The Birth of Hara
by Ghost Writer

The girl was the perfect picture of a gentle and obedient Vipponese wife. Kneeling in her new house, the girl was silently awaiting her lord and husband for their first night as husband and wife. Today was her long awaited wedding day and she was excited... but you would never noticed it just by looking at her.

Kneeling on the floor in her white wedding kimono with matching white hoodveil, gloves and socks, the girl looked like she was not moving. You would be right. In Vipponese tradition, after a short introduction at the wedding dinner the wife would be sent to the bedroom to wait silently for her husband, who would be at the dinner entertaining the guests. The girl had no orders from her husband except to wait silently for him, so that's what she was doing to do. She been training for the past four years for this day and had no intention of doing anything to displease her new husband.

Keeping with Vipponese tradition, the girl's father had taken her out of school at 13 years of age and since then she had been undergoing marriage training. As part of the training, she was only allowed to wear a dowdy gray kimono with a hoodveil covering her face. A hoodveil, consisting of a hood that covered her head combined with a veil covering the lower half of her face, only showed her eyes to her family and, on the rare occasions when she was allowed out of the house with a chaperone, the public.

The girl did not know how long she had been kneeling but she knew it did not matter. Her husband would come for her when he was ready. It was his choice. Still, her knees had began to hurt and she silently hope her husband would come soon. If she had said this out loud to her mother, her mother would have told her that her training was incomplete.

The girl would not have agreed, as her marriage training was all encompassing. The girl was only allowed to sleep in the kitchen of her old house on a thin mattress with only a blanket and pillow for company, and had to serve, clean, and cook for the men of the family. The girl became a servant to the family. No, that was incorrect. Without another daughter in the family, she was the lowest person there, below even her mother. Her mother was the servant of the family; the girl was just a servant in training.

One more reason why she was looking forward to today.

As if answering her silent prayers, the door of her bedroom opened. The girl took a quick look at the man entering the door and saw that it was her husband, wearing only a loose robe. The girl bow her head to the ground. The girl stayed in place as he walked around her, carefully inspecting his new wife, servant, and slave.


The girl stood immediately despite the protest of her knees, obeying the first order given to her by her husband. She folded her hands in front of her and looked down submissively at the ground.

"Bend over."

The girl obeyed again. Bending over, she put her hands on her knees. A slap to her buttocks came almost immediately. The girl felt the sting of the slap but kept silence and maintained her position. Her husband used his hand to spank her again. Again the girl did not move.

"Did you know what you did wrong?"

The girl had no idea. She answered that she did not and begged her husband to enlightened her.

"You are wearing clothes in the bedroom."

In Vippon, many men want their wives to be naked in the bedroom. It wasn't what you called a common practice, but it happened so often that it was hardly unusual. The girl had no orders to be naked but it seem her husband is a follower of the practice and was displeased that his new wife was wearing clothes. The girl stored the information for the future and begged forgiveness from her husband.

"Take off your clothes."

The girl quickly obeyed. In seconds, her wedding kimono, gloves, socks and underwear were neatly folded on the ground. The girl then got back to her position. She bent over with her hands on her knees, wearing only her hoodveil. Her husband then moved his hand between her legs and was disappointed with what he found.

"You are not ready," her husband said as he slapped her buttocks again. "Get yourself ready, wife."

The girl moved her hand to her slit, rubbing it furiously to get herself wet for her husband. Her punishment was not quite over. As she desperately rubbed herself, her husband continued spanking her. The pain did not help the girl, she was never trained to accept pain as pleasure, but it did not deter her also. Countless slaps later, the girl was overjoyed to announce to her husband that she was ready.

Her husband checked and ordered her to the futon. The girl gingerly laid on the futon and opened her legs. Her husband did not waste any time. Opening his robe, her husband entered her immediately. The girl was embarrassed to discover that her husband was more ready for their wedding night than she was and vowed never to make the same silly mistake again. As a wife, the girl was at her husband's beck and call, not the other way around. A wife should always be ready for her husband. Her husband was quickly coming to a climax.

"I shall call you Hara."

Her husband released as he made the pronouncement and the woman known as Hara was born. In Vippon, when a woman marries she was leaving her old family to join a new one. As in ancient times, it was common practice for the man to give the woman a new name on their wedding night, to symbolized the act of marriage.

As her husband withdraw himself from her, the woman known as Hara thanked her husband for her new name and promised to give him many strong sons. Her husband grunted his approval and went to switch off the lights. As the lights went out, the girl was no more. In her place was the woman known as Hara, and she was content. She had been training for this day for the past four years and she was finally here.

She was now a wife.

The End

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