The Patriarch Alliance -- Homebound
by Ghost Writer

"At the height of its glory, the Terran Empire consists of 82 habitable planets. We found many alien civilizations, of which only 10 were space-faring. All were defeated. The Corans were the 11th. They were reptilians with a resource rich planet. An excurse was found and war was declared. Sadly, we discovered that we were not the first aliens the Corans had ever met."

                                                  The Outer Planets, the Lost Terran Empire
                                                  Published in Year 8024

It was a daily ritual. Sonia and the cows in the Pen woke up around 4am. They did their morning routine in the Pen’s bathroom and went up to the kitchen. Prepared the breakfast, arranged the table and waited for the men to come down. They arranged themselves around the rug and fell to their knees. Zhang and Mary joined them from upstairs.

Abram and Alfred came down first, around 4.30am. The cows lowered their heads to the ground. The men sat down and had their breakfast. Boris came down later. The three men talked. Anytime they wanted something, a cow would crawl to the kitchen and take it for them. Glory to the man, this was only right.

After they had finished, the cows cleared up and prepared their own breakfast. Each cow has two dishes. There were some problems with Jenny as she did not have any dog dish. But that was easily settled as the family had some extra dog dishes around. The food and water were poured into the dishes. The cows fell to their hand and knees and ate like the worthless animals they were. Jenny had some problems as she had never done this before, but she did not complain and tried her best to eat the food in the same way.

Maybe she was just hungry.

Mary was encouraging the new cow, offering advice on how to best do it. Sonia, to her own surprise, did the same thing. Sonia had discovered that she quite liked the new cow. Jenny was beautiful, obedient and absolutely in love with Boris. Glory to the man, Boris was truly smart. He had picked well. Boris came down then and saw Jenny. They shared a look, a smile... and Sonia knew there was still some work to be done.

The relationship between a husband and wife, in the Alliance, is a relationship between a man and his animal. Whether you call them cows, pigs or worms, one thing does not change. Females are not humans. Females are animals. Crawling at the feet of the man you love is the best any female can hope for. The smile told Sonia that Jenny still thought of herself as a wife, a human, a woman.

Sonia decided then that she would pay special attention to Jenny, to teach her the role of a proper cow. She touched Jenny’s arm and told her to lower her head as a cow does not look into the eyes of her master. Jenny did so without question. Sonia smiled. It would be the first of many lessons.


It was a daily ritual. Mary took off her toh-gan and stood in the punishment position. Legs apart, she stood straight and lock her hands behind her head. Her elbows were parallel to her body and she thrust her tits out. Sonia showed her the cane and Mary kissed it. Sonia stepped back and delivered the first hit on Mary’s ass.

The pain was great but Mary managed to shout out the phrase. "One! Thank you."

The second hit struck her back. "Two! Thank you."

The third hit struck her belly. "Three! Thank you."

The fourth struck her right tit. "Four! Thank you."

The fifth struck her left tit. "Five! Thank you." Mary mentally prepared herself for the final 2 hits. The most painful ones.

The sixth hit struck her face. "Six! Thank you." Mary screamed. Only one more to go.

The seventh struck her pussy. "Seven! Thank you."

Mary held the punishment position and tried to get her breath back. Sonia went on to deliver the Seven Strokes to Glory. Behind her, Mary could clearly hear Zhang delivering the Seven Strokes to Kris. The Seven Strokes was a daily beating the cows gave each other. Every morning after breakfast, each cow should receive the seven strikes of the cane. This was for their own good. If they failed to please their men today, the punishment would be much harsher than seven strokes. The Seven Strokes taught them to know their place and remind them of their lowly position. To remind them, the price of failure

Mary gingerly put on her toh-gan. She turned around and saw Jenny sitting on the floor with Roc and Yancy. As unmarried, they would not be receiving the Seven Strokes. Jenny was looking at Zhang and Kris in terror. Mary could understand why. The relations between the two cows were never good; Zhang was beating Kris with relish. Mary saw Zhang gave the cane to Kris. Kris would now return the favor to Zhang. Sonia came over and handed the cane to Mary. Mary took it. She hoped Jenny wasn’t too scared by all this. 

Her master had given strict instructions yesterday on the new cow.


It was a daily ritual. Alfred loaded the cows in the truck and drove them to the farm. He would then unload them and give each of them a wide broom.

The family farm was an energy farm. It consists of twelve solar panels, connected side by side with each other. The panels would catch the rays of Thordaw’s twin suns and convert it to energy. The energy would be stored in a Walien crystal below the panel. That was where his father was. Abram would change the crystals whenever one was filled. He would also make sure that the panels were working properly. Alfred’s job was to make sure the cows were working properly. 

Thordaw was not only a planet with a lot of sun; it was also a planet with a lot of wind. Hot wind kicks across the planet daily, throwing sand and dust in its wake. Needless to say, a solar panel with dust on it doesn’t work very well. That’s where the cows come in. With the wide brooms, they would run a circuit around the panels, sweeping off any dust on the panels. Sonia, Mary, Glory, Zhang, Kris and Jenny, that was their job. Each cow would be in charge of cleaning two panels. Since each panel was about half the size of a soccer field, it was a lot of work, a lot of running.

Alfred’s job was to make sure the cows did not stop running. To help him, each cow has two ankle bracelets, one on each ankle. The bracelets detect movement. Basically, the feet must be in constant motion. If any of the cows stop moving, the bracelets would send an electric charge up her leg. Nothing too painful, but enough to get them moving. However, there are some ways to beat the system. One of which was what Kris was doing now. The stupid cow was leaning on the broom, but moving her feet; jogging on the spot. Time for Alfred to earn his pay.

"You worthless cow, what are you doing? Move your ass before I whip it off you." Alfred can’t see beneath the hood, but he could have sworn that he saw a look of terror on the cow’s face. Kris immediately took off. Alfred knew of farms that would shoot the lazy animal. With a rifle, the overseer would stun the cow in question, leaving her writhing in pain on the ground. ‘Target Practice’ was what it was called. It was a fun idea that was immediately shot down by his father. "Cows in pain on the ground cannot work," was what his father had said. Alfred grudgingly admits that he has a point.

Alfred looked around. All the cows were in their toh-gan. Like faceless drones, they were running barefoot across the panels. The only one not in a toh-gan was Jenny. Alfred looked at the cow in her toh-an.

When he first saw her, Alfred thought Boris had made a mistake. Like his father said, ‘An Empire woman in the Alliance will not work.’ However, the new cow had sort of won him over. She was trying her best, doing all the work without complaints. Alfred hasn’t even had a chance to shout at her yet. His father had asked him to keep an eye on the cow and report to him his views on her work. If she continued this way, Alfred would have nothing but good things to say about her. Privately, he wondered whether his father would be happy to hear that.


It was a daily ritual. Roc and her sister were on daily house duty. That means that they would clean the house and prepare the meals. At noon, the two of them took the lunches they had prepared and walked to the farm. They placed the food near where the hover trucks were parked. Their father came soon after. The two girls fell into the Family Position.

Their father ignored them and went straight to the food. He sat down on the ground and ate slowly. Roc remained silent but was ready for any orders the man might give. At 15, Roc was still a virgin. No man in the Alliance may fuck any woman below the age of 16 unless he has a death wish. It is also the job of the girls’ guardian to ensure that such situations do not occur. On that, Abram was doing a good job.

Roc thought of her father in detail. A harsh man, Abram Frings was also in a way a family man. His family is the most important to him and if he has to be harsh he would, because he had to always make sure that his wives and children knew their duty to the family just as he knew his. In a year, Roc would be able to get married, to be a full cow of her man. Although it wasn’t necessary, she wanted her father blessing. She loved her father.

"Prepare the cows’ meal." Roc heard her father’s command and saw that Alfred and the cows were approaching. Roc and her sister immediately took out the cow’s dog dishes. Arranging them in circle, Roc put the food into half of the dishes while Yancy filled the rest with water. The cows got in front of their dog dishes and waited. Roc and Yancy then went to the men. They got into the Family Position and waited. Her father and Alfred were talking to each other while eating. Finally, her father asked the daily question.

"Is the food ready?"

The two girls answered together, "Yes Sir. The cows’ food is ready."

"Begin." The shout was for the cows. Behind her, Roc heard the sound of the cows falling to their knees and eating. "You may join them." The command was for Roc and Yancy. The two girls ran to the circle of cows and began eating was well.

Kneeling on the ground with her face to her dog dish, Roc felt content. This was what she was born to do.