My Lord and My Mistress
by Ghost Writer


In most modern households, when you speak of housework you would think of vacuum cleaners and washing machines. That’s not the case in our household.

In our household, I have a small broom that I can only use when I squat down. Washing the floor required me to go on my hands and knees with a scrub and a pail of water. Washing the toilet meant my head had to be in the bowl to clean those hard to reach places. I started to do these chores the moment Mistress left the house and by the time I was finished, I was sweating like a pig.

Looking around the house, I had confidence I did my duty well. Domestic chores were about the one thing I was better at than Mistress and my only regret was that my lord wasn’t around to see me doing it. He took special enjoyment watching me do housework naked, especially the way my ass shakes when I was scrubbing the floor and when he’s around, I’ll always make sure my ass was sticking out high so he could get a good look at his property. It has been this way since the day after I caught him in bed with Mistress.

After I went to sleep that night, I was awoken up by the doorbell the next morning. It was still early and I opened the door still groggy. Mistress was there and I still remember the first words she spoke to me, “Hi, my name’s Amy. I believe you saw me last night getting fucked by your husband.”

I was still in shock when Mistress walked into the apartment like she owned it. She looked around with a critical eye before announcing how impressed she was with my housework. When I asked why she was there, Mistress said she was there to offer me the job of being the slave of her and our lord. She had seen me the night before and saw the longing on my face. She knew I had wondered about being tied up by our lord and fucked senseless by him. So she had “kindly” offered me the job of being a slave wife.

When I said that she must be joking, Mistress just shook her head and started to walk out. I stopped her before she stepped out of the door and the rest was history. That night when our lord came back home, Mistress and I were waiting for him. Mistress was dressed in one of her designer gowns and I was naked and on my knees.

Mistress then informed our lord of our agreement. I would cancel the divorce and be the wife of the house. However instead of being a normal wife, I would now be a slave wife. I would be doing all the cooking, cleaning and washing, while she would be in charge of keeping our lord a happy man. Our lord naturally agreed to the arrangement, which man wouldn’t want two women instead of just one, and that was the start of our new relationship.

With the cleaning over, I started on the washing. Of course, everything was done by hand and I took special care to the clothes of my lord and my mistress. As I had said before, Mistress had a great sense of style and I did not want to spoil any of their clothes. Only after finishing the washing, drying and hanging of the clothes, did I have my dinner. Tonight I treated myself to a Spinach Salad with Steak & Blueberries along with a bowl of Italian Egg-Drop Soup.

Compared to Mistress’ natural, beautiful figure, my body was nothing to shout about but I still try my best as I did not want to embarrass our lord. Luckily for me, I had Mistress in my corner. As I’m still our lord’s wife, he had to bring me for the rare company and family outings you just cannot avoid. Mistress understood this and had been putting me through a serious diet and exercise regime for the past 18 months.

It has been successful. Many people had said I looked better than ever, and they were right; I was in better shape than any time in my life. However as they say, everything is relative and to me, my new fit and toned figure only emphasis the difference in class between myself and Mistress. Despite over a year of dieting and exercise, I was still nowhere near Mistress. In terms of looks and beauty, Mistress and I were on different planets. She was just that superior to me, not only in looks but also in her love to our lord.

A simple fact proven by the legal document that says I was still technically the wife of the house. I had asked Mistress before why she didn’t tell our lord to divorce me and take my place as the wife, and she told me it was to make sure she herself would never get too comfortable. Mistress never wanted to forget the fact that our lord was the man of the house and she feared being the wife as well as mistress of a slave like me would cause her to “lose her edge”. Basically, she wanted to be kept on her toes. After hearing that, I knew of her love for our lord and knew I would be honoured to serve a woman like her.

Once dinner was over, I washed up and took my shower. Unlike my lord and my mistress, I was only allowed a cold shower. Although no one was around to oversee me, I knew better than to disobey a direct order from my mistress. They trusted me to obey the rules even when they were not around and I did not disappoint them. After all, what’s the use of agreeing to be a slave wife if you were going to disobey every time someone wasn’t there to look over your shoulder? That’s just stupid.

With the cold water, I did not stay inside the shower too long. I dried myself with a towel before going to the living room to watch television. Not allowed to sit on chairs, I sat on the floor before the television and watched whatever was on. I wasted the time away till my lord and mistress came home.

I heard the car parking at the driveway and went to the door. Kneeling on the hallway floor facing the door, I waited for the door to open with my thighs spread wide. When the door opened, I lowered my head to the ground with my hands beside my head.

My lord and mistress shared a laugh as they entered, no doubt after having a great time at some restaurant. They kicked off their shoes and walked passed me without a word. I stood up to pick up the shoes when I heard my lord ordering me to him.

Without hesitation, I turned and walked to him. My lord was sitting on living room sofa with mistress standing beside him. I was surprised because it was not Sunday yet. At the end of every week, I had to kneel before my lord and mistress to get my “weekly report”. Mistress would grade me on my work for the week and my lord would decide on the punishment.

This was what I did now. I knelt before my lord and mistress, crossed my hands behind my back and bowed my head to look at the ground.

My lord announced that he had good news for me; Mistress was pregnant. My stomach rolled at the announcement but I kept my head down and my mouth shut. My lord was not finished.

My lord said that they would be keeping the baby and the baby will take his surname. My lord also said that with the coming of the baby, I would be serving as the baby’s nanny. I would resign from my job and be naked in the house full-time from now on.

I immediately felt fear. I had long gotten used to be naked at home but the humiliation was tempered by the fact I could still wear clothes at work. Without that, I would be naked 24/7. The fear of that surprised me because I had thought I had long accepted my place as a slave. And a slave to my lord and mistress meant clothes were a luxury I did not deserve.

That was right! I was a slave, and that meant I would obey and be happy. Once I had that thought, I managed to shout out my congratulations to both my lord and mistress. My lord then said something that really made me happy.

With the baby coming, mistress would be more tired than ever and my lord was also uncomfortable and worried about having sex with her as she grows bigger. My lord says in the coming few months, he would be having sex with me more often than our once-weekly session.

My head swirled at the news. My weekly session with my lord was based on how good of a grade I got from Mistress during my “weekly report” and now my lord was telling me that during Mistress’ pregnancy, I would be taking her place beside him.

I couldn’t help but looked up at Mistress. She was smiling but I could see the discomfort behind the smile. She wasn’t totally happy with the arrangement but the news of the pregnancy delighted our lord and I could see that she was determined to do whatever was necessary to keep him happy. In many ways, I believed she loved our lord more than I did.

Suddenly, our lord stood up, clapping his hands. He said that he and Mistress will retire for the day and told me to take off my chastity belt. For this one night, he would allow me to play with myself. He then lifted Mistress up and carried her to their bedroom. I was left dumbstruck on the ground.

I knew what I wanted to do. I switched off all the lights in the house and took the key of my belt off the hook. I took it off the moment I entered my room and went to the wall separating my room to the master bedroom. I pressed my ear to the wall and could hear the small laughter of my lord and mistress. They were beginning and my hand reached between my legs. As the sounds of their love-making increases, my hand moved quicker and quicker. When I heard the soft cry of my mistress, I came.

My body shook with excitement as I raised my hand to my face. Listening to my lord’s and mistress’ love-making always excited me, so much so that Mistress ordered a chastity belt for me to prevent me from having too much fun. She wanted me to be always ready and hungry for our lord.

I tasted myself. As I began to lick my fingers, I realized my lord was right. My mistress’ pregnancy was very good news for me.

The End

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