The Patriarch Alliance -- Family Harmony
by Ghost Writer

                                                                                               "Men are not good,
                                                                                               Men are not evil,
                                                                                               Men are both good and evil,
                                                                                               Achieve both,
                                                                                               and you will achieve harmony"

                                                                                                                                    The Path of Man

The food is getting cold. Where the hell is that idiot? Jill berates herself for thinking such things, but facts are facts. Everyday, Jill would rush home from work and cook dinner for her master. The dinner which would be ready before her master came home from work. The dinner that is currently getting cold because that fool of her master is late.†

For the umpteenth time, Jill mentally checks everything. She is kneeling by the door in her home attire, which consists of a pink bra with matching pink panties. With her red hair and the black collar around her neck, she knows she was a cute sight. When she was younger, she liked the outfit, but now at 32, she does feel slightly ridiculous. But this was what her master ordered, so this is what she will wear. Where is he? Jill touched her collar again. The marriage collar was placed around her neck when she married her master; the collar was also a communications and control device. With it, her master can contact her from anywhere on Planet Whiteside. Occasionally when her master decides to go for a drink at the pub with his mates, he would always inform her. There had been no communications from her master today. Jill hopes that nothing has happened. Luckily, she never had a chance to continue that line of thought as the front door decides to open up at that moment.

Jill sees her master... with a female behind him. Knowing not to ask questions, she lowers her head to the ground. "Fuckface." Jill is surprised by the use of her family name. Her master almost never uses it, and never in front of an outsider.†


"Rise, Fuckface." Jill raises her head slowly, something is very wrong here. Her master is sitting in his chair. He looks at the other female, "On your knees pig!" The other female drops to her knees. Jill feels a cold knot forming in her stomach. She knows what is coming.

Her master, to her delight, is looking very uncomfortable. "This is Maria of Montoya. She is the daughter of Michael Montoya. You remember him?" Jill does remember Michael Montoya, an old friend of her masterís father. She looks over at the female. She has blond hair and blue eyes but isnít what you would consider a beauty. Her nose is a little too big and her mouth is a little too wide. Average really. She is in a red sports bra and light blue shorts. There isnít a collar on her neck which means that she is unmarried. Something that was about to change.

"Anyway," her master continues, "Michael heard from father that I only have one pig, so wanted to know if I would be interested to take a second." †Seeing that she is already in the house, there is only one answer to that question. "I decided, after much consideration, to have a trial of six months before deciding." Jill, to her credit, kept quiet. "She will be living with us for six months from today onwards. Now, is dinner ready?"

"Dinner is ready master." Jill makes an effort to use her most pleasant voice.

Her master walks to the dining table and sits down on the chair. Jill and Maria crawl on their hands and knees after him. Unlike men, who eat at the table, females eat from a big dog dish. Females are called Ďpigsí on Whiteside. Usually, all the pigs in the house eat from just one dog dish, sharing the food among themselves. However, Jill only prepared enough for one person. She wasnít expecting company. "Begin," her master said. It seems he doesnít share her concern.

Jill sees Maria looking at her and for a moment wonders why. Then she remembers that as first wife, she gets to eat first. If she doesnít start, Maria canít begin as well. Jill almost wanted to ignore the food, just to make the new pig suffer. Luckily for everyone, she isnít that petty.

The dinner passed without incident. Her master decides, perhaps wisely, to keep silent during dinner, and since females arenít allow to speak till spoken to, the dinner passes without a single word begin said. Needless to say, the two pigs finish the meal much quicker than the man did. Once he finishes, her master gets up and walks to the living home. Jill and Maria get up to clear the table. Jill wants to tell the other female to go away and get back on her knees, but she isnít stupid. With her master there, Jill wasnít about to do anything silly to the new female. Her master switches on the hologram television. It is the fucking evening news.

Jillís face pales. She can see that Maria is almost in a state of panic. Reaching out, Jill shakes Maria. Getting the other femaleís attention, Jill picks up the dishes and runs to the kitchen. Maria soon follows with more dishes. It takes each female another run into the living room, but finally they clear all the dishes from the table. Jill quickly closes the kitchen door.

The kitchen door is a one-way soundproof glass door. Once closed, anyone in the kitchen canít see or hear anything outside the kitchen. However, anyone standing in the dining room can clearly see into the kitchen. They can also hear what is been said if the occupants of the kitchen are speaking loud enough. What is currently important to the two females however is that the door blocks the sound of the evening news. Females on Whiteside have it a lot better than females on the other planets of the Alliance, but one thing all the planets have in common is that keeping up with current events is a manís job. Females must be kept ignorant of such matters as their duty is to serve not make decisions. As they do not make decisions, they have no need to hear such matters as the latest news and galaxy events. It is also the femalesí job to keep themselves ignorant of such matters. Failure to do so means that they do not believe that their men and masters are wise enough to make the right decisions for them. Though sometimes Jill does wonder about her master, no female in the Alliance wishes to do that.

Jill turns around and sees that she is alone with Maria in the kitchen where females are allowed to speak freely. She isnít crazy about the new female, but Jill knows that the new pig will be living with her for the next six months! She takes a breath to steady herself and says, "This is Jill. First of Wayne. My family name is Fuckface. Welcome to the family."

It was funny watching the two pigs scrambling to clear the dishes. Ben successfully kept his face neutral, but only just. In truth, he was less than happy to bring home a second without telling his first wife, but this was the fastest way to get the situation over with. ĎShock and aweí was what the ancient humans called it. In the kitchen, hopefully the two females could come to some understanding. He just hopes this doesnít blow up in his face. Unlike some men, Ben Wayne does not enjoy punishing his pigs.

Ben concentrates on the news. There was some talk of how the Terran Empire is going to try to retake the Outer Rims planets and how worried the leaders of the Patriarch Alliance are at the prospect. Ben would tell the Terrans not to bother. Even the aliens treated the people better than the Terrans did when they were in charge. No way will the Outer Rims accept Terran control again. Ben waited for the news to finish before hitting the communications device on his wrist. "Both pigs get in here now!"

The two females run to where he sits and kneel before him. Ben takes a moment to savor the sight. Two beautiful females kneeling at his feet, Ben knows he isnít much of a master, but even he feels a hard-on coming. "Both of you in the bedroom and I want you naked."

The pigs run to the bedroom. Ben takes his time getting there. When he enters, the two are already on their knees as naked as the day they were born. Ben slowly walks to a chair and sits down. "Both of you in bed, I want a good show. Do not disappoint me."

The two pigs look at each other in hesitation. Then, Jill gets up and walks to the bed. She lies down on her front and arches her back. A show for her master. Maria crawls on her knees to the bed and almost slithers in. Like a snake, she slides beneath Jill and gives her a kiss. Jill kisses her back and grabs one of her tits. With her other hand, Jill reaches down and pushes a finger into Mariaís pussy. A cry comes from Maria. Maria then kisses Jill again. Slowly, her mouth moves downwards. Jillís neck, chest and belly get the full treatment from Mariaís tongue. Then, before Maria can move to her intended target, Jill moves away. She gets on top of Maria and pushes her down. Her face moves towards Mariaís crotch and she begins eating out Maria. Maria follows her lead and slides between Jillís legs. Both pigs begin eating each other. Ben is fully turned on by the show.

"May we cum, Master?" Jill asks. Both pigs are almost to the brink of orgasm, but Ben has other ideas.

"No. Anyone cum before I give permission, both of you get punished."

Both pigs look at their master in disappointment, but then continue to eat each other out. Ben looks on as the two pigs try their very best to give him a good show. Anytime one of them almost reaches climax, the other female stops, and then begins again. Ben sits on the chair and stokes his cock, getting it ready.

He has no idea how long this lasts: 20 minutes, 30 minutes, maybe more. Finally, Ben stands up and walks to the bed. He sees Mariaís eyes widen at the sight of his equipment. Ben knows he isnít strong, fast or smart, but his penis is huge. He turns Jill on her back and brutally enters Mariaís red-hot pussy. Maria is tight and Ben can feel her pussy tightening. She is tightening her muscles so that her master can have a better fuck. Who says females should not go to school?

Ben looks up and sees Jill playing with herself. That will not do. "Fuckface, saddle her face. No cumming till I say so." Jill obeys instantly. She positions her pussy over Mariaís mouth. Maria doesnít wait for an order and starts eating immediately. It is then that Ben fells a climax coming. He begins to increase his rhythm. And explodes. He comes. Spent, Ben sits back on the bed resting. Maria however is still hard at work.

"Master may Fuckface cum?" Ben sees Jill looking at him in need. Ben nods, not trusting himself to speak. Jill comes at his command.

Jill turns around to face her master and Ben slides between the two pigs. He is glad both look happy. He looks at Maria and says, "Clean me up." Maria goes to his cock and uses her mouth to clean up the juices. He should tell them both to clean up, but it is Mariaís first day and she is the second. He wants her to do most of the dirty work. This will tell her of her place and hopefully reassure Jill. With her mouth cleaning his cock, Ben drifts on to sleep. He hears Jill.

"All women are pigs,
Pigs are weak, pigs are stupid,
I am a woman,
I am weak, I am stupid.
I am a pig"

Jill is intoning the chants of a true female. She must repeat the chants a hundred times before she is allowed to sleep. Ben hears Maria joining in the chanting. He should really oversee the chanting before he goes to sleep, but it is okay. He trusts his pigs, and so he sleeps.