by Garden Variety

(Sixth story in the "Robbery" series).

Cast of Characters

Gerry – A bloodthirsty, cruel Mistress and professional robber not without finer feelings about Brenda

Brenda [also known as Bren] – Her lesbian lover, helper and crime-partner, a bit softer, not-much, article

Sally – Busty, tough, stocky brunette, willing to do whatever it takes, to escape lesbian duo’s clutches

Cindy – Tallish, willowy blonde, nice body not overly-busty, soft, but can manage to revolt if driven to it

Isabella – Bank manager and hostage, slightly-chunky blonde beauty, led to help, or not, at various times

Rita–Captured slave-slut voluptuous sympathetic becomes sexy since being sold to topless-waitress joint

Louie -Gangster nightclub-owner fence and slaver who needs new topless waitresses: He’s willing to pay

Natasha [also known as Nat] - a difficult-to-handle, redheaded, Russian waitress at ‘Lefty Louie’s’ Club

Ralphie - a bouncer who works for Louie

Olga, topless door-girl; Mr. Big Bucks, Oilmen, Tex – Customers – All at Lefty Louie’s Club, all small parts

All characters were more than eighteen by the time of the story.

The story so far: Our mean, greedy, lesbian couple improve, or not, by robbing rather than killing? While the first four series-stories stand alone, this one like the most-recent story, requires reader to have read previous stories, “Captivity” and “Gang”.

Story codes: F/F, M/F, breast, BDSM, slavery, spanking, lesbian sex, X

Chapter 1 “Washday”

Cindy and Sally scrub dirty bills in a deep sink, two scrub-boards side by side. Naked, suds up to elbows. Cindy says, “This is rotten, since we are going to have to work later tonight.”

Sally says, “Be glad we aren’t in suspension anymore.”

Gerry says, “That’s enough washing the money, come back here! We demand sexual-servicing, now!”

The two naked beauties, Sally the stocky, very-busty brunette, Cindy the taller, willowy, full-pear-breasts blonde, do come back to them and Gerry installs Sally kneeling between her legs, eating her brownish-bushed pussy. Blonde Brenda in an adjacent chair, installs Cindy, first pulls her blonde head for lip-kiss.

Sally thinks, ‘I know how to make her come if my tongue is long enough to reach all the way inside…’

Cindy is against lesbian sex with hated Brenda, but workmanlike, soldiers on. ‘This is a kind of factory, where satisfaction is the product. I am only a cog, a good cog, in the machine. I’ll get used to the weird pussy smell, taste: That red skin! Worse than purposefully-ugly guy’s equipment: What’s the use of baby-making mechanism, to homos?’

Both Mistresses wear only black-leather bikini tops. Gerry comes, holding Sally’s big tan boxy-red-tipped boobs, squeezing too-hard accidentally: Next, a hair after, Brenda orgasms, fondling Cindy’s very-rose-pink grapelike nipples. Brenda wants to apologize for pinching pretty blonde’s nipples, resists!

Gerry says, “Brenda is going to spank you hard all over very thoroughly, Sally…Since she doesn’t care for you.”

Brenda says “Gerry’s going to spank you hard all over extremely deliberately for no reason Cindy.”

The slaves feel this is unfair, but have learned to keep their own counsel.

Gerry starts in spanking Cindy’s tight butt hard, flips her and hits those lovely tits a half-dozen times, three strikes to her pussy, inner-thigh and belly. “Spank!” “Spank!” “Spank!” “Spank!” “Spank!” “Spank!”… “Spank!” “Spank!” “Spank!”… “Spank!” “Spank!” “Spank!”… “Spank!” “Spank!” “Spank!”

Brenda right-handed starts on Sally’s big tits, spanks a few to her pussy: Hurting her a lot. Her thighs, belly, and armpits each a half dozen. Turns Sally to spank her fat ass, gives her ten on each cheek, reddening them; the backs of her thighs, five spanks. “Spank!” “Spank!” “Spank!” “Spank!” “Spank!”

Gerry [Having finished but with pink Cindy, crying, face-up on lap.] “Bren, isn’t that more than enough?”

Brenda [Taking teary-eyed Sally off and standing her. Sally didn’t cry, but came close.] “Sure, they’d better finish washing our money, perhaps a good rinse, and hang it on a line…Sally take a rope from our bondage toy-box and give the other end to Cindy.”

Gerry says, “Yes, that’d be good. Cindy, hook your end tied in a ring-bolt over there, [motioning] and Sally take your end down the hall [motioning] to the bathroom and tie yours to the hook on the door.”

Soon Cindy and Sally have rinsed off all the old dirty bills and set up a clothesline for wet money. Gerry and Brenda give them two big clothespins-bags. Slaves start hanging wet bills by three-to-a-clothespin.

Gerry says, “How many clothespins do we have?”

Brenda says, “Not enough.”

Gerry says, “I’d like to pin our slaves’ nipples, clits while we were at it: We’re not going to have extra.”

Brenda says, “We’re getting close on our delivery schedule: It’s an hour from now...”

Gerry says, “We’ll let them finish and take them to Louie. I’m going to miss Sally’s boobs.”

Brenda says, “We could let them please each other again first.”

Gerry says, “Well, if you want to be especially nice to them for some reason.”

Brenda says, “Aw, Gerry, they’ve been good slaves.”

Gerry says [as slavegirls finish hanging the bills]: “You two have each other if you want: After, it’s work.”

Sally [Looks funny at Cindy as if to ask ‘What do you say’ and sees a very-short nod.] “Yes, Mistress Gerry, we’d like to, and how!”

The two bent-over slavegirls carry their ankle-shackled cannonballs in both hands and climb the stairs ahead of their pussy-watching Mistresses. In bedroom they’re for once allowed bed: Sheets unchanged.

Cindy says, “You can’t expect everything to be correct…”

Sally ends, “…When you’re a slave-girl. I wonder, when we’re at ‘Lefty Louie’s’, won’t we be free?”

Cindy kisses Sally on the mouth, uses tongue, licks her neck, ears, and boobs. “We’ll be free!”

Sally reciprocates by eating Cindy’s face and neck, tongue-flickering. “I’ll enjoy the job. I don’t mind being a naked or a half-naked waitress if I can make hundreds a night. They don’t have to break me.”

The two slave-girls lie out and turn toward each other sideways, with gentle caressing, touching, feeling.

Sally says, “Cindy, I hope I’ve told you you’re perfectly lovely…”

“Sally, I’m no more so than you…”

They love each other softly and smoothly, taking their time, though they know it is limited. “You’re terrific…” [Sally’s large boobs licked, sucked]

“You’re simply stunning, Cindy…” Extra-special pink-and-white boobs, ivory thighs, rose pussy… “May I?”

“I am dying for you to…”

“I could love you if I was like them…”

“Me too!”



Chapter 2 “Club”

[At ‘Lefty Louie’s’ Club]

Sally and Cindy put their still-shackled ankles sideways toward the two opposite car doors to be removed. Brenda removes Cindy’s, and kisses her passionately on the lips, while holding her now-bloused, full boobs. Gerry removes Sally’s ball without loving, gives her a peck on the cheek: Saying, “I want both of you to lift the box out of our trunk, carry it over to the back door.” [All move out.]

“Brenda…” [Taking out a gun, handing it to helper] “You wait for Louie: Keep watch over our box, O.K.?”

“You slave-girls don’t speak unless spoken to, and remember you’re unimportant, insignificant, nobodies. Take whatever you’re given and be grateful! Brenda, …any last words of wisdom from you?”

Brenda thinks and replies, “Watch Isabella and Rita and work the way they do – they’re experienced.”

[In Club Office]

Louie says, “You’ve dressed them. Unnecessary. Take off those tops. Both you. Let’s see what you’ve got.”

Cindy shyly removes her print top. Her pink, stand-up, firm-girlish, grape-nippled boobs are pear-shaped, almost-completely full: The rest of her is matching smooth, curvy, pink-and-white kissable-skin.

Louie [not showing how impressed he really is] says, “You will do, Blondie!”

Sally strips off her likewise braless top, showing she is even bigger. Hers tits are a knockout: Long, red square-tipped nipples atop completely-full, round, much-bigger-than-average boobs.

Louie [actually finds Sally unbelievable] admits, “Yours’re good to go, too.”

Shows them lockers, they stow their tops. Brings them to the kitchen and the bar, introduces help, -“Give these newcomers the rundown on our prices”- And says to Isabella and Rita [eating tits with eyes]: “Work with Cindy and Sally and help them, they’ll repay you in kind when and where they can.” Exits.

The two veterans take the new girls in hand.

Rita says, “You’re going to love this after a while. Great dough!”

Isabella says, “I once went to work in dress-clothes every day, and I couldn’t really afford to…. Here I’m undressed and I can afford anything I want!”

Sally says, “I hope I can make what you do, but you’re really good-looking, both of you…”

Cindy says, “Before, I never saw a girl who compared to me, and here are three, all at once!”

Louie says “Of course, that five-percent of the dirty money is high, but I’ll try it out on my boss, …only because it’s you, Gerry. …Bring in your box. …Oh, it’s already at the back door? …Didn’t you take a big chance, leaving two hundred grand in the alley?”

Gerry [walking out with Louie] says: “A cardboard box left by a restaurant’s back door holds old lettuce.”

Brenda quips, [-on meeting them out there-] “That’s what it is all right!” [Gerry takes Bren’s handgun.]

Gerry [putting gun in purse] says, “We’re due for thirty-seven hundred and fifty for the Slaves. And the ten grand for the box, makes our total thirteen thousand seven hundred and fifty.”

Louie says, “Have a beer or two on me outside. I got to make one or two calls about your box. Here’s your thirty-seven hundred and fifty.” [Passes her a bulky white envelope: Is slit, fingered by Gerry, who counts the cash roughly and rapidly. Passes envelope to Brenda, who puts it in her purse.]

Topless Cindy comes to the table. Louie says, “Whatever they want is on the house, Cindy baby.” He stares at her remarkable tits, mutters, “Going places…” Louie goes back toward office; Cindy takes order.

Louie stops by the stunning, Russian, B-tit, brunette-greeter Olga by the door. Olga has red nipples with really-large aureoles, half a boob each, nearly as dark-red as her nipples.

“Watch for drink orders and fill-in, the new two girls are training in the back.”

Turns and repeats this to skinny Russian redhead – orangeish complectioned all-over – Nat, who is passing with a tray: “Cindy and Sally will have to be taught to lap-dance. They’ll aim to be in the back at a slow spot. They might be late getting back…”

Chapter 3 “Lesson”

When their guests are eating, Isabella demonstrates lap-dancing, bending her knees, facing, with Rita playing the customer-part sitting in the chair, while Cindy and Sally look on.

“It’s really pretty easy, but you, Cindy, being tall, will have to scrunch down an inch or two more, bend forward your with breasts almost in the guy’s face.” Suddenly Rita reaches out and touches intimately.

“Ohhh!” [Turns head back at the girls.] “…If he grabs your snatch like Rita did mine, that’s twenty-five extra. -You let go of me, Rita!- …You keep moving your thighs and your boobs in a circle sort of hypnotically like so, trying never to rub against the guy, at the same time, you’re as close as you can get.

…Ohhhh!” [More pseudo-guy action from chair-bound…] “Rita, that’s too much!” “…If he sticks his face in your chest, and waggles his face back and forth kissing your tits, like Rita just did me, …I’d say that’s about twenty bucks each offense or sixty altogether and added to his snatch-grab you’d get eighty-five.”

Rita says, “…And he might not want to pay your bonus, so you get Ralph, that’s our bouncer, to take him in to Louie: They’ll get him to sign a check. It’s a blank one but it’ll work. You get your dough and unlike the lap-dance fee, you don’t have to split this penalty-cash with the Club! It’s all yours.”

Nat sticks in halfway, says in her broken English, “Nyet! Nyet! Now your guests want you at table!”

As the redhead spins to go, two vermillion nipples topping non-droop tits, bounce slightly, and a hint of auburn-bush is seen: There is no doubt, as two compact, perfect bottom-cheeks whirl out the door.

Rita says, “I’m going to tell Louie: There’ll be hell to pay.”

Isabella: “Let me handle it.” Goes up to an over-six-foot, muscular gent leaning on the bar. “Ralphie, talk to Natasha, will you? Give her the benefit of the doubt. Must be the lingo…”

Ralphie: “What? ‘Topless’ means ‘Nude’ over there?” ”…All right …for you, Bella, I’ll talk nice to that crazy broad.”

Ralphie: [Puts arm on Nat, tells her]: “You’ve got wear a bottom here.” [Pointing at her hips.]

Natasha: “O.K., I fix.” ‘If I’m going to compete with them, what else can I do?’ Puts on see-through light-green panty with smile-face over crotch. Yanks it up into her pussy - “Ooh!” - and up, halfway onto both bottom-cheeks. Smiles at reflection of her mostly-revealed taut bubble-butt her very-best feature.

Ralphie to Louie: “What do you think? Does it pass muster? Or do we get busted?”

Louie says [rubbing his face]: “If it wasn’t for the smiley-face, we’d be for it…”

Isabella and Rita pat the two former slaves on their round, plump, white arms and herd them out, Rita asking: “Think you’ll be able to handle it?

Isabella: “We can do it, if you can’t. I see you get mostly salesmen, but there’s oilmen and a millionaire out there too.”

Sally says, “I know I can do that lap-dancing. It looks easier than belly-dancing, you’re hardly moving?”

Cindy sighs, “It’s pretty lewd: I suppose it all is… …So, what’s the difference? And it is good pay…”

Rita confirms, “You’re not going to believe it until you see it: The kind of dough you can make here!”

Isabella, peppy: “It’s all in having a strong stomach…Some of these guys are seventy, fat, bald drunks! But to you, they’re all matinee idols, you absolutely crave them, the most!”

Cindy says, “It might be hard to work up that kind of enthusiasm…”

Rita: “It’s all practice…Remember your first love, how you felt? Try and picture that first love instead.”

Isabella: “I always imagine Brad Pitt, myself…but what if he was to show up? I’d be in big trouble.”

Mr. Big Bucks: “I’d say if you have a roomie, my place is a lot better…”

Sally: “It’d been all right, but she went right home and didn’t late-date.”

Mr. Big Bucks: “That tall blonde? Oh, well, this is my ride…” [Biggest glossy black Mercedes.]

Sally [at his place]: “You didn’t say you meant oral-sex when you said ‘date’.”

Mr. Big Bucks [seventy-fat-bald-eyeglasses]: “For five hundred, you’d think I wanted something…”

Sally: “It’s O.K.: I can do it. It’s really a pleasure. You’re nice.” Kneels. …Worshipfully takes his tool out.

Sally thinks, ‘I actually prefer seeing Tom Berenger and to me this is his schlong…He’s probably old enough his hair grayed down here too…It’s all right… Big Bucks is squeaky-clean and that is really a plus.’


Sally: “Guys, this is as early as I could get away…So it’s going to be all three of you?”

Oilman: “The thing is, we have this suite, we each have a room. You can go from one bed to the other.”

Sally says, “At least there’s a little privacy. …What about the bathroom?”

Oilman: “There’s one with each room, [indicating] that’s mine right there.”

Sally: “I’ll just be a minute.”

Oilman: “I know you aren’t interested in money, but here’s a grand, will that do for everybody?” Sticks it in her purse.

Sally thinks, ‘Or they could be each of my first lovers…I had three…I’ll love him as if he’s…Steve?’ “Argh!” ‘It’s working! Same jones, wants me-on-top! “Please Baby not so tight…Hold them firmly...that’s good…”

Now who’s this guy like? …Wait, my second lover Herbie was tall and thin and had kinky red-blonde hair, but it wasn’t thinning… “Argh!” Herbie likes me backwards, too, and he’s long-enough to do the trick!

‘This last fellow is the short-and-fat type and none of my lovers were, but Papa is…I wonder…Papa! You beast!’ “Argh!” ‘He’s made me orgasm on top! I’ll bet Papa wants to crush me in the old-fashioned missionary! Sally wraps her arms around the sweaty, hairy, Texan girth and he ejaculates mightily:

“Aaack!” Collapses abruptly two hundred pounds crash heavily onto her: Knocks wind out! “Ahhh-Oh!”

From the hollow between Sally’s neck and shoulder, where his head lands, comes a snigger. She nudges him over sideways to breathe. Tex says, “Sally, you’re wonderful…But I got to say…I ain’t your Daddy!”

[Back at ‘Lefty Louie’s’ Club]

Louie [on phone]: “Gerry, I know you’re not in the abduction-game any longer, but do you think you could train one girl for me, so she’s less wild, it’s that Natasha…”

Gerry [on phone naked and lying down, with naked Brenda kissing her breasts] “…’Tatterdy’? No, Louie… The word you want is ‘raggedy’…Yes, it was that…” Holds receiver and says, “He can only get us eighty-five hundred for that old-money box.”

Brenda in-between sucking boobies, “Get our box back, you know he’s a crook!”

Louie says, [fanning out ten one-thousand dollar bills on his desk from a white envelope] ”…But I can offer - if you’ll train Natasha - the whole fifteen-hundred new-slave-girl buy-amount, to make up the difference, so you still get the ten grand, and right away, too! How’s that?”

Gerry: “You’re getting to us here, but all right: You pay us ten grand, the fifteen-hundred slave-fee in advance, when we come at closing tomorrow? …If we’ll take Nat away?”


“…Brenda, how can I work with you down in there?”

The End

Copyright© 2015 by Garden Variety. All rights reserved.