by Garden Variety

Part 3

Cast of Characters

Susie – A newbie to the Net

Babs [also known as Babsie] – A full-figured Net girl

Pete – Her boyfriend, a geek, builds Babs’ website

All characters were more than eighteen by the time of the story.

CAVEAT: Activities described herein may be hazardous to health, so please don’t try this at home!

Story codes: F/F, M/F, MF/F, breast, BDSM, nipple, fellatio, hardcore, lesbian sex, chains, XX

Story so far: Babs, a good-looking woman, explains how she becomes first a foot-and-leg model, next a Net Girl: Because she has gigantic breasts. One of her shoes leads to bondage involvement. A girlfriend from way back, Susie, is roped in, being an old flame: Mistreatment gets worse and worse.

In “Susie, Panty Part II,” Susie’s exhibited, moves out of her digs, becomes a regular part of the Babs-Pete-Susie menage, is kept naked and chained. Caged and stomped, requiring a recovery period.

Thump! A heavy, hard object hits my right breast and wakes me! It’s Pete’s arm, that he throws across my tits. We’re in bed, all three of us, myself in the middle.

Pete tells Susie, across my body, tweaking each of her small nipples in turn, [Ow! Ow!] “Go make our coffee and breakfast. Sign our adoption paper.”

Susie moans, slides partway out to sit over at my far bedside. Stops to turn back and kiss me sweet, warm and passionately, holds my boobs a bit, caresses ’til Pete yells, “Get going!..Slave-slut!”

We’ll marry and adopt Susie as our daughter! Ridiculous? She’s the age I am: I love Susie, not Pete! It’s for taxes. We make too much! Our panties sales alone are worth $25K so far. Susie’s a part of that. My pants-income accounts for most of it. There’s website subscriptions worth nearly $150K a year, and we’ve only started. Last year we paid nearly the high tax bracket. But no more, according to our tax advisor: We’re all right if we marry each other and adopt Susie. But our little blond cookie turns out difficult. Won’t sign with us. I work on her: she knows Pete to be my husband: Doesn’t want that.

Pete thinks up ingenious ways to force her to do our bidding. He gets out of bed on the other side from Susie and grasps her wrists, shackling her and yanking down her ankles, which he shackles. “I oughta gag you.”

“Thanks for nothing.”

He doesn’t and Susie’s turning back toward me, her shackled hands kept low – I feel her sad, cold links – she kisses me again on the lips, a warm brush, before rattling away in her chains. Pete walks around, gets back in bed and immediately falls asleep. Above his snores I hear the clash of pots and pans downstairs: Naked-chained, teeny-tit-girl Susie works madly downstairs.

While soon-to-be adopted-daughter Susie labors over a hot stove, spattering fat on her little round titties, Ouch!, Babs kisses Pete’s chest sitting on his hot groin. He from below gains her pussy entrance without preparation, ripping her more than satisfying!

Lifting off to make penetration more difficult, Babs says, “Oh, no, Pete, Darling, not yet, I’m not ready!” Shimmying herself from side to side… Heh, heh!

“I know you’re not! But you’ll take it and like it, or else!” [Smashing smoothly oversized, reaming dick-thrusts rushing upward into Babs dry. Large hands squeeze gigantic pinkish-red hangers.]

Each time I bound forward, my head nearly bangs Pete’s face, but not quite. He tries to wreck me! Rocking me up onto him, he’s grasping my boobs and pulling, tweaking my nipples! Too, too, too much! “Please don’t yank my tits, Pete Baby!”

“How’s this instead?”

Open-mouthed kissing, he grabs my butt-cheeks and hauls me fiercely too-hard onto his cock! He’s hitting my cervix! Pussy-reamed, dry! “Pete, please please stop a minute…I’m sore already…I’ll suck you off in place of this if you want…?” [Panting, hair sticks up.]

“…O.K., but you’ll owe a punishment and Susie too for this rejection!”

I don’t know why this is. Petite, white-blond Susie didn’t do anything…I go down on Pete thankfully. I raise myself as my hands hold his hipbones to balance my large breasts: Wide pinkish-red aureoles and long dark red nipples…Scoot lower by a wee distance to his not-hairy groin. With the camera taking us in from the foot of our queen-size bed. It sees right up my pussy and into my asshole. How demeaning, cheap and rotten. But I owe it to my fans…Hunker-balled, I squeeze my own tits into his thighs.

Pete folds his arms behind his head, grinning: “Go to it, Slut-slave!” His eyes glow pleasure…

I fill my lips and mouth with his dick and suck his cock-head, kiss, lick all along his dick’s length. He thrusts whole in my mouth, the wide head-part scores down, totally blocks my throat. Pete’s so excited now. My little or no expertise caused by inexperience with guys’ dong-desires. I trouble-breathe, avoid panicking but only just…He likes it, arches his pelvis, huffs and puffs; I grasp his tight, small, smooth bottom from underneath.


Feel a blast of come roar down my throat, its force nearly shoves my mouth off, but manage to hang on to his tip. I can breathe! Breathe hard... Dizzy from lack of air… It’s close… Regain myself, I press with my two palms from the base of his partly-hairy member. Squeeze it up, push out his gooey fluid. Lick out the last drops from his cock’s tip’s little hole.

“O.K., but you neglect my balls.”

Holds both my enormous roundish tits…Squeezing too hard, moving his hard fingers from the base of my real, soft, gigantic hooters: Pressing hard fingertips right into my wide aureoles and lengthening ever more, my long, red nipples. Letting go, my tits snap back shaking and jouncing.

“Please stop you’ll kill me Pete!”

“I know, and I want you to hurt, Babs, Baby…It’s good for you to…”

Smiles at my anguished face; kisses my nipples, licks me all over my sucked-cool tits...

Downstairs Susie takes the food off the stove, finding difficulty in taking shortened steps with shackled ankles and her arms gathered in wrist-cuffs. Pete removes a fried egg from his plate and squirts hot yellow yolk at Susie.


“Don’t wipe! …You lick her boobs clean, Babsie!”

I bow onto Susie’s fruity tits, though my mouth is still sore from the blow job.

“Use your lips and tongue more, Babs.” Pete encourages.

He eats, Susie kneels alongside his chair, leaps up like a begging pet: At egg, sausage and bread scraps, he holds by fingertips and moves up away laughing as she leaps but misses. Falls back crashes down painfully onto her white, round knees. Apple-round boobs shiver up and down. Her anguished face pleads at me! Would like to kiss Susie’s greasy mouth! I so wish I’d help my petite?

Finally driven nuts by her own cooking smells, Susie raises chained hands and grabs Pete’s hand, bites off his hanging burnt fried-egg sliver.

“Lower paws now, Slave-slut! ...If you say you love me, and don’t like Babs, you eat this…”

It’s a half a sausage-link.

“I love you Master Pete,” croons my bunned-up white blond-head. “I don’t like Babs…”

Unconvincing…Since she turns sad, teary-slaty, gray-blues to me.

“Keep your shackles down out of my way, Slave-slut. …Here you go!”

Shoves the half-sausage into her lips and squashes it into her greasy mouth! Grasps her left boob and her neck, shakes her body. Susie swallows but with difficulty.

“Now for your other one!”

Grabs her smaller right round tit, Pete chokes her, shakes her entire body until she’s thrown up against the table-edge! Into her mouth, Pete squashes part of an egg. Terrified, swallows egg-gulp: Starving, crying. Rubs her nape of neck where it hit the table. Yolk drips warmly onto her pink nipples, belly, even down to her pussy.

“Hands down!”

He slaps at her limp, pale chained hands. Pete pulls us by our plump upper arms, front-chained Susie displays her peeking egg-smeared little round boobs. Her medium-fruit-tits redden. [I had at fourteen!] Ankle-chains rattle.

I say to Pete, “Aren’t you awful hard on poor petite Slave-slut, Darling…?”

I close my body in, touch his, tempt him to yield to my fervid advances…Feels great to lay my tit-power on him.

He lets go of my chubby round upper arm and holds up a paper which is the adoption consent Susie won’t sign.


Lays her down on the rack, disconnects her ankle-shackles to spread her legs. Grabbing her ankles, he yanks each to strap her legs taut. Pete sets up a camera to peer into her pussy and ass from between her legs! Looks at horrid photo from his phone to preview, Pete nods to himself. Runs his hands down Susie’s belly and thighs, grins, jabs fingertip into her open pussy-slit! …Goes over to a trapeze-bar with wrist-cuffs attached: Makes me shiver because I know those wrist-cuffs are meant to control my sweet little hands…Grapple and clench my fingers since soon I won’t be able to?

I whisper: “He won’t hurt you if you agree, Susie?”

Pete is beckoning to me with a smile…

“I can’t ever agree to that paper. …Only I hope Pete doesn’t hurt you too much, my Babsie?”

Hold her small, lovely, white rack-attached hand briefly. Sad love-look at Susie… “I got to go…”

Walk over to Pete and my waiting bondages.

“Before I start this, you’ll take forty with the medum-flogger, Babs?”

I grimace: “Yes, if you split them up between spots.”

Up over my head, Pete hauls off my soft cotton sleep-shirt way to my ass, white-with-teensy-red-hearts. I’m naked and my warmth went with it. Mighty full, world-class breasts bounce and sway. Dark-blonde hair in face. Yanks my arms into chains.

“Can’t have an unkempt Babs…” Pete harshly brushes wavy hair out of my eyes.

Pete stands kissing-close face-to-face in front of me, but instead focuses his camera. Latches into a trapeze bar cuff over my head – first one wrist, next my other one, making my giant breasts stretch, elevate, vulnerably stick out. Feel cool underneath them: I’m not usually exposed to air there…

He adjusts my unusually-lovely feet. A smirk is all they get. He cuffs them to the floor. A shoulder-width spread guarantees my open pussy, which doesn’t bear much of a tawny bush nowadays.

“Should I whip your fat thighs or these obnoxious babies?”

Teases me by raking my thighs and brusquely handles my magnificent boobs. I sigh audibly. “Neither Pete, try my bottom…”

It’s my least-painful spot. He grins, awful-knowing and picks up a flogger: The medium one. I protest nobody’ll notice if he light-flogs. Pete snaps a gag in my mouth instead. Looks through his camera and is satisfied.

Glances back at Susie on the rack, walks quickly over, levers her down tight.

“Ulp! Please a bit less-taut, Master…” With a gray-blue teary glance…

He loosens Susie’s lever a click…”

Oh, thank you, Master…” Pete dashes upstairs and returns with a white paste in a bowl which he jab-smears on Susie’s tiny pink nipples, topping flattened boobs.

At her alarmed eyes: “Only a bit of sugary water, Baby!”

“You take half again as many, Slut-slave?”

Pete thrashes my tits shatteringly with his medium-flogger: It seems ‘heavy’ to my welted boobs. Uppercuts, burns a stroke into my pussy…


Suddenly a flurry of circular flops of his whip hit my sensitive spread-thighs! Flick! Flick! Flick! Flick! Flick! Flick!

“No, Master Pete, I can’t…”

I cry, flow tears, chokingly-gagged, incoherent. Strokes rip me to pieces. I shudder pain, shake my fat red-slashed appurtenances. He nods, throws his whip onto floor.

Turns back, he opens a clear Ant-vial. Onto Susie’s breasts!


She’s screaming while the red ants bite her nipples. Unfolding crinkly sounds. Pete waves his consent paper, but Susie demurs her head sideways in-between yelps of pain. Aie! Pete pours more white sugar-paste on her pallid body from her tits to her belly-button and down to her less-than-hirsute mons. Susie screams more as red ants trot along her white sugar-trail. Stop to bite. That horrid biting! Her pale flesh eaten! Swelling up in places. Itching crazily. Blood drips. Susie jerks wildly. Pete cranks lever, flattens her taut: Lets go, calm-studies the stretched white-blond’s misery, returns to my area, picks up, waves his flogger happily.

“Now I’m going to see what you’re made of…”

A sporadic, every one a yelping pain although my cries silent, whipping of my huge tits, my pussy and my thighs, followed by my back and ass…


[Muffled-cry penetrates gag, head-motions to free Susie.] Pete grins negatively. Swishes whip.

Goes back over to the rack, lowers and releases top of vial, more fire ants drop on Susie’s thighs: Pours remaining white paste from his bowl onto her separate legs, upends bowl outing drips over her nice neck, straitened armpits and her curvy upper chest. Fire ants go mad, scatter all over Susie’s paleness, follow the white paste drops. Suddenly they rear up and bite all at once. Susie howls with the pain…Arches her bottom which makes Pete tauten, ratchets lever one slow loud click: White-blond, ant-bitten petite flattened to the bed of the rack. Obvious tense muscles stand out: Lines of torment show where Susie is stretched to her absolute pain-filled limit. Pete elevates his hands, acts as if he’ll smack her thin tight thighs…Won’t really hit Susie.

She curses him, “You overdo it – you kill me, Master Pete…”

Pete laughs and comes back to me. Whipping inexorably my tits, thighs and pussy! I vibrate. See color splotches throb in front of my eyes. I know it means I’m near blackout! I hear Susie say she’ll sign if only Pete stops hurting me…”Mfff! Mfff!” I try to stop her, but he’s fast and unlatches her right hand, she’s signing but I can’t see properly…I’m losing it, the blurs take over in front of my eyes, fuzz my vision. My last sight is cruel black-garbed Pete re-attaching, strapping Susie’s arm.

End of part 3

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