of you. At least not in front of a teacher.

Jenny: Why?

Roni: It's considered harassment and is an automatic three days completely nude 24/7. . .I need to turn out my light -- the last thing I want is my mom to have any reason not to have a clean uniform waiting for me in the morning. Hey, if I'm not naked (then I'd get driven) do you want to walk to school -- I go right by your house?

Jenny: Sure -- what time?

Roni: If I'm "OK" it'll be about 7:30 -- if not I'll call you:)

Jenny: OK 'night

Roni: Same to you!

After she had signed off Jenny stared at the screen for a long time before getting up and dressing in her floor length night shirt. She didn't sleep in a bra, but kept her panties on. She thought about her new friend Roni a few blocks away going to bed, completely naked and not knowing till the morning if her punishment would end.

She cringed at the thought and climbed into bed pulling the covers up to her chin praying, please don't let it happen to me!

End of part 1