by Garden Variety

Part 4

Cast of Characters

Susie – A newbie to the Net

Babs [also known as Babsie] – A full-figured Net girl

Pete – Her boyfriend, a geek, builds Babs’ website

All characters were more than eighteen by the time of the story.

CAVEAT: Activities described herein may be hazardous to health, so please don’t try this at home!

Story codes: F/F, M/F, MF/F, breast, BDSM, nipple, fellatio, hardcore, lesbian sex, chains, XX

Story so far: Babs, a good-looking woman, explains how she becomes first a foot-and-leg model, next a Net Girl: Because she has gigantic breasts. One of her shoes leads to bondage involvement. A girlfriend from way back, Susie, is roped in, being an old flame: Mistreatment gets worse and worse.

In “Papers, Panty Part III,” Babs and Susie get tortured the most: Susie is racked and Babs suspended.

As I’m walking home, a taller girl, and busty-looking too, comes up.

“Nice night, isn’t it?”

Does she think I’m going to fall for that? Befriend her, a stranger, while a weirdo in a black van slows at the curb? Suddenly, before I reply, hard hands grab mine. My portfolio and bag drop to the ground. “Aiee!” I scream as something fills my mouth. A black-garbed chap rear-handcuffs me. His muscles have muscles! I can’t get loose. Meanwhile, the girl I saw, is hustling me toward the van.

“Pete. And this is Babs. You’re with us now, Baby!” The man instructs the girl to fetch my parcels. I’m inside the van. Not sitting but lying on the floor. The door slams. The girl sits in the death seat. Throws my bags down. Higgledy-piggledy.

“You’ll get used as a Slave-slut, Honey. Your wants got like zero importance!”

So demanding, the man climbs in the back. The girl web-cams him stripping me! “Too many clothes!” He complains, ripping off my cuffs rudely and tearing down my raincoat, blouse and yellow bra. Fingers encircle my smallish yellow bra-cups, tingling me. I’m not so big on top. But, nice. He stops to suckle my tiny pink nipples. “Mfff!” I hit him on the head.

He grabs my hands and rear-cuffs me through some sort of ring behind I can’t see. I’ve stuck to the side of van at my back. I can’t talk, but he says, “You’ll stand a much better chance of surviving this evening’s “entertainment” if you cooperate! Will you, Bitch?”

I nod, agreeing, horrified, thinking "I’ll survive to tell police all about you, bastard!”

The woman clambers over the seat: Fixes her web-camera held there in the fold of her seat. She’s asking me while pulling my closer leg apart, cuffing it with another red plastic handcuff, “You want that gag out, you don’t scream, okay?”

I nod that I agree, so she removes the gooey red undie from my mouth. Not too soon, for I start heavy-breathing. The guy in black is eating my pussy! I didn’t know rapists did that! Why care about my pleasure? The woman strips and she’s even more bosomy than she looked! Huge hooters! What a pair. She presents me with each tit close-up, stuffs tits into my mouth! She kisses me while the black-dressed chap brings me off. If they’d not wrecked my clothes, I’d be grateful! I pull at my bonds while I orgasm! “Arggghhh!” I writhe back and forth, crying out hoarsely.

I’ll tell you a secret: This is a staged scene. It isn’t real, my abduction by these two. They’re family, the Pete guy is technically – but not biologically – my father and the girl is my mother, though Babs’s more my girlfriend. We’ve moved to a set in our garage, not really inside the van. But it looks like it is the van. We sell the videos and feeds to fans of our website. They asked for me to be abducted!

So with our humongous budget, we bought the mock-up prop van-insides. Everything, even those handcuffs. My yellow undies, the red one that was in my mouth, and Babs’ pretty transparent-pink silkies. We went and picked them all out, because every pair of those undies sell on our site for a pretty penny. You got no idea how much Babs and Pete make from panties: $50K so far, no let-up in sight. But one thing is real: That is us, Babs and me, our passionate love for one another. As is proven here, since I have to re-position…

Babs tells Pete my demand, that I can’t take 300 pounds atop me, squeezed up against the ‘van’ sidewall. With Pete and Babs both on top of me. He’s to shtupp both of us …that means fuck to you all. And I must be prone to put up with this! If at all! They stop the taping for once. I am released. I ask to walk around, stretch. “OK, but no changing clothes. Babs, you enforce it on Susie. Bitch!” We go outside our mock-up shell. Babs and I kiss wildly. I go afire. She’s no different: Pinked. Boobs galore, we’re tightly pressed up. Tongues intermix gently as possible. Hot, hot, hot!

I hear Pete yell, “Come back!”

“Bitches…” He mutters a near-normal tone. We return to his close, plastic-smelling room.

I’ve never been a hooker. But I know how easily-pleased men are. I go over to Pete and caress his thigh, his tool. He smiles and says, “If I suck it…” he’ll give me a single mattress under me. I let his dick out and kiss, sweetly looking up.

Pete doesn’t want any finesse. “Only the blow-job, Baby.”

I do as requested, licking his whole length, while he pushes my head ever-closer, and leans back, oohs and aahs a lot. Usual sucking and I try to deep-throat him, but he’s a bit too wide and long. Explodes! A rush of hot salty gunk floods into me without further ado. Recovered, I clean him, including what Babs taught me, using my palms about, to squeeze his last scum-drops out of his cock-tip hole: Tongue-lap them up.

I get tied flat on my back and Babs lies face-up on me…Heavy, about 130 but nice all over…Pete screws both our pussies at the same time! In and out, hard-thrusting: “Oh God!” I orgasm: “Argghh!” He thrusts into Babs’ cunt and pulls out, descends a bit: Shoves his wet and gooey dick into my pussy!

I don’t know why I feel so warm except it’s awful heavy with Pete leaning in on us, too. “Please stop!” I moan, meaning it. It’s too much for me even with Babs’ sweet eatable neck and ears: I lick in front of me. I must receive him four more times alternating with Babs, who moans and groans. Pete stops when Babs comes: “Argghh!” I don’t think I have anything to do with causing her orgasm…Pete comes copiously, spills out. “Oof!” He garbles noises; I’m only glad to be rid of such a weight: I only tip the scales at a hundred. Him and Babs together must near three hundred. I feel penetrated, flattened: Like a real rape. Even my head is sore and as for my body, forget it! They might as well finish me off! “Go ahead, Pete. Kill me now like a real rapist would!”

“No, Susie, you’re my little daughter, Baby.”

We’re in kind of a body-sandwich. That horrible whitish male-juice stink! Drips stickily over both of us girls. Babs turns to me, tries to laugh. Points at her long, red, erect nipples, says, “They never disappoint by deflating.” Babs sure is built: Big. Enormous tits. Pinkish-red. Wide aureoles. I suck, lick, bite, chew more.

Pete looks, shakes head, acting disgusted, wrapping up wires. “You go ahead, enjoy yourselves, girls. I’ll edit, cut your ‘Abduction’ video.”

He sulks: Babs nods, grins toward him, satisfied our Master gets to slave for us for once. “Poor Megilla…No pushing us around for him today.” I have his rotten surname too, as does my lover. I complain: It’s no improvement after Jones, my married name.

“It’s not Italian,” says Babs, “but Scotch-Irish, cut from McGillicuddy or some such name, a ways back.” There’s no help for it; now, we’re all ‘Megillas.’ “Ooh, I’ll go for more of that, Darling…”

Pete pokes his head out of the black-curtained area. “Get in here now, you two might as well learn to cut a vid.” We dawdle about going because we’re in love? Arms surround each other. Babs opens up and gives me a great deal of her thigh and leg talent. Without going into detail, I serve her better as a Mistress than I ever slave-slut previously to anyone. She is beautiful! Even there! Pete insists on tying our hands in front!

“It’ll make us less-useful assistants.” Tries Babs. He front-ties her arms around my milk-white low-back, and my arms are tied behind gorgeous Babs. My face only reaches her nice neck. Kissing, licking. Babs nibbles on me too…I enjoy the hot, extreme hug. After minutes pass, we close our eyes, moan, give away our ecstasy? Pete yanks gas masks-gags rough onto us. Taste plastic sink-plugs in mouths! We look ugly, monstrous to each? I shut eyes. Feel still works OK Babs’ soft cool loveliness?

[Fan’s Suggestion No. 1]

“I’d like Susie badly tortured naked: Her small tits pulled on roughly by a chain. Razor-sharp prongs imbedded deep into her itty-bitty pink nips. Connected by a tit-chain. Hauled down her flat belly by a bigger-gauge hefty chain to her taut-clamped pubis, hands. Covers it all with a jacket, so nobody can tell. Sent on a shopping mall expedition, suffering the whole time all through her sweet little body!”

We are in the van mock-up. Babs suits me up for a shopping trip. I’m clamped, piercing both my tiny pink nipples.

”I’m sorry, Honey. Nearly used to their bites now?" Babs attaches a hanging chain between; it swings painfully with each sway.

“Might I?..” I tentatively reach to stop the periodic hurts. “OK” I stop my tit-chain swinging; my fruit-like boobs still bother me. The chain Babs attaches to a larger chain hanging down my bare white belly and my pussy-lips are each clamped! Ow! Ow! This is worse than ever. I’m in great pain now and a padlock is attached, hasp open. “Oh, please remove this heavy lock and chain and those pussy clamps are murder!”

“It’s only while we’re out shopping.” Babs slides a red shiny plastic raincoat over my nudity and puts wrist-cuffs on me. “Slip your arms through.” Holds coat open so I can put my shackled hands in through sleeves, latches hang free. “Put your hands into the pockets.” There aren’t any inner pockets. My hands she attaches out of sight. “Thank you.” I kiss Babs as she strings my wrists together with chain leads, loops heavy extra chain over my wrist latches; clicks it together at my two pussy-lip clamps–tries ginger, it pinches–closes my red plastic mac.

Pain flows from my two zinging tits to my throbbing crotch as my tit-chain and pussy chains swing their paining tune, but no shoppers see. Only an odd girl in a reflecting thigh-length, red raincoat: White, thin thighs flashing. Platinum hair wiggling and shining. They can’t see my swaying-chained-tortured nudity inside. How my clamped boobs and pinched-pussy-lips burn me! That padlock drags on me! Tears build. I look uncomfortable: Face grimaced.

Babs says to Pete, “Susie isn’t smiling. Should we make her smile?” Pete stares into my long face. Each blow to my tits and pussy is signed there. I change to a phony smile immediately.

“I’ll punish Susie later for that.” Pete points, films continuously.

Tears flow down as I sit in a Food Court being spoon-fed ice cream and banana. Babs fingers away my wet face, says I must stop it. I can. Babs can’t rub my face dry, because Pete will make her eat the tissue! She won’t do it and will be whipped.

“It won’t be long now, Sugar.” Hugs my face with hers, since I can’t move my arms. I smile into her soft, pretty cheeks as she squeezes them close to me.

Pete web-cams our legs: Babs’ are fine and end in ruby slippers. He’s moving up our blond bodies with his web-cam. “Spread wider and pull down your necklines. Both! Right now, twerps!” Babs yanks at herself. Her big breasts bounce gently: Guess that underwire bra works for her. I wish I had huge boobs: I wouldn’t suffer like this. Nobody dares injure such beauties? I pull my red plastic, it’s so cheap and cheesy-looking! I swivel my tit-chain…My clamped, unseen little apples jingle-hurt-kill me!

[Fan’s Suggestion No. 2]

Susie should be paddled with absolutely the most severe paddle available the most number of times possibly until she’s bleeding! And naked in public if it can be managed. I love her! Thank you.”

I don’t know why but I am told to go to a Sex Shop. I give the note to the counterman. A graybeard pervert? He beckons a brunette girl and she takes me to the window, where I strip and pose. Naked, which I resist at first, but between the two wrestling me around, they rip my clothes off! Pervy counterman pulls my arms back and rear-cuffs me. The girl smiles nasty, twiddles my nipples! Pokes my boobs, to shouts of approval from a semi-circular audience outside.

Sometimes she laughs in my face and reaches, pinching toward my tormented boobs? They push me over on my hands and knees to near where a small crowd is gathered outside, staring mostly at my face and weeny hanging tits. Next a huge, holed, metal-riveted paddle is displayed by the dark girl in front of my hurt eyes. I cry. The duo take turns beating my bottom with it, awfully hard. I hurdle forward an inch or two with each plop! The man drags me back into position I’m sure my butt bleeds. I see blood drips below my middle. Sometimes my pussy is hit and always my asshole! The crowd is roaring and saying “Beat her tits.” And thighs, which the girl starts in to do immediately. I’m near-collapse: Pete and Babs show, rescue me.

“You’ve got to slap Babs’ face hard.”

I don’t want to. She looks scared. It’s bad enough to hit anyone, even an enemy, I don’t have an enemy, but a lover, impossible! I weep.

“You’ll get it worse if you don’t. I mean, paddled with our heaviest.”

Pete taps my sore butt. It’s enough to convince me: I still hurt there just from a pat. Her hair’s in the way: Pete moves the curly waves to her ear. I hit her lovely face fairly hard. My right.

“Not good enough. Do it again, Slave-slut!”

He adjusts her dark-blonde hair sideways again. Wham! I hit Babs, so hard Babs’ face is turned away!

“OK, next one with your left on her other side. If you slug her that hard again, I’ll let you off with one more.”

More hair-comb. I hit her as hard as I can with my left. Wham! I raise Babs up off the floor after. Weeping. We hug, crying and leaning together. Pete lets me off, we rush out to our van. Our bare legs flash. The counterman films the whole thing. The thin dark girl seems like to bust. Guess we made her day…

End of part 4

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