My Lord and My Mistress
by Ghost Writer

Part 2

The best thing about being an office drone is that no one cares if you walk out of the office right on time. The moment my time was up, I walked out of the office while saying my goodbyes to my colleagues. I went down to the ground floor and crossed two streets. Outside a deli, I waited.

With no watch and no phone, I had no idea how long I waited, but about half an hour later a red car pulled up in front of me. It was my mistress. I opened the passenger door and begged, “Good evening, Mistress. May be this slave have the privilege of entering this vehicle?”

As normal, Mistress smiled at my begging. “This vehicle is too good for you, slave,” she said. “How would you pay back this privilege?”

“Anything you wish, Mistress.”

“Remember that when I take the cane to your fat ass, slave.”

“Yes Mistress”

“Come in then”

I entered the car and put on the seatbelt. The begging was a normal daily routine between me and Mistress but we learned not to push it. I had to beg much longer in the beginning but once a cop pulled over and gave Mistress a ticket for stopping too long along the road. Our lord was so pissed he punished both of us. It was one of the few times I could remember Mistress being caned.

As Mistress drove, a call called in and Mistress answered it on her earpiece. It was our lord and I couldn’t help but glanced at her as she said sweet nothings to him. Once the call was over, Mistress informed me she and our lord were going out for dinner. As usual, a night out between the lord and Mistress meant two things for me. One; I’ll be at home alone and two; I need to help Mistress prepare.

Once we arrived at home, Mistress immediately went to the bedroom, leaving me to close the door. The moment the door was shut, I took off my clothes. My shirt and skirt were dropped onto the floor and they were swiftly followed by my bra and panties. I took the whole pile in my hands and went to my room.

I entered the room and threw the pile of clothes to one side. They were of no use to me at home. I was only allowed to wear one thing at home and it was still on the floor where I left it this morning; my chastity belt. I locked the belt and felt a thrill as the leather wrapped around my waist. I moved my hands between my legs and felt the cold metal bars covering my pussy. I couldn’t help but smile at the feeling of helplessness. I took off my ponytail and went to help my mistress but not before hanging the key to my chastity belt on the wall.

When I entered, I saw that Mistress was already in the shower and there was a beautiful red dress on the bed. As I heard the water splashing down, I remembered the first time I saw Mistress in this bedroom.

It was three years ago when my lord and I were separated. There were no great fights or hidden affairs. After 11 years of marriage, we were tired of each other and our marriage just came to a natural death.

Or so I thought.

One afternoon, I came home to pick up a few things. By that time, we had been separated for months but the divorce was going to be finalized in a few more weeks and I wanted to take a few things out before it was too late. In hindsight, I was worried for nothing but at that time I entered the house with that thought.

After I walked in, I heard a sound from the bedroom. I went up, opened the door slightly and peeked inside. It was my lord and he was on top of a woman I had never met before. Catching him having sex was embarrassing enough but it was the woman who really caught my eye. Even from my angle, I could see that she was beautiful. She was a redhead with a face that can’t help but attracts attention, however I wasn't attracted to her beauty. What really caught my attention was that her hands were tied to the bedposts.

I was no fool and knew what bondage was, but I had never tried it and, to my knowledge, neither had my husband. Here he was doing it with another woman and I could tell he was really getting into it. He was pumping the woman with a ferocity that I had never experienced and I never thought he had in him. The women cried out and I heard one word that left me in no doubt about their relationship: “Master”.

I quickly looked away and ran out of the house. Once I got into my car, I could feel the dampness of my panties. I was ashamed to say that I had come just by looking into the room. I quickly drove back to the apartment I was staying at during the separation. Once inside, off came my panties and I used my hands on myself. Masturbation was always something I was embarrassed about but once I thought of my husband in the room with the redhead, it just came naturally.

The sound of falling water stopped and I knew Mistress had finished her shower. I knelt before the shower room and bowed my head to the ground. The door of the shower room opened and I heard the command to enter. I crawled in on my hands and knees.

On the wet floor of the shower room, I looked up at my superior. Even if I were ten years younger, I knew I would never be able to match my mistress in looks, beauty or intelligence. Whereas I was just an officer worker, Mistress was an up-and-coming junior designer at a fashion house. When you tell people Mistress works in the fashion industry, most people would automatically think she was a model. They have good reasons to think so. Mistress has luscious red locks that perfectly complement her striking looks, and a body that would not looked out of place on a supermodel. She also had an imperious nature that only our lord could crack.

Mistress threw her towel on my head, an unspoken order for me to stand. I stood up and began to wipe my mistress dry. As my hands went over her naked body, I could feel my arousal increasing. I tried to shut it down as best I could. We may be two naked women in a shower room, but tonight only one of us, the more deserving one of us, would have the privilege of our lord’s attention.

Mistress walked out into the bedroom and I followed. I helped the best I could but Mistress was my superior in dressing. She knew just how much makeup to put on and just how to match clothes to complement her looks and body. Even on the once a month date night I had with our lord, it was Mistress who picked out my clothes and did my makeup. I just try my best not to get in her way.

Once she was ready, she stood in front of the mirror and I was standing slightly behind her. Once again, the differences between us were clear. Even though I was buck naked but for a chastity belt, any man who walked in would without question be lusting over her. The red dress matched her hair perfectly and with the red blush and long eyelashes, mistress looked like she walked out of a fashion magazine. With my small tits, plain face and shapeless body, I felt ashamed to be standing in her presence.

I fell to my knees.

Mistress smiled at my action and I immediately felt my spirits lifted. Being on my knees was my rightful position in this house. We heard a car horning from the driveway. It was our lord and Mistress walked towards the door. I followed on my hands and knees.

Mistress put on a pair of high heels and I kissed both of them with my lips. Before she left, Mistress kindly told me to have a light dinner and to clean up the house. I bowed my head to the floor as she left and stayed in that position until I heard the car leaving the driveway. Then I stood up and began my cleaning.

Dinner and folding my clothes would have to wait. Mistress had given me an order and I need to clean every nook and cranny of the house before she returned with our lord. If Mistress found any dust or dirt anywhere, I would have failed in my duty as a slave wife and punishment would be given. My mistress favoured a cane on my small breasts.

With that in mind, I began my cleaning.

End of part 2

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