Still Loving a Burqa
by Ghost Writer

This is a sequel to Loving a Burqa.

It had been a few years since I last met her but I knew it was Lisa the moment the door opened. In hindsight, I must admit there was a chance I was mistaken as the woman who opened the door was wearing a sky blue burqa that covered every part of her body. However, I wasn’t wrong.


“Becky!” Lisa practically screamed my name as we hugged on the doorsteps of her house.

Lisa quickly ushered me into the house where we hugged again, this time with a little jump of joy included. I guessed it was an embarrassing thing for two grown women to do it had been so many years since I met my best friend that I just didn’t care.

Lisa took me by the arm and guided me to the living room. After directing me to the room, she insisted on getting me a cup of coffee. Left alone in the room, I saw that the room had a Middle Eastern décor. The Persian carpet, the low chairs, the soft cushions, even the low lighting gave the room a flavor that made me thought I was in some Gulf country. I sat down on one of the low chairs and was wondering how much everything cost when Lisa came back with the coffee.

She served me the coffee and sat on a cushion on the carpet instead of a chair. I quickly got up from my chair, sat beside her… and away we go!

We talked about everything; my job, her marriage, my single life, her family life, everything we had done in the years since we left college. Although we were the best of friends, we lost contact since we left college. It was amazing the different paths we had took since then. I talked about my job and career while Lisa spoke of her marriage to Rahmet. Rather surprisingly, she got the better story!

Lisa and Rahmet married soon after college and went back to Pakistan. They stayed with his family and it was not easy for Lisa as for a time, she had to prove herself to her new family. Lisa converted to Islam before marrying Rahmet but that wasn’t enough for her new family. Her father-in-law was a devoted man and he expected everyone who lived under his roof to behave accordingly. Also Lisa’s two mother-in-laws (her father-in-law married twice) ran a strict household and they didn’t gave Lisa any slack even though she was a foreigner. They were all surprised as Lisa went out of her way to be a good wife and daughter-in-law. In the end, Lisa said she won the family over with her hard work and near total servitude to Rahmet. She laughed that the family didn’t know of our lifestyle in college.

In college, Lisa and I were roommates. I knew that Lisa and Rahmet were going out and one day, I came home early and found the two of them fucking like rabbits in bed. Only thing was that Lisa was dressed in a burqa. I still remembered that night when I saw Rahmet pounding a shapeless, faceless Lisa; it was something you did not forgot.

What I didn’t know was that Lisa saw me too! The next morning, the duo confronted me about the matter and I was challenged to wear the burqa for a day. I accepted the challenge and found that I loved the experience. To cut the story short, Rahmet moved in with us and the three of us became lovers. Lisa and I would wear our burqas in the house and served Rahmet as servants in the day and as sex partners at night. As for why we were in the burqas? It wasn’t a religious thing, it was a sex thing. Rahmet enjoyed the fact that we were two faceless servants/slaves at his beck and call, while the burqa did rob us of our identities, it also made Lisa and me closer as we both acted and looked alike. It was like we were one person. That period in college was as close to a family life as I ever had.

Lisa said that the family was kind of sad when the couple left for Europe after Rahmet was posted there by his company. They lived there for the next few years before Rahmet was posted back stateside by his company a few months ago. When she came back, she sent me an email telling me about her return. I hadn’t opened my old email account in ages but by coincidence, I checked on it a few days ago and here we were.

Two old college friends who were so glad to see each other, they totally forgotten the time!

The first inkling I had of a problem was when the doorbell rang. Lisa was startled by it and quickly turned to see the clock on the wall. Even through the burqa I could sense that she was horrified by the time shown there. Lisa got up and ran to the door. The door opened before Lisa could get to it and a man entered the house.

Although never a good looker, in college Rahmet had a sexy dark and brooding look to him. That was no longer the case. Although he was dressed in a business suit, I saw that Rahmet had really let himself go during these years. The man who walked in was fat with a big potbelly that his shirt barely covered. I also noticed that Rahmet now had a bushy beard and not the nice stubble he used to have.

He had an annoyed look on his face which disappeared when he saw me. “Becky!” He sounded pleasantly surprised by my presence, which I was glad for. In many ways, we were also great friends.

However our history together didn’t prepare me for what Lisa did next. She knelt and bowed her head at Rahmet’s feet. I saw that she touched his shoes with her head and then turned her head side to side, rubbing her head on his shoes. I knew that the couple lived a different lifestyle from me but this left me open-mouthed in shock!

Rahmet sat down on a stool and Lisa proceeded to take off his shoes. We had been having such a great time, this was the first time I noticed that Lisa was wearing black gloves on her hands. After the shoes, Lisa took off Rahmet’s socks and then bowed again rubbing her head on his feet. Without a word to her, Rahmet stood up and approached me with a smile on his face.

We shared a handshake and we sat down on the chairs talking about how we had been since college. We engaged in some small talk when I noticed Lisa. She had finished putting the shoes and now stood behind Rahmet with her head slightly bowed. A smile came to my face. This was what she and I usually did in college when we were roommates with Rahmet. I guessed it was understandable that they never changed the system after marriage. Why ruin a good thing, right?

Rahmet caught my attention when he asked me to stay for dinner. I was about to say yes when Lisa spoke for the first time since Rahmet came home. She apologized to Rahmet because she had not finished making dinner yet. The moment she finished, Rahmet stood up and gave Lisa a slap on the face. Lisa was rocked off her feet and I sprang up to mine. Before I could react though, Lisa crawled quickly to Rahmet and began to once again rub her head on his feet only this time apologizing for her mistake.

I was stunned. In college, we never went this far. There was never any physical violence between the three of us yet from the reaction of Rahmet and Lisa; I could guess that this wasn’t the first time Rahmet had slapped Lisa around. I guessed I should be outraged but I couldn’t. In some ways, I didn’t find this surprising at all. Could you be shocked and yet unsurprised at the same time?

Rahmet ignored Lisa who was still kneeling at his feet and turned towards me apologizing for his wife’s tardiness. Those were the exact words he use “his wife’s tardiness.” I accepted the apology immediately, lying that I couldn’t stay for dinner anyway as I had work to do at home.

I quickly used that as an excuse and tried to leave. At the door, Rahmet refused to let me go without a promise to come back for dinner someday. I accepted and quickly left.

At home, I took a shower and put some leftovers in the microwave. After dinner, I did some paperwork but my mind wasn’t on it. My mind was still on Rahmet and Lisa. Giving up on the work, I decided to have an early night.

Sleep was not forthcoming. I twisted and turned but I couldn’t sleep. When I first caught Lisa and Rahmet in college, I had gone back to my room and fingered myself to sleep. Back then, I thought of myself in Lisa’s body, being taken while wearing the burqa, being forced to wear the burqa, and being taken while being a faceless body of meat.

My fingers now found my sex again as I now dreamt of being Lisa again, only this time having my whole life controlled by Rahmet. Kneeling down and rubbing my head on his feet everyday, being slapped around and caned if I ever made a mistake, being treated like a faceless body of meat, only not just in bed but 24/7 everyday single day. I had thought that I had gotten these thoughts out of my head since college ended, but it would seem that I was wrong. I came and it was great! It was on par with the orgasm I had that night when I first saw Rahmet and Lisa. I drifted off to sleep and I suddenly realized something; I had yet to see Lisa’s face!

* * *

Two weeks later, the invitation came from Rahmet. I half-thought of rejecting it, but considering the friendship we had, that would be a bad idea. I was also interested to speak to Lisa on what happened that night.

This time it was Rahmet who greeted me at the door. We gave a friendly greeting to each other and Rahmet invited me into the living room where he had prepared some tea for us. We both sat on the low chairs and he told me Lisa was still busy with the dinner. The conversation between us flowed. We remembered the good times we had and spoke of what we had been doing since graduation. This was the Rahmet I remembered. He was the only man I knew who could be friendly, flirty, rude and humorous all at the same time.

After awhile, Lisa walked to us. She was in a yellow burqa tonight and I wasn’t surprised when she bowed at the feet of Rahmet. It must have been a signal the dinner was ready as Rahmet asked me to the dinner table.

I followed Rahmet to the dinner table and saw that the food was indeed ready. Rahmet sat down at the head of the table while Lisa and I sat on either side of him. Lisa flipped her burqa over her head and for the first time in years I saw her face.

She was wearing a high collared black dress that reached her ankles but it was her face that surprised me. She looked remarkably similar to her time in college. I couldn’t see her blond hair as it was tied up in white cloth but her face was almost the same as I remembered it. She looked like she hadn’t aged a day! If anything she looked younger, more… serene.

“Wow Lisa!” I couldn’t keep the shocked out of my voice. “You look good. Hell, you look even better than before. Have you aged a day since college?”

“Good clean living Becky.” Lisa said with a smile.

“The only kind of living I allow her to have.” Rahmet replied and he and Lisa both laughed at his joke.

I laughed too, more in relief than anything. Things looked good between them and the slap I had seen looked forgotten. Maybe it was a nothing more than a fluke.

The dinner continued through the night in the same vein. The three of us sat and had a great time. I congratulated Lisa saying that her cooking had improved by leaps and bounds since college and she looked embarrassed by the praise. However Rahmet seemed pleased by the praise she received and I saw Lisa’s face turned from one of embarrassment to one of hopefulness.

I didn’t quite understand that and the evening was going so well I soon forgotten about it. Time always moved faster you are having fun and that was the case that night. Before anyone knew what happened, I was going home. At the door, Rahmet refused to let me go till I made a promise to come for dinner again the next week. Lisa, now in her burqa, then hugged me and whispered in my eye, “Next time, come earlier. We need to talk.”

Lisa disengaged from me and we gave each other a slight nod. Whatever she wanted to speak to me about was something that needed to be done away from Rahmet.

I had to cancel the dinner engagement the next week as I was swarmed by work. Rahmet was very understanding and we postponed the dinner to the following week. It was still a close thing as my workload didn’t let up. I was thinking of cancelling the dinner again when Lisa called. She reminded me to come early as there was something she wanted to speak to me about. Swarmed with work, I had totally forgotten about that. She sounded anxious and I didn’t have it in me to cancel on her again so this time I promised to go there early.

Luckily I managed to clear my work before the day of the dinner and went to Lisa’s house in a clear slate of mind. Lisa greeted me at the door in her burqa and we hugged. Rahmet wasn’t home yet and I asked her what it was that she wanted to talk to me about.

Lisa asked me to follow her as she wanted to speak about it in private. Considering that we were alone, I didn’t quite understand that but I followed Lisa further into the house. We passed the dinner table where I saw that the dinner was already done. I had half-thought Lisa wanted my help with the cooking; scratched that off the list.

We went into what looked like a small storage room and Lisa closed the door after we were both inside.

“Lisa, what the hell is going on?”

“Becky, I want to ask something…” Lisa stopped.

I couldn’t see her face due to the burqa but it was as if she was gathering her thoughts. I was never the most patient of girls. “Lisa, you are scaring me here. What’s the problem? What is this room?”

“This is my dressing room.”

“Dressing…this look like a storage room!”

“It is but we used it as my dressing room. All my clothes are in the cupboard behind you.”

I turned and saw a small full-length cupboard there. I opened it and saw the clothes. “Lisa…these are all your clothes?” I turned back to Lisa and exclaimed, “There’s hardly anything here!”

“I have six full length dresses, six pairs of gloves and six burqas. That’s all I need.”

“But…” I turned back to the cupboard and saw the cloths properly for the first time. All the dresses and gloves were in black, with 2 black, 2 blue and 2 yellow burqas. “This is all you have? What about shirts, skirts… underwear even?”

“I’m not allowed to wear underwear unless it’s my period.” Lisa said. “These are all I need but Becky I didn’t ask you here to discuss my clothes. I need your help.” Lisa said the final line with a sense of desperation.

“Is it Rahmet? Is he beating you?” I was suddenly afraid for my friend. “Is it because of that first night I came? Does he do it often?”

“What no… well yes my husband does beat me.” Lisa admitted. Something must have shown on my face because she quickly continued, “But only when I deserve it like that night when I forgotten to make dinner.”

“Lisa, no one deserved a beating. No matter what they…”

“Yes I did Becky.” Lisa said it in a tone that suggested that she was in no mood to discuss the matter. “I deserved it. Having a hot dinner ready for your husband is one of the basic duties of a wife and I fail even such a simple task. I failed that night and I should be punished. I deserved every stroke I got that night.”

“Every stroke? What does that mean Lisa?”

“That night, my husband whipped my ass twenty times with his belt and after which he took me from behind.”

“Anal sex after a whipping? But that must have been…” I dared not finished that thought.

“Very painful,” Lisa nodded. “And I deserved all of it. The problem is that since that night, my husband has not touched me once. He has not had sex with me since that night and he won’t until a time he believes I had been punished enough or I had proved myself worthy of his touch.”

“Punished enough?” I asked, “You mean he is withholding sex till you prove yourself to him? That’s stupid! So what if he doesn’t touch you? You can do it yourself!”

“No I can’t Becky.”

“Okay it’s not the same thing but…”

“No Becky, I can’t.” With that Lisa bent down and took a hold of the end of the dress she was wearing. She lifted it up above her waist and I saw what Lisa meant.

“That’s…that’s a chastity belt isn’t it?” I said with a gasp.

“Yes. It is a leather chastity belt with lock that only my husband has the keys to.” Lisa said. “This is why I can’t touch myself. I haven’t been able to in years.”

“But…this…” I didn’t know what to say. “This is barbaric!”

““A symbol of women oppression? Isn’t that what you said the first morning after you found me and my husband?”

I could have sworn that Lisa was smiling behind the burqa when she said that. However she made her point. “So you want me to… unlock the belt?” That sounded weak even to me. I didn’t even know how to start picking a lock.

“No Becky, I need you to help me prove myself to my husband.”


“I want to surprise him. To do something to pleased him and prove to him that I am worthy to be his wife.”

“And you need my help to…”

“Do you miss it Becky? Do you miss the time we had in college when you were in the burqa?”

“Oh,” I saw where Lisa was going to this. “You want me to greet Rahmet tonight in a burqa. Alongside you?”

“You don’t need to do all the kneeling, groveling and bowing if you don’t want to,” she said. “You just need to stand there in the burqa when he walked in the door. My husband had told me several times over the years that he missed you. Do you know one of his fantasies is to have both of us as his wives? So that we can serve him forever.”

No, I do not. “What? Wait Lisa I didn’t know anything about…”

“Oh it’s okay.” Lisa let go of the dress and she was again decent. “I don’t mind, not really. It was always more than the sex for me.”

“It was?” For me it was all about the sex; that and Lisa.

“Yes. For me, it was more about the control. The control my husband had over me, how he can dictate everything I do. My movements, my actions…”

“Your sex?”

“Yes, although that only started after we were in Europe.” Lisa sounded almost happy saying that. “My husband controls everything I do. Do you know I am unable to step out of the house without his permission, and even with permission I have to give him a minute by minute account of my time outside when I finally return home?”

“And…you are happy with that?”

“I love that!” Lisa said. “My whole body belongs to my husband and I love every moment of it.”

“If you love the control he has why you need me in the burqa?”

“I know he would love seeing you in a burqa again. Part of the duty of a wife is to make the husband happy, you know,” Lisa said with a laugh. “Do you really not miss it at all, Becky?”

“There were times I do.” I could admit that much at least but not everything. “But I like to think I had moved on, you know. Lisa, it was something fun we did when we were kids but to live your life like that…”

“No, it’s okay Becky,” Lisa hugged me. “It’s okay. I know it’s a lot to ask. Come on, my husband will be back soon.”

We went out of the storage room and waited for Rahmet. I had a queasy feeling in my stomach for lying to Lisa. I had thought of going back to the time when we were in college but I was now a 30 year old executive in a Fortune 500 company. I just can’t allow myself to go back into that world.

The dinner went beautifully and when I left, I had a big smile on my face. However it was a different story that night. I couldn’t get off. No matter how much my fingers worked, I just couldn’t get an orgasm. It was a frustrating night and as I lay in bed, I only hoped that Lisa was having a better night than I was.

* * *

I put the last of the dishes on the dinner and asked the question I had been inching to ask since I got to the house. “Are things okay with the two of you yet?”

“If you’re asking if my husband has had sex with me Becky,” Lisa replied. “The answer is no.”

“It’s been over a month,” I said the unthinkable. “Lisa, there’s no way Rahmet went a month without sex.”

“Oh, I’m sure he must have had some relief during this month.” Lisa said matter-of-factly. “Either by himself or maybe he visit some whore somewhere.”

“Wait…you are okay with that?”

“Not really but it’s my husband’s decision. I can only blame myself for failing as a wife.”

“You didn’t fail, Lisa. You forgot dinner one night, that’s hardly a free pass for him to fuck around!”

“My husband’s doesn’t “fuck around” Becky.” Lisa sounded offended by the accusation. “If I had done my duty, he would be with me. It’s only because of my failure that he is forced to go outside.”

“Forced? You can’t 'force' someone to sleep around,” I said. “And what’s this about relief? What about love? If he loves you, shouldn’t he be making love to you instead of some hooker from god knows where?”

“Oh my husband loves me Becky, and I love him. That’s why we’re married. However I think you are mistaking the act of sex with love. They are not the same thing.”

“They’re not?”

“No. Love is a connection between a couple, a man and a woman. Just because the man decide to have sex with someone else doesn’t mean he love his wife any less.” Lisa explained, “Sex is an act Becky; love is a connection.”

“So if you sleep around with ten other guys, Rahmet would be okay with it?”

“Of course not Becky,” Lisa laughed. “My body belongs to my husband, his body does not belong to me.”

I knew my friends’ lifestyle was different from mine but only now did I realize how different they had become. “That’s…that’s insane.”

“Not really. In Islam a man can have up to four wives, but a wife can only have one husband. It makes perfect sense.”

It was at that point I gave up. There were times since they had returned that I thought we could maybe pick up from where we left. Despite what I said to Lisa, I would be lying if I said I never thought of it. However to find that my friends had become so different was something else. They were so…alien, so different; I knew I had no chance of understanding it. However something like this had once occurred to me once before, and back then I jumped in with both feet.

“Okay…look Lisa, I have been thinking…”


“I’ll do it.” I said. “Lend me your burqa, I’ll meet Rahmet today in a burqa.”

“Oh Becky,” Lisa hugged me. “Thank you. What changed your mind?”

“Because you are my best friend and I want to understand you. And right now I don’t, not really.” That was totally true. “This lifestyle you and Rahmet has… maybe it’s like with the burqa, maybe this is something I have to try out before I can understand it.”

Lisa hugged me again. “But if we are going to do this,” Lisa said. “Let’s do it right.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“I’ll lend you my dress, my gloves; everything!” Lisa said. “You were never someone who does things halfway Becky, or has that changed?”

“Oh!” I said. “What about the chastity belt?”

“Uh…do you want the belt?”

That’s a good question. However Lisa was right about me never doing things halfway. “Yeah,” I said. “Get the belt also.”

Lisa held my hands and together we headed to her dressing room. Lisa went into the room while I waited outside.

“What color do you want?” She asked.

After a little thought, I answered, “What you are wearing. Let’s wear the same thing like we used to in college.”

“Good idea.” Lisa walked out with a yellow burqa in hand along with a black dress and a pair of black gloves. She handed them over to me and said, “Okay this is your uniform. Come on, the chastity belts are in my husband’s room.”

“Uniform?” I asked.

“Private joke between me and my husband,” Lisa answered. “I’m not allowed to wear anything else so we called it my uniform.”

“A uniform you can’t take off.”


I followed Lisa into a room I had never been in before. I soon discovered why. I walked into the bedroom and at first glance, everything in the room looked normal. There was the king-sized bed, two cupboards, a dresser; but I then saw the “items.”

On the far end of the room, hanging on the wall, was a whip, a cane, and a paddle. All were in full view for anyone who walked into the room. I knew Rahmet and Lisa had a different lifestyle but I had always thought it would be similar to what we had when we were younger. Now I wondered just how “different” they had become.

I stood there stunned before I heard my name. “Becky! Becky!” I saw Lisa standing in front of an open cupboard. She must have been calling my name for awhile now because she was waving at me. “Come on Becky.”

Taking a deep breath, I stepped towards Lisa. She was kneeling in front of a small cupboard which was opened and held up a chastity belt. “Uh, I think it will fit. Luckily we are still both the same size.”

“Which is more than what you can say for Rahmat.” I joked while taking off my clothes. “He really let himself go these few years.”

Lisa chuckled and said, “I actually like him more this way.”

“You do?”

“Yeah, more of him for me to hug!”

We both laughed as I stepped into the chastity belt. Lisa brought it up to my waist and locked it. On close inspection, I saw that the belt was made of leather with a solid crotch strap. There were no holes in it, and Lisa must have seen my confusion.

“This belt is only for brief outings so there are no holes in it. However it is also designed to be comfortable with cushions at the edges so I thought this was the most suitable for your first time.”

That made sense so I put on the rest of the “uniform”. I put on the black dress first. It had a high collar that was a little stiff but doable. The gloves came next and then it was the big finality. With the skullcap as the base, the yellow burqa flowed over me. I turned to look in the mirror and all I could see was a huge garment that had totally covered my entire body. Not even my eyes could be seen. It felt… comfortable. Like always, the burqa gave me a sense of security that normal clothes could not and it was almost liked returning home after a long trip. The burqa was something I know.

I was still looking at the mirror when Lisa stepped behind me. She was wearing the same burqa and we looked like twins. Our heights were the same and you could not tell us apart. She hugged me, putting both her arms around me and my hands came up to hold her hands. We both looked at the mirror and saw ourselves. Two women who were completely alike and it was a magical moment. We were the best of friends again; alike in every way.

I did not know how long we stood there looking at ourselves when we heard the doorbell. Rahmat had returned and Lisa turned to go to the main door. I held on to her hand. We went to meet him together.

Rahmat had already entered the house when we reached the door. He saw us walking towards him and there was no mistaking the smile on his face. This time Lisa did not surprise me.

Lisa knelt and bowed her head at Rahmet’s feet. I saw her rubbing her head on his shoes and I saw Rahmet gave a silent nod to me. Rahmet sat down on the stool and Lisa proceeded to take off his shoes. After the shoes, Lisa took off Rahmet’s socks and then bowed again rubbing her head on his bare feet. It was just like the first night I came to the house.

Rahmet stood up and approached me with a smile on his face. Without a word from anyone, I knew what I had to do. I also knelt and bowed at his feet. Turning my head side to side, I rubbed my head on his feet and it was the most humiliating yet exhilarating thing I had ever done. I could not explain it but it was almost as if the smell of Rahmet’s feet was intoxicating as I could not stop myself from rubbing my head on his feet.

“Stop,” Only when Rahmet gave the command did I stop myself. I lifted my head and saw Lisa standing beside Rahmet.

Lisa handed me a key; it was the key to my chastity belt. Again, I knew what I had to do. With two hands, I offered the key to Rahmet, an offering and a show of my submission to him. He took the key without a word.

The three of us went to the dinner table and we took our dinner in silence. Unlike previous dinners, there were no jokes or banter now. It was unnecessary. Once dinner was done, Rahmet gave the command. “Both of you go to the bedroom and wait for me. I need to take a bath first.”

Lisa stood up without a word and I followed her lead. We went into the bedroom and waited. I wanted to say something to Lisa but she put up her hands to stop me. She did not want to spoil the moment and I could understand why.

No more words were needed between us; we knew what was coming.

We stood side by side looking at the bedroom door. After awhile, Rahmat walked into the bedroom like a king. In many ways, this analogy wasn’t wrong as Lisa and I were standing there side by side, waiting patiently like his loyal subjects. Everything that happened depended on Rahmat’s whims.

Rahmat stood in front of Lisa and said, “You did very well today my wife.” Lisa gave a small nod in response and Rahmat smiled. “Lift up.” At Rahmat’s words, Lisa bent down and grabbed the end of her burqa. She stood back up and her burqa was lifted up to her waist. Rahmat bent down and I thought he was going to unlock Lisa’s chastity belt.

I thought wrong.

Rahmat stopped. He stood up and gave a smile in my direction. He showed me the key and said, “Becky, you do it. Unlock Lisa’s belt so that I can use her.” Those were his words; so that he could use her. I knew I should be angry but like a robot, I obeyed. The setting was such that I did not even think of disobeying him. Before I knew what I was doing, I had my hands on the key and was bending down towards Lisa.

“Kneel.” Rahmat said. “Becky, kneel down and then open the belt.”

I dropped to my knees without a word. Lisa stood there like a statue, waiting for me to open up her chastity belt. I knew how desperate she was for release but that wasn’t the reason why I obeyed Rahmat. I obeyed not for Lisa but because I wanted to obey Rahmet! It just felt right that I obeyed him.

My hands reached for the lock on her chastity belt and I could see my hands shaking. I hadn’t been this excited and turned-on since our days in college. No, not even then! Nothing we did back then could compare to what I felt now. I was going to open Lisa’s sex for use! All on the command on her husband!

The lock was opened and I lowered the belt from Lisa. Lisa stood there as if afraid to move but I could see that she was ready for it. “Wife, get in bed.”

Lisa held on to her burqa and lay on the mattress. She opened her legs wide as if to invite Rahmat. Rahmat dropped his trousers and I could see that he too was ready. There was no need for Rahmat to say anything. He just climbed on top of Lisa and entered her.

I was still on my knees and I felt a sense of déjà vu. Rahmat was pumping Lisa without mercy and it was just like the first time I saw them together in bed. The yellow burqa was covering Lisa totally from the waist up but below the waist, she was totally naked. It was a good thing I was on my knees because I wasn’t sure my legs was going to hold me. I felt myself getting wet just looking at them!

A cry came from Lisa and Rahmat put in more energy. “Husband,” a plead came from Lisa. “Please, husband, please!” I was wondering what Lisa was asking for I heard Rahmat’s words. “Cum for me, my wife.”

Lisa screamed! And screamed, and screamed, and screamed!

It took less than a minute but to me, it felt like hours. I was shaken. Lisa had been denied sex for over a month and even now, she only came with permission! I knew that Rahmat had control over his wife but to have such control was… scary and yet very exciting. I couldn’t help but envy Lisa.

I did not know how long I knelt there beside the bed when Rahmet finally stood up. He stood in front of me and said, “Stand.” I stood up. “Lift up,” he ordered and I knew what he wanted. I stood there stunned for a moment as various thoughts entered my head. My life till now, our time in college, the lifestyle Lisa and Rahmet had, what I had just seen, what I had just felt; in the end, I decided what I had to do. I bent down and lifted up my burqa.

Lisa now stood behind Rahmet and Rahmet handed a key to her. “Wife, unlock her belt so that I can use her.” Silently, obediently, Lisa took the key, kneelt and opened my chastity belt. Rahmet put a hand on my sex and smiled. “You are very wet, my wife.” He called me his wife and I remembered what Lisa had said about his fantasy. Rahmet put two fingers inside me and asked, “Who does this belong to, my wife?”

My head may not have the answer but my body did. My body responded and I could feel myself on the verge of an orgasm. I knew what answer Rahmet wanted and I gave it to him. “Yours, my husband.”

Rahmet's smile got wider. He said, “Wife, get in bed.”

I obeyed and it was the start of my new life.

The End

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