The Adventures of Agent Suzzanne Midsummer, conclusion
by Gincrack

(The continuing perils and torments of a sexy lady Agent)

CHAPTER 5 Full to the Brim!

As feeling returned to Suzzanne’s limbs she was beginning to wish it hadn’t! Any movement was virtually impossible and already her muscles were beginning to burn. Next the officer knelt beside Suzzanne and applied two small grey devices like half a ping pong ball on either side of the base of her spine, pressing them firmly to ensure they were stuck securely.

The General moved forward from his chair and bent his face down so that he could look her in the face. “I’m going to enjoy this,” he said, and slumping back into his armchair he picked up a small remote control device which he studied for a moment before pressing a button.

Immediately she felt the dildo in her pussy buzz into life only this felt different to her vibes at home, the sensation seemed to penetrate deeply inside her. What she didn’t know was that the device was not vibrating but emitting waves of ultrasonic energy. Very quickly she began to feel growing warmth through her lower abdomen and pelvis and a strange sensation as it she was being massaged gently but from the inside. At first she just lay still tolerating the feeling but as it continued it became more and more difficult for her to ignore and very slowly she felt the need to move in response to the sensations pulsing through her, and almost instinctively she began to tilt and flex her pelvis. The men watched intently as she slowly pushed her hips back and forth occasionally flexing them from side to side, the leather straps creaking.

“Watch this” said the General, and he gave a couple of quick presses to a button on the remote. Suzzanne gave a muffled cry of surprise and the motion of her hips increased, she could not ignore the sensations now, the pulsing energy seemed to be causing her pelvic muscles to contract and squeeze rhythmically, the feeling was similar to the pulsing aftershocks she felt in her pussy after orgasm although she was nowhere near coming. All the same her pussy was warm and getting wet and she continued to grind her hips.

“The ultrasonic dildo stimulates the nerve pathways but the electrodes block the impulses at the level of the spinal reflex arc and prevent them reaching the brain,” remarked the General. “Her pussy is getting stimulated but the signals are not passing up to her brain so she gets the sensation in her pussy is coming but without stimulation of the higher brain levels. With this I can keep her pussy in a more or less constant state of orgasm but she won’t actually come!” He upped the level another notch. Suzzanne could feel her pussy pulsing and contracting but without the pleasurable sensations reaching her brain it was becoming increasingly uncomfortable as she squirmed and strained within the tight leather bindings. Unable to spread her legs, the insides of her thighs where becoming wet with her secretions.

“Now to heighten her sensations.” He pressed a second button, there was a low whirring sound, and Suzzanne suddenly stiffened and moaned into the gag. The rectal dildo had just inflated, stretching her and increasing the pressure in her pelvis. Bound as she was every movement pulled some strap or other tight and most movements pulled on the strap between her thighs which pushed the devices deeper insider her. She was now making a low but continual moan into the gag as she flexed and writhed on the floor.

“Volume control” said the General, and another button caused the gag insert to inflate in her mouth, silencing her. Her eyes opened wide in surprise. He looked closely at the remote before pressing a sequence of buttons. “There, I’ve set the dildos to pulse and inflate automatically so we’ll leave our guest alone while she contemplates her fate. Major, you can apply the nipple clamps if you wish”.

The officer knelt forward, and placing a hand under her shoulder and hip rolled Suzzanne onto her side. Still bound in the harness hogtie her body curved away from him in a convex arc exposing her tummy and the leather strap which deeply bisected the shaven lips of her sex and the spreading patch of glistening fluids which was soaking the strap and slowly spreading down her inner thighs. The officer reached forward and cupped her uppermost breast before squeezing on either side of her areola. Holding the wicked looking pincer like clamp in the other had he placed the tips on either side of the base of her nipple before releasing the spring which caused them to grasp the nipple tightly. Suzzanne exhaled explosively through her nose as he released the clamp and tested the grip by tugging on the thin chain. He repeated the procedure on the other breast before rolling the panting girl back onto her stomach. He then took hold of the chain and by applying gradual tension stretched both of her nipples before fastening the chain over a small nail in the floor. Now every wriggle and squirm caused the clamps to pull painfully on her taut breasts.

The officer stepped back and all the men in the room admired his handy work and the effect it and the Generals’ other toys where having on the bound agent. Several shuffled and discreetly adjusted their uniform trousers. “Gentlemen, we will return later,” said the General, and the men then all left the room leaving Suzzanne to her torment.

Suzzanne tried vainly to compose herself but the devices were now functioning automatically. The vaginal dildo was set to slowly increase its ultrasonic pulsations over several minutes, which had the effect of bringing her pussy to the boil, so to speak, but she could never gain the release she so desperately needed by actually coming. Meanwhile, the anal dildo inflated and deflated randomly; sometimes rapidly, sometimes slowly, stretching her rectum, compressing her vagina and always increasing the effects of the ultrasonics. The sensations in her pussy were climbing towards an orgasm that would never come, instead just remaining that split second away from bursting over her like a storm of pleasure.

She wanted to scream with frustration. Her cheeks bulged from the inflated gag and her limbs ached from her stressed posture, and to top it off every tiny movement caused extreme discomfort in her nipples! Sweat pooled in the small of her back and a damp patch was forming under her stomach, a mixture of sweat and lubricant (both inorganic and organic) tracking down the soaked strap. The General had not been lying when he had said he would make her remaining time unpleasant, this was truly torment of a magnitude she had never experienced and she was beginning to wish she had killed him back in the bedroom.

CHAPTER 6 Suzzanne Gets Slap Happy

As he opened the door the General could here soft whimpering and he smiled to himself knowing full well that Miss Midsummer’s torment was the source of the sound. He could see her as he entered, her head pulled back by the straps, her eyes closed, she was still grinding her pelvis as her buttocks tensed and relaxed rhythmically. She had been tied for about three hours and it showed. Her skin shiny was with sweat and strands of hair stuck to her forehead. He knelt before her and tapped her forehead with his forefinger. Her eyes snapped open and he could see the anger and loathing as she focused on her tormentor.

“Major, I think she has had enough of this, lets see how she likes the Power Rack, that should iron out the creases," he grinned. Suzzanne started to struggle but her movement was quickly curtailed by the increase in pain in her nipples. She had a good idea what a “Power Rack” was and the thought chilled her to the bone.

“I don’t think you’ll have time for that, gentlemen” said a voice with a mid-atlantic accent. In her fogged mind Suzzanne thought she vaguely recognised the voice and tried to see the newcomer, but to no avail.

“I’m sorry to end your fun, and it does look like fun! but I’ve come to collect my purchase”. Her mind was swimming but she did recall the officer had said something about a buyer and clearly she was the “purchase”.

“Mr Goldhill,” replied the General, “yes, she’s all yours, but be careful! She packs a punch,” he said, turning to the newcomer.

“Jeez!” said Goldhill, looking at the General’s battered face “Did she do that to you?”

“Indeed, so keep her tethered”.

“No worries,” said Goldhill. “We’ve got a long journey so she’s going to sleep for a while”.

She heard him open a bag and there was the sound of packets being torn open, then she was aware of a figure beside her but she could not twist to see who it was , only a shiny black brogue and neat grey suit trouser was visible to her. “Hold her,” said the accent and she was grasped firmly. Her shoulders were pushed down, a hand gripped her under the throat, and she felt the sharp prick of a needle into her neck. She mewed and tried to move but their grip was too strong. She felt a cloud descending over her consciousness and then darkness.

Suzzanne’s mouth was dry and her head ached, she tried to lick her lips but her mouth was like sawdust. Rolling over she found herself on the floor of a small bare holding cell. She was the only thing in the room! Trying to sit up she found her wrists pinned behind her, looking down she saw her ankles were fastened together with some sort of padded zip tie around each ankle, one threaded through the other like crude handcuffs. From the amount of movement she had in her wrists she presumed they where fastened the same way and she tugged, but although she could twist her wrists the loops were too small to allow her to wriggle her hands free. They must have used them to transport her, secure enough to hold her but not tight enough to cut off circulation. Still naked, she struggled to her feet and shuffled across to the metal door. Twisting round she tried the handle. Locked, no surprise there. She looked up at the small high window and although it was dirty she could see it was bright daylight outside; that said, she had no idea how long she had been out, where she was in the world, or who was holding her!

She looked herself up and down. Apart from some faint pink weals marking the path of the harness she appeared unharmed, although her pussy and beyond felt a little sensitive! As she shuffled back to the corner and sat down, leaning back against the cell wall, she noticed a small plastic pipe protruding from the wall and on closer inspection she found it was a larger version of the nozzle of a hamster drinking bottle. Gingerly she pressed her tongue against the ball and was rewarded with water. She waited a moment to see if anything happened, it tasted O.K., she thought. She waited for what she thought was about 10 minutes, time for anything in the water to reveal itself but nothing happened. Leaning in again she began to suck from the nozzle, slaking her thirst and soaking her parched mouth. She lay back and rolled onto her side, the floor was hard , but there was nothing else to lie on. She wriggled and twisted until she was reasonably comfortable then let he mind try to fathom some means of escape, well she thought she had to try.

A key rattled in the lock and the door swung outwards and she pulled herself upright to see a figure she recognised enter the room. She didn’t know him well but he was an American Intelligence Officer who had attended several briefings she had been at. “Tyler!” she blurted out. “What? Who?”

“Agent Midsummer, you’re awake and unharmed by the journey, I see “

Immediately Suzzanne recognised the voice, the voice she had heard back in the General's residence. Her expression changed from one of surprise to disdain. “You! You're Goldhill!!“

“Yes,” he drawled, “that’s the name I use here. Paul Tyler is my cover name at the agency”.

Her levels of concern and anxiety were rising by the second. “What do you mean. cover?” Her mind was racing, she had so many questions. “You’re Paul Tyler, Deputy Station Chief in London, you’re supposed to be on our side!” she moaned.

“Ah well, espionage is not always that simple, sometimes it comes down to belief, sometimes economics, mostly often a bit of both”.

“And what drives you?”

“Mainly economics, I’m afraid. The agency doesn’t pay that well!”

“And what have I got to do with this?”

“As I said, economics. You’re valuable; well, the information you hold is.” He examined his fingernails.

“Information!” she laughed. “I’ve got no information, I’ve spent the last god knows how many days being tortured or fucked or both and not once has anybody asked me for information!”

“Of course you have information, you are an M.I.7 operative. You may not think so, but organisations will pay well for any information that can put a chink in the big boys' armour. They will pay well for what I can get out of you and when I’m finished I’ll sell you on to someone else who has a use for you.”

“I’ll not tell you anything freely, you know that.”

“Yes I know,” he replied, “but nevertheless I will get the information out of you, you are good value for money really. M.I.7 thinks you stole that data chip and have gone into hiding. They are looking for you in Europe. Nobody knows where you went or where you are now so I’ve got plenty of time."

“Fuck you!” she spat. “I’m giving you nothing. you traitor!”

“Then, Miss Midsummer, you may find your stay here very uncomfortable”.

He gestured through the door and two guards filled the room and moved menacingly on Suzzanne. The naked agent shuffled back into the corner of the room trying to make herself as small as possible, but the guards grabbed her arms and unceremoniously hauled her to her feet and out of the cell and across the corridor into a bigger cell. In the centre of the room stood a vertical articulated examination table with padded steel restraints at each corner. The table was mounted on a square steel pedestal which was bolted to the floor, and around the sides of the pedestal where movable panels. Suzzanne was slammed against the upright surface by the guards and pinned there by their bulk whilst one of them cut the ties around her wrists before they simultaneous pulled her wrists around and upwards and fastened them into the restraints.

“Ouch” she cried, as her arms, which and been behind her for so long, were twisted and pulled. As they released their grip on her wrists she realised her feet were not on the floor and she was suspended. The guards turned their attention to her legs and cutting the ties away forced her legs into the lower restraints before stepping away. Suzzanne wriggled as her breasts, tummy and thighs pressed against the cold metal surface, stimulating her nipples to peak. The wrist and ankle restraints gave her considerable freedom of movement, and the guards watched appreciatively as her curvy buttocks jiggled about.

Goldhill moved to a control box which hung from the ceiling like those used to control warehouse cranes and pressed several buttons with his thumb. The table whirred into life and Suzzanne felt it bending at her hips, pulling her with it as it moved. The table slowly changed position until Suzzanne was bent at right angles from her hips, her torso now laying flat on the horizontal top of the table. She tugged at the restraints, they allowed her wrists to twist and her arms and legs were not under any tension but she was firmly bound to the table. Goldhill gestured for the guards to leave and then walked around the captive woman, admiring the arch of her back curving down to the spread of her hips and curvaceous buttocks and firm slightly spread thighs.

Suzzanne twisted around watching him over her shoulder. “Like what you see?” she purred.

“Yes, indeed,” he replied, “but I’m not falling for your guile like that horny old General, I’ve got bigger fish to fry and I’ll not be distracted by pussy!. Still...” He ran his hand down over her buttocks and between her thighs, gently stroking her bare plump pussy before moving his hand up and using his fingers to spread her cheeks. She gritted her teeth expecting to feel a probing finger but he just circled a finger tip several times around her puckered ring before removing his hands. “Mmmmmm,” he murmured softly, “maybe later”.

“Now,” he said, “I want information from you, nothing classified because you won’t have that, just general stuff, organisational structure, department heads, safe houses, phone numbers, dead drops, the sort of thing a field operative knows”.

“Go to hell!“

“I thought that would be your response, which is why I have had you brought here to give you some gentle persuasion and a chance to rethink.”

He pressed a button on the control and she heard more whirring but the table remained still. Then moving into her field of vision she saw two articulated arms extending from either side of the table. Made of tubular shiny metal but with thin steel cables running between the joints it was clear they worked by some pulley system. As the arms rose up they positioned themselves on either side of her hips and to her horror she noted the end of each arm carried a flexible white perforated plastic paddle about a foot long.

“Any thoughts before we begin, Agent Midsummer?” he said smugly.

She said nothing but turned her head away trying to prepare herself for what was about to happen. She watched the distal joint of the arm begin to rotate backwards bringing the paddle with it tensioning a spring attached to the paddle. When it was almost parallel with the arm the paddle was released and the spring tension caused the paddle to flick back with a swishing sound. She flinched; this time the paddle had just swished through thin air but next time she knew it would be making contact with her exposed buttocks. Goldhill made a few minor adjustments remotely to the paddle arms and Suzzanne watched as smoothly and precisely they manoeuvred above her exposed bottom. This time the paddles moving slowly , softly making contact with her skin as he set up their aim. Then the intensity of the whirring increased and she watched the paddles move swiftly into the “firing” position and stop. She gritted her teeth and squeezed her eyes shut and tensed waiting for the impact but nothing happened.

After a few seconds she opened one eye. Goldhill was standing holding the control , head cocked to one side, looking at her and smiling. “Want to rethink?”

“Get on with it,” she growled.

SWISH, THWAK! The first paddle made stinging contact, her buttock jiggled and then tensed almost simultaneously, SWISH, THWAK…… the second paddle struck home, SWISH THWAK……… , SWISH THWAK…………., the paddles began slapping in a slow steady rhythm and she started squirming in her bonds, her eyes squeezed tight, her teeth bared. After a minute of bombardment her buttocks were already pink and burning. The paddles did not strike in the same place each time but moved slightly before each stroke, slightly overlapping the previous one and moving precisely across the whole curve of each buttock.

After a further minute Goldhill stopped the machine, Suzzanne lay there panting, her bottom displaying a bright red band over each globe. “Anything you want to tell me Agent Midsummer?” he enquired patronisingly.

“Fuck you!” she hissed through bared teeth.

He shrugged and flicked the switch. SWISH THWAK, SWISH THWAK. SWISH THWAK, SWISH THWAK, SWISH THWAK. The machine recommenced its torment. She twisted and fought with each stinging blow, her breathing panting and irregular. Her buttocks burned with an intensity she did not know existed, the pain made her want to cry out with each blow but she fought to hold it in.

Goldhill watched intently, she was strong, he thought. As he watched her twisting and writhing, her buttocks jiggling bright red globes, he wanted to hear her cry or scream. “I’m going to leave you now to think about your situation, you know what I want and you know how to make this stop.”

She glared back at him but said nothing, but inside she was struggling not to plead with him to stop the spanking, and then the door closed and he was gone and she was alone. SWISH THWAK, SWISH THWAK!

Closing the door behind him he turned and placed his eye to the Judas hole. She was twisting and squirming on the table as the paddles rhythmically spanked her glowing buttocks. After a few more strokes he heard her first cry followed by another and another a split second after each strike and he felt a stirring in his groin. Her cries faded as he turned and walked away.

Inside the cell Suzzanne’s resolve not to cry had quickly crumbled, her bottom was burning now, the searing pain intensified by each stroke.

Goldhill finished his coffee and considered his options. He would break her and get the information. He had a client who would pay handsomely for the low level knowledge she held. It wasn’t always about top drawer classified information, just basic insider knowledge could allow an enemy to infiltrate your system and cause havoc. He looked at his watch, fifteen minutes, she must have had enough by now; “The Spanker” had worked very effectively on that Mossad agent when other methods had failed and she had been a very tough nut. He wondered what had become of her; the Iranian Secret Police had been very keen to take her off his hands.

Hearing the cell door open Suzzanne bit down on her lip to stifle her cries as Goldhill crossed the room and stood in front of her. The paddles continued their rhythm as he turned her face towards him, her eyes were puffy from crying and tears streaked her cheeks.

“Had enough?“

She nodded silently.

“Want to tell me anything?”

She did not respond but held his gaze with her tearful eyes. He stared back, ten seconds, twenty, thirty, the silence broken only by the rhythmic SWISH THWAK!; he was impressed at her resilience, perhaps he had underestimated her.

“OUCH! Yes you bastard, make it stop. OUCH ! OUCH! she suddenly yelled, her resistance crumbling.

He laughed and flicked the switch and the beating stopped. Slumping in her bonds she lowered her head to the table, it was wet with her tears. Walking behind her he saw that her buttocks were almost glowing bright pink and holding his hand a few millimetres above the skin he felt the heat radiating.

“You could fry an egg on those,” he laughed. He knew she had suffered no permanent damage but the level of discomfort was immense. “I know you are still going to refuse to tell me anything, but you will have to eventually, this is just an example of what you can expect if you don’t comply, and it will get worse. Now I’m going to have the guards put you back in your cell and you can think about it."

He called out and the two guards reappeared. Freeing her arms they quickly pulled them behind her and fastened them with handcuffs, then releasing her ankles they lifted her from the table, her legs sagged and they took her weight under her arms as they carried her back across the corridor. She thought about resisting but she had no fight, the torture had almost broken her.

The guards laid her face down in the centre of the cell and left her. Goldhill stood in the doorway. “Seriously, Suzzanne, think about it, the methods will only get worse, you...”

“Fuck off, you patronising bastard! You think I don’t know what’s in store for me once you have got what you want? I’d rather die now than give you what you want, so go to hell!”

She turned her face away. He stood for a moment then she heard the door close and the key rattle in the lock. She lay still, her buttocks still burned fiercely but at least she was off that table. She couldn’t imagine what methods he would use next, clearly they would not be conventional. She knew how to resist drugs, sensory overload, and sleep deprivation. But spanking!

CHAPTER 7 Break Out

Suzzanne jerked awake, the key was being turned slowly in the lock, she did not know how long she had been asleep, but by twisting to look back at the high window she saw it was now dark outside. The sound of the key stopped with a final click and the door began swing open, she tensed but before she knew what was happening two guards were on her. She tried to twist away but they forced her down with their knees pinning her to the cold floor. One grabbed her hair and pulled, forcing her head backward; his other hand gripped her chin forcing her mouth open. The second guard then forced a ball of material into her mouth securing it with a length of duct tape, stifling her cries. Releasing her head, the guard placed his hands behind her neck and her knees and began to push until he had pushed her knees up to her chest. A broad canvas strap was then passed behind her knees and across her back and buckled tight, one guard forcing her chest and knees together, the other pulling on the strap. Satisfied it was secure, a second strap was passed around her, this time across her shins, and was fastened in the same way.

The guards stood back, the straps had forced her into a ball tie and no matter how hard she struggled she could not move. Lifting her onto her folded legs and knees they proceeded to bind her hands and fingers with the tape so that she could not get a hold on anything. She humphed and puffed behind the gag but she knew she was powerless to prevent whatever they had in mind. The first guard crouched down behind her and she felt his rough hands on her. She winced, his touch like sandpaper on her abraded skin. His hands roamed over her tautly curved buttocks before coming together and gently separating her cheeks. She tried to protest but the gag reduced it to a series of muffled moans. They chuckled as she clenched, puckering her ring, and she felt a fat finger explore round the closed orifice.

The guards spoke, but she did not recognise their language at all. She heard shuffling behind her and then fingers were smearing something slippery up and down between her buttocks before a slick finger probed and penetrated her, spreading the lubricant inside her. She struggled but the finger stayed in place and she could feel it moving, searching inside her and causing her to clench again. She didn’t know what they were saying but her responses clearly amused them. Without warning the finger was removed, then one of the guards moved around ahead of her and placed his hands on her shoulders. She was aware of the other guard moving behind her and the sound of a zip! She tried to struggle again, roll away, but the first guard pushed down on her shoulders holding her firm. She felt two huge hands on her hips and two thumbs slid between into her slippery cleft before the gripping hands parted them. She felt something hot stroke against her before it centred on her anus and began to apply pressure.

At first she tried to resist the probing intruder and she heard the guard mumble before he dug his nails into her still burning skin. The sudden pain broke her concentration, causing her to relax and she felt him slip past her defences. She mewled into the gag as she was stretched open and filled, she felt him continue to slide into her until his belly bumped her upturned buttocks. Anticipating he would vent his enthusiasm, she steeled herself for the expected pumping assault, he felt big and the lubricant would only be so much help! She felt him begin to withdraw but instead of thrusting back as hard as he could the guard began a slow gentle rhythm sliding smoothly in and out of her slippery ring. He moaned softly as he did so, his hands gently caressing her bottom until after a few deep strokes she felt his body stiffen and his cock jerked inside her as he let out a long exhalation of breath. Neither of them moved for a moment, then the guard slipped out of her and as he stood she heard the zip of his trousers close.

The remaining guard removed his hands from her shoulders and also stood. Suzzanne now expected he would take the other guards place and abuse her further, but instead they began to pull the tape from her hands before unbuckling the canvas straps and pulling them free. Suzzanne uncoiled like a spring and rolled quickly onto her back, preparing to use her legs to deflect any further interference. Surprising her again, the guards ignored her and turned and left the cell, locking the door behind them. She lay there mystified, then realised she was still gagged with the cloth and tape. She tried to yell but the gag was doing its job as she heard their footsteps recede down the corridor. She struggled into a sitting position, trying to dislodge the cloth with her tongue, but it was no use and now she realised that the lube smeared across her bottom was now making sitting upright cold and uncomfortable. Was this some kind of psychological torture? Was Goldhill using pain and humiliation to try and wear her down? The guard had not really hurt her, although it was uncomfortable and he had seemed to take pleasure in the sensation rather than the act. Whatever, she was adamant she would not break, she would resist as much a possible, it was her duty. Escape must remain her top priority and she set he mind to that aim.

Several hours later the key began to rattle in the lock. Light had begun to filter through the high window some time before and she knew day would bring another visit and more torture. The door swung outwards and there stood Goldhill smiling in at her. “Have you reconsidered your predicament after yesterday, or do we need to try something new to persuade you?”

She glared back at him silently and seeing the band of tape covering her lips his smile broadened. “Oh, I see Vladimir and Pieter visited you last night,” he laughed. “Strange couple, aren’t they? Gay you know, but clearly your tight behind was too much of a attraction to miss.” He laughed again. He moved across the cell and knelt before her, reaching out. “Let's get that off to hear what you have to say; I must say I’m hoping you’ll still refuse to comply, as I’ve got a new piece of kit I would like to try out on you.”

She could not believe her luck. As he squatted down and leaned in towards her she lashed out with her legs, making full contact with the soft contents of his chinos.


The air rushed from his lungs as he toppled backwards, assisted by her other foot as it connected with his chest. As he sprawled across the cell floor she was up on her feet and another kick connected with his balls. As he reeled and tried to curl she darted up to his head and rolled him back with her foot before stamping several times on his throat. He gurgled and croaked as she knelt down beside him and reached for the key she hoped was in his pocket. Bingo! She found it first time. Springing up, she stepped on his neck, applying her full weight whilst she deftly inserted the key and with one twist was free of the cuffs. Pulling the tape from her face, she looked down at him, his face was puce and a thin line of blood and saliva crept from the corner of his mouth. He wasn’t dead, but the pressure from her foot had choked of blood and oxygen to his brain and he was out cold.

She stripped off his polo shirt and chinos and put them on, rolling up the hems as she went. Then she rolled him over and fastened his hands behind him with the cuffs. She thought about killing him, just a quick hard twist of his neck, but noises outside distracted her; she didn’t have time to waste. Locking the cell door behind her she ran down the corridor, stopping at a closed metal door. Carefully, quietly, she slipped the catch and pulled the door open a few centimetres. On the other side was a loading bay empty of vehicles and beyond that she could see a wall with two big wooden gates opening onto a street. If she could get out of the gates onto the street she would stand a chance. Her mind raced, she had no idea where she was in the world, city, country anywhere.

Still, she thought she had to escape and she gathered herself together. Suddenly movement caught her eye. In the darkness of the corner a guard had appeared, big man in a heavy quilted coat. He moved across the bay until he was directly between Suzzanne and the gates and then he stopped and began to light a cigarette. He took a long drag before exhaling a cloud of blue smoke. She couldn’t wait for him to move, her escape could be discovered at any time! Déjà Vous! she had been in this situation before, she had to act. Breaking into a swift run she sprinted straight at the man, hitting him with her full weight in the back. His cigarette went flying as he cannoned off the raised loading dock onto the concrete, below knocking the breath from his lungs.

Suzzanne continued over the edge of the bay and landed with both feet on his back, winding him further. Looking around, she saw a length of plastic baling tape and grabbing it she wound it round his neck and locking her hands into both ends pulled. Winded and caught unawares, the man struggled for breath, his big hands clutching at his throat. She sat astride him, forcing him down while she pulled, tightening the tape until his fighting diminished and he slumped forward. She waited before releasing her grip and dismounting, he was dead, alright. Looking back, no one was behind her and she ran to the gates and in a moment she was on the street. She looked around, not knowing what she would find, maybe a hostile foreign city in an enemy country. A noise to her right made her turn and a black cab appeared, she had a double take, a black cab … for hire! Quickly she raised her hand and the cab pulled to the kerb. She ran to the door and looked in the window.

A fat man in a Chelsea football shirt smiled back “Where to Darlin’? Good party, was it?"

She waited a moment, letting it all sink in.

“You Ok, Miss?" he enquired.

“Yes, yes,” she replied, “is this London? Can you take me to Thames House?”

“Blimey, must have been a good party. Hop in then.”

Settling into the back seat she turned to look back, no sign of anybody, she was free and her mind quickly returned to the job in hand, to report back and debrief. She now knew of Goldhill’s duplicity and she had to pass on that information before he could leave the country. “Quick as you can please, driver.“

The End

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