The Patriarch Alliance -- Homebound
by Ghost Writer

The Patriarch Alliance is basically 2 separate societies living side by side, each rule by its ‘holy’ book. The ‘male’ society is rule by the book ‘Path of Man’; while the ‘female’ society is ruled by the book ‘Way of the Female’.

                                                  The Outer Planets, the Lost Terran Empire
                                                  Published in Year 8024

It wasn’t what he expected, but it was quite a sight. Boris arrived home after dinner. He ate some leftovers and spoke to Alfred and his father about his talk with Kiki. When it was time to retire, Alfred went down to the Pens. His father picked Glory while Alfred took Kris. Seeing that he only had one cow, Boris of course took Jenny.

He waited in his room and changed. Soon after, the bell rang. Boris could easily see over the video-com who it was but he asked anyway, "Who’s there?"

"The cow Jenny is here to serve her man, sir." Jenny was on her knees waiting beyond the door. Boris took a moment to compose himself and sat on a chair. "Enter," He said. The door slide open... and Jenny crawled to his feet.

Rushing on her hands and knees, Jenny threw herself at the feet of her man. She kissed his feet repeatedly, all the while thanking the man for choosing her. "Thanks you sir for picking this cow for the night.  Thank you sir, for letting this worthless animal serve you. Thank you sir, this was what this cow was born to do..." Over and over she spoke. Jenny felt humiliated but this was, according to Sonia, the standard bedroom greeting on Thordaw.

According to her, the cow would kneel at the bedroom door. Once it opened, the animal would crawl to her master and kiss his feet. She would then degrade herself and thank her master for the coming night. Glory to the man, this was only right.

Boris was not expecting this, but he was no fool. "Stop." Jenny stopped her begging and lay still at his feet. "Standing Position," he commanded. Jenny jumped up onto her feet and stood straight; she lowered her head and looked at the ground. Boris looked at her and was filled with pride. Here was a 24-year old woman from the Empire and she was all his. "Drop your toh-an and get into the Inspection Position," he said.

Jenny almost tore off her toh-an in her rush. She dropped the toh-an at her feet and got into the Inspection Position. Legs open wide, she bend her knees parallel to the ground. She locked her fingers behind her head and thrust her tits out. Both her tits and her pussy were open for inspection. Boris didn’t waste any time. His fingers rubbed against her crotch. His question however caught her off-guard.

"How was your first day on the farm?"

"Very tiring sir." That much was true. Jenny never ran so much in her life.

"Alfred was impressed with you. He said you worked very hard."

"Thank you, sir. Though I was in a toh-an while the rest of the girl... cows were in their toh-gan." Jenny bit her lips for making that stupid mistake.

Fortunately Boris chose to ignore it.

"You did well today. Feel proud of yourself. I did." Jenny was flying from the praise. She had made her man proud. Boris stood up and wrapped his arms around her. "You are very wet."

No way to deny the truth. "Yes Sir."

Jenny was rewarded with a kiss. "Get in bed slut."

Boris saw the beautiful thing in his bed and wondered how in the universe could one man be so lucky. He dropped his pants and climbed into bed. Boris was under no illusion about his family jewels. His penis wasn’t the biggest you would ever find; in fact you would have to say that it was at best slightly below average. But one thing for certain, it was there. And in the Patriarch Alliance, anyone born with one outranked anyone who wasn’t. 

Boris put his hands on the cow’s tits and slowly massaged them. Jenny opened her legs but Boris waited. He wanted it to be memorable. He kissed her on the lips and could feel the tits hardening.

"Harder," Jenny whispered. Not wanting to disappoint, Boris squeezed the tits with his hands. A small cry was his reward. This was the way with them, a little pain mix with a lot of pleasure. With time, Boris intended to change that.

Boris moved his left hand to her crotch and rubbed it. It was very wet. Gently he entered the pussy. The warm sensation engulfed him and slowly he thrust, as if he was afraid to hurt her. Jenny wrapped her legs around Boris and helped pull him in with every thrust. The rhythm increased and soon Boris was ramming it in with fury. This was the first time they were alone since they had arrived. In fact, you could say it was the first time they had been able to speak to one another. With all the tension and built-up hormones involved; almost too quickly, both of them came.

One thing strange about Boris was that unlike most men she knew, Boris actually enjoy talking after sex. "So you have no problems with the rest of the cows?" One of the main worries Boris has was how the cows would react to Jenny.

"They are great! Sonia and your mother are going out of their way to explain everything." A giggle escaped Jenny, "Almost like I’m still in school."

"You seem to be spending a lot of time with them."

"Yes. By the way, your father isn’t as bad as you think he is."

"Why do you say that?" Boris didn’t know that his father had even spoken to her.

"He left orders with Mary that I am to feel welcome."

Now that was a surprise. "Really? Mother told you that?"

"Yes," Jenny said. "I think it’s because of you."

Boris considered this for a moment. "You must work hard then. You do that and father will allow you to stay."

"I know," Jenny cuddled up to Boris. "If I screw up, it will not be from lack of effort." This was the opening Boris was waiting for.

"So, you are certain? About staying?" Boris asked.

"Yes. Of course."

"Why?" The question caught Jenny off-guard again. She considered her answer.

"I’m not a freak here."

"What? You’re no freak!"

"In the Empire, I am." Jenny saw the look on Boris and continued, "If we told all my family and friends in the Empire that I enjoyed pain and humiliation, what do you think their reactions would be?"

"Nothing good."

"That’s right. With equal rights, female justice and all that other crap, they would think I am insane." Jenny has a blissful look and her face and continued, "Here, I’m just another faceless cow. Crawling and begging like the way all females should be. Here, I am normal." 

"Crawling, begging like the way all females should be? You have been reading the holy books?"

"Sonia lent a copy of the ‘Way of the Female’ to me. An interesting book, to say the least."

"You seem to be spending a lot of time with her."

"Yes. She’s just great. In fact there is a great sense of togetherness among the cows." Another giggle escaped Jenny, "Though if she knows we are talking like this, she be annoyed with me."


"You are a master and I am an animal. She’ll probably think that this is wrong."

"You do know that if we stay, you will live the rest of your life as a cow? An animal and a second-class citizen. At best!"

"I know."

"Any male in the family walking by can order you to do anything and you will have to obey." 


"You will wear the toh-gan? A faceless drone working from sunrise to sunset?"

"I’m looking forward to the toh-gan exactly."

"I thought you believed it to be stupid."

"That’s before I saw it at work."

"At work?"

Jenny took a moment to think out her answer. This would not be easy to explain. "Today while we were working, I took a moment from the running and looked at the rest of the cows." Boris nodded his head for her to continue.

"As I looked up, all I could see were these gray robes running their assed off for their masters. It doesn’t matter if they were pretty, smart, young or old, they just have to work. It didn’t matter if they were tired or if they were weak. They just had to run and clean until the men say stop. The... females were just grey robes running around. The toh-gan hides their beauty, intelligence, youth... and everything else. They were as Sonia says, ‘animals’. They were cows. Without beauty, intelligence or even eyes. Without identity, merely animals that will do whatever their master tell them to do. The toh-gan helped in this. Without it, they would be women who run around. With it, they were animals."

Boris was unsure and said, "And you will be one of these grey animals."

Jenny shivered in his arms. But it wasn’t from fear, "I look forward to it."

"You will run on the panels for the rest of your life" Boris needed to be sure.

"A tiring, sweaty, mind-numbing, back-breaking, boring task. Perfect for a cow," Jenny smiled.

"Someone has really been reading the books."

"Yes, and loving every sentence of it."

They couldn’t help but laugh at that.

"So, we’re staying?"

Jenny looked at her man and felt her love grow. She knew how very much Boris wanted to stay, but if she was unhappy, he would leave with her. "Yes. We stay."