The Patriarch Alliance – Homebound
by Ghost Writer

“The Patriarch Alliance consists of 3 planets, Planet Whiteside, Thordaw and Kadir. All 3 planets were lost during the Great Retreat of 7816 and were taken over by the Walien Theocracy. The aliens withdrew in 7950…the 3 planets (like most of the other planets in the Outer Rims) decided to declare independence.”

                                                  The Outer Planets, the Lost Terran Empire
                                                  Published in Year 8024

Part 1

Jenny was ready for culture shock. When the space transport entered hyperspace, she was ready. When the transport entered Planet Thordaw, she was ready. When she first saw the sun baked land that was to be her new home, she was ready. When the male and female passengers of the transport were separated, she was ready. When she first entered the arrival hall of the spaceport…Jenny knew she was in trouble.

The spaceport was full with people. Noise filled the arrival hall she entered as people were shouting out greeting to old family and friends. A buzz of excitement was in the air as everyone was eagerly waiting for the arrivals. A very typical spaceport…except that all the people shouting were men. Jenny did not see a single woman. Then she looked over the men and saw the women of Thordaw. The few of them she saw were standing behind their men looking at the ground before them. She almost wished she hadn’t.

“Hey beautiful,” Jenny found an arm wrapped around her waist. Startled, Jenny looked beside her and saw the man responsible for her current problems. Boris Frings was a student she met in the Titan Space Academy, the man she fell in love with… and the man she left her planet, culture and life for. Her family and friends were shocked when the ambitious girl they thought they knew said that she was leaving for Thordaw, but with Boris there, somehow she thought it was worth it.

“I’m glad you’re here,” the sound of relief was evidenced in Jenny’s voice.

“Lot to take in, huh.”

“You said it. I thought that all that research I did would have helped.”

“Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. Look like I found our ferry service.” It was then that she saw the 2 people beside Boris.

“Jenny, this is my oldest brother Alfred and his first Zhang. Alfred, this is Jenny.” One look at Alfred and Jenny knew that they were related. A short, slim body shape with black hair black eyes and a face that screamed Korean…which is kind of ironic considering they were called Frings. Alfred was smiling. Wearing a yellow long-sleeved shirt with light blue pants, he looked just like Boris except that he was about half a head taller. This meant that he was about half a head shorter than Jenny.

“You didn’t say you were bringing a friend, Boris.”

“She is not my friend Alfred,” a short pause and a look to Jenny later, “she will be my first.”

Surprisingly, Alfred’s face became blank. He stood ram-rod still, the woman behind him however lifted her head. Zhang was dressed just like every Thordawan woman Jenny saw in the spaceport. She was wearing a grey… robe would be the best word. The robe was similar to those wore by monks in the 15th century, it was long sleeved but the length of the robe only reached her knees. There was also a hood, but unlike the hood of the ancient monks which covered only the top of the head, this hood covered the whole face with a mesh in front. Jenny couldn’t even see the eyes. This means that all Jenny could see was a grey, faceless person whose only visible body parts were her hands and lower legs. She couldn’t even see the shape of her tits as the robe was big and very non-hugging. Oh, she was also barefooted. If Jenny didn’t know that this was the way every married Thordawan woman dressed in public, she wouldn’t even be able to tell that it was a woman. Just like every Empire woman she knew, Jenny thought that the robe/uniform looked ridiculous.

The way I’ll look in the future

The thought when it came was not a comforting one. Zhang then lowered her head and looked straight down at her bare feet. Jenny knew what the look from Boris was for. Feet together, legs straight, Jenny bend over. With her legs still straight, Jenny then put her hands on her knees and looked straight at the floor. This was how a Thordawan woman greeted a man she was just introduced. “The Greeting Position” as Boris called it. Boris was very adamant that she knows some basic laws and positions before she arrived in Thordaw. She was still not very happy about some of the positions she will be forced to do but Boris, with some pain and threats, made sure she practiced the position and memorized the basic laws of womanhood. “If you want to come home with me, you will need to live like a Thordawan woman,” Boris said on more than one occasion.

“Father knows?” Alfred asked. The question was for Boris.

“No,” Boris replied.

“He will not be happy.”

“No, he will not be happy.” Jenny would like nothing better than to look at the two men and explain to Alfred why she was here, but this it Thordaw. “Not a cow’ place” as Boris put it. So Jenny looked at the floor and waited.

“She’s from Earth?”

“Jenny is from Talon exactly.”

“In the Catrim system?”

“That’s right.”

“Still part of the Empire.” A pause in the conversation. Jenny was exactly scared now. She and Boris knew that there would be some resistance from his family but she just got there and haven’t even left the spaceport yet.

This is from his favorite brother… what will his father be like?

Again, not a comforting thought.

“She is mine,” Boris said.

“You sound determined,” this was from Alfred. Jenny wasn’t sure but she almost heard a voice of bemusement in the statement.

“I am.”

“What if the old man says no?” Good question.

“His problem, not mine.”

Alfred chuckled at this. “By the books, you have changed Boris.”

“It has been 5 years.”

“You are a man now. Not like when you left.”

“I’m 24 now and you are right. I’m not like the person that left to see the home world.”

“Your bags will be in the truck by now. Come on then.”

With that, the two men walked away. Jenny was surprised as no one told her to follow. The men were just ignoring her. She ran and caught up to the two men. She was about to give them a piece of her mind when a hand stopped her. She saw Zhang was behind her. In her robes, Zhang put a finger to her lips. The universal human sign of ‘keep quiet’. Zhang then signaled her to walk beside her and behind the two men.

A cow’s place. Of course, walk behind the men, keep your head down and mouth shut. That’s the way things are done here. This must be a test.

The fact that she would have failed a test within an hour of landing was again not a comforting thought. She nodded her thanks to Zhang. Zhang nodded back. “Do not speak until spoken to,” another rule of Thordaw. Following silently behind the men, with head bowed of course, Jenny left the spaceport… and was immediately hit with the extreme heat that a desert planet would have. Jenny looked up at the city, she couldn’t help it. She was in a new city on a new planet 12 systems away from Talon. She just had to look.

Outside the spaceport, she saw more variety of people. She even passed a few aliens and a few human who dressed like aliens. She saw 2 women walking quietly behind 2 men. The men were talking to each other like friends. The 2 women however couldn’t look more different. One of the women was wearing a sport bra with short shorts, looking as if she was going for a jog except that there was a thick black collar around her neck; while the other women was totally hairless! She was bald, even her eyebrows were shaved. Jenny could even see that her pussy was hairless. How could she see that you asked? It was because the woman was totally naked, wearing only a thong. Both women were looking at the ground while walking. They too were walking barefoot.

The men led Jenny and Zhang to a parking area and were walking towards a hovercraft; or as Alfred will say, ‘a hover-truck’. The front could seat 2-3 people including the driver, but it was the back that caught her eye. There was an open cage where the deck should have been. Alfred opened the cage and Zhang immediately climbed onboard. A look from Boris and Jenny knew that she was to enter the cage as well. She could see that their bags were already inside but she froze. There was no seating and Zhang was sitting on the floor of the truck. She had had her knees towards her body and wrapped her hands around her legs. As if trying to be as small as possible.

Like an animal. I can’t do it. I won’t do it. I’m a free woman, not a bloody animal. This was a mistake.

A scowl from Boris told Jenny that she was taking too long. Looking at his face and another thought came to her.

That is your man, your future husband. You are to be his wife and he is taking a big risk bringing you along. Do you ready want to disappoint him… can you bear to???

Only one answer to that. She entered the cage… and into her new life.

End of Part 1