The Adventures of Agent Suzzanne Midsummer, part 2
by Gincrack

(The continuing perils and torments of a sexy lady Agent)

CHAPTER 3 Suzzanne meets the General and takes the Rough with the Rougher!

Suzzanne slowly drifted awake and rolled onto her back. As her eyes opened she saw she was no longer in the Testing Room, she was in a bedroom. Looking around she saw she was lying atop a white double bed and in the corner of the room was a table, chair and set of drawers. She moved to raise herself onto her elbows and feeling resistance looked down to find her wrists secured by bright nickel chrome handcuffs, a similar pair restrained her ankles. A long length of heavy bright chain was secured to a ring bolt on the foot of the bed, threaded through her wrist and ankle cuffs and terminated in a similar ring bolt on the bed head. The chain was attached to the cuffs by small brass padlocks. This arrangement prevented her from sitting up of moving off the bed although there was enough slack in the chain to allow her limited movement on the bed. She tugged at the chain and it clinked as she moved but as she expected it was securely fixed.

As she moved she felt something around her throat and reaching tentatively up she found she was wearing a collar. She allowed her fingers to explore and noted it was hard leather lined metal, secured with the ubiquitous padlock. A large “D” ring was fixed into the collar. The passage of her hands upwards pulled the chain links over her skin and she flinched as the cold links trailed across her breasts; she was also naked! She looked over her bare skin and noted the fading pink welts around her wrists, thighs, ankles and across her hips, evidence of her struggle with the Licking Machine! The last thing she remembered was the being in the machine and the commotion of someone bursting into the room. All she could remember clearly was the unceasing torment of the rotating tongues. She shuddered, moving her hands down as if to protect her sex and squeezing them between her thighs. To her surprise something felt different, her pussy had been shaved and she saw that her neat thatch had gone, leaving just a smooth neat schoolgirl cleft. In fact, she realised she was clean and perfumed; someone had rescued her from the clutches of a mad woman, bathed, shaved and chained her to a bed! However, it was unlikely they where going to be on her side!

A key rattled in the lock and the door opened and the figure of a man appeared. He was holding a whiskey bottle and a glass which he set down on the table. He was tall, over six feet, heavily built but with a slight belly. She guessed he was about mid-fifties, his broad ruddy face topped by steel grey hair in what the Americans called a “brush cut”. He wore a military style shirt with shoulder boards bearing three stars and his field grey trousers had a red stripe running down the seam. He looked across at Suzzanne, taking in the contours of her naked form, the swell of her breasts down across her soft belly to the cleft of her pussy and the curve of the hips and buttocks. She felt slightly embarrassed under his gaze but with her hands restrained she was unsure whether she should cover her pussy or her breasts.

“Well my little Kätzchen you were quite a fortuitous find” he began. She detected a slight Germanic accent but nothing she could place. “An M.I.7 agent and in quite a predicament too”. She blushed again. “If we had not arrived when we did she would have let that machine kill you.”

“Who was that woman?” cut in Suzzanne.

“Oh nobody important, she was just a business associate”.


“Yes, I had her killed, she double crossed me, she was planning to sell the data chip you retrieved on the open market.” He poured himself two fingers of whiskey and downed it in one. “I can’t have people out there thinking they can cross me whenever they like, there are reputations at stake you know.” He filled the glass again.

“So who are you and why have you brought me here?”

“You can call me 'General',” he said after draining the glass, “and you are here because you have some value.”

“What do you mean, value? My organisation won’t pay any ransom.”

“I know that, child,” he replied, “but there are people out there who would pay top dollar to get their hands on an M.I.7 agent, especially one who looks like you!”

“What! Do you mean you plan to sell me to the highest bidder?”


“And then what?”

“Who cares, I’ll have the money and they can do with you whatever they like. Some of them are pretty imaginative and have a big grudge with your government.” He laughed.

“You bastard!” she growled.

“Well, enough of this small talk, I’m going to free your hands and feet so you can put some clothes on, but no funny business!” He produced a small automatic pistol from the drawer along with another length of chain. Moving to the head of the bed he attached the length of chain to the eye bolt and then produced a padlock. He reached under Suzanne’s chin and pulled on the “D” ring of the collar clipping it to the chain with the padlock. He then moved back to the chest of drawers and placed the key next to the pistol. “That chain is not long enough to reach here and the key to your collar is in the drawer.”

Suzzanne realised his plan, even if she overpowered him she would not be able to free herself from the collar and chain. Moving back, he cautiously undid her ankle cuffs and then her wrist cuffs. He was not really afraid she could hurt him as he had a huge power/weight advantage, but she was a trained agent and could get in a lucky blow.

Rubbing her wrists, Suzzanne sat up on the side of the bed as he place a pile of items beside her. He then returned to the chair and sat facing her and pointing the pistol at her. “Get dressed!" he said menacingly.

Suzzanne could see at once it was lingerie and she examined the items in turn. On top there was a pair of scarlet satin opera gloves, a pair of black seamed stockings with scarlet welts, and a black and red satin Basque. “Is this all?” she said contemptuously, holding up the Basque.

“It will do for my purposes,” he snapped, “but there is always this if you don’t shut up and get on with it.”

He held up a large black bit gag and head harness for her to see. Seeing no alternative and certainly not wanting to be gagged again she began to slide the gloves up her arms, smoothing and straightening as she went. She didn’t know what he had in mind but she needed to see if she could distract him. Standing up she placed the Basque around her middle and began to fasten the row of hooks and eyes, as it tightened it squeezed her ample bosom upwards and her nipples peeked over the satin edged cups. Turning her back to him she bent over, giving him full view of her rounded cheeks as she continued to slipped on and straightened the seams of the stockings, allowing him a good long look at her shaven furrow and puckered ring.

As she did so she looked back at him over her shoulder with her big child-like eyes and she watched him shift in the chair, an obvious bulge in his uniform trousers. Finally she turned and raised her leg onto the bed pointing her toe as she fastened the suspender straps, this time giving a profile view of her bare pink sex.

“Enough!” he choked as she fastened the final strap. “Back on the bed, face down, hands behind your back.”

Seeing him gesture towards the bed with the wicked looking pistol she complied and climbed onto the bed and lay face down placing her gloved hands in the small of her back. Downing another glass of whiskey he moved towards the bed and she felt the familiar cold pressure of a pistol on the back of her skull.

“Grasp your elbows with the opposite hand” he coldly instructed her, then with his free hand he produced a long length of white cord from the bedside drawer.

'What was it with villains and bondage?' she puzzled for a moment as he began to bind each wrist to the opposite elbow, forming her arms behind he in the shape of a “U”. Next he grabbed each ankle in turn and bent her legs up until each heel was touching her buttocks, then her wrapped several throws of the cord around each leg effectively binding her ankle to her thigh. Finally he reached under her stomach and looped cord around her waist and over her arms melding them to her body. He tied off the final knot and stepped back. The scantily clad agent was bound in a classic frog tie and he watched as she wriggled and pulled, testing the cords.

Returning to the drawer he placed the pistol on the top and returned with the key and unfastened the chain from her collar, confident in the knowledge she was no longer a threat.

“Comfortable?” he sneered.

“Go fuck yourself!” came the reply.

He laughed, “Actually I have the exact opposite in mind, Kätzchen, I’m going to fuck you!” He reached under her and with little effort flipped her onto her back. She struggled and twisted like a mad thing but the position of her arms pinned beneath her made them useless and she realised she was unable to close her legs.

He looked down at her and loosened his tie, “We are going to have a lot of fun Kätzchen” and he began to slide his hand up the inside of her stockinged thigh, “NO” she hissed but his hand continued and she felt his warm palm against her skin and then the touch of his finger tips over her soft pussy lips before it continued on over her shaven mound, making its way ever upwards. His hand followed the contours of her belly until it reached the rise of her breasts; his hand cupped her breast and then firmly began to knead, squeezing and rolling the flesh. Suzzanne gritted her teeth and turned her head to the side, his thick fingers pressing roughly into the soft skin, the motion of his hand caused the nipple to pop above the cup line, he grasped it between his thumb and forefinger and rolled it between the digits flattening it before pulling on it stretching it away from her breast.

She grimaced and her inhalation made a sharp hissing sound. Using his other hand to scoop her other breast from its satin cup he continued to squeeze and pull on her breasts, paying prolonged and particular attention to her now bright pink, erect nipples.

He looked down at her malevolently. “Oh yes we are going to have some fun before I sell you on and let those pigs get their hands on you, god knows what they will do with you they don’t see many white women and certainly none with your obvious attributes.” He increased the tempo of his assault on her breasts and nipples.

“Go to hell!” she retorted. “I would rather die first.“

He ignored her protestations as his hands left her breasts and moved lower to probe the secrets of her sex. His thick fingers began to stroke either side of her slit before one finger applying more pressure than the other parted the plump lips and found her pink moist hole. Finding it slick he worked his finger in an out of her sex coating it with her wetness. Her breath rasped as she tried to resist but he just worked his finger into her harder. Now his other hand reached down and began to spread her sex exposing her pink inner lips and hooded button. He slipped another finger inside her and the two digits pistoned in and out of her, the index finger of his other hand began a constant flicking massage of her bud.

Suzzanne squirmed in her bonds and tossed her head from side to side, biting down on her bottom lip. He forced another thick finger into her slick tunnel and forced the muscular walls part, his three fingers now roamed her pussy reaching far up and probing her cervix and massaging the firm but slippery walls before finding the ridged pad of tissue behind her pubic bone, her “G” spot. Two of his fingers now played a steady cadence on this hypersensitive spot whilst the fingers of his other hand matched the rhythm on her clitoris. After a few minutes of this treatment Suzzanne orgasmed loudly, letting out a long guttural cry which subsided into a deep throaty moan and he felt the rush of fluid around his fingers.

“Just warming you up,” he said. “I can’t bear a dry pussy.” He laughed and he flipped her back onto her stomach.

Suzanne’s mind was spinning, her climax had hit her like a truck, nobody had ever brought her to orgasm by digital stimulus alone before. What other surprises did this man have in store for her? She did not have to wait long, she gasped as he slid his broad index finger into her soaking pussy triggering a series of climactic aftershocks which made her twitch and shudder. At the same time his other hand spread her buttocks and he watched her tight dark ring pucker in sync with the aftershocks. Withdrawing his finger from Suzanne’s pussy he smiled appreciatively, noting it was thickly coated with her fluid, and he gently began to circle the ring of her anus with the slippery tip.

She gasped and wriggled trying to avoid what she knew was coming but as well as spreading her cheeks his hand was applying a downward pressure which kept her pinned to the bed. “No please not there!” she implored.

“Oh Kätzchen,” he replied softly, “this is nothing to what the others will do with a cute little arse like yours, believe me!”

She felt his finger gently begin to increase its pressure on the centre of her ring. She clenched hard trying to keep out the invader. “Relax, Kätzchen, it will only hurt more if you fight me,” he cooed, and with sudden firm movement he forced her sphincter apart and plunged his finger in to the knuckle forcing a shrill scream from her lips.

“You bastard!” she whispered. “You fucking bastard!” She clenched her jaw and squeezed her eyes tight shut as his bulky digit explored her tightest place. After a few minutes of probing he withdrew his finger and rose from the bed, leaving Suzzanne panting.

“Now for the main act.” Pouring himself another glass of whiskey he downed it in one before unbuttoning his trousers and slipping off his shirt.

She looked back and watched him undress, he was heavily built, quite muscular but with a small pot belly, he was faintly tanned all over. She gasped slightly as he turned. His erect circumcised cock, although not much over six inches long, was almost as thick as a coke can and bounced stiffly as he moved. She was in for a rough ride in more way than one! He walked back to the bed and placed a half glass of whiskey on the bed side table and climbed onto the bed. He lay down beside the bound agent and reached over and in a strange tender moment stroked the hair from her face. Her big green eyes looked daggers back at him but he didn’t care; he was going to enjoy fucking this little spitfire.

Rolling over he slid a hand under Suzzanne’s belly and with the other hand pulled her on top of him; for a moment they were face to face and she could smell the strong spirit on his breath. Then he hauled her upright so that she was sitting astride his hard belly and she cried out as the vast girth of his middle forced her bound thighs further apart. Pausing for a second he wriggled to adjust himself under her and meeting her searing gaze said, “Ready Kätzchen, old General Tom-Katze is here give your wet pussy a good fucking!”

With a look of contempt in her eyes she replied, “Go to hell, arsehole.”

He ignored her insult and grasping her round the waist with both hands proceeded to lift her easily, moving her backwards until her glistening sex was positioned over his thick upright member. Then, slowly, he began to lower her onto it. She twisted and bucked but his grip was firm and steady. She felt the hot hard tip of his cock touch her outer lips then gradually with her own body weight and gravity as the motive force she felt the pressure against her pussy begin to increase until the thick tip forced her plump lips apart and her wet inner sex eased its passage into her pussy.

“AAAAAArrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggghhhhhh!” she cried, throwing back her head as his tool first stretched wide then filled her deep canal. She felt as if her outer pussy was being stretched beyond normal limits; she had used some big dildos but none had felt like this. She continued to slide down until her pussy and his belly made contact, she was now firmly impaled on his cock. She glanced down, he had a huge smile on his face and he was watching her reactions intently. Slowly he began to lift her so that the thick hard cock half slid out of her pussy before he allowed her to slide back down again, and he continued in this manner, gradually increasing the frequency.

Bound and powerless to control any of her movements Suzzanne was being forced up and down astride a huge cock. His stamina was immense as he kept fucking her in this manner for a good 15 minutes without breaking a sweat. Suzzanne, on the other hand, was like a rag doll. Weakened from her first orgasm her sensitised sex was being plundered by a behemoth of a cock and the degree to which he legs where spread meant that her pussy lips were stretched open, ensuring that her exposed clit made full contact at the bottom of each stroke.

Eventually he lowered her down, impaling her deeply on his thick member, and his hands reached up to find her breasts. His big hands rolled and mashed her breasts, his thick fingers squashing, twisting and pulling her nipples. She gasped, fighting back tears of pain. Then his hands moved down, one reaching round and gripping her buttock, the other moved between her widely spread legs and his broad rough thumb began to massage her clitoris. Suzzanne squirmed and twisted and as she did she could feel his substantial cock sliding against the walls of her sex. He was enjoying the sensation of her movement and continued to stimulate her until she screamed out and bucked her hips against him.

Gently lifting her off his body, he laid her face down on the bed and moved to pour himself another glass of whiskey, which he sat for a moment savouring. He found sex with the sensuous agent exciting, her body was fulsome and womanly, not like the stick-thin dancers he usually had. He looked down at her trussed body. Her breathing was deep and slow and her dark hair fell across her pretty features. He chuckled inwardly then brought his hand down hard across her buttocks with a loud “SLAP”, shocking her awake.

“Time to go again, Kätzchen.” He grabbed her by the hips and pulled her face down to the edge of the bed. Standing, he positioned himself behind her and thrust his hips forward, his wide cock made contact with her slippery lips and then bulldozed its way inside her. She cried out as her pussy was suddenly stretched wide around his member. He then continued to thrust in and out of her with the force of a steam hammer, all the time holding her by the hips to prevent her being propelled across the bed. Again she was amazed at his stamina as he plundered her sex without a break in his rhythm.

Suddenly he stopped and withdrew. “No good,” he mumbled and he slipped the knots on the bindings around Suzzanne’s thighs and ankle. She cried out as he straightened her legs and the blood rushed back into her deprived leg muscles. Without pause he lifted her by the waist into the centre of the bed and climbed on after her. He lifted her by the hips and pushed her knees underneath her, her face buried in the bed clothes. She was now up on her knees with her bottom pointing upwards and he maneuvered himself behind her to penetrate her again. Grasping his cock in one hand he used his other hand to spread her saturated pussy and eased himself inside. She stifled her moans with the bedding as he stretched her wide again. Once satisfied he began to thrust again and because of the change in position she could feel the head of his cock thumping against the top of her vault, making her insides jump with each stroke.

He reached around and his thick fingers again sought her nipples, repeating the treatment he had given them earlier. She forced her face into the bedclothes, filling her mouth to stifle her moans. He straightened up, the subtle change of the angle of his attack allowed the head of his cock to make contact with the front wall of her vagina and she felt the heightening in sensation immediately and instinctively pushed back against him.

“Ha! Go, little Kätzchen, go!” Steadying her hip with one hand he gripped her buttock with the other and forced his thumb through her sphincter. Suzzanne came instantaneously, forcing herself back onto his cock as she came before he released his grip and she rolled sideways onto the bed panting. He reached again for the glass and drained its content before refilling it.

She looked across at him, his thick hard cock still rigid, and she knew he wasn’t finished with her. “General” she gasped “how do you keep going so long, you’re exhausting me?” flicking her gaze to his cock and back again.

“Ah Kätzchen, the magic of Viagra!” He laughed a deep throaty laugh before downing more whiskey.

“Viagra, Oh shit!” she thought. He could continue to fuck her for hours. She began to form a plan.

Moving back onto the bed he began to paw her buttocks. She looked across at the bottle, it was over two thirds empty and she could tell from the slight slurring of his speech that it was having an effect; she need to exploit that.

“I fuck you here now,” he said indistinctly, and began to press his thumb between her buttocks.

Her mind raced. There was no way she would be able to stand having his cock in her arse, he would split her like a melon. Thinking quickly she replied, “No, not yet, General. Let me use my mouth to please you first.”

He stopped , yes the thought of her little pink wet tongue playing over the sensitive rim of his cock struck a chord in his alcohol fogged mind and he moved round to position himself in front of her face. The bulbous end of his cock loomed before her eyes and clumsily he pushed it against her lips. Gingerly she parted her lips slightly and the tip of her tongue flicked over the tip of his cock before she wrapped her lips over as much as she could. He moaned in appreciation and pushed his hips forward, forcing his cock further into her mouth.

'Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea', she thought. She was still bound and had no control and now he was determined to continue. Disengaging, she rolled onto her back and looking up at him she opened her eyes wide. “General, I can’t do my best work from this position, free my hands and then I can use them and my mouth. You won’t regret it.“

“Ha, Kätzchen, do you think I’m a fool?"

“No, General, free my hands but use the collar to keep me attached to the bed, I won’t be able to get away, please!”

He thought for a moment, god she was gorgeous and she was a delight to fuck, horny and responsive. “Ok, but no funny business.”

He rolled off the bed and moved unsteadily across to the bedside table to get the key. She moved to the edge of the bed and tipped her head back offering the “D” ring on the collar, and he fumbled for moment as he slipped the link through the ring and fastened the padlock and setting the key back on the table.

She watched carefully. “Now please untie me, I can’t get away.”

Effortlessly flipping her over he slipped the knots and she felt the tension ease, releasing her arms. She moved then slowly, gradually extended the joints. Sliding off the bed she gestured to it. “General, please sit here on the edge.”

He flopped down onto the side of the bed, a look of smug anticipation on his face. He had had lots of women, but this one was something else, perhaps he wouldn’t sell her on but would keep her for himself. Suzzanne slowly knelt down in front of him and gently spread his knees wider, gently edging herself between them. Her movements were feline and sensuous, all the time she kept her eyes wide ,maintaining eye contact with him. Slowly she slid one of her tiny gloved hands around his massive member but she could not get her hand around the whole thing.

Squeezing the base of his cock gently she made appreciative “Mmmmmm” sounds before slowly lowering her mouth and letting her tongue dance around the rim of his glans.

“Oh Kätzchen,” he moaned. For several minutes she let her tongue flick around the tip of his cock whilst her hands and fingers, stroked the thick shaft and gently massaged his balls, every now and again she would run her tongue up and down the length of his cock, frequently making prolonged eye contact whilst she continued to lick. Wrapping both her hands around his cock she squeezed to trap the blood in the head and lowered her mouth taking the whole head inside her while her tongue continued to weave its magic.

He felt her change in technique and the warm wetness of her mouth and tongue. His head lolled backwards as he moaned “Kätzchen, Kätzchen!”

She now pumped her head up and down with her lips sealed tightly around the shaft as she made slurping sucking sounds, his hand moved up to the back of her head and he slid his fingers through her thick hair before grabbing a handful and twisting it around his hand. She allowed him to control the movement of her head, only resisting when his deep thrust came close to making her gag. Gently she slipped her mouth off his cock, gently kissing the end as she did so before slowly standing before him. He looked her up and down, the swell of her hips framing her shaved sex, the heavy fullness of her breasts accentuated by the heavy black collar and chain around her neck. He thought she really was a Goddess and she was his to fuck!

Slowly she leaned in close, kissing his cheek before mouthing breathily into his ear, “I want you back inside me, I want you to make me come again!”

Leaning back she looked him straight in the eyes, his pink glazed eyes looking back at her as she placed her hands on either side of his face, then in a sudden blur of movement she head butted him full across the bridge of his nose and followed it up with a straight finger punch into his larynx. With an animal cry of pain he fell back onto the bed clutching at his face and throat, struggling for breath. Quickly she brought the full force of her fist down on his solar plexus and finished off with a drop kick to his balls, like a wounded animal he howled and rolled into a ball on the bed.

Searching the table top she quickly found the key and released the collar around her neck, then she picked up the small pistol from the table and made for the door. She opened it gingerly and looked out, the corridor was empty.

CHAPTER 4 Out of the frying pan……

She moved out into the corridor, leaving the moaning body of the General behind her as her stockinged feet moving silently over the tiles. She stripped off the stain gloves; they would impede her grip and use of the pistol. Reaching the end of the corridor she stopped and snatched a look around the corner, it was empty. Running on her tip toes she continued her flight continually looking for an exit out of the building. Suddenly a door ahead of her opened and a man in a white steward’s jacket stepped out. Finding himself confronted with a young woman wearing only a basque and stockings and brandishing a gun he stopped sharply, his face a mixture of surprise and expectation.

Without breaking her stride Suzzanne cannoned into him, the heel of her hand connecting with his chin, forcing his head backward sending him crashing back into the room and flat onto his back. Straddling the surprised man’s chest she slammed his head against the floor and pressed the pistol to his temple, “Which way out? Quickly! His look was a mix of astonishment and terror, he was pinned to the floor by a half naked girl, her bare breasts bobbed inches from his face and her pink wet pussy gaped open, he wasn’t sure where to look! Suzzanne slapped him. ”Which way? Now!”

“There, there,” he whispered, gesturing with his head towards a door in the corner. “Please don’t kill me!”

She looked towards the door then with a lightening fast strike cracked the pistol butt across the side of his head, knocking him out. Scrambling up she briefly stood astride the motionless figure and noted with some amusement the thin dark line of wetness on the front of the man’s jacket where she had been sitting! In the heat of her escape she had forgotten she was wearing no pants! She looked quickly around the room; it appeared to be a cleaner’s cupboard. Rifling through the shelves all she could find was clear heavy plastic bags and bottles of cleaning products, no cloths or dusters. Stripping off the basque and stockings she quickly took one of the plastic bags and split it down the sides and then in half. Stepping over the bag the pulled it up between her legs and began to tie the halves from the front and the back over her hip, repeating the process on the other side she was now wearing a transparent plastic bikini bottom! It felt a little strange and the gusset pressed slickly to her bare damp pussy but it would have to do! Stripping the coat off the man she pulled on his T shirt. There! At least she was decent.

Padding over to the door she gingerly slipped the handle down and peered through the gap. Bingo! It opened into a courtyard about 50 yards across, and on the other side was a garage containing several cars. She waited a few seconds; she could see nobody about. Behind her the floored man moaned, he wouldn’t be out for long. Slipping out into the yard she pressed herself against the wall and softly closed the door behind her. She could either make a dash across the open yard or move quietly around the outside to the garage. She chose the latter and set off, her back pressed to the wall and keeping low to duck under the windows that looked into the yard. Fortunately the yard was all paved and even barefooted she could move quickly and quietly.

Looking up she saw a man on the roof but he was looking the other direction. She continued on, getting ever nearer to the garage. Suddenly the door opened and the half naked servant stumbled out into the yard holding his head and shouting for help. She saw the man on the roof begin to swing round and she decide to make a dash for it. As he turned the man on the roof saw the white blur moving low along the wall and shouted for help whilst levelling his machine pistol. Suddenly Suzzanne saw a row of dusty puffs spout from the paving accompanied by the BBBRRRRRRPP! of the rapid fire weapon and then the rounds were zipping past her like angry bees and hitting the wall behind her. She continued her run and dived behind a stone water trough landing flat on her front before rolling onto her side. The bullets continued to impact into the trough pinging and ricocheting off the thick granite.

Then it stopped, his gun was empty and he had to change magazines. Kneeling swiftly up from behind the trough she raised the pistol and loosed off three quick shots. One made contact and she saw a pink mist rise from his chest as he tumbled out of sight. Another armed man appeared in a door across the yard and another three quick shots had him ducking back inside before she continued her sprint to the garage. As she rounded the entrance into the garage she spun round and flattened herself against the wall. There were 2 cars in the garage, a beach buggy and a low open sports convertible. Under normal circumstances her choice would have been the convertible, but the buggy was probably better if she needed to get off road!

She pushed off from the wall towards the waiting buggy and was almost there when another man appeared from the door across the garage. He was tall and swarthy, wearing an officer’s uniform, and as he came towards her she raised the pistol and pulled the trigger. Silence, she pulled again and the hammer clicked against an empty chamber, the magazine had not been full! She had no alternative and continued to run towards him, she could see he wasn’t armed but he began to raise his right arm and whatever he was holding in his hand showed two glinting silver points. She was about fifteen feet from the man when something shot silently from the device and she saw that two small barbs had become attached to her T- shirt and trailed fine silver wires back to the device.

Shit! He had a Tazer!, she tried vainly to brush the barbs from the shirt but before she could succeed he fired the device and Suzzanne’s world exploded in a flash of bright white light and pain before she sprawled on the ground twitching. Her mind felt disembodied, she tried to move her limbs but nothing happened, she tried to speak but her mouth just opened and closed like a fish out of water. The figure of the officer loomed over her and he looked into her eyes before pressing the Tazer button again and Suzzanne’s body jerked and her back arched before she slumped back down paralysed.

Satisfied she had been incapacitated, the officer knelt down beside her. He knew she was temporarily paralysed and would remain so for some time. Suzzanne’s mind screamed instruction to her muscles but with no effect, she couldn’t move, speak or make any sound. The officer looked her up and down, the T shirt was filled by her full breasts and her nipples peaked the white cotton, his gaze moving down her body his look changed to puzzlement as he saw she was wearing what appeared to be a clear polythene bikini! The plastic had warmed with her body temperature and reflected the contours of her shaved sex, and the effects of the General’s activities combined with her recent exertions had caused a thin line of condensation to form along the line of her pussy.

At that moment one of the armed guards appeared, “Sir she’s injured the General, knocked out one of the kitchen staff and killed one of the guards!”

“Is the General badly hurt?”

“Looks like his nose is broken and he’s taken a bit of a beating.”

“Oh!” said the Officer, “more fool her, she’ll pay for not killing him outright when she had the chance”.

The guards carried Suzzanne’s inert body back into the house and dumped her face down in the middle of a room. She could hear the General shouting and crashing about, castigating his servants and subordinates. She couldn’t move to see where he was but suddenly she was aware of his presence very close as he knelt down behind her and grabbing a handful of her hair lifted her head. His nose was heavily plastered and his nostrils packed with bloodstained gauze, his blackened eyes resembled those of a panda. Around his neck he wore a soft support collar. He fixed Suzzanne with his malevolent gaze. “You fucking little Weibchen, you broke my nose and now you are going to pay!” He dropped her head back onto the wooden floor.

“Herr General, we can’t kill her, we have arranged the sale and the buyer has paid in full and is coming to collect!” the officer cut in.

“Yes,” replied the General, “but we can make her wait very unpleasant! Get some of Sophie’s toys ,the ones she uses when she plays with her lesbian friends.” He laughed quietly to himself.

Meanwhile, although Suzzanne’s body refused to co-operative with her will her mind was in overdrive as she heard to his plans for her.

A few moments later the officer returned and a mass of leather straps and buckles was dropped in front of Suzzanne’s face. She studied the contrivance with mounting anxiety but could make no sense of the tangle of inch wide black leather straps, buckles, metal rings and rivets.

“Put it on her,” said the General from his armchair.

One of the guards pulled Suzzanne’s T shirt over her head before gripping the back of her polythene bikini and ripping it off, tossing the shredded garment off the one side. The officer had lifted the leather harness and was holding it up and turning it this way and that, orientating it to its eventual position on Suzzanne. Rolling her onto her back the two men slipped the harness over her head so that two of the straps came over her shoulders and attached to a metal ring at the top over her chest. Two more short lengths of strap joined by metal rings were adjusted vertically down her midriff. Attached to each ring at right angles to the central strap were two long straps, one ending in a buckle, the other perforated with holes. Rolling her onto her stomach the men tugged and adjusted the straps under her body so that one set came around her shoulders above her breasts, another came under her breasts and a final set came between her waist and her hips. Once satisfied with the positioning they pulled another strap which attached via a metal ring between her shoulder blades to the straps over her shoulders and firmly down to the small of her back. Next one of the men took hold of her arms and pulled them together behind her back, applying pressure to bring her elbows together. Meanwhile the other man began to fasten the straps around Suzzanne’s body, starting with the one at shoulder height.

“Tight!” said the General. He pulled the strap until it indented deeply into the soft skin of her upper arms and threaded the strap though the buckle before tightening it further and fastening off the buckle. He repeated the process with the next two straps which had the effect of pulling her shoulders back and pinning Suzzanne’s arms firmly together behind her. Finally the man holding her wrists looped a small strap which was attached the central strap around her wrists and fastened it tightly.

Although unable to move Suzzanne was fully aware of the restriction the straps imposed. Next her leg was bent backwards until her heel touched her bottom and another strap was placed around the limb and cinched up; this was repeated on her other leg folding her legs behind her. The General was now sitting forward in his chair watching the proceedings intently. The officer lifted her head by the hair and with his other hand opened her mouth, enabling the guard to insert the soft rubber gag into her unresisting mouth before pulling the harness over her head and fastening the device in place. Suzzanne felt the strange rubber plug fill her mouth and leather panel cover her lips as the straps tightened around her head and under her jaw securely closing her mouth.

“Now the toys,“ said the General menacingly.

Suzzanne felt her pinioned legs being pushed apart exposing her naked pussy. A hand reached between and liberally coated her pussy with lubricant, massaging the slippery liquid around and between her pink lips. Then she felt the pressure of what she guessed was a dildo as it was slid easily into her slick pussy despite its not inconsiderable girth. Then, alarmingly, she felt hands’ spreading her buttocks and the lubing process was repeated on her tight brown ring and she knew she wasn’t going to like what came next. She felt the tip of an object pressed against her anus and the pressure began to increase aided by a slight twisting motion. Slowly, aided by the liberal coating of lubricant the device began to slide its way inside her, stretching her ring until with a slight slurping sound it slipped deep into her rectum and her sphincter closed around the narrow shank fixing it inside her.

Once both devices were in place a further strap attached to the bottom ring at the front of the harness was pulled up between her legs and buckled to the end of the strap running down her back. The officer adjusted the strap across the bases of both objects before pulling it tight, forcing both intruders deeper into her, the strap disappearing between the lips of her pussy at the front and deeply between the buttocks at the back. She grimaced inside was but able to neither resist nor remonstrate. To finish her legs were forced together and a strap buckled around her thighs burying the devices between her legs. A short strap around her ankles was fastened to the strap around her wrists and threaded up to a fastening on the rear of the head harness. Pulling this strap tight her head was forced up and her back arched so that only her tummy was resting on the floor.

“Nipple clamps, General?” asked the officer.

“Not yet,“ came the reply.

End of Part 2.

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