The Announcement
by Ghost Writer

Special thanks to J. Kreeg. This story is set in the same world as his "New In Town" story which is posted in the free Yahoo group, Confining Clothing ( If you wish to know more about the world, please join the group for free and look under the Files section for the folder "Kreeg's Stories". Thanks.

Zara woke in the same place she had woken up to in the past 5 years; in noisy darkness.

Like always, Zara extended her body once awake and hit the soft, smooth fabric that engulfed her. Like all women of Dubai nowadays, Zara slept in a black body bag. Wide enough to cover her body in full, it was however perfectly designed to only allow her to sleep with her knees curled up to her body.

With the incessant ringing of the room alarm in the background, Zara got up to her hands and knees. She rubbed the sleep from her eyes, tried to stand up and... hit her head against the bars of the cage. The knock woke her up fully and Zara cursed herself for her own stupidity. Her sleepy brain had made her forgot that she was still in her cage and Zara again scolded herself for forgetting her place.

This was her life now; sleeping in a body bag in a small cage. Not only that, she was naked with only a collar around her neck and diapers to contain her bodily fluids. Zara took a breath in the darkness, controlling herself. She reminded herself that this was nothing special. All other women in Dubai now slept like this, some probably in worse conditions. Silently she made her daily vow to accept this position as her deserved lot in life.

Her control back, Zara put her hands on the ground and waited patiently for the morning release. She knew the other women of the Dhall household were doing the same thing. Waking up like her, all of them were also dressed like her; naked except for a collar and a diaper. The only other accessory the women were allowed was a pendant showing the name of "Dhall" hanging from the front of the collar. A token showing that they were owned and controlled. Freedom was something women no longer deserved.

This is the way it should be. Freedom for women had cost the world too much and Zara could only hope the men of the world would not make the same mistake ever again. The footsteps of the men were clearly heard a few moments later and Zara heard the door of the room being opened. Slowly, she heard the sounds of the cages being opened one by one.

When she heard her cage being opened, Zara immediately started to crawl out. Still in the darkness of her body bag, Zara felt a hand on her neck and followed its direction, not too gently, crawling to the centre of the room. An increase in pressure by the hand told her to stop. The hand then released her neck and a moment later, Zara heard another cage being opened.

Zara knew from memory that the cages were placed on both sides of the room and apart from each other. There was a certain hierarchy in the positioning of the cages. The older women had their cages nearer to the door of the female room while the younger girls had their cages at the back of the room. The space between the bars of the cages was small so that the women could not reach out to touch one another even if they managed to get out of their bags. Though they were confined to their body bags, no one wanted to take any chances with the women being free without male supervision.

Zara waited as the sound of the cages being opened finally stopped. Minutes later, she felt her body bag being opened. Crawling out of it, she made sure her eyes were on the ground the whole time. Once fully out of the bag, Zara lowered her head to the ground. The man was satisfied with her show of submission and went on the next woman.On all fours, Zara waited for him to finish and give her the daily inspection.

“Stand and attention.”

Zara recognized that the squeaky male voice belonged to her younger brother Amir, who at 14 was the youngest surviving man in the Dhall family. His age did not matter as all the women stood up at his command and stood at attention. Standing with her feet wide apart, Zara raised her arms up and interlocked her fingers behind her head. With her head looking up, she pushed her shoulders back, thrusting her breasts forward. She also made sure to have a big smile on her face. Beside, in front and behind her, all the other women of the Dhall family did the same.

Any discomfort Amir had in seeing ten women naked and standing at attention in front of him was destroyed long ago. Seeing that everyone was ready, Amir started the inspection. There were ten women in the house, but as she was near the head of the line today it only took moments before Amir got to her. Zara was slightly surprised that he was alone today as usually when he was here there would be another male with him. Zara guessed this meant her younger brother was growing up and her smile got wider.

Still, Zara did not envy him. She knew Amir had to be careful. It’s the responsibility of the younger men to make sure the women were properly maintained and it was a heavy responsibility. No one wanted another “plot” and the only way to prevent it was to make sure all women were controlled and shackled.

When Amir reached Zara, she steeled herself for his inspection. Unlike the naked women, Amir was wearing a traditional long-sleeved white Arabic robe with a white keffiyeh on his head. He was also wearing surgical gloves, and with them Amir’s hands first touched Zara’s armpits. After making sure they were properly shaved, his hands moved towards her breasts. He gave them each of her nipples a firm, and for Zara, painful tug. Zara said and did nothing outside making sure her smile was in place. Even when Amir’s hand slapped her face, once on each cheek, her smile never left its place. Instead she embraced the sting on her cheeks and thanked her brother for reminding her of her place.

“Thank you brother.”

Her dry throat protested at being used without a drink of water first but Zara knew food and water would only come after the inspection. Her brother ignored her as was his right and moved on to the next woman.

Eventually, Amir finished with his round of inspection and stood back in front of the women. It was time for the second, more humiliatingly, round of inspection.

"Babies, release your diapers."

Zara still feel a sting in her heart at being called a baby but knew Amir was right. The legal status of women in Dubai now was that of a newborn. In legal terms, women were considered babies who could never grow up and as such must be fully "taken care of" at all times.

Zara released her diaper and carefully dropped it to the ground. The smell of ten used diapers filled the room but none of the women cared. It was something they had smelled on a daily basis for years. Amir however rubbed his nose at it.

“Stand and attention.”

Zara and the women got back into attention at Amir's command and he began his second round of inspection.

When he reached her again, Amir first reached down between her legs to softly make sure there was no stubble in the area. Zara felt great shame at this but you would never notice it just by looking at her. Her smile was still in place when Amir gave her another command.

Zara bent over and with her hands on her buttocks, pushed open her ass for her younger brother. She felt his hand with his dirty glove go into her, and in her heart Zara fought to stay in place. Like always, she won. Amir was checking if she had hid any items inside her and Zara again remained herself this was nothing but what she and all women in the world deserved. She told herself the world could take no changes when it came to the danger posed by women.


Amir's command came the moment his hand was out of her and Zara immediately knelt on command. Amir moved his hand (which had just been in her) over her head, petting her like a pet and at the same time checking to make sure her head was properly shaved. Like all women in Dubai, in accordance to the law, Zara’s head was bald. In fact, outside her eyebrows all other areas of her body were shorn of hair. Women throughout history had taken great care of their beauty and their hair was always considered important.

Not anymore.

The second inspection went as expected, there were no problems with the women of Dhall. Humiliating as it was, all the women knew it was necessary and strived to keep themselves properly maintained. Amir was soon in front of the women again. He took out a piece of paper and began to read out their chores of the day. Zara heard her name being called and what she was supposed to do today. Zara thought she must have misheard but when the other women turned to watch her, she knew otherwise. Uncle Johari would have to punish them later for breaking from attention without permission, but that would come later and she wouldn't be around by then. Hoping to show confidence even when she felt none, she forced her smile wider.

As Amir turned to leave the room, Zara bowed her head to the ground with her hands still behind her head. She made sure her ass was high in air as she, along with the rest of the women, thanked Amir for his presence. She forced her voice to be cheerful but her heart was pounding.

Today, she was going to be sold.

The End

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