A Strong Girl
by Ghost Writer


Lucy opened the door to her house feeling both dread and curiosity. After her beating (there was no other word for it) in Abdullah’s office, she was sent back to the sales floor while Simon and Abdullah spoke about his contract with Sun Horizon.

After that episode, she wondered how Simon would react now they were back in their home. She opened the door and saw Simon waiting for her. He moved towards her with purpose and any doubts Lucy had were swiftly forgotten when he planted a huge kiss on her lips.

Lucy heard a sound and realized it was the door being closed. They were working their way to the sofa when Lucy tripped. Both of them fell and Lucy gave a cry as her still sore bottom hit the floor. Simon didn’t stop.

He literally ripped her shirt off her. Friends of Lucy would tell you Lucy never giggled in her life, that she just wasn’t that kind of girl, but Lucy giggled now. This was fun!

She helped Simon with the shirt but they both stumbled with her jeans. Simon gave a chuckle and said something about now knowing why skirts were better on woman than pants. Lucy silently resolved never to wear pants, trousers or jeans ever again.

They finally got the jeans off and Simon pulled her panties halfway down her legs. Lucy was working the panties off her legs when Simon lowered his shorts and showed off his penis. Simon’s tool was, to be polite, below average and Lucy had more than once cracked jokes about it with her girlfriends. However it was eager now and Simon entered her without warning. Not that it mattered to Lucy. She had sent the whole day thinking of Simon and she was wet and ready for him.

As usual, the sex was quick but it was also different. Lucy could feel the intensity of each stroke. Simon was more… brutal, like he didn’t care about whether he was hurting her. Lucy realized with a start that this was what had been missing from their love-making. The intensity and the lack of care from Simon was great for her. She much preferred this to the usual deference Simon showed when they were having sex. It was as if she had been given a new perspective of how sex should be!

Lucy never remembered a time when she had an orgasm. Lucy never had a great sex life, and frankly never thought much about it. To her, it was something like a myth girls tell each other. In her mind, Lucy thought maybe she had one before but she just didn’t know it. Now Lucy realized she had being lying to herself. She never had an orgasm before because she never had this feeling before in her life. She felt that she was having an out-of-body experience, as if she was alive and yet unconscious at the same time.

It was bliss!


“You can say that again,” Lucy giggled. Both she and Simon were laid out on the floor after their session and Lucy hugged her husband closely to give him a kiss. “You were great!”

“So were you. The best I ever had by a long shot.”

Lucy kissed her husband again. “Yeah well, we need to try and top that from here on out!” Both of them laughed. “So,” Lucy knew she need to approach the situation carefully, “you know why it was so good this time?”

Simon gave her a weak smile. “It could be sensory deprivation. I read that women who were deprived of touch gets a… ”sensory overload” so to speak when they finally have someone touch them. With you covered up in a niqaab the whole day, maybe that’s why.”

“I’ve been wearing the niqaab for close to a year now and we never had sex like this before.” Lucy smiled back at her husband. “You don’t really believe that do you?”

“No,” Simon admitted. “Not really.”

“It was the cane.” Lucy said.

“It was the cane and the niqaab together,” her husband corrected. “It was probably the combination of both that made us so… responsive.”

“The pain and the niqaab for me, and the delivering of the pain for you.” Lucy kissed her husband again. “Never thought you were into these kinds of things.”

“Well... I never did anything like caning a woman before of course but… always thought about it.” Simon guiltily admitted. “It’s not something you talk to your wife about.”

“Well, that’s going to change, buddy. Wait… no, it’s “my lord” now!” Both of them laughed again at that. “You know where we can buy a cane? Or would you prefer a whip, My Lord?”

“You sure?” Simon seemed surprised at the suggestion. “I mean…”

Lucy never let him finished. “We just had the best sex ever. Don’t tell me you don’t want to do this again.”

“I do but… only if you’re sure. I mean, you could get hurt.”

Lucy laughed again at her husband and kissed him. He could be such a fool at times. “Don’t worry about me. I’m a strong girl.”

“So… I should sign the contract with Sun Horizon?”

Lucy was shocked. “Simon Kelly, don’t tell me I took the beating today for nothing! You didn’t sign?”

Simon defended himself. “Well after today I thought you might change your mind. I told him I have to talk to you first before anything. Abdullah gave me a day.”

Lucy sighed in relief. “Ok. Call him tomorrow and tell him we will sign the contracts.” Then she suddenly remembered something. “Wait, there might be a problem.”

* * *

Lucy heard the security guard walked past her and silently wondered if he was as bored as she was. For the past hour, she had been kneeling here awaiting her turn and it was boring as hell.

It had been three weeks since she told Simon about the impending lawsuit by the women of Sun Horizon and, after a discussion, the couple decided to inform the company about it. It wouldn’t do to have him start work at a company his wife was suing.

Lucy told them everything, and even went to one more meeting at the women's law firm to get further information for the company. She didn’t really think she was betraying the girls because she hadn’t signed on the dotted line. She only gave a few verbal agreements indicating she was interested in joining but she hadn’t signed on anything confirming she was joining the lawsuit yet. If anything, the way things were going, she might have helped the girls out.

Simon told her Sun Horizon didn’t really seem surprised at the news of the lawsuit. The company was expecting something like this but they still wanted her to go to another meeting to get some information, mostly about anyone currently working in Sun Horizon who was in the lawsuit. So she went to another meeting at the law firm, asked around and gave the names to the company.

Three weeks later, here they were.

Everyone knew something was up when rumors whirled that the Deputy CEO of Sun Horizon had arrived. When all the girls in the company were told to report for a one-on-one interview with him and some senior executives, anyone who knew of the lawsuit knew what it was about. Personally, Lucy was surprised it took Sun Horizon so long to do something about the case after her information.

Of course even after the early exodus of women from the company there were still over fifty girls currently working at Sun Horizon. The girls were called in batches of ten to wait on the 50th floor of the building and one by one the girls were called in for a private meeting with the executives. Of course this being Sun Horizon, no seats were provided to the girls. While awaiting their turn the girls were made to wait on their knees outside the office. Less surprising for Lucy was the fact that the executives wanted to see her last.

This meant that she had already seen nine girls crawling into the office. Lucy had been quietly waiting on her knees with her hands clasped behind her. The girls had been warned not to speak to each other and the security guard was there to ensure the order was followed.

The door opened and the girl who entered before her crawled out. A female voice inside the office called out her name. Lucy started crawling the moment she heard her name.

Once inside, she heard the door being closed and an order was issued to her by the female voice. “Please go to the marked spot on the floor.” There was a red square on the floor and Lucy crawled on her hands and knees towards it. Once she got there, she turned and waited on her hands and knees for permission. After a moment, Lucy heard a noncommittal cough and she knelt up and moved her hands behind her back. She made sure her knees were shoulder length apart and her head was looking down at the floor.

An unfamiliar male voice asked her a question, “Ms. Lucy Rice?”

“Yes sir.”

“I thought you are married?”

“Sir, this girl is but this girl kept her maiden name after marriage.”

“It is very unbecoming of a loyal employee of Sun Horizon. You should remedy that fault the first chance you get.”

It sounded like a suggestion from the man but Lucy was in no doubt it was a clear order. “Yes sir.”

“Good. You may look up girl.”

Lucy looked up at the three men sitting behind the long table. On the left was Abdullah, the head of human resources, and on the right was Rahmat Khan, a Pakistani who was the head of sales. In essence, Rahmat was Matt’s boss which meant he was Lucy’s boss as well. Between the two men was Hardi al-Katatni, the Deputy CEO of Sun Horizon. The fact that he flew from the Middle East showed how serious the company was taking the lawsuit. There was one other person in the room. A girl was kneeling to the right of the table. Dressed in a sky-blue burka, the name-tag read “Jenny”. If Lucy had to hazard a guess, she would say Jenny was a personal secretary to one of the men.

Hardi spoke again. “Girl, Sun Horizon wishes to thank you for the information you provided to us on the lawsuit. Frankly, we had been expecting it and had engaged a law firm to defend Sun Horizon from such an unjust lawsuit. Our lawyers were greatly helped by your information however, and thus Sun Horizon is ready to reward you for your loyalty to the company.”

There was silence in the room and Lucy quickly realized she was expected to say something. “Thank you sir. This girl wishes to thank the company for their kindness.”

“First off, we will be offering you the same deal we are offering all the other girls in the company.” Hardi made a show of looking at the papers in his hands. “For withdrawing your name from the lawsuit and an agreement not to involve yourself in any future lawsuits against the company, we will offer you a contract for three years with a sign-on bonus of two months pay.”

Lucy was surprised at the offer and quickly asked. “Sir, this girl is not in the lawsuit and this girl and her husband had already agreed to a new contract with the company.”

“We know that,” it was Rahmet who answered her question. “However, the rest of the girls in the company do not know how we got the information of the lawsuit and we understand the tough position we would put you in if this knowledge got public. With this, you can maintain your innocence with the rest of the girls. Just inform them you would not be joining the lawsuit as you would be taking up the company’s offer. This would be accepted by everyone as many of the girls who crawled in before you took our offer already.”

Abdullah took up the speech from there. “The company would like you to continue to monitor the situation with the girls in the company. You are to report to the company any of the girls who took up the company’s offer but still intend to sue the company for any reason. Also, you are expected to inform us on any girl who badmouthed the company in any way, shape or form.”

“Sir, people always talk. It’s a natural thing.”

“Still, you are to inform us of the matter. No matter how trivial it seems, we want to know.” Abdullah gave her a wicked smile. “Don’t worry about how important it sounds to you. Let your betters worry about that.”

“So you want me to…” Lucy bit her tongue and controlled herself. “The company wants this girl to spy on the rest of the girls?”

“We wish you to help ensure the smooth operation of the company.” Hardi chipped in with the cream. “We also want you to help any girl having doubts to make the ‘right’ decision regarding taking our deal. If you agree, the company will give your husband a six-month sign-on bonus.”

Lucy was shocked. A six-month bonus at Simon’s salary was… a lot of money! However, she had to ask another question. “What about the girls who refused to take up the company’s offer? Is this girl supposed to report them as well?”

“Any girl who refused to take up the company’s offer would be asked to immediately resign from the company.” Lucy reeled from the news but Hardi didn’t stop. “However, they would not be asked to pay the financial penalty for breaking their contract and Sun Horizon would still pay them their salary for the month.”

That made Lucy felt better. Most of the girls had spoken of leaving anyway and now they could do so without paying any penalty. The fact that they still would be paid for the month almost made it a fair deal.

“Do you agree with the terms?” Hardi asked.

There could only be one answer for Lucy. “Yes sir, this girl agrees.”

* * *

Danielle got to Lucy the moment she stepped back into the office and bundled her into the pantry.

“Well, what happened?”

“Probably the same that happened to you. I waited on my knees for an hour before finally crawling into the office where they asked me questions about the lawsuit. Then they made me an offer in return for withdrawing my name from the lawsuit.”

“You didn’t say yes, did you?”

“Actually, I did.”

Even though she was wearing the niqaab, Lucy could see that Danielle was surprised and slightly fearful after hearing her answer. It was surprising how much she could tell just by looking at Danielle's eyes. Lucy silently chuckled to herself that this was one skill she could have never picked up if not for wearing the niqaab.

“Why did you do that, Lucy?”

There was a slight accusation in Danielle’s voice but Lucy knew this was going to happen and was ready with the answers. “Money, stability, and a job for the next three years. It’s that simple, Danielle.”

“Don’t give me that! If it’s money, you would get plenty once we win!”

“And how long will that take?” Lucy asked patiently. “Danielle, you need to think things through. If you don’t take the deal, you will have to resign. Even if you win, and it is an 'if', Sun Horizon would appeal and it would be years before anyone sees any money. What are you going to do in the meantime?”

“Get another job.”

“In this economy? Come on, we both know how bad things are out there and do you really think someone is going to hire you once they find out you are suing your last employer?” From her eyes, Lucy could tell that Danielle had not thought of that. Time for her to strike while the iron was hot. “I’m not the only one who thinks this. The three heads up on the 50th floor told me a lot of the girls had taken up the offer.”

“And you believed them?”

“Why not? It’s the sensible, logical thing to do. Jennifer took the deal as well.”

Danielle went from being surprised into shocked. “Jen… Jennifer? No way!”

Frankly Lucy was surprised as well when Abdullah told her the news. It was at this moment the other two girls came into the pantry. Jamila and Suriani saw the argument between Lucy and Danielle and the two girls quietly went to the counter to start preparation for the snacks. Lucy realized the time and turned to look back at Danielle.

“Look Danielle, I’m not arguing with you on this. Everyone needs to make their own decision. For me, I've made mine and I will respect your decision whichever it is, but you must think things through. If you sign the deal, you get a job for the next three years. If you do not, you will be jobless with little to no prospect of getting another. That means no money for the next few years because it will take at least that long for the lawsuit to clear the courts. That is even if you win the suit.”

Lucy waited for Danielle to digest everything she had said. Then she went for the kill, “If you want my opinion, it’s not a risk worth taking. Jennifer thinks the same way I do and that’s why she took the deal. As a friend, I say take the deal. It as good as any you are going to get.”

Danielle’s eyes went wide with horror but Lucy was glad to see that there was some understanding there as well. Danielle said, “You don’t seem to have a problem admitting the fact you've taken the deal?”

“Why should I?” Lucy asked back. “I made my decision and I’m not ashamed of it. I did what’s good for me and I suggest you do the same thing. Don’t make any decision for the sake of sisterhood or any crap like that. Make a decision that is best for you.”

After a second, Danielle nodded. She knew everything that was said was true. “I’ll think about it.”

Lucy nodded her head and smiled beneath her veil. She knew she got Danielle. Lucy watched as Danielle walked out of the pantry and turned to the counter. She was surprised to see that the snacks and coffee had already been prepared for her. There was even a notebook on her trolley listing the orders of all the men in her area. She looked at Jamila and Suriani and Suriani was the one who answered her unspoken question.

“We knew you would be late so Jamila and I took the orders of everyone in your area. Just follow the notebook and it will be fine.”

Lucy nodded in thanks and quickly made a decision. She was going to be here for the next three years and it was about time she began to build bridges in the office. “Thank you both, but from now on I think we need change the areas we are all in charge of.”

“We do?” Suriani asked.

“Yes. The two of you have been splitting Michele’s area between you. There are three of us in the office so it is only fair I do my part as well. I’m sorry it took me this long to realize how unfair I had been. From now on, we’ll spilt Michelle’s area between the three of us equally.”

The two girls nodded in acknowledgement. The clock stuck 9.30 am and the three girls pushed out their trolleys. Now for the second part of Lucy’s plan to build bridges in the office. She needed to especially submissive and obedient to the men from now on. Lucy smiled beneath her veil.

Her panties were getting wet just thinking about it.

The End

Copyright© 2012 by Ghost Writer. All rights reserved.