Male Alpha Party
by GhostWriter

Water Springs. A small town somewhere in the middle of Alberta. That's where his bitch of an editor told him to go, so off he went. What could attract a veteran reporter like Matthew Mansell to a small rural town like Water Springs, you ask?

Well, the answer is very simple. Water Springs is the only place in Canada where woman do not have the vote. It all began 18 months ago. There was an election for the town mayor. The incumbent was a shoo-in. He was so strong that no one wanted to stand against him, except for a man named Richard Evans.

Evans was an ex-hippie. You know, the serious kind who went traveling all over India, Nepal and China in the seventies. He formed a political party called the Male Alpha Party, M.A.P. for short. He proposed to go back to the old ways, where only men matter. That means no vote for woman, only men in senior positions, and that women are considered the property of their fathers, husbands, or sons. He offered a roadmap back to when only men mattered. A map back to the time where men are men and women are women. All puns intended! No one, including Evans, took his bid seriously. He was the joke candidate to the straight mayor. He just stood for election to give people a contest.

No one was laughing a week before the election, though. There was a fire in town which gutted 5 houses, and it turned out that the houses were built without proper safety features. Then it was discovered that six months before the fire the builder paid off the mayor to look the other way. The resulting scandal destroyed the mayor’s chances for re-election. Which is probably a good thing as the ex-mayor is currently serving time for corruption. So, the joke candidate became the mayor.

Everything was fine at first. Evans didn’t do anything stupid. Then nine months into his term, a guy half-jokingly asked him when he’s going to take the vote from the women. Evans said that it was important to keep his word. He then set a date for a vote on the issue, fully expecting it to fail. To the amazement of all, the bill passed and the women found themselves without the vote. That’s when the provincial government got involved. They demanded that the town get rid of the law. Evans offered to hold the vote again but the provincial government stupidly refused. Instead, they demanded that the law be struck off immediately. This got the town in an uproar. It was their vote and even if it wasn’t the result they expected, it was their choice. The town found strange support from outside. Everyone agreed that another vote was the best solution. Under pressure, the provincial government finally relented. Another vote was held and in this time the bill passed in a landslide. It was the town people giving the finger to big government. Even the women voted for the bill and the provincial government washed their hands on the matter.

A year has gone by and now Matthew Mansell is on his way to write a dirty rotten story on the town; about the oppression of women right here in liberal Canada. The kind of story that’s sure to sell a lot of newspapers. As he rolled into town Mansell was surprised by the size of Water Springs. It was bigger than what his editor told him and seemed to be a pretty normal place. But that was nothing compared to his shock when he was told that the motel was full.

“You’re full! You got to be kidding!”

“No. Sorry Mr. Mansell, we're packed. Lots of tourists you know, and only two motels in the whole town.” Terry Bogart, the son of the motel owner, was manning the desk and he delivered the impossible news. For a town like Water Springs to have a full motel was practically unheard of.

“Wait, you said there are two motels in town?”

“Yes, the other one is across town. But it’s more popular than ours so your chances are even worse there.”

“You have nothing?”

“Well…a couple is to leave today. But it’s only 9 am; they don’t have to book out till 11. If you don’t mind the wait…”

“Sure, I’ll wait.” Matt grimly agreed. “Did you say the town has a lot of visitors?”

“Sure do. Ever since the bill passed the tourists hasn’t stopped coming,” Terry happily agreed. “Evans' done a hell of a job so far. Passing the law was the best thing to happen to this town.”

“Why?” No need to ask which law Terry was talking about.

“Everyone wants to see the town. Before, people just stayed on the freeway, but since the bill passed everyone stops by to see Water Springs. It’s like they are obliged to see the only place where woman don’t have the vote. The law put Water Springs on the map.”

No question there. Matt never even heard of the town before the bill. “But some would say that it’s on the map for the wrong reasons, Terry. You don’t mind me calling you Terry, right?”

“Not a problem Mr. Mansell.”

“Please, call me Matt.”

“Okay. But would we be having this conversation right now if not for the bill? I mean, that’s why you’re here, right? As long as people stop in town and spend money…I don’t care why they stop by.”

“Oh…I guess that make sense. The bill is good for business I guess.”

“The fucking best. Before, we’d be lucky to have this place half-full. Now, I actually have to turn people away.”

“What do the women think of this?”

“There’s money to be made by all. Most of them are happy as hell the town is booming.”

Matt heard an opening. “Most, but not all. Who would you say is unhappy?”

“Hell if I know. But there must be some though. Tell you what, there’s still about 2 hours till 11, why don’t you go to Harry’s across the road? Have some breakfast, they make a mean pancake.”

“That sounds like a great idea. Thanks.”

“Not a problem.”

Matt walked out of the lobby and across the street. He was vaguely troubled by his talk with Terry. That the bill had turned the town into some sort of tourist attraction was something he had not counted on. Still, with such a law there shouldn’t be too much of a problem finding someone who was unhappy. With that thought Matt entered Harry’s Diner.

Elsewhere in town, Richard Evans was less than happy when the phone rang. He was in the middle of something, but he was the mayor and duty comes first, so he picked up he phone. “Evans here. Who is this?"

“Mr. Evans, this is Terry, at the motel. Some guy just came in and asked a truckload of questions. Might be some sort of reporter.”

“Another one? Where’s he now?”

“I sent him over to Harry’s. But he plans on staying for 3-4 days and he asked about who was unhappy about the law.”

“Terry, you leave that to me. Harry’s, huh? Get your father and both of you keep an eye on him. I’ll send John over there. Good work, Terry.”

“Thanks Mr. Evans. I’ll call my father now.”

Richard Evans wasn’t too worried as he put down the phone. Reporters are always troublesome, but young Terry was smart, and with his father beside him the reporter would have to be pretty damn good to find out anything. And if he is that good, well, that’s what John is for. With duty over, Evans turned back to pleasure. The woman kneeling in front of him had a name, a name known to everyone in town. Evans knew her by a different name. “Shitface, I have a job for you.” Shitface smiled.

Harry’s Diner

Terry was right. The diner serves good pancakes. However, Matt was a born reporter and far more interested in information. The diner wasn’t full but there was a good crowd considering the time. All men and there’s not a single waitress visible. You want something; you go to the counter and order from the owner. The man Matt is digging information from is called Mike Jenkins. Mike is the son of Harry. Took over the diner when his old man died. Like Terry, he wasn’t shy about his support for the bill.

“All I need to do is to look at my profit. It's practically tripled since the bill was passed.”

“I can understand your view from an economics standpoint, but what about the morality of the issue? Taking the vote from women? What about your daughter, don’t you think she deserves the vote when she’s older?”

“The women voted for it as well. And most don’t regret their decision.”

“You sure? What about your waitresses, you don’t think they want the vote?”

Matt didn’t know what to expect but Mike’s laughter wasn’t it. “Considering that I had to raise their pay twice in the last year, I don’t think you will find them complaining.”

“Really? Business is that good?”

“Oh yes sir it is. All the tourists need to eat somewhere right? And we have a lot of tourists these days.” A customer walked in. Mike saw the man and greeted him. Then he turned back to Matt.

“By the way, what are you?”


“Reporter, activist or tourist? That’s all we have since the bill passed.”

“Reporter. Why?”

“The way you spoke, I thought you were some sort of feminist activist or something. Those people are nothing but trouble.”

“The town is having some problems with feminist?” This was unexpected, though Matt wasn’t that surprised. The bill must have been a lighting rod for the feminists’ movement.

“Yup. You want to see people unhappy about the law, look for them. Come into town, set up picket lines all over the place. They held three rallies in front of Evans’ house already.”

“Any arrests?”

“Can’t do that without bad publicity. That’s what those guys want anyway. Publicity.”

“Really? Where can I find them?” A strange idea of a story began to form in Matt’s mind.

“At Spring’s Motel across town. Call Danny, he’ll tell you which room they’re in.”

“Danny is the owner of the motel?”

“Yup, he can’t stand those guys either.”


“His whole family voted for the bill. Those activists have been trying to ‘convert’ them over since the moment they found out. Driving him nuts.”

With that, Matt said thanks, paid the bill, and went back to the motel. The case had suddenly become interesting on another level. The town people are happy about the law but not outsiders. The story might have just changed in the first two hours he had been in town. Now that’s the mark of a good story. Still, he needed to do some more digging. He looked back at the diner and saw Mike talking to the man who just walked in. Like in most small towns, it looked like everyone knows everyone here. Without paying any more attention, Matt continued walking to the motel.

Inside Harry’s Diner

“How did it go?” Mike looked at John as he asked the question.

“Beautiful. You did the right thing steering him to those activists.”

“Will it work?”

“Sure, the man is here for a story. Can’t leave without one, so let’s give him one.”

“But I doubt this was the story he was coming for.”

“So? It’s a good story and we need a way to get rid of those assholes. Like you told him, those activists are driving the town nuts.”

“That bad huh?”

“Richard can handle them, but when they go poking their noses at the townsfolk…something is bound to happen sooner or later, right?”

A man further down the diner called out, “Hey John! Some service here.”

“Hold your horses man, didn’t Sarah cook you something today?”

“She’s too tired from the fucking I gave her last night, so I have to eat your useless shit.”

The whole diner laughed. The men of Water Springs have a lot to be thankful for, and no nosey reporter or busybody activist is going to get in their way.

* * *

She was the town lawyer, the highest paid woman in town, and seemingly the one with the most to lose if Richard Evans continued to be mayor. So it was with some surprise to Matthew Mansell that Zoe Cusack was actually defending the man who should be her natural enemy.

“Ms. Cusack, I’m sorry, but are you actually defending Richard Evans?”

“Defending is too strong a word, Mr. Mansell. I’m merely saying that people in Canada have made Richard Evans out to be some sort of monster. I have spoken to him on many occasions and I can assure you that he is no such thing. He is just a man who thought it was his civic duty to give people a choice. It wasn’t his fault the old mayor was corrupt.”

“But to do what he did! Taking the vote away from women. From YOU! Are you not angry with him?”

“The only people I’m angry with are those morons in the provincial government. If they hadn’t got involved, the bill would never have passed the second time.”

“They were only trying to help. Trying to kill the bill.”

“They were nothing but glory hounds. Evans offered them a re-vote. If they had agreed at first, we would have defeated it easily. Instead they rejected the offer and that made the people angry. And that’s why we lost.”

“But the vote was due to Evans. If he wasn’t there, there would be no vote.”

“Richard Evans put the matter to a vote. It was the people who voted it into law. That’s democracy at work.”

“The vote causes half the people in town to be without a voice. Tell me Ms. Cusack, why aren’t you as a smart intelligent woman angry with Richard Evans?”

Cusack stayed silent for a moment, then said, “I have to give credit where credit is due, Mr. Mansell. Since Richard Evans came into office, Water Springs is booming. Business is good, jobs are easy to find and even the population has increased. The first time that happened in about eight years. I hate to say it, but the man is doing a good job.”

“The population has increased?” No wonder the town was bigger than he was told. But there’s something not right about that. “Wouldn’t the population decreased because of the bill? I mean surely the women who can go will leave.”

“Some did, but they came back when the money came running in. With money came jobs; with jobs came even more people. You’re not going to find too many townspeople against Evans, Mr. Mansell.”

“So…you are okay without the vote?”

“So far, it hasn’t hurt me yet. My practice is booming as well”

“What about his other ideas? Only men for senior positions and that women are considered property. Since women no longer have the vote, those bills might just pass.”

“That is true. But Evans hasn’t done anything on those ideas yet. And they will probably stay exactly right where they are now; just ideas.”

“You’re willing to take the chance.”

“Considering that I don’t have any vote, I don’t really have a choice in the matter.”

A few minutes later, Mansell left the office. Zoe immediately picked up the phone and dialed HIS number.

“Evans here. Who is this?”

“Master, the reporter has just left. I did everything as you commanded.”

“Any problems?”

“No master, he seems unaware of the town’s situation. You do not have to worry.”

“You are a woman!” Her master sounded angry. “Anything you women are involved in always cause problems.”

Zoe realized her mistake. “Yes master, I’m a stupid worthless woman. I forgot my place; please punish me for my forgetfulness.”

“Get your ass over here, Shitface.”

“Shitface hears and obeys, master.”

Matt was not happy. How the hell was he to write a nasty story on the town when everyone was so happy about everything? Zoe Cusack was no help. When he found out from Terry that the town lawyer was a woman, he felt sure he could get some dirt from her. Instead, she ended up defending the very system she should be tearing down. Matt looked at the time. 5.30pm. In a town like this, everyone would be at home. Matt decided that it was enough for a day, time to head back to the motel.

Later that night

“He’s working where?”

“Yup, the fucking Maple Post.” John Clinton was not happy as he delivered the news. “Matthew Mansell isn’t just some two-bit reporter from some local newspaper; the fucker is working for the ‘Maple Post’. It’s national!”

Richard Evans felt a headache coming on as he digested the news. Just what he needed; trouble with a capital T. National trouble with a capital T!

“Shit man, that’s bad.” Rex Harper, the town’s sheriff, always had a way with understatement.

“Ok, nothing we can do about Mansell then.” Evans said. “Rex, keep an eye out for trouble in the town. I don’t want any reports of big trouble while Mansell is in town.” Evans waited for Rex’s nod before continuing, “John, keep watching Mansell. Make sure he doesn’t see anything we don’t want him to see.” John gave a grim nod at that. Evans then turned to the last man in the room, Eddie Blackmore, the owner of the town’s only newspaper. “Ed, go around town and tell everyone in the group to lay off the womenfolk till the reporter leaves town.”

“The men won’t like that, Richard. You gave them power over their women, they won’t just leave it due to some outside reporter.”

Ed doesn’t say much but when he talks, he is usually right. Unfortunately, in this case they don’t really have a choice in the matter.

“I don’t care,” Evans replied. “We can’t afford national trouble at this point. Ask them how it will look if Mansell see the womenfolk all carrying black eyes, or what will be said if he reports that all the teachers in the town’s high school are men and that they…SHIT!”

Evans looked at John who immediately knew what he had to do. “Don’t worry; I’ll keep the man away from the school.”

“And the camp too. No telling what will happen if he stumbles onto that.”

“Don’t worry about that, Richard. I’ll put some extra men on the road.” Rex said.

“Make sure they are men you trust, Rex.”

“No problem, all but two of my men are members and the camp is outside the town with only a dirt track there. They’ll stop anyone who tries to get up there.” Rex said confidently.

“Sir, may this slave make a suggestion?” Evans had almost forgotten that his slave was in the room. Zoe ‘Shitface’ Cusack was kneeling in a corner where she was to be as invisible as possible, or at least that was the idea.

“Did anyone asked for your opinion Shitface!” Evans shouted.

Shitface fell face-first to the ground. “Forgive this useless slave, master. But this woman suggests that we use the reporter to our advantage.”

That got the men’s attention. The four men looked at each other for a moment, and then Evans replied, “You will be punished for speaking out of turn…later. What is your useless suggestion?”

The next morning

Spring’s Motel was without doubt a bigger motel than Bogart’s Motel, and like Terry said, it was more popular. One look at it and Matt knew that it was full. The feminist movement activists were all staying there, which struck Matt as kind of ironic if the owner, Danny Crawford, really can’t stand the lot of them.

“I’m sorry Mr. Crawford. From where I’m sitting, it looks like the feminist movement seems to be making you a rich man.”

“Who don’t like money? You know if they want to protest, rise up some signs against Evans…I have nooo problem with that, but these folks are insane, I tell you!”

“Why you say that, Mr. Crawford?”

“For one they are destroying property! They…”

“Destroying property! Where?”

“At Evan’s place. There was a big sign congratulating him on winning the mayorship…old town tradition, you know. Those feminists spray-painted ‘Fucking Retard’ over the sign and…”

“A little vandalism is hardly destroying property, Mr. Crawford.”

“I’m getting to that! Rex, the sheriff, gave them a warning and replaced the sign. Next thing you know the sign got tore down.”

That shocked Matt. No one in town had said anything about it. “They tore it down?”

“Yeah. Looked like a truck ran over it or something.”

“Any arrests?”

”No proof, no witnesses, but no one else in town would have done it. Those…” Danny’s rant was cut short when Maggie Crawford came in the room. One look at the pot she carried and Matt knew why. Seems that he was about to witness some small town hospitality.

“Some coffee, Mr. Mansell?” Maggie smiled as she asked.

“No thanks. Uh…Mr. Crawford, you mind if I asked your wife a few questions?”

“No problem. I’ll be right outside if…” Danny was halfway up from his seat when he was stopped by his wife’s hand.

“No need for that, Dan. Mr. Mansell can ask his questions to us together.”

“Not a problem Mrs. Crawford.” Matt waited for Maggie to take a seat before asking. “What are your views about losing the vote?”

“Don’t have one. Richard is doing a good job overall…can’t really complain you know. As long as he’s doing a good job…bringing in money, making the town boom…he’s better than our old mayor, that’s for sure!”

“Don’t you feel any loss? Losing the vote is a big thing, you know. Most people in Canada…in the world, were screaming in disbelief when it happened.”

“I and the rest of the women in town don’t mind. I rather, you know…the world mind their own business. Instead of coming into town and…you know, disturbing the people living here.”

“Those people are bringing in a lot of money.”

“Sure. I have no problems with the tourists…you know, the one who just come into town, sightsee a little, and then leave. It’s the ones that hold protest marches, set picket lines, destroy property…you know, I can do without those.”

Matt smiled at that, “You mean the mayor's sign, Mrs. Crawford?”

“Among others”

“What others?” This was getting more interesting by the minute for Matt.

“Someone threw rocks at Richard Evan’s windows and…”

“Maggie,” Danny’s voice held a warning. “Let’s not talk bad about our guests now.” Matt was surprised at this, just five minutes ago Danny was just laying it on for him.

“Mr. Mansell, if you want dirt on Evans, you are not going to get it from the townsfolk. You should go talk to those activists upstairs.” Danny’s voice was again polite and smooth.

“I will.” Matt got up from his seat. “Thanks for the time, folks.”

Danny took Matt’s hand and gave it a firm shake. “No problem.”

With that, Matt left the room and headed upstairs. The Crawfords were seemingly a normal couple, both had to be in their fifties, but there were some things that just weren’t right about them. Still, they weren’t the story. Evans is…or at least he was. The activists might be an even better one! With that thought, Matthew Mansell headed up to see the local leader.


“You did well, cunt”

“Thank you, master. But master, may this old cunt asked why you stopped me just now?”

“Because you talk too much. You were to get him interested, not give him the full story. That’ll just make him suspicious. Stupid old cunt”

“This cunt is sorry, master. Please punish this old cunt for her errors.”

“Later. Now get your ass out there and do the housekeeping.”

“Yes master. Old Cunt understands. Old Cunt obeys.”

Maggie ‘Old Cunt’ Crawford stepped into the lobby of the motel. When her master first joined the M.A.P, she wasn’t that sure it was such a good idea. Then he sent her to the M.A.P camp outside of town. A month there and Old Cunt knew 3 things:

1. All men are born masters

2. All women are born slaves

3. And the world is going to change

With a smile on her face, Old Cunt went about her duties.

That night

Matt hated it when the story got away from him. However, he loved it when a better one just shows up on his doorsteps. After the talk with the Crawfords, Matt met with the feminists. At first, they weren’t that interested in talking, but then Matt informed them he was writing for the Maple Post…that opened doors real fast. Like Zoe Cusack said, glory hounds!

The local leader was a Jean Butterworth. She started out confidently, answering questions in a quick fire manner. Matt started off with the expected questions; how Richard Evans’ win will affect Canada; what are the views of the feminists’ movement on his win; the normal questions. Then Matt got serious! Jean had no answers when he asked about the destruction of the mayor sign, or the broken windows. She claimed that none of her people did those things, and that Evans’ might be trying to frame them for those deeds. Of course, she had no evidence and none of her people were in jail. In fact, none of her people had even spent a single night in the local jail. Ms. Butterworth admitted that the local police had been exceedingly fair thus far. But once Matt got on those lines of questioning, the interview was cut short.

You don’t stay in this business for 15 years without developing some instincts, and Matt’s instincts were screaming ‘Fucking Good Story’ in big bold letters. Hell, even that bitch editor of his agreed. The town against the outsiders! Now that’s a headline that will sell a lot of newspapers. His cellphone rang at that point.


“Is this Matthew Mansell?”

The voice on the line sounded very familiar to Matt. Then it hit him, it’s Ed Blackmore! “Yes, Matt here. Mr. Blackmore, is it?”

“Yes. I have some good news, Matt. I spoke to Richard just now; he’s very willing to give you that interview you want.”

“Really? That’s fast.”

“Yeah, when I told him you came to see me, he agreed immediately.”

“Really? Uh…why?”

“Well, don’t tell him I said this, but I think he’s kind of hoping that you'll give him a fair shake.”


“Yeah, you know how many reports Water Springs has had so far? I can tell you that most of those hacks never been in town, they just write those ‘NEWS’ in their plush office in Toronto or somewhere. Most of the guys who came to town write pieces which are more…favorable to the town.”

“Yes, I can see why. Looks like a perfectly normal small town.”

“Not the pits of hell is it?”

“Ha, ha…no.”

“10 in the morning, his place…you know where that is?”

“Hey, I’m a reporter, remember? I’ll get there. Thanks Ed.”

“No problem”

The line went dead. Matt had been to the local newspaper before going over to Spring’s Motel. He wanted to know about the problems the locals were having with the activists. Ed Blackmore was more than willing to help someone from the Maple Post. Seems that there were a lot of ‘incidents’ involving the feminists, nothing had been proven but a lot of suspicions. Matt smiled. Oh, he just loved the smell of a good story.

Somewhere in town

“Evans here”

“Richard? Ed here, I just got off the phone with Mansell. The meet is set. Tomorrow, 10 a.m. at your place.”

“Ok Ed, good job. Rex is ready. Your guy?”

“I'm sending Jake over”

“Jake? He’s not a member of M.A.P.”

“No, but he is my best. Don’t worry, he will get the shot.”

Richard Evans was quiet for a moment before answering, “Ok Ed. You know your guys best. I’m counting on you.”

“Don’t worry. Jake’s the best. You go and get some sleep, tomorrow is a big day.”

”No problem, you too”



Richard Evans put down the phone and briefly wondered what Ed would think if he knew that Evans had no intentions of sleeping tonight. Probably nothing good! Evans grinned as he slowly walked to his bedroom.

Evans smiled as he entered the room. Spread-eagled on the bed was his naked slave, Zoe ‘Shitface’ Cusack. Her wrists and ankles were tied to the bedposts with tight nylon ropes and a red ball gag was in her mouth. Evans felt a hard-on just looking at her.

“The plan is set Shitface.” Evans said. Shitface looked at Evans and nodded her head. There was no need to tell her anything but since she was the one who came up with the plan, Evans felt that she should know how it was going.

“It was a good plan!” Evans said causally. “But you did speak without permission yesterday.” Evans let his words sink in. “What do you think I should do about that, slave?”

The answer was immediate. Shitface lifted her back and showed Evans her raised pussy. Evans asked coyly, “You want me to fuck you? Give you pleasure for speaking out of turn?” Shitface shook her head violently at the thought. Evans made a show of thinking about it, “I know! You want me to beat your pussy senseless! Is that right Shitface?” Shitface nodded her head. “Ok…if that is what you really want.”

With that, Evans lifted the belt on the floor. Without hesitation he hit her pussy with it. Shitface screamed in her gag. Evans waited and Shitface lifted her pussy again. Another stroke hit her right on the pussy. Shitface screamed again. Evans waited again and Shitface lifted her pussy for the third time. Another stroke! On his travels, Evans learned that the best way to control women was to make them want it. Make the woman want to give up control and you would have won half the battle. However that required patience. So Evans was patient. He waited for Shitface to lift her pussy everytime…and then gave her the best shot he had. On the twentieth stroke, he had enough. Shitface lift her pussy again but Evans slowly walked over to her. He took out her ball gag and looked in her eyes.

“What do you say slave?”

“Thank you master for punishing this slave”

“Your plan is a good one. Do you feel that you deserve the punishment?”

“Yes master. I was a slave who spoke out of turn and without permission. That the plan was a good one does not matter master.”


“Because Shitface is a slave. All my thoughts, my ideas, my body, my pussy belonged to you master. The plan was my thought and my thoughts belong to you master. So the plan wasn’t mine master…it was yours.” Evans kept quiet and waited for his slave to continue. “This slave deserved to be punished because she spoke without permission. Please master, hit this slave again. Punish this slave for her mistakes and train her not to repeat them again. Please master, please.”

Tears pooled in his slave’s eyes as she begged for the punishment. Gods, she was well-trained. All the extra time Evans spent on her at the camp was paying off. Without another word, Evans put the ball gag back in her mouth and then walked to the foot of the bed. He looked at Shitface's still raised pussy. WHACK!

A week later

Evans sat down on the sofa with a smile on the face. Of course, it’s hard not to smile while a slave was sucking your cock while you were reading the morning papers. He looked at the men sitting in front of him. All of them had a slave on their cocks and a smile on their face. Richard Evans thanked them on a job well done.

“Another day, another article on the ‘riot’ at Water Springs.” Evans said jovially as he put down the papers.

“Worked better than anything we had planned, that’s for sure.” John replied.

“You can thank Danny Crawford for that.” Rex said.

Again, it was an understatement from the town’s sheriff. Seven days ago, Evans met with Matthew Mansell for the interview as expected. Evans also made sure that the feminists knew about the interview. They were out at full force on the morning. Matthew Mansell had to fight his way past the big picket line right in front of his house. Unknown to them, Danny had added a little extra something in their breakfast drinks. Mansell had trouble getting through the rowdy crowd and Evans ‘gallantly’ came out of the house to help him. A shouting match soon started between him and the activists. Before anyone knew anything, an activist (and a female activist at that) threw a punch that caught Evans totally by surprise. He fell onto the ground and Rex and his men went up to arrest the woman. A mini-riot, with Mansell right there to report everything. If that wasn’t enough, Jake (the photographer Ed sent over to cover the event) had great shots of Evans on the ground; Rex and his men tussling with the activists and even a shot of a punch being thrown at one of Rex’s officers. Mansell had the scoop of his career and the next day, the Maple Post had “Mayor attacked by crazed feminists” as its front-page headline. The Maple Post flew off the shelves and other papers picked up the story. For the past six days all the major papers had pushed stories of over-zealous feminists and the various crimes they had committed in their quest for ‘justice’. It was bloody brilliant.

“Actually, we should thank Shitface here for coming up with the plan in the first place.” Evans patted the slave on the head as he said this. Shitface looked up at her master with joy in her eyes but never stopped sucking his cock. A well-trained slave. “Her and that reporter Mansell.” Evans added.

“Mansell should thank us for saving his career.” Ed said.

“Really? Why?” Evans asked.

“I made a few enquires. Seems that a lot of people considered Mathew Mansell a burnout. This story he broke saved his career. Now they have him on a series of stories on the feminist movement.”

“No matter what, those feminists are gone from the town. Do we proceed?” John looked at Evans as he asked.

There was no doubt in Evans’ mind. “Yes, we proceed with the plan. Who’s next?”

John smiled and said, “That would be young Terry Bogart.”

Two days later

Terry sat silently in the truck. His dad had refused to say anything to him, only that he wanted Terry to take a ride with him. As the truck went out of town, Terry thought that it was a camping trip. You know, the final one before school restarted. However as the truck went up the mountain, Terry knew he was wrong. There was no camp site up here. In fact, there should be nothing up here. Then they passed two officers from the sheriff's department on the dirt road and Terry knew he was wrong there too. He was about to asked his dad again when he saw the gate across the road and the high fence stretching to either side of it.

Three officers with guns were there at the gate but it was what was beyond the gate that got Terry’s interest. Past the gate was a camp, a big one. There shouldn’t be a camp up here. His dad stopped at the gate and greeted the officer. They knew each other. The gate was opened and the officer waved his dad through. Once inside the camp, Terry’s jaw dropped.

A coffle of girls, chained neck to neck, were doing jumping-jacks in front of a male officer carrying a baton... and the girls were totally naked. Terry could see their tits bouncing up and down and he could even see the sweat on their shaved pussys. Terry took a closer look. One of the naked girls was Kate Harper, a member of the cheerleading squad. She was also the daughter of the town’s sheriff. What the hell! Terry closed his eyes and shook his head. No, the image is still there. He’s not dreaming!

Terry looked at his dad with his mouth wide opened. His dad had a smile on his face but he said nothing and drove on. Terry then noticed another squad doing exercises. This squad were all boys and all dressed. They were doing some sort of martial arts exercise, but there was something wrong with the picture. Then it hit him. They were guys he knew from the town’s high school. There was Pete, the basketball star; Rick, the drama club’s unofficial leader; Derrick, the geek who was the president of the science club; Joe, the school’s most infamous misfit. What are these guys doing here all together?

The truck stopped. His dad got out and signaled Terry to follow. Terry got out of the truck and a woman approached them. She was dressed and looked very familiar. Of course! The lawyer! Terry was trying to remember her name when his dad spoke.

“Is your master inside, Shitface?”

“Yes sir. Master has been waiting for you and your son in the office. Please follow me.” With that, Shitface turned around and lead them into the small building.

“Uh, dad?” His dad looked at Terry with a smile. “Did you call that woman a shitface?”

His dad patted Terry on the back. “Come on Terry. Follow me, you will not regret this.”


Terry was in shock. He couldn’t believe it, but his dad and the mayor had just offered him a deal no heterosexual man could possibly refuse. There had to be a catch!

“Mayor Evans, you want me to join the M.A.P?”


“And in return, you will give me a girl of my choice and make her my…slave?” Terry looked at the kneeling Zoe Cusack.

Evans noticed the look Terry gave the slave. “Shitface, give young Terry here a blowjob.”

Shitface immediately crawled over to Terry before Terry could even say a word. Once Terry felt his cock in the slave’s mouth, all thoughts flew from his mind. A teenager receiving a blow from a lawyer. Terry looked at the mayor who just smiled back at him.

“There are certain advantages in being a member.” The mayor said.

“Why me? I mean you have all those guys out there. Why do you want me to be a member?”

“You saw those guys Terry. Tell me, what did you notice about them?”

Terry thought about it for a moment (not easy considering the circumstances). Those guys have but one thing in common. “They are all leaders!” he exclaimed. “They are all leaders of their cliques in school.”

“That’s right boy. The M.A.P is going to change the school system in the coming year but to make sure it’s going to be a success, we are going to need leaders in place that agreed with our…thinking.”

“But I’m no leader. Hell, I don’t even belong to any cliques.”

“Oh but you do, Terry. In every school, there will always be a bunch of guys who do not fit in. Loners, if you will. According to Ron Guinn, you know all of them and you are very well-liked for a loner.”

“Principle Ron?”

“Yes, Ron is member of M.A.P. too.”

At that moment, Terry suddenly felt the pressure. It was like a tidal wave that crashed and swept all before it. He couldn’t hold it and cummed. Shitface swallowed every drop of his seed and then smiled as she started to lick his cock clean. Terry looked at the mayor in embarrassment.

“Don’t worry,” Evans assured him. “With practice, you will be able to hold it much longer.”

His dad joined in now. “So what do you think, Terry? You in?”

Terry looked at his dad and the mayor. “Are you kidding me? What do I have to do?”

A few weeks later

Terry sat down in class and waited for the teacher. It was the first day of school and the shit was about to hit the fan. Terry couldn’t wait for it to happen.

He didn’t have to wait long. Mr. Baker walked into the class carrying a big pile of books. The class quieted down.

“Hello everyone. Nice to see you all again. As all of you know, there are some changes for the coming year. First off, there will be a buddy system. All of you will be partner up with another classmate. A boy with a girl. That partner will be your buddy for the rest of the year. However, as there are more girls than boys in school, some of you lucky bastards will have two girls as your buddies instead of one.”

Giggles and soft laughter came from the class. Mr. Baker ignored them and continued, “Most of you will also recall that there was riot in town recently, a riot caused by out of control feminists.” There was no laughter at that. “The buddy system will help ensure that discipline is maintained, and the guy will be in charge. That means that the girl will do whatever the male buddy says.” The girls in class looked on in horror; a few of them looked ready to explode. Mr. Baker continued, “However, because they are in charge, this also means that if the girl gets into trouble, like say she got detention, the male will also share in the punishment.”

The guys exploded, “Unfair”; “That’s ridiculous”; “Are you nuts?” were just some of the shouts.

Mr. Baker waited for the shouts to calm down before continuing, “Like I said earlier, the guy is in charge. You will, in short, be helping the school look after the discipline of the female students. As such, if the male student fails in his duty, he must accept the punishment.”

“What if she breaks the rules while I’m not around? How can I be responsible for that?” someone shouted.

“You guys will not leave the girl alone while you are in school. In fact, anyone of the school staff could at any time asked any one of you where your partner is; if you are unable to give a good answer, then both of you will get detention.”

That was the opening for Terry to ask his planted question, “What if I want to go east and the girl wants to go west? How can I stop her?”

Mr. Baker followed the script and answered, “That is up to the boy. Like I said, the guy is in charge.”

“So what? As if I can slap her around if she refused to listen?” Terry said with a laugh.

“Like I said before, ‘that is up to the boy’.” A stunned silence followed Mr. Baker’s words. The M.A.P weren’t stupid. They knew that at least some of the girls would object. To show them what could happen if they did the party had planted a trained girl in every class to serve as an example. In this class it was Mary-Jean Wolf.

Mary-Jean stood up and screamed, “That’s bullshit! You can’t do that and the school can’t either. I will have my dad bring you up on charges if you do!” Mary-Jean was putting up a convincing performance.

“Sit down, Wolf.” Mr. Baker said.

“What if I don’t? Are you going to hit me?”

“No, but if you continue like this you will get into trouble and so will your buddy who is…Terry Bogart.” Mr. Baker said as he pretended to look at his files.

That was Terry's cue. “What? I didn’t know she's my partner!” he shouted.

“Now you do.”

“So what?” Mary-Jean said. “You are crazy if you think I will take orders from this idiot. You and the rest of the stupid school board!”

“Report for detention today, Wolf.” Mr. Baker then turned to Terry. “You will join her there.”

“What?” Terry stood up as he shouted.

Mary-Jean wasn’t finished. “You can’t do this! I…”

“Shut up bitch!” Terry shouted at Mary-Jean. You could hear a pin drop in the silence that followed.

Mary-Jean looked at Terry in shock. Terry looked at her and couldn’t help but think what a good actress she was. Finally, Mary-Jean looked to Mr. Baker and said in a shaky voice, “He…he just call me a bitch. You can’t…”

“And you deserved it.” Mr. Baker said. You can hear the collective intake of air from the class. “You will be in detention today Wolf, and due to your action, so will your buddy. If I were him, I too would call you a bitch.”

With that statement, the wind was taken out of the sails for the rest of the girls. Terry looked at Mary-Jean and they shared a secret smile together. It would take a while but everyone could feel it already. Some things were about to change.

The next day

Richard Evans, Rex Harper, John Clinton and Eddie Blackmore sat and shared a celebratory drink in Evans’ office. The first day of school has passed and so far everything had gone as well as expected. Some parents had complained, of course but nothing too serious. Most are willing to give the new ‘system’ a shot. As time went by, the men knew that the boys would grow into their new roles (and some of the girls too). Soon it will be too entrenched for anyone to change it.

Evans had also taken court action against the various feminist groups that were involved in the riot. Shitface was his lawyer in the case. With the publicity right now, the chances of him losing was between slim to none. Evans and Shitface would clean them out for millions. This would hurt those feminist groups and Evans would channel those millions into the M.A.P. Already there were men from other towns and cities asking for membership. The M.A.P would be more than a local party. Evans planned to make it a party that will have a presence in every city and province in Canada. The men smiled. Yes, they can feel it in the air. Some things are about to change.

The End