Loving a Burqa
by Ghost Writer

It was very late but I walked into the apartment with a spring in my step. Why not? I just had a great day. My college professor had just gave me my best grades thus far and hopefully this means that I am finally getting the hang of college life.

The apartment looked empty, which was kind of strange as I expected Lisa to be back already. Lisa Andrews is my roommate. A 5’7 blond hair, blue eyes former high school cheerleader, we hooked up during our first year and got on great. So when the year was over, we decided to rent an apartment together. We had a lot in common. Both of us were an only child who lost her parents young. Lisa’s parents were killed in a car accident when she was 14, while mine died in a boating accident when I was 10. However, money was no problem as our parents left us with big trust funds.

I was walking to my room when I heard a cry coming from Lisa’s room. Curious, I went up and slowly pushed open the door. Both rooms had faulty locks, but it wasn’t a big deal for us as Lisa and I were so close. I peeked inside and saw Rahmet. He was Lisa’s new boyfriend from class. A Pakistani exchange student about 5’3, he was sexy in a dark, handsome brooding kind of way. And right now he is pounding away at someone in a burqa! He was having sex on Lisa’s bed with a woman in a burqa! I was about to enter the room when I heard the woman moaned. Oh my God, it was Lisa! She was in the burqa.

The huge garment covered Lisa totally. I couldn’t see her face at all in the blue burqa. I was mesmerized as Rahmet entered the hooded Lisa without mercy. He sure wasn’t holding anything back as it looked like his cock was trying to spilt Lisa into two. The burqa was pushed up to Lisa's waist. It was a sight to behold as the all-enveloping tent-like garment had Lisa totally covered up top but she was totally naked below the waist. I felt my panties getting wet just looking at them! Then, Lisa cried out. It’s a good thing the walls in the building were thick, in the dorm everyone would have heard that.

Tearing my eyes from the scene, I quickly ran into my room. Once there, I couldn’t help myself. I took off my panties, jumped into bed and fingered myself. In my mind I thought of myself in Lisa’s body, in that tent-like garment. Being taken while wearing the burqa, being forced to wear the burqa like the women in Afghanistan, having the burqa covered every part of my body that you can look at me but not see me at all. I came then… and it was the best I ever had. As I drifted off to sleep I thought of the lovely burqa and how wonderful it would be to be in one.

I woke up late the next morning. What can I say, I’m a college student! I dressed quickly and stepped into the living room, reminding myself not to say anything about last night.

“Becky! You’re finally up I see.” I looked up as Rahmet’s greeting hit me. I expected him to have left already. The sight that greeted me left me stunned. Rahmet sat on the couch as if he owned the place and Lisa was standing beside him. Or at least I thought it was Lisa because she was still the burqa!

“Lisa what… Rahmet, what is the meaning of this?” I stammered.

“A little game she and I like to play,” Rahmet said in that accent of his. “Lisa like to wear the burqa. I like to see her in a burqa. So now she is in one.”

“What… you, Lisa… you” I was way out of my element here, and Rahmet laughed. “This isn’t funny, Rahmet. The burqa is wrong. A symbol of women's oppression.” I was trying my best to be angry, maybe that way I wouldn’t feel so turned on.

“You didn’t say anything last night.” Oh my God, he saw me. Rahmet continued, “Thing about the burqa is that you can’t see the eyes. Becky, Lisa saw you the moment you opened the door. Hell, she came the moment she knew you were there watching.”

I looked at Lisa in shock, but she just stood there motionlessly in that burqa. I can’t see her reaction to Rahmet’s words. In my mind, I remember my dreams last night about people watching but not seeing me. Just like now with me and Lisa!

“I saw the two of you, yes I did.” I admitted. “But I don’t agree with it. The burqa…”

“So why did you come so hard last night?” Rahmet interrupted as I felt my face turned red. Those damn locks! Rahmet looked at me and asked, “Do you want to try a burqa, Becky?”

Yes, I do. “No” I whispered.

“Ok.” Rahmet said in an almost too polite voice. “Lisa here will be wearing the burqa everyday from now on while she is in the house. Just thought to inform you on the matter.”

I looked at Lisa again. “Everyday! But that’s…”

“This is what I want, Becky.” Lisa’s said. The first words I’ve heard from her since morning.

“But Lisa, this …a burqa, why?”

“You came hard just looking at us Becky. Just imagine being in one the whole day.” I could imagine. “You should try it. It’s… liberating.”

Rahmet laughed again. “Her? Forget it Lisa, she won’t last a day in one.”

“Yes I could.” Shit, my big mouth.

“Talk is cheap Becky.”

“I’ll prove it then.” I know Rahmet was goading me, but a part of me just did not want to stop. “One day in a burqa just like Lisa.”

“This means in the house, wearing the burqa full time. Even going to piss and shit, you will wear it still. Only when you leave the house will you take it off.”

“Deal!” Shit, what have I done?

I would like to say that I proved Rahmet wrong. That I managed to stay in a burqa for a day, but the truth is that I didn’t even come close. For one thing, the burqa did terrible things to my sense of balance. It was like walking with a book on my head. I have never felt claustrophobic before but the burqa was something else. I could feel the garment totally covering me, what with the mesh covering my eyes, and my claustrophobia made me take off the burqa in about twenty minutes. When I did, I took in several deep breaths. Rahmet laughed when it happened, even Lisa found it funny, giggling away with her boyfriend. Giving Rahmet a dirty look, I pushed the burqa back down over my face.

Rahmet had to leave later in the morning but Lisa and I still had our burqas on. The bet was for one day, right! Being a girl, I had to look at myself in the mirror. The blue burqa I borrowed from Lisa covered my entire face except for a small region about my eyes; that was covered by a mesh. The fabric was soft and quite comfortable. I couldn’t see myself at all. Looking at the woman in the mirror, she was just a piece of cloth. I couldn’t see my face, hair or even my arms. I was without a face, without an identity, without a self.

Then Lisa stepped beside me. Like me, she was in a burqa and like me, she was looking at the mirror. Standing side-by-side, we looked exactly alike. We were both 5’7, only thing was that I was a redhead with bigger tits. Not that you could see that in the mirror. The burqa covered everything. Without knowing why, Lisa and I reached out and held our hands together. We were always close, but now at this moment, our feelings for each other went to another level. Looking exactly the same, it was like we were the same person, almost as if we were identical twins. Holding onto Lisa’s hands, I could feel our relationship going deeper than ever. We were sisters.

After that day, Lisa began to wear the burqa full-time. As in every moment she was in the house. I followed her. It was our little secret, well, ours’ and Rahmet’s of course. He began to spend more and more of his time at our apartment. Why not, when he is here, Lisa would hover over him like a good puppy. A glass of water, a can of beer, a word from Rahmet and Lisa would dash off to get it for him. I don’t know how but he managed to get me to do things for him as well. Simple things like getting him water and beer; just like Lisa. The reverse was also true, Lisa was becoming more like me. Lisa was always a bit of a slob. Housework was usually done by me but since she put on the burqa, Lisa suddenly began to do her share of it. We also began to spent more time together. It was as if we were becoming one person.

Two weeks pass. Then one night as I was laying on my bed, Lisa walked in wearing her burqa. She told me to follow her. When I asked her why, she said, “Rahmet want to see you.” Without a word, I put on my burqa and followed. To my surprise, we went into her room.

Rahmet was sitting on the bed. Lisa walked to him and sat quietly beside him. I stood there waiting for Rahmet to speak. Even in the burqa, I could see that Lisa was very nervous. “Becky,” Rahmet said. “I want you to stand there and watch.” I was about to say, “Watch what?”, when Rahmet pushed Lisa onto the bed. Oh my god, no way! Rahmet flipped up Lisa’s burqa. Just like that first night, Lisa was naked. Just like that first night, the burqa had Lisa totally covered from the waist up, but she was totally naked below that. Just like that first night, Rahmet was showing Lisa no mercy. Thumping her like a sack of meat, without any consideration for Lisa at all.

And just like that first night, the affect on me was the exactly the same. It was the most erotic thing I have ever seen. Within minutes, Lisa came. She moaned with pleasure… and Rahmet totally ignored her! He didn’t stop, he didn’t even slow! It was like he was in his own world. Soon Lisa continued moving with Rahmet, trying her best to bring him off. I stood there mesmerized like I was that night. Minutes later, Rahmet came. He grunted as he unloaded his sperm inside Lisa. Finally, he lay on the bed spent. Lisa sat up and flipped the burqa over her head. After a quick smile at me, she started licking Rahmet’s cock; cleaning up after herself.

Rahmet waved at me. “Thanks Becky. You may go.”

Just like that, I was dismissed. I walked into my room in a daze. I dropped my now soaked panties onto the floor and knelt on my bed. My fingers entered my pussy before my mind could even registered what I was doing… and I came almost immediately. As the waves of pleasure wracked my body, I realized one thing.

My burqa was still on.

* * *

From that night on, there were many changes in our lives. Lisa and I were always close, but from that day, we became inseparable. We spent all our free time at school together. We then came home and once there, don our burqas together. I even got my own now.

Rahmet also began to spend even more time at our apartment. It was at his ‘suggestion’ that we changed our outfits. Before, Lisa and I could get away with wearing jeans, even shorts, behind our burqas. No more. Now, we wear skirts that reached our ankles. Also, the sleeves on our shirts must be long enough to reach at least our elbows. Naturally, this required some shopping on our part as full length dresses is not something that most college students have in their drawers. Rahmet also commented that our apartment was dirty. Lisa and I then spend three days cleaning the entire apartment. In our burqas, we cleaned and wash on our hands and knees. Again, a suggestion from Rahmet. It wasn’t the most practical thing to do in a burqa but we managed. At the end of the three days, you could not find a speck of dust anywhere in the room or even in the toilet. The nights were the best. I became Rahmet and Lisa’s audience whenever they had sex. Lisa confessed that she was hugely turned on by the fact that I was there watching them. I confessed that it did the trick for me as well. She and I shared all our secrets now.

It was bound to happen. Lisa and I had spoken about it before, so when it did happen it wasn’t really that much of a shock. Lisa had said that Rahmet wanted to have sex with me and had asked her about it. Surprisingly it seems that if Lisa said no, then Rahmet would forget about the whole idea. Something about how being the first woman, Lisa has the right to say no to the second woman. I don’t really understand it but Lisa asked if I was okay with it. It was a dream come true for her. Lisa confessed that she had dreamt of begin in my position, watching as Rahmet and I have sex in her bed. I didn’t have any real feelings for Rahmet, but for Lisa, I said yes.

It happened exactly like it did that night. I was laying on my bed when Lisa walked in. She told me to follow her. This time I didn’t ask why. I put on my burqa and followed her to her room.

Rahmet was sitting on the bed. He saw us and smiled. “Becky,” Rahmet said. “Come here.” Obediently I walked to him and sat quietly beside him on the bed. Lisa stood where I usually stood and was watching us silently. Even in the burqa, I could see that Lisa was very nervous. God, I felt the same way.

Rahmet pushed me onto the bed. Just like Lisa was that night, I was naked underneath. Rahmet flipped the burqa up to my waist. Like Lisa, I was covered up top, but totally naked below. This time however Rahmet decided to go slow. I was a little surprised at how tender and considerate he was. His cock entered me and he began to slowly stroke me. The effect however was exactly the same. I was getting wet. I began to move with Rahmet, increasing both our pleasure. It went on for some time. We were both lost in our own world when finally, Rahmet came. I don’t know why, but I came the moment he did. My vision blurred as my body almost shut down from the pleasure I was having.

Rahmet then lay beside me and said, “You are one good fuck Becky.” My face beamed at the praise. “Clean me,” he said. Without hesitation, I jumped up and started to clean his cock with my mouth.

“Thanks Lisa. You may go.” I was shocked when I heard Rahmet say that. I looked at Lisa from the corner of my eyes. Damn, I had totally forgotten that she was there. Lisa stood there mesmerized like I was that night. Then quietly, without a word, she turned around and exited the room.

* * *

“You are sure?” I asked for the fifth time.

“Better than fine,” Lisa said. “It was even better than I thought it would be.”


“Yeah! Hope you don’t mind but I came on your bed here.”

We laughed at that. After Rahmet had gone to sleep, I had sneaked into my room and saw Lisa sleeping in my bed. I was worried that she would be angry at the way Rahmet dismissed her. The opposite was true. She was dismissed the way I usually was, and she was happy about it.

“What do we have here?” Lisa and I turned as we heard the words. Rahmet was standing there by the door looking at us.

“Just talking about the sex you two had.” Lisa coyly said.

“Wonderful sex you mean,” I protested.

“Really?” Lisa exclaimed. “Was it sex or wonderful sex, Sir?” Talk about a loaded question.

“It was good,” Rahmet has a knack for avoiding tough questions. “Just keep it down. I have to get up early tomorrow.”

“I thought your class doesn’t start till late morning?” Lisa said.

“Have to go back to the dorm to pick up my things.” Rahmet answered. “Keep it down.”

“Wait,” I said. “Why don’t you move in with us?”

Rahmet turned around in shock. “That’s a great idea.” Lisa agreed. “You can stay in my room.”

Rahmet shook his head. “No. My father would kill me if he knew that I was living in sin with an unmarried woman.” Lisa and I looked at him in shock. “It’s not a religious thing,” he quickly added. “I’m not that religious of a person but it is just not done. It would be a scandal if anyone back home hears about it.”

“In Pakistan?” I asked.

“Yes. Living in the same room with a woman is just not done. Not unless you are married.”

“Then I’ll move out.” Lisa said immediately. “Becky and I will be in one room, you can take mine.”

It took a while but we finally convinced Rahmet to move in. Surprisingly, Rahmet called home to seek his father’s advice… and permission. It seems that our dear Rahmet was a bit of a family man. Seeing that we don’t have family of our own, Lisa and I found that to be a good if slightly alien thing.

The move itself was relatively simple. Rahmet moved in without much of a fuss; however Lisa moving into my room took some time. We had to buy a new bed, a bigger wardrobe and then moved it all into my… our room. Once everything was done, the first few days were the most difficult. Lisa and I have to decide on her place and my place. Close as we were, arguments were unavoidable. Luckily, Rahmet was there to play referee. He made some fair decisions, mainly declaring that we have to share certain things if this was going to work.

Then, things began to settle down and fit into a pattern. Lisa and I would come home after school and don our burqas immediately. We did everything in our burqas now; housework, studies, serving Rahmet. Before we serve Rahmet when he came over; now that he was living with us, it became a 24/7 thing. Yes, Lisa and I became his servants in all but name. Then, there was the sex. After serving Rahmet all day in our burqas, one of us would watch Rahmet do the other in his bed. This while still in the burqa! It was like an out of body experience for me and Lisa because we looked so alike while in our burqas. It was like watching ourselves or our identical twin doing it. It was brilliant! After watching, we would go back to our room and bring ourselves off. It was almost as good as having the sex with Rahmet. Sometimes, even better!

Things lasted till the end of the school year. With graduation, Rahmet would return to Pakistan. I knew that. Lisa knew that. And Rahmet knew that. With that in mind, I really shouldn’t been surprised.

Lisa and I were standing at the door of Rahmet’s room like we always were. Today was my turn to watch, so it was a shock when he said, “Both of you, come here.” Lisa and I stood there and looked at each other. We couldn’t see each other faces as we were in our burqas, but we both knew what Rahmet wanted. I was wondering on how to response to Rahmet when Lisa made the decision for me. She stretched out her hand in my direction. Decision made, I held her hand with my own and together we stepped towards Rahmet’s bed.

It was the best night of my life.

The End

Copyright© 2012 by Ghost Writer. All rights reserved.