My Lord and My Mistress
by Ghost Writer

Part 1

At 6.45 AM exactly, I quietly walked into my former bedroom. The master bedroom had changed drastically since the last time I slept in here. My former bed and makeup table were gone, the curtain drapes had been changed, and in their place were tasteful replacements bought by my mistress. About the only thing in the room that’s still the same was the walk-in closet. My lord’s clothes still takes up one part of the closet, the other part of course no longer held my clothes but my mistress’.

I tiptoed to the bed where my lord and his mistress slept. Sleeping side by side, the two of them looked like a perfect couple and I felt a flutter in my heart. Careful not to wake them before I must, I went to the end of the bed and slowly crawled onto it.

As usual, my lord was sound asleep with the blanket covering his lower body. He wasn’t wearing a shirt and I would see his fit but not too muscular upper body. My body ached to be used by him but I knew that was no longer my place. My mistress, the woman currently sleeping beside him, was the only one who now has that privilege. However, even a slave has some uses.

Slowly I lifted the blanket from my lord. While he did not wear a shirt when he sleeps, like most men my husband does wear pants. I slowly pulled his pants down and see his limp cock. For some reason, my lord disliked wearing underwear when he sleeps. I tried for years to change his habit but it was something he would never do. Now he don’t have to because my mistress accepted him for who he is and had no desire to change him. One of the many reason she, and not me, was sleeping beside him. I pulled my lord’s pants down and began to work.

I started by licking my lord’s balls. Once I felt his cock stiffening, I focused my attention to it. Covering it with my mouth, I was grateful my husband’s cock wasn’t all that big. At best, it was just below average but it was still a cock and I now knew it was a symbol of his superiority to me. I stoked the member up and down with my mouth and felt a hand on my head. My eyes looked up towards my lord and I saw that he has awoken with a smile on his face.

He was pleased and that meant I was pleased. My heart burst with delight but I knew better than to stop. Quickly, my lord’s cock was full and I felt his hand pulling my hair. Occasionally my husband would come in my mouth and I would drink his seed but today was not one of those days. My husband got to his knees and pushed my face in front of his cock. He came with a flourish, spreading his seed on my face.

“Good morning Susan”

“Good morning My Lord,” I smiled. “Breakfast is ready and waiting.”

“Good work,” my lord said and got out of bed.

I bowed my head as he left. Once he left the bedroom, I greeted my mistress. She was already awake and was laying lazily on the bed. I crawled out the bed and on all fours, crawled to the side of the bed where she slept. I knelt with my knees apart, placed my hands on the floor and lowered my head to the floor.

“Good morning Mistress.”

“Good morning slave,” my mistress said. “You told our lord our breakfast are ready?”

“Yes Mistress.”

Mistress slowly sat up on the bed and placed her feet before me. “Head up, slave.”

I raised my head up but made sure my hands and knees were still on the floor. Mistress laughed at my cum-covered face. She used her hands and spread my lord’s cum all over my head. I closed my eyes while my mistress had her fun, then when I did not feel her hands anymore, I opened my eyes. My mistress’s hands were in front of me. I did not need to be given any order.

I started licking her hands. Using my tongue, I tasted my lord’s cum and shivered, unable to fully control my joy. Mistress withdrew her hands and stood. I immediately lowered my head to my superior’s feet, kissing them. I stayed on my knees as she left the room. Once I was sure she was out, I stood up and started to arrange the bed.

Once I was sure the bed was well-made, I walked out to the living room where the dinner table was. I could hear my lord and mistress in the bathroom laughing. They usually bathed together and mistress was giggling at something my lord was saying. I smiled. Mistress and I had an arrangement. It was my duty to serve, and her duty was to make our lord was happy. I was delighted that my mistress was doing her part of the deal. I knelt behind mistress’s chair at the dinner table and waited for the couple to come out. I did not have to wait long.

As usual, my lord came out first with mistress a few steps behind. When they reached the table, mistress pulled out the chair for our lord. Once he was sat, mistress then went to her chair. From my knees, I pulled the chair out for her. Once she sat and breakfast began, I quietly stood up and walked to the kitchen with my head bowed.

For my lord and mistress I had prepared fried noodles with eggs and hot coffee but for me, such luxuries were beyond my station. For myself, I had 2 pieces of bread with jam and a glass of water. I began to eat. Once the quick breakfast was out of the way, I did some light cleaning in the kitchen while waiting for my next order.

“Slave, clean this up.”

I ran back into the hall once I heard my mistress’s order. My lord and mistress were already walking to the bedroom. The dishes were still on the table and I started to bring them back to the kitchen sink. I just about managed to finish cleaning when I heard my mistress called again.

Running back into the hall, I saw my lord in his business suit sharing a kiss with his mistress. A spark of jealousy arose in me that I quickly crushed. I remained myself that I had no right to complain. Before my mistress came, kissing my lord goodbye was never something I did. No wonder I lost my husband to another woman.

I quietly walked towards the couple and knelt. The kiss over, my lord turned to me and smiled. “Goodbye Susan.” I quietly bowed my head to the floor in submission and obedience. I heard the door closed and my mistress giving a big yawn. “Time for us to go to work slave. Go get ready, don’t make me wait.”

My mistress said it with a laugh but I knew it was no laughing matter for me. I stayed on my knees with my head to the ground till I heard the bedroom door opened and closed. I stood up and ran to my room, which was right beside the master bedroom. Between the two rooms, a key hung on the wall and I took the key from its hook.

It was only 7.30 AM and once I entered my room, I quickly used the key to open my chastity belt. It was the only thing I was allowed to wear at home but with its thick metal bars, there was no way I could go to work wearing it. I then wore my work clothes, a dull ensemble of white shirt with gray skirt. I worked as a data entry clerk in a company and appearances wasn’t important. I forgo makeup years ago and tied my dark raven hair in a ponytail.

I was in and out of my room in five minutes and was glad to see that my mistress wasn’t out yet. The one time my mistress had to wait for me, I had a severe punishment that night. I waited by the door and knelt, patiently waiting for my mistress. I was no longer allowed to drive and depended on my mistress to drive me to and back from work.

I could still feel my lord’s cum over my face and I smiled. Glad that another day was beginning. Glad that I could now serve my lord and my mistress.

End of part 1

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