Slavery by Garden Variety

by Garden Variety

(Second story in the "Robbery" series).

Cast of Characters

Gerry – A bloodthirsty, cruel Mistress and professional robber, not without finer feelings about Brenda

Brenda [also known as Bren] – Her lesbian-lover, helper, and crime-partner, a bit softer, not-much, article

Rita – Captured slave-slut, managerial, latently-voluptuous, sympathetic, treated badly by abductors

Louie -Gangster nightclub-owner fence and slaver who needs new topless waitresses: He’s willing to pay

Mr. Wong, a jeweler, and his employee, Salesgirl, his Customer. Natasha [or “Nat”], Louie’s inept topless waitress, another of Louie’s thin, half-naked/unnamed bargirls at his door - all small parts

The story so far: Our mean, greedy, lesbian couple almost caught in “Robbery”, improve. Or not?

Story codes: F/F, breast, BDSM, abduction, slavery, exhibition, nipple, violence

Chapter 1 Heist

Gerry pulls up in front of “Wong’s”, a jeweler.

Says, “Brenda, make sure you bash every case. Shoot anybody who makes an alarm- or gun-move. Stand inside the door, and take the loot when I shove it at you, back out and I’ll cover you. You’ll be our getaway driver!”

Brenda nods, “I understand, and I’m willing if you are…”

Gerry supports her saying, “I know it’s new to you, Sweetie, but we’ve watched them for a month and there’s no problem: Should work out better than our bank.”

Domino-masked, guns out, Gerry and Brenda rush in through the jeweler’s front door,.

Gerry says: “Don’t anybody move! …You, Salesgirl and you, Customer, over to my left! – Now!

Wong, come out of there. Hurry!” [In back at desk using loupe. Forward-marches robotically.] “You open your safe! Move it!”

“…Brenda, smash those cases.”

Brenda hits each of six glass cases with her handgun, breaking them. “Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!”

Gerry says “Cover me while I scoop!” Gets all the display-case loot into the sack while balancing the shotgun, a 12-gauge automatic sawn-off this time, under her right arm. Gives sack to Bren, saying, “Shoot him if he goes for a gun,” pointing at Wong, opening the safe door, staring and half-reaching:

Passes shotgun and takes pistol from Brenda, who pushes neck of loot-sack through her own belt, ties it with a zip-tie, goes over and ties wrists of Salesgirl, Customer,

Gerry yanks now-finished Wong over from hunkered by safe to where two others wait, and motions to Brenda to tie his hands too: There’s a big gun in the safe, he didn’t go for it…Gerry takes gun out and hefts it, smiling at its owner, Mr. Wong.

“You very-lucky gent, this baby is a forty-four magnum and I’d a’ cut you in half with it!” Looks to see if Bren still has control. [She does.] Sticks both guns in belt. Waves at Brenda to move back to her previous near-doorway position. Gerry has the smooth-faced, well-built, Asian Salesgirl, and the two men sit on the floor, backs against the left wall, sticking legs straight out, zip-tying one of the girl’s ankles to Wong, and the other to the Customer, a fat, older Asian man. Smiling cruelly at Customer.

“Bet you never thought you’d get this close to her this soon!” Gerry quips to the Customer.

Looks admiringly at Salesgirl, whose skirt rode up, says, “Nice legs!”…Goes more inward to safe, takes a short stack of money, peeks at and takes, five small black-velvet bags, containing large, loose, diamonds.

[To sad-faced Wong… Gerry asks, holding by bag-necks, all black-velvets] “How much are these worth?”

He spits out, “Twenty-five thousand dollar, at least.”

“You insured?”

He nods.

“What cha’ crying for?” With pistol in waist, along with Wong’s big gun, cuts Bren’s sack’s zip-tie and pulling loot-sack back out of her partner’s belt, swaps her their handgun back for Bren’s shotgun, points.

“I don’t want any trouble, but I’m not carrying this for the hell of it. Get me?” Waves it.

While Brenda pokes the cash-packet, five gem-sacks in her stash and zip-ties loot-bag back on her belt, Gerry pats Brenda sharply on her little behind. “…Go, baby, now!” Pushes the front door open, sticks Wong’s forty-four handgun into Bren’s hand, so she’s two-gunned with their own.

As masked, weird-looking Brenda backs out the front door with a gun in each hand:

Gerry shouts, “All of you stay there for a real-slow count of one hundred and twenty… I’d like a move!”

First Brenda, …a second later, Gerry, back out. Turning quickly with shotgun, Gerry says, “Move! Now!”

Rip open car door and Gerry cutting loose Brenda’s bag-zip-tie, removing the loot to the car floor, unmasking, putting shotgun on back seat, while Brenda unmasks, starts up, pulls gear, speeds away with only a brief rocking while turning.

“Think I hear the alarm…” Edgily mutters driver Brenda. Reaches right-lane, warning highway-entrance.

Gerry removes red wig fluffs hair in mirror: “They didn’t wait. … We’re all right. … We’ll make it.”

Brenda gets back off after one exit. Gathering, they change cars from the stolen one to their new car.

Brenda asks, “How did we do?” Brenda takes off her red wig too, drives, as Gerry looks in their loot-bag.

“On the stuff from the cases…We’ll have to get rid of this broken glass first, …Fifteen-twenty plus the large diamonds? If we can get a good fencing, we’ll be at least twenty-grand richer: Perhaps more, he had almost ten grand cash.” [Car pulls up. Lip-kisses Brenda hard and long.] “Baby, you did great!”

Wrapping the shotgun in her coat and carrying the loot-bag in her hand underneath, Gerry gets out and says, “Put the two handguns in here too.” Under coat loot-bag held out into driver’s doorway at Brenda.

Which Brenda does, whilst turning, peering about at street, houses, windows, doors, from driver’s seat.

Chapter 2: Deals

At “Lefty Louie’s” topless-nightclub, Gerry sits at a small candlelit table with Louie, a dark gangster, while a skinny-but-curvy, half-naked girl delivers drinks: Unsmilingly, takes off her G-string, rubs real-redhead bush. Takes sip, gives fiver Louie waves girl away with, “Back on, Nat you know that’s uh, no-go.”

When Natasha awkwardly puts her bottom back on -she’s cutely, perfectly, bubble-butted- and simpering, goes away, Louie says, “I got to talk to you after, about that, we have a little help-problem here… These Russian chicks don’t know nothing. [Louie smiles, charms.] Brenda’s not with you tonight?”

“You might have seen the composite-drawing, they’ve had on the news…Our hostage saw Bren unmasked once… I’m having the docs do her face this time. … Let’s talk business…”

Louie explains his expert offers seventy-five hundred on the loose rocks, and goes one hundred each on the fifty rings: They’ll need re-setting work. That’s a total of twelve-five big ones for the whole haul.

Gerry says, ”You’re really getting to us on the rings, but giving us a good break on the ice…All right!”

Louie hands her an envelope of twelve thousand, five hundred dollars cash, which she unfolds and briefly counts, puts into her purse.

Louie says, “That’s the other thing…” “We needs new girls, these Russians are too scrawny, and half managed to run away, before we collected what we paid pimps for them. Running a skeleton crew, more ways than one [heh, heh]…”

Gerry asks, “…And this concerns me how?”

Louie offers fifteen hundred a girl, if are busty and they speak English. “You can take them from the University. …There’s thousands work downtown. Hitchhikers. Runaways. … I’ll take younger hookers.”

“Let me think on that one, Louie, I’ll need a van, and Bren’s going to have to help me out with them. Will we need to keep them, feed and water them for awhile, or will you take them off our hands direct?”

Louie says, “If you’d save up two girls at a time, it’d cut down on ‘handling-risk.’ We could use a monthly twosome-delivery for at least six-to-ten girls over three, four, five months, or perhaps a dozen by the end of this year.”

Gerry [Multiplying and getting eighteen for twelve girls.] “We can do business along those lines.” Gets up, shakes hands, departs nightclub, raising eyebrows appreciatively at thin, bare-bust, door-girl.

At home, Gerry tells bed-sitting, undies-clad Brenda, “We have thirteen grand left from our last job, after paying everything, your doctors, our move, car and two months’ expenses. We made twenty-two on the jewelry, but we’re going to have to get your face re-done, which will probably cost twelve, so we’re back to say twenty-three, and if we move again, that’s another five grand, and our remaining eighteen-thou is only about six months’ expense the way we spend.

…With the new deal, we’ll have about eighteen grand more by year’s end, when we’d a’ been almost tapped out otherwise. I don’t see how we can turn Louie down: We’ll only need a van, and …a roll or two of carpet? …More zip-ties, duct-tape? A big, scary knife.”

Brenda asks, “What’ll a van and rugs cost, Gerry?’

“We’ll use up most of our eighteen grand extra I ‘spose…” [Kisses her passionately.] You’re in, correct?”

“Ummmmm…” Says her little helper, taking off her bra to disclose her significant, off-size B/C-cup tits. Pressing chest to her lover’s, the blondish Brenda moves down, lifts skirt and motions Gerry to lift her butt. Removes panties, lies her back, spread legs: Begins wagging-circling to zealously service Mistress.

“Ah-h-h-h-!” For Gerry after a while tensing-releasing glazed-smiling eyes-half-shut orgasms: “Argghh!”

While light-brownette-Gerry reciprocates, first licking Brenda’s full-pretty-curvy, small-aureole- and brown-nipple- boobs until they spike, sucking her erect nipples hard, while Brenda says breathily:

“If serial killers can abduct fifty girls, we should be able to take out twelve or sixteen of those silly chicks…”[pant, pant]“…And you know…I -Argghh!-…Really liked Bella… but… we ought to have killed her!”

Gerry says, moving up, grabbing tissue, wiping mouth, holding Brenda face-to-face, while lying sideways, smiling lovingly, whispers in her pretty, pink, shiny-dark-blonde-hair-surrounded ear:

“We’ll kill her! …She definitely knows way too much about us! Killing her’s got yet another advantage: We can move back home!”

Chapter 3 Home

Gerry holds Brenda’s arms hammerlocked behind her, ties her wrists together and pulls the string-ends up to tie them off on the front of her neck! Front-knotted black strings dug into Brenda’s white neck!

Brenda says, “It’s choking me, Mistress.” [Arm-tension pulls down from back, ripping into her softness.]

Gerry lets an inch or two back out re-ties the painful choker: Black strings only indent a bit into her neck.

Brenda smiles through her ghastly arm and throat-hurts and hoarsely, calls out, “Thank you, Mistress!”

Gerry with stern face, “Slave-Slut Brenda, I want you to remember this, and not fall for any of these busty-broads we abduct, all right?”

Brenda [as poor-little-nobody] says “Yes of course I won’t fall for any of them Mistress Gerry I love you!”

“I’m going to hurt your boobs now and I want you first to ask me to do it…” Holding both Brenda’s tits with her hands around them tightly, Gerry laps each tan nipple with her tongue, as roughly as possible until both small brown nubbins become upstandingly rock-hard! Protruding well beyond Gerry’s hands.

[Hoarse Slave-moan]: “It’s all right with me, Mistress Gerry, please mistreat my breasts as you like!”

Gerry tightens both grasps on Brenda’s tits, squeezing them until getting very-purple around her nipples, where Brenda’s sweet tips poke out two or three inches from Gerry’s crunching fists: ‘How’s that, Slut?”

Bren whispers, “Ooh, I could scream… It’s a killer, please let go of me, Mistress Gerry… I won’t get sweet on those captive girls, I promise… not even a little!”

Pleading-look raises mixed emotions in torturer Gerry. Lets go and unties Brenda’s neck, says “I know you went for Bella, didn’t you?”

“I’m sorry … so, so, sorry, Mistress, but I did…”

“I’m not going to hurt your boobs more, but your pussy’s going to get it now…”

“Oh, no, Mistress Gerry…”

Gerry gets out their huge, spiked double-dildo and only lubes her own side, inserts her own lubed-end with a grunt or two, having to twist it grimly gritting teeth. Spreading Bren’s sex and enters the dry end about an inch, pulling the rope-ends to Bren’s wrists over her shoulders yanking while starting to pump. [Normal but urgent crying.] “Mistress…Gerry…you’re ruining me inside…And my arms are breaking…!”

“Argghh!” Gerry comes, flops on smaller girl and leaves in the huge, spiked dildo, saying “You deserve more, so I’m going to nap here on top of you, and - when you orgasm, l’ll wake and free you: Nice huh?”

“Mistress, would you pull out some, so my clit isn’t being stabbed and squashed? Please my sweet and lovely Mistress Gerry, let go my wrist-ropes? I’m throbbing with torment awfully - coming’s impossible.”

Gerry lets go the rope-ends, which slither over her girlfriend’s shoulders immediately, which shows their previous fierce tautness! At this, Gerry is surprised, so she rolls over sideways and lets the spiked, double-dildo come out of each of them about two inches. A couple of drops of blood mar Bren’s end.

“Oh, thank you so much, Mistress, I might never come again, but I won’t die!”

Gerry thinks perhaps she overdid it, but Brenda was very wrong. Kisses her mouth using tongue and waves it around inside, flicking tongue-tip in and out, rubs off the pink neck-marks and caresses Brenda’s sore boobs, until breasts are pink-and-white again: Gerry’s angry red indented finger-marks vanish.

Brenda: “Argghh!”

Gerry says, “Slave-Slut, you aren’t bad off as you thought are you? It pleases you to be tortured by me?”

Brenda says, with a rote repeating-her-lesson cadence, “If it’s good for Mistress Gerry, it’s good for Slave-Slut Brenda.”

Chapter 4 Captive

Gerry and Brenda cruise the University, looking at the students, concentrating on heavy-chested co-eds. The two of them quickly decide that it‘s too hard, to separate the busty girls in all cases, from her companions, since these girls look to be popular with both sexes. Tend to hang out in groups.

After two hours checking, give up on the runaways, near train and bus stations, who look young and rarely well-fed, except an unwashed baby-fat fourteen[?]-year-old who already looks much-experienced.

The hitch-hikers: Rather-raggedy and the hookers neither young, pretty or clean: Nutty, some of them?

Gerry says, “Louie may know all about women, but he knows zip about finding good-looking, sexy girls!”

Brenda suggests, “We could park outside the mall: Watch the shoppers. There’s all kinds of girls there.”

Soon they have been at the mall entrance long enough that one girl, a white-blonde in a filled-out overall and blue work-shirt, appearing twice on breaks, seems especially attractive, and Gerry wants her.

“Here’s all the duct-tape strips already cut, in 18-inch strips for feet and hands, the smaller one for her eyes, and the smallest for her mouth. Don’t tape her nose though because we want her alive!” Lightly sticks tapes by ends vertically, on the back of the two front seats, so the two abductors can reach them.

“Go ask her directions, or where she gets her hair done, or something. Doesn’t matter what, but come back here, saying you want her to talk to me about it. … Or if she won’t go for that, … any other reason. Even that you want to write a note of the address. … Anyhow, she has to be brought back to the van.”

Brenda goes up to blonde, who isn’t against telling her of beauty parlor especially since Brenda is ecstatic about her white-headed look: “It’s my real hair-color,” volunteers unfortunate, potentially, latently-voluptuous victim, smiling happily at her new supposed-friend: Wearing a special glow.

They come to the van, and Gerry pushes the blonde girl into the back, where she yells, turning about...

Lying on kicking feet, Brenda reaches the convenient duct-tape and winds her ankles with two of them.

Gerry has to hit her, plunging a big fist deep into the white-blonde’s belly: Knocks all her breath out, shutting her up: Gerry is able to duct-tape her eyes, mouth and wrists without much struggle-trouble.

Brenda says, “I’ll drive us back.”

“Help me wrap her in the rugs first.”

They already had two rugs unrolled from the University, train- and bus-station waiting-periods, and now Rita [for that was their captive’s name] lies on top of both flat, lumpy rugs, so all they have to do is roll the rugs up over her, and one rug covers her and the duo tighten the other rug around the whole bundle and use, to hold it in place. Before folding-down-in, one end of roll Gerry says to their taped-up captive:

“Can you breathe? Nod, if you can breathe …We don’t plan to really hurt you. …At least, not kill you.” Looks, and after a moment or two, sees a short nod.

“She’s okay…Let’s get going.” I’ll stay back here.”

They find out two rugs with the girl inside, are too heavy, and peeling one, they can manage carrying the girl inside one of the rugs. Gerry and Bren put her in living room, and ask her if she wants the bathroom.

She does: Gerry gives Brenda the knife and the duct tape so Brenda can go with her and supervise…

“You’re going to have to let her hands loose, but if you tell her, she’ll be cut if she resists, I think she’ll go along…”

“The thing is to tie her hands back together after, and if she won’t agree, call me and I’ll make her: I’m going to cook us all something and call Louie. Depending on if he wants us to deliver her now, we may be able to have some fun with her!”

Louie excitedly says, “You keep uh, her…twenny-four hours, see if you can get her to want to be a topless waitress. We take her and pay you your fifteen-hundred tomorrow, bring her to back door at midnight. I’ll be waiting. How big, her bosom, is?”

“I don’t know yet: Rita’s not a model-type. We could hardly carry her. She’s going to be what you like.”

“Rita? She Italian?”

“No. Like, the blonde Swede or German.”

“Oh. All right. Tomorrow at midnight, back door of club. O.K.?”


Brenda brings Rita out and Gerry says, “How’d you like to be a topless waitress? Good tips, meet men?”

Rita: “No way-I’m manager of The Cloddy Shop boutique - I’m satisfied - If you don’t release me this minute-“

[Cut off when Gerry signals Brenda to re-tape her mouth.] Gerry says, “That’s all right. You’ll ask us to do it yourself later. Actually I kind a’ like your mannish gear, but shiny buckles sticking out two-inches extra in front, show us you’re busty, and those pants are no good, if you’re seeking to hide a your round butt.”

In the guest bedroom, a “Violent-Patient Bed, with Heavy Restraints” awaits, and Rita is placed in it and strapped down. Gerry says “Bren, she’s your catch so do the honors…I’d say only ten strokes to start.”

Brenda picks up the “Medium” flogger and hits Rita’s chest five times: Her thighs, pussy and belly, five more. When whip hits tennis-ball-sized belly-bruise under shirt and heavy pants, radiating hot-spikes flash through Rita’s mid-section. Screams a little loud even with her mouth taped. “Mf-Aie-Muf!”

Gerry says “We’d like to see you naked, you can cooperate and take everything off or we’ll strip you and there’s be a punishment.”

Removes mouth-tape and Rita spits out, “Please don’t whip me any more… I’ll do what you want!”

They undo her restraints and Rita reluctantly strips to a very-full 38D bra, shows a small, attractively-rounded belly: Her panties tautly define a too-full, round bottom.

When Rita is standing - oddly her knees are very weak, like jelly - Brenda makes turn-around sign with her fingers. See her bottom and thighs - while too-heavy - are curvy, snow-white, very beautiful.

Gerry says, putting an arm around Rita’s shoulders, stroking with one finger, her delightful inner-thigh, “We’re lesbians into bondage and torture, so we’d like you to play with us a little tonight… Tomorrow you’ll go free, at least to a nightclub, and if you don’t want that job, you can take it up with them.”

Rita [thoughtfully] says, “I would suffer a little but nothing permanent, I mean no piercing or tattoos…?”

Brenda says, “I don’t think they’d like that, might lower your value, see, you’re supposed to be sexy…”

Gerry laughs, “You might even enjoy it: Try bra-removing slowly…That’s good, rub in-there, panties, off.”

When naked her nipples are red, pussy white-furred hardly a shade darker than white-blonde head hair.

Rita says, “All right, but keep it easy-going, remember I’m brand-new at this…”

Brenda says, “How’d you like to be eaten, I mean, I’ll kiss your breasts, mouth and suck off your pussy?”

Rita groans.

Gerry grabs the naked girl and slaps her face twice, hard. Throws her on the bed, pushing Bren atop her. “Go to it!”

“How dumb can you get, asking a Slut-Slave her permission!” Leaps and straps down Rita.

Next, Brenda is kissing her open-mouthed, licking and sucking Rita’s very-large, round -with red nipples -melons and pecks at her nicely-curved, alabaster thighs, chomping at that sparse-white-bushed pussy.

Rita comes “Argghh!’ And as Gerry inserted herself, face-up between Brenda’s legs, so does Brenda come! “Argghh!’

Gerry pulls Brenda abruptly out of the way, reverses herself: Her pussy put over Rita’s face: “Go on, Dummy, Slut-Slave-Rita, … it should be obvious, do to me what Brenda did to you.”

It takes a bit of doing because of her amateur-standing but Rita does eventually make Gerry come.


“Easy, nothing to it.”

“If you want to clean up, I’ll let you up, but you have to be shackled with the balls and chains.”

She agrees, and Gerry does so, saying to Brenda, “It’s easier than going to the can with her and re-taping all the time.”

When Rita rejoins them, Gerry and Brenda have already been in and out of the other bathroom together, and are drinking coffee at the table and eating cakes. “Come on over, yours is the blue cup there.” Invites Brenda.

“The one with the crack and the chip…” Adds Gerry. “So you don’t forget you’re the Slut-Slave.”

Rita is carrying a heavy cannonball in each hand and thinks, “You don’t have to tell me…” Rita is still feeling that punch in the belly from the van, and those ten hard whip-strokes. Thinking back, Rita can’t remember even being spanked as a child, and nobody ever punched or whipped her, even her bottom, much less her nice boobs, thighs and …pussy. Surely as women, they must know, you never hit there!

Gerry says, “We have an experiment for you afterwards.” Rita worries the whole coffee-break: … Is shown where her hands can be attached to a trapeze bar, and this bar is raised with a pulley to where she can’t touch the ground except on tip-toe.

They attach her despite her struggles and remove her balls and chains. A rope-bra is loosened to fit her, where she is bigger than the last victim [Brenda?] and the end loops down, to split open her cunt and form a crotch-rope, which is pulled up in back and tied taut to the trapeze bar. Her arms are now disconnected from the bar and back-tied. So she is suspended by her tits and pussy but it isn’t complete suspension, since she can stand on tip-toe. Every once in a while she gets tired on tip-toe, and lets down onto the balls of her feet, but her pussy, boobs and ass are rope-cut so bad, she can’t do it long and lifts her body back up to tip-toe. ‘Perhaps I can go back and forth like this and it won’t be so bad, on toes until tired, next down onto to the balls of my feet only a moment or two until the rope gets cutting-tight, back up…”

Suddenly Gerry and Brenda appear with peculiar devices, like paint rollers, but they having points sticking out instead of being flat.

“These are our little experiment …We can give you ten rolls with these on the tits, ass, thighs, and pussy or ten more whip-strokes, but for these, you’ll be naked and it’ll be ten hits with the ”heavy” flogger.”

“Up to you.”

Rita decides not to decide, so they pick half each, five rolls and five heavy-floggings.

Rita can’t believe how much the hard-rubber points hurt her nipples! “Aieeeeeee!” “Aieeeeeee!”

Gerry grins happily rolling the device back and forth, but leaves her tits, which Rita is sure are bloody: Everything pains worse because she was tits-and-pussy suspended, having forgotten to tip-toe. Hurts!

Gerry next rolls each of Rita’s inner-thighs, which is hell because she’s always been unusually-sensitive there! “Aieeee!” “Aieeee!” Her pussy however is the real killer but there’s only the one. “Aieeeeeeee!”

Gerry makes up for this by rolling up to her clitoris and down to her asshole: Steps back and it must be Brenda, whipping her poor innocent bottom so hard she is suspended the whole time!“ Rita blacks out.

Wakes strapped into the “Violent-Patient Bed”.

Gerry says “Good morning. We decided last night you would want to go to sleep early: After so many, to-you, very-unusual experiences. How do you feel about working in the night club now? Does topless-waitress work seem like something you could do, or are you a very-modest type?”

Rita is cloudy but says,”…It would make me want to cover myself the whole time. I wouldn’t be happy.”

“Brenda, that top comes off your little car and we’ve never had it off. Let’s go down and take it off.”

They leave Rita strapped to her bed and wondering what they had planned for her now?

Once downstairs, they look at the manual and it only takes four clips unclipped and a big stiff slide, slid, and the whole top is lifted off. With mostly awkwardness, not really difficulty - they lug the detached car-roof to the garage. They wrap Rita naked in a housecoat, Gerry’s: It’s too long and narrow, but they install her perched on the bench-seat in the back, long end of the housecoat covering her shackles balls and chains.

They drive to the park and tear off her coat, next circle the one-mile road three times, displaying Rita’s charms, which Gerry says, “There’ll be a punishment for every time Slut covers up. That’s three so far!”

Although she is most-uncomfortable and a little chilly, Rita stops covering up and Brenda says, “Stick out your tongue at that guy who’s staring!”

[Rita does.]

Gerry says, “I’m your Mistress and you obey me: Now see that handsome fellow… first, offer your tits by holding them out toward him, next, your pussy, kneel on the seat –cannonballs can go atop or between your calves– your back and head leaned back, throw your puss up, that’s good, reach behind with your hands and spread from the rear. Good. I think he’s got the message. …Slut, you can make the grade!

Here’s an older guy walking the dog, take this dildo, point to the dog, stick it into yourself! Great! You made their day, both of them!

This well-dressed lady coming up, For her a lovely strip might be good. Quick, put your coat back on.

All right, go slower now Bren, coast along. …Rita, pull it down to your nipples, flick them with your thumbs, roll your top all the way down the boobs! Show her your pussy, rear-spread it good the way you did before, with your mouth lean down, bite a nipple, hold it hard in your teeth, …bite down more, don’t let it go – or else – and pull your head way back, stretch your nipple as far as you can! …Okay, let go. Bite your other nipple, c’mon really hard, biting-down, pull it stretch-stretch-stretch, all the way back, back, back! Let it go. I see teeth-marks in your nipples, so you must have done it right.”

Rita thinks, ‘My nipples hurt like hell’, rolling closed the housecoat flaps and draping both her hands over her throbbing swollen red-tips…‘That may have been a joke to Gerry, but biting and stretching my nipples is really-terrible torment. Why did I have to? They’re up in front and can’t force me but I do it?’

“O.K., Brenda, you’d better go back before someone calls the cops…”

Rita, you can put your Mistress’ housecoat back on, for now. Don’t forget you owe us three punishments when we get back, you pathetic slutty slave!”

Chapter 5 Punishment

Gerry says, “Brenda’s going to spank you and make love to you, Rita. We’re both going to whip you, forty lashes but only with the “Light” flogger.

Rita pleads, but is taken by force, tied wrists above head and ankles with a short hobble, to lie across Brenda’s lap face-up, her large, attractive, perfect tits whacked more times than she can count… sharply aggravating her nipple-pain, it’s nauseating: My bruised-belly, armpits, front-thighs, inner-thighs and pussy. Each spank like a consecutive sharp stab to my vitals!

“No please don’t – not there!”

To no avail, though Brenda apologizes, and says, “I’ll do as little as I can get by with…” “Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!”

“I die…” Thinks Rita, as her pussy screams at her in three knifing signals, which zing down to her toes, bounce back up the back of her legs, burning and biting to attack her bowels with palpitating floods. “I’m starting to have to go…”

Turning her over, Brenda carefully spanks both butt cheeks, her butt-crease, and smooth back-thighs.

Moving to bed, Brenda lubes the huge, spiked, double-dildo and inserts the lubed end into herself, starts the dry end into Rita, who screams so much Gerry comes and ball-gags her:

Hurt mouth distracts from bowels and her torn, on-fire pussy?

“I know now, what a bottle, reamed with a wire-brush, feels like!” Rita is scraped raw inside, yet relieved: That it will be over when she’ll finish, bled out! Pounding non-stop: Throbbing gets worse!

Gerry says, “I’m calling Louie to tell him, she’s still holding out but has loosened up a bit.”

Brenda says, “You won’t hear much now unless it’s from me!” Thrusts as hard as she can, and Rita, opens eyes wide and closes eyes tightly in an attempt to show hurt, garner sympathy, but Brenda comes instead! “Argghh!” Collapses onto Rita: Lies on her tries to kiss around ball-gagged mouth: Impossible.

Rita is fastened to the trapeze bar, but upended, and the two lesbians flog her pussy five times each: “Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!” Her thighs, each one five times, “Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!”

Her round tits, hanging upside-down, five each boob, “Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!”

And her butt, each cheek five times “Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!”

Rita’s gorgeous white-blonde hair trails on the floor: Dark-blue eyes half-closed, is un-gagged: Pink, full-lipped mouth hangs open. Semi-conscious, Rita only hears a questioning-voice.

“Had enough, going to give in?” Asks Gerry. But there is no answer from Rita except… Slut’s body talking?

Brenda hunkers down holding whip and gag, looks at slack, sweaty face, niggling-doubts her well-being. Turns head, looks up at Gerry, Brenda says, “That’s forty, can I let her down? …I guess she’s out again!”

Gerry goes to the sink, fills a bucket with water and throws it on Rita, who wakes up, shaking:


“Yes-s-s-s-s,” to agree with whatever’s asked: That’s what Rita means: ‘If they’ll only stop hurting her, she’ll do anything.’

Gerry firmly and with satisfaction, says, “She’s broken. Louie’d like to see her tonight, any way he’ll pay our price: The white-blonde hair is what sold her!”

The End

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