by Garden Variety

Part 2

Cast of Characters

Susie – A newbie to the Net

Babs [also known as Babsie] – A full-figured Net girl

Pete – Her boyfriend, a geek who built her website

Minor characters include two Police in a prowl car

All characters were more than eighteen by the time of the story.

CAVEAT: Activities described herein may be hazardous to health, so please don’t try this at home!

Story codes: F/F, M/F, MF/F, breast, BDSM, nipple, clamps, cage, fellatio, lesbian sex, stomping, XX

Story so far: Babs, a good-looking woman, explains how she becomes first a foot-and-leg model, next a Net Girl: Because she’s got gigantic breasts. One of her shoes leads to being involved in bondage. A girlfriend from way back, Susie is roped in, being an old flame: Mistreatment gets worse and worse.

I’m in chains. A small white-blond girl in a cage. It only fits me. My wrist-shackles link through my ankle-shackles. I can’t unfold from my hunker-down if I want to. And I do want to, so I pull up an inch. That’s all there’s room for me to do. My wrists and my ankles both complain, but not too badly. I accidentally stretch them. I’m naked? Well, I am. It’s cool in here: A dungeon. I cry a little. Pete’s stirring upstairs? A thump, a fall. Must’ve kicked Babs out of bed to floor! A new low. He’s real cruel.

They appear on the staircase. Babs my girlfriend says they’re moving me in with them. So we are going to my place to get my stuff. Looking at a silky yellow bra and panties with my glowing eyes. Babs gives me undies, unlocks my cage door and my shackles. Unnecessarily fingering my wrists and ankles. I put my bra and panties on, kiss her deeply. Position myself as close as I can to my lover. How warm and juicy Babs is! Strength, Babs-taste, goodness, warmth flows into me! Her giant bust presses against my littler one! Nipples to nipples squeezed-in-on, I’m tiptoed, my face presses to Babs’ Happy, near-laugh. Could comfortably stay in our hug for days if I’m allowed to…

I see Pete, who knocks me on the side of my head with his whip-handle, ordering, “Get those on and out the door to the car now!”

I hate him. He is not hairy, if I have a reason. I like men with facial hair, short beards anyway, that after three days soften and don’t scratch my fairness unduly. I know I’m unusual in this. Lean, angular Pete doesn’t have much hair, even on his head. Hurt, I rub my temple where he hit me for no good reason. Nod. Separate myself reluctantly.

Babs says, “You move out of your place in underwear.” It must be a punishment. I ought to complain that I can’t move stuff near-naked because of the rough work, but I don’t. It won’t do any good and they’ll hurt me more later if I resist.

We arrive at my place. “Your shoes and socks!” Pete snaps his fingers and I off them both. I’m barefoot in my yellow bra and panties. I feel cold as I get out. Feet soles don’t like the hard pebbly ground. The car only barely stops. I push my bare feet crunched onto the cold ground and wobbly stand. A hand on my butt pushes me forward. Pete again.

Babs appears and consoles me saying, “It’s only for a little ways.” Babs’ big moist blue eyes add ‘Darling’. Scared anyone sees my bra and panties, I hoof for the door, but my landlady open-mouthed glares from a curtain-opening. My skin goose-pimples. Babs pulls me inside where Pete slaps my bottom familiarly, as small a target as it is, his hand clapping a sharp hard hit! Crack!

The landlady says, “You owe me two days, Slut!”

Babs covers me with her larger body, promises angular harridan, “You’ll get it, how much?” A twenty changes hands.

Propels me up the stairs with his one hand on the back of my bra. Next, Pete charges in front. Rather brutally shoves me aside. I stare at his small black-clad ass. At the top, he turns and viciously says, “There’ll be a punishment for that! And right now!” Ropes my hands and ankles taut so I hurt. Hauls me up the top step and into my room. Throws me to the floor! Takes out shiny-sharp-toothed, chained-together clamps and slowly lowers my yellow bra, staring down into my eyes, clamps my nipples: First my left small pink nipple is sunk-into painfully with shiny imbedded teeth; next awful metal teeth bite into my right tiny nipple. “Ye-Owww!” As my tit-chain sways it pulls me horridly alternating right nipple bite, left nipple bite, over and over.

“Take that off, her pants too,” he says to newly-arrived Babs, who puts cash into her purse. She unsnaps my now-useless yellow bra, gently-but-quickly removes my bonds, unroping and re-roping my arms, yanks down my panties, stopping to untie my cute ankles, to re-tie them afterwards.

"Skin-tight ropes," the guy indicates.

But Babs leaves a little space, saying to furious Pete: “You gotta hurt Susie?” Can’t help loving Babs!

“She stared at my butt on the stairs.” Pete replies, wraps a heavier-linked chain onto my tit-chain, next my wrists and ankles-ropes…I can’t move at all: Burning. He clicks an unnecessary padlock to my tit-chain, just to make me suffer the more. It does. An involuntary whimper slips out of me. “Ee-oooh!” He’s got a black, plastic garbage bag. I worry it’s for my head: That’d finish me. I nearly wish for my life’s end. Grins evilly knows he increased my suffering greatly: “Let’s bag her undies here.”

Slaps Babs’ poor face twice each way. “Waah!” I jerk to protect her but only yank on my tits and ankles. Waver and totter. Pete laughs as Babs obediently fills his bag partway with my used bra and panties. Pete’s rushes over to my half-filled laundry-hamper: Kicks it brusquely toward Babs with a 'tham' noise. “Pour that stuff in here!”

Babs arduously lifts my laundry-hamper. I admire her enormous breasts as they elevate, reshape when she moves her arms. Her bulbous ass and thighs tighten in her shift. Even her plump arms are sexy…She’s blonde too, but darker. My light, small clothes roll out of the hamper into Pete’s black plastic bag. He knots bag’s top and ties it. “Ought to fetch a pretty penny!”

Must I go through every move they made? The only thing of importance besides my always-continuous tit-torment; burn, throb, swaying chain, padlock-weight wobble, my wrists-ankles and tits, wrapped-chain attached, is: Babs says, “I’ll replace Susie in her misery, if you loose her?”

Pete lets Babs release me. I’m so happy I hardly notice the return-circulation stings in my snowy boobs: Round, peachy with tiny, pinkish-red tips. Babs holds out her hands, Pete imprisons them, slowly clamps her long red nipples, bearing wide pinkish-red aureoles. He watches her eyes roll in pain.

Babs is conical-titted and fills a 36DD-bra to bursting. I enjoy to suck nice huge tits, drool over her giant breasts. “Not now, little slut.” I wish they didn’t say that. I’m not, never have been. I’m good. All I want is Babs, really. I don’t care if they do give up my place. I’m willing to be a homeless refugee, dependent on another’s every whim: Though it scares me to not have a place to rest my head.

Anything for my lover, I’d love to say but I cannot. I make my eyes state this to poor Babs. My ankles are freed but the chain and ropes are put on her, who I love. “You lock this on her and make sure you hurt Babs!”

“It’s all right, Baby, really.” I snap the heavy padlock and pull it down slightly. “It’s Oh! Killer!” Babs shouts as her heroic boobs lean, sagged to her tied wrists. She raises an inch, only to yank her ankles up, which collapses her over!

I rush my hand beneath her sweet head to prevent Babs from hitting the floor, but her bottom lands bang-hard! Babs bounces her butt. Pete laughs, says, “You better work on filling these boxes, Slave-Susie!”

I get up naked, neglect my chained and tied-tight lover lying abjectly down there. “Go ahead, Susie!” red-butt Babs encourages pathetically. I know the clamps, that weight, chew into her.

I pack naked, see my girl watch me from her corner. Pete shoves a lamp in a box. “Seal that.” He punctuates four quick stings on my torn apple-tits, my ass; my pussy throbs back hungrily, my thighs tingle surprise as Pete runs his hands over me familiarly. Slaps my ass, tits, thighs and even my teeny pussy all over again.

”I can’t!” He raises hands as though about to initiate a third slap-series on my hand-printed body. Start to snivel. “Please undo Babs Master Pete. I’ll blow you, anything!” I can’t help whimpering out a squeal of plea, my horrible offer.

He’s undoes his pants on the spot. There’s a little too much of him, darkly flexible and threaten-uncoiling. But I don’t know, ‘cause I’ve only a bit of experience. “Lick my balls first!” Pete demands, hauls me down to kneeling. I perform there and then. Details? I hate Pete: So male taste and smell are abhorrent to me. Hasn’t changed his underpants lately? I wet his nearly-hairless scrotum with my tongue, ‘til he says “That’s enough.” Next I slurp his dong up and down with my tongue as slowly as I can. I know he’ll enjoy this? I can’t help myself, a total love-submissive. Though I throb in secret spots?

It’s the next part I like, sucking him entirely-filling inside my mouth! I can’t fit all his tool, but try anyhow. His cock’s in about two-thirds. The head of it, I swallow; it’s too wide too. I choke a bit for a moment but luckily he climaxes. Boom! Explodes into my throat. He pulls out, allows air, drips on my left nipple, moves himself over to drip onto my right nipple.

“Lick ‘em off!” Pete demands.

I insert my own nipple all the way into my mouth and bite into myself! I use my hands to pull and push up my little tit, which isn’t quite long enough to easily reach. He insists I lean my head to vertical and beyond, but my boob won’t stretch. it hurts badly, wrenches pain spreading below as my wounded tit slips out and bounces. There’s tooth-marks in my nipple. “Good enough! Now the other!” I do it. My other boob pains me as I stretch my right tit up and bend back my head. Both tits zing hurt. Cry. My whole chest – two sides - ribs and belly radiate hot, pointy zip-shots of throbbing hurt. Console, caress myself lightly.

Pete hunkers down and yanks me over his lap. Spanks me! Half a dozen quick slaps to my butt. My hands have to hold the floor or my head would hit. I still vibrate pink and well-tortured. When next he stands, throws me sideways to the floor. Pulls up his pants and says “Books! What’s a slave-slut need with books?” Rips out two pages from my Keats. Destroys my precious poetry book by tearing it in half and tossing it in the trash! Sticks his two torn-out pages onto Bab’s running nose and says, “Blow!” Shoves resulting mucus-covered paper in my face, saying “Chew these up good.” I chew but it’s awful – gluey – indescribable? One hand clutching my nape-of-neck, Pete forces me to spit my pages-mouthful out in his hand; strides over, grabs my beautiful lover, shoves paper waste in Babs’ mouth.

“You learnin’ from my lesson?” Aims his camera at her repelled, teary wet-page-stuffed face. From behind Babs, Pete grasps my arm. Yanks me over into camera-view. “Let’s get stuff boxed. Walden? Leaves of Grass? What rot!” He rips more of my favorite books apart, trashes them. I grab a dozen novels, biographies, box them before he dumps them. My petite white titties, bottom-cheeks, sway and tremble as I tear tape, seal the box up, say I’d ‘improve if I were clothed.’ My puffy titties swing. Deformed, swollen, bright-red nippled. Sticks camera-eye practically up me, Pete says, “When home.”

I only fill six boxes and the black plastic sack! Babs gets loose. I smooth and soothe her clamp-dents, chain and weight-distorted nipples. Sizzles line her pretty face. She kisses me and caresses my ligature-lines, says she’s “Sorry, but her fans.” I nod sadly. I know how sick they are. They want Babs naked in chains full-time. She can’t because others ask her to strip at the start of each video. So instead I’m kept naked and chained the whole time.

Pete keeps our soiled undies, says they’ll be worth a lot of dough to us all when we sell them. I ask again for my outer clothes. He says that reminds him. Digging through my clothes-box, he removes my best lavender dress, a cream suit and a gold blouse-and-skirt outfit. Stopping me with one hand, staves me away. I lose my balance. Next it is Babs’ turn, Pete slaps her very-vulnerable large tits and she retreats. Rips my best frocks to pieces, while intermittently fighting Babs and me off with one hand; we land on the bed and floor.

Pete laughs, holding a piece of random cloth that was once my Sunday best, and says, “A slave-slut needs no clothes. Be glad you still own some!” Leers at my petite bod. Fakes a kick at my nudity. I cry, shrink teenier, a reddish-skinned tearful ball. Babs moves closer to me. I feel her softly, nice body heat. I raise my face to her wet kisses.

Naked, I get back my money from the landlady. It’s close to six hundred dollars. She sneers, looks me up and down, my nearly-bare snatch, deformed tits and cheats me out of a hundred and fifty for ‘clean-up.’

“You have a pocket.” Pete points to my pussy. I plead with my eyes. It does no good. I finger-spread myself stretching my legs open. Babs inserts the dough into my sex! Gently she rolls it inside but her cold hard money coil still flicks against my pink tendernesses. I adjust my inner skin to pressure. Wiggle my body. Close up with package inside me. Pete thanks Babs and landlady, films us.

I sit in our car naked. It’s really chilly on the seat. My nearly-bare sore and filled pussy wants to tuck itself out of sight. I can’t feel my front, but my back and my arms are cold. I cross my arms and hold them which helps. “Stop that! No covering up your tits, Slave-slut! Here, jam this on her neck, Babs and make sure it’s totally tight. Clip her leash on too.” A black leather leash with brass brads in it is held up, and a separate black-leather collar, buckle-down.

Hands his black collar to Babs, who lifts my white hair, attaches it flush to my pale neck with a regretful look. Next clips a long leather strip to a hasp on its back, handing the end to Pete. “Wrap it tight to the wheel for now. I got to drive.”

Pete happily twangs his taut leash strip every few minutes, makes me jump, my neck yanks, head leans and my burning tits flounce about wild. He beeps his horn to make the other drivers look. I squinch my eyes. Babs whispers, “It’ll only be five minutes.” I break out in tears, though they can’t hear my cry. I sniffle a bit.

Babs asks if she can wipe me. “Go ahead, but use a paper tissue. You’re gonna eat it.”

A resentful side-look from my largish girlfriend in response. This is the one thing that makes Babs revolt. “I won’t!”

“You’ll pay when we get back!”

She wipes me, throws the tissue in a trash bag. Pretty soon Pete pulls up angrily, unties my leash and yanks me out his side. Traffic zooms by us with the occasional loud beep. Beep! Pete tells Babs, “You aim this camera at us and film Slut here crawling, next yourself stripping…Yes, out here, Babsie!” Sticks the eye into her hand and plunks me down to all-fours. In the middle of our street! I should’ve known this was to come!

I look back at my boxes in the back seat and trunk. “You’ll unload later, Slave-slut! First, you both get punished!”

Babs shakes her head while I’m half-drug to the door. I fall, he drags me on gravel-strewn ground and my breasts and thighs scrape!

“Pete, you’re getting too carried away with your master persona!” Babs is yelling.

He’s still into it. Grins, pushes her off, she dashes into her bedroom. I stand up, off my hands and knees to follow.

“Stay down, slut!” Pete hollers at me. And I get back on my red knees, sore now. Throws a bra and panties to me. “’Cause of my promise. Doesn’t mean you get out of a severe punishment you owe!” He rushes off to the bedroom. I see Babs half in a bra. “You do what I say!”

“Uh, Pete Darling…You are too much into it at the moment. Give us a bit of space. And stop pointing your eye-thingie at me, I’m not ready. Let me dress and do my face?” I see at the bottom of their door, my lover’s curvy naked legs and his, straight black pants. He knees Babs hard in her middle!

“Oof! You bastard!” He’s tying her hands behind while she’s lying held flat to the bed. A knee right in her butt.

“There, don’t squeal or you’ll be gagged.” Turns Babs face-up, pulls down her blouse and wrenches loose her pointy bra-cups. Frees red nipples topping pink aureoles and enormously-fat tits. Twists her long nipples horribly. Babs screams. “Aieeeeee!” Feels, grabs her giant tits; squeezes, extends inches, snaps nipples! He’s reaches over to a shelf, moves a gag closer. “You’ll regret that yell.”

I can’t watch, so I crawl in and say, “Please stop hurting Babs. Do with me as you wish instead, Master Pete.”

He looks over my abject humility and says, “That’s good. Let me get done here first. You start on the unloading. Yes, in your scanties, but you can wear sneaks.”

It breaks my heart to describe what happens next: Babs kicks Pete in the kidneys with both feet! From her lying face-up position on the bed. Pete reels and drops his camera, but it films the scene from its low angle. Effectively, if with an experimental flow to each side? As you might’ve seen, I froze. Babs follows up her advantage by wrapping her strong legs around Pete’s waist and pressures him hard. He can’t untwist her feet, although he whips them.

“For God’s sake, unlock her ankles, Susie, I’ll help you with your boxes if you do.”

I go help, I’m sad to say, and unlink Babs’ feet from him, my eyes pleading into hers. Forgive! I thought of my near-naked self and the four biggest boxes I can’t move especially from the car trunk! Ouch! My regretful reverie interrupted by more tit-and-pussy pain.

Pete is jabbing my fruit-tits with Babs’ toes. Oww! He even stabs my pussy with both her toes! It’s really-bad pain! I back up, but he says, “Stay there and take it, little Slut-bitch!” I move forward and I’m struck twice more right in my puss, once a toe flicks my clitoris.

”Aieeee! It’s too much! I can’t do this any longer, Master Pete.”

I back away. He lets go Babs’ feet with one hand, grasps onto my leash, drawing me back down to kneeling. “You go start on dressing your tootsies, loading out into here: I’ll finish up Babs.” As I leave, he’s tickles the soles of her twichy feet, studying results: Babs’ redfaced uncontrollable giggles. Pete’s watches, twiddles, runs fingers back and forth on the soles of Babs’ feet.

In our dungeon, you’ve seen my video, my hands reach down to the camera and straighten it out. Next a view up my feet as I toe first into my tennies. See plainly my thin white thigh-muscles tauten. My round tits juggle. I got my yellow bra, matching panties and my black and brass collar, on. I stand, look in the only flat steel mirror across with dirty hanging chains in-between, pull my pants up – it doesn’t help. Bending down – yes, fans see my hanging, fruity boobs, teensy bright-pink nipples clearly-visible, jiggle and sway forward in their silky, yellow bra cups: I go over and place the eye on a stand. It records that I fix my face. My slaty gray-blue eyes, I outline black with gray-blue shadow. Powder my red-and-white cheek and matte my nose; add a touch of ruby lipstick, smacking my lips up, down, in, out. I stroke my long, straight, white-blond hair a few; shake my head. I’m unsatisfactory. I pat two sides of my hair. “Who’s going to see me?” Walk slow. Feel my black leash tap my hiney over and over.

When Pete leads me outside, there’s a police car there! I turn tail and crawl away pulling my lead from his hand. The two cops laugh and point. I scamper up the steps of the porch. From my hide inside the doorway, see Pete hand the two guys bunches of cash: Cops say a few words, gesture, depart.

Pete comes back in with the largest box from the back seat. He grabs my arm and unclips my leash. “Your undies are all right, but they forbid the strap and your crawl.” Yanks me out and points to the black plastic garbage bag and the two smaller boxes. “You get those, Slut! And don’t dispose of those yellow undies you’ve got on or your laundry in the bag. They’re all worth big dough!”

Smacks my bottom sharply on both cheeks. Whack! Whack! Tears form, flow free. Arms folded, I walk to our car.

I get those four items, going back and forth, Pete’s camera eye in the doorway recording my abused, bra-and-pantied, petite-body moves. I can’t conceal how my cupcakes bounce in my yellow bra. My pussy’s shape is easily seen as a tempting hollow? When I finish, I sneak out to the bathroom. It’s a great relief!

“Who said you could go?” Face-slapping. Back and forth he hits me, a flashing one-hand flurry. While with his left, Pete grasps me by my bra, that breaks. Pete rips my panties to shreds. Pete hooks me an arm between my legs, throws me up the stairs. Ye-Owww! Lifts me twice more exactly grasps my pussy, asshole... Ye-Owww! Ye-Owww! Upstairs, I see Babs gag-hogtied on our bed.

“You’re going to get a lot worse.” Pointing at Babs. He says I should lie face-up inside the door and be his doormat.

“You’ll ruin me!” I wail.

“I’ll keep it to a minimum.” Pushes me down, rips my ruined panties and torn bra around and down off me the rest of way. Presses me flat to the cold floor, goes outside, nonchalantly entering the doorway, rubbing his shoes on my boobs and pussy! Oh, it’s bad, nothing so far compares to this! My tits flatten out their apple-size to fried-eggs. My pussy, it vanishes to escape crush. I can’t do it any more…Pete reaches down, flips me over face down! – Stands on my butt! Bounces up and down, crunches my hips and sex into the hard floor, his whole weight on my bottom-cheeks. “Only the top is left.”

“No-o-o-o!” I holler. He steps off, gets on my upper back, so my tits squash! Nipples crash into wood floor. I’m done-in, whisper as I lose consciousness:“I told you…”

I am in bed. Untied. Babs rubs my nipples with ice. Not at all sexy. Pete administers too, icing down my pelvis. It’s awful. Babs says, “Another couple of days and you’ll be good as new, Darling Susie.”

“No sweat, your Hostesses will be pristine in no time.” Avers the villainous Pete with wink toward my bosom.

Babs lets her boobs slide forward as she leans over and passionately kisses me open-mouthed. Huge hangers fill: Globular, stupendous. After I warm, smile, lift my arms to hold her. My tits pain outrageous! “Oh!” Red splotches affront my eyes! Look down. My little nipples feel mile-high?

“Shouldn’t reach your arms up like that, Sweetheart. It changes your titties’ shape, so they hurt.” I inadvertently sock Pete in the chin with my palm-heel!


My girl Babs stops him from socking me. Holds back his fist. “Susie didn’t mean to hit you, Pete. And she’s got to recuperate...Think of the dough Susie’s worth!” It really hurt me a lot more than him. My poor chest.

“Get that flipper, Babsie!” Pete ties my arm down to the side of the bed as Babs holds down my right arm.

“It’s for your own good, Honey.” She smiles at me but next advises him: “Looser.”

They circle my bed, rope my left arm to the other side. My legs, shapely ankles, strap down to a side of the bed. I feel my pussy spread open wide with my thighs and ankles stretched-apart! Obscene cool air invading! Babs fondles my pussy-lips, caresses my tiny but apparent clitoris through the bed-sheet. Grins. “We sold your panties for a small fortune.”

I’m naked under here!

End of part 2

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